Geithner: ‘How Well You Do in Life . . . Depends Too Much on the Color of Your Skin’

Melanie Hunter, CNS News, May 19, 2014

Former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner on CBS’s “Face the Nation” Sunday said how well one does in life “depends too much on the color of your skin and how rich your parent is.”

“How well you do in life today, how good your education is, how good your health care is, depends too much on the color of your skin and how rich your parent is. And that’s something that should worry all Americans,” said Geithner. “Now, those are things government can do things about.

Geithner was promoting his book, “Stress Test: Reflections on Financial Crises,” which went on sale last week.


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  • Frank_DeScushin

    I agree that how well one does in life often has a direct correlation to their skin color. I just don’t agree that it has to do with discrimination like Geithner is suggesting. #Genes

    • Oil Can Harry

      Tim “Wise” Geithner was thinking of blacks when he mentioned “the color of your skin and how rich your parent is” because he imagines a person with a single parent.

      If he were thinking of whites he’d have said “how rich your parents are”.

  • dcc2379

    Tim Geithner comes out and exposes racial inferiority among those imbued with too much melanin. The melanin determines if one’s parents will be educated, if they will save, and if they will live responsibly.

    He is right, it should worry America because the new immigrant class is wrecking our IQ average!

  • Find a mirror, Tim.

    And pay your back taxes.

  • 4teepee

    Was he referring to one’s Jewishness? I think not.

    Too funny.

    • David Ashton

      Do you Americans have the English idiom about the “color of your money”?

      • bubo

        How’s it go?

        • David Ashton

          I was joking about Geithner’s wealth.

          What does your icon signify? Blut und Boden?

          • bubo

            Inter Milan FC.

    • pot kettle black

  • So CAL Snowman

    Timothy Geithner is solid proof that criminality is allowed and encouraged at the upper levels of government. Who is this clown to lecture anyone on anything? How well you do in life in 2014 America depends on how competent you are at stealing other people’s assets. Tim Geithner and his bailout buddies should know, they are the most competent and revered thieves in America today. The presence of Tim Geithner in the obongo administration really underscores the intellectual and moral inferiority of the extreme lefties who voted twice for our current apocalypse.

    • evilsandmich

      Geither is almost enough to make me believe that black people are thrown into jail disproportionately when complete criminals like him and his buddies Hank Paulson and Bernanke can walk the streets. If blacks had any sense of self preservation street justice, which they don’t, those clowns would have found themselves at the wrong end of a flash mob years ago.

  • JohnEngelman

    Anyone who believes this should read A Troublesome Inheritance by Nicholas Wade.

    A favorite slogan during the women’s lib movement was, “Biology is not a woman’s destiny.”

    Biology is everyone’s destiny. It determines what we want to achieve, and what we are able to achieve.

  • Tom Thumb

    Now, those are things government can do things about.
    No it can’t. That’s why we constantly need more oversight from the government. They can’t stop nature from taking its natural course no matter how many laws they pass and judgments in the courts they get against White people.

  • David Ashton

    We have Vonnegut’s “Harrison Bergeron”, Hartley’s “Facial Justice” and Rand’s “Anthem”. Do we have a similar sci-fi novel about state elimination of race inequality?

    • jane johnson

      Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 does a pretty good job of showing what identity politics can lead to. The government just had to “re-purpose” the fire department.

      • David Ashton

        This reminds of a spoof Fire Drill I designed for the Multicultural School in “England”. Students should not leave the building unless in gender-neutral, girl-then-boy-the-girl, lines. They should be registered in the playground not by forms but by government ethnic census definitions. Fire-fighters should not be admitted unless the crews consisted of at least one BEM, one LGBT, and one disabled female. If the school burned down while waiting, staff should use the occasion to quote and disparage Enoch Powell’s “racist” reference to the “nation” building its own “funeral pyre”.

        • jane johnson

          Saw his Rivers of Blood speech on youtube. Made my neck hair stand up. Loved it.

          • David Ashton

            I helped Simon Heffer with research and newspaper cuttings for his biography of Powell. He had the nation in his grasp but was to enamored of the parliamentary route. Masons recognize each other with the password Boaz, and English patriots “secretly” recognize one another with the password “Enoch was right” (even though he was sometimes wrong on issues other than immigration). The last time I heard him speak he was in a fairly advanced stage of Parkisonism, his face like skull, but he stood upright in a respectable suit and delivered a flawless speech. To coin a phrase, “He vos a Mensch”.

