Russia Needs Immigrants, but Can It Accept Them?

Fred Weir, Christian Science Monitor, October 27, 2013

They came on like a river pouring from two nearby metro stations, tens of thousands of mostly young, dark-skinned Muslim men, some bearded, some dressed in traditional Central Asian clothes, but most thin, haggard, clean-shaven, and wearing the tracksuits and cheap plastic jackets, with baseball caps or tuques, that make up the standard uniform of Moscow’s poor migrant laborers.

The crowds, hemmed in and broken up into small streams by ranks of impassive Moscow riot police, converged on the Poklonnaya Gora mosque, a small and largely symbolic structure installed by Russian authorities almost two decades ago as part of a larger war memorial complex. It’s one of just six mosques in Moscow where the city’s Muslim inhabitants might mark the holiday of Eid al-Adha or, as it’s called in Russia, Kurban-Bairam. Since the mosque can accommodate only a handful of worshipers at a time, most waited patiently and silently nearby, a vast sea of un-Slavic faces.

This is no longer your father’s Moscow. Except for days such as Eid, when it’s impossible not to notice, the change in the city’s complexion has been happening almost imperceptibly for more than a decade. But now, if migrant labor were to disappear, whole sections of Moscow’s economy would immediately shut down.

Yet needed as they are, the growing numbers of non-Slavic immigrants in Moscow are also resented and–by some–hated. Social pressures are growing, and without major reform of Russia’s almost nonexistent immigration policies, serious unrest–potentially foreshadowed by the anti-immigrant riot a few weeks ago in Moscow–is almost certainly in the offing.


When they do congregate en masse, such as on Eid, it gives politicians like President Vladimir Putin an opportunity to celebrate Russia’s “multinational, deep, rich spiritual heritage,” and to remind people of the official distinction between Rossyanin, a Russian citizen or resident, and Russky, a person of Slavic Russian ethnicity. But such language is how the Kremlin papers over the growing demographic chasm.

According to Konstantin Romodanovsky, head of the Federal Migration Service, there are about 1.8 million foreigners working legally in Russia, and at least 3 million who are working here illegally, mostly in centers like Moscow. Some experts estimate vastly higher numbers of illegal immigrants.

Driven from their former Soviet Central Asian homelands or Russia’s own insurrection-plagued Northern Caucasus by extreme poverty, unemployment, war, and political oppression, the migrants pass through Russia’s virtually unregulated southeastern borders, striving to reach the relative prosperity of Moscow and a few other bustling centers. {snip}

Though the Russian state has made few efforts to integrate the newcomers, protect their human rights, or prepare the local population for the unprecedented influx of outsiders, there’s little doubt that they are needed here. The country’s aging population, compounded by a collapse in birthrates during the 1990s, has put Russia into a demographic crisis that could strain its industry, agriculture, and armed forces. In the next decade, demographic experts expect Russia’s native labor force to shrink by more than 12 million, or around 15 percent.

“The number of new workers coming into the labor force is about half the number who are leaving,” says Boris Denisov, a demographer at Moscow State University.

“This was known long ago. It’s absolutely not a surprise. . . . To cope with this demographic squeeze, the Russian government definitely relies on migrant labor to fill the gap, and not on advances in technology or rising labor productivity, such as the strategy being pursued in other demographically hit places like Japan,” he adds.


But tensions build up in suburban neighborhoods where migrants congregate and work; they often create parallel communities of their own and inevitably come into friction with locals. Criminal organizations from their own homelands travel with them and take root in the new Moscow populations.


Workers from Russia’s own mainly Muslim territories, primarily the Northern Caucasus, are Russian citizens and not counted as migrants by police. But Alexander Belov, head of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration–one of the more “moderate” of Russia’s growing number of nationalist groups – says there is effectively no difference, and they all should leave.

“I don’t separate legal migrants from illegal ones,” Mr. Belov says. “Whether they have documents, jobs, and a place to live or not, they are all people of a different culture and aliens to Russian life. They come here, establish their own orders, live according to their own rules, and protect themselves regardless of local laws and public customs.

