Obama Plans Program to Aid Minority Men

David Jackson, USA Today, February 12, 2014

President Obama is planning to unveil a new initiative with specific targets: African-American and Hispanic men who have disproportionate rates of unemployment.

Under the “My Brother’s Keeper” program, foundations, businesses and community groups would develop plans to help men of color at particularly vulnerable times of their lives, administration officials said.

In previewing the initiative during last month’s State of the Union Address, Obama said, “I’m reaching out to some of America’s leading foundations and corporations on a new initiative to help more young men of color facing tough odds stay on track and reach their full potential.”

Obama had planned to hold a White House event Thursday to officially unveil the new project, but it has been postponed because of bad weather.


Two Obama administration officials discussed the “My Brother’s Keeper” program on condition of anonymity so as not to pre-empt Obama’s announcement.

As part of the new effort, businesses and foundations would seek to develop strategies designed to help young men at critical and vulnerable parts of their lives. Goals range from helping boys get to school on time to avoiding problems with the criminal justice system.

Ideas include promoting literacy, early childhood education and healthy lifestyles, as well as disrupting what one official called “the school-to-prison pipeline.”

“My Brother’s Keeper” also involves a review of existing federal programs designed to address the challenges facing young men, discarding those that don’t work and improving those that do—”all within existing federal resources,” one official said.


One official said the goal of “My Brother’s Keeper” is “to make sure that every young man of color who is willing to work hard and lift himself up has an opportunity to get ahead and reach his full potential.”

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  • Jesse James

    Are there any other men in America that count anymore other than “minority” men?

    • sbuffalonative

      All these programs and initiatives are a tacit admission that blacks can’t compete with whites on a level playing field.

      • negrolocaust

        which is why black muslim militants like obama and “his people” are communists.

      • Homo_Occidentalis

        They can’t compete with cheap Hispanic labor either. There is causal relationship between massive Hispanic immigration and massive black unemployment. Back in the 1940s, blacks had a lower unemployment rate than whites because they were the main source of cheap labor.
        The single best thing Obama can do to help his “brothas” in their time of need is to deport the illegals and weld the border shut.

        • rebellisMMXII

          I’d very much prefer his “brothas” be deported…then weld the borders shut.

          • Fathercoughlin

            Deport BOTH.

        • Mergatroyd

          The CBC is pro-open borders which hurts their people the most.

    • Yes. Whites.

      But only if they’re gay.

      • AndrewInterrupted

        Yes, that’s right. The % of hetero, truly white (meaning not Armenian, Lebanese, those who shall never be mentioned or criticized, Albanian Muslims, etc.) males at federal agencies and contractors is probably below 25% by now. And they’re all diversity poodles with one eye on the retirement exit door.

        And they don’t care much extra it costs to replace them. Why? Because it’s white people’s money (taxpayers).

    • dd121

      So this is going to make them just like us. More magical thinking from the left.

    • negrolocaust

      there are: do not apply to the baltimore police dept unless you are gay or especially transgendered . think i am lying look at their channel on youtube. they just had a huge drive last month to recruit ONLY gays and transgendered.

      • MooTieFighter

        Am I dreaming? Is this really happening? Where am I? What’s going on?

        • dmxinc

          I’ve been feeling like I’m in the Twilight Zone for about 20 years.

          Seems as though it is reality.

          Won’t be changed without an armed conflict, which I’m not certain will happen.

    • bilderbuster

      Uh…Homosexual White men?

    • Young Werther

      Absolutely not.

    • Erasmus

      Someone tell me once more the country isn’t led by a racist.

  • Puggg

    What all this means is that we have to treat them like they’re children.

    Sort of like back to the future.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Some say that’s how Southern Whites treated them when they hired them to work on their plantations.


      “What all this means is that we have to treat them like they’re children.”

      Yes, malevolent children.

    • Mergatroyd

      Considering their shrunken frontal lobes, small brains, lack of impulse control, and no future orientation…I’d say they’ve got the right to be treated like children.

      • Who Me?

