Interview with Marine Le Pen: ‘I Don’t Want This European Soviet Union’

Mathieu von Rohr, Spiegel, June 3, 2014

SPIEGEL: Ms. Le Pen, having won 25 percent of the French vote, your Front National party stands as one of the primary beneficiaries of the May 25 European Parliament election. How could such a thing come to pass?

Le Pen: The French want to regain control of their own country. They want to determine the course of their own economy and their immigration policies. They want their own laws to take precedence over those of the European Union. The French have understood that the EU does not live up to the utopia they were sold. It has distanced itself significantly from a democratic mode of operation.

SPIEGEL: Yet, prior to the election, it was said that the establishment of lead candidates for the two biggest groups–Jean-Claude Juncker for the center-right and Martin Schulz for the center-left–would strengthen democracy in the EU.

Le Pen: That is totally bogus. Everybody knew that the parliament wouldn’t be making the final decision on the next president of the European Commission.

SPIEGEL: Do you want to destroy Europe?

Le Pen: I want to destroy the EU, not Europe! I believe in a Europe of nation-states. I believe in Airbus and Ariane, in a Europe based on cooperation. But I don’t want this European Soviet Union.

SPIEGEL: The EU is a vast project for peace. It has helped ensure 70 years without war on the Continent.

Le Pen: No. Europe is war. Economic war. It is the increase of hostilities between the countries. Germans are denigrated as being cruel, the Greeks as fraudsters, the French as lazy. Ms. Merkel can’t travel to any European country without being protected by hundreds of police. That is not brotherhood.

SPIEGEL: You now intend to head to Brussels only to fight the system.

Le Pen: And why not? The EU is deeply harmful, it is an anti-democratic monster. I want to prevent it from becoming fatter, from continuing to breathe, from grabbing everything with its paws and from extending its tentacles into all areas of our legislation. In our glorious history, millions have died to ensure that our country remains free. Today, we are simply allowing our right to self-determination to be stolen from us.

SPIEGEL: In truth, though, you didn’t win the elections because of the EU, but because the French are furious with their economic situation and with President François Hollande. Have you thanked him?

Le Pen: No. Then I would have had to call Nicolas Sarkozy as well. France is in this situation because the conservative Union for a Popular Movement (Sarkozy’s party) and the Socialists (Hollande’s party) submitted to European treaties. These treaties promote German interests quite well, but they are poor at defending France’s interests.

SPIEGEL: Germany is to be blamed for France’s misery?

Le Pen: Whenever I hear people utter anti-German sentiments, I say: You can’t blame Germany for defending its own interests. I can’t blame Ms. Merkel for saying she wants a strong euro. I place the blame with our own leaders who are not defending our interests. A strong euro is ruining our economy.

SPIEGEL: Why would you say that the euro is helping only Germany?

Le Pen: For a very simple reason: It was created by Germany, for Germany.

SPIEGEL: It was François Mitterand who wanted the euro in order to contain Germany. In fact, it was difficult for the Germans to give up their beloved deutsche mark.

Le Pen: That’s another story. Mitterand wanted to push integration forward with the euro. But from an economic standpoint, the euro is German. Were we to return to our national currencies, the D-Mark would be the only one to appreciate in value, which would be a competitive disadvantage for Germany. Our currency, by contrast, would be devalued, which would give us a bit of room to breathe.

SPIEGEL: In other words, votes for EU-skeptics are votes against Germany?

Le Pen: There’s no doubt that the model we are advocating is less positive for Germany than the current model. Germany has become the economic heart of Europe because our leaders are weak. But Germany should never forget that France is Europe’s political heart. What is happening here today foreshadows what will happen in the rest of Europe in the coming years: the great return of the nation-state, which they wanted to obliterate.

SPIEGEL: Do you see Angela Merkel as an enemy?