“Average Muscovites are unable to resist the power of these ethnic clans, and as a result the fears of ordinary Russians are developing into hatred,” he says.

This year, ironically just one day before Eid, social tensions boiled over in the grim Moscow industrial district of Biryulyovo, where a Slavic Russian man was stabbed to death allegedly in a quarrel with a migrant from the former Soviet republic of Azerbaijan. Biryulyovo is a working-class neighborhood and part of Mr. Putin’s political base: 64 percent, a much bigger-than-average majority, voted for the Kremlin’s anointed mayoral candidate Sergei Sobyanin in September.

But within hours it was engulfed in street unrest by thousands of residents, some of whom shouted racist and anti-Kremlin slogans and clashed violently with police. The riot quickly focused on a vegetable warehouse known to employ hundreds of illegal migrants and a local shopping center where many others worked.


Most of the nearly 400 detained rioters were quickly released, and about 70 of them were handed light fines. Only two were charged with “hooliganism,” a charge that carries a potential prison sentence.

A bit of theater

But in the days that followed, police rounded up more than 1,000 alleged illegal immigrants in the vegetable warehouse and other Moscow locations. Mayor Sobyanin subsequently ordered police to stage regular raids every Friday on apartments and other places where migrants might congregate, and ensure that the results of such raids are made known to the public.

But most experts regard such crackdowns as an empty response, a bit of theater to convince the public that something is being done.


One longstanding Kremlin response to the basic problem of Russia’s shrinking population, which has enjoyed some success, has been to launch programs to encourage Russian women to have more children, to combat drinking and smoking, and to promote physical fitness.

“There has been improvement in population indicators over the past decade, including reduced mortality and rising fertility. These results are real,” says Mr. Denisov, the demographer. But he adds that the improvement is not enough to head off the coming huge slump in the native labor force, and the jury is still out on how it will affect Russia’s long-term demographic crisis.

Mr. Gontmakher, the economist, says that mass migration into Russia from its mainly Muslim neighbors is a fact that’s here to stay, but that the current authorities seem incapable of framing sensible immigration policies or implementing programs that might reduce social tensions and help migrant workers integrate into the Russian community.

“Maybe if we had a new political situation here, these problems could be addressed,” he says. “But under our present regime, where so many officials have a finger in the cash flow from illegal labor, we can already see that nothing is going to change. That means we should brace ourselves for more social outbursts, because they will be coming.”

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  • Alexandra1973

    They should take in Afrikaners. Preaching to the choir here, obviously.

    • borogirl54

      That would be a good idea. Give them some land that they could farm. The Afrikaners would do well, I think. They would certainly be less trouble than the unskilled Muslim migrants that they have now.

      • Oldcorporal

        And they would fit in much better with the ethnic Russians, too. After all, both groups are White, and essentially Christian, albeit of different traditions.

        • ShermanTMcCoy

          I rather think that they would assimilate and become Russian, but to become Russian probably means to accepts the ancient faith, as it is inextricably bound to Russian identity.

  • Puggg

    Why does Russia need (Muslim) immigrants?


    • ShermanTMcCoy

      Why would anybody need them?

      • Sick of it

        To increase rates of violent crime?

    • borogirl54

      Why does any country need Muslim immigrants? Most of them have no desire to assimilate into any non-Muslim country.

      • M.

        If “assimilate” means “intermarry”, then no thanks.

      • Erasmus

        No country ultimately needs immigrants. While their influx may shore up holes in the economy over the short term, ultimately they will destabilize Russia.

    • Kronolog

      Because there are too few Russian workers, of course.

      • Jotun Hunter

        Im sure theres plenty of white russians on welfare who just need the proper motivation

      • Terra Magnum Imperium

        And doing the jobs Russians won’t do…

    • joesolargenius

      They made the same mistake that France and Britain did by taking over Muslim countries as if they were their own !

