Boehner: House Won’t Negotiate with Senate on Immigration Bill

David Sherfinski and Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, November 13, 2013

Speaker John A. Boehner said Wednesday that House Republicans will not enter into negotiations with the Senate on a massive immigration bill, effectively killing chances this year for a broad deal that would legalize illegal immigrants and rewrite the legal immigration system.

Mr. Boehner, Ohio Republican, said the House will operate on its own timetable and won’t be rushed by President Obama’s suggested year-end deadline or the looming 2014 elections—though he said he does still want to take some action on immigration.

“We’ve made it clear that we’re going to move on a common sense, step-by-step approach in terms of how we deal with immigration,” Mr. Boehner, Ohio Republican, told reporters Wednesday. “The idea that we’re going to take up a 1,300-page bill that no one had ever read, which is what the Senate did, is not going to happen in the House. And frankly, I’ll make clear we have no intention of ever going to conference on the Senate bill.”

The announcement, which came after House Republicans held a closed-door meeting, signals the end of chances for action on immigration this year.

With just a few days left on the calendar, Republicans are focused on other issues and have yet to find the kind of agreement within their own ranks that would be needed to bring bills to the floor.

Indeed, Mr. Boehner said he’s asked House Judiciary Committee Chairman Robert W. Goodlatte to develop a broad set of principles for addressing immigration. That sounds like a step backward, since Mr. Goodlatte has already overseen passage of several specific immigration bills through his committee.


Immigrant-rights advocates said Republicans were risking their political lives.

“Should they slow-walk it until they get to ‘no’ this year and in this Congress, Boehner will go down in history as the man that sealed his party’s fate with the fastest growing groups of voters in America,” said Frank Sharry, executive director of America’s Voice, a lobby group.


Meanwhile, President Obama and Vice President Joseph R. Biden met Wednesday morning at the White House with faith leaders to discuss the importance of approving immigration reform.

“The leaders expressed their concerns over the impact the broken immigration system is having on families throughout their congregations,” the White House said. “The president and the leaders discussed their shared commitment to raise the moral imperative for immigration reform and said they will continue keeping the pressure on Congress so they can swiftly pass commonsense reform.”

Mr. Obama told the gathering there is “no reason for House Republicans to continue to delay action on this issue.”


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  • Sorry, still not biting.

    Even if there will be no House-Senate negotiated bill, one thing we’ll have to be on the lookout for is smaller salami slices that aren’t good for us. These smaller salami slices would be stuffed into larger bills that would pass anyway, such as budget bills or something like that.

    • So CAL Snowman

      I’m surprised there wasn’t an immigration rider attached to the ACA. But in all seriousness amnesty or no amnesty the problem is still the same; these non-White invaders are still living in the United States and they are not going any where. It really does not matter if amnesty passes or not because these people are having anchor babies by the millions. I mean does it matter if these people are given amnesty or not? We have already lost control of this country, it’s not like stopping amnesty is going to change the direction this country is headed. I still feel like amnesty is just another way to induce horizontal warfare. Keep the Whites focused on the mexicans and not the elite at the top of the pyramid. They can always just increase LEGAL immigration if they want more non Whites, so for me amnesty is not really a huge concern. Then again I live in So CAL so I’m pretty much used to seeing mexicans everywhere outside my coastal Whitopia.

      • Jefferson

        Southern California reminds me of Latin America, meaning it’s a mostly Brown region with some pockets of affluent Whitopia.

        • Jackryanvb

          Argentina is the second whitest country after Iceland.

    • Sick of it

      These days they like to sneak big changes into farm bills of all things…

  • D.B. Cooper

    It’s still good news. The longer people have to ponder the more awaken.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      That was me too.

  • D.B. Cooper

    Hey…I’m able to post as DB Cooper…this is NeanderthalDNA. Better check security…

    • sbuffalonative

      That happened to me too.

      • This moderator a few minutes ago logged on and with my own credentials, it logged me onto the system as “Mekong Delta 69.”

        Log out then log in again. I did and it was right again.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    OK, back as me again. That was bizarre…

  • sbuffalonative

    “Should they slow-walk it until they get to ‘no’ this year and in this Congress, Boehner will go down in history as the man that sealed his party’s fate with the fastest growing groups of voters in America,” said Frank Sharry, executive director of America’s Voice, a lobby group.