Le Pen: I have respect for leaders who defend the interests of their countries. Her policies are positive for Germany, but they are unfortunately harmful for all other countries. My warning is: Be careful Ms. Merkel. If you don’t see the suffering that has been imposed on the rest of the European people, then Germany will make itself hated. She believes it is possible to pursue policies in other countries against the will of the people. She would never do that in Germany, where election results are being respected. But she wants to impose her policies on others. This will lead to an explosion of the European Union.

SPIEGEL: Do you really want France to leave the euro?

Le Pen: I have been saying that since the French presidential election campaign. It is a difficult issue and I have taken a big risk. I know very well that the political classes have spread fear among the electorate: Without the euro, the sun will cease shining, the rivers will stop flowing, we will enter an ice age . . .

SPIEGEL: An end to the euro would surely lead to an economic disaster.

Le Pen: I don’t believe that at all. It would be an unbelievable opportunity. If we don’t all leave the euro behind, it will explode. Either there will be a popular revolt because the people no longer want to be bled out. Or the Germans will say: Stop, we can’t pay for the poor anymore.

SPIEGEL: You are now bringing 24 representatives with you to Brussels . . .

Le Pen: . . . as the fourth biggest party group behind the German Christian Democrats, the Italian Democratic Party and the German Social Democrats.

SPIEGEL: But to build a parliamentary group, you need representatives from seven different countries. You have an agreement with the Dutch right-wing populist Geert Wilders, the FPÖ from Austria, the Lega Nord from Italy and Vlaams Belang from Belgium, but that isn’t enough.

Le Pen: I am optimistic that we will be able to establish a parliamentary group. I have a series of meetings coming up soon.

SPIEGEL: The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), though EU-skeptic, has refused to cooperate with you. Party head Nigel Farage has said the Front National is anti-Semitic.

Le Pen: And David Cameron says that UKIP members are crazy and racist. I think it is good that UKIP is as strong as we are. But they already have a parliamentary group and see us as competition. Hence, the insulting accusations.

SPIEGEL: Would you like to work together with UKIP?

Le Pen: It would certainly be a possibility. We have the same fundamental approach to Europe.

SPIEGEL: You and your possible allies are all opposed to the European Union. But what, for example, do you have in common beyond that with someone like Geert Wilders?

Le Pen: That’s enough!

SPIEGEL: He is in favor of gay rights while you are opposed to gay marriage.

Le Pen: Why should I care about that? For me, the fight for sovereign nations is enough. Everybody should be able to choose according to his own values and history, within a European civilization that we all belong to.

SPIEGEL: You have excluded the possibility of cooperating with right-wing extremists such as the Golden Dawn party from Greece or the German neo-Nazi party NPD. What about Germany’s euro-skeptic party AFD?

Le Pen: They have yet to show interest in such a cooperation. We share certain viewpoints with the AFD, but they are not a party of the people. Rather they are an elitist party with a different structure from ours.

SPIEGEL: Is France actually suffering from a kind of depression?

Le Pen: There’s something to it. We used to be one of the richest countries in the world, but we are now on a path towards under-development. This austerity that has been imposed on the people doesn’t work. The people will not allow themselves to be throttled without revolting.

SPIEGEL: Still, the French sovereign debt is massive.

Le Pen: The French debt will remain massive. The more austerity one imposes, the more growth suffers, the lower tax revenues remain and the higher the budget deficit. Plus, the government has saved by making cuts to useful expenditures instead of to the damaging expenditures. Savings should be made with cuts to the generous social system, which grants illegal immigrants the same protections as it does our citizens. And with welfare fraud; and with the EU contributions, which rise every year.

SPIEGEL: Does the Front National want France to return to the early 1960s: A protectionist state that steers the economy, an authoritarian head of state and less immigration?

Le Pen: It is undeniable that the French were in a better situation then than they are today. I don’t look in the rearview mirror. But there was no need for us to experience an end to social progress since then. It makes no sense that we took on 10 million foreigners within a period of 30 years.

SPIEGEL: Do you really think that France can hide from the world?