          • jane johnson

            Indeed he was. We need many more like him to speak out, or “We are Doomed”.

          • David Ashton

            Maybe a UKIP “landslide” will open the door for others. On its own it is less than enough.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    This does not bode well for the future of America. The more similar people are in terms of race, language, religion, ability, temperament, wealth and values, the more stable and harmonious that society is. The less similar they are in terms of the same characteristics, the less stable and harmonious that society is. This is why endless, massive third world immigration will eventually lead to the disintegration of American society, the extinction of western civilization and the impoverishment of the majority of Americans, who will be reduced to the status of a medieval peasantry in the not-too-distant future. The fact that the multicultural elites continue to ignore the obvious despite overwhelming evidence to contrary is, quite simply, astounding.

  • JohnEngelman

    In The Bell Curve Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray demonstrated that a child’s IQ tested at the age of seven is a better predictor of life time earning of that child than the income of the child’s parents.

    • Anna Tree

      “Blacks from families with incomes of more than $100,000 had a mean SAT score
      that was 85 points below the mean score for whites from all income levels, 139 points below the mean score of whites from families at the same income level, and 10 points below the average score of white students from families whose income was less than $10,000.”

      “The Widening Racial Scoring Gap on the SAT College Admissions Test” in The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education:
      jbhe com/features/49_college_admissions-test.html

      • JohnEngelman

        That is because of a well understood genetic phenomenon called “reversion to the average.”

        Exceptional qualities are due to the coming together of rare and recessive genes. These rarely match in the children. Consequently, the children of highly intelligent black parents revert to the black average.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    No, the color of your skin CORRELATES well with how well you do in life. Correlation is not causation.

    • Berkeley Guy

      It is amazing how many public figures misunderstand the relationship between correlation and causality. It is equally amazing that people like Geithner will imply that Whites are the ones benefiting due to skin color without discussing the correlation between outstanding incomes of East Asians in America and the fact that they are non-white.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        It is amazing how the brain of the ideologue makes everything fit into his ideology, even to the point of absurdity, even when they should know better.

        • Berkeley Guy

          In the past, I more often fell victim to the ideologue mindset of fact-warping when I held, er, were indoctrinated with, particular ideals. Nowadays, I look forward to being proved wrong in my ideals and to be introduced to the way things really are, no matter how painful the process initially feels. People like Geithner are just too comfortable and spoiled to have an open mind or at least be challenged in their ways of thinking. Green privilege.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Sure, I gocha 100% there. Guys like this are set and don’t want to shake the boat. It’s easy for them to buy in and drive on.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    “How well you do in life today, how good your education is, how good your health care is, depends too much on the color of your skin… And that’s something that should worry all Americans,” said Geithner.

    Why should we worry about things that are intrinsic by nature and that we can do nothing about?

  • 4321realist

    “Geithner: ‘How Well You Do in Life . . . Depends Too Much on the Color of Your Skin’
    Yeah, sure.

    Obviously he’s referring mostly to blacks as if skin color was the only thing holding them back through no fault of their own.

    That statement alone tells us all we need to know about why Obama chose him as his financial liar.

    These people like him are educated but so clueless about the real world and they lack such wisdom it’s amazing that they could come up with most of the hare-brained beliefs they hold on to like cult or sect members, even in the face of real life experiences and facts which plainly show just the opposite of what they believe.

    I wonder how many blacks he has hired over the years he has been in business.

    • evilsandmich

      Telling himself that he succeeded because he is white helps Turbo Timmay sleep at night since his actual success is due to his being a sleazy crook.

  • Berkeley Guy

    “How well you do in life today, how good your education is, how good
    your health care is, depends too much on the color of your skin and how
    rich your parent is. And that’s something that should worry all

    What worries me is how people overlook the fact that we firebombed Tokyo, leveled the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki with atomic weapons, and just deconstructed the military of the Japanese. The Japanese, according to pity culture in America should be doing horrible in the world standings of GDP per capita, levels of education, health care and so on. Also, they have little land mass and relatively little in natural resources compared to other nations and have a large population. But just look at them … . That is what hard work, focus, and sacrifice will get you in two short generations.

    • John R

      Exactly. It is THE PEOPLE that make a society, not land or resources. By that estimate, Japan should be one of the poorest countries in the world, and sub-Sahara Africa should be a very rich place.

