A Good Samaritan who desperately tried to save a young newly wed after he was gunned down has relived his dying moments and revealed she thinks the seemingly senseless killing was a gang initiation.

Devoted Catholic Nathan Trapuzzano was shot while he was out on his regular, early morning stroll just a few hundred yards from the home where he lived with his pregnant wife Jennifer–who is due to give birth to a baby girl next month.

Nathan and Jennifer Trapuzzano

Nathan and Jennifer Trapuzzano

Indianapolis police have released chilling security footage of two men following the beloved 24-year-old, before one of them ushers him off camera into a parking lot while the other stands in the street acting as a lookout.

Moments later Nathan–who always clutched his rosary beads in his hand during his dawn walks and used the time as an opportunity to pray–was shot in his side and his attackers fled.

Currently officers say the motive is unclear, but the young woman who tried to save Nathan thinks it may have been a brutal gang initiation, a view backed up by some of his friends and his uncle Arthur Barnes.

His killers stripped him of his sneakers, sweater and t-shirt leading some to speculate that they may have taken them as trophies, although unconfirmed reports suggest the clothes might have been found dumped in the parking lot.

The Samaritan was alerted to Tuesday’s attack when she heard a gunshot at around 5:50am, looked out of her window and saw Nathan stagger from the parking lot desperately screaming, ‘help, help, help’ before collapsing face first.

She called the police and paramedics immediately then rushed out with a towel to see if she could stop the bleeding and save the dedicated pro-life campaigner.

Describing the heart-wrenching scene the woman–who wants to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals–told MailOnline: ‘I heard a shot, but at first I didn’t pay too much attention because there are shots all the time round here.

‘But then I heard someone yelling, ‘help, help’ help!’ so I looked out of the window and saw him stumbling around. He was shouting very loud because he was fighting for his life and trying his hardest to save himself.

‘I got on the phone to the ambulance, but then I saw him collapse and I didn’t know what to do. The operator said I could go over to him if I wanted to. I was scared, but I wanted to do something, so I took a towel in case I needed to apply pressure to the wound.

‘I got over there and he had been stripped of his shirt and his shoes. He was just wearing jogging bottoms. It was really strange, because there wasn’t much blood. He was conscious, but I think he was in shock, because he was struggling for breath.

‘It was just a small bullet wound. He was lying on his side and at first I couldn’t see it. I didn’t want to move him. The paramedics arrived in five-and-a-half minutes.

‘When I was running over I saw him drop something in the parking lot. I told the police and they got it, but I don’t know what it was. It might have been clothing.

‘I talked to his mom a couple of days ago, she called me and said the most he would ever have with him on his walks in an old MP3 player and some headphones. She also asked me if he had his rosary beads, but I didn’t see them.

‘I’ve heard some people say it may have been some kind of gang initiation. It doesn’t look like a robbery as he didn’t have anything with him, so that could be right.

‘If you watch the video it looks like they stalked him and then forced him into a specific place where they wanted him to be. It doesn’t sound like a robbery to me.

‘I honestly thought they would have caught someone by now. I think whoever did this must be from around here.

‘This area is getting worse and worse, there have been so many crazy things happen recently. A few months ago I saw a guy get shot over the road. I just hope they catch these people.’

Paramedics battled to save Nathan at the scene on the west side of Indianapolis for around five minutes, before taking him to hospital. He was rushed in for emergency surgery immediately, but could not be saved and died a few hours later.

Hundreds of mourners attended his Roman Catholic funeral yesterday, where his priest Rev Christopher Roberts told the tearful congregation that they should forgive Nathan’s killers, adding: ‘I have no doubt that Nathan forgave his murderers. That was the type of man that I knew him to be.’

In an earlier statement the priest said the murderers had taken ‘the life of one of the best young men I have ever known’.

The idea that Nathan would have found it in his heart to forgive was backed up by his sister Shayne who told TV station WTHR: ‘There’s a lot of anger, but I can tell you, Nate wouldn’t be angry.’

But despite that sentiment, his devastated widow Jennifer, 25, was inconsolable yesterday and wailed in agony at several points during the two hour service. The pair married less than a year ago and had already named their unborn baby Cecilia.

Nathan’s maternal uncle Arthur Barnes described how Jennifer was so distraught on Friday night during visitation of the body that she stayed for an extra hour just stroking her late husband’s hair.

