Erasing our “Racist” Past

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, December 13, 2013

How to control the future.

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Jared Taylor
Jared Taylor is the editor of American Renaissance and the author of White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century.
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  • Alexandra1973

    Instead of Washington DC let’s just call it the District of Criminals. Washington’s name shouldn’t be associated with such criminality. Seriously.

    When I was in school, the schools in my district (Ferndale, Michigan) were all named after presidents, with the exceptions of one of the junior high schools and Ferndale High (which had once been Lincoln High). I went to Washington, Jackson, and Theodore Roosevelt Elementary. The other five elementaries were Harding, Taft, Grant, Jefferson, and Wilson. The one junior high was Coolidge (where I went). I graduated from Ferndale High in 1991.

    Either our Founding Fathers will be painted as terrorists (Aaronson, Jones, and Rutherford in 1984), or they’ll somehow disappear down the memory hole.

    • Homo_Occidentalis

      They already seem to be falling down the memory hole. Half of the nation’s young probably can’t name a single president between Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt because so much attention is given to the “progressives” when they are taught history. All of the attention is put on the “founding fathers” (usually to decry them as racist slaveowners) and all of the more recent presidents from FDR on. Very little attention is given to 19th c. presidents from before and after the Lincoln-Reconstruction era.

    • Young Werther

      The Brits certainly thought they were terrorists.

      • saxonsun

        And the British were correct too.

    • Alfred the Great

      Observation: The District of Columbia is not a State in these United States, so its abbreviation is D.C. and not DC.

  • “Who’s fighting for control and who doesn’t even care.” Was that irony or self-deprecation? You’ll have to forgive me, because it’s all really confusing when you first realize that free reign is given to those whose actions tend to belie their words and the consensus of the group as a whole. After you’ve seen it play out time and time again, you kind of get confused as to whether or not this is parody or just bad decisions and policy.

  • It should be obvious.

    The new name for Washington D.C. will be Martin Luther King City.

    That is, if the Federal government pays the King family enough money.

    • Oil Can Harry

      QD, you just invoked His Holy Name twice.

      That means you owe his children two royalty payments totalling $39.95.

      • George Clark

        How much do i owe if I say “I’m f****ng for God!” and “I’m not a Negro tonight!”?

        • Oil Can Harry

          As a holy man the good Reverend King was merely reaching out to those prostitutes in order to reform their wicked ways.

    • Pro_Whitey

      Joe Sobran once suggested renaming it “Barryville” after Marion Barry. He thought it would help people think more clearly if the news started with, “And today in Barryville . . . .”

  • Tarczan

    Jared missed his calling as a comedian. Pretty good dead pan humor.

  • Spartacus

    • They seceded from a potentate that faces that same opprobrium today.

    • Lord_Steven_Regal

      The young Progressives that I’ve encountered almost always describe the Founding Fathers as “rich white men” with an obvious air of disdain in their voice.

    • Alfred the Great

      The Fathers of our country did not Found a nation, they formed a union of thirteen nations or States. Example, the word “national,” referring to a “national legislature,” was deleted from a draft of the Constitution because the States were not interested in becoming a nation. America did not become a nation until we lost the war for our independence.

  • David Ashton

    Look on the works of David Theo Goldberg, Jared, and really despair.

  • Truthseeker

    I’d love it if whites were to reclaim one these districts, and then object to having a school named after Martin Luther King on the grounds that he was an adulterer and Communist fellow traveler.

  • John K

    If you want to rid America of racism, you’d have to exile every black in the nation, and many of the browns.

    • Funruffian

      Many of the browns and some of the yellows are in on it too. They will support the Black before they support any white. They will confide and conspire among each other. It’s in their tribal nature.

      • Terra Magnum Imperium

        Agreed, There taste in Music says it all. Most Latinos and Asians prefer hip-hop to rock n roll…

    • Jack Burton

      What do you mean many, some can stay? That’s nonsense. They all must go, period.

  • Harry

    Make it illegal, or at least unacceptable, to have any public place named after someone who just happened own slaves?