        Children are cared for, loved and trained to grow up into proper adults. Blacks never grow up into anything but bigger, stronger, more evil thugs, or in the case of female blacks, breeders of more of the same.

  • Lewis33

    You know, if these things actually worked, we would be their biggest supporters. We would happily toss some fed bucks at these programs if it meant that our wives and husbands, sisters and brothers, weren’t randomly murdered on the street. But what they are instead is make work jobs for the girlfriends and moms who support the thugs that murder us.

    • Oil Can Harry

      This program applies to “every young man of color who is willing to work hard” so don’t worry, that’s only 1% of blacks and hispanics.

      • Jesse_from_Sweden

        Except that their definition of “willing to work hard” is a lot broader than that of most other people…..

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    Lowering the rewards to young women who procreate outside of marriage is the surest means of narrowing the “school-to-prison” pipeline.

  • Extropico

    The nonWhites aren’t minorities anymore, they are the majority going forward. YT is a minority now.

    • guest

      They continue to use that obsolete status as a “minority” for this special treatment. In their minds, they will always be long-suffering victims and whites will always be villains.

      • Mergatroyd

        It keeps the anti-white narrative front and center which is the most important thing to the government and media.

        We’ll always be looked at as the evil scourge of the earth even after the last one of us has been shot for being white.

  • D.B. Cooper

    I say that is a grrreat idea! The best way to ensure jobs for the minority man is to layoff several white males with some lame budget excuse, then replace them with diversity when the local economy suddenly improves. It’s been working for decades.
    The castrated white serf won’t fight back.
    The GOP won’t bother to step in, and even condones the practice.
    I think Obama should just be blunt about it, until he (and I) actually see some true backlash.
    I mean, I have a Spanish last name courtesy of a long dead 100% white great grandfather who came from Spain over 115 years ago. I have no shame exploiting Affirmative Action in my favor despite being over 90% white (Apache great-great grandmother), don’t carry the brown eye gene, nor black hair gene, and has trouble getting a tan.
    Who is your savior, white boy? HIM??

    • Rhialto

      Give your president credit! He is rewarding groups, Black & Hispanic males, that supported him. The Repubs throw White males under the bus, while spouting off about the “big tent”.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Here’s a better more accurate graphic of the “Crier of the House”

  • Daniel Schmuhl

    Prediction: It won’t work and so they’ll have to add more programs further accelerating us leftwards at light speed.

  • Puggg

    “My brother’s keeper”

    Strange, I thought the thing that kept lots of brothers were state and Federal prisons.

    • Extropico

      There certainly are a lot of kept men there.

  • DaveMed

    When it comes to such programs*, I’ve come to the realization that I don’t even hold such ideas against non-Whites. They are simply doing what comes naturally – looking out for their own people.

    The only really shocking thing is that Whites are not doing the same for their own.

    *Note that this applies specifically to programs; not to anti-White violence and the like.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Of course, Whites will foot the bill.

  • “One official said the goal of “My Brother’s Keeper” is “to make sure that every young man of color who is willing to work hard and lift himself up has an opportunity to get ahead and reach his full potential.”
    The problem is that “potential” maxes out at about the fifth grade level. Putting expensive lipstick on these pigs with another Obongocare for Black Youfs isn’t going to turn them into real men. And I have to help pay for this and hundreds more of these anti-white, Marxist big government giveaways. Somebody, show me the EXIT. I want out.

    • D.B. Cooper

      How many unemployed white boys 18-25 are actually cheering at this proposal?

      • Jesse_from_Sweden

        A lot of them.
        Depending on if you count students at various colleges and universities as unemployed or not. Especially liberal arts programs and such, that will more than likely lead to unemployment, or a job where a higher education isn’t really needed.

    • bilderbuster

      “to make sure that every young man of color who is willing to work hard and lift himself up”
      How come no one’s told Obama that both of those guys already have jobs?

  • sbuffalonative

    “..help more young men of color facing tough odds stay on track and reach their full potential.”

    Their potential has been reached. We’re not going to get much more out of them.