Speaking to MailOnline from the scene of the crime, which was visited by several family members following Saturday’s funeral, he said: ‘She is devastated. When I arrived at the funeral home last night I was already late because I had driven from Michigan, but Jenn was still sitting there at the head of the coffin, just stroking his hair. They couldn’t get her away, she just kept crying.

‘Nathan is my sister’s son and they were incredibly close. They always went to church together.

‘He had two brothers, one older and one younger, but they both looked up to him. They gave toasts at his wedding last year and Matthew his elder brother said, ‘you may be younger than me, but I look up to you’.’

He added: ‘In my opinion his murder was some kind of gang initiation. I live in Michigan, so I don’t know what the gang situation is like round here, but that is what it sounds like. He didn’t have anything to steal, so it doesn’t seem like a robbery.

‘On the video you can see him raise his hands, I’m sure he would have told them, ‘I don’t have anything’.

‘He only moved here from Pennsylvania recently and I think the house they were living in belonged to his father-in-law. It is all such a tragedy.’

Police are determined to catch Nathan’s killers and they released the chilling security footage in the hope that a witness might come forward.

The images were shot from a local tire shop. Manager Jesse Jesusgarcia–who says he saw Nathan take an evening walk everyday at around 6pm–explained that police have only released the first part of the tape.

The second half shows Nathan stumble in front of the store, waving for help in an attempt to flag down passing motorists. He then collapses face first banging his head on the floor.

Mr Jesusgarcia, said the pictures sent a shiver down his spine. He told MailOnline: ‘You see him come from behind the store, stumbling and waving, then he falls over. The next thing you see is the girl running over to him. Then the paramedics turned up. It is all there on camera.

‘When I saw it I had goosebumps all over. It is horrible. He had no shirt on, because they stripped him. I don’t know if they were doing it to see if he had any money hidden away.

‘I used to see him everyday. He was a nice man who kept himself to himself. He didn’t ever really carry anything with him. Sometimes he had a bag, but I didn’t even ever see him with headphones on.

‘The thing that upset me is that when he was waving, nobody stopped to help him. In this neighborhood we should all look out for each other.

‘Some of his friends have put up a little shrine outside my shop. I just want to help in anyway I can.’

Since the slaying, some of software-designer Nathan’s friends have set up a Go Fund Me page to help pay for funeral costs and contribute to his unborn daughter’s upbringing.

So far more than $140,000 has been raised. His former school has also said it will grant a full two-year scholarship to little Cecilia in Nathan’s honor. He had studied Classics at university, but taught himself his computer skills.

‘The Ivy Tech Community College family is shocked and saddened by the sudden loss of one of our own, Nathan Trapuzzano, a young and bright software engineer at the college,’ a statement read.

His traumatized family released their own statement on Wednesday, saying: ‘[Nathan] was so in love with his wife Jennifer, and unborn baby daughter, Cecelia. He was so excited about being a new Daddy.

‘Nathan Trapuzzano was the most kind-hearted person you would ever know. He never had an unkind thought in his head . . . The loss of this very, very special young man has been such a shock to our entire family.’

The officer leading the investigation into his murder, Commander David Hoffman told 6ABC: ‘He had his whole life in front of him, never been in trouble before, never been a problem, was minding his own business, doing what anybody in our community should be able to do and that is to take a morning walk.’


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  • Pro_Whitey

    I’ll be the first to say it. Nathan Trapuazano was worth 100,000 Trayvon Martins, and I’m being generous to the Trayvons.

    • Jim Kental

      The fact that the perps were black was coincidental…… race had nothing to do with it. But of course…… if the victim shot back in self defense, that definitely would constitute a hate crime (unless the perps were white).

      • Luke N

        “race had nothing to do with it.”

        Here, gentlemen, is how liberals think. Two thugs kill a white man for absolutely no reason. And nothing to do with race. After all, white thugs all time time kill black men for no reason, right??

        Libs will never learn.

        • Nimadan

          “Libs will never learn.”

          Which is why they’re an evolutionary dead end.

          Which is why I refuse to care what blacks do to them.


            . . .you could be a victim just as quickly

          • ShermanTMcCoy

            Not if he carries.

