Posted on June 10, 2014

RamZPaul Volunteers for Our Series

RamZPaul, June 9, 2014

American Renaissance is asking various writers an interesting question “What will America be like in 2034?”

Below is my prediction for each category:


The Southwest United States will be a quasi independent country (República del Norte). Based on massive immigration and Hispanic birth rates, the Southwest will act as a Latin American country. The United States flag may still officially fly, but Spanish will be the official language and the people will pretty much ignore the laws and edicts from Washington D.C.

The small percentage of Whites and Jews that still reside in the Southwest will live in gated communities. These typically will be the Hollywood and tech elite. The African-Americans that have not been ethnically purged will live in poor barrios.

The rest of the country will be diverse but segregated. We will start to see White flight on a regional basis. And pressure for a “traditional America” (read White) homeland will build.


The United States will resemble the Soviet Union of 1975–Marxist and ossified. The Southwest Hispanic state will resemble Mexico. A semi-Capitalist state rife with corruption.


In a landmark decision the Supreme Court will rule that the First Amendment does not protect “hate speech”. In practice “hate speech” will be considered any speech opposed to the government. Dissidents will be jailed for political views.


As the United States slides into Third World status, the electric grid will become unstable. As such, we will see a regression in technology for the average person.

However, there will be advances that will be available to the elite. Genetic research will allow for cellular regeneration that will halt and roll back aging.


The USA will become effectively a one party state. The Republicans will act as the official token opposition. However, the real politics will reside with the semi legal Nationalist movements. These Nationalists parties will eventually be declared illegal by the regime.


Frequent crop failures will be blamed on the weather and “climate change”. Of course, “climate change” (which can mean hot, cold, rainy or dry weather) will be blamed on evil Whites.

[Editors Note: The above text is not a transcript of this video.]