Posted on October 11, 2013

This Data Visualization of Pigford II Claims Says It All

Lee Stranahan, October 8, 2013

This is a data visualization that one of my awesome readers did of where the people who filed the Pigford II ‘late filer’ claims live. It shows where people filed claims to get a $50,000 check by saying they ‘attempted to farm.’ Last week, the Obama USDA sent out 18,000 checks to people- a total of $1.2 billion dollars-to people who made the claim but didn’t have to provide any proof.

Red is where most are, followed by green and then blue.


The  bullseye is Memphis, Tennessee and rural Arkansas.

Why Memphis?

Memphis is where Tom Burrell’s group Black Farmers Agricultural Association or BFAA is located.

For years, Burrell has been doing seminars showing people how to commit undetectable fraud in Pigford.

Here’s an excerpt from an interview I did with Tom Burrell in June,  2013 asking him about the high number of claims in that area. He had no problem taking credit for it.

Andrew Breitbart and I first exposed this at CPAC in February, 2011. Here’s Andrew talking about it.

Here’s undercover audio taken from one of Burrell’s seminars. If you want to understand why the area around Memphis is bright red, take 12 minutes and watch this.