Young Immigrants: Impulsive or Obama’s Conscience?

Suzanne Gamboa, NBC News, April 7, 2014

President Barack Obama stepped back to give Republicans room to pass immigration reform and in swooped the impatience of youth.

Young immigrants, many not here legally, have ramped up their demand that Obama grab what he can now by using his executive authority to suspend deportations and worry later about winning over Republicans to sweeping reforms.

These young immigrants have been dogging Obama for years and got a taste of victory when, before the November 2012 elections, Obama suspended deportations temporarily for young immigrants. That didn’t make them go away.

They are back for more and are joined by more established groups, including the National Council of La Raza, who are increasingly saying it’s time to shift strategies on immigration reform, after more than a decade of no results on comprehensive legislation.


This past weekend a coalition that included the young DREAMers marched to a park near the White House. Other rallies and marches took place in other cities in protest of an estimated 2 million deportations during Obama’s presidency.

Are these young immigrants the latest voices of conscience for Obama and the country, much like the black youth who sat at whites-only lunch counters or the anti-Vietnam War protestors on college campuses? Or are they impulsive idealists who fail to understand that politics is about give and take and timing?

There was some feeling that the young immigrants were ungrateful when the clash escalated last month. That’s when the president of NCLR called Obama “deporter in chief” and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus considered issuing a resolution demanding the president expand deportation deferrals he authorized for hundreds of thousands of young immigrants here illegally, known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.


What has made this group of youth unique is that many of them lack legal status in the U.S. They have announced their non-legal status and adopted the mantra “undocumented and unafraid.” Their courage has brought them trust and respect in the immigrant community. Of course, blacks in America had citizenship, but were legally deprived of their rights as citizens.

The youth have shown no allegiance to either party. They have protested politicians on both sides of the aisle and put relief from deportation above partisan politics.


Advocates who have met with Obama suggest the window may be closing, that the GOP has until the end of June before Obama possibly acts.


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  • Nancy Thomas

    Obama isn’t even deporting the criminals.

    • Urbane Neanderthal

      Why would he want to deport future democrat voters?

    • DonReynolds

      68,000 criminal aliens were released on the streets and neighborhoods of this country, last year alone. I am only surprised that Obama and Holder were not waiting at the gates of the prison for a photo op, with the usual crying and hugging.

    • Alexandra1973

      I wish Obummer would self-deport back to Kenya.

  • Pro_Whitey

    May I add to the list of possible descriptions, “Ungrateful, arrogant scum who should be sent south of the border tout suite?”

  • Truthseeker

    Well then, sounds like this “living in the shadows” narrative is a bunch of bunk. If you’re not some poor, downtrodden soul, why on earth should we feel any sympathy for you? You’re unabashedly announcing to the world that your goal is to take what isn’t yours.

    Not all of us are suckers. We’re aware of the fact that you have absolutely no right to be here, and that you’ll do nothing but destroy the inheritance we received from our forefathers. Be careful what you wish for, invaders. There’s an awakening going on among whites, and you won’t be so bold once whites start pushing back.

  • Someone who isn’t here legally is not an immigrant. They are a criminal foreign invader. We need to stop allowing these frauds to use the word “immigrant” when they mean “hostile invading foreign national.”

    • You have to wonder if they call shoplifters ‘shoppers’

      • Kenner

        Undocumented consumers.

        • DonReynolds


    • Reverend Bacon

      Especially when such invasion is sanctioned by their government.

    • mobilebay

      A couple of days ago, I was watching “The Five” on Fox News. Bob Beckel was incensed that the term “Illegal alien” was used and labeled those who used it as “cretins.” I think that those who are open-borders fanatics are fools!

      • They’re worse than fools–they’re traitors.

  • Luca

    More political theater combined with liberal journalism creating a false narrative that does not exist.
    He’s the “deporter-in-cheif” who isn’t deporting anyone. And they don’t want immigration reform, they want unconditional amnesty. To say they no allegiance to either party is pretty funny considering they can’t vote and if they could we know how young radical immigrants vote anyway.

