Obama Has Killed Thousands with Drones, So Can the Nobel Committee Have Their Peace Prize Back?

Tim Stanley, Telegraph (London), October 10, 2013

Tomorrow we hear who has won this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. Of course, most of the previous recipients have been deserving. Some less so. When Henry Kissinger was awarded it in 1973, Tom Lehrer quipped that the prize, “made political satire obsolete.”

The same could be said about the award that went to Barack Obama in 2009. It summed up his whole political career–celebrated before he’d actually done anything, the jar into which millions of liberals poured their dreams, and, most importantly, an utter disappointment when in office. Barack Obama deserves a peace prize in the way that Pat Robertson deserves the trophy for Mr Gay USA 2013. Consider the evidence:

– Far from ending the adventurism of his predecessor, Barack Obama surged troop numbers in Afghanistan, bombed Libya and was only prevented from going into Syria by public opposition to the sheer insanity of the idea.

– Under his watchful gaze the Middle East is arguably less stable today than when his presidency started. There is civil war in Syria, a kidnapped prime minister in Libya, revolution in Egypt. It’s been a particularly hard few years for the remaining Christians.

– He’s engaged in a drone strike campaign that would make Bush blush.

George W Bush conducted 45 drone strikes as President, killing 477. Barack Obama conducted 316 drone strikes, killing 2,363. These figures are from the New America Foundation – and the total dead is probably an underestimate. The Foundation says that the number killed could be as high as 3,404 including 307 civilian men women and children. One leaked document suggested that drones had killed 94 kids in 3 years. Interestingly, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham – a big supporter of drone strikes – recently said that the total dead could be 4,700. To put that into perspective, 3,527 Americans died fighting in Iraq.

Given that record, it’s time to ask–could the Nobel committee have their Peace Prize back?


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  • Transpower

    The drone strikes are the only thing the President has done properly….

    • joesolargenius

      The so called President has done nothing but run his mouth and pretend he is in charge , he has never made even one important decision , he is but the puppet target ! That which you aim your ire or praise at depending on your politics, he is but a front man for the real organized criminal organizations that run this government.Those Drone attacks are done to keep the suckers in line so that the marks will be too afraid to stand up to the hustlers that are looting their coffers, they have to pay the insurance so to speak or else.Did you people know that after Reagan was elected Casinos started burning in Las Vegas and Gambling Licenses were then given to those whom had been previously denied like Frank Sinatra. When Obama was elected all the old Mafia Kingpins in their seventies were locked up and the Mexican Cartels took their place, The Zetas were trained by the American Special Forces here in our country, we gave them arms and money and this government allows them free rein to cross over our border and travel through our National Parks smuggling hard drugs. Stop acting like it’s that idiot Obama whom is to blame and start looking at the real culprits Like George Soros and others of his ilk . It is always the major stock holders and not the CEO whom make the real decisions in how a business operates and whether or not to raise the rates.

    • Sick of it

      Except that he hasn’t targeted al Qaeda in Syria, or perhaps al Qaeda in general, as much as he has various wedding celebrations and schools. In fact, he’s been giving al Qaeda more resources and doing it openly.

      • ThatguyinTN

        Well yea it makes sense that he wouldn’t target his “homies” but instead the civilians so he can breed more hatred of America while our borders are standing wide open.

  • mgs166

    In due time, the “prize” will be sent back with the usurper attached to it.

  • Puggg

    Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize because he was black and managed to get himself elected President. That’s all. And that’s why they’ll never ask for it back.

    I’m fine with the drone hits. I like hurting our enemies when doing so presents very little risk to us. If they don’t like it, well, they can just as well surrender.

    • So CAL Snowman

      “I’m fine with the drone hits. I like hurting our enemies when doing so
      presents very little risk to us. If they don’t like it, well, they can
      just as well surrender.”

      You would do well to remember those words when its YOU and YOURS being targeted by those drones. Sorry Charlie I’m not down for the Righteous Slaughter of the innocent. And that’s just what these drone strikes are. The Fed Gov. is the one telling us they are taking out terrorists. A cursory glance at a news source that is not sponsored by the Fed Gov. tells us this is not the case. Drone bombing innocent children creates resentment and blow back against White people all over the world. We do not need to keep making enemies around the world. Stopping drone attacks on third world countries on the other side of the world would go a long way in repairing the damaged image of the White race globally.

      • Puggg


        I don’t care about their innocent children, I care about their guilty adults and our innocent everyone. If they were so worried about their innocent children, they would surrender.

        “Creates blowback and resentment against white people”

        I think they were already resentful against white people just based on who they are.

