With the bells of Notre Dame heralding a glorious Easter Sunday morning, a tourist uses a cash point a short stroll from the ancient Paris cathedral.

Within seconds he is surrounded by an aggressive gang of Roma sneak thieves, who make no secret of what they want from him.

Feeling hands on his back and arms, the middle age man turns around in horror to see the utterly fearless gang casually trying to help themselves to his money.


Such scenes have become so common in the French capital that police last week called for the ‘systematic eviction’ of Roma.

Groups of thieves, many of them teenagers, swarm around the main tourist landmarks day and night.

‘They respect nobody–they just want money or anything else they can steal,’ said another tourist who witnessed the incident at the cashpoint between Notre Dame and the Louvre museum, in the 1st arrondissement.

‘It might have been Easter, but the gangs were everywhere,’ she said. ‘One minute the man was making a cash withdrawal, the next he was a crime victim.

‘If the police come anywhere near the Roma, they just laugh and then run off. Areas are becoming completely lawless.’

Paris is the most popular tourist destination in the world, and the British make up the city’s biggest visitor group, but its battle against the Roma is a losing one.

Charity and human rights groups were furious last week when a leaked police memo called for the ‘systematic eviction’ of Roma from the centre of the city.

It followed the country’s Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, saying that the travelling communities of mainly Romanians and Bulgarians ‘cannot integrate’ and should be deported.

A spokesman for Charity group Catholic Help described the note as a ‘scandal’, saying that it ‘stigmatised a poor community’ and amounted to ‘racial profiling’- something which is illegal in secular France.

But other Paris officials argued that Roma are behind most of the crime in the city, involving themselves in everything from aggressive begging to muggings and burglaries.

Gangs of young Roma, including women and children, can regularly be seen harassing tourists.

Many of the Roma beggars who congregate around cash points and banks have very young children with them, including babies.

Most of them live in large shanty towns on the outskirts of Paris, but more and more are setting up new camps in central parks and squares.

Jean-Pierre Colombies, spokesman for the SNOP-SCSI police union, said Roma were constantly moving around Paris.

‘It’s musical chairs’ said Mr Colombies. ‘We chase the Roma from one place to another, from one arrondissement to the next.’

Even Stephane Le Foll, spokesman for France’s Socialist Government, appeared to back the police, saying that extremely poor communities living rough in Paris made ‘everybody extremely nervous’.

Mr Le Foll said: ‘We’re obliged to regulate all that, to be clear on all that, not to consider that nothing has happened.’

Prime Minister Valls has continued a policy started by former president Nicolas Sarkozy of razing Roma camps, and trying to deport as many of their occupants as possible.

This has led to protests from a number of human rights groups, including Amnesty International, which points out that most Roma in France are Romanian or Bulgarian and as such are EU citizens with the right to live and work in the country.

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  • BonV.Vant

    The French should evict them from the whole of France! Let the traitorous subversive groups express their outrage, they can be forced to JOIN the roma. A good destination would be the middle of the atlantic ocean.

    • Magician

      They never will

      If they do they will be called a racist

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    The Roma are the n****rs of Europe. As their population grows, either through migration or natural increase, everything around them is completely destroyed. Those people are truly the “scourge of god.”

    • The Final Solution

      Pestilence should be eradicated.

  • IstvanIN

    There are none so blind as those who will not see. The gypsies are a major problem, and they are not French. The French should not have to deal with non-French criminals. Any society is obligated to deal with its own miscreants, odd balls, etc. but not someone else’s. Deport.

    • Roninf9

      ‘Any society is obligated to deal with its own miscreants, odd balls, etc. but not someone else’s. Deport’

      We should deal with our miscreants by deporting them to live with the Gypsies.

  • james AZ

    adolf hilter was right about gypsies and they still have problems for 68 years, after adolf hilter’s death. even jews still have problems over the world too….well

    • BonV.Vant

      time is vindicating him on many counts

      • Andross

        Who can deny that every single problem facing the West today wouldn’t have arisen if Nazi Germany were still around?

        • BonV.Vant

          Cept one thing, he was rather tolerant of arabs and islam. That would have been the enemy he faced after defeating the western powers. Germany may have gone soft in it’s victory the way all nations and people go soft during times of plenty.

          • Andross

            Hitler wanted to create a New Order in Europe, the purpose of which was to protect the cultural, moral, AND genetic heritage of Western Man for the next thousand years. That is pretty much the exact opposite of the suicidal world view that is dominant today. Hitler may have tolerated arabs and islam (since supporting them weakened Britain’s influence in the mideast) but that’s not the same as letting millions move into your territory.

