Obama Opens Third Military Base to Deal with Flood of Illegal Child Immigrants

Ted Thornhill, Daily Mail (London), June 10, 2014

The Obama administration announced it is designating a third U.S. military base for emergency housing of children immigrating illegally into the United States without parents or relatives.

The news came as officials insist that the children are in good hands, despite allegations of abuse by US authorities.

Senior administration officials, who asked not to be identified, told reporters that an Army base at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, will initially hold 600 ‘unaccompanied minors’ and eventually will be able to accommodate up to 1,200.

In recent weeks, the Obama administration has opened similar emergency shelters at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, and Naval Base Ventura County in Southern California.

The moves come amid a tidal wave of children trying to slip into the United States, largely from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, often to join a parent already here.

Reuters previously reported that the administration was seeking about $2 billion for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to handle the influx in fiscal 2015, which begins on October 1, more than double the $868 million appropriated this year.

HHS takes custody of the children shortly after they are detained at the border by federal law enforcement agents.

On Monday, administration officials said they would be asking Congress for an additional $560 million to help the Department of Homeland Security cope with the illegal border crossings.

One week ago, the White House director of domestic policy, Cecilia Munoz, attributed the rapid run-up in illegal immigration by unaccompanied minors to growing violence–often drug related or due to domestic abuse–in the three Central American countries.

However, there are also concerns about the children being abused on American soil.

Documents obtained by BuzzFeed show that a large number of minors have lodged complaints that they’ve suffered abuse at the hands of US immigration officials.

The allegations include officials kicking, punching and verbally abusing minors.

There were 809 abuse complaints filed against the Border Patrol between 2009 and 2012, according to the American Immigration Council.

Many children crossing the border to America end up being held in Arizona and a top official there says that they are well looked after.

Hundreds of kids are temporarily housed in a former warehouse in the border town of Nogales and its mayor, Arturo Garino, toured the massive facility on Monday.

He said: ‘The warehouse is very nice comparing to a lot of what I’ve heard . . . I’m very comfortable with it.’

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  • mobilebay

    It would have been a lot closer to put them back across the border. Kris Kobach stated this morning that the violence in Central America has not increased. They’ve lived with it for years. The countries south of the border have been a corrupt environment for decades, so nothing has really changed there. Does anyone but me think that the sheer numbers of invader didn’t happen by coincidence? There is a plan and the word was sent out …”Ya’ll come.” Since both parties are pandering to the Hispanics for their vote, does that mean that we are being held hostage for their votes until we get every one of their third world relatives and amigos here?

    • freddy_hills

      The media in central American countries is telling people that the US has opened its borders and that they’re welcome to come. I don’t think that’s coincoidental. I think this has been coordinated with groups in the US — including political parties.

      • mobilebay

        You’re correct, Freddy. That’s what I meant to say. I too feel it’s been planned, my typing was, for once, faster than my thoughts.

      • Nancy Thomas

        You are 100% correct.

      • Einsatzgrenadier

        Not only political parties, but a certain ethnic group that cannot be named has also played a prominent role in the transformation of the US into a colony of the third world. The influence this group has exerted over American immigration policy is far out of proportion to their numbers in the general population.

    • Nancy Thomas

      It’s a democratic voter registration drive engineered by the filth in the WH.

  • TruthBeTold

    This is classic Cloward–Piven strategy put into practice.

    The goal is to overload the system to destroy the system and replace it with their system.

    A few dead kids will be great for their cause.

    The activists who are organizing this should be in jail for criminal extortion and child endangerment.

    • willbest

      Depends on how the kids die. If we lined a few of them up and shot them on international television, I bet the number of kids coming across the border would drop to zero.

      • Bob Dole

        If the situation was reversed, do you think they would hesitate to line up a bunch of White children?

        • WR_the_realist

          They’d just force the urchins into drug running and child prostitution.

        • Black Swan

          If those White children invaded China or Mexico, a place where they do not belong, no, “they” wouldn’t hesitate to line ’em up and shoot them.

  • JSS

    It seems appropriate and symbolic that the US military is aiding in handing our country over to foreigners. I really like how these invaders are being welcomed onto bases that a normal citizen doesn’t have access to with out having business there. Very appropriate. You don’t even rate as 3rd class citizens White Amurrikans.

    • Black Swan

      The US military has been socially engineered and neutered.

  • Alexandra1973

    I have heard rumors that one reason FEMA is setting up concentration camps is for an influx of illegal immigrants: http://www(dot)apfn(dot)org/apfn/camps.htm

    And a quote from that: “The Rex 84 Program
    was established on the
    reasoning that if a
    “mass exodus” of illegal
    aliens crossed the
    Mexican/US border, they
    would be quickly rounded
    up and detained in
    detention centers by
    FEMA. Rex 84 allowed
    many military bases to
    be closed down and to be
    turned into prisons.”

