University of Texas Group Cancels ‘Catch an Illegal Immigrant Game’

CBS Houston, November 19, 2013

A conservative student group has canceled a planned “Catch an Illegal Immigrant Game” at the University of Texas at Austin.

The game initially drew condemnation from Democrats and a threat of expulsion from campus officials.

The Young Conservatives of Texas planned the game for Wednesday. Club members would have wandered the campus wearing signs that say “illegal immigrant,” and students who captured them and took them to the Young Conservatives’ recruiting table would have gotten $25 gift certificates.

In a statement, the group’s spokesman, Lorenzo Garcia, said that they were concerned for the group’s volunteers following the uproar over the event.

“After the University President and the Vice President for Diversity and Community Engagement released statements denouncing the event we planned as violating the university’s honor code, I spoke with our chapter’s members, and they are both concerned that the university will retaliate against them and that the protest against the event could create a safety issue for our volunteers,” Garcia said in a statement.

Garcia said he was wrong to use $25 gift cards for the planned game.

“I acknowledge that the decision to include issuing $25 gift cards during the event was misguided and that the idea for the event was intentionally over-the-top in order to get attention for the subject,” Garcia stated.

The Texas Democratic Party originally condemned the game and pointed out that Garcia recently was a paid staffer with Republican Greg Abbott’s gubernatorial campaign. {snip}


Abbott’s Press Secretary, Avdiel Huerta, said the “campaign has no affiliation with this repugnant effort.”


Garcia said he was shocked by the uproar.

“I have been shocked at the uproar over the event’s premise and at the personal attacks against me. Today, opponents of YCT have claimed that I am being used as a front man. I have been called an “Uncle Tom.” I have received emails and comments via social media filled with obscenity,” Garcia said. “The reactions of some who claim that YCT is creating a demeaning or degrading environment on campus have been truly disgraceful.”

Gregory Vincent, the university’s vice president for diversity, warned that students would would have particiated in the game would have been exercising their freedom of speech “to the detriment of others.”

“The YCT is contributing to an environment of exclusion and disrespect among our students, faculty and staff by sending the message that certain students do not belong on our campus,” Vincent said in a statement. “If the members of YCT carry out their plan . . . they are willfully ignoring the honor code and contributing to the degradation of our campus culture.”


Students faced expulsion if they violated the honor code.

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  • Now if they wanted to find real illegal aliens, well, they’re in Texas. That’s like picking low hanging fruit.

    What is curious to me is that the YCT spokesman is Hispanic, the Texas Democrat Party’s head is Hispanic, and Attorney General and Governor-in-Waiting Greg Abbott’s press secretary is Hispanic.

  • D.B. Cooper

    “violating the university’s honor code…”

    The university stopped being honorable when it started allowing illegal ALIENS to attend, and when it supported Affirmative Action quotas.

    • Homo_Occidentalis

      E.T. go home!

      • Manaphy

        Emma Lazarus should go to hell.

        • blight14

          We were warned……………..

        • bilderbuster

          The cartoon left out the Jewish communist’s next line ” The wretched refuse of your teeming shore, send these the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me,”
          Only a traitor would encourage this type of person as a LEGAL immigrant.
          She should have been burned at the stake before she died just to give her a taste of what to expect in the after life.

          • Alexandra1973

            To be fair, I wonder in what context she wrote that. I don’t think we had the Mexican illegal alien problem back then…at least not nearly as bad as today. In school when I thought about people wanting to come to America, in my mind they were from Europe.

            Just like that quote about America being a melting pot…and it stops there, but yet the writer of that quote meant of European nations, not every two-bit Third World hellhole.

          • bilderbuster

            I grew up in Miami Beach in the 80’s so my vision of immigrants was non-stop jibber-jabbering Cubans, Haitians, Central Americans, Jamaicans & whatnot.
            There were tens of thousands of Cubans there already, but in the summer of 1980 we were blessed with 200,000 of Cuba’s finest from the prisons & psych wards there plus 30,000 smelly Haitians.
            That was my Summer of Diversity.

          • Manaphy

            Amren will delete your comment in 5,..,4…,3…

      • Garrett Brown

        I’m saving this. Golden.

