French Far-Right Triumphs in Local Polls That Hammer Ruling Socialists

Marianne Barriaux, Yahoo! News, March 24, 2014

France’s far-right National Front party dealt a major blow to the ruling Socialists Sunday after several of its candidates took prime position in the first round of local elections.

The main centre-right opposition UMP party also hailed a “big victory” as initial estimates showed it came out trumps in the elections, as President Francois Hollande suffers record unpopularity against a backdrop of near-zero growth and high unemployment.

According to preliminary results from the interior ministry, the UMP and allies took 47 percent of the vote nationwide while the Socialist party and allies took 38 percent, and the FN five percent–far higher than its 0.9 percent result in the first round of 2008 municipal polls.

Applauding what she said was “an exceptional vintage for the FN”, Marine Le Pen–head of the anti-immigration, anti-EU party–said the polls marked the “end of the bipolarisation of the political scene”.

Although the FN had been expected to do well, the first round results were far better than expected.

Far-right candidates came ahead in several key towns and cities that will put them in pole position in the second round on March 30.

In the former coal-mining town of Henin-Beaumont in northern France, Steeve Briois went a step further and achieved 50.3 percent, an absolute majority which made him the outright winner and mayor.

Under municipal election rules in France, any candidate who gets more than 50 percent is declared the winner and there is no need for a second round.

The FN hopes to claim the mayorship of 10 to 15 mid-sized town after the second round, and if it achieves that, it will have beaten its previous record in 1997 when it had four mayors.


The mayorship of the French capital is the most high profile of municipal elections that will produce over 36,000 new mayors for villages, towns and cities across France.

And while very few of these will be from the FN, the Sunday results are a remarkable turnaround for a party that, at the time of the last municipals, was mired in financial crisis and internal bickering.


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  • Pro_Whitey

    Keep up the good work, FN! Vive le France!

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    I can hardly wait to see the prime movers of the left wing experience their Wile E. Coyote moment when nationalists in EVERY nation founded by white Europeans seize power and kick them to the curb. It seems those who cannot be named and the darkie hordes that they underestimated the native French people’s determination to assure they will have a future in their own rightful homeland. It’s delicious that they are doing this in fair and open elections, not rigged shams like they are here in the U.S.

  • Puggg

    Far right, schmarr right.

    They actually care about the French people.

    • Oil Can Harry

      It’s too bad the lyin’ liberal mainstream media call the FN “far right”. Even more outrageous, they term the Golden Dawn “neo nazis”.

  • Anglokraut

    I want to say “oui!” but we know how this ends. Nationalists poll really well, Marxists flood the area with negative propaganda and feverishly dig up every last bit of dirt they can find, and then fire with sniper precision. And no one is above a little ballot-box tampering and voter intimidation.

    • I wouldn’t be too quick to underestimate the French. They aren’t shy about spilling blood to protect their own.

      • jeffaral

        Are you joking? Are you really talking about the cheese eating surrender monkeys?

        • I think you’re lost, pal. Neocon Review Online is that-a-way. —>

  • dd121

    I hope we start to see a trend.

    • BonV.Vant

      Our movement is just getting started.

  • Five percent isn’t much, but it’s a start. After all the blood that’s been shed in France over the centuries to preserve France, I can’t believe the French would just give up their country to the dark skin invaders. The ghost of Joan of Arc awakens now in the form of Ms. Le Pen.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      At 15% non-white and counting, only a modern reincarnation of Charles Martel can save France now.

      • I believe that’s exactly what they’ll get. Vive la France!

      • Sick of it

        Reincarnation? He has plenty of descendants to choose from.

        • BonV.Vant

          He has millions of descendants. I am one.

      • jeffaral

        Where did you get this 15% figure? 30% looks more realistic.

    • IstvanIN

      Blood shed to preserve France? When? The regicide of the 18th century? The internal turmoil of the 19th? The Germany baiting of the first half of the 20th? The French are their own worst enemy.