    Spread the word…maybe they’ll stop sending their kids over here.

    • kikz2

      rex 84 has been around for ages.. FEMA has had the ‘go’ for massive ‘resettlement’ of populations since the freakin mid 80’s under the auspices of natural disaster.

      why the probs w/start up? it might only be appearances, but it looks like a FUBAR scramble to get facilities logistically operational for minor numbers of this.. ‘humanitarian crisis’ as its being touted by the msm.

      • Alexandra1973

        I think it was Reagan who did a number of executive orders…heard it was actually started up under the Carter administration.

        Oliver North had his hands in that pie too. Jack Brooks was questioning him about that during the Iran-Contra hearings.

        • kikz2

          nixon, refined under carter….so 70’s actually.. but i didn’t have cognizance of it until the early 80’s.. knew someone w/NC Emerg. Mgmt, that toured both NORAD, and Mount Weather…as consequence of their position, they had to deal w/the ‘Fed’ as FEMA, and know their regs and be able to work their state access to the fed system for resources/reporting if needed for an emergency.

          pretty sure it was later also referred to as COG, Continuity of Gov., which Cheney/Rummy made good use of b4 9/11 to cut back on intercept scramble wings all over the US as obsolete.. both had been around so long they knew just exactly where the holes were, and widened them. if you like to dig, you can probably still find a transcript of the NORTHCOM commander Eberhart’s testimony before congress which mentions it.

  • Samuel_Morton

    They’re already filing complaints…quick learners! I wonder if there’s a handbook in Central America that preps these illegals:

    1) Sneak across the border and demand a military escort
    2) Make false claims about mistreatment at the hands of racist whites
    3) Reunite with family on the public dime
    4) collect welfare, health care, and free tuition.

    • TruthBeTold

      It’s not that they’re quick learners. They have good teachers.

      This is an organized effort to overwhelm the system so that it can be replaced with a different system.

      Cloward–Piven strategy.

      This isn’t happening by chance. This is being run with military precision.

      • connorhus

        I think there is actually a pamphlet out there published a distributed by the immigration department that tells them their rights and how to file complaints and requests for financial aid as well.

        • kikz2

          i know the mex gov tells them in print, and online how to get a ‘matricula consular’ card, and other bennies, at their freakin embassies in the US….it’s no span of the imagination that other originating countries south of the US do this also.

    • kikz2

      i read they weren’t satisfied w/the food…..

  • Magician

    Yeah it just sounds extremely realistic and believable that seven year old Hispanic boys and girls courageously cross the border, settle in America and start living a very happy life as an undocumented immigrant here.

  • Magician

    It made me feel utterly disappointed in our country in general in multiple ways when I saw this picture today.

    This blanket was developed in order to “enable school children to protect themselves during school shootings.”

    As soon as I saw this photo, I thought to myself, “I wonder if it has been designed by guys at the White House” because it looks perfectly secure and extremely effective with the kids’ arms, legs and feet exposed.

    And why would kids ever have to learn to be ready to “protect themselves”

    while they are inside school buildings?

    Here we go, the article is here


    • DonReynolds

      He He…..gives the old “security blankie” a whole new meaning.

      • Magician

        I just googled for more images related to this, and this little good old boy came out

    • Magician

      And as a guy who kinda knows what bullet wounds look like, I predict that it might be able to prevent “absolutely fatal” wounds, but the wearer probably will suffer broken bones here and there if he is ever hit by a real bullet on this hilarious invention

      • kikz2

        think i read some vendor is making ‘body armor’ backbacks as well..

    • Black Swan

      It’s getting to the point where there is nearly one school shooting per day. By next week, school shootings will be ho-hum news on the 14th page, if it’s reported at all.

      Maybe the schools should be closed and turned into shooting ranges, they’d be a lot safer that way and kids would learn more too.

  • The Camp of the Saints, American edition.

    • Magician


    • kikz2

      saints enfant…..

  • What you’re reading about are the actions of a despotic tyrant who believes, probably correctly, that he can do as he wishes. There is no law anymore. The militarized police serve as Obama’s gestapo, while the Tyrant-in-chief provides bread and circuses to the masses to quell dissent at home, and bombs the hell out of children overseas, proving he’s the world’s biggest terrorist.

    Our founding fathers took awhile to organize against the tyranny of the King. Likewise, I feel as if I’m in shock at the open hatred of the USA that Obama practices. Thus, there are times when I have no suggestion to offer to solve the problem at hand. This is one of those times.

    Long-term we must all learn how to sabotage the system stealthily, doing maximum damage to it while protecting our lives and property. Avoiding taxes, homeschooling, and shedding light on the massive treason by Obama is a good start. Study the actions of Vladimir Putin to get pumped up with some inspiration, and watch his videos to see how good naturedly he whacks our tyrant in chief.