      • Berkeley Guy

        My people, white gentiles, can find themselves in places that are completely unsettled and backward, like the Australian outback, and yet they will still succeed. This occurs even when there is no one else around for them to have “privilege” over, such as in science stations in Antarctica. But I guess the above is an instance of the terrible danger of “white pride” which could get me fired, if I had a job.

        • IstvanIN

          The British STOLE everything they have from the Aboriginal people. Do you really think British people could have built that opera house?

          • Berkeley Guy

            The funny thing is, I knew someone somewhere would have that type of reply in the back of their mind just like I did when I was writing my comment. I was thinking while I was writing, “Someone could just accuse me of being racist or privileged by leaving out the Australian Aborigals while talking about Australia.”

          • IstvanIN

            See that, at least you realize that you have all that White privilege! What would the world be without boomerangs!

        • John R

          I would like to remind these multiculturalists, that America was not really built by IMMIGRANTS; it was built by SETTLERS. Subtle difference.

    • You’re forgetting Iceland. Just below the Arctic circle, heavily glaciated, with few natural resources except some decent fishing offshore, the country has 100% literacy and a high standard of living.

      • Berkeley Guy

        That’s a great example. The Scandanavian people are both hardy and highly intelligent. No one helped them establish Iceland, and no pity is reserved for them since they don’t need it. Geithner is just full of crap.

      • Alexandra1973

        I always like to compare Whites in Iceland with blacks in sub-Saharan Africa. Whites do a lot with little, and blacks do nothing with a lot.

    • MikeofAges

      The Japanese has other assets. Japan in the modern era was never a weak little country. Although you make note of the basic asset of work ethic, which the World War II generation had world wide not only in America but in the Soviet Union and China, and in the defeated powers, Germany and Japan, as well. Somehow, it ends up sounding to me like you nevertheless are buying into Berkeley leftist view that Japan was a hapless Asian country that got molested by a white superpower. They were overmatched, but they were not hapless. They were a modern industrial country before the war and became a better one yet after the war.

      Those Berkeley leftists, and I have lived in the East Bay, have few to no scruples. They may know what I am talking about. But they are not above playing on the idea of hapless, underdeveloped Japan to incite their less sophisticated mobs and voters, along with all of the other skewed ideas they play with. The East Bay was a strange place. You had literally a whole society living off the federal budget. Sometimes I think, everyone everywhere either lives off of the federal budget or doesn’t live at all. Unless they live off the state, county or city budget instead. It just depends on how much you get and how you get it.

      • Berkeley Guy

        No, I am not a leftist nor a rightest. And that is not at all what I said above, and is not a good interpretation. Your points are interesting, and I get what you’re saying.

        Japan was devastated, no matter how sentimental we are or are not about that fact. The Japanese rebuilt. The vast majority of Japanese did not ask for pity and I do not in any way imply that they needed to be pitied. I respect their strength of character to rebuild and not blame the West for their predicament after WWII. I was merely hoping readers would see the problem with Geithner’s implicit arguments and John R above did see that.

        • MikeofAges

          I just thought that leftists have always been willing to let people think that Japan was a weak and underdeveloped country akin to the rest of Asia in that era. Even China may by then have not been absent advanced sectors in its economy. Things to look at would have been steel production and light, medium and heavy industry. Things like locomotive and rail rolling stock production, farm equipment production and shipbuilding would have been good indications of China’s level of economic development at that time. Also whether or not there was any indigenous electronics industry. Regardless of exactly where China stood in economic development as of the 1930s, the greatest number of people there still lived a traditional lifestyle. Great numbers still do today, with some modifications of it.

          Describing the nuances of Japan’s situation at the end of the world war, past, present and future, is extremely difficult. I have never come upon a definitive way to do it. Japan was destroyed. The Emperor himself knew that Japan would need U.S. aid to rebuild. He also wanted to avoid having the country divided into zones of occupation and partially occupied by the Soviets. Nevertheless, Japan was not a lesser country than the Western industrial powers.

          In my estimation, by 1945, the aim of the Japanese was to keep the war in the Pacific going long enough after the end of the war in Europe that the American Home Front would begin to collapse, and people would begin question why the government was keeping the war going when there was no further threat to the United States or its external territories. The entry of Soviet Union into the war and the immediate success of Soviet arms, not the atomic bomb campaign, was what made Japan quickly surrender and willingly submit to American occupation.