      • bilderbuster

        Let’s hope that changes.

      • je suis paganisme

        I would say that Napoleon arose to preserve France, as did Jean d’Arc and Charles Martel before him.
        Much, much blood.
        Soon to be repeated.

        • IstvanIN

          Oh Napoleon arose to end the terrors, but once he was out of power chaos ruled.

      • Sick of it

        The worst enemies of the French are those who call themselves French, yet are something else entirely…

    • MBlanc46

      Excellent comparison!

  • So CAL Snowman

    Well I can honestly say France is doing a hell of a lot better than we are. Viva Le Pen!

  • DaveMed

    I’m concerned that France is so swamped by Muslims that these moves are like trying to brake a car that’s going 60 mph and is 20 feet from the cliff’s edge… But any such development is to be welcomed and encouraged.

    • Martel

      The car may end up in the ditch or go up in flames. France is not going to be pretty.

    • Romulus

      After the moors ( Arab lite) invaded and finally stopped near the pyrenees, I believe I recall a story on amren where the muzzies are building a mosque near the victory site.

      Correct me if I’m wrong.

      • Martel

        There is a mosque at Poitiers, where Martel stopped the Muslim invasion in 732. Generation Identitaire occupied it before it was finished, as a protest against the building of the mosque.

        The biggest mosque in the Netherlands is in Feyenoord, Rotterdam,where Dutch Politician and anti-Islam activist lived before he was assassinated.

        • Romulus

          Damn shame. I hope it doesn’t take as long as it did before when Ferdinand and Isabella kicked out the eastern mediterraneans. I find it fascinating that the gaelic people don’t seem to remember that their barbarians ancestors are the only indigenous peoples of Iberia and gaul. Of course, reading diodorus siculus, Tacitus, Julius ceaser and Virgil will give one an exact description of what they looked like and they don’t look dark that the other article that was on amren last week about what the people in the UK’s appearance was 5000 years ago.

          • Martel

            I believe the title was misleading if i recall correctly, the process of getting lighter had started 10.000’s of years before.

          • Romulus

            Most certainly. Even Jean m. Auel found supporting evidence in this paper she used for her last book. L’artes des cavernes: Atlas des Grottes pale’olitheiques Francaises, Paris,1984,Ministere de LA Culture.
            That PC article was just more pseudo science intended to write blacks into European history. Watch for the the Dwayne Johnson half breed to be playing hercules next month.

          • Who Me?

            Happy to see someone else here has read Auel’s “Earth’s Children” series! Having read the first book years ago, I was surprised and delighted to find that science has now backed her up on the passing of Neanderthal genes into White people. The woman certainly did a lot of research for writing a series of fiction, I’ll give her that, not to mention fascinating glimpses into what life may have been like for mostly white people 25-35,000 years ago. (Minus the obligatory black/White romance in the third book.)

          • Romulus

            Yes, that p*ssed me off as well, although her literary description gave me the impression of a more easterner and less African. She also took GREAT license with supposed accepted sexual practices of that time period. In colder climates, there is no way the barbarians would have been running around with their mammary glands swaying in the breeze. Nor would it have made much sense to bang around too much in your own village. A stronger pairbond would have been more conducive to survival.
            I would suggest that because of dominant male territoriality, their probably wasn’t as much promiscuity going on at the gatherings as the author imagined. She obviously wanted to entice the readers and flesh out her fiction.

          • Who Me?

            Well as for pairbonding, you’ll remember that in her story, they hadn’t quite figured out that screwing around was what produced babies. Supposedly Ayla was the one who figured it out and came out with it to the general public in the last book, although she had toyed with the idea all along…. And yes, it did strike me that even though they hadn’t figured out that men fathered babies, men as territorial, dominating and possessive as those she portrayed, they were awfully permissive when it came to sharing the favors of their women.

          • Romulus

            *nodding thoughtfully*
            Mmmm hmmm, true. Overall I enjoyed the series. I found the last one rather long in the tooth and not quite what I anticipated. Still,…. Not bad for paleolithic fiction.

