Somalis Face Prejudice and Exclusion

Emily Woodgate, News in English, December 11, 2013

A new report into Somali integration in Oslo has found immigrants from the east African nation often feel excluded from Norwegian society, and must battle against prejudice and stereotyping. School absenteeism and dropout rates are higher for Somalis than other immigrant groups, and employment rates remain very low.

The Open Society Foundation’s (OSF) ‘At Home in Europe’ project investigated Somali integration in Oslo, Malmö, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, London and Leicester. The report found Somalis make up Oslo’s third-largest immigrant group, and are one of the largest refugee groups coming into Norway.

“Many are working hard to be accepted as Norwegian citizens,” OSF Director Nazia Hussain told newspaper Aftenposten. “Compared to the other European cities, Norwegian Somalis are characterized by a strong commitment to participation in and belonging to the community.”

Despite these efforts, researchers found the group lacks a sense of inclusion. About 80 per cent of Somalis are under 40 years of age, and 80 per cent of second-generation Somali-Norwegian children are under 10. The youth aren’t seen as Norwegians, but no longer identify solely as Somalian. Education is vital for integration, yet Somali students have an above average drop-out rate and a higher absentee rate than both the general population and other immigrant groups. Language and cultural difficulties make it hard for parents to help children with their studies.

Low workforce participation

In the workforce, only 40 per cent of Somali men and 23 per cent of women have jobs. OSF found there are few job opportunities for unskilled workers in Norway, many immigrants lack the qualifications to apply for work, and processing of asylum claims delays job hunting. Cultural reasons are partly to blame for the low number of women in work, especially mothers of young children. Somalis feel discrimination, exclusion, poor language skills and a lack of qualifications all hinder the job hunt.

Abdirahman Awila, a 44-year-old father of eight, has never held a job for longer than three months in his 13 years in Norway. “I would feel more included in the community if I had a job,” he told Aftenposten. He has high school education, car and truck driving licenses, has worked in warehouses, factories and shops, and is now memorizing the streets of Oslo in the hopes of getting a taxi license.

OSF was concerned to find little information available when it comes to assessing immigrant health. In the housing market, only 16 per cent of Norwegian Somalis are homeowners, many struggle to access housing subsidies, standards are low, and illegal discrimination is rife when seeking private rentals. Despite the number of organizations geared towards Somali integration, many have low involvement in their neighbourhood, school and wider communities.

Negative media portrayal
The researchers found Somalis were the immigrant group most often cited in reports of unemployment, poor school performance, abuse of the drug khat, female genital mutilation and other negative topics. Somalis surveyed in the report said stereotypes have a major impact on their every day lives.

Cindy Horst from the Peace Research Institute (PRIO), which led the research for OSF in Norway, said this view isn’t representative of Somalis as a whole. “Some are employed, some are unemployed, they are highly educated or illiterate, some have been here for two years, others for 20, some are poor, others highly paid.”

Horst told Aftenposten the negative media attention can become a self-fulfilling prophecy for young Norwegian Somalis. “They become so disillusioned that they give up, no longer striving for inclusion and turning their back on society. Some think, ‘When that’s how they see us, forget it!’.”

“It must worry the authorities that a whole group of citizens feels excluded. We don’t yet know what the consequences of that will be,” she said.

The report found there are many good programs underway helping Somali integration, run by religious, social and government groups. Norwegian Somalis are becoming more politically active and better able to manage their own integration. But the OSF warns Norwegian society as a whole needs to come to terms with its growing ethnic diversity, because being ‘Norwegian’ is no longer defined by a person’s parents and birthplace.

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  • Well, at least Somalians have a Somalia to go back to if the whole colonizing and wrecking Norway thing doesn’t work out. Where do Norwegians have to go if it succeeds?

    “Negative media portrayal”

    Except the media there do more than even our media to keep people from linking Somalians to the crime they commit.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Unsurprisingly this anti-white propaganda came from the Open Society Foundation which was founded by that human virus George Soros.

      • So CAL Snowman

        A Hungarian “non Christian”

        • Romulus

          He certainly is not Hungarian anymore than shines are European.

          • Olivia Bailey

            I talked to a woman whose daughter is a school teacher and who had the horrible luck of being assigned a grade 5 class entirely full of Somali students. with them.

        • NordicHeritage

          Wonder if he’s one of those pesky ‘ eskimos”?

      • Homo_Occidentalis

        Do you think George Sauron is trying even a tenth as hard to get Africans integrated in Israel? It’s simply tragic that whites are the only people denied the right to a homogenous homeland. Somalis are utterly unassimilable. A single event of race-mixing with a Somali eradicates a white bloodline as far as I’m concerned.

        • ms_anthro

          We aren’t denied it. We just refuse to fight back…for now. It’s always darkest before dawn.

