School Becomes First in Britain to Teach English as a Foreign Language

Max Evans, London Evening Standard, March 25, 2014

City of Leeds School in Yorkshire is taking the drastic step of introducing classes teaching English as a second language to each of its 350 pupils–including all its British-born pupils.

The school says it has been forced to include British-born English speaking pupils in the programme, because their standard of English is so bad.

Head teacher Georgiana Sale said the school was having to “rethink the way we do things” in a radical bid to improve standards.

She said less than a quarter of its pupils had English as their first language and more than half of the children were new to the country within the past four years.

Ms Sale said it had been decided to include pupils who have English as a first language in the programme because in many cases their level of formal English was not good enough to achieve good grades at GCSE.

Last year the school had just over a quarter of its pupils, aged 11 to 16, achieve the national benchmark of five good GCSEs, including English and maths–the lowest score of any state school in the city.

But Ms Sale said it was unfair to expect the school to reach national averages when so many pupils were new to the language.

City of Leeds school has around 55 different nationalities among its cohort, including pupils from nations across Africa, Europe, parts of the Middle East and Asia.

Ms Sale said that one of the largest groups was now Czech Roma children.

She said: “Many of our pupils are not only new to English but they are not literate in their own language. In some cases we are the first people to put a pen in their hand.

“Around half of our children are new to the country within four years. It is generally thought it takes five years to properly learn a language and that is when you have total immersion it it.

“A lot of our children don’t have that because it is not spoken at home. Imagine being given a few years and then being expected to get a good grade in GCSE geography, but having to sit the exam in French.

“I can’t worry about how many Cs some of my pupils have in other subjects when they are new to English. Education is about giving children what they need and so we have asked ourselves what do our children need?”

Leeds Metropolitan University and Sheffield University are helping the school to train their staff to be able to deliver English as an additional language.

The lessons would be done in stages not ages, with pupils split into groups based on their ability and the classes taught in English.

She said that for pupils with English as a first language it would give them the chance to improve their spelling and grammar. Chris McGovern, Chairman of the Campaign for Real Education, raised concerns that the move might be detrimental to native-English speaking students. He said: “Whilst it is very important that non-English speakers are properly looked after, this should not be at the expense of those for whom English is their mother tongue.”Bradford mill worker’s son Amjad Bashir, 61, a Euro-election candidate and leading figure in the business community in Leeds, came to the UK in 1959 from the Punjab, speaking only Urdu.
“But my parents appreciated the importance of English language and culture and I was encouraged to learn English as soon as possible both within and outside school,” added. “My father would even send me outside to play with local kids. He used to close the door behind me and said ‘You can’t come in until you learn the language’. “I am very sorry for the 25 per cent of English pupils born in English house-holds. It is not fair they are being disadvantaged in this way and their progress held up.”On its website, the school says it employs staff who speak Czech, Romanian, Russian and German to help children settle into the school and learn English.The school is currently advertising for a new English teacher to start work in April on a pay band of £21,804-£37,124 a year.City of Leeds, in inner-city Woodhouse, is aiming to become an academy.The sixth form has already been axed at the school, which was at one stage facing closure and was ranked as unsatisfactory by Ofsted in 2012.

But education bosses in Leeds decided to keep it open and its Ofsted rating went up a notch last year to “requiring improvement”.

The Ofsted report noted: “Most students are from a wide range of minority ethnic backgrounds with the largest group being of Pakistani heritage.

“In recent months a significant number of students from Roma and Traveller backgrounds have joined the school.

“The proportion of students who speak English as an additional language is about four times larger than the national figure and many are at the early stages of learning English.

“Students join the school with standards well below the national average and the majority have weak literacy skills.

“Since the last inspection students’ attainment has improved and an increasing number are gaining five good GCSEs including English and mathematics”.

In October last year, statistics showed there were five UK schools where no pupils have English as their first language, with 240 UK schools where 90 per cent of the children speak with a different mother tongue.

Commentary by Chris McGovern, Chairman of the Campaign for real education

Most people in Britain agree that discrimination is abhorrent. Whether it be  on the grounds of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability or age, we rightly outlaw it.

The Government’s website on “Crime, justice and the law” states: “It is against the law to discriminate against anyone because of…race including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin.”

It adds: “You’re protected from discrimination . . . in education.”

What, then, are we to make of a decision by a Leeds school to discriminate against children who are native speakers of English?

