Latinos in the U.S. Have a Strong Belief in the Spirit World

Michael Lipka, Pew Research, May 15, 2014


While we do not have data on how many Americans overall believe in the presence of spirits, a recent Pew Research survey found widespread belief in this among Latinos in the United States. More than half (57%) said that people can be possessed by spirits, and 44% said magic, sorcery or witchcraft can influence people’s lives.

In our survey, about one-in-eight Hispanic Catholics in the U.S. (12%) said they have witnessed an exorcism. Even more Hispanic Protestants (37%)–including 59% of Pentecostals–said they have seen “the devil or evil spirits being driven out of a person.”

Varying percentages of U.S. Hispanics also hold other spiritual beliefs, which in some cases may reflect a mix of Christian and indigenous or Afro-Caribbean influences.

Roughly four-in-ten U.S. Hispanics (39%), including a similar share of Hispanic Catholics, said they believe in the “evil eye,” or that certain people can cast curses or spells that cause bad things to happen. A smaller share (15%) said they have had witchcraft or black magic practiced on them or someone close to them.

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  • TruthBeTold

    My elderly Polish neighbor who has since died, confronted a Hispanic youth who was regularly hoping his backyard fence. As he was speaking to this youth, the kid was speaking in Spanish. Then he stopped and said in English, “I put a hex on you” and left.

    • PvtCharlieSlate

      When I was was in early elementary school, our Polish neighbor across the street would shut all of her windows every night (even in summer and no air conditioning) because “night air is poisonous”.

    • Erasmus

      This could be useful: Tell all these superstitious savages from the 3rd world, whose arses our “leaders” in Washington are tripping over each other to be first in line to kiss, that we American patriots are having hexes put on them. Tell the women their wombs will dry up. Tell the men their dicks will fall off.

      Sounds crazy? Sounds as if it won’t work? Telling them they’ll be cursed if they illegally cross the border will do more to stop more from coming here than anything our “leaders” in Washington are now doing.

  • MekongDelta69

    I believe in spirits too – Johnny Walker, Bacardi, Stoli, etc., etc.

    • PvtCharlieSlate

      Especially Lagavulin ..

    • jane johnson

      You are a truly spiritual man.

  • Guest

    Surprised that only 39% believe in the Evil Eye because I give it to every one of them I see

    • kikz2

      if you ever want to have some fun w/the thumpers (JW’s) or anyone else that wants to ‘tell you their good news’ at early thirty some sat/sun morning.. just open the door, say “we’re reformed Druid,” smile and then sweetly tell them “we’ll pray for you”.

      they literally back away from the door, and you get put on their list of houses ‘not’ to visit ever again. 😉

  • jeffaral

    Interesting what’s going on right now in Europe: As white people -including me- don’t go to church, the Christian churchs have concocted a genial idea to “save” Europe from becoming “godless”: Also “godless” Europeans should be replaced by “God-fearing”, church going, family oriented Christians from Africa. No wonder Christian churchs are one of the most powerful criminal forces behind the invasion of our homelands!

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      I’m convinced that Christianity is a form of Judaism for people with special needs, i.e. the insane and the mentally challenged. Christians sincerely think that the western civilization in America and Europe will remain the same if we replace white atheists and agnostics with black and brown churchgoers.

      Oh, but they read the bible every day and go to church once a week!

      Every single major Christian denomination promotes massive third world immigration, anti-racism, universal egalitarianism and miscegenation. Even Pope Francis calls upon western nations to welcome the parasitical, angry masses of the third world with open arms. When questioned, Christians will justify these positions using the bible. Universal egalitarianism is just as sacred and infallible as the doctrine of the Trinity or the Nicene Creed. Christians will shout down and insult anyone who disagrees with them, but try as they might, their lies can no longer conceal the anti-white, genocidal nature of the Christian religion.

      • NoMosqueHere

        Is Christianity genocidal, or is it US immigration policy? Before 1965, Christianity wasn’t so genocidal against whites.

      • jeffaral

        I’m convinced that Christianity is pure bolshevism! They brought down the Roman Empire, now we’re the target.

        • Alucard_the_last

          Esp. this latest pope who tells us to redistribute the wealth yet won’t sell off Catholic land, jewels and art.

  • Puggg

    Maybe we can use this on our favor. Send all sorts of messages to the South that America is cursed, that the Mex-tec God Quezocoztalcatalmumbojumbo cast a spell on it.

    • TruthBeTold

      Or collect chicken feathers and chicken blood and sprinkle it on one of two new neighbors’ porch then sit back and see what happens.