          • BonusGift

            Of course we are denied it, that is the point of the piece. Somalis must be ‘integrated’ and we must pay for it and cease to exist in the process. Sure, we must “fight back” or we disappear, but factually the tribe wants us all dead and these groups of parasites are a means of genociding us. And, I agree, it is “darkest before the dawn.”

          • ms_anthro

            I’m saying they don’t have the power to deny us anything. We give it to them by not fighting back. But that, too, is changing.

        • Brian

          You know of what I speak, Gandalf: a great Eye, lidless, wreathed in flame.

    • Katherine McChesney

      I see Somalis when I shop at Goodwill. They are nasty looking. I would never want to ‘mix’ with them.

      • Lagerstrom

        My wife and I recently saw that movie ‘Captain Phillips’, I said to her, “these fellows could be our new neighbours”! She laughed, I responded, “I’m not joking”!

        • MikeofAges

          You said a mouthful. The pirates in the movie were played by Somalis residing in Minnesota. They probably has to work hard to make weight though. But what do I know? All I saw was the trailer.

          • Pelagian

            Dude (Barkhad Abdi) just got an oscar nomination too. And he never acted before … not even once in high school or anything.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        “and must battle against prejudice and stereotyping. School absenteeism and dropout rates are higher for Somalis than other immigrant groups, and employment rates remain very low.”

        They’re BLACK. What, based on all experience from all of history, is expected?

        Stereotyping? Gee, what committee of evil White people sits around coming up with dehumanizing negative stereotyping regarding our darky cousins, eh? Stereotypes could never evolve as a result of observed behaviors and propensities, I guess. Must be us evil White people stubbornly adhering to a sense of standards and self preservation that is evil because we are White and the stereotypes are an accurate reflection of reality.

        We’re so evil. They’re so poor and good. Turning our own countries into concentration camps for White genocide for 50 years now, brought to you by the pseudo-Marxist lib-left.

      • GOTG is the new StarWars

        It’s not just the brown skin too right?

        I’ve seen plenty of people with brown skin. While I certainly wouldn’t mix with them, there is something special about those East Africans that is truly disgusting. The way their skulls are shaped, their eyes and ears and cheekbones… OMFG it is truly horrifying.

    • Ella

      Norwegians can relocate to Nebraska and Minnesota to increase our Scandinavian population. Oh my, I forgot that the US government discriminatory laws do not allow Germanic immigration into the US anymore, unless married to US citizen.

      • Northsea

        If they come to Minnesota they will once again encounter Somalis.

  • So CAL Snowman

    ” But the OSF warns Norwegian society as a whole needs to come to terms
    with its growing ethnic diversity, because being ‘Norwegian’ is no
    longer defined by a person’s parents and birthplace.”

    Just like being “American” or “British” or “German” no longer means “White” all White nations are being stripped of our ethnic, cultural, and racial heritage. Imagine telling the Chinese that being “Chinese” is no longer defined by a person’s parents and birthplace.

    I’m getting tired of writing it and so are you – White Genocide

  • David Ashton

    We English remember what this one man Soros did to the UK economy of 60 million people. He needs a thorough exposure, and not only from David Horowitz or Lyndon LaRouche.

    • So CAL Snowman

      In case some of the Amren readers are unaware, Soros is the man who “broke the bank of England” through rampant currency speculation in which he shorted more than $10 billion in pounds. This forced the UK to withdraw from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism which devalued the pound. Soros made more than $1 billion on the whole scam.

      • Katherine McChesney

        I’ll say it…he is a greedy Jew. Just like the Rothschilds.

        • Spartacus

          You’re saying it as if not all of them are greedy …

      • ms_anthro

        Nation-wrecking is in his blood.

        • Erasmus

          So is deporting his co-religionists for money. If there really is a Satan, he’s named George Soros.

          On a funnier note, Soros proudly claims to be an Esperanto scholar, something not even the geekiest high school sophomore would make. (I’ll wager knowing Klingon is more useful than knowing Esperanto.)

          • MikeofAges

            Esperanto found a use as the core language in computer translation programs. But Klingon might be more useful. Speaking of Minnesota, I heard several years ago the that the state of Minnesota had several mental patients who would communicate only in Klingon. So you might be able to get a job as a Klingon translator.

            The Esperanto situation is just hopeless.

      • Norseman

        David Ashton and So AL Snowman,
        I do not have comprehensive and detailed picture Soros’ buisness and political activities. Still I believe that those who says that much of it is dodgy. might be on to something. At the very least, he has admitted trying to by political influence by placing the future 43. president on a corporate board many years prior to Bush jr.’s presidency. Several accounts of Soros’ activities can be summed up as depicting him trying to create a sort of corporatist society. These descriptions might very well be true. However, it is not correct to blame him for Britain’s eviction from the ERM. The exchange rate set was unsuitable for that particular time period. The underlying economic fundamentals did not support it.