          • Nimadan

            Well, yes and no. I find it useful to conceptualize White America as being divided into three parts: Traditional (ie REAL) Whites, sheeple, and liberals. Of the three, Traditional Whites are the least likely to be victims of minority violence. It’s not just because of guns or the tendency of Trads to live outside of the cities but because we don’t trust minorities and we radically don’t trust blacks.

            Sheeple get killed by blacks much more often than Trads. This remains true even when you allow for their greater share of the White population (in this scheme, they’re the largest of the three sub-groups). Nathan Trapuzzano, our victim-du-jour, is the perfect example of why the sheeple are at greater risk: They’re not wary, they’re not paying attention, they’re not ON GUARD.

            Fittingly though, liberals are killed my minorities, especially blacks, more often than either of the other groups. They are constantly being murdered by these creatures because they actively seek them out. And their minority pets punish liberal insanity with rape, robbery, assault and murder.



            Got ya, one has got to be on guard around the coloreds, and ready to dispatch if necessary. . .
            I don’t go near the slums . .
            I understand the libtard approach . . they leave themselves open for attack ..
            I one of them that thinks race war is unavoidable . .
            I’m old now but, I can still nail a coffee cup at 300 yards . . .

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            You forget, THEY are seeking us out in our homes, place of employment or anywhere else we have every right to be.

          • Nimadan

            True, It does happen and when it does, it’s an outrage. That said, we’re at our strongest on our own turf and they know it.


          • Paleoconn

            True, only if caught unawares and not carrying, and he will die fighting unlike the libs who think begging and showing how non-racist they are will save them. Also, all of us here would lament the loss of a Nimadan, not so much the loss of a Hillary, should such a savage fate befall either of them. Big difference. Tragedy can visit any one of us. But none of us supports policies that result in the proliferation of such savage crimes on our own people.

    • DNA Explains It All

      I think your ratio is flawed as it’s not possible to give a value vs a negative value (to society). And Saint Trayvon®’s value was in flux. As once the severely “lead deficient” Saint Trayvon® received his “supplement” his value, while not wholly driven positive, certainly was much increased! At any rate your ratio is hard to arrive at without “higher maths”.

      • Pro_Whitey

        You have a point. I did assume a positive value for Trayvon Martin, albeit vanishingly small, and I could well be wrong. A negative value would make my ratio meaningless.

    • Erasmus

      That our government now doesn’t only protect the country’s Trayvon Martins (and Rachel Jeantels) but subsidizes scum like their parents to make more of them, should put to rest any doubts that our government is no longer legitimate.

  • Truthseeker

    Stop forgiving these people. They won’t be humbled into changing their ways, they’ll take it as approval and an incentive to do more.

  • Lewis33

    Breaking news here in Indy, a arrest has been made in this case…the arrested is 16 years old and named Simeon Adams. Adams has been “known to police previously” the radio is saying, with arrests for handgun possession and resisting arrest made previously.

    • SaggyGenes

      No way… is that really his name? Tragic story, but I can’t stop laughing!

      • baldowl

        The Simeon/simian joke never gets old.

    • Sue

      One named her daughter Latrinea.

    • John K

      Great. 16 years old, you can forget the death penalty.

      His name, although misspelled, is quite fitting, especially now that he’ll be caged with many more of his kind.

    • Frank_DeScushin

      It’s now being reported that Adams told a friend that, “White man tried to tussle with me so I shot him.”

      The article also noted the following:

      – Adams was making Trapuzanno strip down when he shot him.

      – Adams shot another man three times just a few days earlier.

      • QuinnTheEskimo9

        It would be funny and the jokes would write themselves with these ridiculous names blacks give their offspring, but it’s not funny.

        From the article on the arrests,

        Nathan, a 24-year-old software engineer had been out for a morning walk at around 5am, when Adams and accomplice Martez ‘Duh-Duh’ McGraw allegedly targeted him.

        • So CAL Snowman

          Hey Quinn, haven’t seen you in awhile.

          • QuinnTheEskimo9

            Work and travel for work keep me tied up most of the time. My burden has increased and it’s getting increasingly difficult just to get by. Taxes, gasoline, hell, everything has gone up except my salary.

            Commenting here is a luxury.

  • Martel

    “This area is getting worse and worse” because its getting more diverse.

  • SaggyGenes

    Sixteen-year-old aspiring rapper Simeon Adams has been arrested for the slaying. The jokes, as they often do with these people, write themselves.