  • This article has two different drinking game opportunities:

    “Realize one’s full potential” (or variations of that)

    “School to prison pipeline”

    I’m surprised they didn’t find a way to work “food desert” into this.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Had they thrown in “food desert” with the other two cliches several frat boys would be in the emergency room now with alcohol poisoning.

  • Luca

    Presidential message to troubled, disadvantaged, poor White males: “You are on your own, or better yet, you don’t exist. Only men of color can be troubled, disadvantaged or poor.

    This is sick beyond words.

    • Jesse_from_Sweden

      Or implicit:
      “Whites are on their own because they are smart enough to make it on their own”

  • Truth Teller

    LBJ made a speech about this in 1965. Something about taking off the chain of prejudice that kept blacks from getting job. It’s deja vu all over again. I suggest firing all White women government workers and replacing them with black men.

    • Bill

      They’d refuse to work there. No white women to hit on and no white men to do their job for them.

    • bilderbuster

      It would be a fitting legacy if every welfare office/housing project/community center & every building that houses any of LBJ’s great society programs is named after him.
      It should be a reminder to Whites that these things are massive failures/money pits & they had the opposite effect of what was promised.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    Head Start, free school lunches, No Child Left Behind, affirmative action, billions invested into schools, preferences to minority owned businesses, and on and on. Nothing works and “My Brother’s Keeper” won’t either.

    Plus, the first paragraph says that the program is specifically entitled for black and Hispanic men, but the remainder of the article uses the phrase “men of color”. I would truly be resentful if I was an Asian or Indian guy who was always getting lumped in with the unproductive members of society just so those unproductive groups can save face by not being specifically named.

  • Northerner

    Asian males caught in the middle. Not White enough to have White privilege, but not dumb enough to have minority privileges.

    • Berkeley Guy

      It’s funny how their success is left out of many of the AA talks. It was especially interesting that people try to say there is some “white bro culture” in the Bay Area technology sector, startups included. While in reality, Eurodiasporians make up not even half of the workforce there, since there are many Asians and Semetics working there who the MSM would not qualify as White. Meaning it is already diverse, but just not enough for some people.

      Whites could easily move into the Bay Area and do well in any sector, but there are not a lot of them that really want to.

    • bilderbuster

      Not for long.
      They see the changing color & they’re known for going with the flow.

  • Geo1metric

    So, affirmative action has not been enough? Ok, let’s just guide them all through a career, or better yet, just give them the money and a ticket to the country of their choice in sub-Saharan Africa.

    • StillModerated

      I favor that policy. But the embassies must all be shuttered. If not they’ll start clamoring for some sort of right to return to the land of their birth.

  • negrolocaust

    MICHAEL SAVAGE just did the other nights entire show on this topic and slavery reparations savage is the only and the most widely known person talking about white rights. he has 10 million listeners not a word from any other person. to hear it type the following into youtube. the user is called onlythebest. also A BLACK JUST LIKE i predicted on day one is the prime suspect in the pittsburgh murder of the young white lady doctor and her sister raped and shot execution style in the head. missed that one huh?


    • Savage (Weiner) is a right-wing Chosenite I can support.

      • IstvanIN

        I love when he makes fun of left-wing NY Jews by imitating their accent. A lot of his show is schtick, I know, I wonder how much of it he believes? Does he really feel like he is one of us? Some people criticize him for supporting Israel but if he did otherwise, since he is a Jew, I would find him odd. I know that not all Jews hate Christians or White people, but the public Jews are always against us. That is what makes him so different.

        • One redeeming quality about Michael Weiner’s particular type of pro-Israel attitude is that it’s not unqualified and not absolute on his part, nor the type that requires us to write checks.

        • I admire his moral courage.
          He dares to discuss the 800 lb. gorilla in the room.

        • John R

          Most people on this website haven’t been around Jews too much. I, being from the Philadelphia area, have been around Jews quite a lot. And let me tell you: Jews know there own kind! That is why Michael Savage understands them so well.