Le Pen: I’m not talking about autarky. I’m not crazy. We need an intelligent protectionism. We need customs duties again–though not for countries that have the same social (security) levels as we do. That’s fair competition. The problem is the total opening of borders and allowing the law of the jungle to prevail: The further a company goes today to find slaves, which it then treats like animals and pays a pittance, without regard for environmental laws, the more it earns.

SPIEGEL: Is free trade really such a bad thing?

Le Pen: Trade has always existed, but we used to defend our strategic interests. Could you imagine the United States allowing (French engineering giant) Alstom to purchase General Electric? I don’t think so. And I don’t want (Germany’s) Siemens to buy Alstom. I want Alstom to remain French. That is strategically important for my country’s independence.

SPIEGEL: But Alstom has major problems.

Le Pen: One could nationalize a company, even if only temporarily, in order to stabilize it.

SPIEGEL: When you took over the Front National in a desolate state from your father in 2011, did you really think that it could become France’s strongest party?

Le Pen: Of course, otherwise I wouldn’t have done this. If I didn’t believe that we had a chance of coming to power, then I would have focused on taking care of my three children or gardening.

SPIEGEL: Since taking over leadership of the party, you have worked on the “de-demonization” of Front National. Have you finally achieved that with this election result?

Le Pen: Certainly among the people. But the elite, of course, continue to defend themselves. But are we treated like every other party? No. Not by the press and certainly not by the political classes.

SPIEGEL: What is the real Front National? On the one hand, you have your young deputy Florian Philippot, a self-described Gaullist. On the other, you have your father, who recently said that “Monseignor Ebola” could solve the global population explosion within three months.

Le Pen: He did not say “could”. And that was not his wish, it was merely a concern he expressed. You know, they used to describe Gaullism as being the “metro crowd at rush hour.” That’s where you find Jean-Marie Le Pen and Florian Philippot, you find craftsmen, heads of companies and civil servants. We want to represent all the French people with ideas that are neither left nor right: patriotism, defense of the identity and sovereignty of the people. If a person like me is described as being extreme-left and extreme-right at the same time, then that isn’t far off the mark.

SPIEGEL: Front National is an anti-immigration party. Polls show that immigration is the issue of greatest concern to voters.

Le Pen: Yes, we support putting a stop to immigration.

SPIEGEL: Why such xenophobia?

Le Pen: Xenophobia is the hatred of foreigners. I don’t hate anyone.

SPIEGEL: In Germany today, there is far more immigration than in France. Despite this, there are no parties like yours.

Le Pen: We have millions of unemployed and cannot afford any more immigration. Where are they supposed to live? It is not viable.

SPIEGEL: Is your success the product of the failure of the elite? Socialist politician Samia Ghali argues that the French wanted someone who spoke to their hearts and that you, unfortunately, were the only one who did so.

Le Pen: Our political class no longer has any convictions. You can only pass along the beliefs that you hold. They no longer believe in France–they have a post-national worldview. I call them France-skeptics. That’s why democracy is collapsing here in France.

SPIEGEL: Prime Minister Manuel Valls still has convictions. They just aren’t the same ones that you have.

Le Pen: I don’t believe that. He is a man with no convictions whatsoever, just like Nicolas Sarkozy. These are people who will tell you anything just to further their little careers.

SPIEGEL: Perhaps you’re simply saying that because Valls, who was interior minister before becoming premier, is the only member of the government who is actually even popular with your voters.

Le Pen: He is popular because the others in the government are unpopular. Interior ministers are always popular because they give people the feeling that they are taking care of security, even when they are just people with tough words and a soft hand.

SPIEGEL: Do you think you’ll make it into second round of voting in the 2017 presidential elections?

Le Pen: I think that is a very credible hypothesis, yes. Everyone admits that today. If you look at the polls you’ll notice that we have at least as many potential voters among non-voters as we do among voters. I have said, and I believe that we will, come to power within the next 10 years. It may even happen faster than some can imagine.

SPIEGEL: Hollande is less popular than any president who preceded him. Are you already focusing your presidential campaign entirely on Nicolas Sarkozy?