    That would have to include even some black people, because there were free blacks who owned slaves.

    I am not condoning the evil of slavery, but not everyone during the time here was slavery in America, who owned slaves, was an evil person. For example, Thomas Jefferson was a liberal by 18th Century standards.

    Indeed, there were kind, good, and ethical slave owners who considered it immoral and unethical to free a slave, unless you first had that person taught to read and write, taught and gave that person other skills, needed to survive upon emancipation.

    One time during the Revolutionary War, a slave was captured by the British Army. This slave could have enlisted in either a black Loyalist regiment, or a black British regiment, and have acquired his freedom. But instead, he chose to risk his life to escape-back to his master!

    Hollywood usually portrays slavery as the master living in a big house, with the slaves getting whipped by overseers in the field. But more often than not, a family would own perhaps four or five slaves, who would work alongside with their master in the field, small factory, shop, or other small business, and eat with the master, and his family.
    However, Hollywood would never make such a movie about such lower middle class slaveowners, because it just would not be dramatic enough to sell movie tickets at the box office.

    • Alexandra1973

      I’ve heard that they could go to the church of their choice on Sundays and they’d be back to work on Monday.

      • Carney3

        Sort of. After the Nat Turner rebellion, a white had to be present at any black religious service to keep an eye on things.

        • Young Werther

          The White Man’s Burden is never ending.

          • ixObserver

            And who put that burden on them ? The wounds are self-inflicted.

          • Young Werther

            ha ha…not everyone is so literal minded in their thinking.

          • Geo1metric

            But wait… they flew around the pyramids, no??

          • ixObserver

            You’ll have to check with a Nubian 😉

      • Jack Burton

        Of course, it was essentially no different than White indentured servitude, except they had no opportunity for freedom and assimilation.

    • bilderbuster

      Even if the Blacks knew the truth they wouldn’t hate us any less.
      Nothing’s going to make them change their minds about Whites no matter all that we have done for them.
      They only resent us more.
      Let them hate us.
      Let us separate from them & put as much distance between us as possible.

      • Carney3

        I don’t think that makes sense. Blacks didn’t all hate us in slavery time, as shown in widespread interviews of former slaves. It’s today with the schools, media, churches, and politicians telling blacks that they are oppressed and victimized by racist whites, that so many blacks hate us.

        It may be good for the races to separate for other reasons – to remove an economic burden and a crime source, to prevent miscegenation, to foster greater community and solidarity in the nation, to meet a simple human desire to be at ease and happy among one’s own – but if we press for that let’s do so with clear eyes.

        • Jack Burton

          Not all, it’s true, but there were slave revolts.

          The biggest problem isn’t blacks, it’s self-hating, mentally ill Whites and Jews. Blacks didn’t start the civil war, blacks didn’t force Southern Whites to integrate at gunpoint, blacks aren’t the ones firing Whites from the jobs for minor infractions of politically correct decorum, it’s liberal Whites and Jews. We’re hamstrung by our own people.

          • Young Werther

            wait…why does he get to say that and you always purge my words?

        • bilderbuster

          I didn’t say they always hated us like they do now but they never liked us & never will. We never liked them either.

      • ixObserver

        The memory of being enslaved & humiliated by another group remains entrenched for quite some time. The fact that Whites have been treating them differently for the last 40-50 years won’t erase that old memory. The animosity between Blacks and Whites can only change through time and distance, nothing else.

        • Terra Magnum Imperium

          Then blacks should have animosity toward their own for selling them to European slavers.

          • ixObserver

            Well, we are generally more forgiving towards our own vs the ‘other’. True for all groups.

            On top of this, the event of sale is very short-lived on a time scale vs the time spent as a slave, in a different land. The latter reinforces negative memories on a regular basis while the former might fade away simple due to its ephemeral nature. There could be other factors at play here as well.