          Now, before I get a lot of negative comments. Yes, I do understand the association between Jews and left/liberal/ communist association. I have mentioned that already on other posts. But, that was mostly in the past. Jews today are not that much a unified group. Our threat is the small group of Jews who hate White Christian America, and the larger number of Majority splitters in the ranks and their non-white allies. Remember, countries like Sweden are also infected with this PC nonsense, and there are few if any Jews there.

  • CelestiaQuesta

    Everything the great divider dictates is another blow in the backs of whites.
    The knockdown game is played on various levels.
    This is one more version.

  • dave

    Why are no whites protesting this? If a white President said he was only going to help whites,blacks would burn the country down. When did we become so passive?

    • Berkeley Guy

      I hope that none of us stoop to the level of the rioting Africans in France.

      • dave

        Maybe we should grease up the squeaky wheel once and a while!

    • bilderbuster

      If Whites elected a White president who was going to have programs to help Whites I can promise you the Blacks wouldn’t be burning anything. They would be too busy shaking in their shoes & policing themselves knowing that if they didn’t straighten up quickly the White man was going to straighten things up for them & it wouldn’t be pretty.

    • Germanicus

      Because it is almost impossible to whip up Whites–to their own detriment.

  • 4321realist

    There will be money thrown into these schemes as has been done with all the rest, and, in ten years, if we can escape armed civil upheaval, these same moronic black self-appointed elitists will be trying to get more money for another hare-brained idea.

    Lack of black achievement is a problem throughout the world, not just here. There is no magic trick someone can come up with that will make blacks smart and turn away from crime and violence.

    • bilderbuster

      They have their own tropical island nations that Whites settled them on already.
      It doesn’t take a whole lot of brains to grow crops on them, keep them clean & crime free & Whites would spend small fortunes to visit.
      They can’t even do that without the White man as a de facto colonial power keeping some sort of order.

      • r j p

        There is a fortune to be made on those islands.

        • bilderbuster

          Just picture an all white Jamaica & how it could be.
          It would be so beautiful it could be Switzerland on a tropical island with lush, fertile mountains.

  • Berkeley Guy

    I do not expect the main stream media to be asking questions about why particular non-Europeans are not mentioned. We all know why: the extreme bias toward pity propaganda.

    People came from a living hell in the eastern bloc, amongst other places in recent decades, when our AA was in full swing. They didn’t need AA, and no journalists will be asking why some are favored above others simply because of skin color. But when they find or create jobs here, then they have to pay taxes that support the lives of people who could not do what they did, even though they had no helping hand from AA.

    There’s already a Big Brother’s Keeper here, and new catchphrases won’t accomplish anything new. Neither will new programs. I am still waiting for taxpayer money to go toward more worthwhile endeavors, such as genetics research or space programs. You know, stuff first world countries should be doing all the time.

  • striket3

    What a fitting name.

    • DaveMed

      This deserves many likes.

      Well done.

  • thomas edward

    Obama Plans Program to Aid Minority Men
    Yep, that’s the ticket – another program…

    • Martel

      As long as you can make up new names for projects and programs, all hope isn’t lost.

  • Cid Campeador

    They die of old age while still holding their hands.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    President Barack Obama has been aggressively pushing an agenda that strengthens the core of the nation via education, job creation, and supporting middle class families.

    Didn’t need to read anything past this lie.

    Nothing here that more Marxism won’t fix: More Hate Whitey Programs about Racism and Discrimination…. paid for by Whitey. Maybe mandated black male studies courses on college campuses, like what that football player majored in at Missouri. Yeah, that’ll do it.

    My Brother’s Keeper?

    This from someone who’s half-brother lives in a shack on less than “a dollar a month” in a shanty town outside of Nairobi Kenya?

    Damn. Left the barf bags on the other thread!! Someone pass me one, quick…

    • Brian

      That ‘core-strengthening’ claim sounds like an infomercial by a washed-up celebrity hawking a sham exercise product…hmm. ‘Ten minutes a day on the Thigh-Crunch-Poverty-Blaster, now for the low-low price of $19.95, and it comes with a Ginsu knife’.

