Black Mob Violence: New Denials . . . and New Violence

Colin Flaherty, American Thinker, November 26, 2013

NBC News and the Associated Press want you to know there is no such thing as black mob violence. Especially in the hundreds of cases of Knockout Game now receiving so much attention in local and national media across the country.

Ditto the Washington Post, ABC News and the Philadelphia Inquirer. And this weekend, the New York Times.

The rules of the Knockout Game are simple: Gather a group of black people. Find a white person. An Asian will do. Punch them in the face until they are knocked out. Or dead. Or your arms get tired.

If you relied on local and national news accounts, you would not know the violence has a racial component. But the video solves that problem.

Many episodes of black mob violence and mayhem–including the Knockout Game–are recorded on video and posted on YouTube. Or Facebook. Or even bragged about on Twitter

Many are documented in White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore it.

But that does not matter much to NBC and AP. Heck, the New York Times says the Knockout Game is probably just an “urban legend.”

With one difference: This time we have Big Foot on Video. Thousands of them.

But that does not matter to the deniers. As part of the flurry of news stories surrounding the Knockout Game this week, media outlets trotted out a psychologist who says ignore the video. Ignore the overwhelming evidence of black mob violence. There’s no pattern in the predators. Or in the white and Asian victims:

“It’s hard to excuse this behavior, there’s no purpose to this,” Jeffrey Butts, a psychologist specializing in juvenile delinquency, told the AP. “When someone runs into a store and demands money, you can sort of understand why they’re doing it, desperation, whatever.

But just hitting someone for the sheer thrill of seeing if you can knock someone out is just childish.”

This model of denial of the racial component of black mob violence is popularized in dozens of seminars around the country every year at local and national chapters of the National Association of Professional Journalists.
Their advice for covering racial violence? Don’t.

It also echoes what Jesse Washington, AP’s race reporter, told your humble correspondent about racial violence after the acquittal of George Zimmerman for the killing of Trayvon Martin. No such thing, quoth he. At least not black on white.

More and more national and local news outlets are picking up the beat: Despite the avalanche of news stories on the Knockout Game, most still ignore the central organizing feature of the violence: The attackers are black — and the victims are not.

Stop the Presses: This week, a white person was involved in a Knockout Game in Philadelphia. And an Arab played Knockout with a Jew in Brooklyn. So “all” is no longer correct. The new number is this: 99.98 percent of the attackers are black.

NBC affiliates around the country got into the act last week as well. After ignoring dozens of recent examples of black mob violence over the last two years, NBC weighed in with yet another shrink:

People with Type T personalities, which characterizes risk-takers and thrill-seekers, are motivated to commit violent acts, like smacking strangers in public, according to Professor of Educational Pyschology Frank Farley.

“Many of the perpetrators may be these T types and one of their things is pushing the envelope,” Farley told NBC Philadelphia. “It’s risky to go up and slap someone in public.”

NBC and its witch doctor may be unclear about the level and intensity of racial violence across the country. But the readers at the Washington Post are not. After a recent story about the Knockout Game in Washington, they unleashed a storm of critical fire at the paper for refusing to tell the truth about black mob violence.
Here’s just one of many comments:

“It is amazing how the Washington Post can report about this phenomenon without the issue of racial violence coming up one into the discussion. It is a shame that honesty took a back seat to what is really going on here.”

Philadelphia is center of denial as well as violence. The City of Brotherly Love has been the scene of more than 100 episodes of black mob violence over the last three years. Some resulting in permanent injury and death, many on video. It got so bad that two years ago, Mayor Michael Nutter went to a black church to plead with black people to stop the black mob violence.

More recently, local media has reported more than five recent cases of the Knockout Game in Philly. Black mob violence is also such a regular event at Overbrook High School in Philadelphia that a school staffer recently appeared on the local CBS affiliate to plead with parents and police for help with the violence and anarchy that are an everyday part of life at this black high school:

“It’s mayhem. Students are in the halls, they’re smoking in the bathroom; cigarettes, marijuana,” said a worker at the school, who asked not to be identified. “We can’t contain them and it’s really hazardous for us working and these kids are not being educated at all.”

“It’s a zoo in here. Parents really need to come up here and see what’s going on in this school because it’s ridiculous,” said the worker.

The staffers remarks echo earlier comments from 2010, when a federal judge found that black students at South Philadelphia High School had assaulted and harassed Asian students daily–for years.

The principal said she did not call police because she did not want to “criminalize” the black students.