  • bigone4u

    I’ll not back down an inch on saying that slavery was a good thing for blacks. I’m not alone either. From the Wikipedia entry for the book “Time on the Cross” by Professors of Economics, Fogel and Engerman:

    “Fogel and Engerman asserted that slavery had a reciprocal economic benefit for slave owners and slaves. They wrote, “[S]lave owners expropriated far less than generally presumed, and over the course of a lifetime a slave field hand received approximately ninety percent of the income produced.”(p. 5-6) They were estimating the value of housing, clothing, food and other benefits received by the slaves and argued that they lived as well in material terms as did free urban laborers; life was difficult for both classes.”


    • ShermanTMcCoy

      Blacks, then as now, are the least productive “workers” in the world. I’d surprised they weren’t a net cost.

      Yet, the presence of so-called “cheap” labor made it nearly impossible for my “po’ white trash’ Southern ancestors to earn a decent living wage in the old South.

      Today, the presence of cheap Asian labor has ensured that I have not had an actual pay raise (in the IT sector) since 2000. Indeed, I now earn less.

      • Jack Burton

        They were and are a net loss. That’s the whole damn point. What do you think is happening to us now, you think our current condition is a net gain? Don’t be so obtuse.

        There is a very small temporary, emphasis on temporary, monetary gain for rich individuals who want to exploit cheap labor. Overall it is a net loss for the taxpayer, our standard of living, crime rates, poverty rates, White civilization and White racial survival. In other words, rich White and Jewish assholes get to fill their coffers while the White middle class and poor get screwed.

        • Sick of it

          You and I both know that said rich individuals want mass third world immigration for purposes more insidious than cheap labor. This is a long-term plan with a definitive goal of wiping us off the face of the earth.

          • Jack Burton

            I didn’t say that was the only motivation, it’s a mixed bag. Some of them are anti-White assholes, typically Jews and liberals, who will even lose money just to stick it to Whitey. Conservatives are more often just greedy narcissists who are apathetic to White survival as long as they get to keep their status in society.

        • Terra Magnum Imperium

          The Saint Domingue French learned that painful lesson too.

        • ShermanTMcCoy

          I, of course did not believe the claims in the article abut black “productivity.” Just a little quiet subversion, my friend.

      • Brian

        I have not had an actual pay raise (in the IT sector) since 2000. Indeed, I now earn less.
        Same here. Lot of that going around. Sure are a lot of Hindus in IT now. Coincidence I suppose.

      • Sheik Yerbouti

        In IT you have to be named after a VIN number to move up. The USS H1B took IT wages and froze them solid.

    • Jack Burton

      That’s a good quote, but let’s be clear. Not slavery itself, but slavery under the White man and more importantly White civilization. Even something as oppressive as slavery is better under Whites than freedom is under blacks.

      This wasn’t exclusive to blacks either. Most people don’t know their history, partly because the media is nothing but anti-White propaganda and they lie by omission every chance they get. Did you know that most White immigrants to early America were under the yoke of slavery? Most people don’t know that. Most European Whites who wanted to immigrate were impoverished, they had no way to pay for the trip over and no prospects once they got here, so they willingly sold themselves into a form of slavery, indentured servitude. This was temporary slavery for a certain period of type and then Whites won their freedom.

      Of course African freedom posed a problem because blacks were a different race, so we could not allow them to win their freedom and assimilate with society. Blacks were and still are a biological threat to our civilization and race, so they had to be kept in perpetual bondage and separated from Whites. At the time Whites were far more rational and didn’t want their race amalgamated.

      The Brits had a much better strategy for dealing with miscegenation than their Latin counterparts in South America, and instead of a racially mixed caste system which provided upward mobility for non-White admixture, we had a hard color line in North America with the one-drop rule.

      We hear so often how terrible slavery and segregation were, but in fact keeping blacks oppressed and separated had a very beneficial effect for White survival and racial purity. Without it we would be more like Brazil today and the struggle would be over.

      Another example is even imprisonment in Northern European countries offers a better standard of living than freedom in African countries, LOL.

