Police Identify Teens Fatally Shot by Janitor

Ashley Luthern, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, March 13, 2014

Two teenagers allegedly shot to death by a maintenance worker at a west side apartment building were identified by Milwaukee police Thursday as Anmarie Miller, 17, and James Bell Jr., 19, both of Milwaukee.

The 39-year-old man accused of shooting the two Wednesday afternoon while he was being beaten with a baseball bat is being held in the Milwaukee County Jail on possible homicide charges.

The shootings were reported about 1 p.m. Wednesday at an apartment building in the 1400 block of N. 27th St.

Police said an argument occurred between the janitor and three people: the teens and a 20-year-old man.

The argument in the apartment stairwell led to a physical altercation, during which the maintenance worker was being held while one of the three beat him with the bat, officials said Wednesday.

The janitor then drew a gun and fired, shooting the two teens, police said.

He was hospitalized for injuries related to the bat-beating and has since been released.


The man who was with the teens is being held in jail on a potential substantial battery charge, Milwaukee police said Thursday.


[Editor’s Note: The local Fox affiliate notes that the shooter “has a concealed carry permit and was in legal possession of the gun.” The station also reported:

At the door to the apartments where the shooting occurred on Wednesday, on Thursday, Bob Braun talked with FOX6 News about his friend, who is now behind bars.

“I know him to be a peaceful person. He’s lived and worked in the inner city for 10 years as a maintenance man,” Braun said.

Since he hasn’t been charged in the case, FOX6 News is not naming the maintenance worker, but police say he was changing the locks at the apartment building near 27th and Vliet when he and the teens began to argue.

Investigators say the teens, along with a 20-year-old man, held the maintenance worker down and beat him with a baseball bat.

“Apparently, these people were mad that a friend of theirs was getting evicted.  They thought – apparently – that he was the manager,” Braun said.

That’s when police say the maintenance man pulled out a gun and shot the 19-year-old and 17-year-old.

Braun believes the shooting was in self-defense.


Sources tell FOX6 News the maintenance worker has asked for a lawyer while in custody — and as of Thursday morning, he had not provided a statement to police.

FOX6 News is told the incident cannot be considered self-defense until a statement is given.

Flynn says we may even hear an argument for the Castle Doctrine.

“The Castle Doctrine says you can use force presumptively if it`s your home, car or business. Now, this is where he worked,” Flynn said.

We are also told the fight and shooting were captured on video.



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  • dd121

    More “teens” at it again.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Black and Latino communities: “They was GOOD kids, nome sane? They was jus’ mindin’ they own bidness, nahmean?”

      “How can this George Zimmerman wannabe justify shooting unarmed youths of color? Cuz a baseball bat ain’t be a weapon!”

      • DNA Explains It All

        Dey wus jus tryin to playa lidel B Bawl wit dat man.

    • APaige

      A 17 year-old girl with a “couple of kids.”

      • Bob

        Collecting the Public Dime.
        We need new laws:
        1. Do a crime and lose the public dime
        2. This should happen if ANYONE in the family commits a crime. No more excuses.
        3. If the thug is not married but has a girlfriend- she then loses the Public Assistance as well. Time to hold people accountable.

    • JohnEngelman

      They were trying to turn their lives around.

      • Max

        Well, they succeeded; their lives were turned around.

        • JohnEngelman

          I am so tired of that cliche. Recently in a local newspaper a young black man was described as a good citizen because, “His last felony conviction was over two years ago.”

          • My last felony conviction was over 12 years ago!

          • Tom_in_Miami

            They are an endless source of hilarity.

          • Max

            It is like the rest of the myth. Their “life” like poverty, drug addiction, sloth, criminality etc. is presented as some outside, natural force which blacks, unlike privileged whites, have to engage in valiant struggle every day of their lives until at last they prevail and “turn it around”.

            Until the next “mistake”.

    • Youthful shenanigans?

  • Puggg

    A swing of a baseball bat, swung in the right way to the right place, can be fatal.

    I think this was entirely self defense and justifiable homicide.

    • Alexandra1973

      Same with slamming someone’s head to the ground, of course I’m preaching to the choir here.

