On Immigrant Surge, White House Story Falls Apart

Byron York, Washington Examiner, June 16, 2014


Most of the illegal immigrants [surging at the border] are what Border Patrol officials call OTMs. That is, while they are crossing into the United States from Mexico, they are actually from other countries–in this case, mostly Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador–and are classified as Other Than Mexican immigrants.

Top administration officials have tried to attribute the surge in crossings to violence and poverty in thoe countries. “The situation is motivated primarily by the conditions in the countries that they’re leaving–El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala,” said Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnsonin testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday. “Violence, poverty–I believe that is principally what is motivating the situation.”

For its part, the White House dismissed arguments from Republicans that President Obama’s DACA decree–Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which allowed thousands of illegal immigrants to stay in this country if they came at a young age–created, in effect, a magnet for young people to try to enter the U.S. illegally. {snip}


{snip} Recent days have been filled with anecdotal reports, from local news outlets in Central America to major American newspapers, citing immigrants who say they came because they believe U.S. law has been changed to allow them to stay. And now comes word that Border Patrol agents in the most heavily-trafficked area of the surge, the Rio Grande Valley sector of Texas, recently questioned 230 illegal immigrants about why they came. The results showed overwhelmingly that the immigrants, including those classified as UACs, or unaccompanied children, were motivated by the belief that they would be allowed to stay in the United States–and not by conditions in their homelands. From a report written by the agents, quoting from the interviews:

The main reason the subjects chose this particular time to migrate to the United States was to take advantage of the “new” U.S. “law” that grants a “free pass” or permit (referred to as “permisos”) being issued by the U.S. government to female adult OTMs traveling with minors and to UACs. (Comments: The “permisos” are the Notice to Appear documents issued to undocumented aliens, when they are released on their own recognizance pending a hearing before an immigration judge.) The information is apparently common knowledge in Central America and is spread by word of mouth, and international and local media. A high percentage of the subjects interviewed stated their family members in the U.S. urged them to travel immediately, because the United States government was only issuing immigration “permisos” until the end of June 2014 . . . The issue of “permisos” was the main reason provided by 95% of the interviewed subjects.

The report added that a “second reason” cited by the immigrants is “the increased gang-related violence in Central America that authorities are unable to contain.” In addition, other immigrants said they came because they had finally gotten enough money, either from savings or funds sent from relatives in the United States, to make the trip. Still others cited unemployment, poverty, and domestic abuse in their countries. Nevertheless, the report concluded that “the issuance of ‘permisos’ to family units was the primary reason for leaving their countries.”

The report suggests that this new wave of illegal immigration is building on previous waves of illegal immigration. “All of the interviewed subjects stated that they had family members or, to a lesser extent, friends already living in the U.S.,” the report said. “Many of the relatives and friends are undocumented aliens, who have been living in the U.S. for periods ranging from several months to 10+ years.”

Several Republican senators cited the Border Patrol report in the hearing with Secretary Johnson last week. Johnson said he had not seen the paper. “The document you read from, I have never seen,” Johnson told Republican Sen. John Cornyn. “It’s supposedly a draft document. I don’t know that I agree with the assessment there.”

“Well, they’re interviews with 230 of the people detained coming across the border,” Cornyn said.

“I’m not sure I agree that that is the motivator for people coming in–for the children coming into south Texas,” Johnson answered. “I think it is primarily the conditions in the countries that they are leaving from.”


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  • “I’m not sure I agree that that is the motivator for people coming in–for the children coming into south Texas,” Johnson answered. “I think it is primarily the conditions in the countries that they are leaving from.”
    If you say so Black Johnson.

    • Jon Doe

      the problem with that excuse “conditions” is that , “coincidentally” the same “lax” is also prevalent in Europe and “coincidentally” they use the same exact excuse. the problem is that nobody sees what is clearly obvious and the people that do see “coincidentally” are nothing more than anti (insert) racists.

  • The Congressional Sergeant-at-Arms should have placed Johnson under arrest for lying. Just gone over and dragged him out of the witness box and put him in handcuffs. These people lie every time their lips move. I started following politics when I was 7 years old and I’ve never seen anything like the current bunch of liars. The lies don’t even make sense. They’ll say anything that suits their whims. Arrest em and sort out the lies later.

  • “It’s an act of love” — Jeb Bush

    “We’ll find a place for you” — Rand Paul

    • Sick of it

      “Kick them all out, even those who are technically citizens” – Me

    • Alexandra1973

      Hm. Because I love my country…the illegals’ place is in THEIR country.

