Dual-inheritance theory posits that the genotype has an impact on the evolution of human behavior and that cultural traits can be constrained by genetic imperatives. A large body of studies provides evidence that the functional catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT) Val158Met polymorphism is associated with executive function, working memory (WM), and intelligence. A survey of the population genetics database provides evidence that COMT gene frequencies vary across populations. The aim of the present study was to test the hypothesis that the COMT gene has an impact on cultural evolution, specifically on the adoption of an agricultural vs. a hunter-gatherer lifestyle. Statistically significant differences in COMT allele frequencies between hunter-gatherer and agricultural societies were found. Ethnic groups whose economy is based on farming have higher frequencies of the Met allele (symbol: A), whereas societies based on a hunter-gatherer economy have very low frequencies of the Met allele and a disproportionate predominance of the Val allele. Moreover, the frequency of the Met allele was positively correlated to the populations’ IQ (r = 0.57). The FNBP1L gene (rs236330) is associated with childhood and adult intelligence and it varies in frequency across populations. Frequency of rs236330 was also significantly correlated with the populations’ IQ (r = 0.81). COMT and FNBP1L had fairly similar geographical distributions (r = 0.44) although the result did not reach statistical significance. The results suggest that the genotype of a population influences its cultural development in fairly specific and predictable ways. Met allele frequency was positively correlated with latitude (r = 0.56), suggesting selective pressure due to climate.



Hunter-gatherer and farming societies significantly differ in their COMT allele frequencies, confirming the prediction following from the hypothesis.


Table 3 reports IQ and Met allele frequencies, taken from the Allele Frequency Database. IQs were taken from Lynn (2006), Lynn and Vanhanen (2012). Populations from the same country are grouped together and their average allele frequency is reported. The reported IQ refers to the average IQ for the country. Countries are grouped into racial groups or clusters as found in Cavalli-Sforza et al. (1994).

The correlation between IQ and Met frequencies for the global sample was computed. Due to unavailability of IQs for single Native American populations, their overall estimated IQ (86) was used (Lynn, 2006) and the allele frequencies of the different populations were averaged. Thus, the global correlation between IQ and Met allele frequency is r = 0.579 and highly statistically significant (n = 38; P < 0.001). This supports the prediction that populations with higher Met allele frequency have higher IQ, similarly to the correlation observed at the individual level.


Click the table for an expanded version.

Click the table for an expanded version.

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  • Tarczan

    This is very complicated, all those numbers, and those big words! Mr. Moderator, could you get one of those ultra patient, kindly black men we see on TV and in advertising to explain this to us all? If you can’t get one of the big name guys, just get a black guy with those oversized glasses, that’ll do.

    • Jesse James

      This does seem like a pretty technical issue, I vote we petition Obama to have that magic dancing negro from the Verizon commercial explain it to us. He can after all manipulate light and I expect he has mastered the explanation of the multitude of cell phone plans to the public. He seem the perfect choice to help educate us.

      • blight14

        Oh, the ‘sail foam’ guy?

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      Or how about Morgan Freeman? he seems to be the one the entertainment industry always trots out when they need someone to play God or just a very wise, smart guy in some movie or other.

  • bigone4u

    I was an economics professor, but I used to read these kinds of studies to try to figure out what was going on in my classroom as the university implemented its policy of race replacement among the student body and the faculty. Just as in economics where you can’t fight the Fed, in the classroom you can’t fight genetics. Nature, not nurture.

  • Luca

    Good Lord, the Mbuti (is that pronounced mah booty?) tribe has an IQ of 53. I think their descendants can now also be found in Detroit, Philly, Camden, ESL, and of course Washington DC, especially in the White House and the DOJ.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Nawwww–Eric Holder is whiter than Obama. Holder has to check the black box to keep a paycheck coming.

    • Homo_Occidentalis

      Stay tuned for more 53 IQ savages coming soon to your neighborhood, courtesy of the treasonous (and “bipartisan”) cheap-labor lobby.

    • Jack Burton

      They are pygmies, that’s why. They’re tiny Negroes, they have significantly smaller brains.

      When controlling for brain size, Australoids are the dumbest.

    • Edruezzi

      Where do they get these numbers. A 53 IQ is retardation, Downs syndrome.

  • Spartacus

    Why are Inuits from Greenland posted under “Native Americans” ?

    • Extropico

      There has been US military bases there for decades and I bet we funded a study or two of the natives. The Inuit tribe also exists in America and Canada with approximately the same population number as in Greenland.

      • rowingfool

        Thank you for your clarification. I nuit had to be something like that.