      • trayvonmartin sux

        lol He beez a good boy! Dat Zman beez raysiss! Gunz an’ self defense beez raysiss!

    • Ringo Lennon

      Same thing w/ a woman’s small hands. One swing can break a man’s nose or jaw.

    • Manaphy

      Usually when one kills a Bantu, it is very justifiable. This janitor has my respect.

    • Johnny Squire

      It would be justifiable homicide if they merely threatened him with a bat. The Left is irrational (and evil) to think that self defense starts only after you are assaulted.

  • Alexandra1973

    Never bring a bat to a gun fight.

    • DNA Explains It All

      Or don’t start a gunfight with a bat, might be a better analogy.

    • Caucasoid88

      Never bring Skittles to a gunfight.

  • Michael Dean Miller

    … I’ll have a Coke.

    • Oil Can Harry

      And our Colombian immigrants will be happy to sell you that in plastic bags.

      • Strider73

        Ah, yes. Colombian cocaine — the richest cocaine in the world. Hand-picked by Juan Valdez. 🙂

        • dukem1

          but stepped on beyond recognition by the tribe.

    • So CAL Snowman

      obviously only 4 people have seen “The Boondock Saints”

      • jane johnson

        Loved it!

      • Katherine McChesney

        I found it on Netflix. I watched about 15 minutes and was NOT impressed at all with the movie.

  • r j p

    The janitor is in jail now because …..
    Righteous beat downs with baseball bats are a new right of urban yoofs.

    • Sloppo

      If the janitor has european ancestry, then it was probably a hate crime for him to defend himself.

    • ncpride

      If he ‘passes’ as White to the media, we all know why he’s in jail. Holder will swoop down and search his past from birth looking for any hint of ‘racism’ or naughty thoughts, then charge him with a hate crime.

  • Ringo Lennon

    Oh my! Blacks are such troublemakers.

    • dukem1


    • DNA Explains It All

      They are really not the issue. Weaponized minorities are being used on the founding population and on whites the world over. Certain “tribe” comes to mind who’s mantra could best be summed as “diversity for THEE but not for ME!”

  • D.B. Cooper

    Great Lakes area….AGAIN!!!
    This aint the Milwaukee I grew up seeing on TV. Wha hoppin’?

    • Oil Can Harry

      The Fonz, Potsie, Joanie and Chachi were killed by flash mobs.

      • r j p

        You forgot Richie and Chuck.
        Chuck supposedly disappeared to Greenland?
        Chuck probably became a junkie living in Madison before it was cool.

      • John K

        Then they went to Ritchie’s house, beat his dad and raped his mom. Police said there was no evidence of a racially motivated crime.

    • MBlanc46

      What happened? Blacks.

      • trayvonmartin sux

        Exactly. White girl bleed a lot.

    • I liked Laverne better, except for her tacky blouses.

    • newscomments70

      That was a re-creation of the real Milwaukee, made for nostalgia purposes. Many of our cities were still intact in the 50s. Most of them are gone now though.

  • D.B. Cooper

    Quit voting for McCain and Romney, or it will keep getting worse.

    • Voting for anyone is not the answer.

  • Ograf

    Seems like a no brainer, but who knows what the pc mob will come up with. More of these thugs should get shot when committing such violence.

  • A Freespeechzone

    IF they charge this janitor, despite the fact it appears he acted in SELF-DEFENSE, there needs to be a flood of outrage directed at the prosecutor, the courts, politicians and the media.

    Time to use the same tactics that blacks, liberals and the anti-American use to get their way…being polite and complacent only erodes our rights more.

  • Tarczan

    I read this and I am trying to figure out how I survived all those years as a landlord in East Cleveland. I even made money. I was threatened, but most of my trouble came from the idiotic black city hall.

  • Who Me?

    Jeezus Chreest, what is going on here? Three people attacked a man with a baseball bat, and were in the process of beating him to death when he shot two of the three in self-defense. This was all caught on video. The man had to be hospitalized for his wounds. They put HIM in jail and are even considering charging him with something!
    If anything they ought to be planning a ceremony to give him a medal!