      Of course, Sheriff Arpaio’s Tent City might do temporarily….

      • I would love my country if I was still permitted to have one. I love my house; does that count?

        • AndrewInterrupted

          They will confiscate it and put a lettuce picker in it. GO GALT.

        • Alexandra1973

          Property taxes are squatter’s rent. Go figure.

          My dad paid off my parents’ house before he died, but if Mom doesn’t pay the taxes they can take it.

          I own my minivan outright but if I don’t have insurance (or in Ohio at least financial responsibility), they can take it.

          We don’t really “own” anything of ours, do we…?

  • borogirl54

    What permission? I had never heard of such a thing? I guess this is a new thing that the coyotes are telling would be migrants to drum up business.

    • Wholly Unconvinced

      Ahh yes, its those darned smugglers fault. Certainly doesnt have anything to do with, you know … Obumbles and his complete disregard for the law, combined with the fact that he gets away with it unchallenged, and add a dash of handing a borderline mentally retarded brown person an official looking paper they cant read… And then releasing them ?…

    • bilderbuster

      This is a multi-government operation and not freelance coyotes.
      They are being fed and transported on the Mexican railroads from Central America to the US border.
      It is nothing short of treason for the US government allowing this and an overt act of war by Mexico.
      Mexico has a standing guerrilla paramilitary force of millions already in place on US soil that can incite riots, strikes and every kind of economic warfare one can think of in major cities across America at the drop of a hat.

  • Easyrhino1

    This is proof that the “WAR ON TERROR” is a complete scam because if it wasn’t, the border wouldn’t be so porous and unguarded that a 4 year old child can simply walk across it.

    • Alexandra1973

      Didn’t you know? We’re fighting them “over there” so we don’t have to “over here.”

      That still doesn’t make sense….

  • IKUredux

    We White Americans are so being scammed. These illegal immigrants are nothing but pawns in an evil game being played by TPTB. Refuse to play along. I don’t know, quit your job, stop working. All White people in this former country should go on strike. That’s right. I propose all the White people in this country(the ones who actually count, which, of course means no teachers, or gov. toadies), GO ON STRIKE!!! All carpenters, plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, policeman, fireman, doctors, architects, engineers, computer programmers, hell, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US!!!!! Let’s go on strike. Actually, I think, all White people around the world should go on strike. And stay on strike, until every non White is removed from White countries. This is of course, one alternative. There are others.

  • Sloppo

    They have just as much right to do what they’re doing as I do to demand all kinds of free stuff from the taxpayers of Guatemala and to vote in their elections.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    More articles should be written that give us useful information that empowers us. These articles can make us angry and we can turn on fox news and get angry and so on and then after we feel better from the temper tantrum we have thrown and all the names we have called our “enemies” we go about our lives as victims of the power structure and victims of circumstance. Here is probably a more important message: The elites see us as the same kind of loser as the half retarded criminal immigrants they are letting in. This has profound social and political implications. This could explain the increasing gap between rich and poor, which rather than narrowing since the “liberal” 1960s has actually increased by a huge margin. Victims of crime has increased. Social mobility decreased etc. Rather than worry about something you seemingly can’t change- the irresponsible attitudes of our leaders- I would like to see more articles about how we can survive the bombed out hell hole that our society is becoming. How about a racial realist survivalist board and articles pertaining to that? I’m burned out on getting upset about the sorry state of our culture and society and I’m more interested in surviving the third world country I now live in.

    • Raymond Kidwell

      I know its a bit hard to mentally grasp that our leaders don’t care about us and that they will destroy their own country for a few sheckels, but once that realization has occurred and one has become “awakened” maybe we can move past the extreme shock of what is going on- move past all the complaining and pleads and begging our leaders to please stop it. Move past the thousands of books that point out how this is madness and just realize we are talking to brick walls. I don’t mean to give up on publishing rational books or making rational arguments (although a lot of racialist arguments seem abrasive and irrational) but the focus should narrow down to personal survival once we have admitted to the truth that is around us. Most people are still in denial. America is number one. We are first world. Crime isn’t at obscene levels. Our nation isn’t full of incompetent people. Everything will be find. Hope and change. Meanwhile some of us who actually have to live with the crime, in ineffectual structures, the incompetent and ghetto neighbors, the decreasing opportunity- we need to start putting our energies into something useful rather than just bickering about it. And also rather than dreaming about creating a new nation or becoming the king of england maybe look at realistic survival strategies.