With his arms draped around two pretty young women, an Eastern European Mr Big prepares to sell them off as sex slaves bound for Britain.

Evil Adrian Meder is just one of a network of gang bosses aiming to supply girls and make millions over the EU scrapping of our border restrictions with Romania and Bulgaria.

They aim to flood the UK with ­thousands of young women sold into a sordid, nightmare life of vice.


Shortly after this picture was taken in a seedy Romanian club, gloating Meder, 31, boasted to our undercover ­investigators, posing as London pimps, that we could buy both the girls he is posing with for £500 each.

And they would be in the UK by Wednesday, working for us as hookers.

“There is no problems with them going,” he said, grinning. “Because in England they have opened the gate. They can’t do nothing to you. Romania is in Europe now.

“The girls, they have 20 clients per day, no problem. Romanian girls are good for this because it is the job that they know. They stay in school and then they can’t find work and the only solution is to go to work in other countries.

“If you are OK with them and don’t beat them they will be good. They work and they know what they do.”

By the end of the night Meder would offer our men four girls, just out of their teens, for £2,000.

He said the girls would charge punters £120 an hour but they wouldn’t know their pimp would keep £70 of that.

The deal was offered only three weeks after we first made contact with a London-based fixer.

Meder told us he would be driving to Britain this week on business. Yesterday we informed ­Scotland Yard of our investigation and told them Meder was heading here.

The giggling, starry-eyed girls know a life of prostitution awaits but can have little idea of the brutal reality that may entail.

Once in the UK, the girls disappear into a black market of sleazy backstreet saunas, brothels and relentless escort agency work. Many turn to drugs in despair.

The girls are briefed on how to dupe immigration officials into believing they are entering the country to earn a living as hotel workers, waitresses or cleaners.

Last night a shocked Labour MP Fiona MacTaggart, chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Human Trafficking, said of our evidence: “This is clearly horrible exploitation.

“We aren’t doing enough to protect young women from around Europe from being sold into sexual bondage like this. It is outrageous.”

On Thursday our investigators joined Meder in the Liquid club in the ­back-streets of Sibiu in Romania’s poverty-stricken Transylvania.

After introducing us to one of his muscular henchmen, Meder led us to a VIP area above the dance floor. He ordered bottles of vodka for his table and told the girls to parade for our benefit. He constantly plied the girls with spirits as he auctioned them off.

Introducing a tiny 22-year-old, wearing only a black boob tube and leather trousers, Meder told us she speaks only “a tiny bit of English” but is extremely keen to go to Britain.

Asked if she knew what kind of work she would be expected to do, he grinned and said: “Of course.”

A 23-year-old was then shown to the table. We were told she was due to sit an important exam the following week. But Meder said: “No problem. I can speak with people and they will give her pass. She can travel to London next week.”

The fixer was at pains to ­emphasise there would be no trouble importing his girls and making money from them. He said: “This kind of work is between the rules. It’s not legal and it is not illegal.”

Like many gang bosses throughout Eastern Europe Meder knows the EU policy of “free movement” between member states works well for them.

Immigration restrictions placed on Bulgaria and Romania when they joined the EU in 2007 ran out on New Year’s Day, allowing their citizens easy entry to the UK. Watchdogs estimate ­European crime lords already net £20billion a year from the vice trade. And experts fear that number will continue to soar because of the end of restrictions.

The open borders policy means the movement of sex workers now goes largely undetected by Interpol and the UK Border Agency.

National Crime Agency figures show there were 1,746 reports of human ­trafficking from 112 countries last year—a 47 per cent leap on the 2012 total.

And in 2010, the Association of Chief Police Officers estimated that up to 12,200 women working in off-street prostitution in Britain had possibly been trafficked. It is little wonder a confident Meder told our investigators: “There will be no problem. If somebody ask (at immigration) ‘what do you do here?’ Then the girl say ‘I work in a hotel’ or ‘I have a friend.’ They have one thousand possible lies. Don’t worry about it.

