Dozens Confront Border Patrol Agents During Tucson Traffic Stop

Perla Trevizo, Arizona Daily Star, October 9, 2013

Dozens of protesters tried to use their bodies as shields to prevent the detention of three suspected illegal immigrants stopped in front of Southside Presbyterian Church Tuesday night.

At the end of a sometimes raucous confrontation, the crowd was dispersed after Tucson Police Department officers used pepper spray to force them back onto the sidewalk.

About 7 p.m., two day laborers with the Corazon de Tucson were stopped by Tucson police officers for not having a functioning light on their license plate.

Neither of them had a driver’s license or identification and had never been issued one by the state, said Sgt. Maria Hawke, a Tucson police spokeswoman. The misdemeanor triggers a mandatory vehicle impoundment.

State law also required the officers to seek immigration check, prompting the officers to ask the Border Patrol to respond to the scene, she said.

Before long, dozens of activists and community members had gathered outside the church to protest the detention of the two men.

Up to 100 people were there at the peak of the protest, Tucson police estimate.

About 20 or 30 of the protesters formed a double circle around the Border Patrol vehicle in an effort to stop them from leaving. Another person tried to crawl under the vehicle, said Raúl Al-qaraz Ochoa, a local activist who has used that tactic before, resulting in his arrest.

Border Patrol agents were pulling on people trying to get them away from the vehicle and had their Tasers out, Al-qaraz Ochoa said.


When the activists tried again to keep the agents from leaving, a Tucson police force commander there authorized the use of pepper spray to disperse the crowd.

Tucson firefighters were called to treat the most affected by the spray.

No arrests were made, Hawke said.


“We want to make the injustice of separating families visible,” said Al-qaraz Ochoa.


“The community intervened this time so they wouldn’t take a member of our community away,” he said. “We are tired of only taking note of what’s happening.”

Hawke said it was the first time the department faced a spontaneous protest like this.


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  • This was in Tucson, AZ(tlan), right?

  • If these white traitors love Hispanic illegal aliens so much, then they should be happy when we deport them along with their illegal alien friends to these illegals’ home countries.

    Except we don’t actually deport much of anyone these days, so fail that.

    • Mike Conrad

      They don’t want to live in those third-world p!ssholes any more than we do. The difference is, they want to turn the USA into one too, and they’re well on their way.

    • M&S

      Right idea, wrong direction. We deport ourselves. Voting with our feet to leave the liberals to the creation of their superior life. Without us.
      We live in the physical world. We don’t ask much of anyone but that they hold to our Kindred not bring in outsiders and stand on their own two feet.
      ‘They’ (liberals) live in a twilit intermural where they NEED us to sustain anything near a white-acceptable cultural refuge from the consequences of their own invite-everyone irrationalism.
      If we leave (secede, invite skilled and willing to breed white-only peoples to new States as Nation) they have to use the people they seek to ‘save’ (rescued = inferior to, see the hypocrisy?) as the means to hold onto their self-anointed vision of themselves.
      And when those other people don’t manage to meet the minimum skills, intelligence and dedication thresholds, or flat out ask why the remaining whites should -lead- anything, liberalism dies with it’s believers. In a sea of brown.
      Your problem is that you’re trying to win an argument for lack of a credible alternative and the liberals laugh in your face at the idea of trying to convince /them/ of anything but their self-righteous certainty.
      We’re past that. We’re deep into the live or die phase.
      And for liberals, that means abandonment in place.

  • [Guest]

    Maybe someone should deport “local activist” Raúl Al-qaraz Ochoa.

    • Spartacus

      His name kinda sounds like “Al-Qaeda” too .

      • Stentorian_Commentator

        Good point. Hispanic and muslim, two “great tastes” that go great together. Ugh!
        Next time, police, use bullets. I have always maintained that the tragedy of Kent State was poor aim on the part of the National Guardsmen. Only four? For cryin’ out loud!

    • Thor Bonham

      Yes and send congressman Luis Gutiérrez with him ..

      • [Guest]

        Yes, he’s another on a very long list of people this nation would be better off without.

  • joesolargenius

    I noticed the Female Hispanic Border Patrol Agent was pointing her spray towards the ground and was not spraying anyone , these protesters know that the federal government is on their side and therefore are encouraged to stand up like this.;

    • Spartacus

      They should’ve shot them .

    • A Freespeechzone

      If the group were Tea Party members protesting illegals–the government agents would likely open fire on them….

      Make NO mistake that liberals would like nothing more than to have the ability to literally physically eliminate any and all that oppose them. Moreover, they would feel justified.

      Our government is embolden many to take that stance….it’s only a matter of time before it is implemented…

      No Apologies.

