Foreword to the Kindle Edition of Paved With Good Intentions

Jared Taylor, VDARE, June 21, 2014

James Fulford writes:

We’ve frequently referred to an “interglacial” period in the 90s, when mainstream publishers sponsored the publication of a number of best-selling [!] books on race that told the truth about America’s racial problems.

Jacob Weisberg, reviewing Alien Nation in the New Yorker, wrote that this sort of thing shouldn’t be allowed. “Not so long ago, the literature of egregious bigotry was treated like pornography. You had to send for it by mail–from backwoods presses that advertised in the classified sections of conservative magazines–or frequent the political equivalent of dirty bookstores.”

Well, Jared Taylor’s classic Paved With Good Intentions is certainly the kind of book Weisberg would like to ban, yet it was published by Carrol & Graf in 1992, and reviewed in National Review by Peter Brimelow, in the Wall Street Journal by Clint Bolick, and many other mainstream outlets. (The Detroit Free Press didn’t like it.)

Now, years later, it would impossible to find a mainstream publisher for it, and it’s possible you could get fired for possessing it.

However, technology comes to your rescue–you can now download it onto your Kindle, iPhone, iPad, or Android device instantly, for only seven dollars.

Again, I must begin with thanks to the people who made this edition possible. We live in evil times, and they have asked that I not mention them by name and I have reluctantly complied, but it is they and they alone who have kept this book alive.

Sadly, preservation of older books may be more important than ever. In the preface to the 2004 edition of Paved With Good Intentions, I mentioned half a dozen books that had appeared after mine in the 1990s and that seemed to presage a breakthrough on race. That breakthrough never came. The new century has seen an almost complete retreat by the mainstream press from anything but orthodoxy. Gregory Cochran and Henry Harpending’s 2009 book, The 10,000 Year Explosion, is a startling exception.

Why did publishers show the white feather? It is part of the new Dark Age that has fallen across the entire Western world. Doctrinaire egalitarians are now so desperate and vindictive–and still so powerful–that few people dare challenge them openly, and race and nationalism are not the only fields in which dissent is banned. We are to believe that not only are races equal but that religions, cultures, nations, sexes, and “life-styles” are equal. Merely to point out objective differences is dangerous; to state preferences is scandalous.

Today’s orthodoxy is not enforced by state censors–it would be better if it were. When the government officially suppresses dissent, the enemy is clear. What we have is a system of self-censorship, in which everyone knows the rules and censors himself. High-profile, ritual shaming of dissidents reminds us where the boundaries lie.

In the area of race alone, there have been many shamings. Jason Richwine, Jack Hunter, Sam Francis, Scott McConnell, John Derbyshire, Joseph Sobran, Robert Weissberg, Kevin Lamb, Frank Borzellieri, Leif Parsell, and many others have lost their jobs because of “racism.” John O’Sullivan, Peter Brimelow, Patrick Buchanan, and James Watson have all suffered professionally for excessive truth telling.

The case of James Watson vividly demonstrates the tyrannical power of the egalitarian establishment. In 2007, he told London’s The Sunday Times newspaper that he was “inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa,” adding that “[all] our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours–whereas all the testing says not really.” [The elementary DNA of Dr Watson, By Charlotte Hunt-Grubbe, TimesOnLine. October 14, 2007]

Dr. Watson, co-discoverer of the double helix and Nobel laureate, was probably the most famous scientist in the world. He scraped and backtracked, even cravenly saying that “there is no scientific basis for such a belief,” yet these few dissident words ended his 39-year career at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

Sex differences are quicksand. In 2005, Lawrence Summers resigned as president of Harvard, after fury over his suggestion that one reason so few women are in science is that their minds may not be identical to those of men. He offered this merely as a conjecture and hoped to be proven wrong, but even as a conjecture this was too much for Harvard University.

Just this year, outgoing Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta announced that America will put women in combat. Do American soldiers think this is a good idea? I know from personal communication with people in the military that many think this is insanity, but I am not aware of a single serving officer who publicly opposed Mr. Panetta. That would be career suicide.

In today’s atmosphere, therefore, Paved With Good Intentions could not be published, and even if only for historical reasons it is instructive to read what was publishable in 1992.

Twenty years ago, I thought that the evils and absurdities I was pointing out in this book would be reformed within my lifetime. Now, I’m not so sure. This is not to say that Americans are blind to these evils and absurdities. As I note below, more Americans that ever have a clear understanding of race. However, American institutions continue to ignore the obvious, and Congress, the courts, major media, and universities have the combined power to suppress common sense.

It was the suppression of common sense that prompted outrage over New York City’s stop-and-frisk policy. Police questioned people they thought looked suspicious, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg believed this stopped a great deal of crime. [Stop-and-Frisk Policy ‘Saves Lives,’ Mayor Tells Black Congregation, By Kate Taylor, June 10, 2012] The New York Civil Liberties Union and other groups charged discrimination, however, because blacks and Hispanics were more likely to be stopped than whites.

Curiously, it did not seem to bother them that the police were stopping men–young men. There was sharper sex and age discrimination than race discrimination. No one cared about that, because everyone knows that young men are vastly more criminal than old women, and that it is a waste of time to stop grandmothers.

And yet, the statistical basis for stopping blacks and Hispanics was exactly the same as for stopping young men: They commit the most crime. People understand basic probability about age or sex, but their minds stop working when it comes to race.

I pointed this out in 1992; there has been no progress in 20 years.

Congress has made no progress either. The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 was supposed to close the racial gaps in school achievement and ensure that every student in America could read and do math at the “proficient” level by 2014. These ridiculous goals–and stiff penalties for not meeting them–prompted widespread cheating on tests that led to criminal indictments of 35 teachers in the heavily-black Atlanta school district. [Grand jury indicts 35 in Georgia school cheating scandal, By Chelsea J. Carter, CNN, March 29, 2013 ]

By 2013, the Department of Education had granted waivers to no fewer than 39 states and the District of Columbia because they had no hope of meeting the act’s foolish requirements. [Arne Duncan gives No Child Left Behind waivers to California district, By Lyndsey Layton, Washington Post, August 6, 2013]

It finally dawned on the state of Florida that if not a single school in the whole country can eliminate racial gaps, it is wrong to punish teachers who cannot achieve the impossible. In 2013, the state set more realistic goals: highest for Asians, lowest for blacks–and the Southern Poverty Law Center promptly filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice, claiming that the new goals “violate fundamental civil rights.”

