Flashmob Protests Sweep Across Brazil

Samantha Pearson, Financial Times, January 17, 2014

Daltson Takeuti is not how you would picture one of the leaders of Brazil’s flashmob movement that is sweeping across shopping centres, sparking violent clashes with police. The soft-spoken 55-year-old teaches piano for a living and has never organised a protest in his life.

But around 1,000 people are expected to turn up at São Paulo’s upmarket JK shopping centre on Saturday for a gathering—known as a ‘rolezinho’—which he has organised over Facebook.

Mr Takeuti was motivated to act by a crackdown on other flashmobs, which began last month as parties but have become more political. “I couldn’t bear to see the criminalisation of poor, black kids,” he says.

Similar protest-cum-rampages are planned in at least eight other states across Brazil this weekend, with more than 8,000 expected at one shopping centre in Rio de Janeiro. Popular among poor, largely black, Brazilians, the flashmobs have begun to snowball into a nationwide movement against racism and inequality, threatening the government with further violent mass protests just as the country prepares to host the football World Cup, academics say.

In June the biggest protests in 20 years spread across Brazil following complaints over a bus fare increase, bringing businesses in Latin America’s biggest economy to a standstill and prompting a plunge, albeit temporary, in President Dilma Rousseff’s popularity.

Ms Rousseff called an emergency meeting with ministers this week to discuss the rolezinho ”phenomenon”, concerned it would spiral out of control, local media reported. As well as steering Brazil through a trouble-free World Cup, Ms Rousseff will have to battle for her re-election during presidential elections in October.


São Paulo’s first major rolezinho took place at the beginning of last month, when about 6,000 teenagers occupied Shopping Itaquera in the city’s poor eastern suburbs. The event was organised by fans of Funk Ostentação (“Ostentatious Funk”), a popular style of music in the slums that is all about showing off expensive clothes and cars—a reflection of the country’s decade-long consumer boom.

Similar gatherings followed across the city but muggings and robberies prompted a tough response from the police. Last Saturday, military police used rubber bullets and tear gas to break up the crowds and were caught on camera beating teenagers with truncheons.

Messages of outrage spread quickly over social media in Brazil, which has the second biggest Facebook community in the world, turning the mass parties into a nationwide political movement.

At least four shopping centres across the city secured court orders to ban suspicious teenagers from entering, leading to accusations this week of racial segregation and even a “Brazilian apartheid”.


In spite of Brazil’s image as a harmonious melting pot of races, racial tensions run deep. The country still suffers from one of the most acute income divides. “Although Brazil has progressed in reducing poverty, we note that there’s still a great contrast between the situation of black Brazilians and the country’s rapid economic growth,” the UN concluded in a report last month on racism.


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  • IstvanIN

    They are consistent regardless of homeland or native language. Their culture, as it were, is built in and immutable.

    • ncpride

      Exactly. They behave the exact same way the world over, and the excuses I’ve seen loony liberals use to explain this away run from the absurd to the hysterically funny.

      • Svigor

        Every explanation leftists offer up for black failure should be put to the global test: blacks fail globally, so the explanation must be global. Blaming white folks doesn’t measure up.

  • Spartacus

    Diversity is their greatest strength…

    • LACounty

      Their only positive strength. We sustain them and they want to destroy us. How backwords is that?

      • APaige

        “We sustain them and they want to destroy us.” That one sentence sums up race relations perfectly. Can I ‘use’ it?

        • LACounty

          Absolutely. Anything I’ve said…any time…no need to ask.

      • PvtCharlieSlate

        We sustain them; they destroy us.
        Sounds like another six-shooter for the Amren Race Card Project.

        • Epiminondas

          You’re welcome to join the discussion, but we would appreciate it if you would say something intelligent…something that might get some meaningful dialogue going.

  • I wouldn’t want to mess with Brazilian police in this respect. Those guys tend to use live ammo. I recall Brazilian law also allows the cops to shoot an unarmed suspect who is running away.

    • Luca

      My exact thoughts. They have outright extermination squads as in the movie “Magnum Force.” There are Youtube videos of them exterminating the vermin right in the street after apprehending them in the commission of a crime. Talk about swift justice.

    • Sick of it

      It’s not the police they have to worry about, but rather the death squads.

      • The death squads are usually off-duty police or army.

        • Zaporizhian Sich

          I expect death squads to appear here in the U.S. among all races, with whites forming death squads of their own. They will undoubtedly consist of current and former military and police men, but they will also have women and members who are educated as well. Expect even judges and attorneys to be among them, like the movie, the Star Chamber.

        • Luca

          Not necessarily “off-duty.”