    • Gereng

      Other name Eskimos. All the earlier artic explorers noted the innate IQ of Eskimos as contrasted to other “primitives”. The theory was: “unintelligent Eskimo children in that unforgiving environment manage through misadventure to die before they reproduce. Their physical culture with its extraordinary range of tools and equipment bespeak a highly evolved IQ compared to say, Africans.

  • dd121

    Could it be that some scientists are going off the reservation? They may not know it, yet but they’ll still be subject to Indian attacks.

    • MikeofAges

      I saw something on the street once which made me think. Not that the thought was exactly new to me. Saw a slightly pudgy white kid about 13 or 14 playing catch with a friend with a football. He was maybe six feet tall but possibly not full grown yet. He had lank, light brown hair and tight chin. When he threw, he tapped the ball before he let it go. And I was shocked how strong his arm was. This was maybe eight years after John Elway retired. The kid was too young to be imitating him, but that was Elway’s trademark routine too. Not only have I seen Elway on television from college through today, but I saw him in person on the Standford campus back in the 80s. Not at the game. On foot, a few feet away from me. The more time goes by, the more and more I think the inborn thing is close to the only reason. Of course, it has to be tuned too. The kid I saw probably wasn’t even on the football team.

      • r j p

        I have never seen the “Elway tap” but I used to drive tennis players nuts with my idiosyncrasies, especially on clay courts.

        • MikeofAges

          Elway often tapped the ball with his left hand before he let it go, especially when he was going to throw the deep ball.

  • JohnEngelman

    Davide Piffer ought to read “The elements of Style” by William Strunk, Jr.

    The correlation between living in a cold climate and higher intelligence explains the the fact that Scandinavians have higher IQ averages than those who live in the Fertile Crescent where agriculture began 10,000 years ago. Agriculture may not have reached Scandinavia until five or six thousand years ago.

    • dd121

      Dictionary of Modern English Usage by Fowler and Fowler. Very good advice on writing.

      • itdoesnotmatter

        Oops, you already suggested it. Thanks.

    • Edruezzi

      The Jews you have a crush on originated in the Fertile Crescent.

      • JohnEngelman

        That is true. However, the Ashkenazim did not develop their superior intelligence until they moved to Europe.

        • Edruezzi

          So, you’re arguing the intelligence of the Ashkenazis dates from only about, say 70 AD. I’ll leave it to you to account for the number of generations. Now, what were they doing for, literally, those of them with genius level IQs to leave more offspring and more descendants than the dumber Jews. We might note that there is simply no evidence that the better educated are more prolific of children than the less educated. Our time alone illustrates that. William Shockley, Nobel Prize winner noted that the less intelligent are having more offspring. I mean, the welfare breeder, engaging in what we could almost call recreational reproduction on the taxpayers dime, has become proverbial in our time. Meanwhile young well-educated white women in the Western world spend their 20s clubbing and shopping for handbags and then have one baby in their 30s.
          Or could the high intelligence be the result, as I think Theodor Van Karman, one of the great engineers of the 20th century and a Hungarian Jew, described as a consciousness of danger and impending destruction that prompted one to give it his all and produce something that would make one’s survival more secure. Von Karman, like von Neumann and Edward Teller, was one of a group of Jewish geniuses to emerge from the old Austro-Hungarian Empire. So did genes or a shared culture do it. Why weren’t,say Swedish Jews that accomplished in the same period?

    • Edruezzi

      So a late start in agriculture boosted IQ. But you argued a while that Africa had a late start in agriculture.

      • JohnEngelman

        You did not understand my post. One of the factors that selects for higher intelligence is living in a cold climate. Another factor is living in an urban civilization.

        • Edruezzi

          If living in a cold climate selects for higher intelligence, why aren’t Siberians, Tierra del Fuegians, Aleuts, or Eskimos, or Neanderthals, among the most advanced cultures in the world?

          As for urban civilization, even in the most advanced civilizations of the past, the vast majority of people lived in rural areas. Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Ancient China, Medieval Europe, 18th century Europe and Revolutionary and 19th century America were more than 75% percent rural, if not more. Almost by definition, selection will have a greater effect on the greater fraction of the popualtion.

          • JohnEngelman

            Eskimos tend to be more intelligent than North American Indians, who tend to be more intelligent than African Negroes.

            In an urban civilization intelligent men tend to be more prosperous. Consequently, they tend to have more descendants.

            The superior intelligence of Orientals can be explained both by the cold climate they live in, and by practicing civilization for about four thousand years. In addition, the Imperial Exam System in China made it possible for brilliant peasant boys to enter the Scholar Gentry, where they were expected to have several wives and many children.