Any glimmering of race realism must be snuffed out.

One of the arguments I made in 1992 was that whites are terrified of being thought “racist.” Twenty years later nothing has changed.

In 2010, former President George W. Bush said that the worst moment in his eight years in office was a tossed-off remark by a black rapper named Kanye West, who said the President did not send enough relief to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina because he didn’t “care about black people.” Mr. Bush had some bad patches in his presidency–the September 11 terrorist attacks, the invasion of Iraq on false pretenses, the Abu Ghraib scandal, the crash of 2008–but being called a racist by a black entertainer was the worst thing that happened to him as president.

How much do whites trim their actions–even their thoughts–for fear of being called names? What honest, useful things might President Bush have done if he were not a mental hostage to blacks?

As I noted in 1992, even absurd accusations of “racism” have power only because whites give them that power. Twenty years later, George Bush still doesn’t understand that.

In 1992 I gave many examples of ordinary people–not even dissidents–who had lost their jobs on account of “racism.”

They still lose their jobs. In 2013, celebrity cook Paula Deen’s program was scrubbed from the Food Network because she admitted that in the 1980s she had used the word “nigger.”

Likewise in 2013, two white contestants in a “reality” television program called “Big Brother 15” were fired from their day jobs for such things as referring to a homosexual as a “queer,” and telling an Asian girl to “shut up and make some rice.” [See What Racist Remarks by Two ‘Big Brother’ Contestants Led to Their Firings Back Home, By Erica Rit, The Blaze, July 8, 2013]

I noted in 1992 that it is only whites who must always govern their tongues. In 2012, there were no repercussions when Jamie Foxx promoted his new movie, Django Unchained, by saying, “I save my wife, and I kill all the white people in the movie. How great is that? And how black is that?” [Jamie Foxx Jokes About Killing ‘All The White People’ In His New Movie, By Noel Sheppard, December 10, 2012] In 2013, the black congressman Charles Rangel said that the Tea Party “is the same group we faced in the South with those white crackers and the dogs and the police.” [Charlie Rangel: Tea Party Is ‘Same Group’ Of ‘White Crackers’ Who Fought Civil Rights, TPM, August 2, 2013.]

I’m sure Mr. Foxx meant to glory in the fantasy of killing whites, and Mr. Rangel meant to offend Tea Party members, but their remarks caused barely a ripple.

This book is full of examples of double standards. Whites–but only whites–must avoid the faintest hint of “insensitivity.” Whites–but only whites–must never be proud of their race. Whites–but only whites–must never act as if they have legitimate group interests, even though other groups openly organize in opposition to those interests.

There has been no change in 20 years.

How long will this go on? Another 20 years? The great contradiction of American race relations is that it is whites who still make the rules. Blacks could have howled themselves hoarse over Paula Deen, but they would have quickly stopped howling if the white people who run the Food Network had ignored them. It was white people who fired James Watson, Jason Richwine, and John Derbyshire; not blacks.

It was not even blacks who most loudly criticized these dissidents; it was whites. If whites wanted to, they could make life very hard for Charles Rangel and Jamie Foxx, but they do not dare. And we have to listen to Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Janet Murguia only because white media executives give them a microphone.

Whites do not lack the power to defend their interests. They lack the will, and it is unprecedented in human history that a majority people should abandon its interests.

Sometime in the mid- to late 20th century, almost all white governments capitulated. The most striking change was their willingness to accept displacement of their people by non-white immigrants. In the United States, whites are now expected to become a minority by 2042. Western Europe, Australia, and Canada, are headed the same way. Only Eastern Europe, which the Cold War protected from the egalitarian folly of the West, has retained an instinctive sense of ethnic and national interests. But for how long?

This is, to me, the tragedy and mystery of our age. Why have whites given up the will to survive as a distinct people?

There is no lack of theories: the demoralizing effect of two world wars, the machinations of Jews, the universalist doctrine of Christianity, materialism, individualism. I do not believe any or all of them fully explain why whites abandoned so basic, so ancient, so legitimate, and so noble an instinct as the preservation of their own people.

One of the consequences of displacement, of course, is that whites will stop making the rules. In America, the 2012 Presidential elections were an unmistakable sign of what is to come. Although Mitt Romney won 60 percent of the white vote–more than enough to win if whites still dominated the electorate–he lost because the 26 percent of the electorate that is non-white voted overwhelmingly for the non-white candidate. In other words, because they had admitted millions of non-whites into their country, whites did not get the President they wanted.

What will America be like when whites stop making the rules? This is a pressing question that few ask and even fewer answer, but let me try. The government already requires discrimination against whites, and calls it “affirmative action.” The government already bans race-neutral job qualifications that have a “disparate impact” on protected minorities. Universities already encourage every race but whites to start student unions and activist groups. We already have a media that agonizes over white misbehavior but ignores brutal anti-white crime.

When blacks and Hispanics start making the rules, they will not end “affirmative action;” they will expand it. They might well correct the problem of “white privilege” with a tax that only whites must pay. White jurors obviously cannot make fair decisions–look at the mess they made of George Zimmerman’s trial–so there could be rules to ensure that juries never have white majorities. Leadership roles in Congress could be reserved for non-whites to ensure fairness. Tax-exemptions help maintain white privilege, so all non-profits could be made to show how they benefit non-whites. The “racism” of capitalism could be curbed by making sure no company has a majority-white board of directors. Residential segregation could be solved by giving non-white home buyers an automatic bidding advantage, like the advantage the Small Business Administration already gives non-whites who bid on government contracts. I have every confidence that Sonia Sotomayor and her fellow justices of the future would find these measures Constitutional–if, indeed, our new rulers still bother with such Caucasian niceties as constitutionality.

Is this paranoid raving? Just imagine how the Black or Hispanic Congressional Caucuses would vote on any of these things today, and ask yourself why a majority-black and -Hispanic Congress would vote any differently. And for the rest of us, far from Washington, life will become darker, more violent, and more corrupt, as whites flee to the dwindling patches of land where they are still a desperate majority.