        “Repairing the damaged image of the white race globally”

        Our image among whom? Since when do we think we need to be in a good image among people that hate us?

        • Sick of it

          They’ve talked about creating a drone fleet of over 200,000 drones. Now picture that for a few moments.

        • ThatguyinTN

          While I agree with you about not caring about what happens to them a little measured diplomacy here and there might be a good thing for a time. Best I know we are out numbered globally so we need to pick our battles starting with getting our own countries sorted out and then worrying about them. Its a losing battle to be fighting the world on all fronts with so much infighting in our own countries.

          • Puggg

            I’m not into measured diplomacy with our sworn enemies.

            We do need to pick our battles. We need to mercilessly thump enemy fanatics. That’s one good battle to pick.

        • So CAL Snowman

          The United States is not the only country with drones you know . . .

        • jackryanvb

          Well said. Putin’s Russia has very solid policies towards Islam, the non White world. Somalians don’t f&[email protected] with the Russians. Nobody F&$&@ with the Russians. Putin’s policies towards Jews is also very solid – no open persecution, but everyone knows Russian media, Russian political power, Russian foreign policy is all in the hands of racial aware White Russians. Rember when Putin put that Yukos Oil Oligarch in a public cage?

      • Islam can’t be fixed.
        If we’re not willing to DESTROY an enemy’s country, we need to get out and let them live in the 7th century filth they have created.

        The US DEVASTATED Germany & Japan – we did not (then) cry over the innocent civilians that were slaughtered. WAR means to kill people and break things – we can’t be nice about it.

        By the way – where the hell is our modern era General Patton?

        • jackryanvb

          “The US DEVASTATED Germany & Japan – we did not (then) cry over the innocent civilians that were slaughtered. WAR means to kill people and break things – we can’t be nice about it.

          By the way – where the hell is our modern era General Patton?”

          Jack replies:

          The US has no shortage of patriotard generals eager to wage brutal wars against White Europeans, or all the neighbors of Israel, anyone who ever says, writes or thinks anything negative about the Chosen People.

          What was that Paton type general in the first great patriotic war against Irag, Storming Norman something.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        I agree So CAL, it is only a matter of when and how they will be turned against us. Who knows what the true capabilities of these drones will be in a few years, but I am sure it is possible to build drones that will rove about the country, identify whites the government wants dead from afar, and kill them autonomously. In other words, the next step will be hunter-killer drones straight out of the Terminator movies. As for making enemies, we already have them by default. They want us dead, because they want to take our lands as their own. I am not against using drones to kill our enemies, what do you call a cruise missile? I am against their being in the hands of racial aliens who mean us harm, or worse. We should withdraw from their lands, and then use whatever force necessary to keep them out of ours, and expel any of their people among us from our lands. Separation, by force if necessary is the only way we have a prayer of survival. If that means using drones armed with missiles, bombs, LASERS or cannons, then so be it. I utterly do not care about them, I am concerned about my fellow whites.

    • Jefferson

      When George W.Bush was dropping drones on terrorists, the left wingers called him Hitler.

      When Obama does the same thing that Bush did, left wingers give him a Nobel peace prize.

      • Alexandra1973

        It’s okay if your guy does it.

  • Spartacus

    The nobel prize is a joke, otherwise it wouldn’t have been won by Obama .

    • e2657383

      Specifically the affirmative action peace prize is a joke.

    • MBlanc46

      The peace and literature prizes are awarded completely based on political correctness.

      • Marlin B. Newburn


  • Henry Kissinger did his level best to get the Egyptians and Israelis to stop shooting at each other. He was successful. While Tom Lehrer never liked Nixon, he should at least have appreciated a few things about that administration.

    • jackryanvb

      Kissinger got his Nobel Peace prize for supposedly negotiating a just peace ending the Vietnam War. It was just a short time later that Communist North Vietnam resumed all out invasion, conquest of South Vietnam.

      Lots of really stupid Nobel Peace prizes, MLK jr, yasir Arafat, didn’t the last White President of South Africa get one for surrendering White South Africa to ANC Black Communism?

      • Puggg

        I wish the Nobel Peace Prize would go away. I wonder how war and violence has been a result of it existing and being awarded.

  • bigone4u

    Peace Prize? Barry is an empty suit with little intelligence and even less willingness to work. His laziness is probably a good thing because if he worked hard, even more things would be screwed up. He’s a petty little tyrant who is in reality a sock puppet of the power elites, who promote his alleged greatness at every opportunity. Tim Stanley, the writer of this piece, will be lucky if he isn’t assassinated by one of Barry’s drones.