Le Pen: I don’t shoot at ambulances. Sarkozy is already finished as a candidate.

SPIEGEL: You mean because of his entanglement in the finance scandal surrounding his UMP, which has already forced party boss Jean-François Copé to resign?

Le Pen: Yes. Now he’s finished. He cheated. He violated the laws of the Republic and spent twice as much on his campaign as is allowed by law. By doing so, he has totally disqualified himself. Incidentally, I regret it, because I would like to have had him as an opponent.


Le Pen: Because he is who he is.

SPIEGEL: Why are you supporting Russian President Vladimir Putin in his position against Europe in the Ukraine crisis?

Le Pen: I do not support Putin against Europe. This is a caricature. I support a federalist Ukraine. The EU poured fuel on the fire by proposing an economic partnership to a country known to look half to the East and half to the West.

SPIEGEL: Do you admire Putin?

Le Pen: I have a certain admiration for Vladimir Putin because he doesn’t allow decisions to be forced upon him by other countries. I think he focuses first and foremost on what is good for Russia and the Russians. As such, I have the same respect for Putin that I do for Ms. Merkel.

SPIEGEL: Putin isn’t a democrat.

Le Pen: Oh really? He isn’t a democrat? There are no elections in Russia?

SPIEGEL: There is no freedom of the press, for example.

Le Pen: But you think that there is real freedom of the press in France? Ninety-nine percent of the journalists are leftists!

SPIEGEL: That’s what you think. But journalists aren’t killed and they aren’t locked up.

Le Pen: To be honest, there are many things said about Russia because they have been demonized for years at the behest of the USA. It is part of the greatness of a European country to develop one’s own opinion and to not view everything through the US lens. We have no lesson to teach Russia if we concurrently roll out the red carpet to Qatar, Saudi Arabia and China.

SPIEGEL: So you are more opposed to the US than you are in favor of Russia?

Le Pen: The Americans are trying to expand their influence in the world, particularly in Europe. They are defending their own interests, not ours. I am in favor of a multi-polar world in which France once again takes its position as the leader of non-aligned states, not with the US, not with Russia and not with Germany. One should strive to be neither slave nor master.

SPIEGEL: Ms. Le Pen, we thank you for this interview.

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  • Wow.

    I always knew MLP had a lot going on between the ears, but this was one fun roller coaster ride.

    She certainly knows who to aim a gun and shoot, at something other than her own foot.

    • ncpride

      No doubt. Good for her.. I enjoyed reading this entire interview, and never got bored once.

    • ricpic

      Le Pen is very impressive. She took no guff whatsoever from the mouthpiece for the European ruling class who interviewed her. But you must remember that she was brought up in a household in which the main topic of conversation was political warfare and that her skills in that arena have been sharpened by literally hundreds of confrontations with those who are out to kill her politically.

      • Sometimes it takes the second generation to do the greatest things. I was about to say that Charlemagne was Charles Martel’s son, but then I stopped myself and remembered that it was really grandson, with Pepin the Short in between. However, I’m sure there are plenty of examples where Junior took what Senior started to heights that Senior never could.

        • Sangraal

          Upvoted for knowing your Carolingians.

  • DennisDale

    A relentlessly hostile interview handled gracefully. Why are French women so superior to ours?

    • Katherine McChesney

      You must be another beta male.

    • rowingfool

      Because they are not ideologically blinkered (like the interviewer was) and so their minds are free to focus on real issues.

      • DennisDale

        I should specify I’m talking about female politicians, but yeah.

    • ricpic

      I think Le Pen is just as much an outlier relative to the average French woman as she is to the average American woman. But Sarah Palin is in her class. Phyllis Schlafly was in her class. Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin are in her class.

      • Monmouth78

        Sarah Palin is a joke. To compare her to LePen is ludicrous.

        The fact that someone would pop up here to laud Sarah Plain, an airhead neocon fame whore, shows what is wrong with nationalists in America compared to nationalists in Europe.