        • Norseman

          I had to cut my last submission short, because of time constraints.
          A few more points: As Kenelm Digby writes below,ERM was an unworkable policy. When Paul Keating as, Australian Treasury Secretary, announced his country’s transition to a floating exchange rate in 1983, he said that now the speculators could speculate against each other instead of against the government. This is a quite accurate description.
          It is wrongheaded government policy that opens up the wide gap between the real value of something and the legally set value.
          It is possible for someone in a situation like that to make tremendous profits if one can foresee when policy makers will change the standing policy. As the speculation not only concerns economic fundamentals, but also the actions of policy makers, there are enormous advantages to inside information. This is of course corrupt, and if that, hypothetically, happened in this case, it is highly deplorable.

          Another important point is that leaving the ERM was a blessing for the British economy. It was ERM membership, and before that shadowing of a fixed exchange rate, that brought about the boom/bust cycles.

    • Romulus

      If I thought I wouldn’t be deleted, I would write exactly what I’d like to see happen to soros.
      A particular scene from saving private Ryan comes to mind.

    • 1stworlder

      He is getting ready to do the same to the US economy.

    • Talltrees

      He’s 83. He might meet the devil soon.

      • David Ashton

        He could look in a mirror now.

    • Turf_Lodge

      If George Soros goes to Thailand he will be arrested for causing the Asian Currency Crisis of 1998. Pity, the Thais don’t kidnap him and bring him to trial like Israel did to Eichmann.

  • D.B. Cooper

    Thank your philanthropist, George Soros, for bringing to Norway:
    “Abdirahman Awila, a 44-year-old father of eight, has never held a job for longer than three months in his 13 years in Norway.”

    • Luca

      Soros is the face of evil. A Hungarian Jew who pretended to be a Christian and assisted in the Nazis in confiscating Jewish property while his neighbors were sent to the camps.

      His history has been quite white-washed by the media he owns. He claims because he was only 14 at the time he didn’t know any better or feel any remorse. Kids younger than that were fighting in the underground resistance in Holland.

      One thing is clear, he was immoral then and he is immoral now.

      • IstvanIN

        A Jew who was born in Hungary. He is no more “Hungarian” than a Somalian born in Norway.

        • George Clark

          I will never understand jew hatred. Most of the jews that I have met are annoying as hell, but…I am sure that conservatives annoy them just as much as they annoy me. A jew is not equal to, nor equivalent to, a Somali. In my opinion, of course.

          • IstvanIN

            They go out of their way to destroy our societies. The list of names is long.

          • George Clark

            I’m not trying to pick a fight. I do understand where you are coming from, I think. I just don’t buy the International Jewish Communist Conspiracy stuff. I do agree that if you look at those who are trying to destroy our society, you will find a long list of Jews at the top. I just don’t buy into the cabal stuff. And I don’t think that the majority of these Jews–like the Weinsteins–are religious. They may go to synagogue, but I don’t think that they truly worship the god of Abraham and Moses. If there is a cabal, I think that it is run by secular Jews who worship money. Sort of the opposite of the followers of Islam, whose religion requires them to destroy our societies.

            My original comment was pretty vague, sorry for that. As I said, I am not trying to pick a fight, even though my original post may have looked as if I were trying to do just that. And again–just my opinion, I should not have trashed someone else’s opinion, even inadvertently.

          • IstvanIN

            I didn’t think you were trying to pick a fight, and quite frankly I enjoy a spirited academic debate. Jews don’t have to be religious to be against us. It is as much an ethnic thing as a religious thing. Either way they are brought up to consider us as beasts and that the best among us should be killed. Unlike Christianity, which is a very positive and uplifting religion, and one that the whole of humanity can rejoice in, Judaism is a insular religion that one must be chosen for and be born into, being a religion, an ethnicity and a way of life.
            Even Islam, which is pretty darn evil, gives you the choice of joining or dying. Not the Jews.

          • George Clark

            “Even Islam, which is pretty darn evil, gives you the choice of joining or dying. Not the Jews.”

            I do agree with that. They are one of the few, if not the only, non proselytizing religions in the world. And they are as insular as an ethnic group as they are as a religious group.

          • Gazza Dawson

            Lesson 101:

            Jews fear racially homogeneous White societies because:
            1. White unity (in the mind of a Jew) = Holocausts
            2. Christianity is a threat to Jewish interests

            That’s why Jews use their media and financial power to diversify all White societies.

          • Luca

            Hitler had no problem with their religion per se. It was their “socio-economic culture” of entering a country and unscrupulously sucking it dry, morally and economically.

            Not all Jews did this but the ones who did, did it thoroughly through the arts, media, academia and politics.

          • Grantland

            You are very similar to a Norwegian college-girl who is horrified about race discrimination.

          • George Clark

            That’s an idiotic analogy, both socio-politically and literally.