      Come on, we all know this to be true, it’s obvious. As much as third-worlders bemoan White “racism” and inequalities between the races, they come to White nations in droves, they risk their very lives to get here and live under “White privilege” because they know their lives and their children’s lives are immensely better. What thanks do Whites get? The dark hordes are brazenly ungrateful, resentful and want to destroy us without remorse.

      • Harry

        Many of the white indentured servants did not even sign a contract because of having no other way to pay for their passage. They were kidnapped by impressment gangs in Great Britain and quite possibly elsewhere in Europe. Then they were forcibly sold in either such Caribbean islands as Barbados, or in the American colonies, such as Virginia, for the term of their indenture.

        How would blacks react if Hollywood made a mainstream movie about the plight of white indentured servant slaves, in the 17th and 18th Centuries, who got that way as a result of being kidnapped by impressment gangs?

        • Jack Burton

          That’s right. We have this new movie from anti-White Hollywood called 12 Years a Slave.

          Where is the movie about Peter Williamson, who was not only kidnapped from another country, Scotland, but also was a child at the time he was enslaved and taken to America.

          The anti-White media continue to distort reality and history, depicting slavery as unique to blacks, which is not true at all.

    • MBlanc46

      50%, and that’s before taxes. I do think that by the middle of the 19th century it was time to abolish it, but it was far from the unmitigated evil that it usually portrayed as.

  • Funruffian

    I certainly hope Jared was an admirer and supporter of Dr. William Pierce.

    • Carney3

      Pierce was a neo-Nazi crackpot who inspired the Oklahoma City bombing. No single person since Hitler himself has likely done more damage to the cause of white racial consciousness and white survival.

      Taylor is the exact opposite of Pierce in that regard – no single person has done more for our people, to help persuadable and reachable whites wake up.

      • Franklin_Ryckaert

        I admit Pierce’s two novels The Turner Diaries and Hunter with their bloody genocidal fantasies are “not helpful” for our cause. But have you ever listened to Pierce’s American Dissident Voices? You can listen to them on : Dr. William Pierce Audio Archive (308 Radio Broadcasts).They are full of insights and still a source of inspiration. Pierce wrote also a book called Who We Are which can serve as a history of the white race. It can be read on line.

  • Jack Burton

    So you see it’s not about “racism” at all, that’s just a con game. All of these ‘ism games are just deceptive strategies to transfer wealth and power away from White males, it’s conquest by other means.

    • Young Werther

      So true…

  • EiSkogsNisse

    “King City?
    A mob of black demenstrators, led by “Rev.” Al Sharpton, occupied and closed the Statue of Liberty recently, demanding that New York be renamed Martin Luther King City “to reclaim it for our people”.
    Hmm. I hate to agree with Rev. Al, but maybe a name change is in order. Welfaria? Zooville? Rapetown? Dirtburg? Lazyopolis?
    But Al, the Statue of Liberty? Next time, hold that demonstration at a food stamp bureau or crack house.”
    From the Ron Paul Newsletter October 1990
    Got to agree with Ron Paul here.

  • Young Werther

    Was I supposed to laugh so much watching this? There are several positions in which to take…or more than several. I still go back and forth. I noticed a smile crack through a few times. That’s ok, better tears of laughter than tears of sorrow. Tears of bitter laughter have a way of morphing into rage…the sorrow of laughter is poetry of war.

  • ViktorNN

    There’s an interesting phenomenon I’ve noticed where in non-white majority areas, all the white names of things are in the process of being replaced, and then, even in almost entirely all white areas, whites will rally to rename streets and schools with the names of non-whites. It seems even we as white people have been convinced to erase our own past.

  • Sick of it

    Our average IQ has an upward limit – a mental plateau, if you will. Just because it’s higher than so many non-white groups does not mean that the average white person is some kind of genius. You’ll find that the lower one goes in IQ, the more emotional and less logical people become. Less intuitive. Less creative. More shortsighted. The more intelligent a person is, the fewer people he will find in the same class of intellect. Such should be considered when one looks at the original construction of the American Republic, which was never meant as a mass democracy.

