Dutch Court: Black Pete Is a Negative Stereotype

USA Today, July 3, 2014

An Amsterdam court ruled Thursday that the traditional figure known as Black Pete–the sidekick to the Dutch equivalent of Santa Claus–is a negative stereotype of black people and the city must rethink its involvement in holiday celebrations involving him.


Black Pete is usually portrayed by white people in blackface makeup, with thick red lips and a frizzy Afro hairstyle. Opponents say that’s a racist caricature. Most Dutch people–around 80 percent of whom are white–are fiercely loyal to their holiday tradition, saying he is a harmless fantasy figure and no insult is intended.

The court said Thursday that Black Pete’s appearance, in combination with the fact that he is often portrayed as dumb and servile, makes it “a negative stereotype of black people.”

It also cited a publication by the country’s national human rights commission this week that found that white Dutch leaders frequently react with “irritation and dismissal” when questions of racism are raised, even though workplace discrimination is well documented in the Netherlands.

The Amsterdam District Court ordered the city to re-examine its decision to grant a permit for one part of the annual winter festival attended by thousands of children: the arrival of St. Nicholas, or “Sinterklaas.”

Adults dress up to play the Dutch version of the story, with St. Nicholas arriving by steamboat from Spain in November, accompanied by a flotilla of boats packed with Black Petes.

The kindly St. Nicholas rides a white horse accompanied by the clowning Petes, who hand out cookies. {snip}

Amsterdam has begun discussing possible solutions, including using different colors of face paint for Pete, or merely smudging his cheeks with soot.


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  • Simonetta

    This is so absurd. Let the Dutch be the Dutch. If they want “black peet”, for goodness sake, let them have Black Peet.

    But Dutch being Dutch, they’ll probably change the character to a space alien Green Peet or Blue Peet. Whatever. It’s a –Children’s— holiday figure: adults should be ashamed to be making a fuss over it.

    So is Blue Man Group inherently racist? Because they do face painting in the manner that copies 19th Century racist minstrel show face painting. Must be racist.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Black Pete is scary – too much like real Black people.

      Must protect the people, you know?

    • Bill

      The Blue Man Group is insensitive to very cold people.

      • me

        Blue Man group is racist against Smurfs!

        • Anna Tree

          And what about all the non-whites disguising as Santa Claus, elves or Peter Pan or wearing suits or whitening their skin or dying blond their hair or wearing light lenses?

          Racial sensitivity, like many Human Rights (freedom of association, self determination etc), is only for non-whites. When whites do it, it’s racist…

          “Racial sensitivity takes precedence over Dutch tradition”
          -> Cultural sensitivity about FGM, honor killing, child bride etc start to take precedence over white traditions too…

          Why can’t our racial and cultural sensitivity take precedence over non-white traditions?!

    • awb

      I thought he was a chimney sweep.

    • Erasmus

      To hell with the judge, let’s see the biggest turnout of Black Pete’s The Netherlands have ever seen this Christmas.

      Time to tell the jack-booted thugs of political correctness to sod off.

      • Lagerstrom

        Absolutely. Hopefully the next Christmas will see the biggest showing of Pete in Dutch history!

  • MekongDelta69

    This came up (at least) once before on AmRen.

    I’m planning to sue because Santa Claus is portrayed as fat.
    If you make fun of him, the left will accuse you of “fat-ism.”
    He can’t help it if he’s “vertically challenged.”

    Let’s get REALLY ludicrous – how about we just ban the word black and everything that is black?

    • Bill

      You’ve got something there. I think tires with white-walls are insensitive and should be banned. LOL.

      • r j p

        But then tires will only be “black walled”.

        • Bill

          I’ve thought about that. Change from the added carbon black to the rubber?

      • Anna Tree

        Chocolated Milk is the ultimate racism!

        Ban milk too! Too white!

    • me

      I would really, really like that!

  • Oil Can Harry

    I’m working on a new chidren’s book called Black Pete and Chief Wahoo Join the Washington Redskins.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Blessings on your venture.