“The Romanian girls are not stupid. They go with identity card now.”

Meder also introduced our team to the girls in the picture—one 21, the other 22—who asked to be taken to England as a pair for safety.

At one point, Meder pushed the 22-year-old towards our team, desperate to make a sale. She said: “I look forward to seeing you in London next week.”

In a vain attempt to justify his sex slaves operation, Meder assured us: “They go because they want to go. I do not have to tell them. They are not forced. It is no longer working like that. They go because they want to go.” At a meeting in a restaurant on the outskirts of Sibiu a day earlier, he bragged about the riches that could be made from his stable of women.

“One friend of mine in one year with three girls, he make one million euros,” said Meder. “When I meet him in Austria he come with a Maserati. A 350,000 euro car. With just three girls in one year.”

He claimed the key to a fortune was shepherding the girls around countries. “If you want to make good money you have to change them,” said Meder.

“I have girls two weeks in England and after that I go three weeks with them in Norway and then after that Swiss and after that Ireland. That’s how you make good money.

Outside the club on Thursday night, Meder rubbed his hands at the thought of another sale. He told our investigators: “You tell me when you want the girl to come. You book the flight and they will be in London on Wednesday.” Our team made their excuses and left.

Last night Tory MP Peter Bone, who previously chaired the all-party group on trafficking, said the end of restrictions was “a gift to traffickers”. He said: “That’s one of the disadvantages of free movement.”

Aneeta Prem, of Freedom Charity, feared the numbers were “just the tip of the iceberg”.

She added: “This is modern day slavery. The number of people contacting us who have been sexually trafficked seems to be growing enormously. It becomes a nightmare for them. They feel powerless to go back home.”

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  • Luca

    Legalize it, regulate it, problem solved.

    • JohnEngelman

      I doubt that very much. Prostitution is not a victimless crime. The victims are the prostitutes. Legalization would only offer a patina of respectability to what would still be a horrible life for a girl or a woman to live.

      • Luca

        They’re victims only when they are forced into an illegal underground trade. Prostitution, when legal, is nothing more than a legal contract (quid pro quo) between two willing parties. Typically one party pays the other for some form of sexual “labor”.

        There would still be problems, but they would be greatly reduced as per the repeal Prohibition in the 1930’s.

        Whether legal or not, it is never going away, so which form would be safer, more humane and more tolerable?

        Besides, if porno is legal, why not prostitution? If you pay a women for having sex and record it, that’s legal, if you don’t record it, that’s illegal? Now does that make any sense?

        • John

          No, but your argument makes perfect sense. Some of the top porno girls make really good money, just as do the top hookers, and don’t seem to be victimized at all. From what I gather, they’re into the lifestyle and perks, basically getting paid to lie about most of the time. There’s a top female porno star that trains at the gym I attended until about a year ago (the one behind me in my icon) that’s driving a brand new Cadillac XTS with customs plates reading “Juggs”.

      • RyanP

        Most prostitutes in the West are NOT working under slave/pimp conditions. In my country there are legal upscale escort agencies. The women are mostly white, educated, native born and are free to leave whenever they want. Many work completely independently out their apartments and hotel rooms and report to no one.

      • Alexandra1973

        I’ve read that the more men a woman has sex with, the more likely her immune system will be screwed up.

        A woman has sex with one guy, her body adjusts to his DNA, and from what I read makes it easier to conceive his child. But if she has DNA coming from every Tom, Dick, and Harry, it can mess things up.

        And guess who might have to foot her medical bills….

    • borogirl54

      I think most of them know what is expected of them, They probably do it because they cannot get jobs in their own country and they do this to help support their families in Romania.

  • Since Spartacus is on the ground in Romania, he can weigh in on this with his personal observations. But my take is that ONLY zero immigration can solve the host of problems (sex trade, drugs and addiction, rape, other violent crimes, larceny, loss of the home culture and values, bankruptcy of the national treasury, etc.) that plague countries that have policies of multiculturalism.