          I believe, if the war had been Japan versus the United States only, Japan would not have surrendered even in the face of the atomic bomb campaign. I imagine they felt that the continuation of the atomic bomb campaign would turn American public opinion against the American government. I think they read the American people right.

          I am at the point where I assign to the idea that the atomic bomb ended the war the status of an urban legend. Just as a matter of conventional force, by the time Japan surrendered, it faced alone the greatest agglomeration of force has ever seen, or may ever see, including the inestimable power of the Red Army. That’s how I have come to put it. Not the first time I have posted those words. They are mine.

    • RyanP

      Yes. Just imagine if we had ever nuked an African country. It would be used as an excuse for their poverty for the next 1000 years.

  • r j p

    ” … said Geithner. “Now, those are things government can do things about.”
    Yes, govern can create a few more make-work government agencies.

  • Geithner always was a dummy and a tax cheat. Who cares what he says. BTW, Timmy boy, it’s not skin color that matters. Ask your fellow economists Tom Sowell and Walter Williams.

    Geez, Geithner is a nitwit.

  • Alfred the Great

    The skin color does dictate how a person will do in life because it represents what’s between the ears or what is not there, which depends on skin color.

    • David Ashton

      Sorry to dissent. The cleverest teenage student I ever taught in 30 years was very black indeed, but she could write grammatically faultless essays rapidly in class in beautiful handwriting, had perfect manners, and went on to read physics at Cambridge University. This does not alter the fact that the average IQ levels of black Africans and of crossbreeds are lower than that of whites. Whether melanin directly affects the brain I do not know, but there are significant differences between the brains of “civilized” and of “savage” races (as the Victorian anthropologist Tylor put it).

  • John R

    How well you do in life is determined by a lot of things, most notably the decisions you make, your willingness to work hard, and, finally, a little bit of your innate abilities. Why is it that some people find this so hard to understand?

    • Those people don’t want to “understand”, because details like the ones you mention mean that failure is largely their own fault.

      • 4321realist

        Yes, they need a scape goat to blame, because admitting to the facts would be too embarrassing for them, and their arrogance and egos are far too large for that.

  • QuinnTheEskimo9

    How well one does in life “depends too much on the color of your skin and how rich your parent is.”

    Gee, Timmy, I thought you got ahead by cheating on your taxes, refusing to pay social security taxes even though you received extra pay from your employer for that purpose and then when caught blaming it all on “Turbo Tax.”

    Just like you.

  • Luca

    Let’s see now. Dark-skinned, poor people from India come here, work hard, study, do well, and own gas stations, motels, 7-11’s, and Subway shops. They achieve the American Dream in one or two generations.

    Explain your theory to me again Tim, I must be missing something.

    • Berkeley Guy

      Tim’s theory might be: I’m selling a book; therefore, pander to as many demographic groups as possible. Having trouble due to melanin content? Buy my book and solve your problem. Buy into my notions of centrally-planned government and wealth redistribution, buy into notions of equal outcomes.

      • Martel

        He seriously thinks blacks will buy his book?

        • Luca

          He seriously thinks blacks can read? He better not have written it in cursive.

          • cherrie greenbaum123

            Yes, that really confuses them.

          • Anna Tree

            Is it the reason cursive is not taught in schools anymore?

        • evilsandmich

          I think the appendix has Timmay’s choice purple drank and fried vegetable recipes.

    • IstvanIN

      The Indians do get special loans from the SBA. Plus they network with chain immigration and pay off politicians.

      • MikeofAges

        They also have means of financing independent business which native born Americans do not have. These are private and off the radar, but they would fail for native born Americans because of a lack of the extreme group cohesion South and East Asians have.

        Another issue is that foreign tech workers have means of career entry not open to native born Americans. For one things, they can be sent here as part of large work groups only some whose members are actually fully trained and ready to work. Those who are trained then train the others. Not all survive this process, but all have a foot in the door in America if they want to try to figure out a way to stay and eventually become legal.

        Not only that, but we have arrived a stage where immigration of all kinds has become the New Age version of the old “rotten borough” system, which in its extreme in Great Britain gave rural districts with tiny populations an huge amount of representation in Parliament. The issue always was put that the “rotten borough was allowed to be its own judge”. Today, we have just about gotten to the point where the beneficiaries of the skewed and criminal immigration system, the beneficiaries of racial preference and their white leftist enablers, with business interest hungry for cheap labor cheering from the sidelines, are allowed to be judge of the system.

