From Burger Flipper to Bürgermeister? Immigrant Could Become Next Berlin Mayor

Frank Hornig, Spiegel, April 11, 2014

It’s a Friday evening and Raed Saleh makes himself comfortable in the backseat of a luxury sedan for the trip back to his past. To a collection of high-rise housing projects in Spandau–a working class neighborhood located on the edge of the city and of its society.

His driver comes to a stop in front of a gymnasium and Saleh climbs out. Inside the building, it is loud and smells of sweat. Some 200 young men are playing soccer on two different floors, with games sometimes going until three in the morning. Hip-hop is booming from the speakers and there is sparkling water and sausage on offer in front of the locker rooms.The project is called “Midnight Sports,” and it is designed to offer Turks, Arabs, Germans and young men of up to 40 additional nationalities an alternative to hanging about on the streets. A kind of occupational therapy for the disadvantaged.

A New Chapter in German Politics

Saleh, 36, floor leader for the center-left Social Democrats in Berlin’s city-state parliament and one of two or three SPD politicians vying to ultimately succeed Klaus Wowereit as the city’s mayor, knows many of the soccer players personally and they greet him with handshakes. After all, Saleh–who comes from a poor family, has eight siblings and had few prospects–grew up in similar circumstances. Now, though, he smiles as he watches the games. “The police have less to do now,” he says.

Raed Saleh

Raed Saleh

The young men in the gymnasium represent a new chapter in the history of social democracy, at least as Saleh sees it. “First, the SPD helped the workers, and then women,” he says. “Now, it is the turn of the immigrants.” And he’s not just thinking about those participating in Midnight Sports. He is also thinking of himself.

With Wowereit’s hold on power weakening–the result of massive cost overruns and eternal delays in the construction of Berlin’s once highly touted, and now mocked, new airport–attention has turned to Saleh, a Palestinian who came to Berlin from the West Bank as a young boy. His first job was making French fries at Burger King. With a bit of luck, he could become the first head of a German state with Arab roots.

Every new airport setback, every new mini-scandal in Berlin–such as that surrounding the alleged tax fraud perpetrated by a state secretary close to Wowereit–raises new questions about the incumbent mayor’s future. How long he is able to remain in office depends to a large degree on SPD deputies in Berlin city-state parliament and on the SPD floor leader. But Saleh seems to be in no rush. When others began a push to topple Wowereit, Saleh declined to join them. He is waiting for the right opportunity.

After almost 13 years under Wowereit, there are few certainties in Berlin these days. Hardly anybody knows what the Berlin mayor’s plans are, aside from clinging to power. Nobody knows if he intends to cede power ahead of the next elections in 2016 or if he will have to be shoved out the door. The only sure thing is that his party is suffering, trailing even the conservative Christian Democratic Union–which, despite party leader Angela Merkel’s popularity as chancellor, has never had a strong foothold in the German capital–in public opinion surveys.

Difficult Hurdles

Saleh has already become the city’s most popular Social Democrat, just as Wowereit’s own ratings have plunged. But whether that will be enough to take over the party’s reins remains to be seen. Saleh doesn’t just need the support of his faction in parliament–he would also require the backing of the city-state’s SPD chapter. But the chapter’s leader, Jan Stöss, has aspirations of becoming Berlin mayor himself. And Wowereit’s support will also likely be lacking following a power struggle between the two back in 2011.

More than anything, though, Saleh will have to convince Berlin voters that he has a vision for a metropolis that, while continuing to be a major tourist magnet and possessing an economy that appears at first glance to be doing well, continues to be among the weakest states in Germany, particularly when it comes to the labor market and education. Thus far, Saleh has focused many of his efforts on a group that has largely been ignored: His own milieu of Germans from Turkish or Arab families, a group which has seldom voted in the past.

On a recent afternoon in Spandau, Saleh was driving through the highrise housing complex in which he grew up. His father worked in an industrial bakery while his mother was a housewife, taking care of the many children. Saleh points up to the ninth floor where his mother is waving. By chance, one of Saleh’s brothers walks across the parking lot. “That’s Malek,” the SPD politician says laughing. “He just got his Ph.D. in biochemistry yesterday.”

An Exceptional Career Path

He’s also happy with his own ascent, which began at Burger King. He started flipping burgers and then moved up to the cash register; before long he was in charge of the kitchen. Ultimately, he became a director in the holding company that owned the franchise. “I was very proud,” Saleh says. In parallel, he completed his secondary school studies and started studying medicine before opting not to continue. Later, with two friends, he founded a media agency that still exists.