  • trouble maker

    If you remember correctly there were almost a dozen countries besides Mexico that came together to file suit over Arizona”s immigration laws a couple of years ago , this is about money as these workers will send American dollars back to their home countries.Mexico”s second largest source of revenue next to drugs is American money being sent back by illegals working here , another reason why they are bribing La Raza to help them politically pull this off.

    • DonReynolds

      LaRaza is better represented in the White House than we are. Munoz is one of the big cheese with LaRaza and domestic policy advisor to Obama.

  • IstvanIN

    It is not uncommon when overthrowing a government to recruit men from foreign countries. These people are simply the vanguard of a fifth column poised to take over.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    a third U.S. military base for emergency housing of children immigrating illegally


    Wait until the midterm election and watch how many of these children vote. If dead people can vote and no IDs are necessary what to stop these kids?

    President Obama said it was an ‘urgent humanitarian situation.’

    A typical trick of the psychopath is to pull on the heartstrings of his intended victims (“it’s for the children”).

    The victims are the American taxpayers.

    U.S. to open third military base to illegal child immigrants

    When will the government open more hospital facilities for our vets?

    Children MS-13 reinforcements crossing the border disguised as a Children’s Crusade.

    • Jesse James

      Don’t forget that these gangs routinely use young teens (12-15) as shooters already as in most localities they get tried under juvenile justice systems if they get caught. It is not hyperbole to see some of these youth as a potential armed threat in the near future. The country has gone into a coma as a renegade Marxist President has kicked his traitorous rebellion against historic(white) America into a full gear.

    • FransSusan

      Victims are the US taxpayers! You are so right. I’m sick of it!

  • Löwenmensch ᛟ

    Personally, I think they should be used for scientific experimentation instead of lab animals.

  • DonReynolds

    General Sherman was sent out West to deal with the Indian problem after the Civil War…. journalists and do-gooders protested loudly when he used cannon on Indian settlements, insisting that the villages included women and children. Sherman was not impressed. He reminded them that there were women and children in Vicksburg too, but nobody complained in the press when Vickburg was blown to bits with cannon fire.
    It was celebrated.

  • jane johnson

    Newsflash…Eric Cantor has just LOST in the GOP primary in Virginia.

    • Anglo

      Thank you for that news flash. I’m so glad he lost!

    • Black Swan

      He LOST because of his STANCE on immigration. His primary so close to this flood of children helped to oust him, even the White House is reporting it that way.
      This should give everyone hope.

      Now, on to Ryan and Boehner.

  • JohnEngelman

    Many children crossing the border to America end up being held in Arizona and a top official there says that they are well looked after.

    – Ted Thornhill, Daily Mail (London), June 10, 2014

    Too well. There is unfortunately no nice way to keep out people we do not need and do not want.

  • redfeathers

    Fox News is reporting that Eric Cantor has been defeated! The big issue was his support for “immigration reform”. Let’s hope the putz doesn’t run as a write-in.

    • Black Swan

      Has he demanded a recount yet? Will uncounted ballots be “found” in the back of someone’s car? Or one of the Diebold voting machines “misread” the votes? Or will scads of mailed-in ballots “suddenly” be found?

      This may not be over yet…


    My total of $150 given to the Dave Brat campaign turned out to pay what may be massively positive dividends.

    Party at my hotel room in exactly one hour.

    • jane johnson

      Beaten by an Economics professor. Maybe there is a little bit of justice in this world after all (unless he’s a Keynesian).

    • Nancy Thomas

      Good for you! Congrats!

      • Black Swan

        This is good news for ALL of us, this is good news for the United States of America and those who wish to preserve her.

        Cantor is a rat who got exactly what he deserved. If I were king, he would be tried for sedition and treason and crimes against the White race for supported amnesty and flooding of the U.S. with mexicans.

        Good riddance, the garbage has been taken out, but at least two more bags remain, Ryan and Bonehead.

        • Nancy Thomas

          Yes, and they are probably both worse than Cantor.

  • IKUredux

    I am sick, sick of this crap. Enough. The original colonists reached a breaking point. Their descendants, (literally and relatively close to literally), have also reached the breaking point. No more disregard of our immigration laws. We have ways of resisting this invasion. Let’s use them.

  • MekongDelta69

    Dave Brat was outspent by 50-1 and actually beat Eric “I Don’t Want To Publicly Call It Amnesty, But It Is” Cantor.

    God – it’s great to hear ONE piece of GOOD news in a country which has gone completely insane.

  • MBlanc46

    There should be only one kick. I the seat of the pants to propel back over the Mexican border.

  • Evette Coutier

    America under Obama’s reign has become the daycare of the world.

  • Nancy Thomas

    Everyone here should be calling both the Congress and the Senate to demand that our border be secured.

    • Black Swan

      Some of us have been doing exactly that for YEARS.

