A Star Player Accused, and a Flawed Rape Investigation

Walt Bogdanich, New York Times, April 16, 2014

Early on the morning of Dec. 7, 2012, a freshman at Florida State University reported that she had been raped by a stranger somewhere off campus after a night of drinking at a popular Tallahassee bar called Potbelly’s.

As she gave her account to the police, several bruises began to appear, indicating recent trauma. Tests would later find semen on her underwear.

For nearly a year, the events of that evening remained a well-kept secret until the woman’s allegations burst into the open, roiling the university and threatening a prized asset: Jameis Winston, one of the marquee names of college football.

Three weeks after Mr. Winston was publicly identified as the suspect, the storm had passed. The local prosecutor announced that he lacked the evidence to charge Mr. Winston with rape. The quarterback would go on to win the Heisman Trophy and lead Florida State to the national championship.

In his announcement, the prosecutor, William N. Meggs, acknowledged a number of shortcomings in the police investigation. In fact, an examination by The New York Times has found that there was virtually no investigation at all, either by the police or the university.

The police did not follow the obvious leads that would have quickly identified the suspect as well as witnesses, one of whom videotaped part of the sexual encounter. After the accuser identified Mr. Winston as her assailant, the police did not even attempt to interview him for nearly two weeks and never obtained his DNA.

The detective handling the case waited two months to write his first report and then prematurely suspended his inquiry without informing the accuser. By the time the prosecutor got the case, important evidence had disappeared, including the video of the sexual act.

“They just missed all the basic fundamental stuff that you are supposed to do,” Mr. Meggs said in a recent interview. Even so, he cautioned, a better investigation might have yielded the same result.

The case has unfolded as colleges and universities across the country are facing rising criticism over how they deal with sexual assault, as well as questions about whether athletes sometimes receive preferential treatment. The Times’s examination–based on police and university records, as well as interviews with people close to the case, including lawyers and sexual assault experts–found that, in the Winston case, Florida State did little to determine what had happened.

University administrators, in apparent violation of federal law, did not promptly investigate either the rape accusation or the witness’s admission that he had videotaped part of the encounter.

Records show that Florida State’s athletic department knew about the rape accusation early on, in January 2013, when the assistant athletic director called the police to inquire about the case. Even so, the university did nothing about it, allowing Mr. Winston to play the full season without having to answer any questions. After the championship game, in January 2014, university officials asked Mr. Winston to discuss the case, but he declined on advice of his lawyer.


Mr. Winston has previously acknowledged having sex with his accuser but said it was consensual. His account has been supported by two friends from the football team who were with him that night, Chris Casher, who took the video, and Ronald Darby.

A month before the rape accusation became public, the university’s victim advocate learned that a second woman had sought counseling after a sexual encounter with Mr. Winston, according to the prosecutor’s office. The woman did not call it rape–she did not say “no.” But the encounter, not previously reported, “was of such a nature that she felt violated or felt that she needed to seek some type of counseling for her emotions about the experience,” according to Georgia Cappleman, the chief assistant state attorney, who said she had spoken with the advocate but not with the woman.


The university, after initially speaking with The Times, recently stopped doing so. A university spokeswoman, Browning Brooks, said she could not discuss specific cases because of privacy laws but issued a statement, saying that the university’s “code of conduct process has worked well for the vast majority of sexual assault cases” and has “provided victims with the emotional and procedural help they need.”

On Feb. 13, before the university stopped granting interviews, Rachel Bukanc, an assistant dean who oversees student conduct issues, said she knew of no student who had secretly videotaped sex. After The Times questioned that response, the university began an inquiry and recently charged Mr. Casher with a student-code violation for taking the video. Mr. Darby has also been cited in connection with the episode.

It would be difficult to overstate the importance of football to Florida State and its hometown. In Tallahassee, rooting for the Seminoles is a matter of identity and economy. The 2013 championship season generated millions of dollars for the athletic department and city businesses, and favorable publicity beyond measure.

Patricia A. Carroll, a lawyer for Mr. Winston’s accuser, said the police investigator who handled the case, Scott Angulo, told her that because Tallahassee was a big football town, her client would be “raked over the coals” if she pursued the case.

