Ohio School Lockdown Puts Officials at Nexus of Violence and Race: Lessons?

Patrik Jonsson, Yahoo! News, May 17, 2014

After permanently locking down a Cincinnati-area elementary school to protect kids from frequent gunfire, Ohio education officials are now under rhetorical fire from local residents, who allege the hard security measures have racist overtones.

Princeton City School District officials decided this week to lock down Lincoln Heights Elementary School for the rest of the year, meaning the cancellation primarily of outside activities like recess and P.E. Officials cited several previous lockdowns that resulted from gunfire incidents, including a bullet entering a school bus and lodging next to a bus driver’s head, as their reasoning.

But at a testy meeting with parents on Friday, some parents alleged the lockdown is a plot and a set-up to close down the long-time neighborhood school and thus, in a larger sense, turning their back on the troubled neighborhood they call home.

“Makes me think that the majority of the people that want to close the school down are racist,” said Elbert Daniels, a local resident, according to Fox 19 News.


What Americans who live in safer parts of the country might find shocking about reports of gun fire near a school has become, in places like Lincoln Heights, part of normal, to the extent that violence in some cases no longer engenders fear among residents, studies have found.

“The percentage of students who should feel afraid may be higher [than one in five]: many students who reported exposure to crime and violence did not report commensurate feelings of fear,” according to “Students in Peril,” a landmark report from the University of North Carolina’s School of Social Work.

That appeared to be the sentiment of one Lincoln Heights mom, who was quoted by Fox 19 as saying, “I care about the fact that the fools [are] up there shooting on the hill, but don’t act like it is everybody. Don’t act like we don’t care . . . [or that] we don’t want our children educated because we do.”

Beleaguered school officials defended the lockdown, telling parents that it’s the sixth lockdown since a school bus was hit by a bullet in December. At the start of the school year, said Princeton Schools Superintendent Gary Pack, a child was hit by a stray bullet inside a car. The lockdown comes about a week after two people were shot around the corner from the school.

“We feel that it is necessary [to lock the school down] due to the continued random shootings in the neighborhood, and the fact that bullets don’t have eyes,” said Mr. Pack. “[Shootings are] happening during the day when school is in session.”

Cincinnati has some of the country’s highest levels of racial segregation, and is one of the most crime-ridden cities in the US, averaging 273 crimes per square mile per year, compared to the national average of 39 crimes per square mile.


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  • MekongDelta69

    “Blacks say protecting school children from stray bullets is ‘racism.'”

    Ok – so don’t protect your kids.
    Obviously, playing the race card is much more important than your kids.

    • APaige

      And of course somehow only the honor students will be the ones who get shot.

      • obot

        Them and the ones who were just turning their lives around

    • Jacobite2

      We need to stop paying to protect their kids from their own relatives and neighbors. Better we spend the money for new band uniforms or lab equipment for white kids.

      • NotTooSwift

        And aspiring rappers.

        • Jacobite2

          I’m waiting for the back-to-the-roots movement to hit rap. You know, beating on a hollow log with antelope leg-bones?

    • Standard operating procedure for blacks: claim something is racist, even though it is obviously necessary, and demand that the policy be changed. When the inevitable results are unpleasant, demand that the new policy be reversed to what it had earlier been. Lather, rinse, repeat. There is literally no way to win with blacks.

  • No matter what whites do to benefit blacks by saving them from themselves, we’re racist in their eyes.
    It’s good that the irrationality of blacks is on full display for all to see. it helps our cause. Any white person these days who can’t see the truth about blacks is seriously mentally ill. What this case does is harden the resolve of savvy white parents to keep blacks out of the neighborhood and out of the schools.
    We are at a boiling point now. How we whites respond to the kettle boiling over will determine our future for the next 50 years. Instead of kowtowing to blacks we MUST crack down on them and make sure they stay out of our lives.

  • Whitetrashgang

    The only solution is to give a handgun to every student,truely nothing but good will follow.

    • PvtCharlieSlate

      G. Gordon Liddy caught some flak a few years ago when he very seriously suggested just that. His reasoning was that since a parent is required by law to send his child to school and since the schools were making no effort to protect the children (I think he was referring to a particular school system) and since he could neither afford a private school nor be there himself, he was justified in providing his child with an effective means of self-protection.

