A lieutenant in charge of the Detroit Police Department’s drug unit says he was the victim of racial discrimination and subjected to a hostile work environment for reporting wrongdoing.

Lt. Charles Flanagan, who is white, filed a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on May 28, four days after Internal Affairs conducted an audit of the Narcotics Section, according to a report in the Detroit News.

Flanagan’s attorney, Mike Rataj, said the 29-year police veteran uncovered numerous issues after assuming command of the unit in November–including a sergeant who failed to turn over several pieces of drug evidence and another who made up false evidence tags for items seized during drug raids, mainly electronics, and then kept the items for personal use. The alleged incidents took place before Flanagan commanded the drug unit.

Flanagan said he and two other white officers who are his friends were going to be transferred because he reported suspected wrongdoing.

According to the report, Deputy Chief Daryl Brown, who ran the drug unit when the alleged violations occurred, recommended the transfer. Brown, an African-American, currently runs the Criminal Investigations Bureau, which oversees the drug unit currently under Flanagan’s leadership.


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  • MekongDelta69

    As I read these, I notice these kinds of lawsuits are becoming slightly more prevalent as time goes on.

    Let’s hope these continue…

    • ThomasER916

      I hope they shut down entire departments. The Police serve the government. The government is anti-White. When the government is gone then Whites can act in their racial self-interest.

    • Erasmus

      There are lots of hungry lawyers out there, we will most definitely see more of these.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    Black criminals stealing from black criminals. One group is wearing badges and the other group is wearing their jeans down around their knees. Other than that, though, there likely isn’t much difference.

    • Oil Can Harry

      A white cop working with a group of black cops must feel like the only honest player in a dirty poker game.

      • A white cop working with a group of black cops must feel like he is wasting his damned time busting crooks on the street.

        • Erasmus

          He probably feels like an out-of-place genius in a roomful of imbeciles. As others have pointed out, how often in real life do you meet a black even half as well spoken as the ones you see on television?

    • ejXinMI

      I feel for the poor schlubs (whites) that have somehow gotten turned around or otherwise left behind during the great, white-flight from Detroit. Who would willingly choose to spend their lives as a minority white amongst violent, hate-filled negroes? Trial by fire, day in, day out.

  • Truthseeker

    The comments on the original article are pretty much straight race realist. It gives me hope that maybe, just maybe, the average White American knows the score and realizes our people are being screwed.

    • JohnEngelman

      The internet makes it more difficult to control the spread of facts and ideas.

      • Waldemar Daninsky

        Yet the internet makes it less difficult for Autistic people to contribute to the spread of facts and ideas. I applaud that the internet has made it possible for you to communicate with the outside world. Keep on communicating.

        • JohnEngelman

          Who is Autistic, and how?

      • Precisely why the mainstream media so thoroughly hate the internet and why the United Nations wants absolute control over it.

        • JohnEngelman

          The mainstream media uses the internet. However, when a news story, and editorial, or a column generates many anti black comments, the comments will be closed off.

          Recently Nation magazine ran an essay complaining about the persistence of segregated schools. Many whites who attended predominantly black public schools described what it was like. Their comments were removed. Comments were closed. When I sent Nation an e-mail letter complaining, my Disqus comments were excluded for every Nation essay.

          • Thus for their “honest discussion”.

          • Berkeley Guy

            What the !? I was thinking of starting to send letters or emails to complain about the scrubbing of unPC comments. Now I guess I will have to rethink that approach.

            I have attended 95%+ black schools during my formative years. I also commented on that article here at Amren and remember it well. Whoever is shutting down comments/commenters are cowards, and are suppressing rather than debating. Hypocrites.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Now you know why the $PLC, the ADL and other p.c. tyrants have begun a movement to ban posters from making online comments unless they use their real names.

      That way anyone who speaks candidly can be tracked down and fired from their jobs. Hey, I thought libs wanted an “honest discussion on race”!

    • For the most part, only racial conservatives click on such news stories. The ignorant race-denialist masses do not read them – and that’s why we don’t find their comments there. In other words, the comments on such stories are not necessarily a reflection of public opinion.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    This happens all the time. Once blacks acquire positions of power, it goes to their head and they start abusing it in order to satisfy their desire for sex, bling bling, and getting back at whitey. All of the worst traits of blacks are magnified when blacks are given authority over others. Brutal third world kleptocracy is the only form of government negroes are capable of.