Officer Angulo has done private security work for the Seminole Boosters, a nonprofit organization, with nearly $150 million in assets, that is the primary financier of Florida State athletics, according to records and a lawyer for the boosters. It also paid roughly a quarter of the $602,000 salary of the university president, Eric Barron, who was recently named president of Penn State.

The Tallahassee police declined to make Officer Angulo available for an interview, but his report states that he suspended the investigation because the accuser was uncooperative, which she denies.

The department issued a statement, saying that police reports in the Winston case “document that our department took the case seriously, processed evidence and conducted a thorough investigation based on information available when the case was reported.”


Late last year, Mr. Winston’s accuser and another Florida State student filed internal-affairs complaints, charging that Tallahassee police officers had investigated them, rather than the accused, and then prematurely dropped their cases.

“My attorney’s repeated calls to Tallahassee Police Department prove that I had not dropped the case,” Mr. Winston’s accuser wrote in her Dec. 19 complaint.

Two days earlier, the other student had written, “Why did the detective insist my case was closed and refused to answer calls and emails?” She added, “I am SO ANGRY!”


Potbelly’s is a classic campus bar: big and boisterous, a place to drink, dance and mingle inside or at a tiki bar outside. A Thursday tradition, Purgatory at Potbelly’s, allows students to drink all the alcohol they want for $10 from 9 p.m. to midnight.

On Purgatory Thursday, Dec. 6, 2012, Mr. Winston’s accuser, who at 19 could not legally buy alcohol, shared at least five mixed drinks with friends, according to police records. At one point, a man she did not know grabbed her arm, pulled her close and introduced himself as Chris, a football player. He said he was looking for his roommate, and when he requested her phone number, she gave it to him. She did not recall seeing him again that night.

The woman did not appear drunk, her friends said. But after a stranger gave her a drink, she recounted, her memory became hazy and fragmented. Soon, she found herself in a taxi with three unfamiliar men, all of whom turned out to be Florida State football players.
Jameis Winston was one of them. A redshirt freshman quarterback, 6 feet 4 inches and 235 pounds, Mr. Winston had been a prize recruit, well-known in football circles but not yet a widely recognizable name.

Because of the young, combustible clientele, Potbelly’s protects itself by operating more than 30 security cameras. If something untoward happens, the cameras are there to record it. They were in position to fill in the blanks from that evening, recording how the woman came to leave without her friends, her general behavior and the face of the man who gave her the final drink.

Taxi records also contained a footprint for investigators to follow: The woman recalled that someone in the car swiped a Florida State student identification card to get a discounted fare.

After partially blacking out, the woman said, she found herself in an apartment with a man on top of her, sexually assaulting her. She said she tried unsuccessfully to push him away, but he pinned down her arms. Meanwhile, according to her account, another man walked in and told her assailant to stop. He did not. Instead, she said, he carried her into the bathroom, locked the door and continued his assault.

Afterward, the woman told investigators, the man put her on a bed, dressed her and drove her on a scooter to an intersection near her dormitory and dropped her off.

Upon returning to her room, she posted a plea online for someone to call her. Two friends did. One was Jenna Weisberg, another Florida State student.

“I was awake and I called her and she was hysterically crying,” Ms. Weisberg said. “‘I think I just got raped,’” she recalled her saying. Ms. Weisberg drove immediately to the friend’s dorm.

Ms. Weisberg said her friend was reluctant to call the police because she did not “want anybody to be mad at her.” Eventually she relented, and at 3:22 a.m., Ms. Weisberg called 911.

A campus police officer responded, listened to the accuser’s account and then drove her to the hospital for a sexual assault examination. Because the woman believed the encounter occurred off campus, a city police officer, Clayton Fallis, interviewed her next.

Soon, Officer Angulo, an investigator with the special victims unit who joined the force in 2002, arrived at the hospital and took over the case. Again the woman began to recount what had happened, until the investigator, seeing she was tired, told her to go home and come to Police Headquarters later in the day.