  • [Guest]

    This is just another tempest in a teapot over what has, sadly, become a nonissue. The illegal aliens and all those who benefit from their presence have already won.

    >>>Gregory Vincent, the university’s vice president for diversity, warned that students [who] would have particiated in the game would have been exercising their freedom of speech “to the detriment of others.”

    That such a position as vice-president of diversity exists is disgusting, and the sentiment behind the quotation is disgusting.

    • Alexandra1973

      The First Amendment WAS meant to be a detriment to others…like criminals in government. Though granted freedom of the press is a joke nowadays, because they’re in the government’s back pocket.

      • [Guest]

        I certainly agree concerning the press.

        I wonder what it’d take for someone to confront this lofty vice-president of diversity and ask him if he actually believes that freedom of speech ends where being a “detriment of others” starts.

        The guy is as stupid as his job title.

  • dd121

    Where I went to college it would be an honor code violation NOT to turn in illegals who were breaking the law.

  • bigone4u

    As a former employee of the UT System, I’ve said here before that UT is the most anti-white institution in America. Whether it’s professors advocating the murder of whites (Angel Guitierrez), claiming Thanksgiving is racist (Robert Jensen), or its officials advocating for a bizarre “Mexicano Supremism,” the System is Marxist to the degree that nothing resembling the US Constitution applies on campus. If you live in Texas do your best to cut off funding by the legislature and never donate money to any of the 9 campuses.

  • dave

    sounds like a good game. the blacks play “polar bear hunt” thats called a game by the scum in the media. why cant whites play “catch an illegal immigrant game”

    • dd121

      “polar bear hunt” sounds cute. Can whites have a “black bear hunt”?

      • bilderbuster

        Or a “coon hunt”?

        • Alexandra1973

          My dad told me that back in the 60s he’d go coon-hunting. He lived in Detroit and he witnessed the race riots. Said he’d sit out on the porch with a shotgun.

          I think he was a realist. He died in 2000. I kind of get the feeling that I would have heard more about this if it weren’t for my mom being so anti-racist. Funny thing is she was born and raised in Detroit herself. I’ve been trying to explain to her that it’s not poverty causing the violence…but being black…and I think I’m getting through to her a bit.

          • bilderbuster

            Coon-Hunting in Detroit?
            That must have been like shooting fish in a barrel LOL!

    • NoMosqueHere

      Leftists prefer the black “knock out game.”

  • Spartacus

    What do you do after you catch them ?

    • bilderbuster

      The same as you do when you catch & release when fishing.
      Throw them in the ocean.

  • Pro_Whitey

    Note how the leftists play for keeps. A little screwing around can mean expulsion, and try explaining that to your parents. And Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn get paid by universities.

  • MBlanc46

    “[T]he university’s honor code”.

    It doesn’t seem to me that the university would recognize honor if it came up and bit them on the nose.

  • Alexandra1973

    You know what’s really depressing?

    Out of curiosity I checked out Los Angeles’ demographics on Zip Skinny. 93.1% Hispanic.

    I wonder how many of them are here illegally?

    • Reverend Bacon

      There’s so much that’s depressing. I felt like eating a bullet when I read “Vice President for Diversity,” written without even a touch of irony.

  • Tarczan

    Channel 8 news in Cleveland reported this story this morning with the multi-cultural broadcast team whining about what an outrage this was.

  • [Guest]

    I didn’t anticipate the race. I guess I should have. To me it’s even more perverse, though, when a white man holds such a post.

  • Anna Tree

    1) Freedom of speech is always to the detriment of others DUH
    2) Where is the outrage when they play “Catch a ‘racist’ game” like when they censor scientists or fire journalists etc
    (unlike illegal immigrants, racism is not illegal and neither is to be proud of one’s heritage or to wish freedom of association etc but then only whites can be racist, worse, are racists nowadays.)

  • Greg Thomas

    This is not suprising. Our very own DHS thinks catching an illegal is “shocking.”

  • Willowville

    Are these the same young conservatives whose families get government subsidies and who eat food harvested by illegal immigrants?