      Use Numbers USA’s action board : https //www numbersusa com/sendfax

  • willbest

    $560 million? That is absurd. There are only supposed to be a couple hundred thousand children. They would need less than 1/3rd of that to fly them all back their home country.

    • Ella

      Maybe, they are staying in Hilton and Marriott resorts much like the Katrina folks.

  • FozzieT

    Easy prey for the army homosexuals….

    • Kenner

      Or the flip side, hungry brown urchins pull a ‘Suddenly Last Summer’.

  • FransSusan

    What happens next?! Dear gawd. This country’s “leaders” are psychos. Taking productive, taxpaying, law-abiding citizens’ money to support this third world mess. So what does the US do with these kids now? They can’t spend their lives on a military base at taxpayer expense. Can they? This is just so wrong….the corrupt government continually abuses its productive citizens. I’m so weary of this, tired of paying to support every third worlder on the planet. The US should demand that their countries come get them and repay US taxpayers for these millions spent on these kids!!

  • FransSusan

    Send them back!

    • Black Swan

      say it louder:


      That’s better

      • FransSusan


  • Black Swan

    At least one good thing has come out of this outrage: Cantor was defeated tonight and the GOPe got spanked,


    One down, now on to Boehner and Ryan.

  • Americans are asking each other, ‘How are we going to pay for all this?’ Obama is asking Michelle, ‘Why can’t they be, you know, more black?’

  • kikz2

    gee it ‘appears’ FEMA doesn’t have any place to house large numbers of people??? that’s kind of funny….

  • kikz2

    but it is what the Natl. Guard is for.. and wtf are they?

  • Magician

    A couple of hours ago, a young and attractive woman from the Philippines added me randomly on facebook. As soon as she added me, she started talking to me as if she is very attracted to me, and then she asked me for my Skype ID. I do have a Skype account but rarely use it. I only use it only when someone specifically wants to reach me on Skype for a specific matter. As soon as she added me on Skype, she started the video conferencing conversation, and then she took off all her outfits.

    (It should be obvious to most of you that it is purely a scam by now)

    And then she asked me to do the same. She told me she wants to see my naked body.

    I went to Google and typed in “Skype scam” and it did give me hundreds of results. What happens is, when the victim who is made very horny by the time he sees the woman naked over Skype, the scammer records the video clip of the man completely naked, and then starts threatening that the video clips will be sent to the victim’s family members and facebook contacts if he does not send the scammer a certain amount of money.

    It is not even a woman from Phillippines. It is a man in Morocco. The photo of the woman and the video clip is simply of a random adult movie actress the scammer found online.

    I searched around for a couple more minutes and saw that some men were forced to pay 500 Euros (roughly 620USD) and a boy in Scotland ended his life because of the scammer who threatened him that he will send the recorded video clip of his naked body to his friends and family members.

    I currently work as a Hybrid mobile application developer and worked as a web developer for quite a few years by now, and I won’t be tricked that easily.


  • Allan477

    I see nothing here about giving these kids an intensive course in English and not allowing these kids to leave the camp until they have a good command of the English language. Of course, once they learn English, many will choose to return home and get a good-paying job in the tourist industry.

  • JSS

    I got out recently but still have many friends in the army. I admire the combat arms troops but our military is what it is now. It blows up dirt farmers in Pakistan to create terrorist so our overlords can justify oppressing us at home. Whether following orders or not it is now aiding in our dispossession. It also exist to provide blacks and browns with make work federal jobs which makes it less effective and stains its honor as an institution. On the bright side I think many White combat vets exit the service with their eyes open like I did or have them opened soon after.

  • adplatt126

    Yeah, but do they protest, resign, or resist? No, they go along with the sick, treasonous, Marxist orders of their overlords. I’m not sure if that makes them better or worse than our dear leaders. Anyhow, that’s the whole point. Average folks can become mercenaries for the oligarchs the more they follow the: “it’s the law”, “just doing my job” mantras. First they turn the law on its head, then they turn the military on the people to protect the laws that have enslaved them and have been turned against their interests. That’s where we are. Phase two. All along the psyops continue in order to keep Americans docile. Totalitarianism in practice. Observe it. It’s all very clear. Very, very clear.

  • adplatt126

    Yeah, but do they protest, resign, or resist? No, they go along with the sick, treasonous, Marxist orders of their overlords. I’m not sure if that makes them better or worse than our dear leaders. Anyhow, that’s the whole point. Average folks can become mercenaries for the oligarchs the more they follow the: “it’s the law”, “just doing my job” mantras. First they turn the law on its head, then they turn the military on the people to protect the laws that have enslaved them and have been turned against their interests. That’s where we are. Phase two. All along the psyops continue in order to keep Americans docile. Totalitarianism in practice. Observe it. It’s all very clear. Very, very clear.

  • adplatt126

    Does that make their actions better or worse?