Posted on October 24, 2013

CNBC Reporter Apologizes If He Offended Cruz: I Chose ‘Mexican Music’ to Represent Texas

Tony Lee, Breitbart, October 23, 2013

The left-leaning CNBC economics reporter who asked for “Mexican music” to be played on Tuesday when an image of Sen. Tex Cruz (R-TX), who is partly of Cuban descent, came on the screen apologized “if” his “remarks were insensitive.”

On Wednesday, Steve Liesman also claimed that he only meant to choose music that represented the state of Texas when calling for “Mexican music” to be played on Tuesday’s Squawk Box.


On the show on Tuesday, Liesman said, “We’re going to call this the Senator Ted Cruz jobs report. These are the jobless claims of Senator Ted Cruz.” After Cruz’s picture came on the screen, he then said: “Can we get some music to go along with that? Some Mexican music, maybe?”


“I thought of him only as an American senator from Texas, and in an attempt, on the fly, to choose music representing that state, I chose Mexican music,” he claimed. “As a musician for many decades, I’ve played and listened to tons of Texas songs infused with Mexican themes. A better choice would have been Country/Western or Texas Roadhouse Blues–it was a bad reach all the way around.”