Even so, the Philadelphia Inquirer dutifully ignores the epidemic of black mob violence in schools, downtown, and the gentrified South Philadelphia neighborhood.

“But it’s unclear if the trend even exists,” said the paper this week.

The Inquirer received a Pulitzer last year for its reporting on violence in Philadelphia schools. But if you want to learn anything from the series about racial violence, bring your magnifying glass to read about it — because most of the time the topic is discussed only to to minimize it. Or say how much better it is today than before — when the Inquirer ignored it even more completely.

The upward trend of racial harmony was not clear to Steve Huber earlier this year when he wrote an article for Philadelphia Magazine titled “Being White in Philly.” Huber talked about the unrelenting racial violence and the fear it creates among white people.

Mayor Nutter said the article was “disgusting” and called for an investigation by the City’s Human Rights Commission.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, again, took a back seat on racial crime and violence: The article was seen as “dwelling on negative experiences that whites had with blacks that often fit into racial stereotypes.”

Racial Journalism 101: Crime statistics are stereotypes. But leave them out and the story is “anecdotal.” Best not to do anything. Class dismissed.

Marlin Newburn has seen and experienced black mob violence and black on white crime from many different angles: As a Detroit college student. A court appointed psychologist. A prison psychologist. He recently retired from 30 years in the criminal justice system, up close and personal with racial violence like the Knockout Game.

“The media’s claim of racial non-discrimination borders on a comic-tragedy,” Newburn said. “The simple response to their efforts to protect the Black Grievance Industry’s false message is to note the race of the victims. From working with black felons over the years, one learns they share two common traits: Perpetuate the fantasy of black victimhood by the hands of whites, and to always be race loyal. Victims are chosen by race and ease of assault.”

Thus the pattern where there is “no pattern.”

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  • dd121

    The narrative of the left is that all “hate” is the result of whites hating blacks. When the truth starts to seep out they have to lie to keep the narrative on point.

    • Sue

      Well while we’re “hating” they’re killing. Somehow, I don’t think that’s the same thing.

      • A Freespeechzone

        Don’t forget that they are being embolden from the WH, Holder, courts, MSM, the Oprah & self-loathing Whites.

        Be prepared to defend yourself—or be a victim.

        No victim here.

        • “Be prepared to defend yourself—or be a victim. No victim here”


          Amen, brother. No victim here, either. Guns at home, mace on my keychain. (And a deputy let me walk the mace into court for jury duty recently.)

    • 48224

      Amazing how liberals think they are smarter than guys like me because they are so good… at ignoring facts.

      • saxonsun

        Since black MEN are the problem here, why is it you folks actually believe that they’ll be an asset to the black family. You have invested in two inherently conflicting ideas. You can’t have it both ways.

        • 48224

          Amen to that. But really it is low IQ black men and women who spit out low IQ criminally insane kids like themselves for the rest of us to raise and deal with for the next 70 years.
          Whenever I see a religious republican on TV wishing to ban government funded abortions I just shake my head and wonder if they are brain dead.

  • Puggg

    This is one time I can say:

    Thank dog for World Star Hip Hop.

  • negrolocaust

    warning to any TOWSON UNIVERSITY students in marlyand: groups of BLACKS armed with knives and guns have been stabbing and robbing students of their cell phones on and near the campus. police and pols have been downplaying the violence and covering it up. beware if you see any blacks avoid them do not talk with them and report them as suspicious persons if they approach you. if they appear armed report it as possibly carrying a knife or a gun when you phone 911. one student is still in critical condition after being stabbed repeatedly in the upper body by three blacks. visit drudge report and amren for updates on the KNOCKOUT GAME being played by BLACKS all over the country. negrolocaust

    • Non Humans

      Whenever I see groups of young nonhumans, I anonymously call them in as suspicious no matter the situation.

  • JohnEngelman

    A number of years ago I read an essay in The New York Times that said that liberals do not want to be told bad things about blacks. Newspapers know who they write for. If liberal newspapers told the truth about black crime they would lose many of their readers.

    Fortunately, there are a lot of whites who want to be told the truth. This creates openings for the conservative media.

    • panjoomby

      i stopped getting the paper b/c of its liberal spin & their cantankerous refusal to mention perpetrator-suspect race. they valued political correctness over my safety. stopped tv 10 years ago – too much propaganda… i switch radio stations if an ad comes on with a black voice. i’m running out of things to give up:)

      • “i switch radio stations if an ad comes on with a black voice.”