She returned, accompanied by a friend, Monique Kessler, who was with her at Potbelly’s, and they recounted what they had seen and heard, including the encounter with Chris, the football player.

Officer Angulo had three solid leads to identify the suspect: the name Chris, the bar’s security cameras and the cab where a student identification card had been used.

What the investigator did next–or did not do–would later confound prosecutors and muddied the outcome of the case.


Officer Angulo’s investigation was halting at best. His first report, filed more than two months after the encounter, includes no mention of trying to find Chris or looking at Potbelly’s videotapes.

Not only would Chris have been easy to find, but the police already had an investigative file that identified Chris Casher as Mr. Winston’s roommate. A little more than a week before the sexual encounter, the Tallahassee police had interviewed both men in connection with 13 damaged windows at their off-campus apartment complex, all caused by football players engaging in a long-running BB gun battle. The Florida State athletic department promised that the $4,000 in damages would be paid, and no charges were filed.

Officer Angulo did contact the cab company, without success. “The GPS units on the vehicles are not precise enough to eliminate enough cabs to focus the search,” he wrote.

He then asked the cab company to email all drivers who had worked that night, with “the demographics of the passengers and the pickup location.” No one responded, and there is no indication that he attempted to interview drivers.

Officer Angulo, who had told his superiors that he “had no real leads,” suddenly got a big one on Jan. 10, a little more than a month after the encounter. As a new semester was beginning, the accuser called to say she had identified the suspect–Jameis Winston–after seeing him in class and hearing his name called out.

Again, Officer Angulo hesitated. Nearly two weeks passed before his backup investigator contacted Mr. Winston–by telephone, records show.

“Winston stated he had baseball practice but would call back later to set a time,” Officer Angulo wrote. The police did get a response–from Mr. Winston’s lawyer, Timothy Jansen, who said his client would not be speaking to anyone.

With Mr. Winston identified, the next logical step would have been to quickly obtain his DNA. Officer Angulo decided against it. Ms. Carroll, the accuser’s lawyer, said the officer told her that testing Mr. Winston’s DNA might generate publicity. “I specifically asked and he refused,” Ms. Carroll said.

Officer Angulo concluded his six-page report by saying: “This case is being suspended at this time due to a lack of cooperation from the victim. If the victim decides to press charges, the case will be pursued.”

Two parts of that statement struck Ms. Carroll as strange. The officer, she said, never informed her client that he had suspended his investigation, and her client never said she would not cooperate. She said that while her client was indeed concerned about the prospect of pressing her case against a star-in-waiting, “at no time did we call him and tell him we don’t want you to do an investigation.” Her client, she added, simply wanted more information before deciding what to do.


In the weeks that followed, not knowing the investigation had been suspended, Ms. Carroll called the police periodically to see if lab tests had come back. Sometimes, her calls were returned, she said, but not always.


It was Wednesday of homecoming week last year and Florida State, ranked No. 2 in the nation with a 9-0 record, was preparing to play Syracuse. Mr. Winston, described by teammates as both playful and intense, had already thrown 26 touchdown passes, amassing 2,661 passing yards with a completion percentage just south of 70 percent. After his first game, an ESPN draft expert had identified him as a legitimate No. 1 choice in the 2015 N.F.L. draft.

If Florida State was going to ascend to the national championship game on Jan. 6, it would do so on the arm and poise of Jameis Winston. The Heisman voting was but a month away, and his crowning as America’s best college football player appeared all but certain.

Then, suddenly, that glorious vision began to go out of focus.

On Nov. 13, the Tallahassee police, responding to a public-records request from The Tampa Bay Times, released documents on the sexual assault case, setting off a frenzied scramble in the news media and prosecutor’s office to learn what had happened.

As the news broke, and before investigators could talk to them, Mr. Winston’s lawyer had the two witnesses, Mr. Casher and Mr. Darby, submit affidavits attesting to their recollection of that now-distant night. They gave similar accounts: A blond woman who was not intoxicated willingly left the bar with the three football players, they said, and joined Mr. Winston in his room. Because the door was broken and would not close, they looked in and saw the woman giving the quarterback oral sex.

