Does Immigration Mean ‘France Is Over’?

Justin E. H. Smith, New York Times, January 5, 2014

It is difficult to go more than a day in France without hearing someone express the conviction that the greatest problem in the country is its ethnic minorities, that the presence of immigrants compromises the identity of France itself. This conviction is typically expressed without any acknowledgment of the country’s historical responsibility as a colonial power for the presence of former colonial subjects in metropolitan France, nor with any willingness to recognize that France will be ethnically diverse from here on out, and that it’s the responsibility of the French as much as of the immigrants to make this work.

In the past year I have witnessed incessant stop-and-frisk of young black men in the Gare du Nord; in contrast with New York, here in Paris this practice is scarcely debated. I was told by a taxi driver as we passed through a black neighborhood: “I hope you got your shots. You don’t need to go to Africa anymore to get a tropical disease.” On numerous occasions, French strangers have offered up the observation to me, in reference to ethnic minorities going about their lives in the capital: “This is no longer France. France is over.” There is a constant, droning presupposition in virtually all social interactions that a clear and meaningful division can be made between the people who make up the real France and the impostors.

I arrived here in 2012—an American recently teaching in a Canadian university—to take a position at a French university in Paris. {snip}

When I am addressed by strangers anxious about the fate of their country, I try to reply patiently. They hear my American accent, but this in itself does not dissuade them, for I belong to a different category of foreigner. I am not read as an “immigrant,” but rather as an “expatriate,” here for voluntary and probably frivolous reasons, rather than out of economic necessity or fear for my own survival or freedom. This division is not just a street-level prejudice: it is also written into the procedure at French immigration offices, where all foreigners must go to obtain their residence permits, but where the Malians and Congolese are taken into one room, and Americans and Swedes into another. For the former, the procedure has an air of quarantine, and the attitude of the officials is something resembling that of prison guards; for the latter, the visit to the immigration office feels rather more like a welcome ceremony, and everything about our interaction with the officials bespeaks a presumption of equality.


{snip} Many Americans imagine that French philosophy is dominated by mysterians like the late Jacques Derrida, who famously beguiled innocent followers with koan-like proclamations. But a far more dangerous sub-species of French philosopher is the “public intellectual,” whose proclamations, via the French mass media, are perfectly comprehensible, indeed not just simple but downright simplistic, and often completely irresponsible.

Take, for example, the self-styled philosopher Alain Finkielkraut, who in his recent popular book “L’identité malheureuse” (“The Unhappy Identity”), proclaims, in effect, that immigration is destroying French cultural identity. He bemoans the “métissage” of France, a term one often sees in the slogans of the far right, which translates roughly as “mongrelization.” The author, whose father was a Polish immigrant and a survivor of Auschwitz, and who has made much throughout his career of what he calls “the duty of memory,” claims to be defending the values of the “français de souche”—the real French. In this way, he is stoking the rising xenophobia in France, a trend that has been exacerbated here, as elsewhere in Europe, by recent economic uncertainty.

Is there any justification for the two-tiered distinction between expatriates and immigrants, or for the extra impediments members of the latter group face when they try to settle in a new country? Nativist Europeans such as Finkielkraut will often express a concern about being “overrun” by members of ethnic groups from economically disadvantaged states or regions. Most of us can agree that even if there is not an absolute right to preserve one’s culture’s purity, it is at least a genuine good to be able to spend one’s life surrounded by others who share many of the same values and traditions. Something would be lost if, say, massive immigration led to a sudden shift in the demographics of Iceland, so that native Icelanders were now a minority in that once homogeneous island nation—and this would be a loss both for the country itself, as well as for those of us on the outside who value something akin to the cultural equivalent of biodiversity.

But there is nowhere in Europe where anything remotely like a shift on such a scale is taking place, even in the countries that have seen the most immigration, like France and Britain. Alongside the genuine good of a life spent among others who share one’s values and traditions, there is also what the philosopher Michael Dummett describes in his influential work “On Immigration and Refugees” as the right to live one’s life as a first-class citizen. This right, he notes, depends in part on the conduct of a state, and in part on the behavior of its people. Whether or not the right of immigrants to first-class citizenship is set up in conflict with the right of earlier inhabitants to cultural preservation, has very much to do with both state policy and with popular opinion.