        I don’t listen to radio anymore. As for TV, when commercials come on that show things like casually dressed white people serving richly dressed black people I a) make a mental note of who the advertiser is and b) switch to a different channel.

    • NoMosqueHere

      Affluent Manhattan whites — almost all of whom are NY Times readers — rub shoulders daily with ghetto blacks, on the subways, etc. They understand the reality of black violence but they think they can avoid it by ignoring it, and they don’t want to be reminded of it since that may prevent them from ignoring it.

  • Daniel Schmuhl

    Even conservatives who report on the racial aspect of it can’t get the cause right. High black crime is contributed to hip-hop music and saggy jeans and single parenthood caused by Lyndon B Johnson’s Great Society (which are mostly symptoms). Black crime has always been high in every time and place, even if conservatives are too myopic to see it.

  • dave

    Lets be honest here.Black violence is up and its going to continue to rise under Obama. The only way to put a stake through this violence is when the MSM starts pointing it out without the use of code words. If the media continues to placate and ignore the violence thats coming out of the black neighborhoods its never going to stop. These people have been coddled way too long. The more you spoil someone,the more they expect to be spoiled. Lets start calling a spade a spade. Black on white crime is up over 200% since the election of Obama and the George Zimmerman verdict.

  • bigone4u

    If white students had invented the “game” while targeting blacks, everyone from the POTUS to the FBI to big city mayors would be demanding white scalps. NBC wouldn’t be ignoring it, but would be doing documentaries and a mini-series starring Denzel Washington as the brave black teacher standing up to racist white kids. You puke politicians and media types better step up your game and stop pandering to these beasts because the white race isn’t going to take it anymore.

    • dave

      I agree with all you said. I’m still waiting for the white race to wake up. How much longer do we continue to close our eyes and hope this all goes away?

      • Jack Burton

        The White race can’t wake up because the government and media are keeping the populace sedated.

        • bigone4u

          Jack and Dave, there are several sociological and psychological theories about why whites are so tolerant of their mistreatment. I think that whites have woken up, but are still half in denial. There’s also the problem of how to organize ourselves to stand up for ourselves. Rome wasn’t built in a day and the WN movement will not be built in a day. But an economic collapse will hasten the day, as might some other unexpected event. A woman Amren commenter publishes a blog blondegynocide(dot)wordpress(dot)com that along with hundreds of others is waking up folks one person at a time. Her personal stories of anti-white racism are horrifying to women, and we need to bring along our women. That’s what I think.

          • Jack Burton

            The state that we’re in didn’t come into effect until after WW2 and the countercultural revolution of the 60s. Prior that that Whites were on the whole much more racial and nationalistic. So this idea that most Whites are inherently dysfunctional and self-hating is not true. We’re under massive propaganda and socioeconomic control.

    • Non Humans

      Nor are we going to protect them when the bottom falls out, either. Quite the contrary…

  • Spartacus

    Get guns, get them illegally if you live in a fully marxist location, and shoot to kill when attacked. If you see someone in your location who does this and then gets attacked by the ocupation forces, take your gun and avenge him. You’ll do two good things at the same time – justice, and lessen the risk of them coming after you later on.

    • Jack Burton

      In the latter you’re advocating someone commit murder and get a life sentence, so that’s pretty damn stupid.

      • Spartacus

        You can get away with it if you’re careful. Wear gloves, use a long-range gun, learn the escape routes, etc.

        I never killed anyone, but I’ve done other illegal things and I’ve never been arrested. Once you learn how the system works, it’s pretty easy to get away with. How do you think so many groids, mestizos and gypsies do it ?

        • Sick of it

          The system in America has pretty good forensics to work with. We also have more and more security cameras in our country. The government sells a lot of the guns on the black market and can threaten the seller to give up their customer even if it’s not a government agent. In a lot of ways, we have Communism to a degree that your former rulers wish they could have had in Romania. Absolute control. A surveillance state. We’ll apparently never have a better way of life short of secession or a general rebellion against the government.

          • Spartacus

            Again, I realize the differences, but no system is perfect. Yours has flaws as well, and beneath the appearence of power there’s just corruption, chaos and affirmative action. Use that to your advantage, and victory will be easy .

        • NoMosqueHere

          How do you think so many groids, mestizos and gypsies do it ?\

          Actually, our prisons are full of them.

          Many necessary changes can still be accomplished at the ballot box. Advising people here that all is lost and therefore they should engage in illegal acts is irresponsible. Organize, vote, and get off your butts.