    • MBlanc46

      “If anything they ought to be planning a ceremony to give him a medal!”

      Not in Obama’s America.

      • Who Me?

        Of course we know they WON’T, I said they OUGHT TO.

      • dukem1


    • It’s a politically-motivated prosecution, just as it was with George Zimmerman.

  • alex

    I saw the friend/relative of the “teens” on local TV. He sounded almost apologetic: “We all make mistakes. Sometimes things don’t go as planned.”
    I wonder how the things were supposed to go? The dead/crippled janitor and jubilant “teens”?
    In any case, the “teens” are in black heaven now. They are really hitting it off with Trayvon.

    • ncpride

      Wow, sometimes things just don’t go as planned, meaning they failed to beat this man to death and get away it and their lives. Incredible.

    • Who Me?

      No they aren’t in heaven. Even God isn’t stupid enough to let very many “teens” into His city…

    • dukem1

      black heaven…excellent!

    • Katherine McChesney

      “black heaven”


    • I’ve made mistakes before as well, but I can probably take the bat away. I don’t even have a tail or cloven hooves.

      It is never the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog. Orcs don’t give up.

    • capnmorgan5150

      Yep, they definitely got their bat wings.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    If a black person shot and killed two whites while being attacked with a baseball bat, it’s self-defense, but if a white man shot and killed two negroes while being attacked with a weapon, it’s cold-blooded murder, in addition to being a hate crime. When will this insanity ever end?

    • MBlanc46

      It wouldn’t be just self-defense, it would be a nation-wide crisis.

      • DNA Explains It All

        They would have broke into every primetime broadcast in the nation with anchors called in and wall to wall 12/7 coverage all the way through the show trial!

        • Max

          Don’t forget the counselors in every school to help the children to deal with the crisis and “the talk” which every black father must have with his son.

          • Jesse_from_Sweden

            No, not every black father, just every black father who has any contact with his children….

          • Max

            No, I’m repeating what the president said and he indicated it was every black father. Since his word cannot be questioned, that’s what I’m going with.

    • crapps

      The white race is screwed in this land

  • Dave4088

    Teens should be replaced with “feral black animals” or FBA for short. The FBA are clearly at fault but the article naturally casts suspicion on the white male defending himself and intimates they he may have provoked the FBA. After all, blacks only misbehave when provoked by whitey.

    Now the poor white janitor will be subjected to the “is he a ray-cist?” litmus test and have every minute of his life the last 20 years scrutinized for any evidence of racism towards the holier than thou, master black race.

  • Ringo Lennon

    Poor kids. They won’t be swinging anymore ball bats at people.

    • Who Me?

      Yeah, poor kids. Just “children” really, Ages 17 and 19, and only armed with a baseball bat. And oh yeah–these two innocent children have two, not one, but TWO children of their own together…. Lord have mercy on us all.

      • Max

        Three more sports careers, ended, needlessly. Oh, the humanity!

      • John K


        You know the thugs were up to no good when they’re carrying a baseball bat instead of a basketball.

      • Babies. Infants, really. Or so they say.

  • MBlanc46

    I guess they’re going to have to make it a crime to be beaten with a baseball bat.

  • SaggyGenes

    Beating someone’s head with a baseball bat while black is now a crime punishable by death?

    So much for post-racial America.

    How much more are black people in this country supposed to take?

    • Max

      If His Dusky Hopefulness has his way, they’ll take everything we have.

    • A lot of these DA’s really are trying to criminalize self-defense. If Christopher Newsome had overcome his and Channon’s attackers with his bare hands, taken their gun away and bitten it in half, he’d probably still be locked up.

      • SaggyGenes

        Probably—see Jerome Ersland.

  • Conrad

    “…the maintenance worker has asked for a lawyer while in custody — and as of Thursday morning, he had not provided a statement to police.”

    Be sure to note that this is the correct action for anyone in this kind of situation.

    See also,



  • dukem1

    yep…best thing to do in a situation with the police … shut up … one word answer at best … get a lawyer … don’t tell them a thing, it will be used against you.