        Nationalists in Europe understand who they are and who they aren’t. Most “nationalists” in America are confused conservatives who are only half awake.

        • ricpic

          Better half-awake than total fool.

  • DennisDale

    And she didn’t accuse the interviewer of sexism once.

  • M.Magog

    “The EU is a vast project for peace. It has helped ensure 70 years without war on the Continent.”….. the EU has forced Europe to prostrate itself to a third world invasion. They talk about “peace”…well, yes, when you submit to a murderer then one less party will be injured. The one that submits will be killed, the murderer will escape harm, will incur no cost at all for his actions.

  • propagandaoftruth

    I’m not talking about autarky. I’m not crazy. We need an intelligent protectionism. We need customs duties again–though not for countries that have the same social (security) levels as we do.
    Sense. All developed countries should place tariffs on products from places who are not, for this very reason.

  • M.Magog

    “Le Pen: One could nationalize a company, even if only temporarily, in order to stabilize it.”

    —-That works here as well, only the stabilization that needs to be done is a political, ideological one. We need a white nationalist government that will nationalize many spheres of our current nation. Seize the media, the universities, the tech companies, put people LOYAL to a WHITE America in charge of them and hold them for a good generation before reprivatizing them. Always have the threat of denationalization hanging over their head if they violate the social laws.. Let the changes take strong root. Cleanse the whole nation of the damage that the marxists did!

    • One could say that we have kinda-sorta done this already twice in recent history in regards to major automobile companies.

  • Many American women should read and see if there is a video on this womans interview. This is how you respond to an aggressive questions from a male. Not through a fit and screaming sexism. I do relize that not all Americn women are like that, but the numbers do seem to be growing at times. Not all men look down on women. Expecaly modern civilized men.

    • Huh? Many American MEN should read this and follow the example. This is a good “how it’s done” guide for anyone, especially in our movement.

      Seriously, though, could you imagine Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Rand Paul, giving these kinds of answers to these same questions? And don’t even get me started on the Democrats.

      • Yes very true…..

      • Sick of it

        Rand made some great points re: the Civil Rights Laws…and then back-peddled so fast one would think he was being chased by an angry mob…

  • Pro_Whitey

    I say claim her as a natural-born U.S. citizen and run her against Hitlery Rotten Clinton. Just kidding. But she is good. I hope the Spiegel interviewer was being deliberately provocative by stating that the abandonment of the Euro would lead to economic disaster. What a crock! The euro journalists are as bad as their American counterparts.

  • Alucard_the_last

    Islam is the enemy of anyone who wants to live in the 21st century. Like communists, they want everyone to live a Neolithic lifestyle in order to be “equal”
    This is why so many white leftists NEVER condemn islam. It is even a fad amongst the left in San Francisco to convert. I lived there 10 years and have seen this a lot.

  • But you think that there is real freedom of the press in France? Ninety-nine percent of the journalists are leftists.
    Control of the press is critical to the globalist agenda. In spite of that control, truth is breaking out around the world, as alternative news sites and bloggers push out an anti-immigrant, anti-globalist message. Holder’s new initiative is designed to silence bloggers and websites such as this one in order to restore the power of the leftist press.

    Many battles lay ahead for all us lovers of freedom, but I expect MLP to acquit herself well in battle. We should strive to do the same as we battle for our freedom in the former USA.

    • And what real freedom of the press here?

      I saw on Drudge today a link to a video where a teenage journalist asked Nancy PeLousy a hard question about the NSA. Why does it take an amateur who may or may not even have his drivers license yet to ask a high placed elected official a hard question and none of the professionals will?

      The answer is that it’s no more complicated than the fact that the teenage journalist isn’t old enough to be married to anyone in the incestuous slop bucket that is D.C. professional-social life.