    • Jkjljmt_Pqprpstt

      Because you can’t be a good anti-white without them…


      • egorbr

        Don’t worry, we Russians are not multicultural-loving hippies likes those western Europeans. We have white pride more than any other white ethnicity on Earth, and you can see that on the news!

    • M.

      Crashing birthrates and an ageing population. When birthrates drop that fast, it hurts the economy, as there would be an imbalance between the working young population and the retired part of it.
      And the Muslims make up most of those who enter Russia illegally.

      And they’re taking the easy way to deal with the problem, as the article points out:
      “To cope with this demographic squeeze, the Russian government definitely
      relies on migrant labor to fill the gap, and not on advances in
      technology or rising labor productivity, such as the strategy being
      pursued in other demographically hit places like Japan.”

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Take in Afrikaaners and refugee Whites, Vladimir. Unlike the nonwhites, Whites build and strengthen.

    • ShermanTMcCoy

      Write him a letter. I’m not saying he reads them all, but I pled with him from one Orthodox Christian to another to take in Ed Snowden. Who knows?

      • NeanderthalDNA

        I actually have drafted one. Should revise and send it. Orthodox, eh? I like the Hellenic interpretation myself. What variety of Orthodox if I may ask?

        • ShermanTMcCoy

          I was chrismated in the OCA, but recognize the authority of the Moscow Patriarch, and worship at any Eastern Orthodox Church I happen to be near. My preference is Russian, though Serbian will do in a pinch. Can’t get used to the Greeks having pews, though. Woosies! ; )

          (I said that in all filial love, BTW)

          • Oldcorporal

            I’m not Orthodox — was raised Methodist, but am basically nothing right now. But I’ve been fascinated by Eastern Orthodoxy for many years, have studied it quite a bit, and would start attending Divine Liturgy if there were an Orthodox church near where I live. Unfortunately, the closest ones are 50 miles away, and I lack my own transportation.

          • Erasmus

            As my own Catholic church becomes ever more ridiculous, the Orthodox church sounds better and better. I have no desire to belong to any organization of whose members the average IQ will be dropping sharply over the next 10 years.

  • borogirl54

    This migration actually causes a lot of problems in areas where these migrants came from. Most of these men, do not send money home to their families and because a Muslim can say “I divorce you” three times to his wife and that is considered legal, many women find themselves being divorced because the men have started new families in Russia. As a result, the women and their children are left with nothing.

  • Spartacus

    “But now, if migrant labor were to disappear, whole sections of Moscow’s economy would immediately shut down.”


    It would be worth it. They can recover from an economic disaster, but they will never recover from a genetic one .

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      I stubbed my eye on that line, too. Why “if migrant labor were to disappear”…then the average Russian would be paid more. Whenever there’s a shortage of anything, its value goes up. Fewer workers = more pay. You’d think someone would notice…

      • Spartacus

        You know, I saw a documentary on the History Channel once about the plague in Europe. One of the historians there argued that the plague ended the dark ages, because it made labor more scarce and hence the workers earned more, and artisans become sort of a “middle class” of the times.

        • Strider73

          The plague-induced labor shortage also fostered innovations. The number of literate people who could transcribe books and other documents was insufficient to meet the need, so Gutenberg invented movable type.

      • Erasmus

        Shhh!! Far be it from members of the MSM and The Grand Poobah economists to give an answer thorough enough to present that disturbing possibility. Official communications today are used at least as often to misinform as to inform.

        In other words, take everything our “elites” say with a large helping of salt.

    • gemjunior

      THAT is a great point. What would matter anyway if your race is destroyed?

  • Le Fox

    Don’t worry guys; the Russians know what’s up. If not them, the Cossacks, who are still around. They hate the Muslims more than the Russians do.

  • Luca

    If Japan is experiencing the same demographic problems why are they not suffering the same immigration nightmare?