Even if the numbers of immigrants in Europe were much higher, it would be an illusion to suppose that the immigrants are mounting a concerted effort to change the character of the place to which they have come. Talk of “overrunning” and “invasion” is analogical, and in fact describes much more accurately the earlier motion of European states into their former colonies, a motion which, again, is a crucial part of the account of patterns of migration toward Europe today. {snip}


The American approach to immigration is plainly rooted in historical exigencies connected to the appropriation of a continent, and it is this same history of appropriation that continues to induce shame in most Euro-Americans who might otherwise be tempted to describe themselves as natives. America has to recognize its hybrid and constructed identity, since the only people who can plausibly lay claim to native status are the very ones this new identity was conjured to displace. But in Europe no similar displacement plays a role in historical memory: Europeans can more easily imagine themselves to be their own natives, and so can imagine any demographic impact on the continent from the extra-European world as the harbinger of an eventual total displacement.

There are values that are not easy to mock or dismiss informing European nativist anxiety. These values are not completely unconnected to the various movements to defend local traditions: the celebration of terroir and of  “slow food,” the suspicion of multinational corporations. But like the celebrated tomato and so many other staples of various European cuisines, European cultural identity too is a product of longstanding networks of global exchange. These networks have tended to function for the enrichment of Europe and to the detriment of the rest of the world for the past several centuries, and it is this imbalance that in large part explains current patterns of immigration. Europe has never been self-contained, and its role in the world has both made it rich and left it with a unique legacy of responsibility to the great bulk of the world from which this wealth came.


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  • Whirlwinder

    In a word, YES. Islam does not come to assimilate but to conquer. Will the last French native out please turn the lights off.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      Islam seeks to exterminate, entire peoples and cultures are now extinct because of them. They relentlessly destroy cultures, artifacts, heritage and people who do not serve their death worshipping cult. More often then not, they kill simply for the sake of killing.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        I think we will all be surprised over the next decade or so as White Europeans awaken.

  • Max Krakah

    Look at this fools heart bleeding for the dreck. DISGUSTING!!!!!

  • Max Krakah

    He is like the hijackers who told the people on the planes on 9/11 that there was no problem, they should remain calm and stay in their seats!

    • Peter Connor

      So far, so good……

  • Hunter Morrow

    Equality,Liberty, Fraternity leads to Sharia law, car arson and no go zones.

    • Homo_Occidentalis

      Equality can only exist among equals. Vive le Front National!

      • Max Krakah

        Vive La Génération Identitaire

      • Franklin_Ryckaert

        Equality with inferiors means degradation of the superiors to the level of the inferiors, but that is exactly the purpose.

  • Geo1metric

    Whites have little time to “get their heads right” or they will have no heads left.

  • David Ashton

    “Mass-immigration of non-Europeans will inevitably result in the European peoples becoming minorities…. Some even welcome it. Hardly a week goes by without some intellectual or politician declaring that immigration has been good for the country…and ‘we must celebrate our differences’. Others announce that they look forward to the day when whites become a minority. This is the first time in history that a people has voluntarily engineered its own destruction” – Professor Richard Lynn (October 2006).

    • Geo1metric

      “This is the first time in history that a people has voluntarily engineered its own destruction”.

      We, the people, have NOT engineered our own destruction. I never agreed with the 1965 immigration reform act which opened the flood gates in America to third-worlders. I never had a say in keeping our southern border open. It goes on and on. I suspect the same situation applies in Europe. The “people” have no say. Europe has draconian laws against even speaking against the “other”, right?

      In the US, a person can be utterly marginalized for “speaking out”. When you have a family to support, that matters.

      The question I keep asking, with no answers, is What are we, the people, to do?
      No one has an answer.

      • IstvanIN

        Our “leaders” engineered it and we didn’t even blink.

        • Geo1metric

          As I recall, there was little “public discourse” or public information about the 1965 bill. The big three media outlets (CBSNBCABC), as I recall, did not make a big deal about it. With no internet, etc., how could we rally against it? And remember, the country was very, very different back then; with a lot of fanfare, I believe that the public would not only have “blinked”, we probably would have stopped it.

          That was then, this is now.

        • c684570

          We must not mention the tribe that engineered this.

      • David Ashton

        Thank you for this comment, which was expected.
        In 1985 in the British Parliament, two speeches were made: (1) Powell made a plea for assisted repatriation combined with an immigration moratorium, (2) the people were assured that all primary immigration had permanently ceased. The electorate were not given a voice on this issue, and never have been.