They apparently make up 15 per cent of all pupils in a school that has children from more than 50 different countries.

Clearly, the school faces a problem in having to educate so many children whose first language is not English.

Sensibly enough, its solution is to introduce lessons in English as a foreign language for these non-native speakers.

What comes as a surprise is that native speakers of English are also required to attend these particular lessons.

In other words, all children are to be treated equally and the needs of all of them are to be met–with the exception of those who are native speakers of English.

They will be treated as non-native speakers on the grounds, it seems, that this will make things more manageable for the school, even if it is not in the interests of the pupils concerned.

What clearer example could there be of discrimination against a school’s ethnic minority?

Yes, of course non-English speakers need to be properly provided for. Most will be immigrant children who, invariably, have an excellent work ethic and make rapid progress. But it is unfair if their progress comes at the expense of native speakers.

I have taught English both to pupils who are learning it as a foreign language and to native speakers. The process is very different.

The needs of non-native speakers are best met by giving them six to 12 months of intensive English language tuition so they can move from partial to full integration into the school’s whole curriculum.

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  • D.B. Cooper

    I’m not mad at the foreigners, British boy, I’m mad at YOU!
    You did this to yourselves, and I can’t even feel sorry for you.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      In all fairness, it’s the government who bears full responsibility for this act of treachery. They decided to embark on a radical social engineering experiment against the wishes of their constituents, who have repeatedly voiced their opposition to massive 3rd world immigration whenever they had the chance.

      • sbuffalonative

        Yes, school boards are all too quick and eager to implement any new ‘progressive’ theory that someone espouses.

        The solution is simple. Go back to the time before things went bad and return to the standards of the past when children actually learned.

    • Sangraal

      Britian is forecast to be majority non-white by 2066. The USA by 2045.
      You’re on the deck of the Titanic pointing and gloating at the Lusitania.

      • Romulus

        England is FAR smaller than the US! It will be much sooner than that! London is already well over 70% non white foreigner.

  • Luca

    All this time, money and effort invested in young immigrants so they can grow up to not assimilate, increase the welfare roles, hate Whites and keep the bobbies of Britain …well…bobbing.

    • D.B. Cooper

      Don’t worry your little racist head off Luca. Those precious foreigners will be Affirmative Actioned…. OOOPss! I forget, this is England, I mean, “Positive Discriminated” as the bobbies of the future.
      You all get to pay for it! Perhaps you can sell Stonehenge to Vega$ so you can afford to pay for your little darlings.

  • IstvanIN

    If I stated the solution I would end up like Spartacus, banned forever.

    • D.B. Cooper

      Been there, done that, on other sites where I am no longer welcome.

      • Ella

        What are some other sites similar to Amren with blogging?

        • D.B. Cooper

          Most of the original articles Amren gets the stories from are already set up for Disqus, Twitter, or whatever. Today’s Alabama Greek integration story is an example.

        • Romulus

          Goto the site called occidental dissent. Scroll along the right hand sidebar and you will see a list called the blogroll. These are all WN sites!

        • The Verdict of History

          Counter currents, Occidental Observer, etc

        • Romulus

          I forgot to add something of note. American thinker is informative, but leans in the direction of the non Eskimos. Proceed with caution.

          • stewball

            Hello romulus.

    • DaveMed

      I’m not sure why Spartacus was banned (I didn’t even know that he was), but I doubt stating the solution will get you banned.

      Simple: non-Whites must be removed from Europe.

    • Sangraal

      Spartacus is banned forever? When did that happen, and why?

    • Sue

      When was he banned?

    • Romulus

      He is banned!! I wondered where he went. The correct cure should have happened nearly 8 decades ago, but Americans were asleep. Drunk and high on the magic of industrialism and much racial fratricide, left us vulnerable to the commies.
      We need a massive awakening. I pray that it won’t take 600 ? Yrs like it did before to expel the usurpers.

      • dd121

        My father was in WWII in Europe. He thought it was a mistake fighting Germany. At the time he thought we should have joined forces with Germany to destroy the Bolsheviks. He wasn’t the only one. Patton among others.

        • My WWII veteran grandfather told me once, after a drink too many, that he felt the exact same way.

          • dd121

            Ah, the truth comes out! 🙂

        • Romulus

          Look what happened to him. Car accident,eh?? My grandfather told me the same thing before he passed.