  • dd121

    This is more of a police matter than an issue for white nationalists.

    • Triarius

      So white slavery is not an issue for white nationalists?

      • dd121

        Regardless the race, if you allow unrestricted immigration from the 2nd and 3rd world you’re going to have social problems.

  • Diana Moon Glampers

    I go to Transylvania during the summer, and I would hardly generalize it as poverty-stricken. Hookers are everywhere. England is foolish to let the world meander into their welfare system, but Romanian hookers don’t seem like much of a worry.

  • Spartacus

    Most of these are either already hookers, or gypsies, so I’m not really concerned, to be honest. Meder, on the other hand, is not a Romanian name… Not sure what the hell it is .

    • Triarius

      He is of a particular tribe. This story is about a week old.

      • Spartacus

        Yes he is, as I just found out… He’s from Sibiu, and that didn’t make me realize it at first, since there’s lots of Germans there, and not that many jews :

        • AndrewInterrupted

          I have it on good authority that this group of fine young men from Sibiu are prospering because of their high IQs.

      • blight14

        I believe we all know who occupies the #1 position in the ‘human sex trade/slavery/organ theft’ department.

      • Sangraal

        How was this established? The 14 words post below just quotes the article then inserts the J-bomb into the headline and caption. It doesn’t say anything about how this information came to light.

        I’m not impying there is no evidence, I would just like to see it.

    • I tried looking up “Meder”. It is very old, but the roots are hard to discover.

    • John

      Many “Meders” listed on Wikipedia, many Slovakians with a sprinkling of Germans. One of the airmen participating in the Doolittle aerial bombing attack on Japan during WWII was named Meder. Mr. Scott is right, the roots are hard to find.

    • Diana Moon Glampers

      Alternate headline:
      More gypsies leaving Romania… Romanians thrilled.

  • Robert Kelley

    Well, the price certainly seems reasonable. The miracle of comparative advantage strikes again!

    Seriously, these girls would be better off if the Brits legalized brothel prostitution and cracked down on pimps and “escort services.” Girls would get a fair shake and avoid mistreatment and customers would be better protected against STDs.

  • NoMosqueHere

    I cannot believe how stupid the British have become. What the hell happened to them?
    How can they allow tens of thousands of Romanian/Transylvanian vampires and hookers to invade their country? Can anything good come from this? NO!

    • RisingReich

      It’s not the British people, but members of the Tribe whom they can’t even question. Sound familiar?

    • Spartacus

      This one is actually a member of your favorite tribe…

      • NoMosqueHere

        They are a creative tribe; troubling at times, but creative, highly intelligent, and usually funny. Certainly more creative than the average romanian vampire. I’d say the average jewish IQ is a good 30 points higher than the average romanian IQ.

        • Spartacus

          Yes, I’m sure they are . That’s why they have to live by leeching other nations . They’re the real vampires, not us . But the time for the great cleansing is fast approaching, and they know this . Rest assured, shabbos goy such as yourself will not be forgotten .

        • I don’t like what you said in this respect. I think you should take that back.

        • John

          30 points? Holy cow! They must have gotten 2 treatments from the magic Ellis Island Jew Brain Zapper! See my post above for more details.

        • Ellis Kurtz

          According to Lynn & Vanhanen’s “IQ and the wealth of nations”, the average Romanian IQ is 94. So even if the upper limit of average Ashkenazy Jewish IQ is accepted – 115 – the difference is still a good deal less than 30. The Romanian data is not disaggregated into vampire/non vampire categories.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    Either the British government ends all immigration coming into the country or white nationalists will do it for them. There is no other way.

  • Truth Teller

    Member of the tribe, I knew it.

  • Hopefully it’s not the democratically ‘freed’ Ukrainian girls next.

    • ShermanTMcCoy

      You do realize that is the plan and who is behind it.