          • Edruezzi

            The question remains, why are Eskimos culturally primitive? Why were the Aztecs or Maya more culturally advanced than the Eskimos?

            You entirely sidestep the point I made about urban civilization. Up to the very late 19th century, even in highly civilized regions or countries, most people have lived in rural areas and have been illiterate. You cannot have selection for urban civilization changing the gene pool when only a minute fraction of the population live in towns and cities. For most of recorded history it was far more statistically likely for a person anywhere in a civilized country to be a clodhopper. And to be illiterate.

            Even at the height of its influence only a small fraction of the Chinese population ever sat for the Imperial Exams. Most Chinese have always been, and still are, rural peasants.

          • JohnEngelman

            Civilization developed in what is now Southern Mexico and Peru, rather than in the Arctic Circle because climatic conditions were more conducive. Before civilization there must be agriculture. The Eskimos never practiced agriculture. Nothing would have grown.

            To do his research for his book “Farewell to Alms,” Gregory Clark examined birth, marriage, and funeral records in English churches from the middle ages to the nineteenth century. What he found was that wealthy families in one century had more descendants in subsequent centuries, that is to say there were more people with their last names recorded. Poor families gradually died out.

            He reasoned that poor people were not reproducing themselves because of disease, malnutrition, and occasionally starvation. They were being replaced by the children of rich people.

            A poor couple in the twelfth century might have six children, with only one surviving. A rich couple might have six children with five of them surviving. The oldest son would inherit the family fortune, the others would decline in status, but they would continue to have descendants.

            Occasionally Gregory Clark found a talented child from a poor family who rose in income.

            He reasoned that genetic qualities that enabled one to become wealth gradually spread to the entire English population this way. He also reasoned that this process also took place in other nations.

            It is clear that during most of history rich people had more children who survived and reproduced than poor people. The current situation, where a Vassar graduate is likely to have few or no children, while an unmarried, unemployable welfare mother with a low IQ is likely to have five illegitimate children by five different men, had no equivalent during most of recorded history.

          • Edruezzi

            Yes, yes, yes. The rich left more offspring. They ate better. That’s the only reason, given that people knew nothing about the germ theory of disease or anything worth a damn about nutrition until the dawn of the 20th century. On the other hand there were not that many of the rich. For most of human history up to only about five generations ago life was nasty, brutish and short for almost everyone, even a lot of the rich. The rich and the powerful lived better but they were always a very small minority. The church records you mentioned would have been a snapshot that favored the rich. They sat in the front pews. The rich also succumbed to disease, given the ignorance of the time. Charles Darwin and his wife came from a wealthy families. I think two or so of their children died in childhood.
            We’ve got to disabuse our minds of the Hollywood picture of history. The past was not a Kate Winslett movie. People were poor and lived in villages and the rich, even if their children survived, were numerically insignificant. Meanwhile, if the poor were dying out, why were there always plenty of them, not just the trickle-down from primogeniture as you observed but the vast hordes that formed the majority everywhere? Why didn’t England end up with a larger proportion of aristocrats?
            At the same time, even leaving beside more children as the rich did is beside the point. Actually, without the cushions affluence provided, the children of the poor faced more potent selection. If they didn’t have good diets and they had to toil in the fields it meant that the poor kids who did survive to adulthood more likely survived because of their genetic endowment.
            Meanwhile, you may not have noticed it but you tacitly acknowledged that environment is important. With their high IQs, why did the Eskimos not move south? If IQ is everything they ought to have been able to overwhelm progressively more southern people. Or why didn’t their IQs enable them to figure out ways to be more efficient and nevertheless beat the snow and cold. If you say Europe’s advantage lay partly in it having warm summers your cold-based IQ selection theory has already started falling apart. Apply a few more chains of reasoning like that and the argument loses its momentum altogether.

        • Edruezzi

          Thank you for your reply.
          This argument is seductive, until you take it apart. It’s easy to fall into the Lamarckian trap with it. Sit back, however, and ask yourself exactly what traits and behaviors would have been advantageous in a cold environment in neolithic, or in the case of the Neanderthals, the paleolithic. What skills would a group of migrants pushing northward into Europe have had to master to survive, at a time well before agriculture? Obviously, they would have to master how to build huts secure against cold and how to make warm clothing and mittens and so on.
          Now, are you willing to say that selection for stone age hut construction and tailoring pushed IQs higher, especially given that people of moderate intelligence today can perform those tasks? Remember, these people did not have to master calculus to build these things. If we say the average African IQ has stood still since the neolithic, are we saying that the typical African villager of today is too stupid to make a warm hut or to stitch together a mitten? Remember, Africans fly planes and use Microsoft software today.

