DHS Continues to Drop Immigrants off at Phoenix Bus Station

Jill Monier, My Fox Phoenix, June 3, 2014

One day after Arizona Governor Jan Brewer fired off a letter to President Obama, concerned about dozens of undocumented immigrants being dropped off at a Phoenix bus station, another bus load of immigrants arrived.

Early Tuesday morning FOX 10 saw a bus load of people dropped off by a bus with Department of Homeland Security markings.

The Greyhound spokesperson said that Arizona is the only state they’re aware of that is getting bus loads of people.

The Greyhound bus station near 24th St & Buckeye has turned into a refuge for bus loads of immigrants being dropped off by DHS.

FOX 10 was told immigration officials are moving hundreds of undocumented workers caught in Texas who are from Central America to Arizona. DHS says they don’t have the manpower to process them all.


“We do not have an agreement of any kind with ICE or the U.S. Border Patrol. We recently established protocol with them which they now will inform us going forward several hours in advance before dropping off large groups of people to ensure we have the resources to accommodate them once they arrive,” said Lanesha Gipson.

DHS officers were seen handing out water to families getting off the bus, Greyhound says they are also helping out. “Once they arrive we provide water and food for them, we also allow them to use phones to call family members so they can get tickets to travel,” said Gipson.


All the immigrants bused to Phoenix are supposed to report to a local ICE office at their destination within 15 days.

FOX 10 News | myfoxphoenix.com

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  • “They don’t have the man power to process them all.”

    Translation: They won’t “process” them, they will eventually turn them loose.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Quite the slap in the face dumping them in Arizona, is it not? The message could not be more clear. Republican and anti-immigration? Obama has something for you…

      MORE Mexicans!

      • DonReynolds

        Phoenix is not actually all that close… 1,260 miles from Brownsville, Tx.
        But St. Louis is only 1,129 miles,
        Denver is 1,209 miles, and
        Atlanta is 1,145 miles.
        These are much larger cities and have more resources and are more centrally located for the final leg of their journey to join up with their “relatives” living illegally in the USA.
        (If they were trying to join relatives living on the West Coast, they would not be crossing the border into south Texas.)

        • mobilebay

          Back across the border would be even closer! If we had anyone in Washington who cared that we are being destroyed, they would get on worldwide TV and tell the rest of the world that we are no longer its dumping ground. And the offending countries from which the invaders came would no longer receive one peso, and that all “trade” would be stopped. Of course trade with Mexico means that we send money, they send their people. We are fools. It’s time to be the “bad” guy and by that, I mean stick up for ourselves and quit playing babysitter to the every third world illegal on the planet. I don’t think we were appointed to take care of everyone but us.

        • But St. Louis is only 1,129 miles

          You upvote a lot of my posts, even some I write on other websites. I thought you liked me.

          • DonReynolds

            I am so sorry…..as you know. I did not intend what you might think. The distances were merely for comparison purposes…..and the fact is, Phoenix is not on the way to where the illegal aliens are going to end up and it is further than a number of larger cities.
            I hope these distance measurements prove the spite and contempt behind the decision to dump the illegals in Phoenix.
            Please accept my apologies.
            (Besides, I like St. Louis too. Great city.)

          • We all know why they’re sending them to Phoenix.

  • Jesse James

    The Federal civil service is in bad need of a top to bottom housecleaning. They have become a willing accomplice to the Democrat party’s Chicago revenge style politics. We need to reduce the size of the Federal bureaucracy by 30% just to get started. These “servants of the people” think they are our masters now. Time to start disabusing them of that notion.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      The number of immigrants being imported into the US has long ago exceeded the economic and cultural absorptive capacity of the nation. Like the Soviet Union, the mass third world immigration regime is unsustainable and must collapse eventually. It’s going to get a lot worse before whites finally stand up to the multicultural tyrants in Washington. I just wish this country didn’t have to become Mexico in order for whites to realize that they’re being shafted by the US federal government.

      • Ella

        Our wealthier mostly White suburban schools still have 30% low-income minorities, mostly Latinos, due to busing. Our academic scores have dropped rapidly within four years of this new integration program putting illegals into our middle-to-upper middle class schools. It is in our face; we had protests and organized rallies, but we still failed.