      • Malgus

        Dude, I did something like that once…

        Negro across the street was blasting that ghetto crap “music” and refused to turn it down.

        I fished a dried out chicken bone out of the trash and tied some pigeon feathers to it. Hung it on his front doorknob when he was out.

        He REFUSED to use the front door for as long as it was there. Always went clean around the back and used the back door… I got bored with it after a week or so, but it was friggin hilarious while it lasted..

        • TruthBeTold

          Oh, it works on blacks too? Good to know.

  • When I first moved to San Antonio 30 years ago I noticed immediately the local Mexicans were ALL superstitious, with primitve fifth rate minds. That includes the Mexican professors at the university. There are cuananderos (sp?) everywhere, along with palm readers, psychics, etc. Every year at the big local FIESTA (huge event for tourism, lasting a week or more), the psychics set up shop, with long lines to see one.
    But the article leaves out the real truth, which is that these Mexicans are really devil worshippers in disguise–engaging in Satanic rituals such as killing cats and stuff. Let me insert a picture of Santa Muerte, which is a big thing here locally.

    • PvtCharlieSlate

      What else can you expect from a “culture” whose traditional sport is watching an animal being tortured to death?

      • I abhor bullfighting but to be fair to the Mexicans they got it from Spain. Among the Euros, the Spanish are among my least favorites because of it.

    • Malgus

      Great statue! One hand holding cash and a sickle, the other in the patented “Gibs Muh Dats” hand out…

      So, basically the statue is saying “Gibs muh dats o Imma keel you”?

      Yeah, that’s pretty much the mindset…

    • kikz2

      one of my kids noticed last week, in the candle section of my local Super Voldemart, that the 1′ tall/tacky Latino ‘religious’ votives are there in great number (N. of Dallas, out in the very White exo-burbs), much like VooDoo votives are common in/around NOLA. ……. there is a huge ‘Catholic’ church close by….. White Catholics wouldn’t go in for Latino votives w/Spanish on them, even at home on their altar niches, would they? blinkblink?

  • Mason Gull

    59% for Pentecostals seems a bit low . I thought faith healing and exorcism were integral parts of Pentecostalism.

  • none of your business

    As long as they are firebombing the blacks out of Los Angeles hispanics can believe in anything they want. Los Angeles Slimes had an lengthy series a few years ago about how the crime rate, especially the murder rate was lowest since 1968, despite the fact that because of the immigrant invasion poverty was at an all time high. Every body, all races
    except the blacks knew why crime went down in proportion to blacks leaving town. Immigration does have one good effect.

  • none of your business

    There are a lot of Saint Death stores in Los Angeles. Not exactly Fra Lippi or Fra Angelico.
    Most religious art of whatever religion or style ranges from beautiful to moderately attractive. But from the old Mayan and Aztec Gods to Santa Muerte Mexican religious art not created by the Spanish is uggggggggly.

  • IstvanIN

    I have met the Cuban Santeria believers. Weird, dressed in all white. Even the whiter latinos find them bizarre.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    A pity the whites they murder do not come back as Rusalki, or the male version thereof. It would be priceless to see them turn ashen at the sight of a vengeful ghost seeking to punish his or her murderers. Sometimes they are a demonic as they come, indeed ancient and Medieval Slavs thought being murdered or committing suicide could result in a person becoming a demon.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    There is a strong negative correlation between intelligence and religious belief, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that “Hispanics” or mestizos, with their average IQ of 89, are deeply superstitious.

    • foundingstockcracker

      Newton wrote more on Theology than on Physics or mathematics. So I can see what you’re saying.

      • Bossman

        Yeah, Newton was surprisingly superstitious. He became a great mathematician because as a boy he wanted to draw astrological charts and wanted to learn geometry so that he could draw those charts.

        • IstvanIN

          Superstitious or religious? There is a difference.

          • Bossman

            Belief in gods, spirits, demons and an afterlife are all superstitions.

          • saxonsun

            There is no difference. If you buy into a virgin birth and a walking dead man, you are worse than superstitious. You are psychotic.

        • foundingstockcracker

          Gauss was another. Although not a Bible believer he believed in a supreme being and the afterlife, a Deist. I wonder how many of these intellectual midgets we could find “thinking Gods thoughts after him.”

        • saxonsun

          There’s nothing surprising about it–it’s just the times he lived in.

  • dd121

    It’s no secret, the more primitive the person the more superstitious the beliefs. Blacks truly hold that record.


    They believe the internet is magic

  • “Last week, Catholics from 33 countries gathered in Vatican City for a conference on exorcism.”

    At last, a plausible explanation for what is happening to Western civilization. Where is Max von Sydow now that we need him?

