Measles Uptick in U.S. Linked to Philippines, CDC Says

Jonel Aleccia, NBC News, March 3, 2014

Federal health officials have tracked 54 cases of measles in the U.S. so far this year, including a dozen in people who had recently traveled to the Philippines.

Experts with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say they hope it’s not the start of a spike of imported cases of measles, which can spread easily to people who are not vaccinated or otherwise immune to the disease.

“Measles spreads very quickly in an unvaccinated setting,” said Dr. Jane Seward, the CDC’s deputy director for the division of viral diseases. Last year, at least 189 measles cases were reported in the U.S., which eradicated home-grown measles cases in 2000. In an average year, the U.S. might see 60 cases of measles.

CDC is warning travelers to be properly vaccinated when traveling to the Philippines, where 1,163 cases of measles were reported in early January and the World Health Organization and local officials are working to control the outbreak.

In addition to the cases in travelers to the Philippines, another 10 measles cases were detected in people who brought the disease from other countries, Seward said. The remaining 32 cases have been in people who got the measles from those sources, or didn’t know how they became infected, she added.

The count includes an unvaccinated California college student who traveled to the Philippines, caught measles, and then infected his two brothers—and potentially exposed thousands of others by going to classes and riding mass transit in the week before he fell ill, health officials said.


Measles is a highly contagious disease that infects 90 percent of those who aren’t already immune to it, either through vaccination or earlier illness. It can cause serious illness, particularly in children, including seizures, permanent brain damage or deafness.


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  • Spartacus

    Diversity is our greatest epidemic .

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      Diversity is just another name for the ethnic cleansing and race replacement of the white race.

  • DieWulfe

    Add these to the list.

    Malaria: Found in our blood supply


    Leprosy: Africa, Philippines, China, South America

    TB: Mexico, Philippines

    Chagas Disease: Mexico, Central America


    Guinea Worm Infection

    Whooping Cough



    Bed Bugs


    • itdoesnotmatter

      Treatment Resistive TB, not just TB. One of the Trauma RNs
      was infected with TRTB by a sick illegal we treated.
      The TB bacillus destroyed her kidneys. Kept alive for a couple of years on dialysis, it eventually killed her.
      No one else on the team fell ill, though several of us worked with this patient.

      • DieWulfe

        Resistive TB. Reason for the elites to allow more in. Whites die out more quickly.

  • mobilebay

    The spread of diseases is another topic that seems we are forbidden to speak of. The pro-illegal traitors want nothing more than to do away with a white nation and turn it into the next third world. The true immigrants of old that came through Ellis Island were checked for diseases and were either quarantined or often sent home. Today, in the 21st century, they wade across the Rio Grande bringing in all sorts of contagious ills and nothing is done about it. Don’t tell me that we’ve made progress in this particular travesty.

  • This should serve as a signal warning to young white parents who refuse to get their children vaccinated because it isn’t “natural”.

    • RisingReich

      You would think so if you are THINKING.
      Moonbats and children of the flowers live in the clouds, however.

    • Who Me?

      Vaccination may not be “natural”, but getting eaten by a bear is… and in some cases preferable to the effects of certain preventable illnesses.

    • Alexandra1973

      I suspect my son is autistic due to vaccinations.

      Unvaccinated children are actually the healthiest.

      Vaccines never brought down the rate of childhood diseases. Better hygiene and sanitation did that. Those diseases were *already* on the decline when their respective vaccines were introduced.

      You take a good look at the list of ingredients in those things and ask yourself, is this something I want injected into my child? Foreign DNA, including tissue from aborted babies (and some of those may be black)?

      Japan held off on vaccinating until children were two years old, back in the 80s. SIDS virtually disappeared. When they started vaccinating babies again–it came back.

      So am I a moonbat?

      • RegisterToPost

        There is absolutely no link between vaccinations and autism. None. Andrew Wakefield has been thoroughly discredited and his license to practice medicine revoked. So yes, you are a moonbat.

        While it would be simple to attribute the resurgence of easily preventable diseases to diversity, the fact is that parents who refuse to vaccinate their children are committing child abuse. No one should suffer through the horrors of polio or measles.

        • Charles W.

          Dr. Natasha Campbell-Mcbride has shown pretty well I think that autism stems from a compromise in gut flora at a crucial stage in infancy. Our gut flora, which we receive from our mother at birth and through environment and diet thereafter, interacts with our brain and actually comprises part of our nervous system.