This will be our future unless whites regain a sense of identity. I have spent the last 25 years trying to rekindle that identity, trying to awaken whites to this looming crisis. For more than 20 years I published the dissident monthly magazine American Renaissance, which has now moved to the web at In 2011, I also published a book called White Identity, which is more explicit than this one about the need for–well–white identity. If you found Paved With Good Intentions useful I think you will find White Identity useful, too.

There has been unquestionable progress in the development of white identity. Twenty-five years ago, anyone who doubted racial orthodoxy had to look in dusty corners of libraries or write off to obscure post office boxes to find undeceived information. Now, the Internet has scores of dissident websites, there are organizations that hold public conferences about the interests of whites, and there are racially-oriented publishing houses that bring out the excellent books commercial publishers are afraid to touch.

What encourages me most is the number of young people who, by their 20s, have a fully developed understanding of race. I was in my 40s before I saw what they see. Likewise, the public comments on “mainstream” websites are proof that a huge number of Americans are not fooled by the media. Nothing better demonstrates the difference between elite or published opinion and public opinion. This is why our rulers are so desperate to punish dissenters. This is why the publishing breakthrough of the 1990s had to be stopped.

Orthodoxy is still immensely powerful, but it has no moral and intellectual foundations. Whenever there is real debate between dissidents and apparatchiks, the apparatchiks lose–and more and more people know it. That is why our rulers never permit debate. That is why, ultimately, they will fall even if there is no debate.

The French author Guillaume Faye has written that if the whites now in their 20s fail to act, they and their civilization are doomed. I am confident they will act.

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  • dd121

    It’s absurd that white Americans are held prisoner to leftist ideas in our own country.

    • David Ashton

      The same in Britain, Canada, Germany….

    • Adolf Verloc

      I’m rather on the left myself, and I don’t think that leftist economic policies are the problem. Social Democracy in Scandinavia worked great until they started bringing in massive numbers of refugees. It is CULTURAL leftism that is the problem. Unfortunately, it usually goes along with economic leftism in most people.

      • IstvanIN

        Leftist economic policies may have worked in Scandinavia because the people, as a whole, for the most part, both supported the policies and felt they gained from the policies. Additionally they didn’t immediately throw every other tradition over board, they still celebrate the major Christian holidays and have Royal Families. They were relatively homogenous societies. Of course now they have gone over board with immigration, gender equality, speech restrictions and assorted overt anti-(fill in the blank of your nation) policies.

        • 1stworlder

          Oil wealth and a culture where little boys would stick a finger in a dike to help save a town had some influence. Welfare programs would be fair if everyone had the same work ethic.

          • IstvanIN

            Norway had oil but not Sweden or Denmark.

        • Pro_Whitey

          As you point out, the examples where socialism “works” are really more examples of where national socialism works, because the historic peoples of such nations possessed the requisite mores to make sacrifices to make the system work. I think the same when I hear that kibbutzim are places where socialism “works”.

        • David Ashton

          Germany still has a “Christian” Sunday, I understand.

        • Black Swan

          Socialism does not work in Scandinavia any more than it works anywhere else it’s been tried. The economic system is Scandinavia is mostly capitalist, Scandinavian businesses are mostly free from regulation, nationalization and protectionism.

          The collapse of the Soviet Union should have put an end to the “socialism works” myth.

          It is foolish to point to Scandinavian socialism and claim it as an example of socialism that works.

          “The Myth of Scandinavian Socialism”
          http //archive freecapitalists org/forums/t/5616 aspx

          “The Scandinavian Socialism Argument Debunked”
          http //www libsdebunked com/socialism/scandinavian-socialism-argument/

          VonMises: “The Scandinavian-Welfare Myth Revisited”
          http //mises org/daily/4146/

          If anyone can provide an example of where socialism HAS worked to bring about what it promises, instead of poverty and misery, please post it.

      • kjh64

        What leftist Whites in America(and elsewhere) don’t realize is that the more Brown people that are brought in , the LESS leftism/socialism will work. Leftists in America want totally socialized medicine and bigger government, but they also want open borders. You can’t have both. Totally socialized medicine in the USA would be an expensive, overburdened nightmare since we would have Mexico’s underclass and more and more Brown people who take more in taxes than they contribute, all continuing to come in and use the system. It would be horrible and overcrowded. The same with other social welfare programs.

      • Black Swan

        Economic policies are absolutely the problem.
        As Margaret Thatcher once quipped: What happens when you run out of other people’s money?

        What happens when money can no longer be printed?

        The Keynesians were and are wrong and there will be a heavy price to pay for such economic foolishness.

        Just wait until the EBT cards can no longer be loaded because the takers have outnumbered the producers. California is almost there, with several other states close behind. There will be social anarchy and violence on a grand scale.

        Just as intended.

      • archer

        Socialism is as I’ve said before is a word they use to fool the trolls. When the voters have a say in who get’s what then you can call it socialism, until then it’s plain old communism.
        Socialism as the saying goes works until “you run out of other peoples money”, it still stymies individual incentive to improve on your own life, it’s great for the truly needy like handicapped or very old, but other than that people need to work and make a contribution to society

    • Mike Lane

      The best part is: All we have to do is speak out! THAT IS IT. The next time someone tries to accuse you of racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, Antisemitism, or whatever never give in. Their last strength is our silence. Laws designed to silence/disarm/weaken people are the product of one core thing: IMPOTENCE. Just look at the next liberal you see. I bet they’re like the 9/10 Leftists I meet: frail, skirmish worms with lack of self-esteem. They couldn’t get it up if you showed them a picture of Malcolm X screwing Hilary Clinton. Jared Taylor said it all. They’re losing and they know it. They used to be the “revolutionaries” protesting the authority on the campuses. Now they are the authority. All they can do is lay on the heat. All we have to do is apply more pressure. The more heat, the faster they burn out.

      • r j p

        I am going to agree with you on one point.
        They can’t take hearing an opinion with which they don’t agree.

      • Black Swan

        Unfortunately, many of us work under such liberals or businesses that follow liberal rules which makes speaking out about white issues grounds for career destruction. Posting anonymously on the Internet is far different from speaking out in public. One challenges the set-in-stone liberal doctrine at one’s own peril.

        I cannot afford to lose my job, can you?

        Far better is to keep posting and monetarily support sites like this to keep them up and running. Our side does not receive massive handouts from the government or grants to “fight white America” as does NAACP, LaRaza, Asian groups, well, every racial group except for whites.