  • IstvanIN

    It is becoming more apparent everyday that we are born with certain talents, dispositions and abilities. Genetics are the foundation for everything that comes after we are conceived. That and what happens while we are in the womb. Start out with a genetic IQ of 80 and combine that with a mother who drinks, drugs and partays while pregnant and we have Detroit.

  • Mergatroyd

    functional catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT) Val158Met polymorphism

    What does that even mean to anyone outside of a graduate student studying human genomes? This is completely unintelligible to the average person, including dummies of the journalistic persuasion.

    Why is this even posted on American Renaissance?

    • JohnEngelman

      It was posted because it means that scientific evidence for race realism is accumulating.

      • How many times does this need to be explained to you? Here it is again, Yellow John:

        Preferences DO NOT NEED TO BE SCIENTIFICALLY PROVED! The concept of Racial Nationalism does NOT need a certain set of scientific absolutes to make it an attainable goal for most people. Do you need scientific evidence to date and marry according to your own lifestyle and choices?

        • El_Baga_Doucha_Libtard

          In defense of Yellow John (I say that tongue-in-cheek), I think that it’s only fair to say that many people feel too guilty about their preferences to act on them. As more evidence accumulates to support racial differences in intelligence (and temperament, among other things), more people should abandon their douchey feelings of guilt in favor of reason. Just because we arrive at the same conclusion doesn’t mean that we can’t arrive there through different paths.

        • JohnEngelman

          Scientific truth is indifferent to our desires.

          • Extropico

            Scientific grants are certainly not.

          • itdoesnotmatter

            In the world of scientific discovery, I am shocked at the immorality of scientists who purposefully withhold publication of important findings, especially those in the bio-med field.
            HIV research with subsequent development of life saving anti-virals is a case in point. They sat on their discoveries, I suppose awaiting the highest accolades, hoping to win “the prize.” I find the cut throat competition disillusioning.

          • Edruezzi

            Since grant money is scarce it goes to researchers doing work that looks like it’ll produce something worthwhile. Race has been so thoroughly debunked in the lab that giving people money to study it is on the order of funding scientists to study how many angels can dance on a pinhead.
            Nome sayin?

          • Edruezzi

            That’s the truth.

          • JohnEngelman

            I was voted down four times, presumably by white nationalists who believe that scientific truth bends to their agenda.

      • Mergatroyd

        The accumulation is already there and has been for decades written in clear, plain language. Posting something so academic helps pro-Whites, how?

        Oh, that’s right. You’re the one who thinks the world will be a much better place when Whites are race-replaced by Jews and Asians.

        You’ve told us as much many times.

        * The Ashkenazim are biologically the most superior race in existence.

        *Get used to it. In the future inter racial marriage will be even more common.

        *It is not irrelevant. What you want and do not want is not of absolute significance. I feel comfortable with high IQ Chinese and other Oriental immigrants. I enjoy living with them.

        –John Engelman

        • JohnEngelman

          Posting something so academic helps pro-Whites, how?

          – Mergatroyd

          The purpose of race realism is not to make whites feel good about themselves. It is to study how races differ and why they evolved the way they did, and to propagate the results of the study.

          The findings of race realism have political implications, but scientific investigations need no justification other than the desire to expand knowledge.

          • MikeofAges

            Again, that disgusting synthesis of democratic universalism and Cartesian analytical geometry. We do know what graph paper looks like. We are not fooled..

          • Edruezzi

            Man, I’m still struggling to understand the fist sentence, Mike.

          • MikeofAges

            Democratic universalism is a political doctrine which holds that all people are the same provided they embrace democratic modernity. This doctrine is adhered to by the university educated elites in both parties.

            Cartesian mathematics refers to the analytic geometric developed by the French philosopher and mathematician Rene Descartes. Its development was a necessary step toward the discovery of the calculus and was the first instance of the graphical representation of mathematical functions, of which the bell curve is one example.

            But what do I know? I didn’t go to Yale, and I worked out most of this stuff for myself. I studied Descartes’ original analytical geometry (in translation) out of the back of a dog-eared paperback, and started working out my own epistemology (theory of knowledge) while reading Aristotle’s Metaphysics, again out of a dog-eared paperback, while riding the Lake Street “el” out of the Chicago Loop. The Chicago elevated system, by letting you see the view above street level, provides you a special view of the Edwardian squalor of the old Loop area and the adjacent oldest parts of the city.

            Chicago and New York are the two American cities with extensive vintage elevated and subway systems. In Chicago, the system is called the “el” for elevated, although there are many miles of subway in Chicago. In New York, it is called simply the “subway” although there are many miles of elevated tracks in New York as well.