    • Spot on! Hmmm, maybe those ‘evil’ white people who opposed the civil rights movement and the removal of Jim Crow laws weren’t so wrong after all? Maybe, just maybe, these whites knew what blacks would unleash on this country once they were given the same privileges as the white man?

      History has vindicated all those whites who stood opposed to the civil rights movement.

      • Katherine McChesney

        I remember growing up and hearing my father, mother and a number of townspeople discussing how our city would suffer the escalation of black crime after they were given privileges. True to form crime escalated. Whites in our city and the neighboring one built a private school for White students. Now these towns are over 80% black and Whites have moved away and set up a living situation that blacks can’t afford. Crime is the rule of the day and even the best neighborhoods have been destroyed. It’s a mini-Detroit. Every fear we had came true. It’s completely understandable why Whites marginalized blacks before the civil rights movement. We were safer then.

    • Ike Eichenberg

      Exactly, with one minor point of contention.

      I don’t think the power goes to their head.
      I believe most that seek positions of power have this in mind from the start.

    • Very true observation, but I will add that the same is true of Mexicans. Power goes to their heads and they abuse it, creating kleptocracy. Fred Reed, in his piece a few days ago, showed he doesn’t know squat about the real Mexicans.

    • APaige

      You are correct. And it is at any and all levels…teacher…judge…preacher…gang leader…politician…welfare recipient…doctor…etc. It never ends. ‘Black leadership’ (oxymoron) is either incompetent or corrupt. Left to their own devices the leadership never rises above gang leader/religious leader. It is among Western Nations where Black leadership rises above their low station and becomes really dangerous.

    • You got to take a look at what happens when they gain power over what was once a rather powerful economy. See South Africa for the highest corruption levels in the world.

  • Lawsuits are expensive. My legal fees ran me $200,000. I have nothing to show for it. I do not encourage anyone to expect justice from the Masonic controlled courts. Once in a while, as window dressing, they allow someone a victory. I knew going in that the chances were 80 percent that the lawsuit would be dismissed before trial, which it was. If you can make it to trial the chances are better.

    My next step, having lost in the courts, is going to be to put $100,000 in cash reward money up for information that leads to the felony indictment, arrest, and conviction of key administrators at my former university. I have circumstantial evidence that they are corrupt (they’re Mexicans; enough said), but not enough to create an investigation by local law enforcement. One of the Hindu profs criticizing the corruption was found dead in his office with a gunshot wound to the head, which was covered up, immediately ruled a suicide by the campus police. And there’s a lot more.

    Eventually, I intend to put all my money into reward money aimed at the University System, the most anti-white institution in the country next to the Obama administration. There’s a blood libel against me. If I could, I would settle with the Mexicans through a duel, but that’s been outlawed. I do intend to issue a public challenge to the university president to a no-rules cage match, which is legal. Stepping into a cage with a murderer like him is probably not smart, but it’s a matter of white honor at stake. Besides, he’s a coward and won’t accept anyway.

  • MBlanc46

    Corrupt black cops? Why, who’d have thunk it?

  • HJ11

    Good! I get fed up with weak-seed Whites who just take insults and discrimination and who don’t want to make waves. Listen up weak-seeds–do make waves. Your weakness is hurting all Whites. Stand up for who and what you were born to be and never apologize for being White or be afraid to say you’re White. It starts with each one of. It is an individual responsibility to BE White.

  • Corruption is the first option to a black man, second option is finding another way to come up with same result, I live in South Africa so it is impossible to surprise me when it comes to the wayward ways of the brethren.

  • TheHBD

    Keep in mind that these are the types of police departments that Jeh Johnson’s DHS is arming to the teeth with the latest paramilitary weapons/vehicles.

    • The MRAPs are over-rated. They’re too heavy to drive over many municipal bridges. They’ll go off raised shoulders in slick weather, and then roll right over. I wouldn’t worry about DHS acquiring the symbols of state oppression. My old housesitter was a TSA passenger screener, and all he wanted to do was steal from me and molest children; he kept his TSA job for an entire year after he pleaded guilty to sexual assault on a child. That’s what they have working for them.