  • MekongDelta69

    For all those who haven’t yet read it, you must.

    I bought one when it came out in ’93 and then asked Jared Taylor if he wouldn’t mind autographing the 2nd Ed. when it came out in ’04 (which he was gracious enough to do).

    Besides, it’s a great way to contribute to AmRen even if you already have a copy. (And NO, I don’t work here! I just post a lot.)

    • My copy of the original release of Paved is also autographed by the author. I also have most of Sam Francis’s books autographed by their author.

      My favorite part of Paved is the part where JT gets to modern school designs for black schools taking a lot of cues from prison designs. One of the precepts of the social science of communication is that it’s always happening even when people aren’t saying anything. When a school is designed like a prison, you tell me the message that communicates.

      • Usually Much Calmer

        Heyo, QD!

        I live in Chicago. When I renew my driver’s license or pay sales tax, I do so in the James R. Thompson Center, a panopticon. This is not lost on me.

        • r j p

          I hate the Thompson Center. It is beyond ghetto.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      Dang, why fetishize some paper?

      Read it however you can and SEND THE DUDE A CHECK.

  • Puggg

    In 2010, former President George W. Bush said that the worst moment in his eight years in office was a tossed-off remark by a black rapper named Kanye West, who said the President did not send enough relief to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina because he didn’t “care about black people.” Mr. Bush had some bad patches in his presidency–the September 11 terrorist attacks, the invasion of Iraq on false pretenses, the Abu Ghraib scandal, the crash of 2008–but being called a racist by a black entertainer was the worst thing that happened to him as president.

    Now I’m hearing that the main reason that Bill Clinton despises Barack Obama so much is that Clinton will never forgive Obama for calling him a “racist.” That’s apparently the worst thing in the world to be. Clinton didn’t flinch an inch when it came to accusations, both real and questionable, of all the other things he did. But it really hurt his feelings to be called a racist.

    This is, to me, the tragedy and mystery of our age. Why have whites given up the will to survive as a distinct people? There is no lack of theories: the demoralizing effect of two world wars, the machinations of Jews, the universalist doctrine of Christianity, materialism, individualism. I do not believe any or all of them fully explain why whites abandoned so basic, so ancient, so legitimate, and so noble an instinct as the preservation of their own people.

    I’m glad to know that Jared Taylor reads his own website. In just a week’s time, it seems like all these things get the blame. I never really participate in these discussions because I think trying to blame just one thing for all our problems is like trying to find an easy way out, an easy scapegoat. Now I see on other websites that what’s getting the blame is that we don’t have a king or a queen.

    Sam Francis

    The more I come to find out about him, and things I’m told about him from people that knew him, I regret not getting into this game sooner so that I could have met him.

    • Pro_Whitey

      I like Francis’s short explanation of American politics, supposedly said to Soviet visitors to the U.S. Congress. Something like, we have the stupid party and the evil party. I proudly belong to the stupid party. Sometimes the stupid party and the evil party come together to do something both stupid and evil. That’s called bipartisanship.

  • David Ashton

    What sustains the “liberal elite” in its folly? Answer that accurately, and aim at the Achilles heel.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      My guess is that the elite profits enormously from these beliefs, both economically and politically. This is why they stubbornly persist in promoting the egalitarian nonsense. Their Achilles’ heel is the logic of exponential growth in a finite world, which is inherently ecologically and physically unsustainable, as well as the natural ethnocentric tendencies of ordinary human beings. Eventually the system, with its Ponzi demography and predatory neoliberal capitalism, will implode because of an inability to overcome its own internal contradictions, leaving many bloody ethnic and racial conflicts raging across the western world in its wake.

      • David Ashton

        I don’t wish to bring a note of pessimism into AR, but my concern is obviously after any such implosion the elites will still survive over the morass in their gated communities and international yachts, and in the safety of cyberspace. In the old days the Americans could shoot dead the forces of our British king, but today the Vampire Squid can survive “in the cloud”. There are unfortunately no men on white horses visible at present, although I can think of a few possibles in the British case (no names, no pack drill).

        As I have suggested over many months on this website, we need to (1) have more white children, (2) secure the heritage, and (3) master the technology as well as content of the internet. Meanwhile, an interim counter-attack on all levels following the old red front example would help, including rational argument against immigration and multiracialism.

  • Adolf Verloc

    Jared Taylor is absolutely right in referring to the 1990s as sort of an “interglacial era.” While “Paved With Good Intentions” and “The Bell Curve” were rabidly opposed in most of the conventional media, they did get some serious attention. Nowadays, racial realism is treated the way sex was in the late Victorian era.

  • Martel

    The comment about Reagan winning with the same % of the European vote should be turned into a meme. It perfectly illustrates that the only reason Romney did not win is because European-Americans are losing the demographic battle. It should be repeated continually to all conservatives.

    • RisingReich

      I refused to vote for that ass clown bc he pandered to round and brown squatter invaders. I suspect I’m not alone in this regard.

      He had a perfect moment to crystallize his campaign and win the patriot, WHITE citizen vote, and he became a limp noodle, pathetic panderer in less than two minutes flat.

      Limp noodle, stand for nothing rich and out of touch impersonators of “leaders” can go straight to hell.

      Kindness displayed to the enemy WILL be seen as weakness and taken advantage of.

      • Martel

        Certainly, Obama has been a worse choice then Romney. We cannot expect any leader in the white house to be worth his salt, as the US is corrupted to the core. Our goal is simply to find ways to persuade white liberals and white conservatives why race matters, anything else is irrelevant.

      • Puggg

        I regret Obama winning, I don’t regret Romney losing.

      • Pro_Whitey

        Are you referring to the point in the debate with BO where he needled BO for not passing “comprehensive immigration reform” and that he would get “comprehensive immigration reform” done in his first year in office? That statement is what gets me about people like Ann Coulter who said that Romney had the toughest immigration control stance of any recent GOP candidate. That was Romney in the primaries. When he makes a statement like that in a nationally televised debate during the general election, when most of the American people are finally starting to look at the candidates and understand their positions, how can an average American not infer that Romney was for illegal alien amnesty as much as BO? No wonder lower and middle class whites in PA and OH just did not show up to the polls, let alone vote for him.