          When our gut flora is corrupted as an adult it can cause a laundry list of health problems, but when it’s corrupted during early childhood it can have a devastating effect on a child’s mental development. This compromise of gut flora has been theorized as coming from a variety of sources (overuse of antibiotics, poor diet, environmental pollution). Given how individualized the problem can be I don’t think it’s absurd to suggest that vaccination at too early an age may be a contributing cause.

      • DieWulfe

        Amreners might live under sanitary conditions, wash their hands, but how do we get others to do so? That’s the problem.

        It annoys me no end when people go to work spreading their cold germs around. Of course, everyone gets it. Some much worse than others are forced to see a doctor and take off work. No one is so indespensible that they can’t take a few days away from the job so others don’t get sick.

        • Alexandra1973

          My son and I don’t get colds, or if we do it’s really rare.

          I also use coconut oil. That’s a good anti-viral.

          • DieWulfe

            Cold ‘germs’ seek me out! Most of the time with complications requiring medication. Slow to recover all my life. Maybe, I need to take off.

          • Charles W.

            Your immune system is probably weak stemming from weak gut flora (where most of the immune system resides). Every time you go to the doctor and get more antibiotics you destroy more of your body’s natural immunity.

            You should try building up your friendly flora. Eat homemade fermented foods (sauerkraut, pickles, kefir) that are alive with good bacteria. Also supplement with a strong probiotic like boulardii, reuteri, etc. You should notice a huge difference.

          • DieWulfe

            Have been told that by doctors. Runs in the family on Mother’s side.

          • Whenever you’ve been out in public, wash your hands as soon as you get home. This costs almost nothing, and sure helps.

          • DieWulfe

            Thanks for the tip.

            Carry baby wipes in plain package. Wipe and wash my hands all the time. Even wipe my keys, car door handles, and steering wheel. It’s 12 month allergies, dust in the winter, weeds, trees, grasses in spring, summer, fall. Also sensitive to fragrance….soaps, perfumes, colognes. Use hypoallergenic everything. Take antihistamines with decongestants everyday. Corticosteroid nasal sprays at times. Air purifier at home. Frequent dusting and vacuuming. Sinuses always stuffed up. Perfect environment for cold viruses and bacterial growth. Was very bad before two years of allergy injections. Much better now. But, colds lead to sinus infections. They are painful.

            Radar always out for anyone with a cold, but viruses are shed a day or two before symptoms appear.

            Doctors suggested probiotics but didn’t work. Allergist said it was allergies. Quite a few people have this problem. It’s certainly prevalent in my family. Mother, her two sisters, my brother, and sister. Definitely inherited.

          • Kalashnikov

            Attempting to live in a sterile environment is making your allergies worse. Our ancestors didn’t live in clean rooms. They lived in the wild. You immune system has nothing to do so it goes nuts every time it detects the slightest little thing. Additionally STOP EATING WHEAT. More to the point eat nothing but meat, vegetables, butter and water for a few weeks. Bet you a dollar your allergies just disappear as if you never had them. Mine did.

          • DieWulfe

            Appreciate your tips.

            You are correct about the immune system.

            Will try your suggestions. Sounds similar to the Adkin’s diet. How did you discover that combination? Is it lifelong?

      • itdoesnotmatter

        On this topic, yes, you are a moonbat. There is no connection between autism and the practice of vaccinating.

      • Thimerosal has not been used in vaccines since July 2000. If your son is younger than 13, this vaccine preservative (to prevent staph bacteria from growing in the vaccine) can not possibly be at fault. As an aside, thimerosal is not metabolized into methylmercury, but ethylmercury instead, and this has a very short residence time in the human body before it is excreted.

        On the other hand, the medical professionals largely redefined “autism” in the 1990s. Instead of a child having to meet all of the criteria to be considered autistic, that kid need now only meet one. The result was an apparent drastic increase in “autism” rates – when in fact no such thing was happening. Today otherwise completely functional – but slightly asocial people with Asperger Syndrome are considered “autistic”.

        • Alexandra1973

          Aluminum is another culprit when it comes to autism. And Alzheimer’s. In fact I buy aluminum-free deodorant for my family.


          I’m not the moonbat here.