    This is nothing more than a PR piece to create a false crisis and sense of urgency. They know public opinion is against them so they need to publish these fairy tales, probably written by White House staffers..

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    Why delay the inevitable? Since the US government is not interested in enforcing the nation’s immigration laws, they might as well totally dismantle all border controls and let everybody in. This shouldn’t be a problem for the pro-growth, pro-multiculturalism crowd, because a population increase always leads to an increase in economic prosperity and greater social cohesion. Transferring the entire population of Mexico to the US may also be just what the American people need. The enormous amount of destruction caused by the invaders would open many eyes to the genocidal nature of the anti-white regime in Washington.

    • Jesse James

      I believe they still plan on rolling out the North American Union and eliminating the borders between the US, Canada and Mexico. They just pushed the date back a bit to let more of us real Americans die off. Most young people don’t seem to care much about the traditional United States and will be much less resistant to major political change.

    • DonReynolds

      Death is inevitable. So should we just go ahead and off ourselves, rather than wait for the inevitable? I guess there really is no reason to fret about it or live in fear that someday we will be dead anyway. And then there is the death itself. Do you want to spend the last months or years in acute pain? Me either. But the only way you get to pick a quick end is to do it yourself.
      I am will delay what you say is inevitable, because I do not believe it is inevitable, and I know there are others will resist too and it is not a hopeless fight.

    • mobilebay

      You mean the entire population of Mexico isn’t already here? I just got home from the grocery story and most of them are there pushing overflowing carts with a gaggle of kids racing around and one (or more) on the way. Yep, they’re here to stay. That anchor baby will buy them citizenship eventually, but probably not before it’s conferred on them by our President. It just an “Act of Love.”

  • Are these young immigrants the latest voices of conscience for Obama and the country, much like the black youth who sat at whites-only lunch counters or the anti-Vietnam War protestors on college campuses? Or are they impulsive idealists who fail to understand that politics is about give and take and timing?

    They are neither. They’re oblivious clueless low to moderate IQ non-whites who don’t have sense enough to see through this “deporter in chief” malarkey. Of course that’s Obama’s own fault for repeating that lie and allowing it to be repeated about him purely to win another election; (*) the problem is when you lie often enough, certain dull people start believing it.

    (*) – Similarly, I am convinced that Obama both knew and did nothing to refute the notion that a lot of people thought that ObamaCare would literally be free of charge for everyone or have a no-cost option, when that was never the case. But he did nothing to refute it because he wanted to win another election.

  • Greg Thomas

    Wow. a group called The Race is demanding that obama do more for their illegal invading bretheren squatting in this country. Of course, Suzanne Gamboa of NBC does not bat an eye, and refers to La Raza as an “established group.” BTW Suzanne, illegal invading mexicans are not “immigrants.”

  • kikz2

    …saw a printed sentiment the other day… making reference to someone’s guns being ‘undocumented’…. i liked it… 🙂

  • Part of the problem is that many people cannot really conceive of large numbers. They have a vague notion, induced by decades of mass-media programming, that people who like immigrants are good people, and people who dislike them are bad people. Similarly, that immigrants themselves are all good, and natives (and nativists) are probably not.

    Over and above all this, though, is the human inability to grasp the numbers involved. There are billions of third-world people who will be only too happy to come and get the freebies this country still hands out to all comers, despite our own effective bankruptcy. Most peoples’ ability to grasp the size of a crowd diminishes after a few thousand. But we get more than that every day of the year.

    And the more strife and misery there is among the populace, the happier and more secure our tiny Ruling Class will be. Or so it imagines.

  • kjh64

    Of course they are unafraid. They know the US is a big wimp that will do nothing to them.

  • MBlanc46

    They’re marching and demonstrating in favor of amnesty. Where are we? What are we doing, other than kvetching on AmRen, to oppose it?