  • Anon

    Let me ask you people something. What percentage of the wealthy, the powerful, people in government, celebrities, and the lower level judges, politicians, heads of corporations and other of the oligarchs (the people who really run this country as well as the entire world) belong to esoteric lodges (organizations that practice magick), secret societies, groups like the bohemian grove, skull and bones, masons etc. and God knows who else.
    These people wield real POWER. And THEY believe certainly in various spiritual beliefs, Christian and, ummm, other.
    Something to consider while you’re busy pretending atheism and strict materialism and rationalism, ever did anything, made anything of anyone or ever was the root of anything except genocidal, failed communist societies.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      Actually, communism is a religion, just like Christianity. Communism is an excellent example of what happens when religious fanatics take control of society and are allowed to do as they please.

  • Bill E. BOBB

    more reason for whites to abandon religion and embrace atheism, if blaks and mexicans are overwhelmingly christian, what does that tell you?

  • Alucard_the_last

    When I lived in Tucson, my bike was stolen and slowly but surely, everything on the bike was stolen over the years. Finally I put a Baphomet (the figure head of the Church of Satan) and over night, nothing was ever stolen again.

    • ElComadreja

      Are you Alucard from NM and CO? You knew me as ANH.

    • kikz2

      co-opted by the silly satanists, as true to their silly nature…they can only pervert… not create.

      but i get it.. you used the image to your advantage against low IQ superstitious bike thieves.

  • none of your business

    The last Pope before this one decided to have some priests get an official exorcism license because exorcisms can get out of hand. In America it is always blacks and their obscure 70 member Protestant churches that beat the devil out of someone (usually a child) until the person dies. It was apparently happening in Italy a lot. The vatican decided the solution, especially for Africa and Latin America would be give an exorcism certificate to priests in areas where the idiots were doing exorcisms. He could wave a cross around, recite some prayers and aaabbbbrrrracdabra, the devil would fly away.

  • ElComadreja

    Flooding the country with ignorant tribal people is all part of the plan to reduce us to a brown-skinned, bi-lingual (at least) third world hellhole?

  • Malgus


    Vatican II was hijacked by a bunch of modernist “theologians”… I was raised Old School Catholic – very conservative. Walk the line, or you will BURN.

    This touchy-feely fuzzy wuzzy mess that passes for the church ain’t my cup of tea. Basically says that you can do whatever you want, and as long as you’re “sorry”, everything’s cool… nah, no it ain’t.

    It’s gone from a Patriarchal religion to a Matriarchal one… the first says “Here’s the rules. Obey them, or suffer that wrath about to set down on you.” The second says “Oh, God is love… He’s all about the hugs and forgiveness these days… do what you want.”

    Back in the 30’s, the communists realized they couldn’t take the church down from the outside. They had to do it from the inside. So, they started infiltrating the church with all sorts of slime… pederasts, sodomites, full-blown Communists, etc. This was admitted in front of Congress by some female from the Communist Party USA back in the 1950’s.

    Add in Vatican II, mix in some paedophile Priests, stir well, sprinkle some payoffs over the whole mess and, well… it’s a disaster.

    • kikz2

      gee, and that infiltration had nothing to w/ the little ditty ‘covert or die’……………………..which definitely predates the 30’s by thousands of years………

      • Malgus

        Dude, just shut it. I wasn’t around for the Crusades nor the Inquisition or any other ADMITTED atrocities the church is responsible for… and neither were you.

        Wanna point fingers? Go ahead. Everyone has blood on their hands, going by your metric. Next you’ll be howling “RAYCISSS!!!”… yeah, go on ahead.

        That you gleefully think that it’s somehow “payback” for stuff that went down 10 centuries before is just…. dude, you’re off your axle. You’re doing the same thing the libtards do when they talk about South Africa. They can’t CONTAIN themselves – nevermind that the negroes are killing off Boer farmers, chopping them up into tiny bits, like you they say it’s “payback”…

        Geez… how friggin small minded can you get?