At one point, Mr. Casher said, he entered the room, but the woman told him to leave, got up to turn off the light and then tried to close the door. At no time, both men said, did she appear to be an unwilling participant. {snip}

Mr. Meggs immediately directed his staff to reinvestigate the case.

In the recent interview, Mr. Meggs said he was surprised that the police had not quickly found Mr. Casher. “How long does it take to identify a freshman football player–about 10, 15, 16 seconds?” he asked, adding, “Anybody that looked at this case would say you get a report at 2 in the morning, by noon you could have had the defendant identified and talked to.”

Why Officer Angulo had not asked to see the Potbelly’s security video is unknown. {snip}

As for not finding the taxi driver, “I am convinced that we would have identified the cabdriver that night and had an interview with him,” Mr. Meggs said. “Don’t know what we would have learned, but we would have learned the truth. I am also convinced that had it been done properly, we would have had the video from Potbelly’s.”

By the time the prosecutor asked for that video, the tape had long since been recycled.


Only after the prosecutor took over the case did the authorities obtain Mr. Winston’s DNA. It was a match to DNA found on the accuser’s clothing.

Belatedly, Officer Angulo and his backup were asked to conduct a crucial interview–to question Mr. Casher about the events of Dec. 7, 2012.

Mr. Casher made a startling admission: he had secretly videotaped part of the sexual encounter through the partly opened bedroom door, and deleted the video from his phone a couple of days later. Had the police found him quickly, they might have obtained that video.


Neither the police nor the prosecutor’s office subpoenaed the phone records of Mr. Casher, Mr. Darby or Mr. Winston–even though they investigated all electronic communications to and from the accuser around the time of the sexual encounter.


Three weeks after it began, with evidence lost and memories faded, the state attorney’s investigation was over.

“I have personal concerns about what happened in that room that night,” Ms. Cappleman said, “but that’s completely separate from whether I’m able to prove a crime occurred.”


The news that Mr. Winston had been accused of rape moved through campus like an electric charge. {snip}


If cases are reported, the university is obligated to investigate, regardless of what the police do. According to the federal Education Department’s civil rights office, “a school that knows, or reasonably should know” about sexual harassment, including rape, “must promptly investigate to determine what occurred and then take appropriate steps to resolve the situation.”

Universities must also inform the federal government of reported sexual assaults on their property or in the immediate vicinity.


A decade before the Winston case, the inspector general found that Florida State had violated its policy when the athletic department failed to inform the campus police of a rape accusation against one of its standout football players. Mr. Ruiz, the former prosecutor who handled the case for the state attorney’s office, recalled that the coach at the time, the revered Bobby Bowden, attempted to convince him that a crime had not occurred. A jury eventually acquitted the player.

“I learned quickly what football meant in the South,” said Mr. Ruiz, who grew up in New York State. “Clearly, it meant a lot. And with respect to this case I learned that keeping players on the field was a priority.”

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  • Administrators need to do hard prison time for violating federal law. The students and white people of Florida who put football first are not my people. They should be ashamed of themselves. But Negro worship, when the Negro can run and throw trumps everything for whites who have been corrupted by the thrill of victory. Does no one have a conscience anymore?

    • MekongDelta69

      Does no one have a conscience anymore?

      Besides people on AmRen (and sites like it)?

      I’ve heard a vague rumor that there were about 50-75 people holed up in a cave in the Northwest somewhere who have a conscience – but I could be wrong.

      • Strike_Team

        Too many people take their cues from the folks who really run this country. And that group of people has no conscience. Sure, they always talk about their “guilt”, but they don’t really experience guilt. They have empathy toward their own, only their own. They feel bad only if they somehow foul up one of their own, don’t do one of their own right. Their “guilt” is a myth, an offering for us rubes. An inside joke amongst them. As for everyone else, they do whatever they want to them, could not care less. They hate whites most of all and see all other groups as tools to be used against us.

        Unfortunately, this lack of conscience has spread to whites, but it manifests in other behaviors. And is exacerbated by our sense of individuality. Which allows our enemies to out-flank us far too often.