  • humura

    TV news reports that the surveillance video supports the maintenance man’s allegations. But the TV news does not show the video. Meanwhile, the mother of Trayvon Martin comes to Milwaukee to push her message, never touch burglars, batters, or bullies, if they are Black. Let them attach the Zimmermans and let them beat on the maintenance men. In Obama’s America Black criminals are supposed to have the right to beat innocent whites or others. That is the extension of “civil rights.” Commit crimes and get away with it. And if stopped, smear the people who stop the criminals.

    • Max

      They cautiously avoid showing diversity in its true form. They know that even the entertainment-saturated, somnolent white masses would be outraged actually seeing the natural behavior of the specie noir.

    • The same TV talking heads are also saying that the “knockout game”, i.e. unprovoked attacks on whites doesn’t really exist and that the Knoxville Horror was a car-jacking “gone wrong” (the perps abandoned the victims’ vehicle).

  • The video shows a big-mouthed black complaining about violence and guns.
    When diversitards earn a dirt-nap, it seems there’s always a big-mouthed black complaining about violence and guns.

    As if diversitards are simply bystanders in the midst of tragedy;
    blameless onlookers who are here one moment, gone the next.

  • Who Me?

    We can surmise that the alleged shooter was White for several reasons.
    1) he had a job
    2) he had held that same job for 10 years
    3) he legally owned his firearm and had a carry concealed permit
    4 he actually HIT two of the three people he aimed at
    5) the authorities are holding him pending possible homicide charges

    • Johnny Squire

      All true. But even more telling is that he shot TEENS in self defense.The use of the word TEENS is all you need to know about the race of the shooter and the race of the targets.

      • Perhaps these teens should have been at home, playing Nintendo instead of out beating people with a bat.

        I am looking forward to hearing that that the 19 year old was a “baby” – an “infant”.

        • Who Me?

          In this case they will run the pictures of the two babies that were orphaned by the evil janitor who mercilessly gunned down their innocent, loving mother and father…

          • Kids who for reasons unclear did not have their parents at home with them. I’m at home with my daughter right now, and haven’t been farther than the mailbox in over a week. We need to buy a few groceries, but for everything else, there’s mail-order.

            This must be dat ebil white pribelebdge again, gnome sayin’?

          • Who Me?

            Well, we may have overdone it a bit, but we never left our daughter with anyone but the occasional evening (about once every 4-5 months) with grandma until she was kindergarten age. Part of that was the fact that we were young and poor and WORKING for every nickel we had, and determined not to stay that way. Which left very damn little left over for entertainment that cost anything. By the time our son was born we were in a better financial state, but grandma was gone, so he rarely saw a babysitter either.

          • We like dancing to old big band music and dress in period clothes for it. When there’s an event, we get a babysitter.

    • jambi19

      If he was black the media wouldn’t be broadcasting the self defense.

  • Bob

    This was great news. Glad to hear the victim actually won and was not killed. As for the 2 teens- bummer. This is what you get when you raise animals. Parents of course will blame everyone but themselves.
    This guy deserves a medal

    • Pro_Whitey

      It is the feel good story of the week.

      • Bob

        Agreed. They removed my post just because I said the guy deserves a medal. That it was great to hear a victim not only survived but was able to walk away from a vicious attack by a couple of uneducated animals.

  • LACountyRedneck

    CCW permits in Milwaukee. Excellent. I can have a folding knife out here where I live, for now.

  • blight14

    I love a story with a happy ending………….

  • trayvonmartin sux

    They’re ALWAYS good kids who made bad decisions. It’s ALWAYS the gun’s fault when an attack doesn’t go their way. Blacks NEVER take responsibility for their own actions. It’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault. Blacks and their victim mentality… it’s starting to disgust me. They’d rather unwittingly give up their second amendment right so they can get back at “the man” than take responsibility for their racist attacks. Good job, janitor. Show these feral pack animals that we aren’t going to be victims of their brutality.

  • trayvonmartin sux

    Because most blacks are pack animals. They care not if their precious “teens” were guilty. All those disgusting racists care about is if the white man suffers.