    • dd121

      Does Spart really have a permaban? I didn’t think they kicked anybody out. I’m really uncomfortable with that. I know a lot of people seem to hate Engleman but are his posts really that corrosive? Just stop responding to him if you’re that bothered. I’m a little disappointed with how people here react to him. I know what it’s like to have posts deleted on liberal sites just because my views are conservative; not because I said anything that was “abusive”. I think we should all promote free speech even if we don’t agree totally with someone’s specific comment. If not at AmRen, then where?

      • Katherine McChesney

        It’s Engleman’s hatred of the White race that is offputting.

    • saxonsun

      And we all know what it is.

    • Laura Dilworth

      disqus banned spartacus?

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    There’s a first time for everything. Because of massive 3rd world immigration, there’ll be a first time for an Islamic school system, an Islamic parliament, a jizya tax imposed on white natives and an Islamic theocracy in Britain.

    • Maybe, MAYBE, all of that will be the straws that break the camels back and the Enlish et al will react.

      • English have the self protection of babies.

        • David Ashton

          Thank you. We are in the grip of a nomenklatura which has no basis in the hearts of our admittedly phlegmatic people, genetically exhausted as we have also been after two world wars and social-democratic philosophy. But US whites should look at their own problems before throwing stones at us Anglo-Saxon cousins. Get ready to spit instead on YOUR OWN graves, Yankee Doodle Dandies!

  • LovelyNordicHeidi

    The title says it all.

    We are becoming foreigners in our own lands. That’s the message of that title.

  • Ed

    Britannia rules the waves…….all the way into the gutter it seems.

    • David Ashton

      Well, you have Admiral Obama and the Good Ship Hollywood, so you’ll be OK.

  • sbuffalonative

    The school says it has been forced to include British-born English
    speaking pupils in the programme, because their standard of English is
    so bad.

    We used to be able to educate our children. What has changed?

    Refusal to admit differences in outcome.

    A surrender to ‘progressive’ education standards and theories.

    Teaching to the children’s needs instead of teaching children.

    Schools used to set the standards and children were expected to adhere to these standards. But as more children failed, they began asking children basically, how do you want to be taught. The children are in control, not adults.

    Add to the mix foreigners who have no intention of becoming British or American and it’s only going to get worse.

    Watch for new progressive theories of education to be implemented.

  • DaveMed

    The most infuriating aspect of this trend is that there is a distinct possibility that, as Whites are slowly bred out of existence, the transition will be gradual enough for the infrastructure to remain for the victorious invaders. As a matter of fact, you see a great deal of Muslims, Indians, etc. in healthcare and other vital industries.

    It would be less depressing to me if the last White out the door could at least press some sort of switch or button to collapse all of our advancements that will be snatched up by the looters.

    • sbuffalonative

      I went to the local Catholic hospital and was stunned by the large number of head-covered women and foreign males.

      • DaveMed

        There are too many for me to believe it’s a coincidence.

      • Katherine McChesney

        Why are you surprised? Catholic Charities is a friend to foreigners and illegals. They set them up and help them get welfare, section 8 and ebt which they do NOT deserve.

        • evilsandmich

          Catholic “Charities” is nothing of the sort; they are the worst poverty pimps and a total enemy of America.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      Don’t worry. It will all fall apart of its own accord, when the 3rd world immigrants begin fighting among each other for the white man’s spoils. The racial foreigners have neither the level of intelligence nor the personality traits that are required for running a stable, economically prosperous first world society anyway. Disaster is inevitable. Hopefully, the white man will eventually realize that he is being ethnically cleansed in his own country and expel the invaders before it’s too late.

      • Romulus

        The coming economic disaster will be the signal as populations reach epic proportions and money begins to lose all solvency. Think the lawsuits against bitcoin( an even more abstract from reality currency) . Once Energy reserves cannot match to sustain or grow the machine, stagnation will occur followed by massive inflation. The governments of the west will be putting the nations on lockdown to keep the peace. Think Detroit ,only nationwide. The natives will go ballistic if basic services cannot be disseminated equally.
        There has been a mass exodus from Americas biggest urban hubs into former red states. This will increase.
        Sometimes, in my posts, I might have a few historical or cultural inaccuracies, but this is my forte’. It is coming, whether we are prepared or not. Those that have followed my comments since I joined amren will remember.

        • Ella

          I still expect a Mass Exodus out of the US if Whites cannot hold a region or clustered States to advance for their own social and political agendas.