  • Brian

    I would vote for Jared Taylor to be President.

  • DailyKenn

    I call this deculturalization or “cultural revision”. I find it interesting that the revisionists want to snuff out the memory of our founders but they are pleased to retain their legacy, which is the most prosperous and production culture in human history.

    I wonder if the state representatives are willing to refuse to wear cotton clothing? After all, the cotton industry is rooted in Southern slavery. Their underwear is a monument.

    My point being: As long as there are electric lights, automobiles, computers, advanced healthcare technology, ad infinitum, there will remain the question: Where and how did this technology originate? Virtually all manufactured goods are monuments to white innovation.

    • Brian

      My degree is in electrical engineering. And we studied not just theory and practice, but the history of knowledge development in the field and its cousins and precursors (physics, math, comp-sci, natural philosophy, etc) all the way from the Greeks to the present. Curiously, it was a parade of white men marching through time (some ancient Babylonians and medieval Arabs also), until recently when the orientals and subcontinentals joined in the fun. I do not recall a single name of sub-Saharan origin contributing anything to the field.

      It just goes to show how ruthlessly efficient our forbears were in stealing that Gypshun spacecraft tech and covering up the patent infringement.

      • My main gripe with my coilgun appears to be relaxation of the field inside the projectile. Could you tell me how I might defeat this problem?

        • Brian

          Unfortunately although my degree is in EE, I’ve mostly worked in CS/CompE. I don’t have any experience with coilguns (my degree focus was audio applications).

      • ixObserver

        You may want to check a bit on history of those fields in the context of Arabs and South Asians (Indians, Iranians). Quite a few strides were made in philosophy, astronomy and Mathematics by the latter in comparison to the former. The numbers you use today came from the sub-continent via Arabs.

        4 religions(philosophies) originated from the sub-continent area which went on to greatly influence East, West Asia (even West eventually to an extent) while only a violent cult originated from the Arab world. Same with Math, Astronomy, metallurgy. While India and Iran today have space programs Arabs have terror programs. This difference was evident in the past, it is evident today.

    • ixObserver

      “Where and how did this technology originate? Virtually all manufactured goods are monuments to white innovation.”

      Most of the world not only acknowledges these inventions, they even teach these things in schools. What else are you expecting ?

      Are all these monuments helping in saving the demographic decline of Whites ? Nope. Don’t get too hung up about such monuments.

  • ixObserver

    Nothing surprising, happens all over the world, happened throughout history. Fortunes of groups/nations rise and fall, so does everything else along with it.

  • ixObserver

    All these things are normal between any two groups with distinct identities and conflicting interests. The Black demands in the context of these statues are not unfair and neither is the displeasure of Whites. America is just an unhappy marriage between Blacks and Whites, fundamentally.

  • Young Werther

    Well, you are right, it isn’t!

  • Young Werther

    Tolerance IS weakness.

  • danstrom

    Blacks and commies believe Abraham Lincoln owned slaves. Yep. When I was in college in California, I had a student (a Black man) and the teacher (a white male, son of a communist UC-Santa Cruz professor) both emphatically inform me that Abraham Lincoln owned slaves, and that no White person ever fought or died to end slavery.
    This is ultimately who we’re dealing with.

  • dd121

    I guess I’m obsolete but I still like the gifts that the Enlightenment and our Founders bestowed upon us.

  • ixObserver

    Not exactly. Whites probably have more countries where they feel at home than Blacks. South America, NA, Australia, Europe, Greenland – nearly all continents have countries that either have a White majority or significant White population. East Europe is still largely White, just like sub-saharan Africa is largely Black. Large swathes of US are largely White too. If not for the huge Hispanic population in the US, which is largely illegal, US would be significantly (upwards of 75%) White right now. Can’t blame anyone else for a country not protecting its borders, can you ? Not even the Jews, honestly.