  • Truthseeker

    This is clearly damage control. The Knockout Game is becoming too big to ignore, so they’re seizing the narrative and spinning it to make sure that absolutely no one gets it in their heads that maybe this is a racial problem. It would be heretical to the religion of diversity.

  • [Guest]

    What this country needs right about now is a few million more Colin Flahertys.

    • Spartacus

      Not really. A few thousand Oscar Yeagers would be more than enough .

  • Andrew


  • Brian

    People with Type T personalities, which characterizes risk-takers and
    thrill-seekers, are motivated to commit violent acts, like smacking
    strangers in public, according to Professor of Educational Pyschology
    Frank Farley.
    Hey prof, giving something a ‘syndrome’ name does not excuse it. Besides, we already have a perfectly serviceable term for the knockoutateers: black sociopaths.

  • Luca

    “People with Type T personalities, which characterizes risk-takers and thrill-seekers, are motivated to commit violent acts, like smacking strangers in public, according to Professor of Educational Psychology Frank Farley.”

    The good professor got it wrong, that should read Type “N” personality.

  • Mack0

    Completely irresponsible journalism by the mainstream media- no big surprise there. They hyped the hell out of the trayvon Martin stupidity as if there was pattern

    • CoweringCoward

      Yes, and in so doing, they have caused a pattern.

      • Mack0

        Theyve created an atmosphere of manufactured outrage that breeds this kind of violence on whites.

    • Pat Kittle

      Right you are, and if we’re ever going to get anywhere we’re going to have to name names.

      Who owns the mainstream media?

      Hint: They own a whole lot more than that.

  • itdoesnotmatter

    Remember egregiously stupid black congresswoman Fredrica Wilson’s CNN broadcast statement about St. Skittles and the White Hispanic? She screeched:
    “Trayvon was hunted down like a rabid dog. He was shot in the street. He was racially profiled.”
    Many White liberals believed this, probably 99 percent of our melanin enhanced citizens certainly ran with it. This is the toxic, biased journalistic insanity we face.
    I don’t bother with MSM reportage. AmRen, similar fearless, truth telling news commentary blogs and websites are it.

  • shmo123

    “Punch them in the face
    until they are knocked out. Or dead. Or your arms get tired.”

    I’m not likely to play the “game” anytime soon, but I thought the whole point to the so-called knockout game was to see if you could knock someone out with one punch.

  • Jim Henry

    FLASH: Kennedy assisation an urban myth. He is actually on that island with James Dean, Elvis and Marilyn.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    That will come to an end soon, like a dam breaking. The darkies are going to provoke us until finally we retaliate against ALL of them. The longer this festers and builds before coming to a head, the deadlier the results will be for them and those who are using them as weapons against us.

    • tlk244182

      Wont the army be able put us down with relative ease, confiscating all privately owned firearms in the aftermath? Seems like that’s Obama’s endgame. I hope I’m wrong.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        Indeed they will try, but soldiers firing on their own fellow citizens will mean war without end, and the death of the United States. If Ukrainian guerillas can keep killing, and opposing the Red Army and NKVD for ten years after the end of WW-II with NO outside support, imagine what a bunch of white Americans with small arms and light weaponry could do even in the face of drones, artillery and even missiles. At the very least, we can make life just as miserable for the blacks and their puppet masters as they are make our lives a living Hell.

    • Pat Kittle

      Those who must not be mentioned here but we know who they are.

  • Cold_Gravy

    Denying the existence of these violent crimes, effectively, gives them the right to continue hunting White people.


    “There is more truth on the label of a can of tomatoes than in your average newspaper.” – Gaily, Gaily, biography of Ben Hecht, c. 1910 reporter for the Chicago Tribune, said before the Truth in Labeling Act.

  • Once CCW permit holders start blasting these Afritard thugs in sufficient numbers, the MSM sissies will begin foaming at their mouths and wetting their pants… over guns.

    • My wife is a home health nurse whose previous employer had her covering essentially the entire Denver Metro area including the toughest neighborhoods. She was recently fired allowed to resign without any reason being given. She now suspects it’s because she gave the name of her employer when she applied for a Jefferson County concealed carry permit.

  • MarcB1969

    “But just hitting someone for the sheer thrill of seeing if you can knock someone out is just childish.”

    It’s not childishness, it’s savagery.