    • ThatguyinTN

      You give Barry too much credit. He is nothing but a race hustling poverty pimp. Someone else gives him his marching orders and yanks his chain.

  • me

    Obama, the Manchurian candidate.

    • MBlanc46

      I only wish that Barry had remained a stoner. He might have turned out to be a fairly decent guy. That said, our two confirmed (Clinton, Obama) and one neither-confirmed-nor-denied (Bush II) dope-smoking presidents have not turned out to be very peace-and-love. If only Frank Zappa had lived longer.

    • skara_brae

      What a complete tosser.

      • me

        Thanks for the compliment….if you hate me because I justifiably criticize the POTUS, then I’m happy to taste your sweet liberal tears.

  • sbuffalonative

    Has anyone awarded the Nobel Peace Prize ever achieved peace? It’s a meaningless award. Will Gore be asked to return his prize?

    This article brings up something I’ve been thinking about. Obama, unlike Bush, isn’t tared to anything. He’s not being blamed for the on-going death counts in Afghanistan as Bush was. Other than by Republicans, he’s not being seriously blamed for the debt. Bush would have been crucified if he had done what Obama is doing at the NSA. Would the press conveniently fail to independently investigate the IRS scandal?

    Unlike Bush were every misstep was amplified (like Katria) no one blames or even links Obama’s name to anything.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Hate to come across as defending Obama, but…I wonder how many of those who were killed were either terrorists or terrorist sympathizers? I’ll bet nearly 100% of them were Muslims at least.

    As far as comparing the number Obama killed with drones to Bush, that is absurd. The technology is advancing at an exponential pace. Compared to today, drones were pretty primitive just a few short years ago. Therefore, such a comparison is meaningless.

    • Brian

      I got 99 problems with Obama, but droning ain’t one. 😉

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Amnesty International…said the U.S. violated the internationally recognized ‘right to life’ and may have committed war crimes.

    A lefty group going after a lefty? What’s not to love?

    Never interfere when your enemies are destroying each other.

    Will obama be tried as a war criminal like George Bush was?

    Bush — along with former Vice President Dick Cheney, former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, and several other top Bush administration officials — were convicted of war crimes in absentia by a special war crimes tribunal in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


    • cablegirls

      Amnesty International is apolitical. Theirs is a noble cause. If fighting — anywhere — for the most elemental human rights is leftist turf, then count me among them. (I donate to them.)

      • The leftists have also monopolized the environmental movement. We recycle or re-use everything. When I was a research chemist, I saved the waste solvents from laboratory distillations and ran my car on them. I must have saved the company a fortune on waste disposal that way.

        Conservatives have to drink clean water and breathe clean air as well.

    • Some states already allow civilians to shoot down drones over their own property.

  • Jefferson

    Obama is not a Muslim, but he does have an extremely positive view of Islam. He was constantly surrounded by Muslims during his childhood. His Kenyan birth father was a Muslim and his Indonesian stepfather was a Muslim.

    Obama’s White mama sure did have a fetish for Muslim men. I don’t think his mama has ever been romantically involved with a White man.

    • skara_brae

      Don’t forget, thanks to Barry, “National Muzzie Month” is just around the corner.

  • Easyrhino1

    Be smart.
    What right does the USA have to violate another country’s air-space and murder so called terrorists without presenting any evidence of guilt.
    What would you say to Russian or Chinese drones flying over your state blowing up so called bad guys from the sky and murdering a few US civilians (maybe your family) in the process?
    Do you trust the US fed gov the same one who said:
    Saddam had WMD
    The US will be greeted as liberators
    This will be a cake walk
    The yellow cake uranium lie
    The only thing the geniuses in the Pentagon are succeeding in is creating more so called terrorists and the CIA even had a term for it: “blow back”.
    Long past time to scale back on the 275,000+ soldiers deployed overseas. Let them guard our borders and spend their paychecks here. We can’t afford to be the policeman of the world.
    By awarding The Nobel Prize to Obama it is officially become a punch line.

    • jackryanvb

      Please go hang out in some Muslim slum in Oldham England or France, or the ones forming in the good Ol USA.

      Please tell the dark, hairy, fowl smelling Muslims that you aren ‘t in anyway RACIST, that you hate American anti Muslim foreign policy and that you feel the pain of Muslims who join extremist groups because of legitimate issues with America…. And…

      (Just a note, Muslim conquerors of Constantinople and other White cities were reported to rape White men and boys, not just White women, it’s another charming custom we get with the joys of diversity)

  • cablegirls

    Very well said. I couldn’t agree with you more.

  • Sigh.