    These countries need to take a better approach and stop using the same tired excuses. They could import guest workers without their families, required to carry special visas and they could sign on for 6-month contracts, renewable by the worker, the employer and the immigration authorities. They could live in barracks, special housing or neighborhoods exclusively for them. When their term is up, they go home. Period.

    • Oldcorporal

      Well, Japan is an island nation, which makes it easier to keep out the unwanted. And the Japanese are very ethnocentric; their country is about 98.5 percent ethnic Japanese. They DO NOT WANT foreigners!

      • borogirl54

        I remember hearing that Japan actually paid Japanese Brazilians to go home. These people are ethnically Japanese, but I guess they were not Japanese enough for them.

      • David Ashton

        Being an island monarchy off the mainland of Europe has not helped Britain as much as its counterpart off the mainland of Asia very much. The break down of “ethnocentricity” is the problem here, and the world spread of the English language has in effect contributed to this.

      • Mike Lau

        Japan also does not occupy most of the Eurasian land mass. Occupying huge territories and making it one country automatically means you will have all sorts of people in your country. You can’t blame Muslim Turkic people from being in Russia, when many of them have lived in the same territories for a huge stretch of time.

        • David Ashton

          Japan tried to occupy much of the Asian land mass until the Allies in WW2 defeated it. Empires do indeed create the problem of multi-ethnic heterogeneity. In the case of the USA, Scandinavia and several other white countries, the post-war “invasions” have come in from outside.

          • MikeofAges

            Japan never intended to seed the rest of East Asia with ethnic Japanese and force other East Asians to adopt Japanese culture and the Japanese language. They called their intended entity “The Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere”, and that is what they intended it to be, a developed East Asia under Japanese economic and political control. Perhaps they expected other East Asians to eventually see the wisdom of this arrangement as a bulwark against the West. In that case, they could have loosened their control and repression. In the minds of the Japanese of that era, no one but they had the capability to lead this assemblage anyway.

          • David Ashton

            Manchukuo was designed as a huge settlement area for the Japanese. Before WW2 about half the arable land in Korea was owned by the Japanese.

            I am not unsympathetic to what one scholar described as “Japan’s Quest for Autonomy” or to the case against US policies from before Pearl Harbor to Hiroshima. I have a high regard for Japanese culture and a low regard for the barbarities of its military occupation in Asia, especially after speaking with some of its Asian victims several decades ago. In fact, there was an old alliance between the two Island Monarchies which collapsed partly because of a fear of future Japanese mass-immigration into Australia.

            It is easy to make anachronistic and culture-tactless judgements about pre-WW2 imperialisms, but I would think the British Empire can be compared quite favorably to Imperial Japan. There was no plan to seed India or Burma with ethnic English, and the occupation of the highlands of Kenya and Rhodesia was an advantage to the local blacks, as the subsequent history has proved. English made sense as a international second language, and may it remain so in a world where Communist China and the House of Islam could fight for control of a European world whose rulers have chosen suicide.

          • MikeofAges

            I havere argued several times that the “Race for Africa” was what led to World War I and the jeopardy Western civilization stands in today. One of several geopolitical idea I have worked out since I started reading and posting on Amren. The relevance for today is that we in the West need to determine whether we want to hold on to out interests in Africa or let Chinese and the Indians take the management of Sub-Saharan Africa. I have come to think that Orwell’s division of the world into huge power blocs as described in the novel “1984” makes sense. He divided the world between Eurasia, Eastasia (his spellings) and Oceania, with the rest of the world — Africa, South Asia, the Asian Archipelago and Latin America comprising worldwide colonized mass subject to shifting control. I don’t think that would be acceptable today. I add two power blocs to Orwell’s scheme — South-Asia and Pan-Iberia. Virtually every inhabited spot of land on the Earth would be affiliated with one of these power bloc. Many, I think would want to avoid Chinese domination, so Africa and Southeast Asia might seek affiliation with South Asia to avoid that fate. All the better for Eastasia, if it was composed of metropolitan China, Formosa, Japan, Korea Singapore only. Among Asian countries, only the Philippines and the Pacific Islands might be affiliated with Oceania.