  • Peter Connor

    Gangs in Chicago have beaten a number of people to death with bats. Apparently we need more bat control……CCWs

    • Max

      Chicongo already has an ordinance prohibiting the possession of a ball bat UNLESS one is playing baseball or travelling to or from a ballgame in which one is a participant. Probably has no effect there either except to make the overlords feel that they are “doing something about crime”.

      • Peter Connor

        So bat control just as effective as gun control!

        • Max

          It might actually be more effective than gun control as bats are more difficult to conceal. It may turn more thugs to carrying easily concealed handguns. And THAT is how modern law works.

          • The ghetto rats who want guns already have them. Remember the recent article posted here about a 13 year-old, in which he posted pictures of himself brandishing a (stolen) handgun, shortly before being shot and killed with the same gun by a friend?

          • Max

            Another white, NRA sponsored death, no doubt. Maybe some more of those signs illustrating a handgun with a red slash through it…

          • Or perhaps the entertainment industry should stop glamorizing that sort of lifestyle to young, impressionable blacks who have low IQs and almost no impulse-control. Oh, wait; they’re not going to do that. There’s too much money in it.

            I wonder how much Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G. are enjoying their money.

      • Chicago’s black and Hispanic city aldermen are organizationally hooked in very tightly to the street gangs that dominate their wards. Therefore, city ordinances that purport to do something about crime are useless fluff, such as the one you just described.

  • Pro_Whitey

    Re the reference to “the Castle Doctrine”, like the references to “Stand Your Ground” with Zimmerman/Trayvon, it is irrelevant to the situation when you are being held down and beaten with a baseball bat. You are not capable of fleeing. The real standard they appear to be pushing is that whites have to take off whenever blacks appear and allow them to do whatever they want.

    • If I recall correctly, Massachusetts state law requires one to flee one’s own house, or at least it used to.

  • It was Mr. Clean against Bat-man – and Mr. Clean won.

    • BonV.Vant

      He took out the trash

  • Garrett Brown

    The two had children yet were attacking a poor man with a baseball bat? Wut.

  • IstvanIN

    Another of the very common racial crimes in this country: violent black on white. Since the white man was killed he must be punished. We can not win in BRA.

  • MekongDelta69

    Ahh – they believe this was in ‘self-defense.’

    (Because trying to defend yourself when getting beaten by a baseball bat is NOT considered ‘self-defense,’ when ‘da youts’ are black. THEN, it MUST BE ‘racism.’)

    • It’s a good thing that poor janitor never posted to AmRen! He’d be done like a dinner if he had.

      • Lord Sandwich

        Perhaps that is true. Nonetheless I like to exercise both my first and second amendment rights. If it lands me in prison, so be it. I won’t go down without a fight, and I won’t be cowed into silence. Reading many of your posts and some of the other Amren commenters here made me want to join the conversation and emerge from the shadows of Lurkdom. If my public declaration that the time to fight back is upon us, puts me on “the list” then at least I will be in good company.

    • DiversityIsDeath

      you mean “da YOUFS”

  • Lord Sandwich

    That TV news report is a travesty. Unlike white conservatives, blacks and browns are tireless “protesters”. The fact that the deceased “teens” were the criminal attackers and did indeed deserve to be shot never ever registers with the vigil crowd. So the local camera crew shows up, but never has the balls to ask anyone present what was the real victim was supposed to do, let them murder him for doing his job? It is frightening how insane this kind of reporting has become. It reinforces the notion that self defense is a criminal act and that blacks can assault whites with impunity for any reason or none at all. One of these days a black flash mob is going to attack the wrong white people and it won’t be just one or two dead blacks when the shooting is over. Widespread race riots and mass murder will ensue as a result. The media will be unable to cover up the widespread black aggression as they do now. I consider this an inevitability that is only a matter of time. Then whites are going to have to take a stand and say enough is enough. Maybe it’s in everyone’s best interest if we parted ways. I just don’t know how it would be achieved. I have my ideas, but that’s another discussion.
    What do you think “the zombie apocalypse” is a metaphor for?
    Well Michael, I guess I’m on “the list” now.