  • Dave4088

    I’m not as optimistic about the right wing victories in Europe as most. Even though they wish to end immigration, most believe their current immigrant populations can and will assimilate over time which is false. Assimilation will lead to intermarriage which will permanently introduce non-white DNA into the European gene pool. Either way, racial and ethnic conflict is in Europe’s future unless it starts the process of repatriating it’s fast growing third world minorities.

    Golden Dawn is about the only party that gets things right when it comes to protecting the Greek nation and people from the third world.

    • Brady

      Assimilation will not lead to intermarriage because it will not happen. The whole premise of AR’s Weltaunschung is that non-white immigrants are not assimilable, which is why non-white immigration is undesirable in the first place. Western culture can only be preserved in a meaningful way by whites.

    • Monmouth78

      Get a clue. European nationalists do not tell the world what they really think anymore than Republicans and Democrats do in the US.

      I’m amazed at how gullible Americans tend to be in believing the surface discourse.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    SPIEGEL: Front National is an anti-immigration party. Polls show that immigration is the issue of greatest concern to voters.

    Le Pen: Yes, we support putting a stop to immigration.

    SPIEGEL: Why such xenophobia?

    Le Pen: Xenophobia is the hatred of foreigners. I don’t hate anyone.

    SPIEGEL: In Germany today, there is far more immigration than in France. Despite this, there are no parties like yours.

    Le Pen: We have millions of unemployed and cannot afford any more immigration. Where are they supposed to live? It is not viable.


    If only our elected representatives felt like this. MLP shares the same vision of Europe’s future as the statesman Charles de Gaulle, who rejected EU supranationalism and believed in a racially homogeneous, autonomous Europe des Patries.

    Mass third world immigration is a manifestation of the hatred and contempt the elite’s have for the ordinary white workingman in Europe and North America. They want to tear us down by turning western countries into dumping grounds for the excess population of the third world. Unfortunately, the winner-take-all system in North America discourages formation of a viable alternative to mainstream parties by not allowing proportional representation. This is why the mass third world immigration continues unabated. There will be revolutionary agitation before there is any electoral reform.

    • Pelagian

      another reason Germany takes them is because they have been cowed by you know what.

      • Monmouth78

        Most of the immigrants in Germany are other Europeans. Up until recently, most immigrants in Germany were ethnic Germans from Eastern Europe. The main non-European immigrants in Germany are Turks. Turks are mostly white by ancestry, they look like light skinned Hispanics. If you look up the statistics, Turks in Germany have lower unemployment rates, welfare usage rates, birth rates and crime rates than typical Muslim immigrants in other European countries. Non-European immigrants in Germany are concentrated in big cities much more so than in the UK or France. Most of the country is still almost totally German.

        All of these things are often overlooked by Americans.

        • Pelagian

          OK .. you convinced me .. I want to move there again.

  • Ahnenerbe ᛟ

    They should redo that movie 300 and when Xerxes Persian mongrel emissaries come to see King Leonidas they should say; ‘Why such xenophobia?’ Then Leonidas says:
    This is SPARTA, mother*ckers!

  • Brian

    I don’t shoot at ambulances. Bon mot!

  • Pelagian

    She gives a nice clean, crisp interview, with no backing down. She is a well-admitted exception to the norm of women being nurturers and caregivers and being unsuited to politics. Of course she was raised on it in her family. Kind of hard to avoid picking it up.

  • Kenner

    She was laughing on the inside, I’ll bet. The anti-whites fed us a bushel of lies to achieve their ends, we should have no qualms about doing likewise.

  • LHathaway

    FN won the election because of ‘economic’ interests? The white French deserve what is coming: their disappearance.

    • That wasn’t said in the context of it actually being the case, or MLP thinking it. It’s the trope the MSM trot out to explain every nationalist win. It’s either that or “it was just a protest vote.” The implication being that nationalism is the province of destitute losers, or impulsive people too stupid to understand a candidate’s or party’s agenda.

    • Sangraal

      If the French deserve their disappearance, Americans deserve it tenfold.

      No white population deserves its disappearance. Enough of these bitter and petty condemnations.