  • JohnEngelman

    Cincinnati has some of the country’s highest levels of racial segregation, and is one of the most crime-ridden cities in the US.

    – Patrik Jonsson, Yahoo! News, May 17, 2014

    The crime contributes to the racial segregation. Anyone who can explain how earns a gold star.

  • Puggg

    Never put it past blacks to find a way to complain and scream racism.

    • Alexandra1973

      Didn’t they get upset once because angel food cake is white and devil’s food cake is dark?

      Maybe they’d be happier in Africa where everyone looks like them….

      • saxonsun

        Indeed they did but let me say that I prefer devil’s food cake.

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    If the actions of a person in power (white or black) negatively impact (whether the “impact” be real or imaginary) a black person then that person in power/action is racist.

    • Nonhumans

      Anything that impedes, challenges, or otherwise causes nonhumans to have to deal with reality could be termed rrraaayyycisss. That’s just the lens through which they view the world. Kind of like most 5 year olds, no offense to 5 year olds intended.
      They are infantile and pathetic.

  • bubo

    It’s the ghetto lottery. Trust me, these “parents” would gladly let their kids take a bullet if that means a nice fat settlement from the schools.

    • Who Me?

      What’s one kid? They got plenty more where that one came from. Failing that, they can always make another one….they will anyway.

    • r j p

      Administrators cheating blacks “parents” out of a chance at the ghetto lottery is rayciss.

    • Bingo! The thing to remember here is that the “in loco parentis” laws make the school district legally responsible for the minor children not only while they are on school property, but even travelling to or from school.

  • IstvanIN

    As long as their are no white teachers, janitors, guards or students I say let them do as they please. Just don’t send in any white policemen or EMTs when they inevitably get shot.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      Also don’t send in whites to clean up the blood and take the bullet riddled bodies to the morgue either.

  • Tim jones

    So who’s doing all the shooting? The Amish?

    • Nonhumans

      The bullets are magical. They come out of thin air. And the guns just magically manifest into the nonhuman drug-dealers and gang members vehicles and homes.
      Those damned raycisss magical guns and bullets holding the nonhumans down by taking out all of their rocket surgeons.

    • M&S

      Good question.
      Increase the price of handguns to a level where it is unavailable to anyone not pulling down a good wage with reasonable property risk as guarantee of responsible behavior in owning a weapon. A firearms safety course also might be a good idea.
      Make it a minimum 20 to Life sentence to be caught selling or owning stolen weapons and instigate a second law which makes it 20 to Life to have a weapon in public outside a gun case on the way to an appointment line practice range or in-season hunting with a license.
      If it’s out of the house, you’re in trouble.
      Do these things and you can all but guarantee that the people who are left who are still buying and carrying are doing it one of three ways:
      1. Mexican Import where they buy in bulk, from China, cheap.
      2. Legitmately, but using drug profits, here.
      3. On the basis of access to homes where licensed weapons are known to be
      held. Indicating a database has lost security.
      Since the kind of money and desperation that buys weapons is associated with vice of one form or another, you can offer an instantaneous, one time only, 50% discount on their 20 year sentence as a conviction deriving from a simple answer: “Who you bought it from and how you paid for it?”
      These people will do a dime for a crime to cover a brutha but not two.
      We could also invest in an Israeli Fence (i.e. something that a small state can pay for which _works_ because it has a mined lane between two screened fencelines, each 15ft tall) and stop the import of the crap that makes dumb people go looking for trouble to feed a habit.
      Which would help with our ‘other problem children’: Illegals.
      We could also go minimum sentences for most felonies on a 2-4-6 basis of nuisance, menace, hurt or 10-50-100 thousand dollars damages ‘whichever comes first’. And upon their third strike, it’s needle time. Fast Time = Quick Recidivism = Permanent Dead.
      But before you do -any of that-, consider simply hiring a merc outfit which stations cops every other block, rotating streets daily, for a few hours each, and uses masted sensors with gunfire trackers and high def video to gradually find and video tag the players faces and let the cops deal with them. They’ll either quiet down with the beat cops. Or they will try to bluff it out and get arrested.
      Any place where you have ‘youth’ over 10 and less than 20 (playgrounds, parks, empty houses) is a good place to start and that is as simple as a look at addresses with an identity service and a crime rate calculator.
      They will be running in packs.