      • Hopefully Putin prevails, without the nightmare scenario of three different groups of Whites being thrown into the meat grinder with blacks in the rear, while the usual suspects finance both sides.
        Roughly 80% of the public sentiment comments/likes I’ve read seems to be backing Putin, I think more and more Whites are waking up to the hypocrisy, hopefully that counts for something.

  • Truth Teller

    Some sites claim the average IQ Israeli Jews is 90. Others claim the average IQ of Israeli Jews is 95.

    • John

      Either number begs the question, why are American Jews counted as having IQ as high as 115 by some accounts when they’re mostly from the same geographical (recently) regions as Israelis ( primarily Russia and Poland)? The obvious answer is that by some means, they’re gaming the system. No! Wait! It was the magic Ellis Island Jew Brain Zapper that treats all immigrant Jews to an enhanced IQ once they get here. That way, the majority of won’t be walking around scratching our heads when all of a sudden, most of the Federal Government Heads, Band CEOs, Supreme Court, Judges, Ivy League college students, etc. turn out to be headed by or mostly comprised of Jews. The perpetuation of the myth that “gee, they’re really smart” makes it easier to explain it all away.

      • Rhialto

        Almost all of the non-Eskimos who have immigrated to America were Ashkenazis from Europe. In contrast, Israel has many Sephardics from the mid-east and north Africa. These tend to lower the average Israeli IQ. In addition, the African non-Eskimos that were imported from Ethiopia and points south, cause even more IQ erosion. There is also the room temperature IQ illegals pouring in from Africa, who manage to become Israeli citizens, mainly by hooking up with estrous Israeli women.

        These facts account for the double digit average IQ.

        • John

          Those aren’t “facts” sport. They’re “assertions”. Israel has “many” Sephardics. How many is many? 200? 200,000. Millions? Essentially, what I’m asking is are they a significant enough % of the population to water it down by a whole order of magnitude statistically. I think not. Just point me towards the raw data. I’ll draw my own conclusions based on fact, not wishful thinking or speculation.

          • Ellis Kurtz

            “Just point me towards the raw data.”
            A 30 second search revealed the following:

            Ethnic Makeup of Jewish Population of Israel

            TOTAL 5,818,000

            Mizrahi Jews and Sephardic Jews 2,721,000, 50.2%
            (Mizrahi Jews are descended from local Jewish communities of the Middle East)

            Beta Israel (Ethiopian Jews) 130,000, 2.2%

            Ashkenazi Jews 2,767,000, 47.5%

            Wikipedia “Demographics of Israel”, from Statistical Abstract of Israel, 2009, CBS. “Table 2.24 – Jews, by country of origin and age”.

          • John

            Thanks. This with this info one may conclude the following. The “penetration” of Sephardics into the sample population of the whole country is statistically significant. But then this would mean, representing 50%, their average IQ would have to be approx. 75 in order to drag down the Ashkenazi supposed average of 125-130 to the level of the country as a whole (or 95 to 100). So, unless someone is prepared to say that your average Sephardic is typically dumb as a rock, or a sub Saharan African, another explanation would be in order. Love those stats that support my contention that Jews are gaming the IQ system in the US and have been for years.

          • Ellis Kurtz

            I don’t know who supposes that AJs have an average IQ of 125-130; the usual figure given is around 115. But this is quite enough to put them ahead of everyone else, as explained here (the italics are mine):

            The Psychometric Evidence about Ashkenazi IQ

            Ashkenazi Jews have the highest average IQ of any ethnic group for which there are reliable data. They score 0.75 to 1.0 standard deviations above the general European average, corresponding to an IQ 112-115. This has been seen in many studies (Backman, 1972; Levinson, 1959; Romanoff, 1976), although a recent review concludes that the advantage is slightly less, only half a standard deviation Lynn (2004). This fact has social significance because IQ (as measured by IQ tests) is the best predictor we have of success in academic subjects and most jobs. Ashkenazi Jews are just as successful as their tested IQ would predict, and they are hugely overrepresented in occupations and fields with the highest cognitive demands. During the 20th century, they made up about 3% of the US population but won 27% of the US Nobel science prizes and 25% of the ACM Turing awards. They account for more than half of world chess champions.