          In fact, about two weeks after I began detoxifying my son (using natural stuff like cilantro and chlorella) when he was 4, he started talking again (his dad will tell you that after his 18-month shots “the words went away”). At first you could hardly understand him, but he improved.

          Polio scam: http://vaccineresistancemovement(dot)org/?p=814

          The emergence of vaccine-induced diseases:


          Hey, maybe the hippies were right about something!

          • Aluminum retention in the brain is a symptom of Alzheimer’s, but which direction the causal effect reaches is not clear: Does aluminum cause Alzheimers’, or does Alzheimer’s simply cause some retention of aluminum? Another symptom is the presence of amyloid plaques in the brain. Is that a cause or an effect? There’s even evidence that air pollution is a contributing factor! Regular enjoyment of intellectual activities and exercise have been linked to a reduced risk of the disease, as does eating a Mediterranean diet. There is some evidence that caffeine may be protective.

            Alzheimer’s is clearly a complicated subject.

          • Ograf

            One good thing about people who have alzheimers is they get to meet a lot of new people.

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            I discovered aluminum based deodorant causes fierce skin reactions, so I only use non-aluminum based deodorant. I have to wonder about the welding on the job, welding aluminum generates fumes that are dangerous given it’s alloyed with other elements that are proven carcinogens.

          • Fortunately, I am no good at TIG-welding. I go too slow and my substrate always cracks due to heat overload. For TIG, the shielding gas here in the USA tends to be argon. That won’t hurt anyone.

            I only ever weld steel.

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            I know people who died as a direct result of the welding they did for a years. Welding stainless steel is dangerous, indeed the fumes from any sort of arc-welding will kill you if you breathe them for a long period of time. Aluminum is sometimes alloyed with elements such as manganese and chromium, which are deadly when inhaled. I see a lot of people doing it in spaces flooded with fumes without ventilation and without respirators.

          • Most chromium and nickel compounds are bad news in mammals.

          • Ella

            I’ve seen a similar lapse in my son after MMR shots (18m) but he never had any physical delays. I think some boys may take a “step backwards” in development due to being over-absorbed in physical play and discovering new objects. Development is rarely straight forward and can take a ‘regression” in children. It’s still uncomfortable to witness and maybe, it’s just not fully understood at the nerve-receptor level.

        • It is my understanding that even before the definition of autism was watered down, it was just the new politically correct semantics for “mental retardation.”

          • Alexandra1973

            That’s really interesting, given that I’ve heard that autistic children are, lots of times, really smart. My son is. People who have spent time with him all tell me, that boy is smart, they can just see those wheels turning in his head.

            He also has a really good memory, something he no doubt got from me.

          • That is exactly right. My best friend in Australia didn’t start talking until he was aged 11, so when we met, I was 31 and at age 19 he had been talking less than ten years. He’s 35 now and has two PhDs.

            Dan preferred at the time to program directly in machine language. He was “autistic”.

          • itdoesnotmatter

            Autism is a complex spectral disorder, which means it has multitudinous physical and mental/behavioral manifestations, from schizophrenia with mutism and bizarre tics [echopraxia] to mild social inhibition.
            Some forms respond to empathic one on one teaching and social-interpersonal reprogramming, some do not.
            Erroneous, early literature on the subject was
            guilt inducing, in which blame was placed on a “refrigerator mothering style,” causing an “attachment disorder”. Not true, but the stigma, consciously or unconsciously, hangs on.

    • Laura Dilworth

      According to Alex Jones, vaccines cause autism…

  • redfeathers

    There’s a measles outbreak in NYC too, the Bronx and upper Manhattan. These are black and brown areas (obviously).

    • Alexandra1973

      I bet their living conditions aren’t exactly hygienic.

  • Alexandra1973

    Unvaccinated people do NOT spread disease. Vaccinated people do, if anything.

    If vaccines actually worked, the unvaccinated would not post any kind of a threat.

    Measles and other childhood diseases are preventable by good hygiene and sanitation.

    • It’s other unvaccinated people who are catching measles here. Moreover, sanitation isn’t always an answer; in the 1920s and 1930s when polio really got going in the USA, it was children from wealthy – and presumably more hygienic – families that disproportionately caught it.

      I recommend “Man and Microbes”, by Arno Karlen. ISBN 0-684-82270-9.