    • NeanderthalDNA

      I have more hope for Brazil than for us in this regard. Brazilians of European descent should be looking long and hard at Haiti…

  • Daniel Schmuhl

    It’s the legacy of slavery in Brazil hehe..

    • IstvanIN

      Actually it is, just like throughout the New World. The legacy that just keeps multiplying.

      • Svigor

        Indeed, good point: the legacy of slavery is not just the greatest boon blacks have ever received, but the greatest burden America has ever known.

        • Epiminondas

          We should have picked our own cotton.

  • dd121

    Behold the future America.

    • Peter Connor

      Bullish!…for ammo makers.

  • bigone4u

    I suppose the idea of working to improve their economic lot in life never occurred to these savages. Somehow, it never comes to their pea-brains that wealth is created; it does not fall from trees. If whites create wealth, then they should keep it. Them’s the rules, dummies.

    • Svigor

      Cargo cult; white man wear suit, go into bank, have money, car, house; black man goes and buys suit, goes into bank, demands money for car, house.

      The line from the theme of The Jeffersons is one of my favorites: finally got a piece of the pie. As if YT just gets the pie like manna from Heaven, and is too stingy to share.

      YT makes the pie from scratch, dummies!

  • John_HD

    Real life Camp of the Saints stuff, coming to a neighborhood near you. They really are incompatible with a first world civilization. The narrative for the last 50 years has so emboldened them that they commit their widespread crime in broad daylight with near impunity, both in America and, well, wherever in the world they happen to be. It cannot last. A worldwide awakening better happen soon, as demographics get worse by the year.

  • slash345

    one of these days blacks are gonna get what they deserve…

    karma is a b*tch

  • . . . all about showing off expensive clothes and cars . . .

    Homo Ferus Africanus is famous for this degree of superficiality.

  • Max Krakah

    It’s a literal case of “monkey see, monkey do”

  • Max Krakah

    time to eradicate the favelas

    • IstvanIN

      Feed them Epicyte corn.

      • Jesse James

        I am more than a bit afraid that the global elites want to feed us all Epicyte corn – and that is probably the least horrible of their proposed courses of action. It is also why we are seeing more and more restrictions on people growing their own food.

  • MBlanc46

    Mob criminality is a “protest against racism and inequality”? Oh, come now.

  • Garrett Brown

    All this and more coming to a state near you AMERICA!

    • Epiminondas

      Here’s where we’re headed…

  • M&S

    I’ve heard that the rich, white, southern half of Brazil want’s loose from the impoverished, black, north, so bad they can taste it.
    If so, it would be the first of a series of such actions which would sweep the planet as those who had allowed those who didn’t _on the genetic scale_ to prove the reality of race.
    And this is why the pressure is so enormous. If any nation which was at once white and black (or Hispanic or Asian) were allowed to split and go their own ways, you would instantly see major changes in the wealth and stability of one group in comparison with another.
    It might not always favor whites but it would certain rarely favor the blacks and Hispanics.
    That such a thing would instantly derail globalism and reinforce the practical necessity of racism as love of ones own rather than hate for others is the only thing keeping a lot of these forced marriages together.
    Because the empowered abandon the weak. All. The. Time.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      I see evidence of that all the time locally, and no group I see who has been abandoned the most and is the weakest are POOR and working class whites. That’s right, whites who still have wealth and power have thrown and are throwing all other whites to the wolves. Those in power always abandon those without it, which is why those without power must seize it, even if that takes war and killing. That is the ONLY way whites are going to save themselves.