            While the mean IQ difference between Ashkenazim and other northern Europeans may not seem large, such a small difference maps to a large difference in the proportion of the population with very high IQs (Crow, 2002). For example if the mean Ashkenazi IQ is 110 and the standard deviation is 15, then the number of northern Europeans with IQs greater than 140 should be 4 per thousand while 23 per thousand Ashkenazim should exceed the same threshold, a six fold difference.

            This high IQ and corresponding high academic ability have been long known. In 1900 in London Jews took a disproportionate number of academic prizes and scholarships in spite of their poverty (Russell and Lewis, 1900). In the 1920s a survey of IQ scores in three London schools (Hughes, 1928) with mixed Jewish and non-Jewish student bodies showed that Jewish students had higher IQs than their schoolmates in each of three school, one prosperous, one poor, and one very poor. The differences between Jews and non-Jews were all slightly less than one standard deviation. The students at the poorest Jewish school in London had IQ scores equal to the overall city mean of non-Jewish children.

            “Natural History of Ashkenazi Intelligence” Gregory Cochran, Jason Hardy, Henry Harpending

          • John

            Expecting me to believe a “study” on Jewish intelligence written by Jews is like asking the Pope if God exists. Nice try sport. One of the first things people have to learn about Jews is that lying to the goyim is job 1. Every once is a while an “outlier” will come in with the truth. “Johns Hopkins geneticist Eran Elhaik says his research debunks the long-held theory that Jews are a single race.”

          • Ellis Kurtz

            “..expecting me to believe a “study” on Jewish intelligence written by Jews is ridiculous”

            How do you know that the authors are Jews? Cochran, Hardy and Harpending are British names.

            “One of the first things people have to learn about Jews is that lying to the goyim is job 1.”

            Recall the italicized quote from the paper by :

            [AJ’s] are hugely overrepresented in occupations and fields with the highest cognitive demands. During the 20th century, they made up about 3% of the US population but won 27% of the US Nobel science prizes and 25% of the ACM Turing awards. They account for more than half of world chess champions.

            So you are saying that the Nobel Committee, the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) and the FIDE (Fédération internationale des échecs or World Chess Federation) are all faking their awards to favor Jews?


            The most prominent proponent of the idea that Jews manipulate Western culture for their own ends is Kevin MacDonald. I presume you have heard of him. In his review of Cochran et al (“Jewish Intelligence”, August 19. 2007) he does not dispute high Jewish IQ, only their view of its origin. In the video “The End of White People 2: Jewish Intelligence” (dailymotion dot com) he is quite explicit about Jewish intellectual superiority. Has Kevin MacDonald been manipulated by Jews?

            Even the world’s most famous anti-Semite grudgingly acknowledges that Jews are “smart”:

            The mightiest counterpart to the Aryan is represented by the Jew. In hardly any people in the world is the instinct of self-preservation developed more strongly than in the so-called ‘chosen.’ Of this, the mere fact of the survival of this race may be considered the best proof. Where is the people which in the last two thousand years has been exposed to so slight changes of inner disposition, character, etc., as the Jewish people? What people, finally, has gone through greater upheavals than this one-and nevertheless issued from the mightiest catastrophes of mankind unchanged? What an infinitely tough will to live and preserve the species speaks from these facts!
            The mental qualities of the Jew have been schooled in the course of many centuries. Today he passes as ‘smart’, and this in a certain sense he has been at all times.