  • M&S

    It’s not enough. People hug numbers, even when they hurt their feelings, as a truth that cannot be denied. Lies, Damn Lies And Statistics.
    People need to start working the inside so that we are not reliant on individual occurrence models to stoke the flames. We need to go to hospitals and open up the _real_ books at police precincts so that numbers start pouring out of the wood work.
    How many end up in the hospital who fit a profile: Alone, weak, distracted, no cause or theft.
    How many?
    We need insiders willing to do a Snowden on the facts, possibly contributing covertly to a collective which filters and posts a single, mass, filing of the sum truth.
    We also need to have a loop-snare system in place which _absolutely crushes_ liberal gain saying in a silence of shame. One argument in, hoisted by their own petard.
    It would be helpful if we could coordinate this in a such a fashion as to create something usefully permanent from it. Much as Jews use the Holocaust as a permanence artifact of Israel.
    “The Whites Party Exists Because…”
    And here is the Coda.
    There is nothing innately simple about what is happening here. But it has to be integrated and synthesized towards a message that is innately comprehensible and appealing to all who read and are /not/ diehard extremist Liberazis.
    In this, it is worth noting that nobody likes an extreme position of constant bad news, not Liberal, not Conservative. You are too busy getting on with life to be worried about the thermal death of the universe, ‘someday’.
    Thus we need to have both an immediacy of threat AND a way out of it.
    And IMO, that way does not include adding to the 828,000 blacks in prison at 24,000-40,000 dollars per year as 19.87 billion dollars thrown away.
    It has something more to do with segregation by preference in communities of our choice with threat of secession in place as an alternative. Refusal to use USD as a currency or to pay taxes with it might be a good way to make our civil disobedience literal and potent across a wide enough base of white Americans to gain some real foothold.
    If we don’t do something, it will get worse. The Jews talked themselves into Pogroms, Krystal Nacht and The Camps. And if we make it a wide spread phenomena by taking comparative samples from relevant cities, we can make it clear that ALL of us are at risk.

  • “But just hitting someone for the sheer thrill of seeing if you can knock someone out is just childish.”


    No, it’s a symptom of the rapid breakdown of law and order in the USA. After the inevitable financial collapse things are going to get really ugly. Whites need to make sure they will be at the winning end of a gun barrel instead of the losing end.

    As a nation we’ve lost the will to defend ourselves. That doesn’t mean we all need to do it as individuals.

    • Pat Kittle

      Right, we need to defend our own country instead of fighting wars for Israel.

      • Yes, we need to defend our own country. By the way, we have never fought a war for Israel … or am I overlooking a war that you’ll tell the Amren readership about?

        Further by the way, Pat, you were wrong last spring when you told the TakiMag readership that I had deleted my posts myself, My guess is that it was done by Goad on orders from Taki.

        • Pat Kittle

          I came across your website today.

          You still (in your roundabout way of course) want the US to attack yet another Mideast country (Iran). And who do you cite as the benefactor?


          If you could be upfront about that it would help your credibility.

          BTW, you might want to thank whoever removed your comments from TakiMag. I seriously doubt if you’d want your creepy sado-homosexual fantasies reposted, would you? Other TakiMag readers might recall them for you if you’ve “forgotten.”

          • Readers who check out the What If? / New Israel section of my website will wonder wtf Kittle is talking about.

            As for supposed creepy sado-homosexual fantasies, Pat, go right ahead and post them. What I wrote about was a healthy interest in harmless online porn even at age 70, hetero only, an interest shared by probably 75% of red blooded American men no matter what they say in public.

            You are aware, are you not, that 50% of the internet packet traffic is pornographic images and videos? Or do you watch only Mickey Mouse Club outtakes?

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    Maybe what America needs are a few hundred thousand Cossacks. There’s men here who would be one if they were living in Ukraine instead of here. Napoleon declared with twenty thousand of them, he could have ruled the world. He should know, they chased him literally all the way back to Paris, imagine how fast blacks will run when they meet guys like these who not only don’t fear them, they never run away from a fight too.

  • Paleoconn

    I invite the denying journalists to walk in some black areas where gangs of young blacks congregate.

  • tlk244182

    This is why combating liberalism (especially respecting race) with facts and reasoning almost never works. Its a chronic cognitive disorder with no effective treatment. An as yet unknown percentage of liberals recover spontaneously, myself among them. My recovery appears to be an example of the principle that a fantasy world (or world view) must eventually collapse, unless the patient descends into psychosis. I remember MS Peck’s books. That was a lifetime ago, and I was a liberal in those days. I guess he was right in the main, since my sanity returned after my conversion to Christianity in ’94, ignited by reading CS Lewis.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    Not all of them, if you have Ukrainian ancestry, you are a descendent of the Cossacks.

  • Jackryanvb

    Where can I contact, support Colin?