          • Gazza Dawson

            It only takes a tiny handful of Jews to turn a nation on its head.

          • Luca

            Like Soros, they wish to enrich themselves and care little about the carnage or consequences they leave behind.

          • Grantland

            They rejoice in the carnage and consequences they leave behind. They revel in the destruction of the goyim.

          • George Clark

            Then build some more ovens. Your hatred knows no bounds–the sort of hatred that you ascribe to the Jews. Go to hell, and take your Jew hatred with you.

          • Grantland

            I chuckle at the shrillness of your programmed response.

          • JohnEngelman

            You project your hatred of Jews onto them. I have known many Jews. I have liked most of them. They, unlike you, were not consumed with hate. They did not build themselves up by tearing others down.

          • engelman, you are the only poster on any alt-right site with half a brain. Problem is half a brain is not enough….some day, I hope to see you with a whole brain. Then I will have some company…. 🙂

          • JohnEngelman

            If I interpret your comment, you are telling me that I am twice as intelligent as the other posters, other than you. You are four times as intelligent.

          • there is a large political faction online that I would call the alternative right. Huge faction. They don’t really like the GOP. But they hate the liberals. They don’t like immigration. They don’t like nonwhites.

            They feel like the media and the establishment is against whites.

            They also do not like welfare. They mostly stand up for rich people.

            You have seen it.

            You and I are literally the only american commenters online who are against immigration, against race spoils, affirmative action, against anti-white laws and regulations, and who also are against the rich, want to tax the rich, and want a strong welfare state.

            Don’t you find that to be a statistical anomaly–that out of thousands of commentators online, hundreds of bloggers and writers, that so very few can see that there is good in both the Left and Right?

            What does that tell you about what homo sapiens really is?

          • JohnEngelman

            I am ambivalent about immigration. Ambivalence prevents fanaticism. I like immigrants, even Hispanic immigrants, but I realize that immigration has heavy economic, social, and environmental costs.

            Jared Taylor would seem to like it if everyone in the United States was a white Gentile. I would not. Nevertheless, I agree with him that a country like that responds better to national traumas than a country with a diverse population.

            Germany and Japan recovered fairly quickly from the destruction of World War II. The United States responded well to the challenges of the Great Depression and the Second World War. Back then the United States was 90 percent white. There were few Orientals and Hispanics. Most blacks lived in the South where they were denied full citizenship rights.

            Denying blacks full citizenship rights violated the fourteenth and the fifteenth amendments. Nevertheless, without those violations the Axis powers would have probably won the Second World War.

            Diversity is not our strength. It is our problem that we need to manage. Race is not a social construct. It is an important biological classification.

          • you are too pattern-bound, your thoughts too derivative of mainstream memes and talking points to yet have truly independent thoughts. But you are much closer than the rest of the commentators I read on alt-right sites. There are perhaps a ‘few’ commentators on liberal sites that are closer than you are to true independent thought.

          • JohnEngelman

            There is little acknowledgement in the mainstream media that genes and race matter. On the rare occasions that anyone with a national audience mentions black social pathology or lower academic performance, these are blamed on black “culture.” Blaming black culture is better than blaming white racism, but it still implies that the problem is not intrinsic.

            Conventional conservatives blame liberals. They imply if they do not explicitly maintain that if it was not for the welfare system most blacks would behave and perform as well as most whites.

      • ms_anthro

        He barely looks human in that photo. You can almost see the scales and horns poking out from under his skin-suit.

    • Non Humans

      Or you could say, “He holds down a job just long enough to complement his entitlements without compromising them.”
      Just like nearly all of the other useless nonhumans in any other welfare state the world over.

    • gemjunior

      That is because Mr. Awila does not belong there in the first place. George Soros is rotten to his backbone.

    • sick of it

      Send all of the Somalians back to the dark continent.

  • Ragehol .

    I hope Norway kicks ’em back to Somalia. I hope some German or Jewish meddling religious organization won’t take the dusky little Al Qaeda rapists into Minnesota with their voluntary agency scams.

    When has a normal White person been in ten below Minnesota thinking…

    “Man, this place could sure use some Hmongs and Somalis.”

    • Non Humans

      Hopefully that cold Minnesota weather is punishing those “”Refugees””.

  • Spartacus

    Somalis raped Eva Helgetun in Norway. She commited suicide afterwards. None of the perpetrators was ever arrested.

    • bigone4u

      I thank you for what must be a vast amount of time you put into the research that comes up with these obscure pieces of information. In a just world, this particular fact would not be obscure.

    • Lagerstrom

      The ‘authorities’ of any Western country are more that happy to sacrifice the like of the young lady in your photo for the dead-end religion of multi-racialism and multi-culturalism. Leftists really are the pits.

      • Turf_Lodge

        Feminists use Islam to portrey all men as savages.