            For the West, the most important concern in my opinion in the keep the Chinese from gaining excess influence in Latin America.

            These power bloc do not have to be formally organized entities. Might be better if they weren’t. I could see these co-existing with other types of formal or informal system. These could include the decentralized system described by Leopold Kohr and the current nation state system.

            The problem with world is that old saw “those whom the Gods destroy, they first make mad”. The movements toward Orwell’s and toward the decentralized regions described by Kohr both are very strong. Meanwhile, the nation states are trying to expand and centralize their internal power and traditional proletarian and underclass elements threatened by modernization are rebelling violently in various ways — both through political violence and through organized criminal violence.

          • David Ashton

            This is an interesting analysis which deserves careful consideration. Events have an annoying tendency to upset schemes which have changed so much since the turn of the last century, e.g. the fate of the Russian empires. I would be interested in your projected aspirations for my own people in Australia and New Zealand, especially in relation to the population growth of Indonesia.

          • MikeofAges

            Not sure. Australia particularly faces the same demographic risk and political problems as the rest of the English speaking world. Issues such as a self-indulgent upper middle class which embraces political leftism and enters into alliances with non-white segments of the electorate to work against the historic majority population and culture. Especially, that is the issue and the problem. In my estimation, the West has to stop claiming what is not its own and withdraw behind clear boundaries. Doing that will undercut the capacity of others to claim that they have a place in our lands. The only non-whites who have a place in the West are Native or First Peoples in North America and Oceania, the descendants of Black African chattel slaves in the United States and miscellaneous minorities in Europe.

            In the United States, defining clear boundaries might mean giving up the Southwest and granting Southern independence. That sounds extreme but it would create a clear boundary and send a message to non-European descended residents that they had better either adapt or make plans to leave, either go back to their home country or back the South, as the case may be.

            In the long run, over spans of a thousand years or more, you future population inevitably will be composed of the amalgamated descendents of the people who are there today. If you believe that culture and economy are the product of people, that means that the future of, as I term it, “electromechanical, cybernetic and biotechnic” civilization” is greatly in doubt.

          • David Ashton

            There are intelligent organisations in New Zealand and Australia who seek to keep these lands in the white world, and I support them.

            I have not studied geopolitics in any depth since I read the dated classics by Halford Mackinder, J.H.G. Lebon and an earlier Saul Cohen, when I was interested in the strategic problems of the “cold war” period and in discussing suggestions for co-existent regional autarkies with Oswald Mosley at the end of his autobiography. I have since read Paul Kennedy and more recently Ian Morris (and his critics).

            The world has indeed been transformed by the impact of science on communications, weaponry, biology and beliefs; and geopolitics must reflect these multiform changes. I adhere to the view that the whites as a “race” are worth preserving, and entitled to protect and advance their interests among the human populations on a shrinking planet, and to encourage the reproduction of their most creative elements.

            How we can best do this is what I would like to see discussed on this website instead of personal expressions of hate or disgust for this and that.

      • Kris Roys

        Edit: Responded to wrong post. Meant as a reply to Luca’s.

        THEY ARE! If you are an informed reader about economics, then you know the Japanese diminishing population/immigration problem is one that appears in the news quite often. This is a not a liberal lament. It is an economic issue and a cautionary tale for western countries. You cannot grow an economy when your population is shrinking. The issue is exacerbated in Japan due to their long life expectancy thereby increasing the economic burden placed on those of working age (ratio of retired to working population.) This is an economic fact–true on any scale from countries to small towns. For example, if your town is losing people under the age of 40 at a consistent rate, then its economy will shrink unless the village folk start having a lot more babies or they bring in new blood.

        Thus, the Japanese issue as it pertains to Whites is the low fertility rate of Whites. Without a drastic change in fertility rates in Russia, the only alternative is immigration. GET IT?