          • BonV.Vant

            I still have a problem with his treatment of slavs. That may have been the mistake that cost him the war. When he first invaded the USSR, many local peoples, especially the Ukrainians, greeted the German troops as liberators. His plans for the slavs was slavery and extermination. When they saw they had literally no future in the his “New World Order” that whole territory became hostile and all of the supply lines for the front then occupied the military in their safeguarding. The resistance did a great deal of damage to the German war effort by attacking those lines.

          • Andross

            That was the fatal mistake in Hitler’s policy, I agree. By the end of the war the nazis were beginning to define their struggle as “Pan-European” rather than simply “Germany over all”. But it was too little, too late.

          • Ella

            I’ve known survivors from Poland and Baltic regions, and they were not mistreated by the Nazi’s as the stories go. Being at war, no one gets good treatment. He left many Catholic Poles alone; although, Hitler had his own hate list. He probably attacked more of the Polish Nationalists, Communists and Jews. I get conflicting reports but the Polish survivors were not Germanic or even, Nazi supporters. German troops came through and just left after being fed.

          • curri

            Mostly true, but the “extermination” story was a postwar myth concocted at Nuremberg. From Hans Fritzsche’s biography, The Sword in the Scales:

            The Prosecution at Nuremberg had submitted to Bach [Bach-Zelewski] an alleged confession of Peiper’s, according to which Himmler — in the presence of Peiper and others, including Bach — had drawn up a plan by which, under cover of the military campaign, forty million Slavs were to be slaughtered. At this point Bach — as he now averred — turned indignantly to the Prosecution’s interrogator and declared that Himmler had spoken of killing “only” thirty millions. In conclusion Bach told my informant that after this admission, he could no longer deny the fact of the proposal, and had to give his evidence accordingly.
            Now, at last, we were getting near to the heart of the matter, and the former S.S. Leader from Himmler’s staff was able to put the whole story together. He remembered indeed the very occurrence on which it was founded. One evening early in 1941 Himmler and some of his cronies were sitting round the fire in the Wewelsburg; in addition to Bach and Peiper there were present Heydrich, Daluege, Obergrüppenführer Wolff, and Rauter, one of the Gestapo chiefs in Holland. Himmler spoke of an impending war in the east, which, he said, was unavoidable, the only question being when it would start and who would fire the first shot. He warned the company of the difficulty of the coming conflict and said in effect: “Germany is technically, Russia numerically, superior. The Soviet has unlimited power over its citizens and will sacrifice them without compunction: should Germany allow herself to be similarly tempted she will incur instead of strategical victory biological defeat.” Later in the evening, Himmler computed the possible casualties on both sides, and estimated that in view of their determination to resist, and taking into account epidemics and famine, the Russians’ losses might total anything up to thirty million.

            What a revelation! Himmler’s calculations of the enormous losses caused by military action and the general results of war were of course something very different from a deliberate and diabolical campaign of murder. I was reminded of Clemenceau’s “vingt millions de trop” — an expression which had been exploited by our German propaganda. But surely we had never distorted that remark beyond the bounds of reason, as this not dissimilar calculation of Himmler’s had been distorted! I could see at last how, in the hands of a determined Prosecution, Himmler’s thirty million hypothetical casualties had become metamorphosed into thirty million victims of a premeditated murder.

            Bach was not the type of man to avoid this kind of thing. His was the sort of mind peculiarly susceptible to the latest impressions it had received, and his outlook, formerly imbued with Nazi ideas, now bore the clear impress of Allied propaganda. This example of a particular piece of testimony, with its background and its sequel, might be cited as how it is possible to shift the emphasis of evidence from one point to another, and so alter its whole bearing and significance.

        • The Final Solution

          Germania would have been the greatest civilization in human history. They would have surpassed America a thousand fold.

          • White Dragon

            “NAZI’s” build racially united, 1st world, wealthy nations. (pre-WW2 Germany)

            Liberals (neo-Communists) build racially divided, crime-ridden, impoverished nations. (USA today)

            The truth is racist.

        • kjh64

          It’s not an either/or. Nazi Germany was horrible but the situation today is bad. There doesn’t have to be either.

          • Andross

            Sounds like you got the order mixed up. The situation today is horrible versus it being “manageable” back in the 1930s. The only point of contention is whether “the merchants” were parasites (the nazi view) or whether they were beneficial to the West. Now that THEY have the upper hand, we see that Hitler’s grim assessment of the situation was correct after all. Everything that is happening today vindicates the Third Reich.