      • Grantland

        UnAmerican rubbish.

        • M&S

          In what specific way is it ‘unAmerican’ and how has the Cowboy School Of Ethics gotten us anywhere but where we are at?
          It’s already illegal to open-carry on the streets of almost any city which is why, when a cop finds someone concealed carrying, it’s doubly suspicious because whites don’t attack whites, whites stay far away from other ethnies _and yet_ those other ethnies not only have guns but victimize whites with them.
          Target the threat that matters.
          I did not suggest that gun ownership be illegal, I am as disgusted as anyone when SWAT storms a guy’s house, scares the crap out of his family and then sends him away in cuffs on the basis of an old replica blackpowder muzzle loader and _A SINGLE ROUND OF AMMO_.
          What I suggest is that if -any intruder- comes into your home, you have a right to shoot them. But if X population on the street have to look forward to a 20 year sentence for attacking you (Like the soon to be father who was out jogging at 5am and got a bullet in the gut for his trouble) _WHEN YOU CAN’T HAVE A GUN ANYWAY_, maybe they will not carry as much themselves.
          Now you only have to worry about stopping to help a kid who ran out in front of your car and getting beaten into a coma. Whew! What a relief!
          As for mercs on street corners and masted gunfire sensors and video, I got that from a similar article which I read here. And guess whose neighborhoods that is going on in?
          You guessed it, those damn Mennonites are out doing crack and breaking into houses to pay for it at all hours again.
          We laugh at megabucks spent ‘in search of a solution’ on things like educating the genetically impoverished to some how close an education gap with social programs rather than admitting how dangerous it is to our people to invite such primitivism among us.
          Yet are we not just as bad on the opposite side? We face a national ‘minority’ of 25-30 million Hispanics with criminal habits 3X as bad as ours. We face a national ‘minority’ of 39 million blacks with criminal propensities 7-8X what our own are.
          And our collective response seems to come down to grumbles and fantasy as: “Gee, wish he’d tried that crap on me!”
          I take a different view. My perspective is that The Saxon has to dig his back foot in BEFORE the threat pushes us off the cliff for want of trying. It being when they _continue to shove_ that we will begin to legitimately start to HATE them for what they know not better than but to do.
          We cannot afford a racial civil war with blacks and Hispanics whipped on by liberals and their Jewish neocon masters. But we MUST do is draw a line in the sand that aligns all parties, openly, around their prospective interests.
          Blacks think they will take over and run the place when timid whites no longer have a herd-belief in themselves large enough to offset our native passivity. In this, they are walking advertisements for testosterone fueled aggression and stupidity and so do not pay attention to the demographics of places like California which show how they in turn RUN from every organized Hispanic group which gives them their walking papers and whose combined fertility and immigration numbers are easily TWICE blacks own expansion rates.
          Hispanics are the quiet assassins who ‘push a little more’ never giving back what they take and using La Raza style networking to grab jobs in key areas which they then disenfranchise all others from. Be it landscaping, construction or small industry. They are menace to white working class who are they ONLY ONES breeding at near parity. As wealthy, nominally ‘smart’, whites are lucky to have a single kid between 30-40 something parents. But Hispanics too have a real issue with wanting a society they are unable to craft or even sustain on their own with Hispanic dropout rates and low IQ (83)in fact _worse than_ the black median when crossing the border, and still (95) 20 points shy of college worthy after ten years of assimilation. They want America but they are creating Mexico.
          And then there’s us. We have guns in huge numbers but when they come to take those guns away in post Katrina New Orleans, we do nothing. When they make entire cities gun free zones, we do nothing. When they (Inuit backed idiot leaders) permanently advantage non-functional populations over those whose genes hold the best and brightest hope of our FOREFATHERS historical as much as genetic proof.
          We. Do. Nothing.
          This has to come to a head and if it comes when whites are a borderline equal (2040) or definite minority (2060) it will be too late because those who want to control our future by chaining us to the idiots THEY HAVE IMPORTED to be our evolutionary anchor; will, as democracy demands, listen to the majority who will do things to outright dispossess us of our last holdings.
          And we will NOT have the numbers to do ANYTHING about it.
          Better to instigate ‘universal’ crime policies which drastically penalize the impulse control handicapped. And make them feel so drastically inferior (yes, inferior, not ‘oppressed’ but /inferior/ because they know the truth as well as anyone) that they will do _anything_ to get even. To have the spotlight turned on someone else.
          That is the point at which we can so horrifically shame our leadership with riots and the racial instigators thereof that we can FORCE THEM to listen to OUR democratic majority.
          While we still have one.
          And if they don’t. Then we separate and secede and make war if we have to. But we can live to a higher standard than our racial enemies. Because we already do.
          And if you institute my ideas, specifically of capital punishment for three felonies, you empty the prisons at the same rate you fill them, with low sentencing rules and quick trips to the needle.
          Do you start to understand that to ‘be American’ is a fools game when external influence has bought our political parties loyalties away from us. When ‘democracy’ is a game of divide and conquer that gives no one enough power to be _responsible_ for what goes on against whites in this country?
          Do you begin to realize that ‘American’ is whatever you say it is, if you are in control. But _White_ is who you are, only so long as you control the kinds of society that reflects your Genetic Algorithms best interests?
          Our insane masters believe that our only route forward is through miscegenation to a bastard race which they can control more easily in our untold billions, 10-14-20, more.
          But there was a time when Whites accepted no rule above our own. That we did not look to a suicide god for permission to justify our own fight for evolutionary dominance as survival.
          And that we were clever enough to pick the battles we could win by shaping the battlefield on which we would do the winning.
          This is what we had bloody well better recover, in a hurry, if we do not wish to be the last century of pure whites living on this earth.