        I don’t want to come off as elitist, but I’m tired of people going off on ridiculous tangents over and over again and completely missing the point. One poster in a related article declared that the Japanese population decrease was great because it would improve overcrowding issues, plus the added bonus of fewer Asians. If that’s not a prime case failing to see the bigger picture, not to mention an utter lack of basic economic education, then I don’t know what is.

        • David Ashton

          Even the Japanese communists prefer to talk of an indigenous welfare system to encourage more babies than to risk the permanent importation of young foreigners.

    • Mike Lau

      Many of Russia’s Muslims come from lands that were forcibly incorporated into Russia, or were so until very recently. So in a way Muslims are indigenous to Russia – as in Tatarstan etc. If you invade and occupy another territory, it is a bit rich to moan about the people of those same territories being citizens of your country.

      Furthermore there are millions of ethnic Russians living in non-Russian lands, such as Kazakhstan (which is 25% Russian). So this thing is not just all one way.

  • sbuffalonative

    WHY is the CHRISTIAN Science Monitor pushing MUSLIM immigration in Russia?

    Russia recovered after WWII and Communism. I have no doubt they with thrive without Muslim immigrants.

    • libertarian1234

      Russian population suffered TREMENDOUS losses….including the Ukraine…..after the revolution in 1917 and again during WWII and they bounced back, which is what would happen right now if they rejected multiculturalism.

      This entire demographic scare is a farce, but the worrisome thing about it is the white leaders have apparently been taken in by it.

      Wanting to create a version of the worst kind of Babylon is absolute madness.
      Just look at what it has done to this country……and Europe.

    • Sick of it

      #1 It’s a paper based in Boston

      #2 Mr. Weir is probably not an Eskimo
      en (DOT) wikipedia (DOT) org/wiki/Fred_Weir

  • Oldcorporal

    Illegal immigration is “something that is here to stay”? The Russian government hasn’t done enough to “integrate the Muslims into Russian society”? Here’s some news for them: Illegal immigration is only “here to stay” when the government is too gutless to stop it — or when the government secretly wants to encourage it for political reasons, like the Obama administration does.
    It could be slowed down considerably, at the very least, and as uncaring as the Russian government seems to be about what the world thinks of it, I’m surprised they haven’t taken steps already. And as to “integrating” these Muslim hordes into Russian society, they don’t want to be “integrated,” and the Russians don’t want them to be, either.
    And by the way, how come American White people seem not to have the “cojones” any more to take physical action, in mobs, against our own “illegal immigrants,” or our longstanding, trouble-making 13 percent?

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      Russians want these hordes dead, or gone from their land. They can care less which.

  • JDInSanD

    This article is boilerplate non-sense. The writer could substitute the word America, Britain or France in for Russia and it wouldn’t make any difference. We all somehow “need” immigrants or our economy will be destroyed and somehow the only ones available are non-whites from backward third world countries.

  • David Ashton

    “Russian TV channels broadcast live footage of thousands of people sweeping across Moscow’s southern residential district to support 40 Biryulevo residents demanding police find the killer of Yegor Shcherbakov, an ethnic Russian stabbed on the night of October 10 while attempting to defend a female passer-by from the attentions of a stranger.
    This was not the first time local residents had taken to the streets demanding stricter immigration controls and the closure of the nearby vegetable warehouse, which employs thousands of immigrants from the Caucasus and is regard as a nest of crime. 400 arrests were made. However, within two days, the protesters’ demands were met in full.
    Dr Lev Gudkov believes that inter-ethnic tensions result from an inflow of cheap labor from abroad. The disturbances were nowhere near the scale witnessed in London and other English cities in 2011. But the localised riots have prompted the Russian government to review its immigration policy. Russia ranks second in the world after the United States for the number of immigrants, with 11 million foreigners compared to 143.5 Russian nationals.” – Yulia Ponomareva, Rossiyskaya Gazeta/Daily Telegraph, October 29 [condensed without ellipsis].

