Rev. Al Sharpton Defends Mission in Chicago, Might Bring ‘Diddy’ Here

Wendell Hutson, DNA Info, October 23, 2013

The Rev. Al Sharpton will spend time in a West Side apartment and the streets of Chicago in coming months hoping to shed light on gun violence and what people in the neighborhoods are doing to combat it.

He also might bring some famous friends with him, including Sean “Diddy” Combs, he said.

But not everyone is excited about the 59-year-old Baptist minister’s plans.

“He came here with no resources [to combat gun violence]. I don’t understand. Why is he here if he did not bring resources?” said Harold Davis, an entrepreneur and community activist on the South Side, during an interview Tuesday on WBGX (1570 AM). “He said he is coming to Chicago to put a spotlight on gun violence, but that spotlight already existed in Chicago.”

Davis was one of three community activists who blasted comments Sharpton made Sunday at a news conference at the Sankofa Cultural Arts & Business Center in the Austin neighborhood.

Sharpton said it’s time for local activists to “stop acting like gangbangers themselves and stop fighting over turfs” while trying to stem gun violence in Chicago, according to the Sun-Times.

Those remarks did not sit well with the Rev. Anthony Williams, pastor of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in south suburban Robbins.

“I am not a gangbanger, nor do I hang with gangbangers,” Williams said. “I have nothing personal against Rev. Sharpton, but brother Sharpton coming to Chicago is not going to change anything.”

Sharpton told DNAinfo that his comments were taken out of context.

“I was not referring to any one group, but to all of us, including myself, when I said we all need to stop acting like gangbangers who protect their turfs from others,” Sharpton said. “We cannot act like this toward each other, even if we do disagree. I want to meet with any activists willing to work with me on this problem of gun violence.”

Sharpton plans to commute to Chicago from his New York home once a week, and he could return to the city Thursday. {snip}


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  • There’s a hidden obvious undercurrent to this frustration with Sharpton being in Chicago.

    Beause Chicago is the Jacksons’ turf, Jesse and Company. All the reverends complaining about Sharpton being in Chicago are probably Jackson vassals.

    • Jesse James

      You nailed it. You can’t have two Swan’s trucks running the same route, it’s bad for business. People aren’t sure who to pay. Maybe these affirmative action hustlers will start having turf wars like the drug dealers and the rappers and whittle their number down.

      • I bet that Sharpton senses an opening and developing power vacuum in Chicago because Jesse Senior isn’t getting any younger, Jesse Junior is going to Federal prison, and Mrs. Jesse Junior will eventually.

      • Bill

        Yup. You notice one of the major complaints is that Sharpton is bring NO “resources” with him to Chicago… other words, no money. He’s there to GET money, and they know it. And that’s THEIR turf, and their money machine, so they have their flattened noses out of joint.

    • Katherine McChesney

      I’ll say it again, that it’s entertainment when blacks are divisive. Makes me smile.

  • MekongDelta69

    There’s been only ONE reason $harpton and Hi-Jackson have ever gone anywhere or done anything…


  • Ironic coming from Sharpton, who is doing everything he can to dismantle what is helping to reduce “gun violence” in his own city, New York, that being SQF.

  • dukem1
  • dukem1

    I am confused about the folks mentioned in this article.
    Who is a Hutu and who is a Tutsi?

  • Chris Granzow XI

    So, you’re going to bring a rapper who raps about violence and signs other “artists” who rap about violence…….in order to stop violence? If anybody doubts the Bell Curve, look no further.

  • blight14

    “White folks was in caves while we was building empires,” Sharpton told
    the audience. “We taught philosophy and astrology(sic) and mathematics
    before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got around to it.”
    -Al Sharpton

    • joesolargenius

      (White folks was in caves while we were building Empires.)
      And they did all this without a written language ,now that is impressive or just another line of sharpton shat !

      • Raydonn

        I don’t think they’ve penned a written language to this day!

  • joesolargenius

    Lets look at the bright side ,maybe with a little bit of luck Sharpy will become one of the chosen ones to join MLK in the great beyond . Another victim of the gun violence that is sweeping this great city.

  • Marlin B. Newburn

    It’s amazing to me that people, especially the media, still call Al Sharpton “reverend”.

  • Sangraal

    “He came here with no resources [to combat gun violence]. I don’t understand. Why is he here if he did not bring resources?”

    Al Sharpton! Y u no gibsmedat?

  • Exactly what “resources” are needed to “combat” gun violence? Doesn’t Chicongo already have a police department? Moreover, white people have the same access to firearms in the United States, and we don’t shoot each other in those numbers, not even folks who really need it. Is our unwillingness to wantonly murder each other more of that White Privilege I keep hearing about?

    • 1. Self-esteem counselors
      2. Conflict mediators
      3. Restorative justice experts
      4. ObamaCare
      5. Democrat Party voter registration cards, lots and lots of them
      6. Very large direct government grant to either the Brady organization, the Giffords/Kelly organization or preferably both
      7. OFA and the local cabal of black preachers protesting the next NRA convention in whatever city it will be held
      8. Stopping the school to prison pipeline by totally prohibiting school suspensions (except if you’re white and chew a pop tart into the shape of a gun)

    • Ryan Blades

      Resources = Money

  • The other side can’t spotlight it too much, because the spotlight shines on some dark faces. They run the risk that we might get a clue.