        • Geo1metric

          So, since there seems to be consensus that “the people” had NO say in this debauching of our societies, why has it happened? Are we not a free people? Are we truly powerless? 🙂

          • Ella

            Yes and no, corporations run the show in Congress, and we lack a political voice not having the organization, representation and monies to fight these money giants. You can see the dips after dips running for office who serve banks and corporations, even Kool-aid Obama.

          • David Ashton

            And funds are needed, of course. This is something we all need to consider carefully.

          • Ella

            We need to pick one organization to heavily advance with different departments to tackle multiple societal/government problems.

          • David Ashton

            An important question that deserves a long answer I have no time to develop here, and can speak only from UK experience, though patterned elsewhere. I am working on a book explaining this incremental subversion of our institutions, which the debauchers called “agenda networking” but which we would privately call “conspiracy”. I can refer you to other publications meanwhile from on-line Amazon reviews &c. British authors to look for are: Sean Gabb, Steve Moxon, Ray Honeyford and Melanie Phillips. The surreptitious activties of the “Bliar regime” played an important part.

            Let me just quote a key multi-cultural pundit, the immigrant Hindu Professor (now Lord) Bhikhu Parekh, in my hearing in the 1970s: “We need to sugar the pill to get the Englishman to swallow it.”

          • Geo1metric

            I assume you mean the “Blair regime”. But hasn’t this “agenda networking” been going on for far longer than the inception of the Blair regime?

          • David Ashton

            Yes indeed.

            I observed it at close quarters from the early 1960s (New Left/Critical Studies) right through to its present dominance, and will write about it separately in detail in due course. I just haven’t got time to spell it all out now, with related current commitments (plus a serious non-hereditary but incurable illness in my immediate family circle which has long and increasingly required intermittent attention).

            Blair was nicknamed B***** Liar by leftwing opponents of the Iraq war but his rightwing opponents borrowed it for that reason and much else. Millions were brought in during his reign of deception.

          • Geo1metric

            I eagerly anticipate your more detailed response.

            And thanks much for the list of authors above; I’ve already begun reading them on Amazon. Foreign perspective is always enlightening.

            Good luck with the family affairs.

          • David Ashton

            Thank you. My response will be another book, hopefully published in “England”. It is one of three irons in the “Wayland Smithy” fire, so to speak, the others being a patriotic novel aimed at our younger generation and a probing study of the “Lies and Legends of the Left” (including Mao and Mandela, incidentally). I must give this late-in-life life’s work priority.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        Indeed, a very hostile minority is the mastermind behind our ongoing destruction. This virulently racist, and supremacist ethnic group has been massacred, expelled or both over 100 times from dozens of nation for that very reason when the native majority population had enough. We know who they are, and so do they.

      • bilderbuster

        There was a German gentleman a few decades ago who had the answers & his people loved him for it too.

      • White Dragon

        What are we to do?

        1. Expose Jewish intellectuals.
        2. Transfer the keyboard warrior skills to the streets.

        I.e. 100 David Dukes-minded people could have a huge impact.

    • Max Krakah

      First they legalize suicide, then they commit mass suicide

    • Magician

      Professor Richard Lynn is from England

      • David Ashton

        So am I. I have three of his books, know him, and actually wrote to him two days ago. I respect his superior ability and important research, but beg to disagree on a few points.

  • bigone4u

    There is none so blind as he who will not see. I say the professor is deliberately lying, to mislead people and to score points with his cultural Marxist colleagues. Just remember, a teaspoon of feces mixed into a gallon of vanilla ice cream does not make it chocolate.

    • Geo1metric

      Quite true, but one drop makes you the “other”.

      • David Ashton

        Our real enemies are the “white” holders of real power, not every individual born with some tiny “racial impurity”. The latter are also innocent victims of what the late Professor Charles Manning called “the cult of miscegenation”.

        • Geo1metric

          Agree. My above “quip” was an apparently limp attempt at humor.

          Actually, I added a smiley face at the end which was apparently dropped by the moderators or disqus. Go figure. 🙂

    • The Verdict of History

      A rather crude, though poignantly effective, illustration.

      I’ve already added it as my Facebook status.

      (don’t worry I cited you)…

  • IstvanIN

    I thought France was done? None the less, if the former colonies could toss out the colonial rulers, why should the current colonized peoples, the French, toss out their colonizers?

    • M.

      You mean, “why shouldn’t”?

    • Very, very clever observation.

    • David Ashton

      For all its faults, the FN could point the way for a European escape.