    • Magician

      and this is worse than failing to arrest the criminals…

      “Police arrested three Africans in the beginning but then released.

  • Truthseeker

    So let me see if I’ve got this straight:

    1. Despite numerous organizations trying to help Somalis integrate, they’re unable to do so, and this is because the Norwegians aren’t doing enough for them.

    2. Somalis aren’t able to get or hold jobs, and the only plausible reason for this is discrimination.

    3. Somalis are more frequently cited in media reports for various repulsive and degenerate crimes, but this doesn’t mean that Somalis actually do these things more often than actual Norwegians.

    The real answers are right in front of everyone’s faces, but acknowledging them is forbidden. When will the insanity end?

    • ms_anthro

      When we stop allowing these lunatics to intimidate us out of telling the truth. The world won’t stop turning if someone who hates you and wants you to die calls you a “racist” on Facebook or at work or at a social gathering. Laugh in their face and keep telling the truth. Talk over them or just ignore them entirely. It’s unnerving at first but gets easier with practice.

      And it works.

  • NorthernWind

    FFS, you cannot integrate Somalis in Norway. Everything is too different; IQ, behavior, etc.

    • Franklin_Ryckaert

      Even If such groups could be integrated that would be even worse. It would ultimately lead to miscegenation and thus to the destruction of Norway’s genetic identity. Multiculturalism is genocide.

  • bigone4u

    The Norwegian government ought to create a fund to finance the repatriation of unhappy Somalis back to their homeland. Their natural home is in the sun-baked deserts and steaming jungles of Africa, not the icy north of Europe. Norway for whites, Somalia for Somalis.

    • Franklin_Ryckaert

      Not only the “unhappy” ones, also the “happy” ones (well integrated) should go.

      • bigone4u

        Cutting off the benefits of the happy ones would make them unhappy in a hurry.

  • Alexandra1973

    Well, if the Somalis don’t feel welcome in Norway, they should take the hint and go home.

  • Strike_Team

    “Someone” has been dropping Somalis into SoCal. Their numbers are small, but we’ve been arresting them here and there, when previously they were unheard of out here. From what I’ve observed, they match Haitians in their complete lack of understanding of what a job, what work, really is. The idea of working is almost too abstract for these people to understand. Yes, I will say that most blacks in my mind are lazy, and have an averse reaction toward working. But the levels of that behavior are so high in Somalis and Haitians that it is almost surreal.

    The Somali children are impulsive beyond the levels of most American blacks, and that’s saying a lot. You have to see it in person. They really are primitive, in every sense of the word.

    • Cannot Tell

      I really would have thought that having some Arab genes would make them better than most blacks.

      • Franklin_Ryckaert

        According to physical anthropologist Carleton Coon Ethiopians and Somalians have for 40% Caucasian genes (from their Semitic and Hamitic ancestors). But that doesn’t make them any better than fullblooded African negroes. The IQ of Ethiopians is the one but lowest of Africa 63,3 against 59,2 of Equatorial Guinea. The IQ of Somalis is 68. I have no explanation for this anomaly. Perhaps the Semites and Hamites who mixed with these negroes were themselves the most stupid representatives of their own people.

        • GeneticsareDestiny

          Also, even if the Caucasians who mixed with them were relatively intelligent, the environment in Africa is going to select against the smarter Africans who delay childbirth and have a future time orientation.

          The dumbest ones are going to wind up having the largest numbers of children, plunging the average IQ downwards to 68 in Somalia.

          Also, Somalis are Muslim, and Muslims tend to marry their cousins, which will also depress IQ.

        • Spartacus

          You’d have to be completely moronic to hump one of those disgusting somali “women” .

        • Strike_Team

          Caucasians are “flooded” with recessive genes. When a Caucasian and a “tropical person” have offspring, generally the what the offspring exhibit are traits influenced by the darker genes. Simple way of putting it, but that’s basically what we see in the real world.

          Not a few of the most violent criminals I’ve encountered were mulattoes, and half-white half “hispanic” (meaning half “Indio”) guys. These guys had incredibly bad, incredibly violent tempers, they were one man crime waves.

        • Turf_Lodge

          The Semites that moan the loudest have failed to learn from their repeated mistakes for 2000 years!

        • Brian

          Another anomaly I’ve seen in GA is that almost all the black-owned convenience stores are by Ethiopian immigrants, not AAs or Haitians, Somalis, Nigerians or anything else….strictly Ethiopian. Self-selection (the motivated immigrant effect) explains their gumption as compared to American blacks, but it doesn’t explain that one African nation’s dominance compared to their cousins. They have a convenience store network reminiscent of the Indians.

    • Turf_Lodge

      Can’t they just kill and eat eachother?

  • Max Krakah

    let’s integrate them…back into somali society

    • Franklin_Ryckaert

      Somalia for Somalians, Norway for Norwegians!

