U.S. Department of Education to Probe Racial Bias in Buffalo Public Schools Admissions

Mary Pasciak, Buffalo News, March 14, 2014

Federal authorities have decided to investigate an allegation that the Buffalo Public Schools discriminate against nonwhite students, resulting in fewer of them attending schools like City Honors, which require students to meet certain admissions criteria.

The U.S. Department of Education’s New York Office for Civil Rights informed Patricia Elliott-Patton in a letter recently that it plans to investigate. In December, she filed a complaint alleging that the district disproportionately excludes nonwhite students, including her daughter, from criteria-based schools.

In the district as a whole, 22 percent of students are white; at City Honors, 66 percent are white, according to the most recent information available through the state Education Department. Black students account for 53 percent of students throughout the district; at City Honors, they account for 21 percent. Hispanic students constitute 16 percent of the enrollment across the district, but 6 percent of students at City Honors.

Timothy C.J. Blanchard, director of the New York Office for Civil Rights, noted in his letter to Elliott-Patton that “opening the allegation for investigation in no way implies that (the Office for Civil Rights) has made a determination with regard to its merit.”


In a brief statement released Thursday, Brown noted the district’s long history of criteria-based schools.

“Criteria-based schools have been a part of the Buffalo Public Schools since the early 1970s in direct response to the needs of our community,” she said in the statement. “These schools have long served us well.

“We take this matter very seriously, and we will cooperate with the United States Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights to resolve this matter in the best interest of our students and our community.”

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  • dd121

    I would like to know why not having enough blacks in your school is a matter that they “need to take very seriously”?

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      A Schvartse free zone is a beautiful thing!! A Schvartse free zone is a place where European culture flourishes, and we Whites can get back to rebuilding our culture.

      • newscomments70

        Most of the European Germans I know seem to worship blacks and submit to the idea that racist American whites are oppressing them. I must stress that these are European Germans. German Americans from the Chicago area are more realistic.

        • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

          As you might guess from my screen name, I’m German descent, and very proud of my ancestry. Great Grandparents were born in Germany, my Grandfather was born here in the Midwest, but spoke German at home, had learned English in school as a boy. Old Generation Germans in America were always racial realists, and very proud of their heritage. He used to say “Ach, Der Schvartsen, Shiftless Ninkompoops!!” whenever Negroes were mentioned. He was aware of the problems they had created in the medium-sized city he lived near, which had few crime problems before having a Negroid influx in the Post-WWII years, and had no patience with their Schtick. He would accurately point out that being poor had nothing to do with a person being violent, that lack of couth is what causes violence.

          • newscomments70

            I have a similar background and can relate. I believe that Germans who left were intelligent people frustrated with the lack of opportunity. They were typically Christian, freedom loving, and capitalist. We/they are not racist, but if you are constantly being attacked by blacks/browns, how can we not be angry and resentful? The other white immigrant descendants feel/felt exactly the same…Irish, Poles, Italian, etc. Even the Jews refer to blacks with the Yiddish word, “schwarz”, a derogatory word. They don’t like living near them either, although they certainly vote for them. The Germans who stayed back in Europe developed into a Marxist, atheist, anti-white society (with some exception). They cannot understand us because we evolved so differently. We are technically “Volksdeutsch”, but European German liberals look down on us as racist and backward, lacking their liberal German culture. They refuse to acknowledge the reality that we live with every day.

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            Volksdeutsche, indeed, and proud of it!! I know exactly what you mean about the German Left Wing elites looking down on us American Volksdeutsche. They are just being elitist snobs. If they had to spend some time in the trenches here in America dealing with Negroes, many of them would quickly dismiss the writings of Gunnar Myrdal as the naïve ramblings of a man sheltered from racial reality, and become followers of Jared Taylor. Our Teutonic temperament is radically different from the Negro. Not only are most us people of high moral principles, we approach life’s trials with stoicism. We also have an intense sense of fairness, and this is where, IMO, some of our brethren who have had little to no exposure to Negroes have ended up on the Leftist road to ruin. Any mentally and emotionally healthy Caucasian who spends any appreciable amount of time around Negroes quickly begins to realize how sensible and rational the approach to the Negro taken in the Old South was. Southerners, being mostly of Anglo-Celtic stock, quickly realized that the Negroid race is incompatible in a total and complete sense with the Caucasian race. If such were not the case, why did our creator put them specifically South of the Sahara Desert, separated from the Caucasian race by desert and water? He did so, of course, because they were meant to live separately from us. Getting back to the original focus, I say let the elites in Germany look down on us American Volksdeutsche all they want. They are already paying a heavy price as Muslim hordes and African Negroids trash once clean and safe communities in Germany. If they would just listen to us Volksdeutsche, they could take the opportunity to save the fatherland from falling victim to the same fate as Chicago and Milwaukee. Negroes destroyed these cities plain and simple. Milwaukee was a great city when it was German/Polish/Serbian/Italian, a clean, proud, hard-working town. Negroes are the #1 reason Milwaukee is no the longer the great city it once was, and the #2 reason is Mestizoes. If the elites in Der Vaterland do not put their thinking caps on and start listening to us American Volksdeutsche, it will soon be too late for many cities there to be saved. Do these elites really want their cities to suffer the same fate as Milwaukee? I can’t imagine that they do.