        To the non-European immigrants who have arrived after 1970 and their progeny, and the non-white descendants of the former chattel slaves, the complaints about how America is being destroyed mean nothing. As far as they are concerned, they are America, and white Americans, whether Old Stock or descended from later waves of European immigrants, do not count.

        That the fact that America was created as an Anglo-Saxon republic also means nothing to a great number of them. Although they are welcome to sign onto the Anglo Saxon concepts of law and government just as non-Anglo Saxon European immigrants have done, many of them, maybe even the majority reject the concept entirely. They regard it as a nuisance standing in the way of their eventual ascendancy, and do not consider that it is republic itself and its concept which has made America the world’s Promised Land.

    • Anna Tree

      We could also ask Geithner if then albino blacks are as successful as whites.

  • Nancy Thomas

    Geithner is a total POS, always has been, always will be.

  • E. Newton

    You are ruled by legions of men and women just like Timothy Geithner. They hate you and no matter were you live they see you as a caricature of a confederate soldier with his hands around the neck of an innocent little slave girl.

  • WR_the_realist

    So the government can do something about this? I’m happy to hear that the government has decided to implement a positive eugenics program. Nothing else will work.

  • Easyrhino1

    Children of any race face a much more difficult task when they’re raised in a single parent home and the fact is 70+% of black kids are born out of wedlock.

    Sorry Timmy, can’t blame Whitey for that one.

    • bbshaw

      LBJ was white.

      • MikeofAges

        Johnson at least wanted his poverty programs to reach and be available to all people. He is blamed for too much including intergenerational welfare, which already was an issue in the late 1950s. Johnson was out of office already when affirmative action as we know it was created by the Supreme Court. His appointment of the Marxist Thurgood Marshall to the Supreme Court was a terrible mistake, although he did not live long enough to realize that.

        I can think of two things I liked about Marshall. I heard when he was appointed to the Court of Appeals by President Kennedy, he bought the biggest car he thought he could afford, in those days something on the order of an Oldsmobile 98, and they were gigantic. After that, he often was seen cruising around Washington in his big car. What he was cruising for, I do not know.

        The other story I heard pertained to the task the Supreme Court had of reviewing obscenity cases. It was reported that when the court had to view pornographic movies, while the other justices sat in stony silence, “Marshall, a man of Chaucerian wit, was known to admit an occasional chuckle.” Maybe because what he was seeing reminded him of own exuberant life as an orgiast. Or because he knew his way around the genre already. Nevertheless, I was amused by story.

        On the present court, I can see more of the justices being entertained on some level by this fare. I don’t think they have to watch this stuff very often anymore tough. I think they eventually decided to just let anything go as long it involved on people of legal age, so they wouldn’t have to watch it anymore. Probably the best policy anyway. That “redeeming social significance” doctrine led to some pretty contrived stories.

  • William Krapek

    And what tribe you’re from.


  • Federal government is useless, inefficient, and extremely bureaucratic – which is why blacks love working for it. Blacks have some of the most secure jobs in America thanks to tax dollars and printing dollar machines. Most of them have zero qualifications for positions they hold, but of course in order to promote diversity, the government has been hiring minority females at record pace. Soon all government positions will be black females with zero qualifications.

  • MikeofAges

    Oh yes it does depend.on color. Show me any outreach for white guys who grew up in tenements and trailer parks. Women maybe, but as women, thought it helps if they “became” pregnant at 16.

  • MikeofAges

    Those blacks who are qualified to be professionals and middle managers
    and those few who are entrepreneurs and employed skilled craftsmen and
    artisans are doing fine, just like whites and all others of the same
    ilk. The rest have no visible capacity for entrepreneurship. African
    Americans otherwise are suited to and want to work for institutional
    employers. That means employers, public or private, which can provide
    secure, long term jobs. Even if those jobs are not very alluring. When I
    say “African American”, I mean African American. Literal Africans, and
    Afro-Caribbeans as well, are more enterprising and upwardly mobile.

    we have failed the descendants of former chattel slaves, we have failed
    because we have failed to organize our economic production so that
    these kind of jobs can be provided in large numbers. Many whites and
    others have the same issue, and want work with institutional employers
    as well. But the universal need for it is not so culturally ingrained in
    anyone as it is in African Americans.