          • Andross

            I think you’ve got the order mixed up. The situation today is horrible versus it being “manageable” back in the ’30s. The only point of contention is whether “the merchants” were a hostile elite feeding off the lifeblood of their host nations (the nazi view) or whether they were a harmless, persecuted minority. Now that THEY have the upperhand, we see that the Nazi’s grim assessment of the situation was correct after all. THEY are tirelessly and systematically reducing all white populations to powerless minorities in their own homelands. The fate of the West was at stake during the war (the nazis understood that). Are they not vindicated?

          • saxonsun

            He says with a smart snap of his heels.

          • HamletsGhost

            Before you dog-pile along with everyone else about how horrible Nazi Germany was, keep in mind that much of the nastiness of that regime was in direct reaction to the mass slaughter going on in the Soviet Union, the charnal house of nations in the 1930s.

            While Jews will pounce on anyone who even says a kind word edgewise about Hitler and his movement, you NEVER hear about how the Jews of the US and Europe were overwhelmingly in or sympathy with Stalin and his policies that murdered millions.

            It’s grimly amusing to me how people say they don’t want either left or right-wing authoritarianism, as is there was nothing to choose between a horribly deadly disease and its very rigorous treatment.

      • 1stworlder

        All of recorded history did the same

    • blight14

      He warned us of many threats, we failed to heed his wisdom.

  • ncpride

    Charity and human rights groups were furious last week when a leaked police memo called for the ‘systematic eviction’ of Roma from the centre of the city.

    Let them be furious. Funny how these bleeding heart type groups show absolutely no concern for the victims of these people, as if being poor gives them the right to violate others rights. Loony liberals have the same insane mindset, but people are quickly becoming fed up with it all.

    • Order out of chaos. They need the chaos to impose their brand of “order” on us.

  • Ed

    Catholic Charities and other human rights groups should be made to put up a bond if they want to protect Gypsies. Any victim of a Gypsy would be reimbursed from the bond. I suspect their tune will change after a week or so under such a policy.

  • HKopp

    Where I lived in Spain, Gypsies were not allowed to attend public schools. I was fine with that, as I had four kids in those schools. Some parts of Spain have not yet been affected by the PC virus, thank God.

  • So CAL Snowman

    Look at the wonderful graffiti on both ATMs. No matter where they go, the non – Whites just can’t help vandalizing and destroying everything they see. This ugly graffiti is everywhere these days in the formerly White West. You can’t even go to a gas station in So Cal without the pumps being vandalized and carved up. Hell I was at Morton’s the other night and I had to complain to the manager about graffiti in one of the stalls. Graffiti . . . at Morton’s.

  • Truthseeker

    Could we set up some sort of Roma reservation and forbid them from leaving it?

    • Conrad

      In Africa.

    • Moooochelle

      Or send them back to India where they came from. Maybe we can make it sound PC by calling it “saving their homeland” or “protecting their unique culture from colonialist oppression” or some other baloney.

  • Luca

    Well, it looks like that EU citizenship has been a made-to-order blessing for Roma culture. They can roam throughout the EU and can’t legally be evicted. Pillage in one country and just move onto the next.

    • Людмил Иванов

      They call that an “adventure”. They spend an entire year pillaging and then live from the loot until next time they feel adventurous.

    • Stan D Mute

      Problem is, NOBODY is being evicted. Muslims control large swathes of France, England, Holland, Sweden, Norway, etc and more are coming every day. Sub-Saharan Afros are also invading just as fast at they can get across the desert and then the Med. NONE are being sent back despite the epidemic of crime that these invaders bring along with them. The Roma are a pretty small problem in Europe compared to the Arabs and Afros.

  • I think violence would have been warranted to defend his property. A few pimp slaps and an elbow or two for the boys should have done it.

  • JackKrak

    Easy for me to say that I would start slamming heads into walls and throwing people around but, no, seriously, I would start slamming heads into walls and throwing people around.

    • Людмил Иванов

      They pick on the weak and elderly, I have never seen or heard of them pick a fight with a man. They also always attack in groups, whenever they are alone or only 2-3, one look and they run away. The police protects them, if you beat one of them that is trying to mug you, the police would probably arrest you.

  • Sometimes it takes the death penalty, administered informally by a victim, to teach muds simple lessons like “Thou shalt not steal.” Zimmerman delivered that lesson to a punk, but I’m guessing the French have outlawed handguns. But there’s lots of quality cutlery made in France. Once a few gypsies bleed, they’ll go back to their cons and frauds.

    The ones in the pic look Mexican and are acting similarly.

  • David Ashton

    “Thou shalt not steal” used to be in the Catechism handbook.

    • Its been “updated” to reflect modern moral “advancement.” Now it reads, “Thou shalt not steal unless as a member of an oppressed minority.”