    • Homo_Occidentalis

      French colonists comprised 13% of Algeria’s population in the 1950s. The colonization was so thorough that Algeria was considered a part of metropolitan France itself, rather than a colonial possession. Oran and Algiers were European cities for a time. Even so, it is almost 0% French today. We do not lack the means to evict the cultural aliens. We only lack the will.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        For many whites, it’s not just a mere matter of will, it is also a matter of lack of means to impose that will. Unless they stand up and fight back, even is that requires massive bloodshed, then yes the French nation and its native born people are doomed.

        • Spartacus

          I can think of a few ways…

      • Rick Brooks

        I always found that to be an outrageous double standard. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but weren’t all the Euro-descended Fracophones living in Algeria basically kicked-out when that country gained its independence? And if that’s so, don’t the French have the right to boot-out the Algerians (and other rabble) now living in France if they so chose..

        • Max Krakah

          uh…YES!! and YES!!!

      • David Ashton

        If it hasn’t been done already, someone with more time available than I have, should compile a complete list of all the forced expulsions, population exchanges, internal and external deportations, and compulsory or voluntary repatriations in the NON-white world from the 1950s to the present, not excluding refugees we are expected to admit; and this could be used as propaganda to support assisted repatriations from our own sphere of interest, in support of our own existence.

    • Triarius

      Seems like a threeway race between France, Britain, and Sweden to be the canary in the mine. One will fall tbough, as an example to the rest. Perhaps more.

  • Alfred the Great

    At the time of the Founding, Jefferson wanted to keep America homogeneous. He said, “If we put 20 million Republicans [when they were okay] into France, wouldn’t it change France?” What is being done to the Anglo-sphere is deliberate and all the reprobates are laughing at us.

    • Brian

      Republicans [when they were okay]
      The GOP was founded in 1854. TJ died in 1826. He was talking about republicans, i.e. ‘those who oppose monarchy’.

      • Alfred the Great

        Yes, you are correct. I was trying to make a joke.

        • Brian

          Ah, sorry for stepping in it. Hard to tell sometimes with just text.

  • Pro_Whitey

    After reading this, one of my first thoughts was, “This is what eating a s**t sandwich must be like.” It was piled to the max. Responsibility for former colonial subjects? WTF? When he leaves France, I hope he does not come back here.

  • MekongDelta69

    Does Immigration Mean ‘France Is Over’?

    Short answer to the New York Slimes: YES

    We’re done…

  • Lewis33

    The radar usually isn’t wrong…crazy lib, check, NYT, check, Smith?, no check, but you guessed it, check out his blog as he talks about celebrating Rosh Hashana.

    • Franklin_Ryckaert

      Go to The Anti-New York Times on Tomato Bubble for counter poison. I read it daily, very informing.

  • Spartacus

    The scum who work at the new york times aren’t fit to be soap.

  • So CAL Snowman

    Some French patriot should kidnap Justin Smith and drop him off with a packet of bacon in his hand in one of the ELEVEN Mulsim “no go” districts and see just how French those immigrants are.

  • Max Krakah

    American Taliban Justin Walker Blacklover , trying to spin a web of deception for France

  • Gianni_Paolinzetti

    It’s funny how Finkielkraut is characterized as being only a “self-styled” philosopher, (even though his thoughts are rooted in deep historical truths) whereas Michael Dummett is a full-fledged, real-life philosopher even though his contribution to the debate is some neo-Marxist hogwash with no basis in fact or any credible philosophical tradition…

  • Frank_DeScushin

    “without any acknowledgment of the country’s historical responsibility as a colonial power for the presence of former colonial subjects in metropolitan France, nor with any willingness to recognize that France will be ethnically diverse from here on out…”

    Such a typical, pompous Liberal answer. Simply declare France has a responsibility to take in ethnic minorities so deal with it native peasants.

    First, no such responsibility exists. Why must France take in ethnic minorities? This responsibility is stated as a religios dogma as so much of Liberalism is.

    Second, why must France take in minorities from here on out? So it will never end? Just deal with it? Typical elitist answer with no accountability to the wishes of the citizenry.

  • Brian

    Europeans have to accept a swarm of Morlocks….because they got the tomato?

  • Cannot Tell

    “So, France is racist for wanting to protect their own culture? If so, then the Japanese are also racist. So are Chinese, Koreans. And what about Africans? Africans are having wars all the time because of race. So, why should France want more Africans who will now fight with the French people? And the Muslims are having wars all the time because of religion. These wars and conflict is moving into Europe. Soon, Europe will look like Africa and the Middle East. Yes, its culture is being destroyed.”