      • ms_anthro

        This should be our battle cry. Nationalism is catchy.

  • tickyul

    Nice to see there is a country more insane than the USAtard. Somalis into Norway………..LMFAO.

  • jason akkel

    Somalis are very docile and well behaved in the republic of south africa;they act bad in white countries because whites let them run amok.

    • ShermanTMcCoy

      Hmm. OK, Norway should exchange all their Somalis for South African whites! It’s a win-win!!!

    • David Ashton

      We had one in Britain who became a feted sportsman, but too many of them are viciously violent, one of the least agreeable of our “ethnic minorities”. Maybe the RSA gets a different lot added to its Rainbow at the end of which is no pot of gold (except for the new Randlords, of course).

      • Turf_Lodge

        The police will send their dogs after them and beat them to a pulp, like they do the Nigerians.

  • Franklin_Ryckaert

    Soros should be “integrated” in hell.

  • Ella

    Libs like to pit everyone against each other in society: young vs. old, poor vs. wealthy, nonwhite vs. white, educated vs. non-educated and so on. They distract and pass hidden laws/legislation during this chaos.

  • Ella

    The average Norwegian has 1.8 children. This might just be a deterrent in itself -eight children!

  • rightrightright

    The article doesn’t say whether he has learnt to speak Norwegian in his 13 years of parasitism. I would surmise that he has not.

  • JohnEngelman

    Education is vital for integration, yet Somali students have an above average drop-out rate and a higher absentee rate than both the general population and other immigrant groups.

    – Emily Woodgate, News in English, December 11, 2013

    In other words they are not intelligent enough to keep up in school, and contribute to Norwegian society. Let’s just say it.

  • David Ashton

    Her anti-Muslim opinions are worth reading as are her present husband’s books, but between the lines too. The couple have been attacked as “racists” by the ultra-left, but there is no pleasing the professional lunatics.

  • Erasmus

    Somalis don’t belong in Norway or any other white country.

    BTW, if Somalis are so great, why doesn’t Eskimo-land take a few. Oh, wait, I forgot: The supporters of Eskimo-land demand white countries let in 3rd world hordes but, God forbid, their precious Eskimo-land should have to do the same.

  • Somalians are the same wherever they end up. They came the top of the list here in the UK a few years ago, in some mainstream TV documentary which basically pointed out where the strains were on the system and who are the best and worse immigrant groups.

    Some on the opposition feared it would lead to a “backlash” – but of course it never happened and the programme was very soft and sympathetic whilst explaining the disproportionate amounts on welfare, in social housing, unemployed…..and even telling this story of how this woman only had £800 per week to live off and feed her five children as her husband had since left her and gone to some other country – and how she was trying to demand more.

    The basic facts are that they drain more than they give. Nobody in Europe wants them. Nobody in Europe needs them. They should not be here. They should not be in Norway. If they are finding it tough going or whatever, then they know where the door is. However, will they ever take the liberty of leaving? Of course not. Just like here.

    • Turf_Lodge

      If they find life tough in a place like Norway, there can be no greater demonstration of their utter uselessness to humanity.

      • On a BBC documentary here, we were shown some “European immigrants” who had moved into an area and set up a community centre or something for themselves in a small room which they all packed in to.

        Yes, these “European Immigrants” were actually “Dutch Somalis” who came here for a better way of life than there!

      • This was from nearly 10 years ago:

        “An estimated 20,000 Dutch Somalis have left Holland for Britain over the past five years, escaping a multicultural model once touted as the most enlightened in the world.”……

        “Half of Tilburg’s 3,000 Somalis have already left, mostly crowding together on a few streets in Leicester.”

        “Denmark has also seen an exodus of Somalis, with up to 4,000 leaving for Britain from Aarhus over two years”.

        “Academic studies estimate that there are now 70,000 to 100,000 Somalis in Britain. Officially the figure is 20,000”.

  • NotTooSwift

    Let’s see “unemployment, poor school performance, abuse of the drug khat, female genital mutilation and other negative topics”. What’s not to like about these folks?

    Darn those racist Norwegians.

  • Franklin_Ryckaert

    I’ll give you the real reason : Norway is a white country and Germanic to boot. If your aim is to destroy the white race then flood such a country with primitive Africans and other Third Worlders. Use any pretext you can make up : Norway needs immigrants to serve its ageing population, the immigrants will do the work the Norwegians don’t want to do, Norway is morally obliged to accept asylum seekers, multiculturalism will “enrich” Norway, the world is “one global village”, we should all live together, you can’t stop immigration, it’s the natural thing, not accepting non-white immigration is “racist” etc. etc. Then, to stop any resistance to race replacement, adopt “hate speech laws”. Under such laws condemn not only criticism of the immigrants themselves (no matter how outrageous their behavior), but also any criticism of the whole multicultural project itself. Forbid political parties that resist immigration for being “racist” and then keep the immigrants coming untill they are the majority and no kind of democracy can vote them out. In the mean time suppress the white birthrate by taxation and the promotion of feminism and homosexuality while promoting the non-white birthrate by lavish child support. Campain in the media for miscegenation with suggestive images of happy interracial families and their mixed race children. Keep on doing this until the whole country consists of blacks and browns only and the race problem has been solved!
    That is the real reason of all these developments in all white countries. White Genocide is the plan.