  • Luca

    Santa Claus is portrayed as a fat, old, White man who laughs a lot and only works once a year.

    Who do I sue, where do I protest and when can I expect my reparations?

    • Katherine McChesney

      But, you forgot that he has to manage all those elves during the year leading up to Christmas.

      • I was always skeptical about the story, I mean, Santa works all year long to make the presents
        and then it only takes him one night to get them all delivered . . .”No Way” !

        • Alexandra1973

          I’d always wondered why he used black marker on the price stickers on the toys and why he used my mother’s handwriting. LOL

          • Katherine McChesney

            You’re mother must have been in cahoots with his elves.

            My parents always told us that Santa Claus was a fictitious character.

      • SFLBIB

        “Elves” — another offensive term.

        • Katherine McChesney

          Oh, my! I’m guilty…

    • me

      Santa Claus is based on the Norse god, Odin. You have to be Nordic to sue….

  • Martel

    May it convert many Dutchmen to our cause. I have seen left/centrist Dutchies seething with rage when the proposal to ban first came up, I hope this will push them towards a more reasonable world-view, one like mine that is.

  • Katherine McChesney

    My Dutch brother-in-law will be incensed when I tell him about this. He loves Black Pete.

    The problem is that he is a bona-fide Liberal and loves Mexicans and blacks in America. He even voted for obama.

    • Martel

      Great way to turn him around.

    • kjh64

      “The problem is that he is a bona-fide Liberal and loves Mexicans and blacks in America. ”

      Sending him to live in the inner city of Detroit or Los Angeles will cure him of that. Of course his types seem to “know” to steer clear of such areas. They hang out with their middle class Black “tokens”.

      • Katherine McChesney

        I have a sister who really loves blacks. In fact, she encourage my young niece to date them. It was because she was rebelling against my Father who was a race realist. My niece grew up and married a White guy but they live in a mixed neighborhood. Two years ago there was a drive by shooting. I suggested to my sister that Rebekkah should move her family to a White neighborhood. She told me I was a racist and to never contact her again.

        My siblings are hopeless. Brainwashed. But, it’s because they all rebel against our Father’s caution against mixing with blacks.

        • Wholly Unconvinced

          That’s one of only a few things which truly terrifies me, if I was to have a daughter, being just that little bit too overbearing while trying to convey the truth about blacks, and having my daughter go looking for them simply to rebel.

          Really, truly terrifying, and I can only imagine what that puts your father through… Although in consolation, you seem to have turned out wonderfully, so I’m sure that provides some comfort.

          • r j p

            Give the ultimatum.

            I know a girl from a fairly well off family whose daughter got knocked up by one. She has lived in public housing all of her adult life.

  • antiquesunlight

    Why in the hell is Holland only 80% white?

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      They let in way too many Maghrebis and Indos from Indonesia. The mulattos of the Netherlands Antilles are considered Dutch citizens.

      • IstvanIN

        The Netherlands is a united kingdom, like Britain, of four countries, three of them in the Caribbean. Unlike the UK, where the four constituents countries were white, those Caribbean countries are not. France has non-white overseas departments as well. Time for European countries to focus on their own people and cut these non-white outliers off.

        • kenfrombayside

          It’s time for the US to cut off our 2 outliers, Puerto Rico and gums off. Most of the inhabitants of a Puerto Rico are on food stamps courtesy of white Anglos. If you want more largesse, just hope on a 3 hour plane ride to NYC. Puerto Rico is a nation: there is a shared language culture, cuisine and heritage. Why is this island part of the US.

          • SFLBIB

            We took it over after the Spanish-American war.

          • Sloppo

            Can we give it back?

          • SFLBIB

            The reaction to such a proposal would be interesting. Puerto Ricans have been itching for independence for some time now. Perhaps they would be just as happy being ruled by the Spanish.

    • Sandis Vidavskis

      It’s not so bad. US I think is only 63% white..

      • antiquesunlight

        Anything under 100% is bad. But I get your point. I would love to get back to 80%.