      This whole thing is ersatz paternalism. ‘My Brother’s Keeper’? They may as well call it ‘Fixing R-Selection Baby-Daddyism Through Astronaut Training’.

  • Greg Thomas

    So I guess White men who are out of work are SOL! That sounds about right under this racist administration.

  • dmxinc

    It will improve immensely the lifestyles of the bureaucrats running the program.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    When America’s 3rd world minorities reach critical mass, they’re going to vote benefits for themselves and try to legislate white people out of existence. This is just a taste of things to come, folks. Say hello or hola to your 3rd world future today.

    • Extropico

      Can’t we rely on a fair, law-abiding,banker overlord class to protect us?

      • Germanicus

        Yes, what’s up here? What has happened to the wealthy benefactors of things that defend the nation where they live and prospered? Shame on them for abandoning their own people. This is what immorality will do to the one-time aristocrats. Corruptio ultima, pessima! “The corruption of the highest is the worst.”

        • Extropico

          “Treason doth never prosper: what’s the reason?
          For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.”

          Sir John Harington- the inventor of the flush toilet.

          • Germanicus

            Ahhh. So Harrington is perhaps the source of that 60s genre of anti-Communist book titles such as None Dare Call it Conspiracy and If Not Treason..What? Ashby’s Law of Requisite Variety strikes again. Many are the ways available to the evildoer; they rise into the courts of the king.

          • Tarczan

            I thought Sir John Crapper invented the toilet. Ok, maybe the flush was invented by this guy. I have a book “Flushed with Pride”, about John Crapper.

          • Extropico

            Mr. Crapper was highly successful, but he modified prior work by Sir John Harington and Alexander Cummings.

            Also, Mr. Crapper was not knighted.

          • Tarczan

            OK, he wasn’t knighted. And his name was Thomas, not John. but Mr Crapper perfected the modern flush toilet.

            From “Flushed with pride, the story of Thomas Crapper” by Wallace Reyburn — “it would not be absolutely true to say that it was Thomas Crapper who invented the Water waste Preventer, which for many years was to be the technical term for what is now our modern W.C. cistern, or more precisely, the syphon device within it. It was not as clear-cut as, say, Diesel inventing the engine that bears his name. More than a few plumbers took up the challenge and just as a hundred years previously the work of James Watt and others culminated in his “producung the first modern steam engine”, so it was that there came into being “Crappers Valveless waste preventer. One moveable part only. Certain flush with only one pull. Will flush when only when only two-thirds full.” In other words he perfected the cistern as loo users throughout Britain know it today.”

    • IstvanIN

      Just like Zimbabwe.

    • Rhialto

      “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.”

      Yogi Berra, American Baseball star and Philosopher

  • disc12

    Obama reads the story of Cain and Abel in the Bible and thinks the moral of the story is to be “your brother’s keeper.” All this time I thought it was don’t commit murder.

    • DaveMed

      You are absolutely correct. It was a snarky question by Cain; not some lecture from God.

      Of course, nobody really knows their Bible anymore. They just listen to their liberal preachers and priests putting progressive spin on it.

  • Truth Teller

    A friend who works for a major supermarket chain, Von’s tells me the State of California already has an arrangement like this with Von’s. Several years ago a hate Whites federal judge ordered the state of California to release thousands of felons from state prisons because of over crowding.
    The State fought it, but the feds won. The state approached Von’s, Walgreen’s and other chains to hire right out of prison. My friend is a manager. He says they behave like prisoners,, surly, argumentative, always ready to pick a fight. The blacks in particular tend to call in sick 30 minutes before their shift begins. The blacks are really absent in the days before holidays because it is very busy but it is regular, not holiday pay. My friend is short and middle aged so the 6 inch taller 25 years younger blacks pull all their intimidation tactics. He says the break room is like a nat geo special, “see how the young chimp challenges the male leader”
    My friend is about 53 so he has to endure this for another 12 years.. But he is Hispanic so he won’t loose his job.

  • ricpic

    Why do so many whites still not get it that the government is waging race war on them? I mean how could it get more obvious?