    • tlk244182

      That was prior to Vatican 2. But Good Pope John sat God down and had a talk with Him, and explained how respect for private property is nothing more than institutional racism, and mean-spirited to boot. Since then, He’s really toned down all of that old fashioned “thou shalt not” stuff.

  • FozzieT

    “Charity and human rights groups were furious last week when a leaked police memo called for the ‘systematic eviction’ of Roma from the centre of the city.”

    I’m so sick of these “human rights” groups. What about the human rights of the civilized, law-abiding, founding stock of a nation to live a peaceful life, free of thieving parasites who prey upon them?

    • IstvanIN

      The law-abiding have no rights in the New World Order, just the thugs and their masters.

  • truuuuth

    france has a lot going on, a lot of good stuff they are doing to combat this type of thing along w the muslim problem. im mainly talking about the actual french pop not so much the government

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Someone else just got Gypped. A good reason for that word.

    • The Final Solution

      Gypped and Jewed, two of my favorites.

      • blight14

        If only they were mere slogans……

  • MBlanc46

    “Charity and human rights groups were furious last week when a leaked
    police memo called for the ‘systematic eviction’ of Roma from the centre
    of the city.”

    This is absurd. They should be systematically evicting them from France.

  • Capt. Bryant

    Time for some war games in France just send in the Légion étrangère

  • Roninf9

    ‘which points out that most Roma in France are Romanian or Bulgarian and
    as such are EU citizens with the right to live and work in the country.’

    The EU is an evil, undemocratic, civilization wrecking, Globo-Marxist monster that MUST be destroyed.

    • Ella

      I’m not sure if they are worse than the US government since we had near 50 years of forced peasant immigration that totally changed the US landscape forever.

  • bilderbuster

    The Germans took care of the Gypsies and for the first time in their history they actually had to work and did anyone ever thank the Germans for doing them this favor?
    Of course not!

    • The Final Solution

      The Germans sure did wipe the grin off their faces!

      • BonV.Vant

        If at first one doesn’t succeed, try try again

        • Ella

          Are there any pro-Germanic sites left on-line or blocked by their “democratic” governments?

  • libertarian1234

    They would fit in nicely in any of the US urban areas like Camden, Chicago, Newark or Philadelphia.

  • The Final Solution

    Why do these “charity” groups even get the time of day? Who the hell cares what they have to say about it. The “human rights” of the French come first and there shouldn’t be any discussion of it. All it would take is 5 or 6 guys, all armed with bats, waiting in hiding for these gypsies to strike. When they do, you settle the score and leave them with something they won’t soon forget. Soon it is THEY who will be afraid to show their faces.

    • kikz2

      i remb, in the 80’s, there was a volunteer group in New Orleans that patrolled the French Quarter and made it more safe for idiot tourists…. the Guardian Angels. The Parisians should adopt such tactics. I have no idea as to what’s become of the GA in NOLA though…

    • Roninf9

      ‘All it would take is 5 or 6 guys, all armed with bats, waiting in hiding for these gypsies to strike. ‘

      If they did that the full armed might of the French state would come down on their heads like an anvil. The Gypsies are protected by the police, the courts, and the government. It goes to show who really controls the French government and it ain’t the French people.

      • The Final Solution

        I suspected that was probably the case but these gypsies are so brazen with their crimes and do so with such impunity that it might be time for the French to be brazen in response. Given the comments from French police it seems they are not in favor of the gypsies. Any talk from American police about removing Latinos or blacks would result in riots so they are obviously in a different mindset which is key to any meaningful action against these invaders.

      • Stan D Mute

        Only if it were true (white) Frenchmen who took the law into their hands. If it were the muzzies, the cops would be too afraid to even write up a report about it.

      • HamletsGhost

        The problem with such grass roots-driven efforts is that they would get a furious reaction from the top level. Just like when some volunteer militiamen tried to patrol the Mexican border a few years ago, the whole might of the federal gov’t pounced on them. The same gov’t that whines there’s nothing they can do to stop illegals sure had no problem going after legal citizens.
        It’s like fighting a war with infantry, but the infantry has no logistical support, airpower, artillery, or upper-level leadership. It’s all but impossible to win against such odds.. Until we get our own “heavy weapons” like media and finance into our own camp again, our efforts are for naught.


    A culling is calling

    • blight14

      it IS the only way………..the only solution.

      • BonV.Vant

        One group has sold the notion that as country is not defined by ethnicity. They sold the notion that ethnic exclusiveness is inherently evil. They did this because they benefitted by it as they did not have their own country. Now that they do have their own country, they define it by ethnicity, and they want it to be ethnically exclusive. They correctly state that this is necessary for the safety and well being of their people. Well, this has always been the case. Ethnic exclusiveness for a nation of people has always been the condition that provides the most security for that people . The “ideal” of INCLUSIVENESS has proven to be a great evil.