    • dukem1

      If they don’t take it seriously, there’s gonna be more blacks.

    • JohnEngelman

      What they consider to be a problem, is actually the solution.

    • Erasmus

      I would like to know why not having enough blacks in your school is a matter that they “need to take very seriously”?

      Because, although there are many here who remember what a wonderful experience education can be when the student body isn’t “colorful,” there’s the risk that some will rediscover what we’ve always known: How great a school can be when teachers don’t live in fear of losing their lives and can teach, instead of baby-sitting “da di-bersity.”

      Can’t have people finding out life is better without “cultural vibrancy.”

  • What is the moral of this story and the other on AR today about NYC’s high school entrance exam?

    Standards have a disparate impact on NAMs.

  • TruthBeTold

    wivb [DOT] com/2014/03/13/criteria-for-some-buffalo-schools-being-investigated-over-possible-civil-rights-issues/

    From the local TV news:

    District Parent Coordinating Council President Sam Radford agrees with Elliott-Patton, ”We believe this is as significant as desegregation. We believe this is going to lead to a landmark ruling. At the end of the day, the criteria-based schools get to chose from the best of everybody else’s students. I mean, it’s just simply not fair. They have an unfair advantage.”

    Blacks always see this issue backward. They think the school makes kids smart not that smart kids earn the right to go to high performing schools.

    Patricia Elliott-Patton filed a complaint with the Civil Rights Office of the U.S. Education Department. She lives just a few blocks away from the criteria-based Olmsted School on Suffolk, but her 12-year-old daughter Kimberly was denied entry because she did not meet the standards the public school had set to get in. “My daughter should have had access to this school. It’s in her neighborhood. She lives around here, her sister was going there, and it’s not her fault that she could not meet their criteria,” the mother

    I LOVE how this woman is complaining about a neighborhood school when it was blacks who demanded busing OUT of black neighborhoods.

    You can’t win with these people. Whatever they demand today, tomorrow they’ll demand the opposite and blame white folks for the problems.

    • So CAL Snowman

      “She lives around here, her sister was going there, and it’s not her fault that she could not meet their criteria,” the mother said.”

      So what happened to the other sister? It sounds like she flunked out or was kicked out. So if it’s not Kimberly’s fault that she could not meet the criteria, who’s fault is it? The mother is admitting that her daughter is stupid, but it’s not her daughter’s fault that she is stupid. Amazing.

      • TruthBeTold

        It CLEARLY isn’t the daughters fault that she didn’t make the grade. It has to be racism and only the federal government can make things right.

        Mr. Radford (local community troublemaker) is looking for a ‘landmark ruling’ which means he’s looking to do away with any objective standards.

        Under this administration, he might get it.

        • dukem1

          Disparate impact…dumb kids can’t go to the school for smart kids…
          Sometimes I feel that there is something bad abroad in the land.

          • Pro_Whitey

            That reminds me of a Norm MacDonald line when he was doing the news on Saturday Night Live, something like, “Higher academic standards being proposed for admission to SUNY is being criticized as disproportionately affecting the stupid.”

      • Peter Connor

        It was the TV’s fault, need more TV control.

      • captainc

        I think this happens because whites are too cowards to say the truth, now you have to lie again in order to be free from telling the truth. Running away is never the solution, it’s like alcohol addiction.

    • Erasmus

      Just remember: Homo erectus walks among us.

  • WhiteGuyInJapan

    And apparently no Asians.