    • Germanicus

      That’s it! Yes, the government is waging a race war. I would hope that the nature of Obama’s malevolence will get through to more and more people, even the entertainment-addled fools asleep with their eyes fixed on brain candy.

  • Samuel_Morton

    ““My Brother’s Keeper” also involves a review of existing federal programs designed to address the challenges facing young men, discarding those that don’t work and improving those that do”

    Discarding achievement gap programs that don’t work leaves exactly ZERO programs. Great, now we can save all that tax money that they would have gone into this, right?

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Well, there IS one federal program that works — to keep the REST of us safe.

  • sbuffalonative

    They have to keep trying new programs and new initiatives because all the previous ones which were supposed to elevate didn’t pan out.

    Said it many times, endless theories, programs, and initiatives and nothing elevates blacks. Time for some new theories, programs, and initiatives. And on and on…

    • Jesse_from_Sweden

      Also, they can’t just shut down programs without replacing them with something new, without risking mass unemployment amongst the artificial black middle class that has been created by affirmative-action and that is highly reliant on government jobs in these types of programs.

      Think of these programs as actually being succesful in combating black unemployment and increasing black median income.
      But not from any result of the actual program itself……

    • Young Werther

      This Reparation Program is intended, and was from the beginning, to expand and last forever, and in today’s time the evil white established America is the largest organ for funding.

  • Spartacus

    How many of the gr0ids can actually spell the name of this idiot program ?

  • MBlanc46

    Yet more discrimination against whites and Asians from the Racist-in-Chief.

  • DailyKenn


    Government dependence is the core essential to the success and survival of the leftist agenda.

    Obama has determined to add this new program to the already burgeoning bureaucracy that burdens white taxpayers and, besides distributing wealth, serves no real purpose than to bribe beneficiaries to support Democrats each election day.

    Ostensibly “My Brother’s Keeper” program will help non-white young males get the education denied them in white-male dominated society that deprives them of equal opportunity and, all the while, steering these non-white males clear of the criminal justice system.

    In short, the program is cultural and economic Marxist malarkey.

    Missing from the equation — as always — is the immutable reality that racial disparity is genetic, a thought anathema to leftism.

    While liberal Democrats spend their time — and spin their wheels — conjuring ghosts such as white privilege, the driving force that causes disparate impact is the well-documented disparity of intelligence. The evident disparity in our free-market system is not drawn along lines of race, but brain power. The fact remains that highly intelligent people tend to earn more than those with less brain power, regardless of race.

    Were it possible to redistribute intelligence rather than wealth, liberal Democrats would lose every election.

    • benvad

      Brother means Bantu

  • JohnEngelman

    In an economy of steadily diminishing opportunities it would be a good idea to open this program to whites and Asians too.

    Otherwise, it stinks of affirmative action.

    • Luca

      Correction: It stinks of anti-White discrimination.

      • JohnEngelman

        Affirmative action is anti white discrimination.

        • Luca

          AA is only one form of anti-White discrimination.

  • John K

    How much more help do they need? There’s a reason they’re unemployed, and race has nothing to do with it. If they would lose the attitude and actually do what they were paid to do, they might have a job.

  • DLRisVH

    “Under the “My Brother’s Keeper” program, foundations, businesses and community groups would develop plans to help men of color at particularly vulnerable times of their lives, administration officials said.”

    In other words, whites need not apply.

    • benvad

      Affirmative Action

    • benvad

      Send them to South Africa for the BEE program. All 43 million of them and give us the rest of the 10 million white Africans. We’ll empower them to the hilt over there, they’ll finally get what they want. Power

    • James Bro

      In other words get ready for white repression and total rule by the benevolent
      regime. Our freedoms are evaporating and will soon be gone. Prepare.

    • Soul Hunter

      This is preferential treatment for non-whites . . . .or discrimination.. This hasn’t been the first time this sort of thing has happened . . . like SALT2 this is
      Affirmative-Action 2

  • negrolocaust

    “young man of color who is willing to work hard and lift himself up” …where? …WHERE??