        • RisingReich


        • “That was Romney in the primaries”

          And as I came to find out later, Romney used Kris Kobach just to fool enough people to win the nomination. Once he had that in the bag, he threw Kobach away.

          There’s an even easier way to know what Romney would be doing on immigration if he was President right now, and that is amnesty and open borders all the way: A lot of his former campaign people are now part of the conga line that also includes former McCain people and Bush people running all over the nightly talk shows screaming for amnesty, endorsing RINOs, hating the TPM.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    I have the print edition of Paved With Good Intentions and I still pick it up from time to time, flip to any random page, and read about some of the absurdities of our modern era, absurdities that have only intensified, not lessened, since the book was first published. Picking up the book is still a good tonic for me in realizing that I’m not the only one who has noticed these things, that I’m not the only sane person in a seemingly insane world.

  • Usually Much Calmer

    Any time you buy anything off Amazon:

    Do it from the link on the VDARE website.

    Not only does VDARE get some cash, you let the powers that be know how reality is breaking these days.

  • Obama has done a lot for race realism, probably as much as anyone. Long live King Obongo.
    But it was the Internet (this site and Henry Makow’s site in particular) that woke me up back in 2005, along with the openly anti-white agenda of the Mexican university administrators who held my life in their hands and then proceeded to crush it.
    Daily Stormer, Stormfront, David Duke, Vanguard News Network and a host of bloggers including Question Diversity, Viking Bitch, Chechar, Mindweapons, and many, many others promote white thinking, white interests, and expose the lies that are deeply woven into the fabric of our culture today.
    WN rooted in rationality, science, fact, and mixed with mockery of the system is at least slowing down the rush to total tyranny the power elites seek through the extermination of the white race. Mr. Taylor and so many others deserve our thanks.

    • Mike Lane

      I’d like to take this comment to thank Mr. Taylor and everyone else named (or unnamed) above. Thanks! It has been great knowing there are like-minded people and their numbers are growing. A great part of it is because of you.

      • Usually Much Calmer

        And. . . they take checks.

        Just think, if every story you caught here that flew under your radar (the medical science journal stories come to mind), every chuckle or bon ami garnered in the comment section was worth 10 cents. . . add it up.

        Add it up. P O Box 527, Oakton, VA 22124. TANSTAAFL.

    • 1stworlder

      The only problem is our people have been brainwashed in schools for so long they have to see a lot of black/brown dysfunction before they stop hearing the voice that says “not all _____ are like that”

      • Black Swan

        What really hits clueless whites is first in the college selection process and then in the job market, when wholly unqualified blacks or browns are chosen over them, given preferences over them, promoted over them, given raises and other perks over them.

        That’s why Jared Taylor says he’s noticing more 20 somethings joining the WN movement. They are on the front lines of the culture wars and are the victims of AA and other anti-white policies.

        As always, hitting someone in the pocketbook is where it hurts the most.

    • Black Swan

      You left out The Occidental Observer, which, thankfully, has opened up its comments section again. As to how this situation came about, the push for the genocide of the white race, The Culture of Critique explains everything one need know. It too is available on Amazon, including an eBook edition.

  • MBlanc46

    Good on Amazon. I don’t see a Nook edition, an epub, or an old-fashioned PDF, so I guess I can’t access it unless I buy a Kindle.

    • Martel

      I have Kindle apps on my android and IOS machines, they work fine.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      If you have a Nook tablet (e.g. Nook HD or HD+) you should be able to run the Android Kindle app.

      • MBlanc46

        Thanks. I’ve got only the minimal reader, but as I was reminded above, there’s a Kindle version for computers. This is a good time to try it out.

  • JohnEngelman

    The scientific evidence is one sided in favor of hereditarianism and race realism. Those who dislike the political implications of both can only try to suppress the truth.

    • Martel

      Race realism also requires us to recognise the impossibility of society where multiple races live side by side harmoniously and equally. This is as impossible as it is in Malaysia where the Chinese minority only comes in second to the Indians in their propensity towards criminal behaviour or in Indonesia where native Indonesians are unable to compete with the Chinese merchant class, as it is in the United States where racially based propaganda easily dissuades Chinese Americans from voting Republican.

      Asians, like Europeans, prefer to segregation. Studies have shown us this is natural behaviour, we are programmed by evolution to have greater trust in those who resemble us genetically. You are not a race realist, as you wish to deny this reality because of your personal preference for social ”interaction” with Asian immigrants over social contact with European citizens of the USA.

      • JohnEngelman

        I think Asians are objectively superior to whites by just about any measure that you can come up with in terms of what are the ingredients for a successful society.

        – Jared Taylor


        When I was about seven years old I watched a television documentary on school children in Japan. I thought, “With white girls some are pretty. Some are not. With Oriental girls all are pretty.”

        Since I was a teenager I have enjoyed going to school with, working with, and living in a neighborhood dominated by Orientals. I have never in my life had problems with any Oriental.

        When I say that I am a race realist, I mean that I am in agreement with Professor J. Philippe Rushton. I believe that race is an important biological category, that the races differ significantly in average ability levels and behavior, and that these differences are the result of evolving in response to different population pressures for thousands of years.

        • Martel

          When you mean you are a race realist, you mean you only accept the facts which suit you. You claim you agree with Rushton, this is false, as Rushton agrees with my statement above. Rushton called it ”genetic similarity theory”. You are not a race realist, you deny facts which upset you, Rushton was a race realist, Taylor is a race realist, your one when it supports your personal views.

          • JohnEngelman

            It is probably true that most people prefer those of their race and ethnicity. It is probably true that the preference is instinctive, which is to say genetic.

            That is not true of me. I have always been attracted to what is exotic. I have always been fascinated by other cultures.

            Because something is instinctive does not mean that it is good. Race loyalty and ethnocentrism cause unnecessary conflicts, including war.

            I think one should evaluate a group of people on the basis of average qualities of individuals in that group. I have always had positive experiences with Orientals. My admiration for that race is enhances by knowing that Orientals have high average IQ’s, and low rates of crime and illegitimacy.

            Blacks have low average IQ’s, and high rates of crime and illegitimacy. I have been the victim of black street criminals. That effects my evaluation of the Negro race. Nevertheless, I have always liked individuals in that race.