    I often hear Japan being cited as a model for a homogeneous country. While I completely agree with the benefits of such composition, Japan is an exception in the world, not the rule. It is a tiny island overshadowed by a giant next door with similar racial makeup. Whites ventured out to all corners of Earth and mixed with others, brought some back to their homelands as well. Japanese never ventured out this way. The other example cited is Israel. Mark my words, Israel is a ticking time bomb. A place similar to Japan actually is Papua new guinea, a small island with high levels of homogeneity.

    And with populations swelling, communications and travel becoming easier, businesses expanding heterogeneity becomes inevitable to a degree. When world population falls back say 1900 levels at some point for whatever reason you’ll again see the level of isolation that existed earlier.

  • Hal K

    Demography doesn’t equal power. Power equals power. Whites don’t have to share everything they create with nonwhites. All that is needed is for whites to find the will to take control of their own destiny as a group. Mainstream conservatism and the GOP stand in the way of that currently. Don’t be distracted by the annoying anti-white agitators. It is the conservative establishment that is the real problem.


    I have seen this trend everywhere, in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, America and
    elsewhere. But who do we really blame? Blacks will be blacks and if they want
    to believe that their ancestors flew around the pyramids 4000 years ago in
    aircraft, then so be it. If they want to believe only whites had slaves so be
    it. Some people still believe the earth is flat, and who am I to complain. I am
    just some lowly white guy with a PhD in Chemistry.

    The problem lies with us, with white people, who as a people have become atomized, lazy, foolish and just too tolerant of every perversion, lie and deceit that is fed
    to us every day by the controlled media. We have become too tolerant of the
    destruction of our schools and Universities and we have forgotten our past. I
    often hear many young white people claim that we have no culture, and when I
    rattle off some thirty names of great white people starting with Plato and
    Newton many ask, who are they?

    In my personal library I have a book on American history, which was a gift from Helen Lybarger entitled, “The Story of America in Pictures” and it belonged to her husband who
    many of you might recall was a judge in the State of Ohio some years ago. I am
    not an American, but it is a book about white Europeans in America, and being
    of white European descent it makes me very proud.

    • ben no

      The “whites have no culture” thingy is an abusive attack on white Americans for being a merging European group, the essential foundation of American nationality. They (usually non-whites) think that if they can degrade us down to being something undefined and meaningless, then it will all the more validate are dispossession and culture heritage. So vindictive, they are almost completely void of compassion, I swear.

  • ben no

    Oppression, abuse and genocide of White/Europeans in Western Countries.


    Impoverishment – Creating an unstable economy with a high-rate of low-income jobs, a very low minimum wage, a high-rate of people with unseen and unattended health and medical problems – either because they can’t afford it or the national health care can’t. Increases homelessness, increases prostitution, increases depression and insomnia, increases suicide, increases tension and conflict and thus crime.

    Second-class Citizenship – Degrading the people of the founding nations to a second-rate group, who, despite being the biggest tax payers, automatically come last-served for everything essential and needed for them to live properly. This is exploitation in pure form, and is any BUT privilege.

    Insufficient Housing – This makes people homeless and completely poor, especially working-class whites who are way at the bottom of the social ladder. The working-class, non-whites get treated as royalty in comparison.

    Insufficient Jobs – This makes people jobless and poor. People are even more likely to need benefits. This increases tension, increases crime and robbery, and puts an even bigger strain on the economy.

    Insufficient Land Space – Destroying the heritage of the land, the hills and countryside, and cramming it with over-population and facilities. Creating a claustrophobic environment with reduced overall life quality.

    Affirmative Action – Reducing the likelihood of skilled and well-educated whites getting jobs who must step aside first for any non-whites, even if they are unskilled and poorly-educated. And action put in place to feebly hide the inherent inequality of IQ and competence of different races. As usual, whites pay for it.


    Physical Abuse:

    Murder – Constantly increasing from the non-white immigration, making the environment less safe, more fearful, more unpredictable, and subsequently, reducing white numbers even more with higher incidents of death by murder.

    Rape – Constantly increasing from the non-white immigration, again, making the environment less safe, more fearful, more unpredictable, and subsequently, reducing white numbers even more with (forced) conceiving of mixed-race children.