  • bigone4u

    “No arrests were made …”
    Legally, the cops were being held against their will by the mob since the cops were trying to leave. That’s kidnapping of the cops by the mob. Alternatively, the mob interfered with the police in the performace of their duty. That’s also a crime. The lack of arrests says the cops are afraid of “community activists,” better known as thugs.

    • Sick of it

      We have just such a thug in the White House.

  • Luca

    These moronic Whites are trying to protect the illegal trespassers who at the very least will be taking their jobs, stealing their cars, selling dope to their kids, and draining their tax money.

    They are enabling their own assassins.

  • leftists are delusional

    A white person interfering with a Federal cop in any other circumstance would not go home until bailed out.

    • Rhialto

      I had a brief encounter with an FBI investigation (no arrests were made). I walked up, the agent said, “Keep moving, this is FBI business”; I kept moving.

  • Jesse James

    We really really need a national divorce.

  • MekongDelta69

    Raúl Al-qaraz Ochoa…

    Now there’s a ‘jen-u-wine’ Messican name, if I’ve ever heard one.

    Next time he crawls under the car – just run his faux muslim butt over.
    Problem solved – again…

  • RisingReich

    Whites that identify with and agitate for illegal scumbag border jumper invaders deserve to be deported along with those scumbags they so identify with.

    People’s minds are completely GONE.

    • Mike Conrad

      It’s true, and if they’re so convinced that it’s really ‘One World’ then they won’t mind living in Guatemala, Honduras or Salvador.

  • WASP

    These idiot Whites are of the “We are all God’s children” persuasion.

    • Ella

      Christ said “go out into the world” but he did not say “bring everyone to your doorstep or country.”

      • WASP

        Right — but that’s exactly what do-gooder religionists are doing. They think they’re saving the world and earning their halos. They’re in the God business and it’s a big business these days. Note I’ve said “religionists”; I didn’t say Christians.

        • Ella

          I agree with you. Churches are businesses who receive massive tax breaks as nonprofit, but they also invest in stock markets to increase their profitability. (They may not be required to pay capital gains tax on their stock profits or investments -not sure.) They also lobby in Congress for open borders. Churches supposed to be spiritual and work within the communities. A healthy religion or denomination supposed to help provide support for that particular culture.

    • Sick of it

      God created separate nations for his own purposes and has systematically destroyed every attempt to create a world nation.

      • Katherine McChesney

        The Jesuits intend to install the pope as World leader. God will intervene. And it will not be pretty.

    • Mike Conrad

      We may well all be God’s children (though in some cases I’ve had my doubts). However it most definitely does not follow from that that all God’s children are supposed to live in this one country.

  • negrolocaust

    wow what an awesome job! to spray a bunch of browns in the face like the roaches they are and get 24 dollars an hour and benefits where do i sign up? those nasty browns smell better now after that spraying i bet you. remember when they were saying they were going to come into america and murder all the whites with their shovels and various gardening tools. i remember it. spray those stinky browns spray them back to mexico where they belong!

  • rowingfool

    Liberalism is a form of self flagellation which as many of us are aware, was practiced in the middle ages. It was not uncommon in the Catholic Church up to the 1950’s. Interestingly, as it died out in our organized religions, it was reborn secularly as do-gooder, self-despising liberalism.

    Here’s a quote from the BBC “Pope John Paul II was a firm believer in the New Testament tradition of suffering, a consistent theological historical position that a good life is simply preparation for death and life everlasting to follow…..Part of a good life is remorse and remorse can be shown through physical suffering…..Pope John Paul II grew up in an era where bodily punishment was seen as pious, and the possibility he may have engaged in it will aid the campaign for his beatification.”

    Beatification. There you have it. Liberals seek out-of-the-body beatification through self (or self-identified race) flagellation. The pure consciousness they seek is not OF this world and so they are indifferent to e.g. the statistics and facts about displacement immigration because that is merely physical. Indeed, for them to suffer physically and to make others suffer as well is GOOD in as much as it purifies the soul in anticipation of its eventual beatification. It’s no wonder we can’t budge them with math and science, we are using the wrong tools.

    • me

      Post-modern Christianity is a mental disorder.

      • rowingfool

        Although they would be the last persons to admit it, Liberals have a deep need to feel guilt and do penance. But because they equally feel the need to see themselves as uninhibited and progressive, they would dismiss this notion as hopelessly old-fashioned, medieval even. In their need to do penance the most committed of them choose self flagellation. These are (for example) the suburbanites who load up the family automobile on Sunday and take their children to inner city, ghetto churches and whose children end up victims of brutal beatings.

        Nothing can deter this goat-headed obstinacy. It is a need that must be expressed. Religion is Real and not merely a “phantasm of the mind” as Marx and so many others have mistakenly labeled it. Or rather, the religious impulse is Real. Whether God really exists or whether Christ is the One and only true Son of God is not the issue here.

