Tracking the Educational Progress of 21st-Century African American Students

Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, January 24, 2014

new report from the U.S. Department of Education tracks the educational progress of students who were sophomores in high school in the year 2002 through the year 2012. The data shows that 19.8 percent of the African American high school sophomores in 2002 had gone on to earn at least a bachelor’s degree over the next decade. This is less than half the rate for Whites. Nearly 40 percent of White high school sophomores in 2002 had earned a bachelor’s degree by 2012.

The results showed that another 7.5 percent of Black sophomores in 2002 had earned an associate’s degree, but no higher degree, as had 9.1 percent of White high school sophomores in 2002.

Nearly 5 percent of Black high school sophomores in 2002 never completed high school compared to 1.8 percent of Whites.

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  • “A new report from the U.S. DoE tracks the educational progress of … 21st century African American students”

    Since it’s about the progress of black students, this must mean the report consists of only one page, blank.

    • MekongDelta69

      True – but you don’t have to even bother wasting that one blank piece of paper, because (to borrow an age-old phrase), “Children in Africa are starving.”

      According to that leftist actor on that dopey informercial, where all 9th world kids are starving and dying of thirst, and ONLY YOU can save them (for $19/month of course), that piece of paper could be some African kid’s lunch.

      • Katherine McChesney

        I was thinking today about how many White churches and charities contribute to African causes. I’m curious if any black churches and ‘charities’ make any contributions to Africa. I think I have a new project to spend a few hours on in the next few days.

        • Black churches do contribute to Africa.

          They contribute to make their African preacher well off with a nice house and nice cars.

          • Katherine McChesney

            I found an article that claims their contributions to Africa are meager. They’ve established black hospitals in Africa but none in America. They’re more involved in local missions. And….

            What you said.

          • Ron Cheaters

            While their flock is eating grass off the ground like livestock.

        • paul marchand

          If blacks had to cough up the money for the illegit/unwedded mother childbirths / welfare: all would starve.
          The fact is this: there has to be some skin in the game with Mr Sperm Donor and Baby Mama.

        • John K

          Nah, that’s a “white thang”.

      • Non Humans

        You ever notice how most of those nonhuman holes are near wildlife reserves or large bodies of water? Heres an idea, “Send them fishing poles or spears!” (If anything whatsoever)
        IMO nonhumans in the 3rd world suffer from exactly the same problems as nonhumans (inappropriately) in 1st world countries: Laziness and Stoopidity.

      • Ron Cheaters

        “Less than a cup of coffee”
        AND you get a fambly portrait plus a flattering letter reminding you to keep the $ coming.

    • Karolina

      Don’t worry, another $2 trillion over the next decade should fix the gap.

      Seriously, how much money have you guys spent in ‘closing the gap’?

      • FransSusan

        What’s so sad is that college degrees have less and less meaning now, because of all the affirmative action and political correctness that rules everything.

        • paul marchand

          Freedom and merit are foreign concepts.

    • Luca

      Their “progress” is directly proportionate to the number of cheating scandals that have occurred, how many standards have been lowered and how many new dumbed-down classes that have been introduced over the last ten years.

    • Max

      This may be a “projection” of the sort this administration uses in projecting economic growth and job creation.

    • Guest

    • Guest


      • MBlanc46

        Thanks. Very useful.

  • Erasmus

    I’d also like to know what said black students majored in. Not all degrees are equal, and you have to have a lot more brains to graduate even with just a C average in a major like physics, math or microbiology than you do to graduate summa cum laude in black or women’s studies.

    • Max

      You mean: “suppah come lawdy”.

    • FransSusan

      And even in those subjects, they’re not earning anything. They’re given passing grades and then given a degree.

  • 48224

    “Nearly 40 percent of White high school sophomores in 2002 had earned a bachelor’s degree by 2012.”

    I’d like to see the data…the numbers seem high to me. I used to be a teacher. About 26% of all Americans had a college degree last time I took an education course…about 6 years ago. I seriously doubt that 40% are now graduating with a 4 year degree just 8 years after getting out of high school. Heck, only 59% of people are graduating from high school in the 50 largest cities in America. So, How could 40% be getting college degrees?

    Total number of high school dropouts annually 3,030,000

    Number of high school students who drop out each day 8,300

    Percent of Americans with a high school diploma 85.3 %

    Percent of all drop outs that happen in the ninth-grade36 %

    Percent of students who repeat the ninth-grade that go on to graduate15 %

    Percent of students in the largest 50 U.S. cities that graduate High School 59 %

    Percent of US crimes that committed by a high school dropout75 %

    Amount of money a high school graduate will earn more than a drop out $260,000

    Percent of black drop outs that have spent time in prison 60 %

    Percentage of Hispanic dropouts that were due to a pregnancy 41 %

    Percent of US jobs a high school dropout is not eligible for 90 %

    Demographics of High School Dropouts (Percent who drop out)
    National Rate 8.1 %
    Male 9.1 %
    Female 7 %
    African American 9.6 %
    Hispanic 17.6 %
    White 5.2 %
    Asian American 2.1 %
    Foreign Born 20.7 %
    Children of Foreign Born 13 %

    • Ella

      Possibly Internet higher education degrees? It used to be 32% around 2000 for Whites but count in Muslims, Jews and probably Hispanics? along with some immigration.