  • John

    Those charity should me made to compensate any one robed by those Roma . That might give them pause for thought.

  • Nimadan

    Actual Romanians and Bulgarians will not be offended by anything Paris
    decides to do with the Romani as long as the French don’t send them back.

  • BulgAryan

    “Romanians and Bulgarians” in one breath is becoming a code word for gypsies, just as “youths” for blacks. The White Romanians and Bulgarians are racially aware and have nothing to do with these stinking, stealing packs of untermenschen.

  • kikz2

    isn’t not just the roma, it’s the muzzies too… and they also love to riot and burn stuff…

    • BulgAryan

      Many gypsies are muslim and many more are being converted. Their best and brightest are given scholarships in Saudi Arabia and Jordania and turn whole neighborhoods into Sharia zones, as the recent court process against the Pazardzhik imams proves. They are one of the conduits for the Jihad on White Europe.

      • kikz2

        good info BulgAryan, i should’ve been more precise, in stating N. African Muzzies, have long been a problem there. My Parisian neighbor regularly laments France’s colonization of N. Africa then allowing their immigration back into France. Most won’t learn the language and have no nationalist loyalty to France. I told her we have the same problem, just on a smaller scale due to larger geography…..

  • model1911

    I would like to hear from Spartacus on these events.

    • I miss his (heavily filtered) comments as well. Spartacus was the sort of guy I’d like to take fishing and then grill the fish in the evening while drinking homebrew and talking about the world. It pains me that he is banished, and while one of the moderators explained it all to me, it still hurts. I miss him.

      I also miss Mr. Engelmann. While he was wrong a lot of the time, and often a one-trick pony, he was useful, even as a “Don’t Do This” reminder.

      • Ella

        Mr. Engelmann broke up the “think tank” even if his comments were out of the norm on this site. Was he banned too? Spartacus made some comments at the end that did not fit the blogs, but then again, we all say some comments that can be “off the topic” or “spontaneous.”

      • DNA Explains It All

        Spartacus is banned? Sorry to inflame but could I ask a readers digest explanation?

  • jeffaral

    I totally support Gypos ruining the touristic, upscale districts of Paris: Now the rich cosmopolitan Parisien bourgeoise will have to face what the French workers have been enduring fo decades.

    • It pains me to agree with you, but until those with money and power feel the sting of Glorious Diversity, nothing will change.

  • Alec Smart

    Ship them to Africa. Over there the roma might actually improve things.

  • Ella

    “Groups of thieves, many of them teenagers, swarm around the main tourist landmarks day and night.” Sadly, Whites are putting up with these annoyance and dangers everywhere. Looking at European and American social conditions, history repeats itself as half the Whites deny the truths that multi-cult does NOT work. And these people supposed to be our future workers, oh yeah right???????

  • Whirlwinder

    The elite “leadership” of France so loves Islam in their country! They act like they haven’t a clue about the chaos created by the Muslims. I really do not know what drives these so called leaders. It cannot be called love of country, for their decisions are destroying their country.

    • HamletsGhost

      They love their country alright. It’s just not the same country they live in.

  • Reverend Bacon

    I once got swarmed by these people, and a friend was pickpocketed of his wallet and passport. I grabbed one by the shirt front as she stuck her hand in my pocket (which was empty) and I waved her around like a rag doll, yelling right in her face at her to give back my friend’s stuff. They thought I was crazy (she couldn’t have been more than 8 years old) and they were genuinely afraid I was going to end her. They gave back his stuff, and what would have become a logistical nightmare (replacing the passport) became only a moderate inconvenience and a great story.

    I suspect that if that happened today: (1) I wouldn’t have shown such restraint; and (2) I’d be the one arrested.

  • HamletsGhost

    Whenever Europeans ask me why blacks are so “discriminated against” in the USA, I simply tell them: “The blacks are to us what the Gypsies are to you”.

    Instant understanding results.

  • Stan D Mute

    Oh, I don’t know about that. I’d put the Africans at the top of the list with gypsies coming in at third behind the Muslims.

  • Stan D Mute

    How interesting that in France as in England, the Roma can be denounced and calls made for their deportation. Meanwhile, ANY observation or comment about Afros or Arab Muslims, a FAR worse problem both in terms of violent criminal predation and in terms of population numbers, will get you hauled off to jail. You can complain loudly when a Roma mob picks your pocket, but if an Afro rapes your wife or daughter you must remain silent or YOU get locked up.