    • Urbane Neanderthal

      Indeed they do write themselves.

    • Mason Gull

      Wow. He’s competing with Shitavious Cook for the “Most Tragic Ghetto Name” award.

    • Erasmus

      This sad incident should remind everyone why they have to have The Derbyshire Talk with the people they love.

  • Urbane Neanderthal

    Simeon Adams from a youtube account. Can’t imagine there is more than one.

    Anyone know how it’s pronounced “slime on” or maybe simian?

    • I’ll go with Simian for 500, Alex.

      • Urbane Neanderthal


    • Guest

      It’s next to impossible to find a picture of Simeon Adams, although the Daily Mail dug up a selfie from an old Myspace account that’s supposedly his.

      • QuinnTheEskimo9

        Looks like all the other black thugs that have murdered whites. Seen one, you’ve seen ’em all, same dead eyes, same blank stare, same stupid face.

      • Erasmus

        He’d look might pretty hanging by his neck from an oak tree.

        • Urbane Neanderthal

          Way to fast I’m thinking treating him like a Byrd would actually be appropriate after a fair and impartial trial of course.

  • Now that “Simeon” has been arrested, it’s time for the media to dump the name of Nathan Trapuzzano into the rabbit hole.

    • Lewis33

      I thought the Daily Mail was the only national market touching it anyway…as usual.

      • 1stworlder

        The daily Mail is in the UK across the Atlantic. But they publish some of the worse crimes in the US that get censored here.

        • QuinnTheEskimo9

          While censoring the worst black or Asian-on White crimes in the UK.

  • So CAL Snowman

    “Hundreds of mourners attended his Roman Catholic funeral yesterday,
    where his priest Rev Christopher Roberts told the tearful congregation
    that they should forgive Nathan’s killers, adding: ‘I have no doubt that
    Nathan forgave his murderers. That was the type of man that I knew him
    to be.’”

    What kind of sickness pervades the church these days? What the hell kind of thing is this to say to Trapuzzano’s family and friends? This is one of the reasons why the Catholic church and Christianity is losing members in droves and failing to recruit young Whites. Yes White man, just turn the other cheek and take it in the rear as the savage orcs run wild across our lands, killing without provocation and for pure delight. Yes forgive the savage killers so that YOU can be morally superior, even though it means sacrificing your friends and family to eternal rest. Did the Crusaders forgive the Muslims for raping and pillaging Europe? The pitiful Catholic Church is in dire need of some Templar Knights to restore order in Christendom.

    • model1911

      To hell with his killers.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        Too bad he didn’t have a gun and shoot at least one of them in the face, he would at least be alive now. I would rather be judged by twelve than buried by six.

    • Who Me?

      If young Nathan was half the man he is said to have been, NO he wouldn’t be forgiving his murderers for taking him away from his wife, his unborn child, and a life so full of promise. He would be madder than hell, and his friends and family should be too. That pathetic excuse for a priest should be horsewhipped right under the tree where they hang the killers.

      • John K

        I can’t imagine that he would want his daughter growing up without a father. The Catholic Church is spewing insanity, no wonder other Christians have started mentioning Catholicism separately from Christianity.

        • silviosilver

          If I were Nathan’s wife I’d scratch that priest’s eyes out (and Nathan’s apparently dumbb-tch sister’s). As if any normal person would want to listen to claptrap about “forgiveness” at a time like this.

          Something else that upsets me no end is when people disavow support from people like us. People like what? People who actually care about anti-white racial violence and would put a stop to it. Yeah, how horrible to have us looking out for you.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        In his shoes, I wouldn’t forgive them, but I would be waiting for them in the hereafter like Nemesis, the Greek goddess of vengeance who punished evil doers by killing them with her sword.

    • Glen

      I was always taught that forgiveness follows genuine repentance. Nathan was the victim of low-intensity racial warfare. “Forgiving” his murderers was an easy way for the priest and gullible sister to gather additional social esteem and sympathy without having to fight back.

    • Erasmus

      Never, ever, ever forgive the criminals who harm the people you love.
      Let God forgive them, if he/she/it wishes after they’ve been hanged or fried.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      There are times where moral superiority arises from taking the lives of those who are taking ours. I could not redeem myself without a darkie who attacked me or my family breathing his last at my feet.

  • Luca

    For all the liberals reading the original article and going through mind bending gymnastics in trying to figure out a motive…it’s called Polar Bear hunting.