      • M&S

        It’s a matter of scale sir.
        I recently came from a homeless environment and I got to see a lot of rich, poor and middle income whites doing all they could to help out the destitute and hopeless. Some dedicated, religious, Hispanics too.
        The problem is that it’s an under-the-rug kind of deal where people who don’t need to won’t and those who do, do it for a profit motive (keeping poor trash of which perhaps 60% were poor whites in the age range 40-70) out of Denver’s downtown shopping area.
        I saw people in homeless shelters who would move from where they slept to where they stayed for the day and back again for lunch and back again for the rest of the day and then ‘home for supper and bed’ and were, if not happy, then at least -settled- into that
        They would, for various reasons, (their own little world) -never- be useful part of society yet were sociable and functional within their own, limited, environment.
        There is no profit motive in this beyond keeping happy mall crawlers on the 16th Street shopping district from having to see too much of what failure looks like as these outcasts are people who will never be functional as more than temp workers who do what they need to, to be sufficient in their habits as much as their needs.
        And that also has a cost (500 dollars a night in ‘the pound’ of a drunk tank while their systems purge whatever chemical is their
        There is better work available but it is on the basis of steady work habits that start slow and are not often taken up because most homeless just aren’t interested in 4hrs a day of regimentation for 9-11 dollars an hour, most of which they will either eat, drink, smoke or use to pay for a bed.
        There are levels to this misery however.
        If you don’t mind signing up daily for a bedlist where you are randomly selected to sleep upstairs in a dormitory bunk environment at 5pm, you can wait until 8pm to go upstairs for a forced shower and a bunk and even have meals if you listen to an hour long sermon on the evils of being who you are ‘and the promise of heaven if you submit to
        If you want to have a working man’s bed (paid for at roughly 50 dollars a week in similar dormitory life) and the right to be inside anytime from 4 to 11, you can do that too, a mile away at a different shelter which is full of recent parolees who, ironically, -have to- work.
        At the bottom rung are the mats where people live by waiting until 4 or 10 and then go inside to pick up blankets and basically just slump, no food, no preaching.
        These are dicey because they encompass a lot of people whose behavior is questionable and you rest with the lights on so that you can be watched, all the time. Yet, because they are the last chance of a lot of people to get off the street, they are also -highly- competed for with entire rooms dedicated to the process (and limited by law).
        You are up and out by 5 in some places and by 8 in others. The day shelter which most go to until they can’t stand the claustrophic gloom, opens at 6.
        It is a regimented lifestyle intended to break bad habits by giving you just enough misery to make you want to leave, as the ‘times between’ of standing in the cold dark with people who are one step out of jail or worse.
        I would say that, overall, perhaps 70% of these are whites, though that is changing as young Hispanics (a lot) and blacks replace an aging white male group.
        TB is a big issue and one which is not well covered as you don’t need to be carded until 3-5 days after arrival and many Hispanics who are the most vulnerable are just pass-thru single nighters with a lot of
        Yet, surprisingly, a good fair percentage (30?) of the whites are -not- deadbeats or ex-cons or addicts or at least didn’t start that way but are relics of divorce, downsize and personal slumps that just never leveled out (credit ruin is another common issue).
        The overarching problem with all this is that there are maybe 300 beds available in the Downtown region and at least a thousand homeless who live as they live, alone and illegal (they call it ‘camping’) beyond the limits of the shelter carrying capacity, even as more and more illegals and migrants use the shelter system to bypass housing costs.
        America has a HUGE glut of failed lives which started out lower middle class and below which the church shelter system, itself run by increasingly middle and old aged middle class whites, simply cannot support.
        And yet we keep importing more future failure.
        At the same time, we are building HUGE apartment complexes in North Denver to meet a severe shortage of housing throughout the region as industrial areas vacate and the City Council (authors of the ‘no camping’ ordinance) struggle to pretty up the place so that yuppies don’t have neighbor shock to go with the sticker shock of 1,600 per month for lousy little one bedroom and loft apartments.
        Let me make it clear again, whether by choice or by crippling mental issues or simply because they aren’t that smart, most of these people will never be worth much. Most of them will never live past 60 and, in rotation, most will not find shelter at night. But they are still people and, with exceptions, mostly harmless. If they lose what little stability they have, this will change as there are feral areas, down by the Platte River bike paths which are no-go zones for all but the most hardened of the hopeless. The cops don’t bother policing them and frozen or murdered are found there.
        Cry me a river?
        But this is where the failures of a white society which is moving towards a 120 IQ or better or you’re outta here level of existence are going to end up.
        You -could- make a few of these giant tenement type apartment complexes (one was building right across the street from the best ‘Crossroads’ shelter in town, last I checked, there was huge pressure to close the place) for the worthless and basically write them off.
        It would likely be a growth industry and could be made into a system of start here, move up to there, leveling of the lowest so that your worst people and emergency new comers lived in little more than tubes (like some Japanese business hotels) which were literally hosed down and issued new blankets on a daily basis. For these folks, the biggest deal is moving them away from drugs and alchohol and people. Even other homeless shun them as trouble-walking. Give them a courtyard and sunlight or a place to sit and they are pretty much dead-alive set until the cravings get bad. Or dinner.
        OTOH, those who could do at least some things could get a single room studio with options to make in-house purchase credits by cooking or cleaning and a separate room with cable TV and small things like a snack bar so they didn’t have to beg or stand in long lines to get food (a lot of homeless are obese, just from the crap food they eat and ALL come to hate standing in lines).
        Finally, have another segregated retirement area as 1-2 room apartments for people who were past their worst habits and eligible for SSI without wasting it. These people simply need a place to stay indoors all the time and the dignity of a few accoutrements because they have never worked enough to afford a real retirement and are now too old to go out.
        This would also help a lot of homeless women who tend to form friendships with alpha males (regrettably, often black) rather than cloister among their own. Often their male partner is at least 10 years older than they are and yet they are split at night because there are even fewer married beds available and few shelter beds overall for women (often they are housed in individual homes as part of church programs but these are also total-count limited).
        Of course, to -afford- this plan, using conventional management and property maintenance, would mean a 50% tax bracket for all the useful classes, at best. And that is a deal breaker.
        Which is why I truly believe that the shift to automan for manufacture and robotics for labor is the only real way forwards for our people. Since we are going to be ‘retiring’ a lot of genes which are simply not optimized for the modern world and those people are going to need to be cared for, essentially like children.
        But those Homo Modernis who are left will be those whose children’s children will live in an environment made cleaner by their own choices and by genomic enhancement of their genes.
        If we can afford it.
        By downsizing our population as a whole to only those who can play the game. And using robotics to do scut work no ‘real person’ could be paid enough to do.
        If we can’t, then the problem will perpetuate as genetic failures breed and the kinds of low level jobs which shouldn’t be done by /anyone/ are retained to keep them functional in a society until chance or a screw up blows their safety cushion. Such a civilization never improves itself beyond that mixed grunge labor and high tech office position level which is unsustainable without native soil industry as a lack of foreign credit dependence.
        The latter will be the end of America, racially and socially, because the kinds of people who are attracted to that condition are the kinds of people who cross Mexico’s border with an 83 IQ, have children with 95 IQs who then become ‘typical Americans’, thinking they are above the grunge. And what they have come to think of as ‘theirs’ as much as any other American, including the permanent dependence on welfare and the huge families they think they can afford.
        America will be pulled down by that mindset.
        And a lot of it will be because we have this STUPID belief that capitalism as a junk manufacturing market which feeds wealth through base material consumption is how we were really meant to live, as parasites off a slug class of high TFR, low social value (IQ, morality, cultural sophistication), wage slave, ethnicities.
        It’s not.
        There has to be something better than this.