  • Magician

    Yes it can definitely increase the strictness of the French immigration policy that was uncontrolled in the past, but there is nothing France can do, if anyone from any of the former French colonies desires to legally immigrate to France…. or am I wrong. I believe former French colonies are basically considered as parts of France. That made it so easy for North fricans to immigrate and saturate Paris with Africans….

    Or am I wrong? Any AmRen member is welcome to correct me on this matter.

    • IstvanIN

      One can change laws and ban immigration. The North African nations, by the way, are completely independent and not considered part of France. There are some small, overseas departments that are non-white.

    • M.

      North and black African countries are all independent now. The last major country to gain its independence from France was Algeria (1962). But France does have a lot of people from there, yes, especially Algerians. I’d say around 70% of them came and/or stayed illegally.

      The main problem with France has been a poor enforcement of immigration laws.

  • Philo Vaihinger

    I can see Yahoo calling them “far right.” But you?

    • Martel

      The articles are always posted without changes to the title.

  • WR_the_realist

    A party can be anti-war, pro-environment, pro-labor, and pro-women’s rights, but as soon as it comes out against mass immigration it becomes “far right”. So we see how today the mass media defines “far right” solely in terms of this one issue.

    • Sick of it

      Believing in biblical Christianity, as opposed to faux worldly Christianity, also earns a group the moniker of a far right organization.

      • jeffaral

        I don’t know what’s the deal in believing in a book written by stoneage desert people from the Middle East. Maybe I’m missing something…

  • Sick of it

    Until France is run by people who believe in immigration control, expect the country to look more like Islamabad every year.

  • Extropico

    Vive La France!

    Everyone should view one of the greatest movies in cinematic history, Jean de Florette, and its sequel Manon of the Spring.

    • Anglokraut

      I watched both these films in my fourth year French class, as that was the class that had us study French culture and literature. Jean de Florette is good, but Manon des Sources is even better.

      • Extropico

        Ah, you even know the French words for the sequel. I recall both those films being masterpieces.

      • Romulus

        Did your classes also cover the Roman invasions, the selling of the fair gauls to the greeks and the the invading moors?
        Just out of curiosity!

        • Anglokraut

          Nothing so in depth–it was just high school French IV. We did subscribe to a French comic, but otherwise is was continued study of the language, more speaking, and the cultural study was of post WWII France. I also learned from my French teacher (in a surprisingly candid comment) that the French HATE Algerians. I knew that France colonized Algeria, but I didn’t know that anyone from a former colony could just move to France. I also didn’t know that France was being invaded and conquered by Islam; all the movies we watched were period dramas before the Muslims came.

          • Romulus

            Well, I’m intensely curious, because it’s seems that so few truly grasp how France and by extension Europe, became a commie nightmare. In my estimation,one has to look only so far as those that migrated en masse to Europe after Rome’s collapse. The barbarians had Nary a chance to coalesce into a unifying people and culture before the usurpers arrived. True, however, that the indigenous tribes being powerful in their own right were able to form ethnostates based on the strongest tribes per region, but I ponder how different Europe could have been without the instigators presence. Brian Bates wrote a wonderful book called “The Real Middle Earth” which describes in great detail who the people were with their accompanying culture.
            Unfortunately, much death befell the people in the vacuum left after the empire.

    • iberianpride

      Agreed, two great films!

  • Magician

    I read that In Paris and Marseille, there are no white indigenous French people. And it becomes even worse in July and August when the original Paris residents travel around other parts of France or Europe for vacations, but in other parts of France there are not many non-white people.

  • Good for France. Now we just need to do that here in the USA!

  • gubblerchechenova

    Far right or farce right? It’s hard to tell.

  • BonV.Vant

    Ze vehrm, eet eez teehrrning!

  • BonV.Vant

    There will be a chain reaction. Just imagine how things will be in Germany when France allows things that are now considered “hate speech”.