        • QuinnTheEskimo9

          This group of whom you speak push hyper individuality on us Whites and then turn around and tell us that any sign of Whites desiring group cohesion is psychopathic, while using hyper group cohesion and networking amongst themselves – to great effect – to carry out their nefarious plans.

          There is political power in group cohesion which is why they push it for all non-white groups and use it themselves but make sure that we Whites are not afforded this same right.

          Mostly keeping whites atomized and disoriented to decrease their power is done through intimidation, name-calling and smear tactics.

    • Anon

      For every negro athlete, there are dozens of young white men, far better than him, who were not allowed to become athletes. Those who create these sports, do not choose the best. They choose only negros, or maybe a token white guy if he is just too good to ignore and there is no black available.
      This has been going on a long time and is not obvious (mostly because pussified whites choose not to know).
      Regularly, American negro athletes receive a royal ass kicking, any time they are exposed to non-American white athletes from countries where this isn’t the rule. This is also true of any informal, less than regulated sport (like MMA).
      The entire issue is a manufactured one. But it would not be possible without millions of shameful groveling white slaves willing to bow their heads and open their wallets.

      • Magician

        What about baseball where most players are white or Hispanic?

        • Garrett Brown

          Hardly any blacks play those sports. Kind of hard to discriminate against whites in a sport where they make up 90% of your player base. Then you would have no sport.

      • Garrett Brown

        I would LOVE to see a fully funded, thorough study of the discrimination of whites in football at every level. I believe it would blow people’s mind.

    • Garrett Brown

      A negro rapist won the Heisman and was allowed to continue playing the ENTIRE season. Who wouldn’t want to live in today’s America?

      • ShermanTMcCoy

        Not me. But Germany is going the wrong way as well.

      • QuinnTheEskimo9

        Most likely that Heisman trophy winner will be chewed up and then spit out when the NFL is done with him. He’s a short-term commodity to them, a has-been at 30.

        Yes, he’ll make millions of dollars but he’ll blow through that in a few years on stupid things like bling, rimz and “making it rain” at the strip joint.

        Karma’s a b****. But it will happen.

    • tickyul

      I have taken to muting the radio/tv/internet whenever “news” comes on…and they start talking about some meaningless sport like football/basketball/baseball.

  • In this case, it might have more to do with the cult of football than the politics of race.

    Also note, on the heels of AR having an article about baseball, that Mr. Winston is also on the FSU baseball team, and is making noises about being a two-sport pro.

  • Anon

    Any time you see a white person so much as watching a negro on TV, especially as part of some stupid sport, realize that he is the cause of this. The truth of the matter is Winston is an untouchable super star celebrity oligarch for ONLY one reason. Fat, feminized, beaten down, white male (no longer with any right to call themselves men) SLAVES choose to make such a monster their hero. They shower this negro scum with money. They work all day long to earn more and more money in the hope of laying it at his feet, groveling and worshipping their master.
    There is great evil involved here but it’s not Winston. Winston is a monster….a subhuman. He does what he does because he has no choice. He never will be, and never could be anything else.
    His legion of white worshippers however…….

    • BonV.Vant

      ….”Fat, feminized, beaten down, white male (no longer with any right to call themselves men) SLAVES choose to make such a monster their hero.”…..
      but…but….but….they wear sports memorabilia! , but they “have a team”!, but they can go on and on like a tired old windbag about this player and that player and this team is weak in this respect, that team is strong in that respect… but they have “seats” at games, but they know how to throw a good tailgate party but..but..but…

    • DavidSNESGAMER

      I agree entirely. White dude’s increasing obsession with team sports is absolutely out of control. Every year, ESPN viewership and revenue for the major sports leagues shoots up, ever-higher.

      I quit sports, 100%. When dudes drool over their black heroes on Facebook, I mock them. When they do it repeatedly, I block them.

      Even apart from the racial aspect of sports fandom, the sheer amount of TIME that dudes are wasting watching, following, and arguing about sports has become utterly surreal.

      • PvtCharlieSlate

        Sports give ignorant losers something to argue over so that they can pretend to be sophisticated … and it helps to sell miserable excuses for beer.