      • Our media even used these two excuses every time Pat Buchanan won something. Therefore, just as ghetto blacks seem to be programmed in some sort of central factory to spew the usual litany, the conga line of excuses, to spit out, every time one of their own is arrested for a serious violent crime, media people must get the same programming, the words to say and parrot when some nationalist or near-nationalist wins an election.

        That said, maybe they’ll cross wires, and when MLP wins the election to be French President, the media will call her a good boy a great athlete and an honor roll student who wasn’t in any gangs but fell in with the wrong crowd. Or when De’stinktavious murders someone and the cops nab him, his family will say that it was because of his economic status and that it was just a protest vote.

        • Sangraal

          Central factory programming indeed. One also sees it in the stock arguments people wheel out against race replacement/immigration/white identity etc. It’s like their reading off a script.
          One of those instances that makes you wonder if you’re in some kind of Cartesian solipsistic demiurge-created world where everyone else is an automaton.
          Yeah the economic crisis argument seems to be a lazy hangover from the ~80yrs out of date Marxist explanation for the rise of fascism. Every Marxist (actual Marxists, not ‘cultural marxists’) ever will parrot this argument because their reductive materialism cannot account for identity, loyalty, pride, or anything not motivated by base material factors.

    • Monmouth78

      We are in a FAR, FAR, FAR worse situation both demographically and politically than France or any other European country.

      Am I the only American here who is sickened by these kinds comments from Americans here hypocritically wishing ill to Europeans?

      I can only imagine that these comments are coming from elderly Fox News watcher types.

      • Ted Cunterblast

        I imagine the comments come from analysts at the State Department.

        The intention is to sow discord and to de-moralize.

        Ignore them.

      • Sangraal

        It is extremely petty and stupid.

  • ViktorNN

    Le Pen is a great example of how the entrenched political class that represents both the “right” and the “left” leave plenty of room open for an alternative third way to claim the high ground on a whole host of issues that the establishment has neglected, immigration being the most obvious.

    Now that quite a few of these European populists have won seats they now have to show they can govern. But so far they have also shown they can win. Interesting times.

  • Sangraal

    Someone said on here the other day to refer to Marine LePen for examples of nationalist politicians giving good, non-pandering interviews. He was not wrong. Some highlights:

    ‘SPIEGEL: Putin isn’t a democrat.

    Le Pen: Oh really? He isn’t a democrat? There are no elections in Russia?’

    O rly?

    ‘Le Pen: I don’t shoot at ambulances. Sarkozy is already finished as a candidate.’


    However – I have some slight misgivings:

    ‘Germany has become the economic heart of Europe because our leaders are
    weak. But Germany should never forget that France is Europe’s political

    This smacks of a political p**sing contest, and historical Franco-German feuding (with tragic consequences).

    This is reassuring however:

    ‘Le Pen: Whenever I hear people utter anti-German
    sentiments, I say: You can’t blame Germany for defending its own
    interests. I can’t blame Ms. Merkel for saying she wants a strong euro. I
    place the blame with our own leaders who are not defending our

    There is also a ‘muh nation states…muh national sovereignty…muh national currency…muh 19th century liberal bourgeois ideas’ vibe that you often find with these kind of parties.
    Playing catch-up with the liberal petty state-nationalism of yesteryear isn’t really my idea of European ethno-nationalism. But then, Marine is the fastest rising player in the arena of European politics, and I’m critiquing on the internet, so what do I know…

    Her reasonably pro-Putin stance and advocating a federalist Ukraine and a multi-polar world is admirable. As is her channeling of Nietszche in her climactic final sentence. But remember, if one is unable to be neither a master nor a slave, better to be the former…

  • It’s not just MLP that knows how to shoot. FN’s VP calls Madonna “Granny Gaga.”

    The FN has clearly showed up to play and win.

    www telegraph co uk/news/celebritynews/madonna/10874388/Madonna-labelled-Granny-Gaga-by-Front-National-after-she-calls-them-fascists.html