            I have lived on the West Coast for 35 years now. We have our own issues here. California is run by a remote plutocracy which hangs on by manipulating mass politics with increasingly disastrous results. I describe California as having reached “a terminal demographic condittion. Washington and Oregon both are characterized by what might be called “guild oligarchies”, societies and governments run according to the interests of the establish bourgeois groups, professionals, financial service providers, high end local business owners, government employees and the like. There is very little regard for the interests of any less well off people except insofar as diversity politics dictates it, and precious little of that even.

            Both Northwest states have highly regressive tax systems and relatively poor public higher education. In regard to these issues, Washington is by far the worse of the two. Oregon at least has made some attempt to remediate its tax system, and also has at least located a public university in Portland. In Washington, people might point to the University of Washington in Seattle, but all they are doing is demonstrating how little they know about higher education. There is a vast difference between a research university and an ordinary public college. In Washington, one member of the state legislature blocked the development of branches of Washington State University for a number of years because a small satellite branch of UW had not been completed.

            Washington and Oregon maintain their high educational profile by importing educated high tech professional from other parts of the country.

          • Truth Teller

            Why should I feel inferior to Ashkenazism or any group when my personal IQ is higher than the Ashkenazi average?

        • itdoesnotmatter

          According to a prominent Berkeley rebbe who spoke on our local radio station, KPFA: a large percentage of Reform Jews are out-marrying, a practice he finds alarming.
          A male physicist friend of ours just married a fellow physicist from Turkey, of all places. She is a semi-apostate Muslim.

          • MikeofAges

            If reform Jews “marry out” it makes the world a better place. Reform Judaism is kinda-sorta a Jewish equivalent of Unitarianism. It became prominent in the Midcentury era and now probably is slowly declining to eventual insignificance. The basic forms of Judaism in America are Reform, Conservative, traditional Orthodox and sect Judaism. Most sects are extremely conservative politically and orthodox in their religious practice. Mainstream Reform, Conservative and even Orthodox congregations essentially banish economically distressed Jews. It might be okay to be an Jewish auto mechanic or a Jewish postal worker, but you’d better pay the annual fee.

            People who cannot deal with the financial and social pressures of the mainstream congregations, if they want to remain religious, join sects, sometimes “storefront” congregations.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      It’s posted here because of the second half of that sentence.

      “is associated with executive function, working memory (WM), and intelligence.”

      This is very important and is of interest to anyone who follows the news in the HBD community, which would include many regular readers of AmRen.

      • Mergatroyd

        This is already well known information.

        Here’s the problem: While Whites are endlessly arguing over such minutia and intellectual endeavors such as how many angels dance on the head of a pin, our homelands are being wrested away from us. We are losing time and things like this scholarly report are a distraction, IMO.

        None of this is news; there is already plenty of hard data out there about racial differences in brain size, behavior, intelligence, psychology, etc. written in clear, plain language for everyone to see.

        The media will never report anything that shows blacks in a bad light, hell, they won’t even report when blacks kill Whites.

        • GeneticsareDestiny

          I agree that our homelands are being wrested away from us. But our primary enemies are not non-whites. They’re white liberals who believe that racial equality has been scientifically proven.

          Data like this is important because it provides even more evidence we can use to convince them that they are wrong. Stopping the internal enemy (liberal whites) is our most important task, and this is ammunition in that battle.

        • El_Baga_Doucha_Libtard

          That’s actually a great point. I have more hope that many of the holdouts will eventually come around, but one has to wonder how much more evidence the holdouts will require in order for them to come to a sensible conclusion.

        • I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but AmRen deletes and sanitizes comments of the racial persuasion almost as Gestapo-ish as CNN.

          • itdoesnotmatter

            That’s interesting. A poster on SBPDL posted that he thinks AmRen is becoming more like Stormfront. Several others agreed with him.

          • I’m not fond of Stormfront, and have been highly critical of their user base, their methods and the way they manage their site. I can say, however, that I would trust Don Black more than Jared Taylor when it comes to a basic foundation of racial organizing and camaraderie.

          • Jack Burton

            It’s true, some of it is also purely emotional whim without any rational basis. Whoever the mod is, he needs a tune-up.

          • I’ve begun to think it must be a she. The deletions are completely irrational and seem to be done mostly out of spite.

          • It is a she. No offense to the ladies, but I’ve dealt with estrogen rage in many different forms. If it’s not a woman, it is a very insecure and Omega type male.

        • Brian

          That racial biological differences exist has been well-known for those who care to look, but this paper is getting into new territory for exactly what genes are causing some of the differences. That is useful. It’s precisely this kind of information, combined with my daily interactions with different groups, that woke me up on this front and freed me from the multicult assault.