        • Zaporizhian Sich

          Then come to a state like Alabama and take a good look at how they are run, and where their priorities are. Remember rich whites pushed for free trade and other polices that destroyed the middle and working class. That has wrecked millions of lives.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    For those who are new to this acronym, TNB stands for Typical Negro Behavior. It seems blacks are blacks no matter where they are, and all this does is proves us right. It proves whites are threatened by blacks, it proves blacks are violent by nature, it proves they have no place whatsoever in white nations.

  • Truth Teller

    A couple days ago someone named Susie posted that blacks are only 5 percent of Brazilians and cause no problems to the European communities. The blacks were brought to Brazil by the Jewish slave traders who had been expelled from Spain by Isabella.
    As a woman, Isabella vowed to end the slave trade in 10 to 14 year old Spanish girls sold by the Jews to the harems and brothels of the Arabs. The Jews moved to Portugal, bribed the authorities to be allowed to continue the slave trade and that is how the blacks came to Brazil.

    • Svigor

      Speaking of Jews, apparently South America is very, very Jewish in its genetics, compared to what is popularly thought. Apparently, a huge portion of “white” hispanic DNA in South America is actually Sephardic marrano DNA.

      • Sick of it

        I’ve brought up a few links to stories which say the same thing, but most folks refuse to believe it. Both historical and DNA data exists as proof.

  • WR_the_realist

    And our leadership sees nothing wrong with that.

  • Svigor

    IIRC, “favela” is their generic term for slums and tent cities, not any one place in particular.

  • Svigor

    One hopes Yugoslavia is more a model for our future than Brazil.

  • Svigor

    In their defense, living in proximity to other races (particularly whites and yellows) is a recipe for black resentment and envy. There is no other natural outcome.

  • Svigor

    In places like Brazil and Mexico, the productive class and the elite class are small enough that they can’t maintain their lifestyles and provide for a substantial welfare state. So, they retreat to enclaves and maintain a consensus against confiscatory taxation.

    In the US, the productive and elite classes are large enough to provide for a substantial welfare state, so the elite sells out the middle class, disarming them from doing what the productive classes in Mexico and Brazil do. It’s not sustainable, but until the bottom drops out it’s going to be unpleasant for all but the elite.

  • Svigor

    Or Yugoslavia. I’m hoping for the Yugoslavian option, over the Brazil option. There are reasons to think the US has a better chance at the Yugoslavian option than places like Brazil or Mexico, most of them owed to America’s demographics and culture. People of British descent show a much greater tendency toward racial self-preservation than people of Spanish descent. We don’t really go in for racial amalgamation the way they do. We’re also a lot more fiercely independent and stubborn in our politics.

  • Svigor

    Oh, I dunno. Mestizos/Amerind-Euro mixes are second only to blacks in the level of violence they produce in their societies. I wouldn’t put it all down to their black admixture.