      • Alexandra1973

        Whenever you hear about an outbreak of a so-called “vaccine-preventable” disease, be sure to note how many victims were vaccinated against it already. Usually it’s around 75-80%. What does that tell you?

        • That’s easy to explain: micro-organisms mutate. I was vaccinated against whooping cough (pertussis) as a baby, but 30 years later working in Australia I caught some funny Asian strain of the same disease. It only had to be different enough that my system didn’t recognize it. Presto: I coughed for 100 days straight.

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            Indeed, and nothing mutates like RNA viruses such as Ebola and Marburg, retro-viruses such as HIV or influenza viruses.

    • Bob Wallace

      What planet do you live on? I had every variation of measles there is, chicken pox, and mumps. One of my girlfriend’s aunts died of tetanus at two, before the vaccine was available. If I hadn’t had the DPT I might have gotten those, too.

      • Alexandra1973

        The vaccine likely wouldn’t have prevented it.


        The article asks a VERY good question: How can the tetanus vaccine induce immunity, when contracting the disease
        naturally does not give immunity?

      • itdoesnotmatter

        A physician friend, raised on a farm in Iowa lost his brother to tetanus. He was fanatic on the subject of vaccination as a result.

    • IstvanIN

      So all the kids who polio up until the early 50s had mothers who were dirty slobs? Yeah, right.

      • Alexandra1973

        No, too much sugar.

        I linked to an article about the polio scam a few posts up.

        You honestly trust the government to have our best interests at heart? I sure don’t.

        • Who Me?

          You DO know that Jenny McCarthy has NO medical training, and her only credentials are being a Playboy Bunny, and that’s what makes her an expert on the efficacy of vaccines…

  • Ella

    Add 25 new cases of Polio in LA area, mostly Latinos toddlers. Limbs of young children suddenly showed paralysis reported by local ERs. We really have no choice in vaccinating since the borders are open with unhealthy illegals coming into our suburbs/cities.

  • JackKrak

    Diversity – infecting the Americans that Americans just won’t infect

    ( I know there are a million variations, but it never gets old )

  • Edruezzi

    Google: H.G. Wells, In the Fourth Year, Congo muckheap

  • Can you say “multidrug-resistant tuberculosis”?

    • itdoesnotmatter

      I said it too, Michael. TRTB is a potential killer, see my post further down about an exposed RN in our unit who died of it.
      And, pertussis, parotitis, rubeola are very real problems in California. Brought in by border jumpers, unvaccinated poor kids in schools are affected widely.
      Mum did not believe in regular pedi checks or vaccinations, which nearly cost my life. Exposed to another rubeola carrying unvaccinated girl on the train, it was post rubeola opportunistic pneumonia sequelae that nearly killed me.
      I was seven. My lungs reveal the scars to this day.
      Parents, see to it your children are vaccinated. The invaders bring ever more virulent strains of these diseases.

  • PouponMarks

    All the more reason to allow a flood of unexamined, unscreened Turd World illiterate, unskilled, non English speaking, government dependent as a lifestyle immigrants. That same way we should welcome tidal surges over barricades or tsunamis, or dams bursting.

    • antarctic_agriculture

      he median household income of Filipino Americans
      is $74,983 (US Census Bureau, 2008a) and this is 25%
      more than the national average.
      The poverty rate of Filipino Americans is less than half
      that of the national total population.

      The poverty rate
      among Filipino Americans aged 65 years and older
      is lower (7.7%) than that of the total US geriatric
      population (9.5%). It is also lower than the poverty rate
      of other elder Asian Americans with the exception of
      Japanese Americans (7.3%) (US Census Bureau, 2008b).
      Among Asian Americans, Filipino American households
      have one of the highest proportions of owner-occupied
      homes (63.6%), only slightly lower than that of all
      US households (66.6%). A typical Filipino American
      household consists of 3 or more persons on average
      and has one of the lowest percentages of non-family
      households (23.3%) among Asian American population

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    Indeed, they treat our lands like they are an open air toilet for them to urinate and defecate on like animals.

  • cRApPed OuT

    Now is a perfect time for the American people to educate their
    children and give them something so much more important than the debt they will inherit … American people should educate their children on what can happen when the leaders they appoint, quit doing the job they were hired to do and start becoming TRAITORS to the country and people’s that put them in such high places.

  • Andy

    In elementary school we learned about how evil it was for the American government to prevent immigrants who had contagious diseases from entering the country immediately.