  • libertarian1234

    “But he adds that the improvement is not enough to head off the coming huge slump in the native labor force, and the jury is still out on how it will affect Russia’s long-term demographic crisis.”

    There is no “demographic crisis.” Only a demographic psychological ploy. And it is perpetuated and encouraged by the power and money elites who….like the ones in the US….need more warm bodies to increase their wealth and control.

    And they want even more, which was illustrated the last couple of days with the contingent of corporate geeks descending on D.C. to pressure the GOP into giving them more slaves and more consumers by declaring amnesty.

    The greatest crisis Russia has right now is the same one we are having, which is societal disruption due to inundating the country with third world hordes. And they should be VERY thankful they don’t have an imbecilic population of blacks to care for and defend against.

    They haven’t yet reached the level we have here where there is more advanced tribal dissension and fighting because of a more diverse population, but they had better take note of the ongoing deterioration or they’ll suffer the same fate eventually, or it will be too late for them to do anything constructive without first purging the country of malcontents in a civil war as we are going to be forced to do in the near future.

    And in case they think that’s just sabre rattling from a disaffected fringe element they would be wise to check into how the feds themselves regard the situation they have imposed on the population. If they did that they would find that government agencies here are buying up billions of rounds of ammo, purchasing M-16 rifles, and armored personnel carriers for departments that are strictly administrative and have nothing to do with law enforcement or military action in preparation for the civil conflict that is obviously on the horizon.

    If the situation in Russia falls to the same level of deterioration as we have here, they’re going to wish all they had to worry about was a few lost rubles as a result of less economic activity.

  • Strider73

    An article posted here a few years ago noted that many of those whites had migrated to the former Soviet republic of Georgia. At the time, I commented that we should welcome them into our own Georgia.

  • Romulus

    “IT’s the economy stupid”

    How many times will stupid originally white countries make the same mistake over and over and over. Trade away their countries for economics because they refuse to reproduce. This happened to russia before with the influx of the eastern (supposedly european) meditteraneans. We see how that turned out. Massive death of the original stock.

    Stupid is as stupid does. If you do not reproduce, YOU MUST IMPORT YOUR LABOR!!!. No one wants to wait for their own children to grow up and enter the labor force, for who will pay the taxes for the elderly, infrastructure, and social services in real time.
    The policies of the left *sigh*, feminism,(no babies), homos(no babies), destruction of belief system and traditional nature’s family (no babies) massive european fratricide(russians are originally from the rus tribe of scandinavia).

  • ShermanTMcCoy

    We have two Russian churches in Frankfurt, one is what they called ROCOR, and the other falls under the Moscow patriarchate. There is also a nice little Serbian group near where I used to live, and also a Greek church. That’s actually almost an embarrassment of riches for a German city.

    • Fr. John+

      I cannot but wonder if Fr. Seraphim Rose’s prophecy is intimately tied with the fallacy of ontological equality mirrored in multi-racial apostasy everywhere. He wrote, ‘In the end, ALL the Churches will serve Antichrist.’ As the anti-miscegenational prohibitions in the Scriptures were never recscinded, and Christendom is synonymous with White Europe, and the Orthodox Rus never started ‘multiculturalizing on a grand scale’ until after the importation of the Petrine and Catherine reigns (both of whom were historically filioquist Lutheran folk prior to Czardom), one can only draw the conclusion that to follow Antichrist is to follow the Antiwhite mantra of seeking to be ‘anti-racist.’ Is there NOT ONE NATION that will seek to be pure in word AND deed? Or is this the end of the world? (Which is not as bizarre a question as it seems to one racially and covenantally aware of how Christendom once viewed herself.)

  • maxsnafu

    Russia “needs” immigrants like Custer needed another Indian.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      If there is to be any immigration, it should be ethnic Russians from all the other former Soviet republics, and whites from western countries marrying and raising white children with Russians. There are white men in America and other white nations who would be all too happy to help Russia rebuild her population and push out the hostile aliens at the same time. I would do that myself if I was in a position to do so, I would of course want the children born to be raised as Russians, not Americans.