        The brutal beatings do not deter this style of Liberal. To the contrary, they serve as demonstrations that their initial beliefs were correct. Why else should they be beaten if not for their own evilness? And why would their attackers beat them if not for the justice of their cause? Thus, perversely, the beatings reinforce their convictions and act as a spur to further acts of contrition. This is the part that perplexes so many of you as when the parents of a raped and murdered innocent White girl forgive her attackers in a final paroxysm of public atonement.

    • Brian

      I think you are on to something here. The willing blindness, immunity to self-interest or facts, does seem like a psychological substitute for this type of religious mindset.

    • gemjunior

      I would rather hit myself anyday. What happens to those of us who don’t like physical pain inflicted on ourselves by ourselves or anybody else? Why do those of us not get sucked in like everyone else? I was raised by two libs who fed me koolaid all my life and when I went out on my own and saw life for what it was I immediately became as traditional, as conservative, and as anti-liberal as I could. Same with my brothers, it’s pretty funny actually how we used to bait my dad and my mother would drop everything and run over to him to try and help him “argue” his insanity. I loved my dad a lot but in other ways he was super intelligent, still he was a lib. The first time my older brother and I laid eyes on a negro was at a gas station when we were about 4 and 5. We were jumping up and down in the back seat laughing and trying to get a better look while my embarrassed mother paid him and yelled at us that it was not nice. I still remember it. So if kids can spot the difference we can be pretty sure that we are NOT the same.
      Libs are insane and they need mental illness treatment . I hope whatever white idiots were there at the “protest” got extra pepper spray in the eyes. Two little 4’9” beans driving in a car that could hit somebody’s kid and drive away, abandon the car and walk away — get away with murder. Or they could breed exponentially in addition to all the ones crossing into the country every single day.

      • James Mayer

        EXACT same story with me; it’s deeply regrettable how much I suffered in my first three decades by trying to deny the nature of reality as I had been instructed. And now that I’ve had the time to observe the world for what it is rather than what the weak-minded would like to fantasise, I’m a full-on Conservative! I Can’t wait for parties like France’s Front National to take power personally, because I know it’s literally what will be needed to save our civilisation. I look back on Liberalism as a giant exercise in mental masturbation, indulged in for the purpose of generating positive emotions inside one’s body regardless of the content of the actual surrounding environment, and so that sheltered individuals can feel better about life and the human condition than they would if they were actually honest. I appreciate the diverse nature of our predicament now, because it’s only contrast which can facilitate our true unfoldment as functionally-equipped entities ready to handle stress and challenge. The left are contemptible and pretty damn funny, but also extremely dangerous: base the practice of political SCIENCE on wishful thinking, and you might just end up destroying the very legacy of your ancestors, who broke their backs every single day to provide what we have now. Shame on those traitors, they will witness the fruits of their actions soon.

    • Katherine McChesney

      ‘Pope John Paul II grew up in an era where bodily punishment was seen as pious,’

      Ah. So that is why he sold Farben gas to Hitler. To make the Jews suffer.

      Wow! Learn something every day.

    • John R

      I take offense at that! This has nothing to do with the Catholic Church! Stop bringing your anti-Catholic prejudice into this. There is a HUGE difference between a life of self-sacrifice and the mental illness of liberalism. All the greatest people we know practice self-sacrifice. Among these are soldiers, Marines, and police officers-all of whom put their lives on the line for our protection. Part of the training of the people in these professions involves a certain amount of physical discomfort. It is called self-discipline. It is also what people go through who sacrifice for their children; their loved ones; and indeed their whole nation. That is not liberalism, either. What IS liberalism? Liberalism is the philosophy that says I’ll turn my back on my own; I’ll sacrifice my children’s future and the future of my nation, all so I can feel good about myself in the present day. That is the OPPOSITE of self-sacrifice, and not at all what the Catholic Church or Pope John Paul II was talking about.

  • Sick of it

    We had congressmen in the 20s and 30s warning us about it, but people don’t read. It’s still a problem.

  • TheCogitator

    Apparently many white people have some defect that seems to drive them to yield to other races and ethnic groups even though such action harms their own kind. Those of us who a regulars to American Renaissance are not so disabled. We must find the cause of this defect. Is it genetic, or is in something inculcated in them by devious people with an agenda? Our very survival could depend on this. If sufficient numbers of our on tribe betray us, we may not survive.

    • M&S

      Fluoride in the water. No, really. It has a detrimental effect on neuro transmitor catalyst reactions at the synaptic junctions of brain activity.
      No other first world nation on the planet, including Russia who pioneered it’s use in the Gulags purely for it’s effects on ‘unruliness’ among the prisoners, now continues to use this industrial waste product in their drinking water because it also pulverizes the liver, lesions the bones and _etches the enamel on our teeth_.
      The key thing to get here is that Americans who came here were the ones who had the balls to get out of a class oligarchy driven Europe. Whatever our genetic ‘norm’ was, we rose above it. And then did it again with the Indians and the Mexicans and the pursuing Brits.
      Let’s stop what we know is harmful while we look for ways to improve what we have.