          • Romulus

            The very rich already have contingency plans or are planning. Moving into former red states, buying up land, acquiring dual citizenships, moving money around and backing it up with precious metals. Chance favors a prepared mind and people.

    • dd121

      When the whites are gone the infrastructure will implode of its own accord.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    English being taught as a second language to children born in England is an obvious sign that other nations (‘nation’ in the sense of people with a common ancestry, culture, language, etc.) are forming on the plot of land once held exclusively by the English nation. The fact that there is so little resistance to this internal conquering is troubling.

    • Ella

      I weep for my children and hope to move away from this nonwhite region. I wanted to expand the family, but with these situations like England, I feel a guilt and sorrow in my heart. I see nothing ahead for my children at times but eventual poverty and war.

      • Romulus

        Then train them in the art of battle like the mighty Vikings of lore!

        • saxonsun

          Give me a break. Those “mighty” Vikings were cowards. Oh yes, it took real guts to raid England and butcher monks and others who couldn’t defend themselves.

          • Romulus

            Your comment is unworthy of this forum. Were it not for the germanic/ Norse, Europe would have been overrun even more in antiquity than has been tried Try these books on for size. …… The Vikings by Robert Ferguson and The Real Middle Earth by Brian Bates.

    • One or two British Labour MPs have admitted that they wanted to ‘dissolve the English in a sea of ethnicities and make her one of many in her land.’

      This is admittance to genocide.

      • David Ashton

        Labour MP Frank Field has tried to resist this trend, and traditional Labour voters are not in lockstep with the liberal nomenlaktura over immigration.

    • David Ashton

      Resistance is illegal.

  • David Ashton

    As usual this news-item brings out the ignorant Americans who hate the British victims of an ideology from which Americans are also suffering.

    • Romulus

      Not I David. I know who is who! The Angles/saxons, Scots, Welsh, brits, and Irish have my full support. The realists anyway.
      Unlike other Americans, I don’t see tribes or ethnicity. I only see the true people of the Isles. I SEE haplo groups

      • David Ashton

        Thanks, Romulus. It’s especially D.B. Cooper who has it in for us here in the “Fairest Isle” (wot woz).

        • oddball1776

          UK Prime Minister, David Cameron.

          • DaveMed

            This is a fantastic picture to share. I will use it.

  • Anglo

    The British being blended out of existence in their own country as is happening in all White countries. The New Age is awakening, The Age of Aquarius. The enemy has done their work well — The New World Order.

    • me

      It ain’t over till the fat lady sings….and sing she will!

      • Romulus

        Excellent! Ralphie will be shooting someone’s eye out, but not his own.

    • It is only native English people who are facing a (real) genocide in their homeland. Indeed the non-Whites and Whites are treated equally in England with the exception of the English. Even other native Britons (Scottish/Welsh) and their history and relations on the Isles can be used by means of justification of English genocide. This is not a White genocide, this is an English genocide.

      This would be like here in the US if they’d decided than non-Whites and Whites would be treated equally with the exception of those from German decent, for example, and the justification of it being Nazism and WW2.

      This would be like having all of the Black, Asian, and Hispanic immigration flooding into the particular Northern States where Germans largely settled prior, while having the other White states – not dominated by German ancestry – to be left untouched by massive waves of immigration.

      Saying ‘White indigenous Britons’ implies that they are all equally under threat. They are not, the English are. The vast majority of immigration goes into England with intent and by design, possibly even to preserve the ‘other’ parts of the UK. It is genocide of the English people of England. Non-Whites and White Europeans – including Scots, Welsh and Irish – all have higher priority in terms of ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ over the English in England. Everyone is equal with the exception of English. The British labour, as well as the EU have the ill-mentality that English folk are the most evil race of White European and truly disserve to be dissolved from their homeland as fast as humanly possible.

      Through the entire west and for a long time now, Anglo’s are demonized irrationally in an attempt to justify their demise; while their Celt (brothers) are romanticized for their protection and safety. This is horrid.

      Only British labour MPs have quite literally admitted that it was their intention to ‘rob England of her chance to survive as a distinct culture and people, and to get her to applaud her own destruction’, to ‘dissolve the English in her homeland and get he to compete with a sea of other ethnicities.’ This is admittance to genocide. It is the only case in the whole of the west, and yes, they’ve gone the farthest in their destruction.

      This is gross.

      • Anglo

        Thank you for explaining the distinctions. It is painful to see this happen to England. A great number of my ancestors came from England. This is so sickening. How proud of themselves our NWO masters must be.