          • Grantland

            Every White man needs a gun. Anyone who gives us any crap gets killed

  • r j p

    “Makes me think that the majority of the people that want to close the school down are racist,” said Elbert Daniels, a local resident, according to Fox 19 News.
    Question is, what isn’t racist to a negro?

    • Conrad

      Killing white people isn’t racist.

    • M&S

      It’s likely a majority black school which means bussing the kids out to -anywhere- would be an improvement, for them.
      Why whites would want to import low IQ, high aggression and major potential for criminality ‘just as it’s leaving elementary’ (12 years old, 2 years into puberty, hormone driven) is the question that must be asked here and thus Mr. Daniels needs to think about why ‘racists’ would want to anything but keep all the blacks together.
      We don’t like them, we don’t want to live around them.

  • RHG

    I have been saying for years now that it’s going to get to a point in this country where a “racism” charge will be made if you don’t let a black rob, rape or murder you.

    • evilsandmich

      Or in this case, themselves.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    After permanently locking down a Cincinnati-area elementary school to protect kids from frequent gunfire

    Impossible. Schools are bullet-free zones.

    More signs need to be posted around the school and neighborhood if the community expects the shootings to stop.

  • dd121

    These black people truly do not have sufficient IQ to form the beginning of a rational thought.

  • So CAL Snowman

    I don’t understand why the blacks would want to be outside in the hot sun anyway, you know da ebil legacy ob da slabery and all that.

  • Stan D Mute

    “residents who … live in some of America’s most violent crime areas.”

    Because clearly, clearly, it’s the AREAS which are violent. All the poor residents need to do is move next door to you dear whitey, and all problems will go away. Just keep everyone out of those doggone violent areas!

  • Stan D Mute

    “a bullet entering a school bus and lodging next to a bus driver’s head”

    “a school bus was hit by a bullet in December”

    “a child was hit by a stray bullet inside a car”

    “continued random shootings … are happening during the day”

    “no evidence that these problems are self-curing”

    “violence … no longer engenders fear among residents”

    My goodness! What an awful AREA. These poor unfortunate innocent residents have all these stray bullets just happening randomly all over! How terrible that all this violence just happens as if by magic!

    Obviously, the ONLY possible answer is RACISM!

    • Nonhumans

      Don’t forget the severe lack of privilege. Privelege, according to the libtards anyways, stops those magical stray bullets from striking down all of those fewchuh scientisses and aspirin rappers.