  • There’s a simple, and effective, rebuttal to this research: Call it “scientific racism!” Either that or question the researcher’s sexuality or motives. Seriously, these are the only answers we get from the race-denialists.

    • But it really is an effective retort. Someone will spend the next decade trying to differentiate the science[truth] from the racism. They will absolve themselves from the scary label of racist. They will hinge their entire argument on IQ differences of races; and the retort will be about the validity of IQ tests and how data should be interpreted. All of that research and race realism washed away the very second some anti-White screed mentions how IQ gaps can be closed, and that environmental and socioeconomics might have a greater influence on IQ scores than previously thought. It doesn’t matter one bit whether they have facts or truth on their side. Facts and truth are irrelevant when your plan is to run the clock down and have your adversary waste time postulating theories that probably weren’t all that crucial to their survival.

      The anti-White tide continues to roll and gain strength…

      White homelands continue to become swamped with non-Whites…

      Check and Mate!

  • Peter Connor

    Looks like Met is more highly correlated with creativity and innovation than pure IQ. China has high IQ but low Met, for example.

    • Terra Magnum Imperium

      Said it for years, whites are more adventurous, have a greater creative drive and excel at thinking outside the box despite having a slightly lower IQ then East Asians…Genetics just quantifies my statement,

      • itdoesnotmatter

        At UCB, East Asians were masters of academic perseverance, displaying a dogged determination to maintain high GPAs, no matter the sacrifice.
        Socially inept, they were cliquish, displayed no sense of humor, which is characteristic of a concrete thought process.
        It was a bit of a joke on campus among our hard science majors.
        Typical scenario: “Friday night, time to unwind a bit, so hey, guys, let’s leg it on down to LaVals for pizza and pitcher.”
        Chinese guys in the group: “no, we have to get back to the dorm and study.” Without fail.

        • And the kicker about realizing racial characteristics is that you didn’t even need to understand the “science” of it all, or even know that there was science to prove it existed. All you needed was a basic understanding of human nature and a small dose of intermingling.

          Most Asian people just bore me to tears. No matter what anyone thinks of Jews, they at least have more multidimensional personalities. They have an EQ to go along with the IQ. Asians simply do not. This is why positions requiring an aptitude outside of rote learning and repetition are usually not filled with Asians.

          • Bossman

            East Asians are one dimensional kind of people. No much interest in sports, no much interest in pop music, no much interest in psychology, no much interest in religion, no mush interest in social drinking, no much interest in sex, no much interest in art, no much interest in outdoor activities. They are just boring, boring.

          • captainc

            haha, sounds awful

          • MikeofAges

            I once characterized East Asians as people whom, if they were told that 2+2=5, would try to make it equal five better than anyone else. They also cheat like crazy, but they help each learn too. They don’t all work together even though it seems that way sometimes, but when they do decide to work together, as in a business partnership, they are serious about it and stick doggedly to their plan maybe because they feel more accountable to their larger group.

            Another one of my social and historical theories is that contrary to what is believed, people in America do not come here, strive, get to the top and stay there. The immigrants come here and take on any kind of mind-numbing work they can get, the children work hard to succeed and do, and then decline sets in. Seen that is East Asians as well. It’s one of America’s chronic social defects.

          • itdoesnotmatter

            Lacking is spontaneity, imagination, the ability and willingness to risk thinking outside the proverbial box. Those qualities are essential in professions that require both intellect and creativity.
            A good designer must be willing to try, then try again, always staring the possibility of failure in the eye.
            There’s a film that deals with this.
            Chinese kid at MIT. Happily convinced his effort has solved a pivotal math formula, he presents his work to the female professor. Not only is his resolution incorrect, the professor advises him his proofing approach is wrong.
            Unable to countenance failure, he commits suicide.
            The film is believable, no suspension of disbelief is required, having watched in real life how something as this could evolve.

  • Franklin_Ryckaert

    Above all, they’ll have to discover the gene for equality!

    • Brian

      I hope they can discover the genetic basis for pathological altruism in whites so we can engineer that mess away.

      • Or pathological narcissism, ingratiation and procrastination. It’s a good thing I never waited for a scientific study to tell me why I love something, and then try and argue the merits of that study with people who could just as easily dismiss my interpretations of everything. I might still be single and lonely had I done that. A finite existence should never be bogged down with intricacies that can’t even begin to explain why two very similar people could choose two very different paths.

        Tempus Rerum Imperator

      • Franklin_Ryckaert

        Well, lets start with finding the gene for liberalism, so that we can engineer that mess away!

