Black Briton Aims to Be Estonian MEP

Damien McGuinness, BBC News, April 21, 2014

In October Abdul Turay made political history. By winning a seat on Tallinn city council, he became the first black person to hold political office in predominantly white Estonia.

In next month’s European Parliament elections he wants to make another breakthrough, and become a Social Democrat MEP for Estonia. But this time it’s not his race which would make headlines, but his nationality. Mr Turay is British.

Abdul Turay

Abdul Turay

“My aim is to accelerate the process of European integration,” he said.

In the European Parliament elections EU citizens vote in the country where they are living–and for many that is not their native country. But it’s less common for non-citizens to run for political office. Estonia currently has six MEPs.

“I don’t look like everyone else here,” Mr Turay said, “so I’m visible proof that European integration can work”.

He is a journalist whose father moved to Britain as part of the post-World War Two “Windrush Generation”–black people from Britain’s imperial territories drawn to jobs in the UK. Five years ago he moved to Tallinn with his Estonian wife.

Bigger issues

He speaks Estonian, but not perfectly, so often uses English in political debates. Being British though has not harmed his chances with voters.

Estonia is an enthusiastic member of the European Union, with the West often viewed as an essential bulwark against the former imperial power Russia, on Estonia’s eastern border. And London is a popular destination for Estonian entrepreneurs.

The issue of race however is more complicated. Estonia is overwhelmingly white and it’s rare to see black people in public life.

Last year the leader of a small far-right party campaigned for Estonia to remain a “white country”, creating controversy with the slogan “if you’re black, go back”. And earlier this year a rival politician hurled a racist insult at Mr Turay.

Mr Turay is reluctant to focus on identity politics, saying that Estonia is not necessarily more racist than other countries. His aim is to tackle the main political issues affecting Estonian society, such as a growing gap between rich and poor.

One of the main concerns for Baltic voters in these European elections is security. Estonians are alarmed by the unrest in nearby Ukraine.

But “security” means different things to different people: to ethnic Estonians it means more support from Nato; to Russian speakers here it means protection against possible violent “retribution” from Estonian extremists angry at the Kremlin’s actions. And to the business community it means ensuring that foreign investors don’t get scared off by fears that Estonia is suddenly no longer safe.

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  • Daniel Schmuhl

    Is anywhere safe from diversity?

    • Andross

      More accurately, is there any place safe from “the Tribe”?

      • Daniel Schmuhl

        I like calling them merchants more.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    The issue of race however is more complicated. Estonia is overwhelmingly white and it’s rare to see black people in public life.


    Good. Let Estonia keep its ethno-racial identity and remain overwhelmingly white forever. Their resistance to all globalist propaganda by elevating the national welfare over the needs of foreign invaders is the sign of a healthy racial instinct. Keep all blacks and other third world foreigners out! Do not commit demographic suicide!

    Multiculturalism and massive third world immigration are forms of collective mental sickness. The only cure is permanent civilizational death.

  • IstvanIN

    This is truly sad, demented, tragic and sick. Not only is that bowling ball in the picture not British, there should be NO blacks, or any non-whites in Estonia. So estonia escaped the USSR to flush itself down the toilet? What good is freedom if you use it to destroy yourself?

    • So CAL Snowman

      Hitler was right my man. You think Estonia would go over to the dark side if Germany had won World War 2?

      • Zimriel

        Estonia? No. They’d have been united with the Finns most likely.
        But then they’d have to hope that the Nazis weren’t going to revive the Teutonic Knights and start slaughtering Balts (again). Like they slaughtered Poles.

        • bbshaw

          What manner of person or tribe would purposely interject comments to divide white folk from each other.

          • gemjunior

            I really applaud your perception. This kind of nonsense goes on all the time – whites throwing insults at other whites about historical issues or insults that cause divisiveness in our race and religion. I agree that there are those who have an agenda, as well.

    • benvad

      Return to Russia, it’s your only hope.

  • IstvanIN

    By the way are there any White politicians in the Congo’s government?

    • benvad

      They can’t handle it because we’re liable to cause mischief. What I mean by mischief is, bringing about honesty, rule of law, clarity, order on and on etc….

      It wily just pandemonium!

  • better_times

    Estonia is not a country which provides a generous social safety net so it’s doubtful that “Euopean Integration” will appeal to the “integrators.”

  • So CAL Snowman

    I can’t wait to read tomorrow’s news : “Rufus McBlackey is being posthumously honored in the National Rotunda by the Obama administration for being the first african to whistle a tune while he worked.”

    Details at eleven.

  • David Ashton

    “Estonian wife”.

  • 1stworlder

    He gets nothing but affirmative action and says he is proof integration can work?

  • Estonia has joined the ranks of the countries suckered into multiculturalism by the globalists’ empty promises of economic prosperity. Yep, take a bunch of muds from the thurd world and you’re gonna get aid, and all that cheap mud labor is gonna make you rich.

    We know who the liars are that tell these tall tales. They’ve been kicked out of various countries throughout history. It doesn’t stop their lying ways though.

    • MBlanc46

      They get to be cheap labor in Germany, Britain, and France.

  • Zimriel

    What arrogance. I am not in the slightest bit Finno-Ugric and it would not even occur to me to represent a Finno-Ugric nation in a parliament.

  • MBlanc46

    “Estonia is overwhelmingly white and it’s rare to see black people in public life.”

    It’s preposterous that any blacks should ever be seen in Estonia. I mean, how many Estonians do you see in, say, Chad?

    • better_times

      You might meet an Estonian in Chad but they wouldn’t have the presumption to school the people of Chad in how to run their country.

      • IstvanIN

        An Estonian in Chad is probably in a boiling pot.

  • Ella

    His ticket into Estonia and the politics was a White Estonian wife. I also see many Whites (male or female) marry into Latinos families; they look so out-numbered at social gatherings along with their sorrowful facial expressions. Whites are making difficult mistakes, and we’ll basically have no countries at the end.

  • kjh64

    There is no such thing as a “British Black”. He may have citizenship in Britain but he can never be ethnically British any more than I could be ethnically Japanese.

  • italian guy

    This just shows that it’s an invasion not some kind of “racial justice” as liberals want people to believe. These things happen all around Europe, blacks trying to get elected in European governments and their policies are always the same: open borders, unlimited non-white immigration and forced integration.
    They can’t fool anyone, bunch of anti-white scum.

  • superlloyd3 coon

    Not British, not European, not Christian, not caucasian. Why the hell is a useless, parasitical ballonhead being voted into any kind of office in Estonia?

  • jeffaral

    The Russians and Tartars in Estonia elected this black guy as a revenge against Estonians. A few yeas ago a statue of Lenin was removed in Estonia and the Russian minority went on a rampage similar to black riots in Amerika. Estonia should have deported trouble-making Russians a long time ago. Estonia for Estonians!

    • Martel

      Hear hear.

  • Chris Granzow XI

    “I don’t look like everyone else here,” Mr Turay said, “so I’m visible proof that European integration can work”.

    Lol. How ironic. Since when does “European integration” mean electing black people from far-away lands?

  • scutum

    Get me some a dem blondes