  • Sangraal

    Slava Rossiya!
    Rossiya dlya Russkikh!

  • Chris Granzow XI

    I don’t even believe the b.s. mantra that after a certain amount of demographic decline countries supposedly “need” certain immigrants. Japan seems to be getting on just fine. In the modern era, the entire concept of “needing” immigrants is just a left-wing brainchild. When you look closer, you will see that these same places that “need immigrant labor” have very high youth unemployment rates. How about you just pass a law so that kids can leave school after 15 *if they have a job lined up. Or put more effort into making working class jobs viewed as honorable professions by society. So that someone who works in a factory won’t feel like he’ll be sneered at or looked down. Then there’ll be no such thing as “they’re taking the jobs we don’t want to do.” It’s cheaper and more efficient than importing third-worlders.

    • Northern American-Nationalist

      I agree except that I wouldn’t argue that ‘the entire concept of “needing” immigrants is just a left-wing brainchild.’ I think the left-wing social engineers are just the loudest useful idiots in this department for cosmopolitan/globalist capitalists yet vice-versa for that matter

  • Kris Roys

    Dire predictions regarding a Malthusian catastrophe have circulated for centuries, yet two hundred years later with a much greater population, we are in less danger. This is because the original theory could not foresee the exponential growth in technology and food yields which have far exceeded population growth rates. That is not to say that population should grow unchecked. But OTOH, a severe decline in population is definitely a problem.
    Worker productivity is THE key component in living standards, not the only one. In fact, over the last couple decades, average incomes have failed to keep up with productivity gains (but that is different topic.) I hesitated in making my previous post because I wanted to avoid suggesting that population is the only or most important factor in economic growth. At the same time, I didn’t want to make bloated blog entry with a dozen qualifiers. Increasing worker productivity is the goal of every economy. The key to my point however is that ceteris paribus (holding Japanese productivity growth constant), a shrinking population = a declining economy. It’s not like Japan or any country for that matter can dramatically improve worker output by the magic wave of a hand, at least not to the degree necessary to make up for lost workers. Advances in robotics may ease Japan’s growth problem, but not enough to fix it. Japan has other issues as well like low consumption which will be compounded by a declining population–once again, a tangent I don’t want to explore.
    Finally, money spent on education for the youth of Japan is an INVESTMENT with actual ROI. This is significantly different than money spent on pensions, and health benefits for senior citizens. They are NOT equivalent dollar for dollar as you suggest.

    • MikeofAges

      Not in danger? You’re in greater danger than anything Malthus imagined, in his worst nightmares.

  • Kris Roys

    I’m not going to respond to this other than that you are comparing a million variables here.

  • Terra Magnum Imperium

    Though Russia’s past sins against the White Race are many, perhaps in the near future Russia will become a haven for the dying White Race an Ark to ride the raising storm.

  • David Ashton

    This is an important analysis of the KEY variables. The notion that an endless stream of immigrants, including relative-chains, into England has been a net economic benefit to the whole society is fallacious. Also, the social, legal and cultural negatives must be factored in additionally. For example, a Home Office document estimates that each ILLEGAL immigrant alone costs the taxpayer over £4,000 a year for public services, while previous guesses put their total number at 860,000 – which is likely to be an underestimate.

    Cheap labor imports for some sectors have delayed the introduction of labor saving technology. There was always a case from 1945 onwards for a very small number of compatible workers on short-term return-home contracts for absolutely essential work, but we now have a multiracial ponzi scheme which in time of economic crisis is a boon to a communist revival.

  • David Ashton

    Not quite – if the cultural traitors can’t use the pretext that “we” need their “help” from this or that set of immigrants, they use the opposite pretext they “they” need our “help” as refugees or asylum seekers. This is their “win-win” parody of an argument.