US Weighs Curbing Deportations

Erica Werner, AP, April 21, 2014

Tens of thousands of immigrants who are in the U.S. illegally but don’t have serious criminal records could be shielded from deportation under a policy change being weighed by Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson.

The change, if adopted following a review ordered by President Barack Obama, could limit removals of people who have little or no criminal record but have committed repeat immigration violations such as re-entering the country illegally after having been deported, or failing to comply with a deportation order.

The possible move, confirmed by two people with knowledge of the review, would fall short of the sweeping changes sought by activists. They want Obama to expand a two-year-old program that grants work permits to certain immigrants brought here illegally as children to include other groups, such as the parents of any children born in the U.S.

John Sandweg, who until February served as acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said he had promoted the policy change for immigrants without serious criminal records before his departure and said it was being weighed by Johnson. An immigration advocate who has discussed the review with the administration also confirmed the change was under consideration. The advocate spoke on condition of anonymity because the proceedings are confidential.


The approach outlined by Sandweg and the immigration advocate would change the existing priority categories that now include immigrants who have re-entered the country after having been deported previously, and those who are fugitives from immigration proceedings. Such people would be taken off the priority list.

The remaining priority categories focus on recent border-crossers and immigrants who pose a danger to national security or public safety or who have been convicted of crimes. Some of those categories might also be refined or changed, and others could be added.

“The time had come to focus ICE’s efforts exclusively on public safety and national security,” Sandweg said in explaining why he pushed for the change. He estimated that some 20,000 deported immigrants fell into the categories in question last year.


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  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    It’s about time! By coming to America illegally, illegal aliens are “already Americans.” The Vice President of the United States, speaking to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, explains:

    “These people are just waiting, waiting for a chance to be able to contribute fully. And by that standard, 11 million undocumented aliens are already Americans, in my view. They just want a decent life for their kids and a chance to contribute to a free society, a chance to put down roots and help build the next great American century. I really believe that. That’s what they’re fighting for.” (March 27, 2014)

  • Luca

    This is sedition. Period. One solution is impeachment.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      The federal government is filled with nothing but traitors and war criminals. They should all be charged with crimes against humanity and treason.

      • Bossman

        An alien who is in the USA without proper immigration documentation has committed only a misdemeanor. That has been the law for a long time so the government is acting within its prerogative.

        • Einsatzgrenadier

          No, that “alien” is a foreign invader and those who encourage that foreign invader to colonize the country are traitors. Massive third world immigration is a policy of systematic mass murder and those who promote and encourage it have blood on their hands.

          • foundingstockcracker

            Our bodies work to protect us from “alien” foreign invasive organisms for our health and survival. The loss of that immunity is death.

  • IstvanIN

    So now petty criminal illegal aliens are OK. Next it will be rapists and child molesting illegals, then murdering illegals. Gee, makes sense to me.

    • Pro_Whitey

      Before you characterize the crimes as petty, be sure you know everything that’s on their list. I bet you will be unpleasantly surprised by how serious some of those petty crimes are.

  • What do you expect when the government spies on everything you do, molests you in airports, tries to openly steal a ranch and give it to Harry Reid, destroys the dollar through QE infinity, and so much more.

    There is a conpiracy to destroy the values, laws, culture, and racial composition of this country. I know who the conspirators are and most people do too. Henry Makow, Jeff Rense, David Icke and numerous others name them in articles on their websites.

    When there is no future for white children, why do whites cower in silence and submission? I’m not advocating assassinations or such, but organizing to reclaim the natural rights of free men should not be out of the question. What has made us such cowards? Porn obsession? Hormones in the milk? Social pressure?

    Until more speak openly and angrily and a leader appears, the power elites who pull puppet Obama’s strings will continue to walk all over us.

  • mobilebay

    We are no longer a sovereign nation.
    We are a country of unenforced laws
    We elect people who are tying to replace us.with third world inhabitants

  • Greg S

    In 50 years these wetbacks will want reparations for picking our produce.

    • Good Lord, I don’t at all find that to be a remote possibility!

      • Luca

        They will want it to be paid in the form of Social Security payments.

      • MooTieFighter

        Probably will, but we will be flat broke by then. Sorry, we are already flat broke; just where are we getting the money to feed/cloth/shelter and provide med care to these illegals? I can barely afford to take care of my own and we are college educated parents, both working over-time.

  • MooTieFighter

    Once again we are rewarding bad behavior. This ALWAYS leads to more bad behavior. Did any of these morons making these decisions raise children?

  • Greg Thomas

    Why is the person charged with enforcing this nation’s immigration laws lobbying on behalf of those who broke those same laws? Why is it that those in positions of authority will not dare ask that question?