    • “It won’t be just one or two dead blacks…”

      The 1921 Tulsa race riot comes quickly to mind.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        Indeed, the blacks are very foolish to think they will not pay for their reign of rape, torture and murder against us in piles of dead bodies and streets flowing with blood. Riots will be the least of their worries, organizes resistance and death squads are going to be a waking nightmare for them. It is inevitable they will face a richly deserved and devastating campaign of mass killings conducted by ruthless, battle hardened white men.

        • Mine has a brass basket guard lined with red velvet, a red tassel and my family tartan knotted around the upper part of the steel scabbard. The style on that one looks German. Not so pretty, but just as good.


      I’ll tell you one thing friend. If this country ever fractures along racial lines which we all know that it eventually will. We damn sure had better have a White grip on the Military. Could you imagine technological savages gaining control of the weapons White people invented. We all know that without Whitey around to give them a standard of living that they themselves are incapable of producing. Their regression back to their African roots of savagery would begin immediately.

      Now, imagine that we fail to secure our weapons and instead of pointy sticks, sharpened rocks and animal skin shields. These rapidly regressing savages have access to chemical or God forbid, even Nuclear weapons. I know it sounds a little far fetched for today. However, there is a black president, and who knows just how the Military might react to a future black president’s orders to relocate those weapons.

      • The USG has disposed of chemical weapons as per treaty, mostly by chemical neutralization followed by incineration out at Johnston Atoll, south of Hawaii.

  • They will be just as soon as Holder wraps up the FBI investigation showing that the janitor voted for Romney.

  • Max

    Maybe he can get some free legal assistance from the “Trayvon Martin Center for Justice”. Yeah, that’s a real entity based at some university which I forget. After all, the word “justice” is in the name, what else could they be interested in?

    • “After all, the word ‘justice’ is in the name, what else could they be interested in?”

      I’m going with “Promoting the idea that whites have the duty to die.”

      • Max

        Or to paraphrase in modern language His Most High and Mighty Non-pareil Holiness, the Right Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. :

        “Justice for white people anywhere is an injustice to blacks everywhere”.

  • 2eRep

    He missed one, he needs more practice.

  • Janitors don’t make much money, so I suspect that the shooter will get a public defender. One potentially interesting aspect to this case is the “felony murder” laws on the books in most states. These basically say that there is no such thing as an accidental death during the commission of a felony. In short, the surviving “yoof” can be charged with the deaths of his two accomplices because the three were committing a felony – “assault with a deadly weapon” – when two of them were shot and killed.

  • Lots of police don’t like to work very hard, and these will just charge the first person they can find. Saying anything at all to these oafs is a mistake. We’re lucky enough in Colorado Springs to have a reasonably good police department. One of them stopped by to investigate some “stalking” allegations a neighbor had made against me. I had called the homeowner’s association to complain about Nikki’s loud parties and her refusal to clean up after her dogs. She retaliated by calling the cops. With an accusation like that, the guy is pretty certain to get nailed, but after the police officer met my wife and talked to us a little, the whole issue got dropped.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    You don’t have ANY idea how many blacks stab or shoot one another, and it NEVER comes to the attention of police. That is because if someone comes to a hospital with a gunshot or knife wound, the hospital is required to report it by law to the police. They go to someone in the ‘hood who was a medic in the military to get patched up instead. I see lots of severe bullet and stab wounds on blacks here, and to them they are a badge of honor and braggin’ rights!

  • IKE

    I would say that for no reason whatsoever,
    except in self-defence, should one think of killing any animal

    • Lord Sandwich

      I completely concur with your statement regarding only shooting in circumstances of valid self defense. However, black cowards like to attack in numbers. The fact that they tend to scatter and run at the first sign of superior firepower may mitigate the likelihood of my prediction. Blacks oppose all things related to firearm self defense laws because they know that they empower innocent armed whites over black violent criminals. It’s important to note that only our side is constrained by laws and moral imperatives.

      • We are the ones who aren’t out looking for trouble at night, and most of us have jobs we don’t want to lose our spouses who might divorce us and keep our homes.

  • John K

    One dead giveaway that these hoodlums were up to no good is that they were carrying a baseball bat instead of a basketball.