      • David Ashton

        The English are indeed the main, though not the only,. targets for destruction among the census-defined “White British”. Google Sean Gabb for a libertarian’s account of this Anglocide.

  • me

    Well, this is why Whites have to start defending their right to have their own countries. The infiltrating, manipulating usurpers that have opened our borders and forced the citizens of White countries to welcome the unwashed hordes need to be charged with treason and executed for the same. The British should have NEVER given up their guns–that was the first, and biggest, mistake that they made. NEVER give up your rights to any ‘government’. Once we liberate our own occupation, we will sail to Europe….

    • Romulus

      Im glad that you posted that picture. It clearly demonstrates the actual. Now, what I mean by that is ,take a very long look at that pic. Think of the stupendous amount of inputs it takes at global scale to keep such massive industrial infrastructure running everyday of the week. Now that human biomass has reached unsustainable levels, they are flocking all around the world and bringing instability with it. Tribalism has never been completely eliminated by the egalitarians, only suppressed. As industrialism begins to lose it’s utility ( 17 trillion in debt and climbing) the governments of the west will force the peace to protect from bloodshed.
      You are absolutely correct in positing the opposition to disarmament. It is the single most important element to freedom and self determination.

    • David Ashton

      “Westward look the land is white!”

  • Katherine McChesney

    I wish I understood what O levels and sixth form mean. British education sounds strange.

    • MBlanc46

      O levels. Exams taken mainly by those not pursuing higher education. A levels are taken by those going on to university. Sixth form. The last two years of secondary education.

  • MBlanc46

    Coming soon to a country near you.

  • WR_the_realist

    Every day we see the benefits of diversity right here on Amren. How could we ever have been so foolish as to oppose it?

  • dd121

    I think they should lift the ban on Spartacus. “I am Spartacus”.

  • Kenelm Digby

    This is Leeds in Yorkshire we’re talking about, not London, the metropolis.
    Leeds is pretty much buried in the English hinterland and the excuse that ‘London is an international city’ can hardly be used to describe Leeds. Yet now we read of ridiculous statisitics such as ’55 different nationalities at the school’ – which is probably worse than New York City or Los Angeles. All this in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales.

  • Stick a fork in us, for we are done.

    Just like it is in the United States, there is no point pretending that we can rely on the system, the government, UKIP type parties, nationalist parties, the media, to change things.

    The stories of demographics and the unfolding nightmare here in Britain just get worse and worse for every year that passes. Nothing happens about it. Nobody knows what to do about it, and many seem to be quite happy with it or at least passive enough to be against us.

    It will continue to get worse and that is a reality that people have to come to terms with. The carriage of Britain, particularly England, is “runaway” in status. It is uncoupled, detached, going ahead under it’s own steam.

    There is no sign of it slowing down, and without a concerted effort, it will not be stopped and small objects opposing it, small groups opposing it, will continue to get flattened under the wheels.

    I feel that all we can do, who are of a nationalist mindset, is step off the track and consolidate our numbers as a reinforced effort to salvage something from the wreckage. The same goes for America I think. We are probably wasting too much time attached to the ‘tracks’ we have been given and what we ‘see’ as our confinement of working.

    • David Ashton

      We are NOT “done”. For us to lose the psy-war is the first objective of our enemies.

      • It is never over until the fat lady has sung, I will grant that.

        However, she has been limbering up, practising the vocal scales behind the scenes, has just sipped a little glass of water and is now making her way up to the stage with, it appears, rapturous applause from many people.

        Unless we build some of trap-door pretty damned fast, the stage will be set. Running to production managers, trying to block the stage with stunts and diversions, etc, are not going to work.

        So, unless something unexpected and miraculous occurs, unless there is some unprecedented turn of the British public that toughens their mood and convictions, all I am suggesting is that we ought to be making our plans now, with people who are already awake and in favour of our positions, to ensure at least something is salvaged if this trap door does not materialise.

        • David Ashton

          I take your point – and advice.
          Several times on AmRen I have suggested (in brief summary): (1) Have more children, (2) save and store the heritage, (3) master the technology as well as content of the internet.
          As for “diversions” almost anything is better than nothing, except violence – especially against ordinary immigrants who themselves are – mostly – not the key problem, which rests mainly with “white” traitors.

          • In hindight I realise that I may be overly cynical and overly looking on the bleak side, and I agree that I should perhaps curtail that kind of narrative (just for the sake of not demoralising others).