    • Or the “diversity gene.” That way, it can be engineered into whites so that whites can be considered “diverse.”

  • MikeofAges

    “their” is a replacement non-gender specific word. Used widely. I do it myself. But I do know that it is technically not correct usage.

    • itdoesnotmatter

      The grammatical error is not related to gender.

      Their is a plural pronoun antecedent, a plural pronoun is allowed.

      Each is a singular pronoun antecedent, a singular pronoun is required.
      Suggest Fowler’s Modern English Usage.
      His explanations are a little dense, but it’s worth it to plow through them.

      • MikeofAges

        The point I was making is that the word “their” often was used as a substitute for “his” or “her” in a effort to use gender neutral language. Strictly, it is somewhat of a malapropism in my book, but I use it anyway.

  • Shirley – Roy


    ☎☎☎ୱ☎ ☎☎☎☎ ☎☎☎☎୺☎ ☎☎☎☎Just as in economics where you can’t fight the Fed, in the classroom you can’t fight genetics. Nature, not nurture.

  • Kenner

    Not too many years ago they were promoting something called ‘kinetic intelligence’, which, as near as I could make out, referred to black’s athletic ability. Pitiful.

    • Max

      Yes, now that you mention it that does ring familiar. I suspect that this quickly dissappeared so as not to put certain people ina “box” of IQ

    • Franklin_Ryckaert

      Yes, “kinetic intelligence” was meant as a consolation prize for Blacks, just as “emotional intelligence” is for women.

  • itdoesnotmatter

    I am bothered by pronoun antecedent disagreement as well. I resort to each followed by his/her. Have to be inclusive. :]

  • Bossman

    Okay, cold climate made people more intelligent. These days nobody wants to live in very cold climates. Eskimos stayed in the arctic because originally they were too stupid not to move south.

    • Reverend Bacon

      When everything is provided for you, there’s no incentive to innovate, to create technology, or even to work. This is true when God provides, in the sense of a climate that requires no effort; and it’s true when the White Man provides, in the sense of “hey- we feel guilty that we are more intelligent and less bellicose. Here’s some free stuff.”

      Without God, who provided in Africa, and the White Man, who has provided better than God ever did since at least 1964. At least, I don’t think everyone in Africa had color TV, video games, cell phones, and cars. Nor did people in Africa worry more about morbid obesity and Type 2 diabetes than about starvation.

  • Truth Teller

    Greeks should be considered one of the most intelligent people on the earth given what they have contributed to the world.

    • Franklin_Ryckaert

      That must surely have been the case …in the past. At present the average IQ of Greece is 93 (together with Ireland and Bulgaria), nearly at the bottom of all white countries (the lowest white country is Croatia with 90). We do not know what happened with the Greeks since classical times. Some people talk about miscegenation, I’m more inclined to believe in degeneration. Anyway, they didn’t make a very intelligent impression on me when I was in their country.

      • Truth Teller

        Or maybe it shows that IQ does not accurately gauge intelligence. If someone can create civilizations such as the ancient Greeks, they are extremely intelligent.

        • Max

          Nobody believes the IQ index is a perfect measurement since we cannot even measure voltage with perfection but the “inaccuracy” argument for IQ has been retired except for those holdouts hoping to excuse the failures of “minorities”in modern civilization -and I mean since the invention of the wheel.

      • Max

        Modern socialism selects for the stupid and lazy. There is little penalty for sloth and non-creativity. Greece is a study in the failure of socialism.

  • Edruezzi

    A major scientific breakthrough, right? Oddly enough, this article hasn’t attracted a great deal of commentary. Apparently, it’s intimidated most posters into silence. There’s no need for that. It’s a dressed up version of the old argument that hunter-gatherers are dumb. Fancy jargon doesn’t change nothing, however.

    The seemingly complicated numbers (really freshman-level statistics) and the jargon here undoubtedly will make an impression on those not used to science. Nevertheless, this is a good example of pseudoscience at its best. The “catch” in pseudoscience is to exploit the enormous prestige science has in Western culture by deploying the exterior trappings of science to make an impression. Needless to say, except for the second sentence in the excerpt, there is little or no support for almost every categorical statement in this passage, including the heavily massaged figures for IQs of “populations” given here. Some of those numbers are 40-80 years old and were the products of biased measurement processes, or were simply derived from data on white subjects. Or were simply faked. The high-IQ Basques in the table were among the last Europeans to adopt agriculture, by the way, and, as we all know, the Azhkenazi Jews are descendants of people from a region with palm trees and a subtropical climate.