But such career paths are the exception in Saleh’s former neighborhood, one that frequently lands in the headlines and is among Berlin’s toughest areas. Some 80 percent of the children are from families that survive on social welfare. “You know how high voter participation is here,” he asks? “Just 35 percent.”

It would be a positive development were the district to create more biochemists like his brother; if an entire generation could be helped to take a step forward; if education and work would become the norm. “I have been working since I was 16,” Saleh says. “It was always important to my parents that, if at all possible, you earn the money you need yourself.”

This attitude, Saleh believes, is one that has to be learned early on. He says it would help young men and women as they enter the labor market instead of going straight from school to the line at the job center to collect unemployment. Those who successfully follow that path, Saleh hopes, will vote for the SPD in the future.

Among those below the age of 18 in Berlin, 45 percent have foreign roots. In the 2018/2019 school year, more children from immigrant families will start school than children without foreign backgrounds. It is only a matter of time before Berlin’s fastest growing demographic also gains a greater say in city-state politics.

The city’s old establishment, long represented by politicians like Wowereit or former Mayor Walter Momper, represent the other side. People within these circles have long harbored a sense of distrust toward Saleh, the newcomer from the highrises. Some Social Democrats can still recall unpleasantries directed at Saleh, like the time a caricature circulated featuring his wife clad in a burqa, or vitriolic questions from fellow SPD members, like, “Does this mean we have to roll a prayer rug out now?”

Torsten Schneider is secretary of the party’s group in the city-state parliament and also a close confidant of Saleh’s. He says the racist sentiment of some of his colleagues is laughable. The Saleh he knows is a different one–a highly integrated man who almost goes out of his way to fit into his family’s adopted country. “He even sings along to German folk music in the car,” he says.

A Politicians Moves into the Mainstream

It may well have been true that Saleh had to straddle two worlds at the beginning of his political career. One featured his offices in parliament, where an oil painting of Friedrich Ebert, a Social Democrat and Germany’s first democratically elected president, hangs on the wall. The other being the place where he grew up, the pedestrian zone in Berlin’s working-class Spandau district, where he still greets old acquaintances with the Arabic “As-salamu alaykum” and cracks jokes with a sausage seller who immigrated from the Balkans. “They still haven’t deported you yet?” he asks. “No, I’m getting fully assimilated now!” the man quips back.

By now, though, he has clearly moved into the mainstream of Berlin’s SPD. In March he was re-elected as his party’s floor leader by a wide majority. Other members of the party are pleased that the focus of state politics is no longer the cult of personality surrounding Wowereit and the botched opening of the Berlin airport. Thanks to Saleh, the SPD is once again associated with real issues, like integration policies.

Saleh hasn’t made any announcements yet on whether he will pursue a mayoral bid. His allies are still negotiating for support in different parts of the city. And it may in fact be difficult to attract support for him in some areas, like those of the former East Berlin, where fewer immigrants reside. Across the city, though, one of the most important challenges for the party will be to woo new votes from immigrants in ways that do not cause it to lose support from traditional SPD circles.

There are no precedents in Germany for a candidacy like this. Not a single major city has an immigrant or a second-generation German as its mayor.

Can Berlin Learn from Rotterdam?

Last year, Saleh traveled to Rotterdam for several days, where Ahmed Aboutaleb, born in Morocco and also a Social Democrat, has served as mayor since 2009. Saleh wanted to know how he does it. Around 50 percent of Rotterdam’s population is comprised of immigrants and the number of social welfare recipients in Holland’s second-largest city is above average.

Aboutaleb’s German visitor ended the trip in amazement. Those who receive welfare benefits from the city of Rotterdam are required to give something back to society, he learned from Aboutaleb, who sometimes peppers his conversations with fellow residents with verses from Arabic poetry. In order to get welfare, they have to be willing to do things like sweep the streets or deliver groceries or other necessities for neighbors too frail to handle such chores. Life can also get difficult in Rotterdam for parents who don’t take sufficient interest in their children’s’ education. If they don’t personally pick up their kids’ report cards and discuss their individual performances with their teachers, their welfare payments can be punitively curtailed.