    • James Bro

      They’re will to take from those who have earned and sacrificed for what they have. I have never seen an example of a “young man of color” plan for anything other than violence and destruction. Prepare friends, prepare.

    • Max

      They’ll most likely be “lifting themselves up” to the window of the house they are burglarizing.

  • bilderbuster

    Ahhh! The Million Man March.
    The best thing about that one was that only one guy missed work.

  • negrolocaust

    “I have obviously failed to galvanize and prod, if not shame enough
    Americans to be ever vigilant not to let a Chicago communist-raised,
    communist-educated, communist-nurtured subhuman mongrel like the acorn
    community organizer gangster Barack Hussein Obama to weasel his way into
    the top office of authority in the United States of America.”

    • Tarczan

      Ted will be audited soon.

    • Max

      Chicago,communist,subhuman,mongrel,acorn,community,organizer, are all racist “dog whistles”.

      White racial “dog-whistles” are terms like calculus, Magna Carta, microprocessor, laser, telephone, moon-landing, polymerase chain reaction. Whenever you hear blacks using terms like these, they be doggin’ on whitey.

  • Germanicus

    How much longer can we take this? Can it be that the ones who decide such things cook up needless wars precisely for the purpose of eliminating and suppressing whatever genetic underpinnings for the virtue of courage might exist in the population of Whites. The White men of today seem completely impotent in defending themselves and everything that their ancestors built. Instead they can be talked into “freedom fighting and nation building for others” as a faux altruism imposed by Media manipulation of their world view. In an analogous fashion to the homosexual, White men have been indoctrinated to despise the natural act of transmission that brought them into being. In one case the self-loathing is takes its form with respect to the biological acts of procreation, in the other it is the cultural transmission that is severed.

  • rightrightright

    Well, the do-gooder liberals within these foundations and corporations are going to be in for a shock when the can’t work won’t work types don’t work. Whitey will naturally be blamed when it all fizzles out.

    • Soul Hunter

      Helping boys of color get to school on time . . . .what ? new cars?, butlers to wake them up out of bed and dress them? Just exactly what will this helping entail ?

  • Soul Hunter

    It’s a pretty broad proclamation to say improve someone healthy lifestyles . . .what is this lifetime membership to health clubs . . .WTH… My family was lower middle class . .nobody promoted us up .

  • Tom_in_Miami

    “…helping boys get to school on time…”? And how is this lofty goal going to be achieved? Will a social worker go out to their houses and pull them out of their beds? Only little children need help in getting up, dressed, and on the bus, so what’s Mama going to be doing during this dressing and catching the bus? I guess she’ll just sleep in.

  • Young Werther

    Just another part of the evolutionary process of THE GREAT SOCIETY. A minor portion of The Official Reparations Movement. History has revealed this movement step by step.

    • Young Werther

      Certainly, it did not start with Johnson’s Great Society. Karl Marx gave it its first kick-off…oddly enough it was really about something else at the time. Refiltered again and again…

  • John R

    So the problem is “young men of color” getting “caught up in the criminal justice system” and we have to reach out to them “at a particularly vulnerable part of their lives”? How about the real problem is young blacks and Hispanics preying on the rest of society, and society being the ones “vulnerable” to them? It never ceases to amaze me how these anti-white racists can turn the situation completely around with their doubletalk.

  • msm3165

    One official said the goal of “My Brother’s Keeper” is “to make sure that every young man of color who is willing to work hard and lift himself up has an opportunity to get ahead and reach his full potential.”

    Wow, that means that there won’t be a lot of men in the program and they’ll be babysat for decades.

  • msm3165

    Also, the ironic part of the name of this “program” is from when God asked Cain where his brother Abel was after Cain had murdered him.

  • Massif1

    More jobs for unqualified blacks and brown. Another project that will be a complete failure.

  • Unperson

    Sorry, not “colorful” enough. Yellow is too close to white — which as we are constantly reminded is no color at all.

    When a brown politician says “men of color” he means his color, or darker. Anybody whose skin is lighter than Obama’s is out of luck.