    Molestation – A physically violating and emotionally destroying act that white children are being horribly subjected to more and more, particularly with increasing Muslim immigration.

    Emotional Abuse:

    Gas-lighting – Repeatedly denying that (intentional) race-replacement is an act of ethnic cleansing, while it is happening to us and all around us. Telling us that we are wrong and nothing destructive or harmful is happening to us. Teaching our people we don’t exist as a people or racial group, and encouraging us to breed-out with non-whites through endless propaganda. Teaching our people we are inherently bad and deserve to suffer and pay for our history. Teaching the non-whites the same thing and encouraging them to feel-free to abuse our people, either emotionally or physically, and take full advantage of our hospitality.

    Invalidation – Dismissing and/or disregarding our serious fears and concerns for our people and culture on the basis that we are simply racist.

    Humiliation – Mocking, teasing and rubbing it in our faces that we’re quickly becoming a racial minority in our own nations, which is somehow justified and inevitable. Telling us how great and enriching it is for us while dismissing our feelings and opinions at the same time – even getting us to celebrate our declining influence and numbers, and dispossession.


    Declining Birth Rates – Forcing mass immigration with a high-birth rate onto a declining population with a low-birth rate can only be intentional, thus all the more genocidal in nature.

    Abortion – Intentionally destroying our white numbers before they’re even born, on top of our low-birth rate.

    Race-Mixing – Giving beauty and brains to other others races when they receive our admixture – while being consumed in the process in a form of what can only be genetic canabalism, and thus reducing our numbers even more – suicidal even as our birth-rate is already too low. The heinous mutilation of the beautiful and creative white race though race-mixing is perhaps beyond evil, especially when intentional. It’s a win-win situation for non-whites.

    Rape – Forced sexual acts and the possibility of forced race-mixing from non-white men raping white women at an alarming rate.

    Murder – White numbers reducing through the murder of whites by violent and aggressive non-white influx.

    White Flight – The mass immigration of non-whites and their alien culture, their crime and poverty, and their unwanted presence encourages – almost forces white people to move out of towns, cities, and areas, eventually leading to those places becoming predominantly non-white, not to mention crime-ridden as hell.

    Suicide – The grinding strain and psychological effects of being terribly wronged by our governments, dispossessed, made to live in intolerable situations, impoverished, homeless, robbed, attacked, raped, abused, confused, and saddened. The fear, anxiety and unpredictability of our bleak future and living in the wake of our catastrophic destruction in the coming decades when our people and culture are reduced to minority status in our own nations, when we are completely surrounded by a dangerous, alien nation. This is naturally going to result in major depression and post traumatic stress disorder in a lot of our white people. It might be epidemic! This will lead to a sudden rise in suicides, which will only deplete the white numbers and demographics all the more.

    • Randall Ward

      Thank you for this great post.

  • Randall Ward

    Neither of the two posts above this one know squat about Lincoln or Lincolns war. Lincoln was the head of the society in Illinois to ship blacks to Africa or South America, before the war. During the war his administration continued the project, up until Lincoln was shot.
    The war was started by Lincoln to keep the Union intact, and everyone in the North and South knew that fact. Halfway through the war Lincoln was not winning and he decided to “free” the blacks in hopes they would rise up in the South. Of course he could not “free” the blacks and the blacks did not rise up. Even in the areas the Union had invaded and occupied, the blacks were not freed by Lincoln.
    When the word got out that Lincoln was going to “free” the slaves, there was much anger in the Northern ranks. The North was tired of the war and wanted no part of blacks taking their jobs after the war. NYC had riots so great that the army had to come in and put down the riot with force, many died.

  • Heidi

    Why the “Chosen People of god” of course! They are the only group of people no one is allowed to talk about without being called a racist, bigot, or antisemite that wants to murdersixmillionjews.

    Go look through history, you will find their hands in all of it, no matter what country or era you look at. Read books written by their fellow tribesman, you will learn alot about what they think of the “Goy” or “Gentiles”…