          • Martel

            Projecting your personal experiences upon the general population isn’t a wise move. Certainly, since we know that ethnocentrism is basically an evolutionary instinct, though we do not know the genes involved in this process, we can expect that like all traits they are not equally distributed amongst the population. But you, like leftists in general believe these instincts can somehow be surpressed or be eliminated. The latter would not be wise, but that is a second matter. You have to deal with the facts as they are, not how you would like them to be.

            We already see amongst Asians tendencies which prevent harmonious relations with European-Americans, they too prefer to live amongst their own. This means that if you import too many Asians that the effects of natural segregation will become more obvious, which is always a sign of diverging political interests and therefore tensions. We also know that whites are equipped with a lower tendency towards ethnocentrism, but it is there regardless. These facts have to be accepted instead of being wished away.

            Ethnocentrism does not cause violence, unless you force people of different racial backgrounds to live together. Therefore, the key is to recognise these facts and support racial homogeneity for all racial categories. Naturally pure homogeneity is not possible nor neccesary,but importing millions of non-europeans, whether Asian or African is a sign of poor judgement.

          • JohnEngelman

            This thread is about Jared Taylor’s “Paved With Good Intentions.” Rather than repeat what I have already posted, I think it would be a good idea to copy and paste what Jared Taylor wrote about Orientals in his book.


            Asians have faced fierce discrimination in America, but
            this has not stopped them from working hard and getting ahead. In fact, they have been so successful in “racist” America that whites have even begun to complain about Asian achievement. Whether one looks at Japanese and Chinese, who have been in America for generations, or Koreans and Vietnamese, who have arrived more recently, Asians have been remarkably successful…

            Chinese and other Asian immigrants had a severe inter-
            nal social problem. Virtually all early immigrants were men….Asians often returned to their home countries to seek wives only after they were firmly established in America. These pressures could easily have led to unstable families, but they did not…

            The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)…although Asians consistently outscore whites on the math test, no one appears to think that the SAT has a pro-Asian bias…

            By 1969, Chinese as a group outearned Italian, Ger-
            man, and even Anglo-Saxon Americans. During the 1960s, Chinatown was the part of San Francisco with the most unemployment and poverty, the highest rate of tuberculosis, the least education, and the most substandard housing. Nevertheless, in 1965, only five people of Chinese ancestry went to jail in the whole state of California.

          • Martel

            And in White Identity, where we can find Taylors more recent views, he makes it clear that racial harmony between Asians and Europeans is not what we see today nor is it something we can expect to see in the future. Those who actually agree with Taylor and Rushton, race realists who do not engage in wishful thinking, support this view.

          • JohnEngelman

            When Jared Taylor writes about Oriental achievement in the United States he is writing about what has happened.

            If he says that racial harmony is unlikely in the future he is speculating. Because of the growth in marriages between whites and Orientals, his speculations should be viewed skeptically.

            You are engaging in wishful thinking Martel. You do not want racial harmony between whites and Orientals, I want harmony, and predict it confidently.

          • Martel

            None of the data he uses in White Identity is speculative, what are you talking about?

            Please quote the pages from White Identity in which he supposedly speculates about Asians preferring segregation?

            The only reasons you say his views should suddenly be viewed sceptically, is because it upsets your world view. Taylor is not biased against Asians as your quotes prove, he simply appreciates truth, he is a race realist. Genetic similarity theory, current data on segregation, data on political views and so forth cannot be dismissed because a small portion of the population practices miscegenation. Its you who engages in wishful thinking, not me. We already have the data which supports the notion that the “bigotry” your ilk continually moans about stems from evolutionary instincts which simply cannot be retrained.

            I base my predictions on the fact that racial harmony and equality exists no where, predictions which are substantiated by research by actual race-realists, those you quote when it suits you and dismiss when they upset you. Counting the opinions of Indonesians, Malays, Indians, Uyghurs or even my mostly liberal former classmates, Chinese immigrants (or exchange students)have not lived in harmony anywhere. This doesn’t say anything about Chinese immigrants, it only tells us about human nature. All ethnic groups prefer segregation because of processes you are forced to deny.

            PS: Studies show that high education is not correlated with a lower preference for segregation. Naturally, Asian, Black and Hispanic student unions equally destroy such wishful thinking.

          • JohnEngelman

            Well, it seems to me that if there are two racial groups that can live side by side in harmony, it appears to be whites and Asians.

            – Jared Taylor

          • Martel

            White Identity by Jared Taylor. Harmony is pipe dream.

          • JohnEngelman

            Harmony between whites and Orientals already exists. I have seen, experienced, and enjoyed it. I enjoy the presence of Orientals. They like me.

            Do you read about Oriental gangs fighting white gangs? Do you read about prison riots between white and Oriental convicts? Do you read about Orientals mugging, raping, and robbing at gun point whites? If those things happen anywhere they happen rarely.

          • Martel

            I have also seen, experienced and occasionally enjoyed “harmony” between whites, blacks, Moroccans and Asians. I don’t project such experiences upon the total population nor does it influence the general dynamics of ethnic conflict. This iwould be foolish, and surely you agree that positive personal experiences with blacks have no bearing on general trends.

            Asians prefer segregation, whites prefer segregation and our inherent differences provides us with different and conflicting demands on a political, cultural and societal level. Asians are increasingly imitating Hispanics and Blacks in entering the grievance industry, Asians have set up student unions across the US to promote their ethnic interests and Asians are uniting politically . This is to be expected, segregated people necessarily develop different political interests. Genetic similarity theory predicts why people segregate.

            “They like me”
            Can you stop being weird if you are discussing with me. An entire race does not like you.

          • JohnEngelman

            Pew Research Center AUGUST 7, 2013

            New York City has always been a trendsetter for the rest of the country in art, fashion and cuisine. Now two researchers have documented a new demographic trend in the Big Apple that they suggest may be a glimpse of the future for other large American cities.

            Researchers Ronald J.O. Flores and Arun Peter Lobo call it integration without blacks. In the past 40 years they found nearly a three-fold increase in the share of integrated New York City neighborhoods with a mix of whites, Hispanics and Asians but few, if any, blacks.

            At the same time, the share of integrated neighborhoods in which blacks comprised at least 10% of the residents fell by about a third, Flores and Lobo reported in the latest Journal of Urban Affairs.