Once he had returned home, Saleh began thinking about whether any of those ideas could be applied to Berlin. A short time ago, he took stock in his office. He says the city can no longer afford to have a situation in which Turkish families are allowed to park their two-year-old children in front of televisions for hours and to have their older siblings then go to school and, instead of learning, harass fellow students from Romania by attempting to throw them into trash bins. He’s heard examples of that kind of harassment and it angers him.

Sitting next to him as he expressed these ideas was Heinz Buschkowsky, the district mayor of Neukölln, a big Berlin neighborhood with a very large, predominantly Turkish immigrant population. For a time, Buschkowsky became a national name on talk shows for his outspoken views about integration failures in his neighborhood and elsewhere. A few years ago, Buschkowsky made a visit to Rotterdam and he traveled there again last year together with Saleh. The first time, however, few of his fellow members of the Berlin SPD were interested in hearing about his experiences. They once even demonstratively cancelled an invitation for him to appear in parliament. “Integration in Germany is a peerless success,” he says, mimicking the words of party leaders at the time. He maintains that people have been denying reality in Berlin for years now and that they have simply squelched the conversation when people started to talk about the emergence of social flashpoints. “Wowereit has played a role in this as well,” he says.In the meantime, Saleh is already preparing the first steps within his coalition. They have already reached an agreement to vote on new rules under which parents can be fined up to €2,500 ($3,468) if they do not take their children to be given a mandatory language test at the age of four. New rules will also make it easier for the city to fine parents if their children are truant. Other tough rules are also on the drawing board.

“Today’s integration policies,” Saleh says, “will determine the prosperity of our society in the next 20 or 30 years.”

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  • rasher223


    That is nauseating.

  • You’ve heard of midnight basketball. Berlin has midnight soccer.

    • 4321realist

      Good lord what these radicals have to go through because they have caused such societal degeneration by bringing in people who hate them and their way of life.

  • Luca

    The New World Order immigration process. There is no need to assimilate, it’s just a matter of time before your numbers cause social chaos, implosion and then enable a complete take over.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    Filthy, primitive, low-IQ Muslims are taking over western Europe without a single shot being fired. This is a tragedy of world-historical magnitude. Those responsible must be punished.

    • John

      Ditto that. Berlin was (West Berlin then) a wonderful, clean, bright, beautiful and safe city when I and my family lived there from 1962-65. Then it was probably 99.9% white and most of them ethnic Germans. My parents never enforced a curfew on me even though I was only13 and would frequently stay out after midnight on weekends with my friends. To call this transformation a tragedy of epic proportions barely scratches the surface. Without exception, the marvels that whites have created in our own civilization down through the centuries are going to be desecrated and ruined by these late coming, brown freeloaders. I hope I’m still alive when we reach the tipping point. It will be a thing of terrible beauty.

      • saxonsun

        One correction…have been desecrated and ruined.

    • Romulus

      This Sunday has special meaning. ( 😉 ) The original concept of Easter being a germanic holy celebration.
      I think I’ll release a red balloon.

      • Romulus

        What no comments??!!! Take it easy readers. I wasn’t knocking Christians. Even if the resurrection was joined with the spring celebration of the germanic tribes by the catholic church should not detract from the sacred customs.
        Knowledge of the origins of both shouldn’t upset either.

      • HamletsGhost

        Not neunundneunzig?

        • Romulus

          No, not the anti nuclear protests.
          Just one ballon for Eostre ,the ancient pagan spring celebration of the germanic tribes to honor the goddess Ostara.
          I also go to church.

    • mobilebay

      Sure sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

  • trouble maker

    Mr. Saleh will not be the first Arab elected in this or any of the next ten elections, the Germans are smart enough to realize that an Arab in power will be more interested in helping Arabs than anyone else !

  • IstvanIN

    They are going to regret having torn down that wall.

    • JSS

      Good point Istvan. I find it telling that it’s the ex communist countries of Europe that are in fact the healthiest racially and culturally. Ironically by keeping out the western filth and decadence it may be that in the long run a country was better off on the eastern side of the iron curtain.

  • At the end of WWII the Allies, including the US were quite interested in seeing that Germany, a nation of uncivilized war mongers in their eyes, would be permanently miscegenated out of existence to prevent WWIII. The excuse the puppet German governments gave was labor shortages, thus necessitating the influx of Turks, et. al. There were also the massive numbers of black GIs available to unload on German women.