    If something isn’t done soon, I’m afraid one day the tables will be turned and it will be open season on black bear with no bag limit.

    • Who Me?

      “If something isn’t done soon, I’m afraid one day the tables will be turned and it will be open season on black bear with no bag limit.”
      Can’t happen soon enough, in my estimation.

    • DNA Explains It All

      Fear? More await with giddy anticipation!

    • John K

      We’ll be time traveling back to 1776 soon enough.

    • Dale McNamee

      Polar bears hunt humans like any other prey… We “Polar Bears” should do the same…

  • Moe Moe

    This is a horrible story…his only mistake was living in a city instead of the safer and whiter suburbs such as the area north of Pittsburgh where he grew up. I know he was a good Catholic, carrying a rosary and everything, but he really needed to be carrying a gun. I could not live in a city with a lot of blacks and immigrants living nearby without carrying a gun for self defense…..

  • OT slightly.

    Three suspects arraigned in Detroit for the Utash beating.

    • Anglo

      Thanks for the pictures. All non-humans.

    • Rosenmops

      Damn they’re ugly.

    • Alexandra1973

      Does Wonzey have a brother named Twosie?

      • Dale McNamee

        :ROFL !

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Police are determined to catch Nathan’s killers and they released the chilling security footage in the hope that a witness might come forward.

    Yeah, good luck with that! The Indiana police and FBI are too busy busting a 91 year old guy who collects “artifacts.”

    The FBI with a team of about 100 people descended on the Rush County home of Donald Miller.

    • IstvanIN

      Did they kill him with a bean bag gun like that 90 year old?

      Read about this, the government will determine rightful ownership. Haha.

      • Who Me?

        Guess they got tired of waiting for him to die, so send in the SWAT and the FBI with helicopters and dogs. Seize all the collectibles and now hang onto them indefinitely for “evidence”. Eventually throw them out a week before they are suddenly needed. Typical government…

        • QuinnTheEskimo9

          The “stuff” he has is apparently valuable. The city, FBI, local cops probably needed some funds and this was a good way to get it. The loot has already been distributed by now to collectors for cold, hard cash, probably the mayor and chief of police took their cut too. A lot of this stuff will be disappeared as if it never existed and they’ll say the old man is senile when he complains.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      Somebody high up sure wanted those artifacts, many of which were acquired legally by Donald Miller before laws were implemented preventing the sale of such treasure.

      The FBI is doling out the loot right now to the private collectors who are lining up with cash. I suspect most of this man’s treasure will be lost or disappeared in all the “commotion.”

  • tickyul

    I will die where I stand…. as opposed to being led-off by an Urban American, to suffer horrific and nightmarish mutilation, rape, agony and eventually death.

  • Anglo

    “She called the police and paramedics immediately then rushed out with a towel to see if she could stop the bleeding and save ‘the dedicated pro-life campaigner’.”
    “dedicated pro-life campaigner.” I wonder if he could have known how he would die and his wife and child left in this world without him, if he would still be a dedicated pro-lifer?

  • Sloppo

    I think there is something very wrong with saying that he would forgive the people who deprived his wife and child of a husband/father. Our people would have died out long ago if we had forgiven everyone who tried to kill us off.

  • John K

    “Hundreds of mourners attended his Roman Catholic funeral yesterday, where his priest Rev Christopher Roberts told the tearful congregation that they should forgive Nathan’s killers, adding: ‘I have no doubt that Nathan forgave his murderers. That was the type of man that I knew him to be.’”

    Nonsense. This is THE problem: people keep ‘forgiving’ these scumbags, and these same scumbags know the police could care less. It’s time for a little less ‘turn the other cheek’ and a lot more of ‘an eye for an eye’. Vigilantes are the answer. Law enforcement can’t protect you, nor do they want to.

    • Alexandra1973

      Genesis 9:6 (KJV) Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.

      Romans 13:4 (KJV) For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the
      minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.

      All for the death penalty here. Hang ‘im high.

  • MBlanc46

    “[H]is priest Rev Christopher Roberts told the tearful congregation that
    they should forgive Nathan’s killers, adding: ‘I have no doubt that
    Nathan forgave his murderers. That was the type of man that I knew him
    to be.’”

    Sure, forgive them. Then track them down and remove them from human society permanently.