  • teaisstronger


    Whites were told to GET OUT.

    • MooTieFighter

      and it will be a successful as Haiti

  • Ograf

    The simple answer is this program will fail, because it would require hard work and integrity to make it work.

  • Fathercoughlin

    Tarquan wanted to rape Delicious. He had been watching her every day at schoo for a long time and had become obsessed with her.He decided he would confront her in the girls baffroom tomorrow. As the school day closed and Tarquan got ready to leave he was approached by an old white man. Tarquan was scared-and angry too. Who was this ole white man looking at him with dat ofay smile on his face? He mess wit me he gon have trouble. “Tarquan? This is Mr. Greenberg.” “Hello Tarquan. As a young man of color you are our greatest asset,but one that often society fails to help. I am here to help you.” “Who is you? Why you wantsa hep me fo?” “Heh heh heh because I am my brothers keeper.” Mr. Greenberg and Tarquan had a nice talk about the future,about education and about…dreams. Tarquan had dreams. he wanted to be a corporate lawyer. Or a pilot. Mr. Greenberg smiled,”Thats wonderful Tarquan,wonderful. And you can achieve those dreams,yes you can.” The next day Tarquan cornered Delicious in the girls baffroom. He did all the things he had beenw anting to do and after, he told Deliciouis if sje said anything,he would kill her.

    • Max

      In the Hollywood version, it is a hateful white boy sporting a Confederate flag on his jacket jealous of the black computer genius in his class. He rapes and nearly murders the white girl who the black genius tutors “because she hangs around with ‘their kind’ ” but she is saved from death at the last minute by the wise and kindly Latina principal. The wise Latina principal knows that the jealous white boy is from a home where his Bible-thumping, illiterate, unemployed father regularly beats up the white boy and his barefoot mother on a regular basis. The principal becomes an “advocate” for the troubled white boy, sees that his irresponsible father goes to prison. The white boy’s mother then marries her lesbian lover, the boy becomes a social worker and is best-man at the wedding of the black computer-genius and the white girl he tutored and Hollywood lived happily ever-after.

  • Fathercoughlin

    Well they give men female hormones–these are some sick SOB’s. They are happier in stir than out.

  • Fathercoughlin

    YKW was not going to leave that money on the table.

  • Who Me?

    Ooooh, that’s hilarious! The comedic possibilities are endless!

  • Olorin

    We all know that black men want to supplant white men as the partners of white women, and therefore as fathers (though they rarely stick around for more than the sperm deposit).

    But now a small cadre of elite black men wants to replace black men as the fathers of black boys. What did POTUS say, “They could have been my sons”??

    What is this other than the old sub-Saharan drive for a black chief-man to prove his prowess and enhance his standing by having as many kids as he could by as many women?

  • puffdaddy

    Help them get to school on time? God help us.

  • Tarczan

    We are the Darkies Keeper.

  • steve1red

    How do you tell a company that they have to hire blacks? Isn’t this a capitalist country? A company shouldn’t be forced to hire blacks just because blacks aren’t able to fend for themselves. It’s not the role of the state to tell a company who they can hire and fire.

  • Dale McNamee

    40+ years of government programs & trillions of dollars and there’s been no progress ?

    Time to end the “War On Poverty”…

  • PouponMarks

    Why even try if you are a “minority”? Just FU, goof off, and the Feral Gummint will feed you, do your laundry, and carry you, just like surrogate parents. Better for those who refuse work, go on the dole, don’t try, to go to a work farm, where the work is hard and long, adding motivation to prepare and school the schlub for self reliance.

    Who dat?

  • Funruffian

    In previewing the initiative during last month’s State of the Union Address, Obama said, “I’m reaching out to some of America’s leading foundations and corporations on a new initiative to help more young men of color facing tough odds stay on track and reach their full potential.”

    Translation: I want to give Blacks and Hispanics a completely free ride in sponging off the welfare system like increased EBT benefits, free healthcare, free housing, and a much easier gateway to acquire a college degree without having to earn it like White people do.