    So, here we are. The chickens have come home to roost, and Germany of yore no longer exists. The problem is we fought the wrong enemy in WWII. The real enemy was communism.

    • IstvanIN

      Too bad they murder General Patton.

      • RisingReich

        Most stilll believe the lie he got sick in a hospital and died…and you are Nazi for even questioning this victors version of history. /sarc

    • Pro_Whitey

      WWII – making the world safe for communism. Ugh.

      • bilderbuster

        Communism is Jewish.

        • Romulus

          Roosevelt is the Dutch (?) 😉 equivalent of the surname ROSENFELD

  • Romulus

    My heart cries for the millions dead on both sides of the pond who owe their ancestral origins to north and central europe. The first exodus of middle eastern sc*m that transformed europe through subversion, created the commie party in eastern europe, brought filth and entropy to our people and then allow their cousins to finish off the job, should find a cozy place in damnation.
    I have no words to describe the tragedy that europe has become. Oh, but that my ancestors of the meditteranean had finished the job they started in the east.
    There are 600,000 of Germania’s descendants rotting in squatter camps in south africa at the hands of low IQ simians. I’m beyond rational thought for the treachery perpetrated by the global banking,hollywood, wall st, academia,lawyer clan.

    May they find their hearts again to muster the will to make their stand.

  • GenX Antipodean

    Democracy means, what ever group breeds the most prolifically, takes it all in the end.
    Death by corrosion.

    • IstvanIN

      Two wolves and a lamb deciding what to have for dinner.

  • Martel

    Never forgive, never forget. What they have done to my homeland.

    • Romulus

      I wont.
      I will say a silent prayer this Sunday. (Which is literally a pagan holy day)

  • Bartek

    What a joke of an article from Spielgel
    There are no Germans from Turkish or Arab families.
    Being German is not a club you join it is an ethnicity.
    You know like being Turkish or Arab.

    • ShermanTMcCoy

      I don’t read “Der Spiegel.” Typical leftist crap.

  • bilderbuster

    My blood boils everytime I hear propaganda about the “Greatest Generation”.
    They allied themselves with Churchill and Stalin and bombed and burned German civilians to horrible deaths and destroyed Germany down to it’s foundations.
    Then the occupiers gave us what barely passes for Western Europe today in the name of freedom.
    The “Greatest Generation” destroyed Western Europe and possibly ruined it forever.

    • mobilebay

      If the Germans of the WW 11 era thought the same way as you, perhaps they should have turned down the Marshall Plan and all the help that the US (made up of many of that “terrible” greatest generation). provided to rebuild a nation whose military were sadistic, brutal thugs. If you’re not familiar with concentration camps, ask the descendants of the Jews, or other family members of the six million the Nazi’s exterminated. Their ghosts could tell horrific tales of Dachau, Bergen-Belsen, Auschwitz, Buchenwald and Treblinka. The US lost many young men who helped to win a war against one of the most evil people the world has ever known – Adolph Hitler. If you really believe the men of the “greatest generation” ruined your country, perhaps you need to study a little history of that era to see who the good guys really were.

      • RisingReich

        Prehaps you should turn off the history channel, put down the books wtitten by the Tribe, and start interviewing real vets who lived it. There were good men on both sides asswipe. You equate all Germans with evil? Six million huh? Tomorrow it will be seven. Ever wonder how some many of the “survivors” are still alive screaming victimization?

        One of the “good guys” was my Father, and he sure as heck isn’t so absolutist about the outcome.

        Check your programming.

        • mobilebay

          You may be a scholar, but you;re certainly no gentleman. You are known by your language and your’s negates anything you have to say.

          • RisingReich

            You are right. I could have spent time being more colorful, but sometimes one word is such a great fit you have to just go with it.

      • bilderbuster

        In your own confused way you are admitting that WWll was fought because of Jews. The “Greatest Generation” was lied to and told Germany was going to take over the entire world (even though Germany didn’t possess a single colony) starting with the British and French Empires declaring war on Germany over a border dispute with Poland over former German lands occupied with German people.
        Since you bought up the hoax of the twentieth century and Auschwitz please explain the sign change that claimed 4 million mostly Jews were gassed there and now reads 1.5 million people of different nationalities died there. At the very least you would have to admit that those sadistic, brutal German thugs spared us 2.5 million Jewish horrific tales and Jewish ghost stories.
        Oh yeah. Your good guys knew they were dropping fire bombs on civilian women, children and old men in their homes nightly for 5 1/2 years and killed millions of them.
        When the war was over and Poland and all of Eastern Europe was in Stalin’s bloody hands so the a new excuse like your’s was needed.