    I expected all the comments posted on the New York Times website to be in favor of France’s immigrants, but the comment above received 151 recommendations. Maybe there’s hope after all.

    • Gianni_Paolinzetti

      There usually seems to be a better mix of viewpoints than you’d expect at the NYT. My sense, though, is that they routinely close the comments section as soon as the momentum tilts against whatever consensus the editors hoped would materialize.

    • Chris Granzow XI

      Yea, the NYT is extremely out of touch. It’s pure unadulterated liberal-elitist pseudo-intellectual propaganda.

      • Franklin_Ryckaert

        Newsweek was sold for one dollar in 2010, which is about the real value of The New York Times too. Fortunately the MSM are dying.

  • WR_the_realist

    I’ll be shocked if I ever read a New York Times editorial I agree with. So far, I’m in no danger of being shocked.

    Good for the French who want to keep France French. Now if only they’d have the good sense to elect politicians who agree with them. Here in the United States we don’t even have that option.

  • White Light

    How long will it take before liberals stop admiring France?

  • Jkjljmt_Pqprpstt

    “Auschwitz”? Is the author referring to some World War I battle? My European history isn’t that good…


    • Geo1metric

      I think that’s where the number four million has been reduced to 2.4 million. Do we see a “trend” developing?

      • Franklin_Ryckaert

        1,5 million actually, but don’t you dare to subtract 2,5 million from the sacred 6 million. You will be immediately arrested.

  • Bill

    “immigration is destroying French cultural identity.” Ya think???

  • Ella

    There were also 3,000 jobs lost in closing of some pork processing plants that led to riots; Muslims do not have a fondness for French culinary pork cuisines.

  • rightrightright

    It’s simpler than that. The third worlders infesting Europe are after the handouts, housing and workfree life. And they hate us for it.

    • Alfred the Great

      And white women.

      • Geo1metric

        Having spent some time in the Middle East, I can attest that many muslim men consider that all Western women are “whores”. This notion is reinforced by their knowledge of the “free-love” lifestyle practiced in much of the West.

  • Kenner

    He compared African immigrants to tomatoes. Well, that’s new.

  • Franklin_Ryckaert

    Small comfort, he thinks totally like a “non-Eskimo”!

  • Franklin_Ryckaert

    “Europe has never been self-contained, and its role in the world has both made it rich and left it with a unique legacy of responsibility to the great bulk of the world from which this wealth came.”

    Typical guilt tripping based on big lies.

    1) “Europe has never been self-contained.”
    You can say that about almost all other parts of the world. Does that mean they should be flooded by aliens too?
    2) “Europe has colonized the world”.
    Only parts of Europe colonized only parts of the world, and yet all of Europe is supposed to accept immigrants from all parts of the world. Keep in mind that most European colonies were not settler colonies but were only temporarily ruled by an elite that left at independence. Why for example should Britain accept mass immigration from the Indian subcontinent because it ruled that for a while by a small elite?
    3) “Europe has become rich because of colonialism.”
    Most European countries that are wealthy never had colonies (Switzerland, Scandinavian countries, Germany after WWII etc.), so what does that prove? Those countries that had colonies and are wealthy mostly became so by industry and trade, not by “robbing” their colonies.

    This professor is typically trying to sell white genocide by non-white immigration, using bogus arguments. It’s about time to unmask these peddlers of racial suicide.

  • David Ashton

    Maybe not “most” whites. But leadership is needed for renaissance from the grassroots.

    • Geo1metric

      I emphatically agree! We need leadership, organization, funding, and activism.

  • Alfred the Great

    I guess that it goes back to the “one worlders.” The Anglo-sphere must be removed in order for the elites to have only sheep. Saxons are too independent and uncontrollable. What I can’t figure out is what do the elites think will happen to them when the masses are so large that they, the masses, go ahead and kill them too.

    • Geo1metric

      “Saxons are too independent and uncontrollable.”

      Translate that to the only real competitor “they” have.

  • David Ashton

    London is visibly “worse” overall than Paris. But there are rural areas and suburbs in England that are still “indigenous”, which the anti-“racists” sneeringly call the “white shires” and which ironically contain people who still haven’t a clue about life in our “inner cities” and therefore easily fall for the sugared pill I noted above. For a temperate account of our situation, read Allison Pearson, “At last, Aunty talks about immigration,” Daily Telegraph, January 9.