  • MekongDelta69

    DHS claims it can’t process these illegal immigrants.

    Here’s a novel idea…

    Deport them…

  • Pro_Whitey

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio, please jump into action!

  • Petty dictator Obama is sending a message to Jan Brewer, who gave him hell at the airport a year or so ago as she “greeted” him during his visit to Arizona. What this says about the cheap, tinhorn little purple-lipped twerp is that he’s a word I can’t write on this site, although it starts with a and ends with hole.

    Many of you are probably familiar with Putin’s famous remark about playing chess with Obama. As law professor Jonathan Turley just stated, Obama is the president that Nixon wished he could be. Turley has it wrong. Not in his greatest fantasy could Nixon foresee a piece of excrement like Obama in the White House.

    If someone can figure out how to deal with the illegal Mexican dropoffs, it’s Jan Brewer. I expect that she’ll continue the game with Obama in the future and I expect she’s give him a direct hit in the crotch, figuratively, if not literally.

  • Ahnenerbe ᛟ

    Open air concentration camps with bad water and scarce food work quite well

  • DonReynolds

    So that is how the law works in this country. If there are not enough law enforcement resources to “process” the lawless, we transport them to another state 1,260 miles away and dump them at the bus station……so they can go elsewhere, and “report” to ICE 15 days later. Somehow I do not think they would do that if patriots got involved in the issue.

    • mobilebay

      Where do we look for patriots in this country? Better search the hinterlands, cause you sure won’t find any in Washington.

  • JohnEngelman

    We don’t need them. We don’t want them. Send them back.

  • kikz2

    they’re shipping them there from Tx… not one word of this in the media, nor one word from gov. goodhair’s office. Az gov can’t be too thrilled w/him…..

    • mobilebay

      We in Texas aren’t either, but I can’t believe it’s Perry who’s sending them to AZ. Maybe DHS thinks Arizona is a better climate for them, but I think that Obama is finally getting his revenge for Jan Brewer shaking her finger at him. Remember that picture? It’s payback time for BHO

      • kikz2

        <n. of dallas in exoburbs… yeah, i do remb the pic… i want to know where the hell the natl guard is?…. if the mexicans are overrunning border patrol… isn't it their job to protect the border???????? i'll say it again.. i guess they're all guarding some foreign poppy field in afghan/iraq……… you'd think some of the old timers w/money would light a fire under goodhair.. ya know? they can't be so misogynistic that any hatred for AZ gov would outweigh stopping an invasion, no matter where most of them were taken, even if it was AZ??

  • mobilebay

    The next step? Change the name of our country to The Divided States of America. We are no longer a united nation – united by a common language and populated by American-born citizens. We have become the multi-cultural dumping ground of the world.

    • RebelliousTreecko

      *Divided States of Diversity.

      Or rather, “Diversity Land”, to make it sound whimsical and exciting.

  • WR_the_realist

    Please ship those illegal immigrants to Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He’ll know what to do with them.

  • IstvanIN

    Can’t they put up some tents inside a corral?

  • MBlanc46

    Lanesha Gibson? Hmmm. Why am I not surprised that we’re experiencing this debacle?

  • Bill Moore


    We should return illegal immigrants to Mexico.

    My plan would be to put as many as will fit into a C130, then fly to Mexico, and at about 1000 feet, just push them out the back.

    It wouldn’t be too long before the word would get out, and they would start self-deporting before we fly them back to Mexico.

    And they wouldn’t keep pouring into our country.

    Thank you,
    Bill Moore

    • DonReynolds

      There are many ways to convince people to self-deport back to their own country. Yours would be pretty convincing. I am all for whatever works. Don’t tell me they won’t go back except on a bus with a box lunch. Self-deportation can be a very rational decision.

      • r j p

        Or they can just move to sanctuary cities … like Chicago.
        Because, you know, blacks haven’t ruined enough of the city.

  • Who Me?

    “Put them back on the bus and send them to Washington. Problem solved”
    I hope to hell you mean Washington DC. We’ve plenty of the little turds up here in WA state already.

  • none of your business

    ” we also allow them to use phones to call family members so they can get tickets to travel,”
    Not family members, the restaurants, fast food,hotels, food processing plants,construction,janitorial and other employers who arranged for them to come and work in America.