  • Spartacus

    She wasn’t a woman. She was only 14.

  • Young Werther

    And to think I met Soros at a garden party in Manhatten in the 1980s…only the richest world capitalists can afford to be socialists and communists.

  • Young Werther

    “…immigrants from the east African nation often feel excluded from Norwegian society,,,,”
    But of course they do! The OSF is about money, a one world global monetary enterprise, a business…this experience in *democracy* in one of the cruelest affairs in human history.

  • I have a cheaper solution. This involves rust-bucket liberty ships and Mark-48 torpedoes in deep water. I am done with this stuff.

    I’m 3/16 Injun, and an ex-con, so I wouldn’t inflict myself on Europe, but Europe should be for whites.

  • Fr. John+

    Somalis… in NORWAY!? Well, the black/white RAPE stats of Oslo are the highest in all of Europe. How’s that ‘multiculturalism’ working out for you… oh, and guard your gjetost makers, as well!

  • Paleoconn

    I wish to open an OSF office in Tel Aviv. Why not, Mr. Soros. Oh, Somalis wouldn’t be welcome there? Oh, I see. I suppose their welcome everywhere else then.

  • JohnEngelman

    The Somalians have an average IQ of about 70, and a much higher IQ than Norwegians. These are not the result of “prejudice and exclusion.” They cause prejudice and exclusion.

    Everywhere Negroes live and everywhere they go they earn the reputation of being dangerous and inferior. These are not “ignorant stereotypes” divorced from reality. They are based on experience, and can easily be documented using credible statistics.

    • Turf_Lodge

      Europeans are mixed with neanderthals and the humanoid species that became north Asians. Any Africans that remained in Africa are a different humanoid species.

      • JohnEngelman

        Negroes are not a different species. They can have fertile offspring with whites.

        • Luca

          All the different breeds of canines can interbreed and they are all evolved from the wolf.

          I don’t think in terms of “races” anymore but think more about breeds. We are derived from African lineage just as a dog is derived from a wolf.

          Now ponder the differences in intelligence and demeanor between a wolf and a border collie. The same applies to people. We are a different advanced breed.

          I recently had my DNA analyzed and no longer have any measurable traces of African lineage. We, the lighter skinned people of the earth, have advanced much further genetically than our primitive origins. It is odd that our primitive origins are still with us today, just as the chimpanzee is still with us today.

          • JohnEngelman

            The essence of race realism is to realize that some races are more evolved than others.

        • Turf_Lodge

          Like goats & sheep ahd horses and donkeys are the same species.

  • Strike_Team

    You note a problem that I see constantly when dealing with white victims of crime. An overwhelming percentage of whites take things at face value. The black or latino is nice to them, throws them off guard, and then robs them. And it doesn’t have to be violent. These whites get fleeced by people with very little brainpower. The media hasn’t helped. It’s warped the charitable tendencies of whites into something that can be used as a terrible weapon against us.

    The other problem is whites underestimating these people. High animal cunning has nothing to do with having a high IQ. I know this firsthand. Some blacks and browns can be idiots academically but quite cunning and cagey in the real world. Whites as a group do not get this. Whites USED to understand this, but the media and academia have done a good job of twisting this awareness into guilt. Always be on guard, question everything when dealing with “low IQ” individuals.

  • John K

    They should feel that way, and they should be packing their bags and heading back to Somalia. No one wants these vermin wrecking their countries. It’s insanity that they are even allowed in. It would be like me taking home a truckload of cockroaches and letting them into my living room.

  • rockman

    The land of the vikings is the last place you want to see and deal with African moslims. It is a crime against humanity to have them there

  • WR_the_realist

    Somalis should be excluded from Norway. And from the United States. And everyplace else that wants to maintain civilization.

  • Sick of it

    They belong to the same tribe, when you get right down to it.

  • “Somalis Face Prejudice And Exclusion”

    I certainly hope so.

  • “Now can anyone, anyone please supply me with just one convincing ‘pro’ – from the indigenousNorwegian point-of-view, tthat is.”

    Yes. Black skin absorbs and then re-radiates solar heat better than white skin. If Norwegians had any brains they would keep their Somalis outdoors in summer and then bring them inside in winter to heat their houses.

  • Turf_Lodge

    If they feel discriminated against in Norway, they should return to Somalia.