    • mobilebay

      Well, Mel, I am continuing to fax, phone and write to our elected reps and pray for our salvation from the illegal hoards. Other than marching in the streets demanding that illegals be deported, as they should be, I’m flat our of ideas.

      • MBlanc46

        Marching, or even just standing quietly in the streets with placards, is what’s needed. Opposition to mass immigration has to be brought to public consciousness.


    molotov over please !!


    Quite frankly, Americans are being bitch slapped by the illegal
    Mexican law breakers

  • Marc Zuckurburg

    It’s time to overhaul our broken immigration system.

    Get right with the law!

    Make my immigration reform comprehensive, please!

    • DonReynolds

      The only thing broken about the immigration system, Marc… the limp wristed and feeble REFUSAL of politicians to actually follow the law. When we find one who will, then the illegal aliens will be gone and there will be no reason to discuss Amnesty ever again. THERE…..fixed it for you.

    • Puggg

      “Get right with the law”

      No, that’s not what’s happening. What they want is for the law to get right with them.

      It’s the difference between you throwing a dart at the dartboard and hitting dead center and you throwing a dart against a blank wall then painting the dartboard around where the dart is stuck in the wall.

    • mobilebay

      So, sovereignty is not your “thing,” huh, Mr. Zuckurburg? We seem to be gathering quite a list of traitors.

  • DonReynolds

    Once again…..yet another article that insists on blurring the distinction between those here LEGALLY…..who are immigrants…….and those who are here ILLEGALLY…..who are not immigrants of any sort. They are criminal invaders, pirates, smugglers, bandits, drug mules and worse. But under no circumstances are they immigrants.

    Based on my own experience, a good many of the protesters are neither immigrants or illegal aliens. They are hispanic American citizens, born in one of the United States. (Fortunately, only half of hispanic Americans are in favor of Amnesty. They know full-well what they left behind and they are not in favor of it following them to this country.)

  • Nathanwartooth

    Are these young immigrants the latest voices of conscience for Obama and
    the country, much like the black youth who sat at whites-only lunch
    counters or the anti-Vietnam War protestors on college campuses? Or are
    they impulsive idealists who fail to understand that politics is about
    give and take and timing?

    What the what?

    This isn’t even an opinion piece. NBC has this labeled under “news”.

  • scutum

    Not to worry, Boehner and Cantor are working on legalizing everyone who is in the country illegally even as we speak.

  • gemjunior

    Why not be even more and more arrogant? That’s what these quivering, lily-livered, disgustingly cowardly white politicians in both parties are teaching them. We will all roll over for you roly-poly little squats and the only time we will get up is when we need to go to work so we can hand you your welfare check and make sure someone can translate for your lazy, ignorant hordes in the E.R. for a sniffle or earache. Primary Care? Wha? Ablo Espanol?

  • Jack Whistler

    Millions of persons here illegally is not immigration, it is an invasion.
    The proper response to an invasion is not to fret over how to please the invaders.
    It is not to allow the invaders to assemble and demand further tolerance of their invasion.

    The only proper response to an invasion is spoken with bullets. Until Americans are ready to forcibly expel the invaders from this country, any discussion of the topic is merely a debate on the best way to bow before the invasion.

  • borogirl54

    The main problems that these illegals have with mainstream America is lack of credibility. If they had stayed home and shut up, the Dream Act probably would have passed because they are the most sympathetic group of illegals because they were brought here through no fault of their own. However, they thought that they were American citizens and protested. The only reason why they got deferred action in the first place is because several of them did sit ins at several of Obama’s campaign offices. That tactic is now old. They tried that at John McCain’s office and they were arrested. They also showed up at several of Obama’s appearances and shouted their message to gain attention. Personally, I cannot see Obama doing anything until 2015 at the earliest. He knows that if he does anything, it may cost the Democrats the election and Immigration reform would never pass if the Republicans controlled both the House and Senate.