        • QuinnTheEskimo9

          This is the best post of the thread.

          I saw morons getting into fist fights in the South over college sports teams that they lived and died for. None of them had attended the college they were willing to die for, let alone any college.

    • Garrett Brown

      Best post of the thread, I refuse to watch any form of negro ball anymore. Whites are whats keeping the NFL and NBA afloat.

  • MekongDelta69

    Needlessly long article to say something very simple:

    If you’re black AND a star ‘aflete,’ you can do anything you want, and everybody will cover for you, protect you, lie for you – do ANYTHING for you.

    • Hallie Eva

      Happened to a 15 year old member of my family. In this case, gang rape by a visiting Chicago High School basketball team playing in a Las Vegas tournament.
      The police did nothing. The girl, in my view, is damaged for life. She hates all men as a consequence and is so locked down in shame that she will not seek therapy.

      • Laura Dilworth

        do you know the name of the school?

        • Hallie Eva

          No, I do not. Her father talked to the coach, who was allegedly, “devasted.”
          Beyond that, the law would do nothing for us as a family.

          • Laura Dilworth


    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      As long as they’re making money, colleges and the NFL cover-up mostly anything these criminals do. But, sometimes it’s impossible as in the Aron Hernandez case.
      Once they become too old or injured to play, black players are tossed aside like trash.

  • LACountyRedneck

    The University of Southern California is under federal investigation for not reporting rapes and assaults on or near campus where the victims have been USC students. Reports that victims file eventually go under a category such as incidental contact. A student that reported a rape was told that it was not rape because the man did not orgasm. She also stated she had told him “no” many times but he proceeded to rape her. Campus security reported that she asked him once to stop, and he did. This has been going on for decades and still nothing being done about it.

    • Hallie Eva

      Oxford and Cambridge are having a problem with both male and female sexual assaults on and around campus.
      The Tab Cambridge ran an article about a case in which a female student reported inappropriate advances made on her by the server in a chippie joint. The police counter-accused the girl of 1] being intoxicated 2] making a comment containing sexual innuendo to the man, which in the eyes of the police, qualifies as consent. 3] not fighting back, instead “freezing,” [a natural depersonalization reaction.]
      The race of the server is not given. I suspect he belonged to the most highly protected faux religion on earth, not referring to Jewish.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      One look at where USC is located tells you everything you need to know. There was a rumor years ago that for a black gang initiation, the inductee had to rape a white USC coed.

      Meanwhile, the hardcore feminists that have their own power base and departments in these universities are SILENT when it comes to rapes by blacks of white women. I’m sure they push the meme that white men are the most dangerous rapists in existence.

  • Cecil Broomsted

    None of this excuses the typical black male behavior on display here, but the white accuser goes to a black hangout with her black girlfriend, “Monique,” and is grabbed by a black guy whom she gives her phone number to, starts underage drinking, gets in a cab with three black males, and goes into their apartment. What could possibly go wrong?

    • ShermanTMcCoy

      Sounds like her father (if he was present as she grew up) is what went wrong.

      Fathers, make sure your daughters know all about baboons. My daughter does.

    • Viv J

      I was no saint back in college, but my girl friends and I stayed out of predicaments such as this by agreeing to a few things:
      -arrive together (no solo outings!)
      -watch each other’s backs
      -leave together
      -avoid “bad crowds”
      Just a little common sense. It really worries me when I see girls not looking out for themselves and each other.

  • Puggg

    No effective rape investigation, because there were trophies and games to win.

    Feminists are right when they say there’s a rape culture in college. What they don’t know or don’t say is that the rape culture and the rap culture are pretty closely related.

    • James Bro

      There is a rape culture among blacks in college, I dare say 99% of said blacks should have never been allowed into said colleges. The overwhelming desperation in this nation to somehow normalize blacks and their base and sick culture sickens me to my heart.

      • Jack Whistler

        There is a rape culture among BLACKS…period, and every place they can be found (including colleges) reinforces that fact.