  • ‘This area is getting worse and worse, there have been so many crazy things happen recently.

    sounds like this area, once a halfway nice area, now its little Haiti.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    They murdered him because he was white, and NO other reason. Unprovoked murders against us wouldn’t be happening if the perpetrators would be hunted down, killed and their heads taken as trophies. Moreover, leaving his wife without a husband and a child without her father is unforgivable, for when she grows up she will never forget a couple of low-life black turds murdered her dad. She’s taking that to her grave, just as the man’s family will be taking that to theirs.


      Killings and beatings every week in different locations but, never any stories of white man’s reprisals . . . guess white man’s true color is showing his big yellow..

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        Not quite, there has been incidents where whites shot and killed blacks in my area after the blacks chose the wrong white man or woman to mess with. Whatever reprisals that are occurring, are being hidden from the public, or they are unknown. Many people here live in rural areas, and A LOT can happen with no witnesses, no evidence and no arrests. You cannot keep guns and ammunition on the shelf here, people think an armed showdown is coming sooner than later.


          Time to make a stand . . . .__uck the mongrels ..

  • IstvanIN

    The churches, especially the Roman Catholic church, have perverted Christianity to approve all illegal acts no matter how awful. Invasion, murder, anything can be forgiven.

  • ShermanTMcCoy

    Isn’t it ironic that this guy was “pro-life?” Aborting non-humans has saved countless white lives. I’m pro-life, too, if the baby is white.

    • John K

      I am overall pro-life, but I’ll make an exception in the case of blacks. If they’re not attacking or murdering whites, then they’re bankrupting the country.

  • Carlo Latini

    Nathan Trapuzzano was the most kind-hearted person you would ever know. He never had an unkind thought in his head .

    prey, pure prey in a neighborhood of predators.

  • Alpin Thueson

    I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment and give thanks for the great contributions of the Black community to our society. Their peaceful and generous nature make them ideal neighbors, lending testimony to their exceptional family values and parenting skills unrivaled by any other culture. Their commitment to academic excellence enriches our schools and serves as an example to all who hope to achieve prominence as a people.

    Real estate values are fueled by the mix of African Americans into an area due to their caring and respectful nature for these communities, an example of all they have achieved through their enthusiasm for self improvement by hard work and a self-reliant can-do culture of integrity and honor. Without their industrious and creative drive, we would be poorer as a nation.

  • Puggg

    “Part of a senseless gang initiation”

    As opposed to what? A sensible gang initiation?

  • scutum

    Simian adams: He is a good boy; he was getting his GED; he just got in with a bad crowd; ” I know my boy didn’t do this” quote from Simian’s mother; he wanted to go to college (even though he can’t spell it), he had a hard life, Blah, Blah, Blah.

  • Next on Animal Channel: When blacks attack!!! Seriously, around blacks never, ever , relax.

  • Paleoconn

    This young man did everything right. He married young, rather at the right age, but young relative to the average nowadays. He was on his way to have many kids as a true Catholic. This is type of young man and couple that our future as a people relies on. And yet, he was taken from us. A higher justice shall visit the wicked killers.

  • Johnny Squire

    The surveillance video shows considerable distance between Trapuzzano and the gunman as they walked by the camera’s view. Trapuzzano would have had plenty of time to draw his weapon had he been carrying a concealed firearm. In the same situation I would have trusted my skills with a firearm against their ghetto training.

  • Johnny Squire

    -“The fact that the priest at the funeral stated the killers should be forgiven is as sickening as the mindless evil that drove the killers to murder Trapuzzano.”

    I agree. It disheartens me to know that so many Christians do not understand that forgiveness should only be granted when the transgressor has confessed his wrongdoing, has served a proper penance, and has contritely asked for forgiveness. God may love unconditionally, but he does not forgive unconditionally. And neither should we.

  • Conrad

    Early Christians understood the difference between turning the cheek and forgiving their enemies’ and passively tolerating these roving bands of savages that destroy everything & everybody in sight.
    I am re-evaluating my Christian roots and may return to them. but I will not become one of these modern two legged victims. There is a great difference between Christian tolerance & cowardice.

  • SDN

    Utash was hopefully saved by a black nurse named Deborah Hughes and the prosecutor charging the b****rds who beat him is a black woman named Kim Worthy. What do you think their IQ is ?