    Consider, however, iconic
    white fictional characters like Ralph Cramden, Ed Norton and Archie
    Bunker. All were non-entrepreneurial men who worked for public or
    private institutional employers. The same for some of the contemporary
    working class and lower middle class characters. Many men need this kind
    of provision, and, by men, I mean men literally, the adult male person,
    because women largely will mold themselves to the horizons of the men
    of their world because their capacities are of a like kind. Without
    this provision, you cannot in the world we have today have stable
    communities and the social peace that comes from having them.

    an aside, the only iconic white working class or lower middle class
    fictional character who was different was Arthur Fonzarelli of “Happy Days”.
    Fonzie of all of them was the only one with any capacity for
    entrepreneurship. He worked in a trade where ability was the only
    guarantee of a position and where large numbers those in it eventually opened
    up their own shops. Seriously, which type of personality would be more
    likely to be able negotiate his way through the process of a small
    business loan? Or manage people and be able to hold the best people? Or listen to his accountant and his banker?

    it’s been 40 years to the dot. Look at Henry Winkler today, on TV with
    his sad eyes pitching reverse mortgages. Yeah. “Men rise and fall like
    the winter wheat, but these names will live forever.”

  • blight14

    So sayeth a member of the most protected minority known to humanity. We should have heeded the wisdom of our forefathers.

  • paul marchand

    former Obama Sec of Treasury Little Timmy Geithner thinks successful people have only one parent? He uses the singular…

    • paul marchand

      so, according to Little Timmy Geither, former US Treasury Secretary, we should worry about white success……as white population is declining….don’t forget about decimating the white middle class, Little Timmy……

    • paul marchand

      Apparently, the only white boys that Obama appoints to his cabinet are effeminate (or dummies) – –

  • Jim

    TG’s premise is as old as the hills…take from those people over there and give to these people over here. It used to be called robbery. It’s now called socialism.

    He’s saying “you don’t deserve your parent’s inheritance. It belongs to us.” When the TG’s of the world give 90% of what they have or own to the poor, they can start preaching to the rest of us. The last time I checked, the John Kerry’s, Nancy Pelosi’s and Clinton’s of the world were filthy rich.

    This type of hypocrisy is a classic component of TYRANNY. And the people who say such things the typically TYRANTS.

  • IA_Adam

    “Rich white people like me make too much money; so I think the government should make sure that middle class and poor white people get screwed; so white haters don’t take it out on selfish elitists like us.”

    • Fredrik_H

      You nailed it.

  • none of your business

    How well you does not exactly depend on the color of your skin it depends on the box you check on every application from pre school to college admissions to jobs to senior housing.

  • gemjunior

    He should know. His father Peter Geithner worked for the Ford Foundation in Indonesia way back in the 1970s, and one of the people he worked with was Ann Dunham, Obama’s mother. The connections that are made by the people in the 1% group show how devious and long term their plans are. Obama was a perfect “first black president” that was found to do the bidding of the corporations. I don’t know if it was Geithner who first found him but it’s just another of those odd coincidences that occur all too frequently.

    • MikeofAges

      One of the curiosities of this situation is that Bill Clinton seems to have been put in power to squash the white rebellion. I am not the one to write weighty tomes of history, but I have a working title. I think you could title a definitive history of the Clinton presidency “Clinton and the White Rebellion”.

      By the time Clinton was out of office, white American had been given its definitive nudge toward the dustbin of history. Interesting that a white Southerner from lower middle class origins, who had the equipment to be great populist, was assigned another task and willingly undertook it. Now, during the tenure of Obama the black president black American definitively over the same cliff. Good take, “Gem”.

  • Sloppo

    Israel, the country run by Tim’s people, works hard to keep blacks from immigrating and they openly seek opportunities to export the ones they have. They’ve also been caught using sterilization methods to control their black population. I wonder if Mr. Geithner plans to address those issues, or if he feels it’s more important to focus on the marginalization of gentile white people in the United States.

    • Herman

      To stoppo
      I don’t think Geithner is Jewish but yes there is a massive double standard when it comes to Israel.

  • DeMarquise Elkins

    Geithner: How well you use TurboTax depends too much on the color of your skin

  • David Ashton

    Thanks for your interest – adding “It Can’t Happen Here” to my expanding collection.

  • fgbrunner3

    Is Secretary Geithner becoming a professional racist?