    Worth noting that strict Muslims should not stay in the “House of Conflict” except as temporary merchants or missionaries, unless they can establish footholds with sharia regulations, or obtain enclave accommodations like madrassas to their exclusive religious practices from the temporary infidel adminstrations, i.e. incremental dhimmitude. Denial of the latter privileges obliges them eventually to return to the House of Submission or apostasise.

  • David Ashton

    We should not be ungrateful for non-whites who to some degree defend our culture, like Santamu and Nazeer-Ali in the “Church” of “England”, but white people should speak up for their own past, present and FUTURE.

  • Geo1metric

    Agree totally. When someone makes such a statement, I usually point out what is so blatantly obvious, which is that these “modern day” immigrants are not and have no intention of assimilating. This is a crucial point.

    California now offers about 150 languages for certain civil services!!

    “We”, not you and not I, are building the next Tower of Babel.

    The outcome of that enterprise is known to all,(or, at least, to most.)

  • Peter Connor

    Amazing the gibberish these leftist academics produce.

  • the sound the flood the hour

    I was expecting this guy to offer valid reasons as to why france is not ‘over’ but nope he offers nothing to support that assessment. If this guy really is exposed to as much anti-immigration sentiment in france as he claims then I suppose its a good sign that people are fed up with the status qu.

  • jeffaral

    I’ve just arrived in Paris ,Gare de Saint Lazare. I start walking randomly through a street; all I see is black people, not even an Arab or Asian in sight. If you’re american and want to know Paris, don’t bother to cross the pond; just go to Detroit, it’s the same.

    • Magician

      I have heard similar things about Paris many times….

    • Magician

      No wonder so many cars get burned in Paris every day of the year

      Many young black males burn cars or destroy others’ properties and public properties in various situations such as –

      – Celebrating the new year’s eve
      – Celebrating the new year’s day
      – So-and-so country in Africa wins a soccer game
      – So-and-so country in Africa loses a soccer game

      If they cannot come up with a reason to burn cars down, then they will make up a very lame one. They might even burn random cars first, and then invent a reason after. Destroying properties that do not belong to them, is likely the only way for them to express their feelings

  • Alfred the Great

    I hope that it will wake our people up, but hope is not a method.

  • Geo1metric

    Sometimes my density astounds me! 🙂

  • Massif1

    EU still has some of the highest unemployment numbers and 3rd world “workers” have been arriving for decades. The diversity initiatives that EU and US are nothing more than to allow more welfare dependent 3rd scum to come and enjoy the good life. Hard work and paying taxes is for the natives. The benefits EU and America offer are too good not to take advantage of.

  • ZeitTrash

    For the first time I can remember, I actually felt a sense of relief reading the comments at the NY Times site. Almost all of the comments were critical of the author and knocking him for being okay with the eradication of what we traditionally know as France.

    In the past, there would have been tons of postmodernist rationalizations along with the usual “death to whitey!” ethnic studies junk from the the Times’ white upper-middle-class liberal readership. The white liberals’ “look at me I’m so hip because I hate white people” shtick seems to be aging and falling apart a bit.

  • Greg Thomas

    I no longer care about some third world immigrant’s quest for a “better life.” Their quest for a better life is destroying this country.

  • Shadrach

    I long for the days of an all white Europe again. Back when things were great and wonderful!

    • wildfirexx

      Not going to happen…Unfortunately, No homeland for the White Europeans.
      Hitler will go down in History as our last Great White Hope, …and we decided to burn him to the ground!

  • Geo1metric

    “The problem is most whites are only too delighted to have their countries and culture destroyed by the blessing of diversity.”

    That’s not true. The problem is most Whites are not aware of what is going on with diversity. And the reason they are not aware is primarily because there is a thick smokescreen produced by collusion amongst the government, academia, media and other institutions to blind Whites to what’s really going on.

    If the media, alone among these institutions, would tell the truth, Whites would not stand for what’s happening for much more than one nano-second.

  • Truth Teller

    Note that 2 paragraphs were devoted to “eeeevil Whites invaded and conquered America.” But blacks and browns are absolutely entitled to invade and conquer Europe. The piece is a mass of lies. I seriously doubt that strangers come up to him and start talking about immigration. As far as the last sentence goes, Europe was wealthy long before they colonized the rest of the world.
    Were I French I’d say to him, Yankee go home.