            It is just that I have seen enough, studied enough and have now reached the conclusion that there is no way out of this now.

            I think things are too far gone in terms of demographics (particular those born in the last decade), that the trends are set, that the public are showing no signs of caring about their racial identity or the make-up of the country.

            And if they did care, they are in the same boat as us when it comes to how to get out of this problem, particularly without violence – which is something I would not wish to occur either, particularly against ‘innocent’ individuals.

            There just seems to be little appetite to do anything at all, other than tinker around with “welfare” and “job” arguments about new arrivals.

            However, the problem is already cast, whether more come or not – and nor are those arguments strong enough or truthful enough to protect the real issue most of us have.

            Maybe it is finally time for me to get out of nationalism before I pull others down with me. I have little to offer which provides us with realistic and solid reasons to be cheerful.

          • David Ashton

            I respect you and your analysis, but prefer “Nil Desperandum” to “Mustn’t gwumble” as the Middle England motto.

          • Martel

            Can you get out of nationalism, and then still look at yourself in the mirror?

            You are aware what is going on, if you are anything like me, there is no way to simply wake up one day and forget it all. To stop caring about white women no longer feeling safe to get out at night, to stop caring about the old folks who no longer feel at home in the city they lived for years and years. To see foreign ideologues abusing our democracies, wishing to forever change the land we inherited from our ancestors.

            My own analysis isn’t so gloomy, racial consciousness is a natural phenomenon, all human beings posses it to a certain degree, and under political pressure and rising tensions people naturally gravitate toward their own. Be my guest, comment on my posts and try to pull a nationalist in his mid twenties down. What actually does pull me down is a nationalist leaving the movement right before it gets interesting. Possibilities are emerging, you will see. There will be damage, no doubt, but I do see a future.

          • I wrote out a very long reply earlier, of a different fashion, but in typical fashion, firefox decided to crash and wipe it all out!

            All I will say for now (as it is late) is that there are reasons both personal and nationalistically as to why I think I need to step back and adjust my life a little bit.

            I have been thinking this way for quite some time now and I feel that something within me is coming to a conclusion. I feel I cannot continue to live the kind of life I have led, not least because the last thing I knew, I was in my mid twenties too!

            (Never take your eye off that particular ball Martel, because time is a thief. Never forget to establish a life for yourself and a family for yourself at the sole expense of being immersed into nationalist issues too heavily, like I have been).

            That is not to say I am going to ignore nationalism or going to be able to switch off – I don’t think that is possible for the reasons you cite – but a reassessment is needed as to where I plan to go from here.

            For example, there are many things I could be doing in life which would ultimately be more helpful to the cause than writing out replies, keeping up with the endless bad news and doing all the things I used to do with political parties and so on which typically embodies the recognised ‘movement’.

            I have no intention of pulling anybody down, and that is precisely one reason as to why I think I need to take a “vacation” from it for a while before I end up doing so.

            I suppose I have been saying I need to pack it in for years, but I have still lingered around – and probably always will. I don’t think I will ever fully quit. You can be assured of that.

            I am still involved in funding a (non-party) nationalist venture in Britain and I plan to collate and share a lot of the material and articles I have saved. Apart from that, I do not know exactly what I will be doing in the foreseeable future.

            There is a dire need for a “good news” orientated sector of the nationalist movement.

            I suspect that around 90% of the material we all digest week in, week out, year in, year out, is negative and designed to create despair and possibly a sense of urgency – when all it really tends to do is reinforce the futility of bothering.

            The whole model of what we are doing (like these kinds of news sites) seems to be wrong, and it is easy to get sucked into giving up and walking away – or falling into the negativity trap of commentary that only helps to perpetuate this sense of doom.

            My assessment of the situation has led me to be more modest about what the future holds – and have come to the idea that we can no longer save or salvage everyone….That time is running out to continue to play the games of real politicking and all the other methods we have mostly relied upon so far.

            I am thinking that we need to work on and with those we have already got on our side instead, primarily outside the mainstream channels, in order to salvage anything at all.

            It will take a good few decades to establish something for a worse case scenario, so I am suggesting that we keep an eye on that aspect too – and to be mentally prepared for it if need be.

            Those kinds of possibilities are there and are something that can be worked towards as a future.

            Although I have been down in the dumps, I should do well to remember some great articles by Alex Kurtagic – of who I think is a breath of fresh air to this movement – such as his pieces on ‘the curse of the naysayer’ and ‘masters of the universe’, to name but a few.