            The result, they wrote, is an “emerging black/non-black color line, where Asians and Hispanics are increasingly aligned with whites while distancing themselves from blacks.”

          • Black Swan

            They should face fierce discrimination in White homelands.

            Why didn’t they just leave and go back to their own homeland where they belong? What gives them the right to think they can come here and colonize White homelands? Do you believe for one second Asians would allow colonization of their lands by Whites?

            What if I were go to Asia and demand space for MY people from THEIR government and people. What if I were go to Asia and demand resources for MY people in their homeland, that I have a “human right” to go to their country and displace their people. That I have a right to have everything translated for me into my language at the expense of their government. That I have a right to vote in their country in my own language.

            You’d get a bullet in the back of the head after the first demand.

          • JohnEngelman

            The Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution clearly states that the United States is the homeland of those who are born here and those who come here legally and become citizens.

            Because Orientals tend to perform and behave well they are coming to dominate America’s best universities. They are getting well paying jobs in America’s best corporations. They are moving into the best neighborhoods.

          • Black Swan

            You are wrong.

            The 14th amendment was written to give newly freed slaves American citizenship, not anyone who happened to be born here. The Supreme Court correctly interpreted the 14th Amendment in the Slaughterhouse Cases and Wong Kim Ark case, that the status of the parents determines the citizenship of the child. To qualify children for birthright citizenship, based on the 14th Amendment, parents must owe “direct and immediate allegiance” to the U.S. and be “completely subject” to its jurisdiction. In other words, they must be United States citizens.

            http //www 14thamendment us/birthright_citizenship/original_intent html

            But then you support and encourage the ceding of white homelands to Asians and other non-whites which makes you a pro-genocidal, anti-white monster no different from other anti-whites like Tim Wise and Noel Ignatiev who call for wiping out of my race.

          • JohnEngelman

            This is what the Fourteenth Amendment says. Read it yourself.

            Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States,
            and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United
            States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

            Orientals who come here legally and become American citizens have as much right to be here as you do. Most of them perform and behave well. That is why they are prospering.

          • Black Swan

            Your utter lack of knowledge and understanding of the 14th Amendment is beyond evident and at this point all you are doing is embarrassing yourself.

            I actually felt sorry for you when I read your post. Can’t you understand how normal people see you as just a brainwashed Anti-White idiot?

            As for the rest of your post, you are JUSTIFYING GENOCIDE against Whites.

          • JohnEngelman

            I deserve a better quality of opposition than you.

      • JohnEngelman

        Well, it seems to me that if there are two racial groups that can live side by side in harmony, it appears to be whites and Asians.

        – Jared Taylor

        • Martel

          In White Identity, Taylor clarifies that this is not the case. We have already seen that Asians prefer segregation, tend to have different personality traits as Rushton liked to point out as a cause of tensions between blacks and asians,display signs of ethnocentrism, and are sensitive to racially divisive propaganda.

          The keyword in that quote is ”if”, I assume he wrote it prior to writing White Identity and updated his views.

        • Black Swan

          There are no real world examples of this.

          Yeah, I’m sure those “nice” Asians would be more than happy to share living space with us instead using if for their own people.

          Happens all the time in YOUR fantasy world.

          • JohnEngelman

            There are plenty of real world examples in the United States wherever whites and Orientals go to school together, work together, and live together.

            Orientals behave and perform well. I am glad they are in the United States. I am glad that they are prospering.

          • silviosilver

            This comment is an outstanding example of why I regard you as a disingenuous clown but at the same time a highly devious one. There is very little to disagree with here, but the style of thinking encouraged by your remarks is useless and dangerous to anyone wishing to take a stand in favor of white racial interests. What is one to say in response? There are not plenty of real world examples of whites and Orientals going to school, working and living together? That Orientals are not well behaved? That one wishes they were not prospering? Clearly that will not do. The only point one could take issue with is the fact that they are in the United States at all – and yet, given the inherent difficulty of removing anyone at this point, adopting this stance is likely more counterproductive than productive. So yes, you are a very nasty piece of work, John Engelman.

          • JohnEngelman

            You and I have different concerns. You care about the interests of whites, even when those whites are dishonorable. I care about the interests of honorable people of all races.

            What is disingenuous and devious about that? I have explained myself on this matter very clearly, many times.

            Also, how am I “a very nasty piece of work?” I evaluate people by the content of their character, rather than the color of their skin. How is that dishonorable?

            One more point: I do not insult those I disagree with.


          • silviosilver

            You have explained yourself only when pressed, and never very clearly. Otherwise you are content to pose as a friend to the political objectives of the racial sites you post at (such as AR and Radix) when in fact you are fundamentally opposed to their aims of securing long-term white racial existence.

            Racial interests are group interests, so dishonorable people necessarily benefit from whatever gains can be won for the group. This is a banal point that hardly warrants mention. I only make it in response to your triumphalist assertion of moral superiority over me.

          • JohnEngelman

            Define what you mean by “securing long-term white racial existence,” and I will tell you if I am opposed to it or in favor of it.

          • Black Swan

            That is far from a real world example. Asian neighborhoods for one are completely segregated in California where I spend a lot of time on business. I do not see the harmonious race mixing you seem to think exists in the real world

            Whites are a numerical majority in the US…at the moment and there is no competition for living space or resources. Asians are protected against Whites by the anti-White American government. Be assured that Whites are not protected against Asians who have many advantages over Whites in the US including ethno-centric political advocacy groups for themselves that are NOT allowed for White Americans.

            Why don’t you agitate for Asians, the smartest humans on earth according to you, to immigrate to Israel? Israel should open its borders up wide, as it demands for the United States, to allow competition for its people in the job market, for housing, etc.
            If it’s good for the US and they demand that we keep our borders wide open, then so should they.

            The Israelis shouldn’t be afraid of a little competition, should they? That is what you advocate for White homelands.

            You live in a complete fantasy world with an extremely limited understanding of human nature.

          • JohnEngelman

            Because I love Oriental people I am glad that there are so many of them in the Untied States, and that they are prospering. No country can have too many people with high IQ’s.