  • LuisBritishIberian

    My home county is 97 % Hispanic (of overwhelmingly Mexican ancestry) and as I see it a precursor of what awaits America. People are dependent on government, not just for entitlements but jobs as well. As whites become a minority America will only worsen economically and lose its English legal inheritance and culture. I’ve grown a backbone and have started to confront all the amnesty mumbo jumbo and people hate me for it because I’m Hispanic and should support my ‘people’. People down here don’t speak English and expect to be spoken to in Spanish and are belligerent if you don’t. Mexicans send their children to our schools, don’t pay taxes for the privelage and expect that they be taught in Spanish.

    • IstvanIN

      There are a few people of every ethnicity that realize uncontrolled immigration, uncontrolled borders, free trade, multilingualism, etc. will lead to the destruction of a once great nation and the life we all enjoy. Unfortunately not enough.

      • joesolargenius

        If you travel through Rural America talking to the American Citizens that live in those areas you will find that they all think like we do ,not just a few !

  • Bob

    How come the cops don’t have those huge, fire extinguisher looking pepper sprayers? That would make them feel like real protesters me thinks…

  • So CAL Snowman

    The thing that gets me is that liberals do not have any concept of cause and effect. They do not understand how importing millions of third world people has adversely affected this country. Its like rowingfool said above, we are trying to convince them with math and science but at the heart of the matter they are religious zealots who cannot be swayed by empirical, hard evidence. But at the same time, the liberals have some sense of racial survival instinct because they refuse to live in the barrios and ghettos with their black and brown buddies. They prefer to live in majority White communities, just like we do. It’s like they are all schizophrenics with fractured minds.

  • Brian

    “We want to make the injustice of separating families visible,” said Al-qaraz Ochoa.

    The only reason the family is separated is become someone came here (illegally). If they’d all stayed home there would be no issue. Guess that’s too complicated for this Mus-lican or whatever the *$%^ he is.

  • mobilebay

    Why are our government, various organizations, businesses and so many individuals hell bent on turning this nation into a latinized third world? Surely the thought must cross their minds of what they are doing to their own grandchildren’s futures.

    • MBlanc46

      I’m not sure that the people who actually make these decisions think about their grandchildren. What they’re thinking about is profit now and in the near future. If they do think about their grandchildren, they probably assume that they, too, will live in gated communities with private police and Latin American nannies to mind their children and Latin American gardeners to do the yardwork and billions of Asians to produce the goods that they sell (if there’s anyone left to buy them).

  • Thor Bonham

    Nice, did they also check the status of the protesters ? SMFH ..

  • mikebowen55

    I wish they would have used bullets. It’s time these arrogant invaders is tought a lesson.

  • Forlani

    Remember most anti-whites are white.

    • Sloppo

      I don’t know about that. There are some pretty big groups of non-white people that hate us too.

  • Forlani

    I almost lost it when one of the mothers of Chanon Christian & Christopher Newsum went on the Glen Beck show & stated “it’s not about race, it’s about what they did”. Almost makes you feel hopeless.

    • Sloppo

      I would love to see and hear her reply if someone asked her what she would do if she had the ability to go back in time and give her deceased child the opportunity to live his or her life without diversity enrichment.

  • 1XXX

    Maybe we would be better off without these types of whites.

    • WASP

      Yes, you are absolutely right.

  • What’s scary is that a lot of those ‘protesters’ look white.

    • joesolargenius

      Hispanics are part white as Spain was originally a white country before the Moors showed up.

  • Ella

    I agree with you, Erik. Churches who bring in collections or profit over 100K should pay federal income taxes. I’m not against small churches who service the community through shelters or in time of natural disasters. The US government seems to be in the charity business currently that allows churches to make ultimate profits off of money collections and donated stocks, Maybe, 10-50% ever reaches the community?

  • scutum

    If this picture is any indication of the makeup of the crowd most of the protesters were white females. If I had a nickel for everytime I heard a white female complain about the lack of diversity at a traditionally white event or gathering, I would be a rich man. The claims from the MSM and the Republican establishment that it was the Hispanic vote that put O’Bama in the white house are false. It was the white female vote that swung the elections to O’Bama in 2008 and 2012.

  • PouponMarks

    They should have been shot with rubber bullets and beaten into submission. Then jailed with a prison term. Is this a country of laws, or street mobs?

  • NM156

    Schadenfreude: the enjoyment of another’s suffering. Anyone else experiencing schadenfreude, looking at the photo of cops pepper spraying a group of white leftist kooks?

  • odious liberal

    The 870 Remington or the 500 Mosberg are the correct response to unruly crowds.