    If Mr. Sharry believes that Hispanics would vote Republican in any significant number he needs his head examined. His comment is just an attempt to force the hand of the Republicans.

    • Jefferson

      Juan McCain is one of the biggest pro-amnesty politicians in Washington and he still lost 70 percent of the Hispanic vote in the 2008 presidential elections.

      Just having the letter R next to a politician’s name is already a turn off for the vast majority of Hispanic voters.

    • Erasmus

      Huh? Latinos would otherwise support the GOP? The only people who will believe that are Bush republicans, or, as I like to call them, the Freddo Corleone wing of the GOP.

  • DaveMed

    “Should they slow-walk it until they get to ‘no’ this year and in this Congress, Boehner will go down in history as the man that sealed his party’s fate with the fastest growing groups of voters in America,” said Frank Sharry, executive director of America’s Voice, a lobby group.”

    What Republicans, who ostensibly favor less government, need to bear in mind is that, if they do pander to the Latinos and Hispanics, there won’t be any meaningfully conservative party left in the country. Self-reliance and small government are not exactly Latino/Hispanic ideals.

    • Pro_Whitey

      Correct. Immigration blows holes in federal, state, and local budgets, not only for the services provided to the immigrants, but also for the chunk of native born and earlier immigrants who decide that they’d rather take welfare than crappier wages. Anyone who claims to be “fiscally conservative” and still wants amnesty is a fraud. Anyone who claims to support the middle class and still wants amnesty is a fraud.

  • Blue-eyed Devil

    I live in Southern California and it looks like Mexico City as far as the eye can see. Amnesty or no amnesty, these modern day Visigoths aren’t going ANYWHERE. That arrogant dickhead George Lopez once boasted about that. And there’s more coming by the minute…

    • Sick of it

      Don’t insult the Visigoths, the ancestors to many of our people, whom we should gladly welcome into this country, particularly in lieu of the immigrants we have been getting.

      • Blue-eyed Devil

        They sacked Rome and killed many Romans. My paternal ancestors were Italian so the Germanic tribes were their enemies. I think it’s a fair comparison. The Germanic tribes invaded Italy in the same way the Mexicans are invading the United States. I don’t want want to mince words with you. You seem very defensive and petty.

        • Sick of it

          You’re calling me petty after comparing Germanic tribesmen to Mexican mestizos.

    • Jackryanvb

      Also don’t slander my Germanic kinsmen the “Vandals” when some Latrino gang bangers deface buildings with graffiti .

      “Vandalism” -ethnic slur against my people.

      • Blue-eyed Devil

        Get a life.

  • Homo_Occidentalis

    The Republican motive behind this is far from pure. “Immigration reform” is just a piece on the chessboard to them, and they are withholding support in order to lash out at the president. Most of them still desperately want unlimited Mexican immigration, and they will play their games patiently until that goal is achieved on their terms.

  • JohnEngelman

    “Should they slow-walk it until they get to ‘no’ this year and in this Congress, Boehner will go down in history as the man that sealed his party’s fate with the fastest growing groups of voters in America,” said Frank Sharry, executive director of America’s Voice, a lobby group.

    – David Sherfinski and Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, November 13, 2013

    Admitting more Hispanics in order to pander to the Hispanic vote is like chasing a hangover with several shots of whisky.

  • Sensitivity Training

    Another temporary win for the Racist Tea Party.

    Long Live Racism!

    The hope in this progress is that the illegals will become even more dangerously aggressive, thus making amnesty and citizenship giveaway more difficult in the future.

    But Obama can just make it happen and bring on a crisis that will give him even more power.

    That’s the trick. When he his plans go bad, he wins. Al-Obamakare “disaster” is just a set up for “solving healthcare anarchy” with a total FedGov takeover.

    • Marc Zuckurburg

      We need comprehensive immigration reform.

      Comprehensive immigration reform will raise wages and salaries, strengthen national security, prevent terrorism, enhance our domestic crime-fighting ability, ensure that we continue to encourage the best and brightest to partake of the American dream, enhance our competitiveness and our ability to innovate, and make America more prosperous.

      Make my immigration reform comprehensive, please!

  • Spartacus

    If Republicans wanted to stop the mud-flood into the US, they could’ve easily done so by now, either in the Bush JR. administration, the Bush SR. administration, or the Reagan Administration . But they didn’t. And they won’t .