        • Romulus

          The hoax of the twentieth century by arthur butz!
          Debating the holocaust by thomas dalton.
          The international jew by henry ford.
          Martin luther’s famous book, the ______ and their lies
          The synagouge of satan- i forget the author

          • bilderbuster

            The Holocaust Hoax Exposed by Victor Thorn is a recent book and there’s an interview with him with the same title as the book on YouTube that is almost funny when he points out in so many ways how impossibly stupid one has to be to believe the Hoax.
            Nazi Gassings is one of many sites true believers in the Holocaust religion should visit.

          • captainc

            Talmud – bunch of [email protected]$%”
            Bible – Paul the [email protected]”§$%, the usurper the mighty Roman Empire.

          • Ella

            More people died of disease namely, and then starvation both in and outside of concentration camps. The Germans were also put in camps after WW2 when govts. ordered mass deportations, and they also died in very large numbers from disease, about million plus.

        • Romulus

          At the time of the great war, a full 45% of the entire state of Pennsylvania was GERMAN.
          IF we gaze around the country (USA) at it’s inception to 1853, from the Midwest to the Scot-Irish South , from Texas to the northeast, overwhelmingly you will find the same haplo group. The German language lost by only 1 vote to become Americas spoken language.
          German immigration was halted as a result.

          • bilderbuster

            Those are my people.
            I do have some debatable French/German from Alsace Lorraine too.

      • wildfirexx

        Not to dishonor the number of unfortunate ordinary Jewish people that died in the holocaust, along with many other millions of non-Jewish victims, that met the same fate.
        But some say, that the elite upper Jewish Zionists (similar to who controls the purse strings in the west today) brought it on themselves.
        Maybe you should listen to Benjamin Freedman’s speech, and get a different perspective…on why the Germans were so upset with the Jewish people at the time!
        Whether you liked Hitler or not, he was probably the last Great White Hope for Mankind.

      • Garrett Brown

        6 million! Exactly 6 million Jews! Oh the horror!

        • jeffaral

          In fact the exact figure is 6.666.666. It’s just a coincidence the 6 is a cabalistic number!

      • jeffaral

        Mr Mobile: Your 100% brainwashed opinion about Adolf is diametrically opposed to mine: He was the greatest man ever. Anyway thanks to the Americans and the British for helping the good guy Stalin and the commies to destroy Western civilisation.

      • Tim

        My Old Man was a decorated Battle of The Atlantic Veteran. He said that both sides would lob shells and then life jackets. He always felt sorry for the Pacific War veterans that they did not have the luxury of engaging an honorable and humane enemy…

      • HamletsGhost

        Not familiar with the concentration camps? Impossible in this modern Amerika. Hardly a day goes by without us being reminded of those camps and the poor, poor innocent people who suffered so heroically in them.
        One of the first things I “learned” about the big H was that the Germans boiled the fat off their victims’ bodies to make soap. It wasn’t till many years later I learned that the diabolical soap story was false. It was the first of many lurid and gruesome stories that turned out to be lies.
        Drop the prop. It’s way past its sell-date.

        • What, you mean some atrocities supposedly committed an ocean away 70 years ago are no longer relevant to modern Americans? Surely you jest!

      • Kalashnikov

        Good guys like our staunch allies the Soviets? You know, the ones that murdered at LEAST 20,000,000 people before WWII even started? That enslaved 100,000,000 people for 50 years as a direct result of the “Greatest Generations” actions? You spit on all of their graves.

    • saxonsun

      Come now. You have conveniently “forgotten” the Blitz. What do you think your innocent Germans were doing to the English, inviting them for beer and bratwurst? The English simply gave back what they had been given. How dare you, sir, deliberately neglect the truth.

      • curri

        The Brits were bombing German cities before “the Blitz.” It was ineffectual, but AH felt compelled to retaliate.

      • I’m very close to someone who bombed German cities from American planes. The fact that he murdered countless civilians, including women and children, haunts him to this day. Your agitprop rings hollow to those of us who have actually spoken in depth with surviving veterans of that horrible war.