        • kikz2

          i’m mentally questioning you’re sanity in not knowing the common practices and dogmas of your own religion?

          yeah, i’ll point fingers… my ancestors weren’t party to any commission of it, but were probably its victims. i can go back on paper to the 1600’s across the pond and not find a Catholic on either side……. and i, knowing what i do about it, choose to have no-thing to do w/it or any institutionalized religion whose dogma includes original sin. shame, you can’t say the same. 🙂

          blood on my hands? you can’t pin any of that ‘killin in the name of Jesus to save a soul’ mess on me, it’s your history, not mine….. you don’t like it, that sounds like a personal problem. 🙂

          besides ‘dude’ …you offered it up for ‘like’ comment ‘dude’.. so why don’t YOU just “shut it, dude?” as your ‘like’ posts aren’t sacrosanct from criticism or comment, now are they?
          i merely reminded you ‘convert/die’ was SOP for your old school crew..

          you mentioned payback. I just mention logical causality… sow/reap… tit/tat….action/reaction….logic.. universal law… above so below…. karma/dharma. it just that’s good old Catholic guilt and cognitive dissonance workin on ya 😉

          that “do anything thing ya want, we’ll forgive ya” VII you say you so detest…. why that’s just a-b-s-o-l-u-t-i-o-n, hon, as an old school Catholic, that concept should be quite familiar to ya. the practice is still probably accompanied by hefty *cough*payoff$*cough* donations. in the past it was often preemptively granted before the deed was done, as w/the jolly jez who went off about their merry business…. like say….. attempting to assassinate the Prot Queen, Elizabeth I.

          so, you can blow it out both sides of your mouth all you like, and huff and puff and get all bent out of shape, but you can’t BS someone who knows a bit of the history of your old sKool crew.

          are you off your meds or something? as
          far as the S. Affrikaners… breaks my heart….. I wish there were enough Whites in the world
          who could help get those that wanted to leave, the hell out…. set up a fund, as it were…. i’d be glad to welcome them here in the US. at least the blacks aren’t killing us in the same numbers here, yet.

          have a wonderful day there, Mange 😀

          • Malgus

            Not worth my time or effort to rebut this hot mess you posted… got as far as “killin in the name of Jesus” and just decided you really are off your friggin axle. You really went overboard with the posting… touch a nerve, did I?

            Anyways, dikz, you might want to get a refund from whatever Public School you went to. You no speekie da Eengerish no good, savvy?


          • kikz2

            …..not surprising you didn’t have the attention span to read a point by point rebuttal of your ‘like’ post ‘dude’. i also notice your only comment is ad homenim, which further speaks to your lack of class and logical argument 🙂 no nerves touched here 🙂

          • Malgus

            Whatever you say, dikz. Your “I’m the dooshbag King of the Internetz!” t-shirt will be in the mail shortly.

            Congratulations on your award.

          • kikz2

            ignoring you’re little problem of attention span ….we’ll deal w/your ‘touched nerve’….

            firstly, ‘dude’ how many ‘dudes’ have gardenias as an icon ‘dude’?

            so, by your ‘standard’ and precedent…. equating me w/ libtard, small minded, off my axle, (pulling it somewhere out of the sickness of your own mind) that I somehow condone or take glee in Affrikaner Genocide and aren’t considered ad hominem?

            Dear Malgus……. you’d already repeatedly tromped thru and muddied that Rubicon, the die cast. 🙂

          • Malgus

            dikz: “Blah, blah, some useless BS, blah.. I win because I say so!”

            Me: “I wonder what we’re gonna have for dinner?”

            Yep. You “won” on the Internetz. Because you said so. Congratulations to the New King (or “queen”) of the Internetz!

            And I don’t much care which side of the fence you sit on, dikz. Or what sex you claim to be. That’s entirely your business and trust me, I REALLY don’t give a s%*t.

            Oh, I’m SICK am I? Based on the claims of someone named “dikz” on the Internet who seems to possess the super power of being able to psychoanalyze people without a medical degree?

            Tell us dikz, how long have you ‘believed’ you are a Doctor? Where you live, do they give you your meds in a little paper cup or do they actually go Full Monty on you and give you an IV? See, since I live in a nice house and not an Institution with Serious Adult Supervision, like you, I don’t know what it’s like. So you telling us what it’s like would be really interesting… and oh yeah, how do they let you go to websites like AmRen? I thought all Internet time was monitored in places like that…

            I mean, come on! It ain’t my fault you were kept locked in the basement for most of your childhood.

          • kikz2

            ……and thru now (4) name calling tirades.. you’ve still not factually rebutted a single point i made about your religion in your initial post. 🙂

          • Malgus

            You’re just now catching on to this? Let me guess – you do what you do not because you turned down the job offer from NASA.

            My sole purpose in keeping this going is an experiment to see how far I can push the envelope insulting an insufferable little poindexter who’s high on the smell of their own s*%t before the Admin shuts me down… seems he’s either busy or thinks my snark is funny enough to stand as is…

            That you’re just now catching on to the fact that I have no interest “rebutting” your bilge – just replying for my own amusement – speaks volumes..

            But keep on going… you’re “winning”… right?