    • JohnEngelman

      The business community has dominated the Republican Party since it was formed in 1854. Businessmen want more immigrants so that they can raise prices and cut wages.

      • Jefferson

        As a conservative I used to defend big business and unregulated capitalism, that is until around 2 years ago when I found out that the majority of big business support amnesty and have an extreme hatred for American workers.

        Now I think these anti-American sellouts like Google and Facebook should all be taxed to their eyeballs. If I had my way, they would be taxed at 70 or 80 percent. I wish Washington would screw big businesses up the ass more than they screw the American people up the ass.

        • JohnEngelman

          I would like to raise taxes on rich folks and corporations across the board.

          I do not think American businessmen “have an extreme hatred for American workers.” I do think they view most of their employees as expendable, like the office furniture.

          In one of his books Pat Buchanan said that rich conservatives need to think about what they are trying to conserve.

          When business executives of profitable companies close factories and business offices they do not care about the livelihoods they destroy.

          Mitt Romney’s father George Romney made a fortune producing cars and jobs. Mitt Romney made a bigger fortune as a vulture capitalist, taking over companies and firing people.

          • Jefferson

            When it comes to big business execs who vote Republican, the majority of them are basically liberals who do not like to pay taxes.

            Meaning they are only conservative on the issue of paying less taxes, but are left wing liberal on almost every other political issue.

          • JohnEngelman

            Republican business executives are often liberal on social issues. On economic issues they favor low taxes for them, high business subsidies, and few regulations.

            They think the government should restrict its economic activities to maximizing personal profit.

          • Jefferson

            I am liberal on some social issues like legalizing prostitution, drugs, and same sex marriage.

            But I am conservative on other social issues like the death penalty, gun rights, and immigration.

          • JohnEngelman

            I hate criminals, and want them to suffer.

            I have a low opinion of the Negro race, although I like individual Negroes.

            I favor more restrictions on immigration, although I enjoy cultural diversity.

            I have always disliked the sexual revolution.

            I trust the government more than the business community. I favor steeply progressive taxation.

            While I am on the subject, I love American Renaissance, although I get bashed a lot here. 🙁

          • Jefferson

            I am one of the few people at American Renaissance who is a fan of yours. I don’t hate you at all.

          • JohnEngelman

            Thank you. 🙂

            They posted my essay, so I guess someone up there likes me.

          • gemjunior

            I agree with you on almost all of the above, except trusting the government. I loved small businesses – where I was born there was one street with businesses/shops on both sides of it. I guess it was like a “main street” but we called it “the avenue”. On one side was a grocery store, a bar and a dairy. On the other side there was an Italian specialty shop with imported food because my town was 90% Italian and the rest were German, Irish and Polish. Next to that salumaria was a German bakery, a real estate, pizzeria, and a “candy store” which sold stationary, school supplies, cigarettes, wrapping paper and novelties. Across that street was a bank, 5&10, shoe repair shop, dry cleaners, pharmacy, bank, and a chinese laundry. You know what’s there now? On one side of the street a gigantic stop n’ shop and on the other side a giant rite aid. The dairy is gone and there’s a parking lot. The only original thing still standing is the old pizza place, salumeria, real estate and bank. The bank spread over the whole area of stores. So that’s the reason I hate the businesses – they buy up the mom and pops. The gov’t makes it easy for them. It started with the farms and now the businesses. What’s next our houses? Then we will live in little boxes together?
            The only reason a few people bash you is your defense of Asians and they assume that praising them means you think they are better than white people. It’s a way of thinking. It’s like if you aren’t with us you’re against us — if you don’t hate everyone but whites you are a traitor. I definitely don’t mind Asians or as Frank Borzellieri calls them in his chapter of “The Unspoken Truth” — ‘those pesky north Asians” because they refute the idea that whites are better than any other co-race. I personally feel that whites are but have nothing against north Asians either. They are unintrusive and nonviolent. My problem is black people because they cannot control themselves. I think you are mostly well liked except for that Asian thing.

          • JohnEngelman

            And the Jewish thing. I only mention their high IQ’s when they are condemned. I love both groups. Hostility to them infuriates me.

          • Technically I’m a registered Republican but I agree with you on all but one issue. This is the 5th point. I trust businesses more than I trust the Government. This is because their scope is smaller. They deal more with individuals and have more of a memory for individual performance than the Gov’t does.