  • me

    Any grown White male or female that worships these Negroes, whether in sports or entertainment, should be declared insane as well as morally bankrupt. Is there even ONE Negro in the public eye ‘celebrity’ that hasn’t committed a crime? Or in government? I’ll be waiting for an answer….a long, long time.

    • Whitetrashgang

      Maybe that weather guy on morning TV because he is too fat to rape above the first floor of a building. Otherwise you got me.

    • Who Me?

      I’m in no way a “negrow worshiper” but to be totally fair, I think Bill Cosby has kept his nose clean, and he IS a celebrity…

      • Alexandra1973

        Not squeaky clean, but relatively clean.

      • Martel

        In terms of restraining himself when walking unsupervised through shops, this is true, I doubt he ever had a propensity towards such behavior. But politically, he shows his true colours. He was into the idea that whites developed HIV as a weapon against blacks.

  • paul marchand

    If college athletes had to go through the same entry requirements as ACTUAL REAL students, and had to take a REAL curriculum, we would still have predominately white college teams.

    • IstvanIN

      How about making college primarily for education with sports as an extracurricular activity? Or even local colleges playing each other rather than traveling all over the country? (Rutgers, NJ’s state university, did this until the late 1970s when they decided to evolve from a public Ivy League type of school and instead abandon academics as their primary goal and instead become a sports powerhouse.)

  • evilsandmich

    I can’t help but think back to the incident a couple hours away in Stubenville where there was an implied coverup about football rapists. Leftie anonymous types led the charge in protesting and noise making until the high school relented somewhat. Later it turned out to be two black perps and presumably (but not quite for sure) white victim. I had to wonder if the anon fanatics would have been down there if they knew that beforehand (it wasn’t released until after the conviction), but I guess the blind squirrel ya know…

  • MBlanc46

    Can you imagine how the university would react if some drunk co-ed accused some nebbishy white boy of rape?


      If said co-ed were black. The Duke lacrosse team comes to mind for some reason.

      • obot

        She wasn’t even a co-ed but a stripper


          No [email protected] Mr. or Mrs. Bot! I was drawing comparison to the behavior of the university not the stripper.

  • Who Me?

    “This really was a case of depravity, with Winston’s roomates watching and filming the semi-concious girl having sex with Winston, and several of them attempting to have sex with her also. When they were done with her they dropped her off in a part of town she was not familiar with and in an incoherent state.”

    Not quite, let me fix that for you–This really was a case of depravity, with Winston’s roommates watching and filming the semi-conscious girl **BEING RAPED BY** Winston, and several of them attempting to **RAPE** her also. When they were done with her they dropped her off in a part of town she was not familiar with and in an incoherent state.

    There, now it’s accurate.

  • PvtCharlieSlate

    This article was just a long-winded exercise that deserves a “Hey Pal, tell me something I don’t know”.

    What I really don’t like about it is the last paragraph with the snarky comment about the South. This could have happened with any college football or basketball team anywhere in the country.

    The story appeared in the NY Times. What else could be expected?

  • ShermanTMcCoy

    I’ll say it (and do say it to my acquaintances), though it has cost me socially and relationships with some members of my family. I HATE blacks. This is an attitude created though experience. Were they all to be stricken with a terrible disease and died tomorrow, I would be so thrilled, that I probably would not shed more than a tear for the 1-2% of them who are decent people.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      I second your sentiments.

      Blacks talk all the time about killing “evil blue-eyed devils” with impunity. Remember that cretin, Jamie Foxx, who said he “got to kill all the white people and how great is that?” and got a standing ovation?

      How is A-OK to call for the killing of whites, including white babies? I wish death on those who attack, kill, torture, rape, maim, rob and tear apart this country. Imagine what this country would be like without a black population? Imagine what our cities would look like? Whites would still fill cities like Detroit. The crime rate would be very low.

  • James Bro

    Worse yet we have a socialist white-hating negro ruling the nation.

  • James Bro


  • DiversityIsDeath

    Was the rape victim white?

    • Garrett Brown

      I believe so, but it has been kept confidential since release. She hasn’t done any public interviews yet she was described as having blonde hair. So basically, yep.