    It’s a good thing some of the people commenting here weren’t key politicians or generals during wars we had to win for our survival.

    But at least everyone here recognizes the rhetorical folly of the phrase “American citizens” when applied to this question. Those “citizens” named something like Mohammed al-Suicidebomb, who attained their “American citizenship” because our Yankee government gives out citizenship to non-whites like candy, or because they happened to be born here while their parents from Whackistan were in the country spewing Islamist bilge at one of the many open air insane asyla that are laughingly called “college campi.”

    • jackryanvb

      Agreed. Race denying Libertarian loons Rand Paul and Ron Paul were championing the cause of that Islamic terrorist leader in Yemen – that he was a good old American boy like the rest of us because of the legal technicality of birth right citizenship!

      This dead Islamic extremist leader in Yemen made Osama Bin Ladin look like a clean shaven Iowa farm boy!

      If you or anyone you live has fallen down in to this terrible race denying Libertarian Constitutionalist cult…

      Get help
      Get out

      If that doesn’t work, have them take a vacation in Yemen or Somalia, let them pack lots of Austrian free market economics books – sure to convert the locals, if for some reason those of The Religion of Peace aren’t really in to reading Hayek, Milton Friedman, and the sons of Allah do something nasty…

      Better race denying libertarian loons than healthy White folks.

      • When, in 2010, Ron Paul supported the Ground Zero Mosque in New York, and Rand Paul opposed it, I thought we were sorta turning a corner.

        But time usually tells all. Anyone who spends hours talking in the Senate droning on about the slight theoretical possibility that the Federal government will use armed drones in America in the future, deliberately confusing the issue when the dichotomy is simple enough for the average white person to understand, who is going to make a centerpiece of his Presidential campaign (if he runs) all those tragic cases of people caught with a little bit of weed doing 20-year Federal bits (good luck actually finding such a case), and who has four times told either organized Razatard groups or others that he wants to “find a place for illegal aliens” (i.e. give them amnesty), such a person isn’t going to save our civilization.

        • jackryanvb

          Well said. I would just add that these race denying Libertarian Constitutionalist Presidential campaigns aren’t designed to win anything, “winning” anything is compromising with the system instead the goal is to get on TV, sell books, get others to join the one true Libertarian cult. Open borders Libertarian loon presidential candidate Gary Johnson won 0% of the popular vote, his supporters weren’t disappointed.

          Ron Paul also won 0% of the popular vote when he ran for President on the Libertarian party ticket in 1988. I’ve tried to publicize Ron Paul’s insane, treasonous open border immigration policies way back then, his cult followers won’t listen.

          There is little use in using facts r reason with these Libertarian cult followers.

  • jackryanvb

    Yeah, this gets old. It comes from dumb goyim American patriotards who just loved all these Neo Conservative wars against Iraq when Bush, McCain were supposed to be in charge, hell these idiots backed Reagan’s wars arming Afghan Jihadists fighting the Russians. Now that these Neo Conservative proxy wars continue under a lib Dem, half Black guy with Muslim sounding names, they aren’t quite as happy even though the war policies are basically the same.

    Obama is part of the Jeremiah Wright “Christian” cult, where all things are racial, ideological Lib Leftist. Gays and Muslim immigrants are on the same team hating on all things straight, White, traditional American – the Jewish powers are also mostly on this same team so pro Israeli proxy wars go on – threatened strikes against Syria, Iran.

  • jackryanvb

    Afghan, Pakistan Muslim tribesmen are filthy, illiterate barbarians. Always have been, always will be. Any White nation that welcomes these filthy barbarians in to their society will suffer rape, murder terror – they are flooding in to Australia!

    We have to get over this crazy notion that Third World Muslim savages are really nice, sweet people like liberal Swedes or Canadians, they supposedly just want to be left alone in peace to read Hayek, Milton Friedman and Ron Paul Books, accept mean, imperialistic Americans bombed them and targeted their children, so Muslims starting to act violent is “blowback” for unjust US wars.

    Islam has been violent, hateful, expansionist against White civilization from the start, any temporary cease fires are do to overwhelming White military economic power.

    Muslims know they enslaved Whites in Greece, Balkans, Spain, North Africa – they are now doing the same in places like Holland, England, shopping malls in Kenya.

    Those folks here who oppose Neo Conservatism, Zionism, Communism, Shelden Adelson, Soros, Hollywood, should understand that this power is usually in support of Muslims colonizing White nations. This tribe got kicked out of Spain in 1492 for taking the Muslim Moors’s side against Whites in Spain.

    The solution is to do what Putin’s Russia does, take the White side, work with locals against Islam and the tribe.