            Also define “rich”. I’m a hardworking engineer and make some sort of living and get taxed a lot but I frankly don’t want to support a non-working, genetically stupid, multiplying, group.

          • JohnEngelman

            Welfare programs for unemployable blacks are about five percent of the federal budget.

          • M.

            I’m exactly like you. Liberal on most issues, except law enforcement (immigration included), gun rights, and “diversity”.

        • Jackryanvb

          Agreed. I know love the Jesus Christ quote where he slams rich people, says they have about as much chance of entering the kingdom of heaven as a camel has of going through the eye of a needle.

          Don’t play golf with immigration traitor $ billionaires.

          • JohnEngelman

            Those who use the Bible to justify capitalism are restricted to the Book of Proverbs for a few proof texts.

            The prophets condemned aristocrats and landlords for oppressing peasants. Jesus had nothing good to say about the rich at all.

            The Old and New Testament are full of passages recommending concern for the poor.

      • gregCall

        An old saying comes to mind and this post may be deleted for me posting it but it says it all.
        A conservative cares about his money, a National Socialist cares about his race. – George Lincoln Rockwell (quote is from the early 60s I believe)

  • I was afraid they’d cave in. Not only is the GOP leadership composed of idiots, but they’re in bed with big business, which would like nothing better than to depress real wages by flooding the country with surplus labor.

    A little good news, but I wonder for how long.

    • MBlanc46

      And the status quo certainly doesn’t favor us.

  • Jackryanvb

    Thanks to everyone on American Renaissance who worked so hard to defeat this immigration treason/murder of our people.

    Thank you Mr. Taylor for showing us the way.

    We won this key battle, let’s work to win the war.

    God bless.

  • Jesse James

    I am pretty sure the end game for the globalists is going to be the North American Union. They wanted to kick it off sooner but there were too many white patriots still, they are waiting another decade for more of us to die off. When they get ready to push for it again their logic will be these people are already here and have dual citizenship so lets just stop pretending.

    You will look around and realize their really is nothing left to fight for. It already boiled away. That is their hope at least. Let us try to pass the torch of resistance to the next generation. Perhaps they will start really feeling the sting of dispossession and will be mad enough to push back.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      There will always be one thing to fight for as long as we exist, and that is each other and our collective survival and well being. We may find ourselves in the same position the Goths did, but they had the last laugh in the end. You are correct in one matter, the America I knew as a child is done as in stick a fork in it done. It will cease to exist by virtue of one fact, a nation reflects the people who make it up, and if it becomes majority Hispanic, it will be greater Mexico. There is no point in fighting for America, the real battle is fighting to ensure our children have any future at all other than death or slavery at the hands of the dark hordes. That can only be done by carving literally a new homeland from the corpse of the old one.

  • Viking_61

    Yet another Marxist phrase I discovered today: “FAITH LEADER”

    What the heck is a “faith leader”? Some pastor who is always at Obama’s beck and call? Moreover, who paid for his plane ticket and hotel room in DC, the taxpayers or the parishioners?

  • Dave4088

    So there we have it. We get a choice of whole hog amnesty or piece meal amnesty with “common sense steps”. Some choice. Thanks a bundle Johnny.

  • Erasmus

    I and others have been saying for months that the ONLY way forward for the GOP is by shoring up support among their base, instead of only worrying about what their fat-cat donors want.

    If they oppose amnesty, they’ll have to fight hard to win future elections. When they support amnesty, they guarantee they’ll never win a future election: With amnesty not only do they bring in millions and millions of new democrats, they lose their conservative base.

    • MarcB1969

      The Romney defeat in the 2012 election should be viewed as the first shot across the bow. If White conservatives had voted in the same numbers for Romney as they did for Mccain in 2008, Romney would be the US president. About five million conservative Whites said no to another mainstream republican and voted third party, NOTA or stayed home. The recent immigration push-back now has them on their heels.

      Even the talk radio hosts have changed their tune, with Beck and Levin talking about constitutionalism and avoiding NeoCon talking points. The establishment GOP knows it’s base has had enough and will sit it out, no longer voting for the lesser of two evils, so they have backed off on amnesty in an attempt to remain relevant for at least a few more election cycles.

  • Bingo! If people think the government’s budget problems are bad now (we had to raise the debt ceiling yet again), just wait until we put 33 million Mexicans on welfare.

  • ms_anthro

    Abolish the DHS and give Eric “My People” Holder’s job to Joe.