        • Pat

          My mother’s family lived under German bombing in 1940. Total destruction of the city centre, 1,700 dead, 4,500 injured. So many bombs fell we are still finding them now. Saxonsun does not ‘ring hollow’ to me. It took decades to eradicate the destruction, I don’t need the words of others, I can remember it as a child.

      • bilderbuster

        Germany let the British forces be evacuated at Dunkirk rather that have them suffer a humiliating defeat, Britain was bombing German cities for months before Hitler retaliated. He even sacrificed his most faithful lieutenant “The Knight of the Sky” Rudolf Hess at one last attempt at peace with the warmonger Churchill.
        Most importantly, it was Britain who declared war on Germany, not the other way around!
        How can you compare the Blitz with the firebombing of Dresden, Hamburg, Berlin and practically every German city with every historic place, museum, cathedrals even the zoos targeted, burned and demolished to rubble and corpses?
        Germany didn’t sack and pillage France and even let France keep it’s fleet after the armistice unlike what the French demanded from Germany in 1918 (Churchill later sunk the French Fleet in port when France declared it’s neutrality). The German air force was never a match for the British let alone when America could instantly replace all of it’s losses.
        Germany didn’t target Buckingham palace, The British Museum, The Tower of London, Big Ben and only once did anything German hit Westminster Abby by accident and the only damage was a small broken window.
        So yes I’m sick of hearing the British who squandered their empire complaining about their bloody hardships too.
        Churchill should have listened when Hitler told him the solution to the India problem.
        Hitler said “Shoot Gandhi.”
        Had Britain stayed out of the war or had Hitler and Germany won the war one thing is without a doubt.
        Europe wouldn’t be in peril of a Third World conquest without a shot being fired in it’s defense and no one would have heard of the term Londonistan.

        • Romulus

          Do not reply to lady rainbow. She has outed herself for the aberration she is!
          In the tradition of J.E., It is best to ignore her, lest you get into a knock down dragged out fight and your comments get deleted.
          Leave her alone and let her go back to her likher cabinet!!

  • So CAL Snowman

    Well done America, well done.

  • RisingReich

    We did the world a great disservice by removing Hitler.
    Time is beginning to teach us.

  • Ella

    Is Berlin becoming the Chicago of Germany? I knew that there were fewer ethnic Germans in Berlin when I read, “Some 80 percent of the children are from families that survive on social welfare.” Yep, that is NOT German!

    • OnGuard

      Wirklich wahr!

  • Bill Moore


    I was in Berlin in the early 1960s. At that time, Washington DC paid German couples in Berlin $7,500 to have their first baby, $5,000 for the second baby, and $2,500 for their third baby.

    There wasn’t much work available in Berlin at that time, and most normal people would have left.

    I’m just stating this because most folks from the USA don’t know the facts.

    Bill Moore

    • curri

      That’s because West Berlin (100 miles inside the Iron Curtain) was a battleground in the Cold War. See the Berlin Blockade of 1948 and the construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961. West Berlin was subsidized as a showplace of Western capitalism and the Germans were just pawns.

  • Romulus

    From Austria, but which of course was part of Germania when my ancestors ruled the world.

  • Romulus

    All this back and forth of us whites on a W N website makes me sick! J.E. Admires the global banking clan that hates us, whites are adopting blacks and Chinese babies and throwing theirs in the trash. Muslims are rolling over Europe, raping and killing at will. The Irish and the English still hate each other. Americas elite is instigating a conflict with Russia, implementing a police state, orchestrating a massive third world invasion.

    Are kids fornicate with everything that walks, go on spring break debauchery field trips in spring advocate for brain deadening drugs, we’re broke, we’re losing our land, identity, culture and history and possibly our bloodlines,

    If we can’t ever recognize our own true origins of whites and our common bonds and leave mistakes in the past, HOW IN THE H*ll ARE WE GOING TO FORGE A FUTURE TOGETHER, WHEN ALL THE WORLD IS OUR ENEMY!!
    ENGLISH IS A GERMANIC LANGUAGE and genetic evidence proves beyond all doubt that the true celts are nigh identical in composition to the Germanic/Norse.

    I read the same google entry Btw. Right, all federal laws. Press 1 for Spanish press 2 for English. Exactly the same parallel! So many Germans we’re emigrating that it would have ripped the balance of Majority Rule.

    Hence, German immigration was halted as a result!

  • Romulus

    “tipped” the balance (typo)