            Mein Kampf, Volume One – A Reckoning, Chapter XI: Nation and Race

          • John

            Well and good. Meanwhile, back at the ranch we still have that pesky observation about the Sephardic population’s IQ and its detrimental effect on Israeli IQ scores. Once again, are the Sephardics, by your own submitted stats, so dumb that they’ve dragged the IQ for the country as a whole? Surely they’ve been tested separately? Let’s deal with that before getting off on a tangent. You can throw the equivalent of “War and Peace” in your next post for all I care and my response is going to be the same as here. As an afterthought; of course I’ve heard of Dr. McDonald and I don’t agree with him on this particular issue either as far as that goes. We see eye to eye on a lot of issues, but not this. Had they not closed the comments section at the Occidental Observer website over a year ago, I’d have taken him to task there as well. Thought you should know. Meanwhile, while dealing with the Sephardic IQ question, perhaps you could also supply the readers here with a link to all those wonderful inventions and technological development all those “smart” Jews you’ve been trying to sell me on have produced. Must see list. Probably about as true as the list of black inventions that gets trotted out once a year in Feb.

          • Ellis Kurtz

            “Surely [Sephardic Jews] been tested separately? Let’s deal with that before getting off on a tangent. ”

            Why don’t you deal with it?

            In a comment thread in AmRen, talking about Jews in Israel is a tangent. It is the issue of Jews in the West that matters. If you don’t accept the evidence for high AJ IQ that I’ve presented, and believe that you know more about the issue that Kevin MacDonald, a professor of evolutionary psychology who has spent his life studying the subject (and is no friend to Jews), then there is nothing more to say.

            “You can throw the equivalent of “War and Peace” in your next post for all I care and my response is going to be the same as here.”


          • John

            Tangent? Did we ever. In any event, thank you for your time, thoughtful and well argued responses. For the record, I never have, didn’t and don’t claim to “know more” than Dr. McDonald. I have nothing but admiration for him; not only for his intellectual and literary achievements, but for the courage it took to do what he’s done. Your responses have certainly given me food for thought although probably not in the direction you’d think. Moving on….

          • John

            What translation of Mein Kampf is that quoted from? The copy I have (downloaded PDF) is translated by James Murphy. In that one, Chapter 11 is titled “Race and People”. A section on page 249 roughly resembles what you quote above but conveys a completely different meaning. Nowhere in my copy does the word “smart” appear. Good chapter btw. Mr. Hitler really rakes the chosen ones over the coals in it. In any event, you’ve convinced me now to go ahead and order “the Stalag edition” of the book from TBR Press for situations just like this in the future. From TBR’s circular; “This is the only complete, unabridged and officially authorized English translation of Mein Kampf
            ever issued by the Nazi party, and is not to be confused with any other
            version. Translated by a now-unknown English-speaking Nazi Party
            member, it was printed by the Franz Eher Verlag in Berlin for the
            Central Press of the NSDAP in limited numbers during the years 1937 to

  • I suggest that Vince Cable (Liberal Democrat MP), Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrat MP) and the likes of Jonathan Portes (an ‘Eskimo’ who cannot advise enough immigration into Britain and says pretty much ‘to hell with the British population’) not only house these trafficked people in their own homes, but stump up for the costs of the policing and so on for this.

    Cable was on our TV screens last week telling us that the “net migration” increase was a great thing for this country, and Portes never takes responsibility for or even discusses the ills that his immigration views bring.

    They conveniently talk of workers and doctors and nurses and buisness starters, but ignore the brutality, the feckless, the friction and the transformation of Britain into another land. It is about time they footed the bill directly for the consequences of their actions.

  • John

    The only thing shocking about this investigation is that slime ball Meder is plying his trade in Britain rather than Israel. He would be a citizen and they so a bit easier on stuff like this there when the victims are “only useless goyim” as the Talmud teaches them.

  • Sangraal

    Last week I submitted a similar story to Amren but it didn’t get posted. So I’m posting it here because it is relevant:

    http://www dot dailymail dot co dot uk/news/article-2563966/They-said-theyd-kill-I-told-police-Victims-speak-terror-Roma-child-sex-gang-preyed-girls-young-12-jailed-54-years.html

    Saw this just now as I was retrieving that link:

    http://www dailymail co uk/news/article-2572961/Immigrant-brutally-raped-woman-ONE-MONTH-arriving-UK-given-life-prison-judges-say-original-10-year-sentence-lenient.html