    • evilsandmich

      Ah the long past days of Sherrif Simon Lease [sp?] And prosecuter Joe Deters [sp2?], what would get someone 20 in Cleveland would get them life in Hamilton county, and what would be life in Cleveland would be the death penalty down there. Eventually though the blacks burned down their own neighborhood and were rewarded with the lawlessness that they have today; enjoy!

  • evilsandmich

    Good ol’ “Stinkin’ Heights”. White kids in southwest Ohio, at least in my day, would talk about that place like it was the boogie man, a’la ” if you don’t straighten up they’re going to send you to Stinkin’ Heights”. I know one military recruiter told me that very few kids who came out of there could even read; but anyway:

    Cincinnati has some of the country’s highest levels of racial segregation,
    Mystery solved as to why white working class neighborhoods in the area are generally so habitable.

  • OhWow

    Another can’t win scenario. When will most whites learn this?

  • Who Me?

    So the school lockdown–to protect your kids–is racist. FINE! We won’t be racist. Let the bullets fly where they may. Let your kids get shot–that’s SO much better than hurting their feelings due to some imagined racism, isn’t it?

  • SoCal88

    Good grief, what a insolvable mess we’ve gotten ourselves into.

    • dukem1

      Man, you said it all.

  • Do blacks want their kids safe or not? Do blacks want black children to be safe? We already know that they hate white kids, but surely not their own.

    • Alexandra1973

      Honestly, I don’t think they care about their kids like we Whites care about ours. You hear about a case of “ghetto lobster” and you know the odds are it’s a *black* mother using boiling water to “discipline.” Then there was the case of those black kids dying in that fire after being left home alone, the aunt only cared about her food stamp card…never mind that cards can be replaced, kids can’t.

      I’ve known only a few blacks that seem to truly care about their kids. I know of a black couple (Christian) that adopted a black child, and they care about what she’s taught…they’ve had her reading out of the Bible at the age of 3 and I think the mom is homeschooling. But those are the exceptions.

    • SpawnTaviousJackson

      They are retarded, when will white people finally come to their senses and realize that one can not deal with these people! Who cares what they think, who cares if their kids get shot? Declare separate, self governing areas for whites and blacks. Their problems should not concern us!

    • Deshawntray Antwon Sheetnah

      Da blacks don hate dey sh**lets, dey jes don care , but dey luv dat welfare chek fo dey sprogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LHathaway

    Exactly what percentage of white women will have to sleep with blacks in order to prevent them from being violent or wanting a revolution? The article doesn’t explain the exact number.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    If white authorities shut down a black school due to gunfire, blacks would scream “racism” because “not all our boys be bad”. Yet if white authorities don’t shut down the school after gunfire and a black student were later to get shot, black would scream “racism” because whites didn’t do enough to prevent a black youth from getting shot. As always, whites can’t win.

  • SpawnTaviousJackson

    About a year ago I was hired to work an event for a company in Lowell MA. IT turned out after I got there that the company was a housing project. The event was some kind of a “get to know your neighbor day”. I mentioned that I had never heard of this day before and the black woman told me that it was because they think people are less likely to rob and kill people that they know. The residents were about 60% black and 40% hispanic.During the event there were gunshots from a vacant lot/abandoned building behind the parking lot where the event was happening. Everyone was still for about 5 seconds, then continued as if nothing had happened. BTW, it was clear that this housing project was funded by government money and that all of the rents were subsidized. Yes, that is right folks, you got to pay for these people to have nice new condos and a party so that they will be less likely to kill each other. It is all for nothing though, this place will turn into another Cambrini Green

    • Alexandra1973

      Less likely to rob and kill people they know? LOL

      To them, getting to know someone means it’s easier to case their place!

  • SpawnTaviousJackson

    “Cincinnati has some of the country’s highest levels of racial segregation, and is one of the most crime-ridden cities in the US, averaging 273 crimes per square mile per year, compared to the national average of 39 crimes per square mile.”
    Go figure, where the blacks are the least constrained, commit the most crimes, there is a total absence of white people.

  • saxonsun

    Then let’s not protect them.

  • Ike Eichenberg

    White people pay $10-30k a year so their kids can go to permanently “locked down” schools.
    Blacks complain it’s racist.

    Your IQ is your destiny.

  • Getting criminals off the streets would be racist. Aren’t we constantly told that the “school to prison pipeline” is a terrible thing?