  • r j p

    Black students account for 53 percent of students throughout the district; at City Honors, they account for 21 percent.

    And I will guess that most of those 21% don’t deserve to be there. More like there should only be a population of about 2.5% based on two standard deviations.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    There is no white racial bias, just black intellectual inferiority.

    • Rhialto

      There are at least two additional factors:

      The malice that Blacks have toward Whites.

      Blacks trying to get access to these schools, not because they want better education, but only to demonstrate that Whites cannot control them.

    • bilderbuster

      That’s a good one!
      Short. Simple. True.

  • WR_the_realist

    Diversity is the religion of the ruling class. We’d be better off being ruled by young Earth creationists.

  • MBlanc46

    Criteria beez rayciss.

  • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

    Buffalo is just another Northern city that has been destroyed by the Negroids in recent decades. In the old days, when Buffalo was mostly Polish/Italian/Irish, the factories were highly productive, doors were unlocked, and a homicide was unheard of. A fight was resolved with fists, the way it should be. When the first Blacks came North to cities like Buffalo, the old generations of Whites didn’t want them. They knew what Blacks would do to their city. It was the greedy factory owners who invited them North, the forebears of today’s Libtards who want to force feed diversity to the rest of us. They lived in the suburbs, and didn’t care about people in the city having their neighborhoods ripped apart by violent Negroid bullies. People moved away as the Blacks moved in because they were afraid for their safety, not because of this racism bull crap that the Libtards want us to believe about our forebears. The Libtards want to vilify our hard working, God fearing ancestors because they objected to the violent, uncouth ways of Negroes. This is why every time a Libtard speaks, I close my ears if at all possible. Their kind of thinking is what originally wrecked cities like Buffalo, and not threatens to wreck our entire country.

  • LACountyRedneck

    That’s what I should have done after they refused my firefighter app out here 24 yrs ago.


    The comments over on the original article appear, for the most part, to be from a bunch of entitlement-ers and dimly lit brow beaten White liberal enablers. So I had to leave at least one call to sanity in the comment section. This is what I left for them: –

    Black people believe they are entitled to any and every thing they
    want for no other reason than the color of their skin. Earning these
    accomplishments are apparently beneath people born with black skin.
    After all why should they have to study and work as hard as everyone
    else when they clearly have black skin? Can’t pass a police exam? Use
    your black skin. Flunked out of firefighting training school? Use your
    black skin. Don’t feel like studying to pass your SAT’s? Just use your
    black skin. Don’t have good enough grades to enter a top tier
    University? You guessed it, use your black skin. But know this black
    America, every action has a reaction.

    After using your black skin to get through Medical School and
    graduate after 8 long years. Only to find that you have no patients
    willing to put their lives in your hands because their not sure if you
    actually know what you’re doing. Or if you were just one of those people
    who used the color of their skin to get by and receive what they did
    not earn. With all this standard killing and achievement robbing. How’s
    it going to feel when it gets to the point that people no longer see a
    black Doctor standing in front of them. But an Affirmative Action
    recipient merely dressed in Doctor’s clothing? When that day comes just
    remember to blame that same black skin you used to try to hijack achievement.

    ( “And I looked, and Behold A Black Horse. And its rider’s name was
    Death Of Standards, and future scepticism of actual black achievement
    was following close behind him”. < Revelation: 6:8 – The Book of Reality. )

    • DNA Explains It All

      How long did it take for it to be taken down? 1 second or did it make it to the much rarer 2 seconds?

    • itdoesnotmatter

      How long did it stay posted?

  • paul marchand

    Why not give white people ( the predominate taxpayers) what they NEED: FREEDOM OF CHOICE?
    Why FORCE them to send their daughters to schools with a high discomfort level? Why the manipulation, where BOTH of the SCHOOLS of CHOICE would be equally-funded AND having CHOICE of attendance?
    Why force white families to FLEE due to the discomfort level?
    Blacks have a much higher murder rate ( about 10 x) and interracial rape rate ( 1000s of xs) as well as high IDU ( about 10 x). Why the animosity to whites?
    NO. The above stats are NOT reflective of most blacks. But there IS a pathology amongst them.

  • Ograf

    The reason they do not qualify for firemans jobs or high echelon of police, is not because they are under qualified , it is because everyone else is racisss and do not take them just because they aren’t taken seriously. This is obvious.