    Well, I don’t have fancy decimal numbers to throw around, but I can say a thing or two more. It’s worth noting that there is no evidence that early agriculture made any heavier demands on people’s IQs than hunting and gathering did. Think about it. Hunter-gatherers follow potentially lethal mammalian animals with nervous systems around and have to keep track of a dizzying variety of plants to distinguish the edible ones from the nonedible ones. Farmers stick seeds in the ground. Keeping track of planting seasons is not more intellectually demanding than keeping track of animal migrations or the habits of herds of beasts through the seasons. As I noted earlier, you do not have to be an Einstein to raise a crop anywhere in the world. Which environment would be more cognitively demanding, a modern American farm or a farm in the late Stone Age? Yet non-geniuses can work effectively on a modern American farm, where literacy is often a prerequisite (for handling complex farm machinery). Also, the transition to agriculture from hunting and gathering was slow, and it’s worth noting that Europe never developed agriculture on its own. No single animal or crop of agricultural value was ever domesticated in Europe west of the Urals and north of the Italian Alps and the Pyrenees so we really don’t know when the selection this passage touts took place. The Americas alone gave the world the potato, tomato, corn, chocolate and squash. Europe, nothing. Also, the myth persists that Africans, grinning and with their big white teeth flashing, only have to take a break from their lascivious and mindless tribal dancing, excuse themselves from those big-butted hos who can’t stop dancing, walk over to some tree bursting with fruit and pluck their next meal. That is utter nonsense. Ecologically, aside from its warmth, Africa is one of the most demanding and parsimonious environments in the world.

    Numerous scientific studies demonstrate that natural selection in cold climates selected for resistance to frostbite and did not raise IQs.

  • Edruezzi

    This latching on to agriculture shows how weak the race-based argument is. We have spent 90% of our time as a species as hunter gatherers. Most of the relevant selection that shaped the present human gene pool was already over by the time we developed agriculture. It’s also worth noting that the entire European agricultural tradition is based on developments in the Middle East. Europe is one of the regions of the world where not a single crop or animal was domesticated. If you want a close historical analogy to the spread of agriculture to Europe from the Middle East imagine how European pioneers spread into North America and displaced the native people. Of course the difference is that there wasn’t the same level of demographic replacement. All modern Europeans descend from only seven women. Of these women about half had genetic markers representative of Middle Eastern origins.
    Of course, that doesn’t matter. The gods themselves blessed white DNA from day one. Evolution itself was looking ahead thousands of years later and preparing whites for the day they would rule the world. Maybe the “liberals” are hiding some mysterious genetic mechanism that gives Euro DNA superiority even in the test tube.
    I weep for mankind. We are heading for a bloodbath.

  • Edruezzi

    The African growing season is of exactly the same length in the Northern Hemisphere regions of Africa as it is in Europe. Vice versa for the Southern regions of Africa compared with the Southern Hemisphere. Meanwhile this vision of people running naked and picking fruit off trees smacks of MTV or maybe tourist agency advertising. I can just see it. Cue the throbbing drums. Naked women with big butts sprint up to a tree and pull down a mango and they’ve had dinner. Tropical fruit species have tight, clearly defined growing seasons, my friend. Meanwhile, if I dropped you in the steaming Amazon to live with the Yanomami you’d be dead in a weak. We don’t even need hypotheses to test this. We have stone age native peoples with us today. They assuredly don’t spend their time running naked from tree to tree plucking fruit for breakfast.
    Meanwhile, the advanced technologies that strained the brains of the Northern peoples as they dealt with the harsh winters included animal skin coats, mud and thatch huts, ice fishing, stone-tipped spears, clubs made from trees and bows and arrows. I’m sure they needed calculus to design those.

    • Edruezzi

      The “running naked from tree to tree” thing is a logical fallacy I’ll call the argument from stereotype. Next you’ll say there was fried chicken dangling from those trees. Since posters here believe the whites were driven out of America by the Native Americans after the Indians crossed the Bering Strait I wouldn’t be surprised to see such a perversion of science here.

  • Edruezzi

    Yeah, and nobody who runs a serious scientific journal has time to publish research on the closed book of race differences. The differences are insignificant.

  • Edruezzi

    Where the cold climate idea is not Lamarckian its advocates shoot themselves in the foot. None less than Richard Lynn himself argued that it took more intelligence to hunt on European plains than African woodland because the woodland provided more cover. Well, Lynn seems to forget that most of Africa actually is open plain. DR Congo has some of the world’s densest tropical rainforest. Nevertheless, most of that country is actually savannah.
    Meanwhile, it’s not clear that you needed a genius IQ or even an IQ higher than that of a typical Western factory worker of our time, to build a hut or make a cloak out of mammoth skins in Ice Age Europe.