      • 48224

        I didn’t think of that. You may be right.

    • paul marchand

      The more “progressive” we become, the harder it will be to get real stats.

  • MekongDelta69

    I will repeat for the One Billionth time on AmRen


    Thank you – and have a good weekend.

  • bigone4u

    The black percent earning college degrees is way too high. There’s something fishy here. Could it be that double standards and grade inflation characterize higher ed today? Nah, special treatment of blacks could never happen, never happen, never happen …

    • IstvanIN

      Maybe they major in Beyonce Studies. Yes, Rutgers has such a course.

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        To be fair, that is not a major at Rutgers, it’s only one class. But it’s a part of the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies, which is about as valuable as a Department of Beyonce Studies would be.

    • Ron Cheaters

      Look at the headache they cause if you were to fail them.
      Let alone trying to correct them.

    • FransSusan

      Actually “earn” college degrees is the wrong term. They’re given college degrees just as many are given high school diplomas–they don’t earn.

  • Sue

    And this is with the dumb down.

  • Praetorian

    Third World here we come!

  • ncpride

    We received our annual school ‘report card’ today that breaks down testing scores by race and gender. As per usual, blacks scored at least 30 points below Whites in math and reading. It never changes and frankly, I’m surprised they still do this. Don’t they consider being exposed terribly ‘racist’…?

    • MBlanc46

      “This time for sure.”

    • Erasmus

      Maf and reading be rayciss. Donchoo no nuffins?

  • Luca

    I’m still wondering how they can use the words “Progress” and “African-Americans” in the same sentence.

    • chuck_2012

      That one still gets me too but I suppose even among blacks there must be a little progress at times.

  • Conrad
    • MBlanc46

      Very useful. Thanks.

  • Ella

    Yeah for Whites! “Nearly 40 percent of White high school sophomores in 2002 had earned a bachelor’s degree by 2012.” I think we’re higher than Norway and Germany who have most or all their higher education paid for by taxes. I just hope Whites choose their degrees well for a good fight against these pathetic rulers.

    • Long Live Dixie

      How is this good? A college degree used to be something for a small segment of the population. Now it’s just something churned out by a diploma mill that wastes four years of your life and fills your heads with mush.

  • JohnEngelman

    In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

    – George Orwell

    The truth is that blacks tend to be quite a bit less intelligent than whites. Therefore fewer of them should go to college, and fewer of them should receive jobs requiring superior intelligence. It should not be dangerous to say that, but it is.

  • MBlanc46

    My wife says that according to Douglas Adams’s “The HItchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” the answer to the meaning of life is 42. Well, when we’re talking about black intellectual achievement, the answer is 85.

  • Funruffian

    There’s nothing enlightening here. I am a bit puzzled to see that the rate of Black college graduates in the past decade are that high. I would have suspected them to be lower than 19.8%. Maybe this empirical data shows how many of them finish high school just for attending classes. In addition, many of them recieve grants and are accepted for the color of their skin.

    • Max

      Remember that even the 19.8% is based on jackass “disciplines” and I don’t need to list them off. True, a good many of the 40% of whites are ill-educated (mis-educated, de-educated, whatever) but they are still not nearly in the proportion of fluff degrees which the blacks are receiving. This is not speculation on my part; I have been there.

      They have to hand them 4yr degrees in *something* to hope to justify the AA “professional” positions they are given and the above minimum wage salaries.

  • Spartacus


    • LACounty

      “2”, ie., Ain’t no + “2” ie., thing buta = Chicken Wing!

    • TheAntidote

      ^ “White debilz trickinology beez gittin’ me down! Y dey had ta steel awl dee knowledge ob Afreaka!?

      Dere beez plethora ob chicken n’ Michigan State.

  • Fathercoughlin

    I cant imagine how watered down and worthless must be their courses for these blacks to obtain so many degrees. A total waste of money. How many “communications”,”sociology”,”black studies” and “phys ed” degrees have been handed out like the comic in a Bazooka Joe bubblegum!

    • IstvanIN

      I wouldn’t denigrate Phys Ed too much. I knew a girl back in the 70s who majored in Phys Ed, she took a lot of science courses. First time I had heard of kinesiology.

  • John K

    “Progress” and “African-American” in the same phrase? Laughable! Here’s all you need to know- “Black History: the journey from chains to handcuffs.”


    I am a very old-fashioned gentleman with a 19th
    century belief system and a PhD in Chemistry. I do note that these days all
    Universities that offer a liberal education really offer an education by
    liberals. So an African-American with a fine arts Degree, and a major in Comic
    book history means toilet paper to me. Of those African-Americans who got a
    degree during the specified time period how many successfully completed a
    course of study, either Bachelor’s degree or higher in the Physical Sciences, Engineering
    or Mathematics? Does anyone know the data?