  • Turf_Lodge

    A Sudanese about to be declined ‘asylum’ killed 3 Norwegians on a bus, including the driver so he could stay in a nice comfy Norwegian jail with free room and board rather than return to the country his ancestors made.

  • Turf_Lodge

    “” whole group of citizens feels excluded. This wouldn’t be the case if they returned to their homeland. Gramsci Marxism is supposed to fail.

  • Turf_Lodge

    Progressive means Cultural Marxist.

  • Turf_Lodge

    Feminists get evidence that ‘all’ men are bad, while ignoring the enormous cultural and species humanoid differences.

  • “So, what would happen if the Duggars….”

    They would get some opprobrium even from some of our regulars here at AR.

    • The issue should not be “How many children do you have?” It should be “How many children do you have that are likely to end up as criminals or net tax recipients or HIV victims, or that you cannot support?” And so on.

      By that measure I estimate the count to be zero and to remain at zero. The Duggars are okay with me

  • Jackryanvb

    Negative media portrayal
    The researchers found Somalis were the immigrant group most often cited in reports of unemployment, poor school performance, abuse of the drug khat, female genital mutilation and other negative topics. Somalis surveyed in the report said stereotypes have a major impact on their every day lives.”

    JR replies :

    Go with opposing female genital mutilation. That tends to take the air out of Liberal Leftists taking the Arrican immigration side. Dutch populists manage to get Dutch liberals on our side. American Conservatives, Libertarian, Constitutionalists always miss the easy option of opposing 3rd world non Whites abusing, enslaving women.

    Oppose female genital mutilation
    Oppose Muslims shooting little girls in he face for wanting to go to school
    Oppose Muslim immigrants raping poor English girls, sexual grooming.
    Oppose Muslim extremist immigrants hijacking ou airplanes, cashing them in to our office buildings.

    Don’t be a kook, conspiracy theory loon, Libertarian trying to from alliances with Paki, Somalian Muslim immigrants.

  • Jackryanvb

    Send Rand Paul and the libertarian cult followers at white news now to fly to Oslo Noway and hold press events showing ho Norway Conservatives must embrace Somalian Muslim diversity and bring the benefits of free market economics to 3rd wold immigrant communities trapped in Liberal, socialist poverty.

    • Ella

      Norway is probably one of the most successful White countries in the world. Anything White must sacrifice for the nonwhites according to Libtards.

  • cecilhenry


    Norway must work harder to get them out.

    Somalians in Somalia, Norweigans in Norway.

    Enough parasites, out!!

  • Brian

    Now can anyone, anyone please supply me with just one convincing ‘pro’ – from the indigenousNorwegian point-of-view, tthat is.
    They’re tried of waiting for Ragnarok?

  • Who Me?

    We MUST make the poor Somali’s feel more welcome. Offer each male one or more Norwegian virgins, age 12. As many more as desired, on request. Of course all the usual perks will still be included free of charge: housing, clothing (designer brands only), food, education (diplomas included) AA hire governmental jobs, (unconditionally guaranteed-no work required), New car, Sail foam, internet access, and a large monthly stipend for every member of their incredibly large families. [/sarc]

  • Ograf

    Number one, they don’t belong in Norway anymore than they belong in the U.S. I wish the world would wake up from this mass hysteria and some countries would practice nationalism and pride in their home countries. I promise I won’t try to emigrate to Somali if they don’t come here.

    • RisingReich

      You know what happens when ‘Nationalism’ is brought up….

  • Luca

    There is no rational explanation, but here’s the reasoning of the delusional ones:

    Liberals believe in a multi-culture cult and think all their economic/popualtion woes can be solved by importing people who will magically integrate, assimilate and contribute to society by paying into the tax system.

    They do not view race or culture through a realistic prism but they are in power.

  • Grantland

    Perhaps what happened to our hyper-aggressive Cro Magnon and neolithic ancestors – the taming of the species through the death of the most valiant and violent warriors, with the more timid living to pass on their timid genes – likewise diminished the Vikings. Perhaps that’s what happened to us.

  • Northsea

    Nice to see in that last sentence, OSF “warning” Norwegian society as a whole what it needs to do.

  • Ella

    Bowie and Iman have a daughter, around 13. He has a son from a previous marriage. Is Bowie conservative now?

  • Arbeideren

    Somalis are utterly despised here, on par with gypsies. All for a good reason, most importantly their parasitic lifestyle and open hatred against native Norwegians.

  • Arbeideren

    The way I see it, yours is the only viable solution to the problem in the long run. Not only for Somalis but also a range of other occupying nationalities.

  • Turf_Lodge

    The product of years of Cultural Marxist subversion.

  • sick of it

    They destroyed my old neighborhood in Minneapolis, MN. Thousands of unemployed baby makers. No jobs, no effort to assimilate, live in subsidized housing for years, taking advantage of taxpayer funded social service programs. The entitlement mentality is nauseating. Send them home. We don’t need more slackers.