        • silviosilver

          Where I live it’s far from true that the only two races living in harmony are whites and Asians. Whites (which I define as northern Europeans) seem to get along much more congenially with their racial next of kin: southern Europeans and other semi-white caucasoids, many of who are the product of mixing between middle easterners or Hispanics and northern Europeans. Nothing I’ve read from Taylor suggests that he takes such racial formation seriously though it is clearly a very important fact of racial reality. Relations between whites and Asians, in contrast, are marked far more by tolerance than by congeniality. Tolerance is nice enough, but it’s not the stuff from which genuine fellow feeling is made.

          • JohnEngelman

            European civilization began in Greece. From there it spread to Italy. Italy civilized most of Europe. If the Greeks and Italians are not whites, what are they?

            My relations with Orientals have always been marked by congeniality. I have felt privileged by the friendships I have been able to make with Orientals, as well as the friendships I have been able to make with people of other races.

          • silviosilver

            Your experiences do not match my observations. Friendships between whites and semi-whites are far more numerous than friendships between whites and Asians; and the larger the group the more marked this tendency.

            I had in mind the very distinct sorts of southern Italians, Greeks and Balkaners. It is obvious they are not completely white and are only conventionally classified white because their parent ethnic group is so considered. In any case, the patterns of racial association I referred to extend well beyond Greece and Italy.

          • Black Swan

            Asians wouldn’t hesitate to line you up against a wall and shoot you.

            Asians have a long history of brutality against others, which is normal and natural for all humans.

            You will never receive anything from them. They are ethnocentric and their own people come first, as it should be.

            Yet you think it’s OK for Whites to cede the homelands we created for ourselves for our own people to Asians and other White people.

            Asians have their own countries and homelands in Asia and that’s where they belong, in civilizations they created for themselves, not ours. It doesn’t belong to them.

          • JohnEngelman

            America belongs to those who move here legally and perform and behave well. Because this is certainly true of Orientals, this is also true:


            By Dan Nakaso
            [email protected]
            11/30/2012 08:42:49 AM PST

            Asian-Americans make up half of the Bay Area’s technology workforce, and their double-digit employment gains came from jobs lost among white tech workers, according to an analysis by this newspaper of Census Bureau data released Thursday.

            The dramatic shift in the changing composition of the high-tech workforce represents a new generation of homegrown and imported workers drilled in science, technology,
            engineering and math studies.


            The Wall Street Journal Sep 17, 2013

            Among the race groups, Asian households had the highest median income in 2012 ($68,636). The median income for non-Hispanic White households was $57,009,

        • Black Swan

          They are not us.
          –Jared Taylor.

          • JohnEngelman

            Most of them are more intelligent and less prone to crime and sexual irresponsibility than many of “us.”

            My categories of “us” and “we” include those of good character, rather than those of north western European ancestry. In addition I prefer those who are intelligent and cultivated. I prefer the company of intelligent and cultivated Negroes to that of poorly educated and stupid whites.

            The most fascinating friend I ever had in my life was a black college professor who taught at Howard University. I have been terribly in love with a few Oriental women.

    • MBlanc46

      And they do. Vigorously.

  • SSkreelings

    Social media and the media are as great a danger to the American Left and the communist-controlled new media as Radio Liberty and Radio Free Europe were to our lefties’ beloved and mourned Soviet Union. The free flow of ideas is to the Left what penicillin is to syphillis.
    The Left’s base lacks the intellectual capacity to think beyond sports, celebrities and gratuitous sex. There is still, however, a real base in this country that can be mobilized to fight back against a Soviet America. And the internet is the conduit that can connect us together.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Superb essay, written beautifully.

    I would only quibble with a few points, one of which is this one:

    Whites do not lack the power to defend their interests. They lack the will, and it is unprecedented in human history that a majority people should abandon its interests.

    We do lack the power to defend our interests as Jared Taylor clearly explains in his above essay.

    Even mentioning that whites have interests to preserve our culture, heritage and homeland can, and often does, mean career destruction.

    Any hint of White solidarity is instantly and axiomatically met with screams of Nazi and met with physical force.

    There is no lack of theories: the demoralizing effect of two world wars, the machinations of Jews, the universalist doctrine of Christianity, materialism, individualism.

    This is a good place to start, to identify and name WHO is doing this to us and WHY.

  • Black Swan

    When blacks and Hispanics start making the rules, they will not end affirmative action; they will expand it.

    There will be no rule making. Blacks will be eliminated by Hispanics or Asians or whoever inherits the leadership formerly white America. None of these three will live side by side in harmony without a strong-arm, Soviet-style dictator to keep the peace.

    There will be no tax on whites, there will be outright land and bank account confiscations after which, whites will be exterminated.

    Third world peoples do not understand, let alone follow first world protocol such as rule of law that kept white societies orderly and just.

    What will be left after vicious, bloody, ethnic fighting between racial groups who despise one another and will never get along? What was once known as “America” will descend into anarchy, chaos and never ending warfare over who gets what, just as it was in the stone age.

    Just as was intended.

  • archer

    “Paved with good intentions” was always a misnomer, the truth is this was and still is a take down of the white western countries, “good intentions” were never in the game plan.

  • Black Swan

    The great contradiction of American race relations is that it is whites who still make the rules…the white people who run the Food Network…It was white people who fired James Watson, Jason Richwine, and John Derbyshire; not blacks.

    Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Janet Murguia only because white media executives give them a microphone.

    Whites no longer “make the rules” and haven’t in decades. Whites do not control the Food Network, let alone the media. Whites may have fired James Watson, Larry Summers, Jason Richwine and John Derbyshire but only after threats and pressure from the SPLC or, worse, the far more powerful ADL.

    This is, to me, the tragedy and mystery of our age.

    Jared, if we whites are not allowed to discuss the truth on your forum how can we ever possibly begin to fight back? Your site even features a quote by Thomas Jefferson about not fearing the unknown or truth.

    We need to get to it immediately, time is running out for us. We must name and isolate our enemy and then get to work to eliminate his power over us. The future of the white race is at stake, what could be more important than stopping our own genocide?

    http //the-tap blogspot co uk/2013/11/who-controls-america html

  • jayvbellis

    I would like to create a great “virtual library” with the best, politically incorrect books. The library would link to Amazon where customers could buy hard back, paper pack or Kindle editions and we get a %.

    We can also publish new, extremely low cost kindle version books, this getting around the PC race censorship in the publishing industry.

    Anybody know how to do this?

  • ElComadreja

    He’s absolutely right. Without their white liberal enablers blacks would probably be extinct.