            That is the kind of positive drive we need, and one day I hope to take up such an approach myself and thus refresh some of the dogged dedication that I have lost in recent times.

            It is reassuring to me that you see a future and have much fight left in you over principles and the righteous cause. Cheers.

          • Martel

            Its good to know the nature of your “departure” isn’t what it seemed based on your previous comment. Its always important to take care of your health, happiness,family and friends. Whenever something is depressing, I figure, why should I, the one doing the right thing, feel depressed when those who are in the wrong, are happy. Its not right and it makes no sense, so increasing general satisfaction in life is important too me.

            Taking pre-causations at raising my stress levels is something I continually work on, and I hope I may benefit others. One strategy is to stop worrying about proving I am right, I don’t fight battles which consume to much of my energy in which I need to verify too many numbers or facts which have gaps they are able to exploit, even if those gaps “don’t prove anything, because I can explain them if I point to this and this and spend another hour of my time hoping to show them I am right about this little factoid”.. Trying to inform those who don’t want to be informed is useless, when I discuss complex issues I discuss them with those on my side. My goal is to make them question their beliefs(not fun, not cool, not interesting, not smart, etc) and making mine palatable and desirable, that is all.. As a non-denominational Christian i have a preference of truth, I trust it to be my ally, but I don’t defend it where the costs don’t outweigh the benefits. Many don’t seem to follow this rule, probably because they never thought about it. We live in a culture where proving you are right is everything. this why we prospered, but every beneficial aspect of a culture has its downside.

            About trying to save them all, I already accepted there will be many casualties as this is what happens when you mess with demographics. Its simply mother nature doing her work, I worry about it like i worry about any other natural disaster. I believe this to be,a bit odd, but healthy mindset. I’m sure you and I have much in common,I have spend many sleepless night worrying about my people, the very insight I had into the future terrorized me. But this is useless, you cannot stop the natural consequences of meddling with demographics. We can only make the best of it and we should make sure to enjoy every minute of it.

            Its important keep my eye on that “ball” you mentioned, but I admire how deeply immersed you have been. One day I hope to think “time passed quickly” too, but having been more successful in attracting participants due to the groundwork laid by my predecessors such as yourself, this nationalist and those of my generation have been given many opportunities to learn from both the successes and the failures of your generation, both equally important.

    • evilsandmich

      Just like in America, whites are waiting for the final economic hammer blow where fiat is destroyed and the only thing that matters is innate skill which is lacking in some groups more so than others. “The City” is leveraged to the hilt (‘infinity’ some say) so your window of opportunity will come.
      Of course they have taken all your guns away….

      • 3D printing could change that, with enough creativity and ingenuity–two traits we know Whites possess in spades.

  • David Ashton

    Our Deputy Prime Minister recently announced that what he liked about Britain was “our multicultural cities”. (Swedish nannies, Polish plumbers and Chinese restaurants, for deputy PMs….) This metropolitan walking PC-caricature remains in “office” despite his “party” being lower in the opinion polls than UKIP.

    • oddball1776

      Oops, posted above in wrong place.

    • saxonsun

      And a Spanish nanny for William and Kate. If they don’t set an example, who will?

      • David Ashton

        They look a nice couple, but neither William nor Harry are as intelligent as their father and grandfather. I would be more concerned at non-European servants in household intimacy. The Royal Family cannot easily escape the manufactured Zeitgeist, except in their private leisure pursuits (and even there William’s brother was spotted in a German uniform).

  • David Ashton

    As a graduate in English Language & Literature I especially sympathize with your first sentence, but not the second. I am working on a book to explain exactly how it happened against the declared wishes of our “native” population, and more.

    • Romulus

      David, I will pay whatever sum you wish for a signed copy of the first edition. I’ve just finished reading todays occidental observer Article on David Cameron. I found it a little disturbing. Your perspective would be greatly appreciated.

      • David Ashton

        I have followed the Cameron story from the outset and am fully acquainted with his commitment to a foreign government in the eastern Mediterranean from The Jewish Chronicle and The Times, etc. The surveillance aspects, which I have just read in TOC following your recommendation, are new to me. The “connections” with Blair were much stronger and still continue, but Cameron is Blair Mark 2. First the Actor, now the PR Man. These creatures are both puppets of cosmopolitan finance.