    • IKE

      Scene of the crime at
      1400 block of N. 27th St.


  • newscomments70

    I remember when the Australian college student was murdered by blacks in Oklahoma. There was a left wing Australian politician hysterically screaming about how America needs gun control, and this murder was the fault of redneck NRA types who lobby for gun rights. He completely ignored the black racism factor. I wonder how this would be explained…do we lack baseball bat control laws?

    • They killed that guy because he was white! The last time I visited my old college, the Mexican guys on a tour from their high school threatened me. I spoke only in German to them initially because I wanted no trouble, and hoped they would mistake me for some exchange student. The Greaseritos said “Puto”, so I broke the first one almost in half.

      I will always fight three of anything, and that was five: not much fun at all.

      • newscomments70

        The fact that you won means that the school needs more diversity. Liberals don’t want whites to win anything.

  • DiversityIsDeath

    That’s right. Because you are in shock, and not thinking straight. Importantly, your testimony would be locked in, with no wiggle room for your defense lawyer to work with. Any white victim who fought back against attacking jigs better keep his yap shut to the police no matter how justified he believes his actions were. There’s plenty of time to tell your side of things later.

  • LHathaway

    So, the police are the bad guys. . . Wonder what this attitude will do for future crime rates in their neighborhoods?

    We seem hell-bent, on all sides, on creating some kind of frightening would out of science fiction. Then again, by the tone of these controversies, we’re already there. I guess we’re the one’s who should be afraid. And I think we’re going to have to count on ourselves. Doesn’t look like the local sheriff is going to believe us when we tell him something is horribly wrong in town. In the movies, sometimes the local sheriff listens to the kids, sometimes he doesn’t.

  • LHathaway

    It’s like a world out of science fiction. . .

  • jackryanvb

    Is the maintenance guy Black or White? I will support him if he’s Black, but want to be prepared for another Trayvon Martin style Black-Lib lynch mob if he’s Whute, White Hispanic.

  • Oil Can Harry

    Blacks always eulogize these goons by blathering “They was good kids. They was turnin’ they life around.”

    But if they were good why would they need to turn their lives around? Oh I give up already!!!

  • scutum

    I live in Milwaukee and I can tell you that this maintenance man was fighting for his life. It is a travesty that he is even in jail and our county sheriff, David Clark has declared it to be just that. However the left wing mayor of Milwaukee, Tom Barrett and Milwaukee’s police chief Ed Flynn, are both believers in gun control and that is the real issue here. How dare a citizen with a legal concealed carry permit take it upon himself to resist being beaten to death, he should have called the police. Never mind that he was being held down and beaten with a baseball bat, thats no excuse. The government is in charge here and they will decide who gets to defend themselves, and who lives or dies.

  • scutum

    The charge against this maintenance man is First Degree Murder. Is there any malice of fore thought here? I think not.

    • Lots of departments will deliberately overcharge a suspect, in the hope that the individual will take a plea bargain. Since this “hanging paper” also makes bonding out of jail more expensive – and thus less likely, it becomes harder and less convenient for the defendant and his attorney to meet. This makes coordinating a solid legal defense much more difficult, which also increases the likelihood of some sort of plea deal.

      It boosts their conviction rates. Another reason departments like plea-bargains is that since the defendant has pleaded guilty, his appeal rights instantly vanish; all he can appeal is the eventual sentence, but not the conviction itself.

  • cranky_1970

    After giving a statement the janitor will probably be released without being charged. The fact that he is waiting for a lawyer before he gives a statement suggests that he is white or Hispanic and doesn’t want to be subjected to a racially motivated frivolous prosecution and turned into another tool by a leftist DA to boost Democrat turnout in Nov.

  • MarcB1969

    Everyone knows what a “teen” is these days. It’s almost as if the news media is using that term to telegraph that a non-white thug was involved in an incident because they can no longer report the events with accurate descriptions. It’s also used to describe criminals over the age of 20, but I suspect it is used to Trayvonize the defendant, not to make the public aware of their race.

  • NCTarheel25

    I know first hand. It happened in my family.