  • Lion’s Mane

    How sad that only 80 percent of the Dutch population is White. I’m guessing that circa 1945 96 percent of the population there was White.

  • MBlanc46

    The Dutch people need to rethink this court.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    The nonwhites want to ban Black Pete because he’s “offensive.” Of course, they don’t mind living in the Netherlands, despite the presence of such offenses (and despite the fact that their very presence is offensive to many Dutch). No, they would much rather stay and get the goodies, while at the same time laying a guilt trip on the native people in the land they occupy. They pretend they’re acting as the nation’s “conscience,” while in reality they’re trying to distract attention from their own shortcomings and failures (notice that there’s not a lot of self-criticism among nonwhites). How much longer this scam is going to last is anyone’s guess, but when it collapses, it won’t be pretty.

    • me

      Indeed! If Whites are so ‘evil’ and ‘racist’, why don’t these non-Whites stay the heck away from us and out of our countries? LIARS AND PARASITES!

  • IstvanIN

    What they should do is what they won’t: kick out anyone who isn’t Dutch along with anyone who is Dutch but doesn’t like the Netherlands.

  • JSS

    Black Pete may be a stereotype, but the stereotype is true much like the one about blacks endlessly complaining about racism and White supremacy while always insisting to live around us.

  • MikeofAges

    Wake up? Never. The browning of the human race is the cosmopolitanist elite’s great experiment right now. How it will turn out is anyone’s guess. But it could culminate in the end of electromechanical, cybernetic and biotechnic civilization. Some in the British elite have taken to musing about Great Britain’s “brown” future. One forward thinker postulated the division of the human race into two branches — a brownish elite of high IQ types, with men all 6’5″ to 7″ tall with counterpart women, and an underclass of trolls and goblins which did all of the menial work. My take on science fiction, and I call an idea like that science fiction, is that science fiction can only describe that present exists at the time it is written. So I say, that is the perceived present in the eyes of the British elite.

    Some console themselves with the thought that at least advanced civilization will continue in the East. But that may not be so. Without the spur of competing with the white West, the East may slide back to its former ways. Not to be disparaging, but I believe thought of returning to traditional civilization would be less disturbing to East than it would be us. Not that it should be, perhaps

    The ultimate consequence of the demographic changes occurring in the world today may be the rebooting human history. That could be just fine in the minds of the Third World people assaulting the West today. I suspect what disturbs them the most is not the white man and his historic culture, but the hated “machine”. Enduring a loss of population and shorter lifespans, limited to nonexistent social mobility, and a return to traditional lifestyle and social structure might be to them a small price to pay for seeing the end of the vexatious “machine”.

  • Bill

    I wonder if the Netherlands has a crime problem with their blacks like we do here?

    • DiversityIsDeath

      You know they do. It may even be worse.

  • JP Rushton

    Two quick thoughts.

    The country is only 80% white. That is absurd. How did so many non whites get let in?

    Second, the judiciary is very, very powerful. The same in the United States. Almost every single horrible thing that goes on in the country can be linked back to some court case.

    • me

      You got that right! Between Christian misplaced altruism and the egalitarian judicial systems in White countries, we are truly screwed….

    • DiversityIsDeath

      Europe’s courts have become as judaicized as the American courts have become. THAT’S how this is happening. The courts in USA and Europe are infested with ’em.


    I already bought the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Too bad for them.

    PS. Is “dwarf” insulting to dwarfs?

  • We joined a large demonstration in support of keeping Zwarte Pete in den Hague last summer. How naieve we were to think that it would deter the forces of one world culture.Seems the decisions on local culture are made by those who wish all “cultures’ to conform to “world culture”

  • r j p

    I own 5 copies of Tintin in the Congo.

  • Jack Burton

    Liberals and Jews would defend the Devil himself. Don’t stereotype the Devil.

  • Anna Tree

    And isn’t the devil black too?

    • me

      Ah, you’re getting warmer in the science of ‘race’ ….

  • John

    This whole controversy is easily explained. Blacks are idiots.