        • Romulus

          Apparently, what Geoffrey once said no longer applies. “All roads lead to ______$alem”

          The police state is rapidly evolving here across the pond. I had the opportunity to speak with John McManus of the JBS last week, who cautioned against any article 5 con con. Judging by the political climate here on both sides of the aisle, I don’t trust the outcome would bode well for American patriots and constitutionalists. I was already suspicious of Levines analysis.

          It’s akin to having a healthy respect for venomous arachnids. Another development that I’ve been warning of here , can be gleaned from the TOC article, is the right hand media ,Christian/tribe alliance being rolled out not only by jollywood but fox as well. It seems now that g. Herself is the new unofficial chair of the FIVE. A simple glance at his website ,immediately shows the viewer a commercial wherein a Christian group supports “THEM”

          I don’t wish that a return to the cross involves anymore of our sons and daughters dying for “them” We have been for far too long. It’s possible that divergence from their tendrils can be achieved if enough become aware that they might again become fodder for the meat grinder. As a vet, I have no problem with fighting causes that I believe in or will serve the interests of OUR people. I’m just not so sure that that is what will come to pass.

        • David Ashton

          PS. March 27. 10.20 AM GMT. Romulus, I saw your now deleted comment (below). You certainly have a sense of humor – don’t lose it, even as the Great Deletion advances on us all!

  • evilsandmich

    Lordy, America actually has a whole education discipline built around it: ESL (English as a Second Language). It’s not unusual to meet a teacher and for them to just refer to themselves as an “ESL teacher”. It is frowned upon somewhat as ESL classes have been found to be less effective (detrimental in fact) compared to ‘full immersion’.

  • Its actually more insidious when you say it properly.

    Teaching English as a foreign language to English school children in England because they no longer comprise the majority.

    They are being sentenced to the future history books.

  • Some angry, bitter Englishman is going to set fire to a mosque somewhere and that will be enough to start WW3 where low-impulse-control Muslims are concerned. Especially African Muslims.

    This will happen when English are declared as the official minority in England and that is noticeable everywhere.

    The English large minority will decrease to a small, endangered minority with mass killing from the majority non-White in violent racial conflict spanning years.

    The English will be on the verge of extinction while also being abused terribly.

    This is all possible out comes and it is heinous.

    • David Ashton

      Your scenario is not impossible, but we English (despite producing the best poetry on the planet) are not a terribly imaginative people and will hope for the best rather than prepare for the worst. Our adversaries play on our studied weaknesses.

      A senior albeit maverick member of Thatcher’s Cabinet, now in the Lords, once said to me of multi-ethnic immigration: “It is all too likely to end in blood and tears”. There have been attacks on mosques, takeaways and homes, and the culprits caught and convicted. There have also been Muslim attacks on whites which have received near-zero media publicity. The real enemies to target – by lawful means – are the “race relations” organizers, mostly “white” and non-Muslim.

  • Romulus

    As David can attest to, English comes directly from northwest GERMANY. It is extraordinarily close to Dutch.

  • David Ashton

    Ashton is pretty old too. My maternal grandmother was surnamed Deare, which is old Anglo-Saxon.

    As for Cameron, this immigration pledge was an example of the false promises that politicians regularly offer at “elections” as a straw of hope to a population drowning in disenchantment. As Oswald Mosley said, “If you offer a false prospectus in business, you go to Pentonville [goal]. If you offer it in politics, you go to 10 Downing Street.”

    The horns and star in the picture are symbolic!

    • Pat

      I missed the ‘horns’, well spotted.

      I remember reading somewhere that all of us English with old surnames were, after such a long period of time, probably related to each other – (this would make D.B.C. kin).

      I thought Nigel F. debated well last night – much to the BBC’s annoyance. UKIP are all we have!

      • David Ashton

        Even HM The Q has some Saxon blood!!

        Yes, I thought NF did better than NC, and the contested percentage of EU legislation was sorted out in a letter in the Daily Telegraph (March 28). I have policy disagreements with Ukip/UKIP but a good vote for them will “send a message” that the worm is beginning to turn, if not yet into a great dragon, and even Cooper may retract his blind contempt for “British boys” (though I doubt it).

  • Katherine McChesney

    Our children go to Kindergarten, grammar school, high school and advance to college or trade schools if they so wish. Our grading system is A through F (failing).

  • Fr. John+

    Henry Higgins was correct. But he never saw what a mess the Multiculti UK has become.