  • Garrett Brown

    Raping young white women isn’t very entertaining to me.

  • QuinnTheEskimo9

    I wondered if she were slipped a date rape drug.


    No one rapes black women

  • IstvanIN

    When a society worships sport’s “heros” to the point that they are above the law and have acquired “sovereign immunity” from prosecution we are truly in this nation’s final days.

  • Fathercoughlin

    There is nothing more sickening and horrible than sex between white women and the primitives. Any kind of flirting,”polite” friendliness,(we mustnt look rude to the black)etc ad nauseum should be punished swiftly. Its interesting that its the NY Slimes that is reporting this.

  • Fathercoughlin

    European Jews WERE mass murderers. Ever hear of Lazar Kaganovitch? Leon Trotsky? Do you know WHY we have an Israel today? The Brits were so terrified of the jews they decided to give them Palestine,to get them and their bloodlust out of Europe. Sorry to interrupt but its way too late in the game,so to speak,to be pro-jewish. (The head of the IRS,who toyed with the idea of PROSECUTING white people for applying for 501c3 status(!!!!!!!!!!!!!) is named Lerner. yes she is a proud member of the Master Race

  • Bear Baker

    I do not like or follow football. I do know that the negro QB is somewhat of a rarity in foorball. I have read before where morons cry racism because so many QB’s are White.

    So here we have a negro QB playing for a college. One must assume a AA recruitment too. Like normal the negro feetsball player is an oversexed thug. It appears that the thug forced a college girl to have sex with him. I’m not sure it is was rape but it would not surprise me. Again the University, and Police work their hardest to protect their magic negro QB feetsball player.

    I think we all know here that if it was a tuition paying White Male who got accused of this the University would be ready to spend endless money and time to destroy the life of the Avg White Guy. So too the police and DA would spend any amount of hours or money it took to lock him up. Feminism would dictate that the accused White male be destroyed, and all other White guys pay too.

    Yet here we have a negro feetsball player in a prized position, a White Female rape victim, and potential $$$$ to be made so once again “NOTHING TO SEE HERE, MOVE ALONG”

  • quackamole

    it wouldn’t hurt if white girls were to wise up a bit.

    • Who Me?

      It would help if White girls wised up a bit, but how? On their own? From the time they go to school, if not before, they are taught and indeed forced to go against every instinct they were born with. They are placed in classes with blacks. They are told that blacks are equal to or better than them and their own kind. They are told that they have victimized blacks since time immemorial, and they must get rid of their terrible “White privilege”. By the time an average White girl today is 16 or 17 years old she has been subjected to years of forced indoctrination and Magic Negro Worship, to the point that many are actually afraid to say say no to anything any Negro asks or tells her to do.

      • IstvanIN

        Most White girls do have parents.

        • Who Me?

          Sadly, many white girls have parents that either say nothing, or are enthusiastic liberals on the side of the diversity brainwashers.

        • Equal Parenting -Fathers Initi

          They have parents. But, they’re all brainwashed by the same institution.

  • Laura Dilworth

    there’s a war on white men in prison. they’re raped by the brothers

  • Laura Dilworth

    i thought they hired her to strip

  • Adolf Verloc

    All you can drink for $10 from 9:00 PM to midnight? Where were places like this in my college days?

    • PvtCharlieSlate

      I was in college in the late ’60s in central West Virginia. At that time you could get a quart of (3.2%) near-beer for 50 cents.

      Ahhhh … Iron City … Fire Brewed Strohs … /s

    • Garrett Brown

      In your day it would be two bucks for all you can drink. They have had that for campuses for decades.

  • PvtCharlieSlate

    I’ve always said that Budweiser has only three ingredients: rice, horse piss and advertising.

    • I beg your pardon.

      That rice, horse piss and advertising sustained a big handful of people related to me.

  • Jacqonta Green

    him caint be gitdy of da rape iffin he be win da hyman trofee. jus sayin

  • obot

    You hang out with these thugs and you get what you deserve. There are tens of thousands of young white men on the FSU campus and she chose to be with the magic negro.

  • Laura Dilworth