This Data Visualization of Pigford II Claims Says It All

Lee Stranahan, October 8, 2013

This is a data visualization that one of my awesome readers did of where the people who filed the Pigford II ‘late filer’ claims live. It shows where people filed claims to get a $50,000 check by saying they ‘attempted to farm.’ Last week, the Obama USDA sent out 18,000 checks to people- a total of $1.2 billion dollars-to people who made the claim but didn’t have to provide any proof.

Red is where most are, followed by green and then blue.


The  bullseye is Memphis, Tennessee and rural Arkansas.

Why Memphis?

Memphis is where Tom Burrell’s group Black Farmers Agricultural Association or BFAA is located.

For years, Burrell has been doing seminars showing people how to commit undetectable fraud in Pigford.

Here’s an excerpt from an interview I did with Tom Burrell in June,  2013 asking him about the high number of claims in that area. He had no problem taking credit for it.

Andrew Breitbart and I first exposed this at CPAC in February, 2011. Here’s Andrew talking about it.

Here’s undercover audio taken from one of Burrell’s seminars. If you want to understand why the area around Memphis is bright red, take 12 minutes and watch this.


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  • Pigford fraud.

    You mean that story that AR broke first but 99% of the world that knows about it thinks that Breitbart broke first?

    Yeah, I guess we should be happy that someone else ran with it. But I’m sure Jared Taylor would like some proper attribution every once in awhile.

    On that subject, I still see people sending around that original AR essay from 2009, “What It’s Like to Teach Black Students,” without linking back to AR.

    • Sick of it

      The truth takes time to surface in a world of lies.

    • 1stworlder

      Breitbart broke it to a lot more people. Even with him spreading it to more people it took a decade for the lamestream to realize it.

      • Oil Can Harry

        Yeah, let’s give the late Breitbart his due.

        IIRC the only members of Congress to speak out against this looting (there were no Senators) were Michelle Bachman, Ron Paul and especially Steve King.

        King has also been heroic this year in leading the fight against Amnesty.

        • And now you know why the RINOs want Steve King’s hide. Yeah, they’re going to try to primary him with one of their shills. It’s all EL CHEAPO labor.

  • sbuffalonative

    Breitbart is getting credit for breaking the Pigford story.

    We need to post the original American Renaissance stories that actually championed this expose. AR pre-dated Breitbart by a number of years.

    AR, please post the links for us we we can post them elsewhere.

    • Spartacus
      • sbuffalonative

        Yes. Thank you for that.

        I posted it on the site. It’s waiting to be moderated. I’ll have to check back to see if it’s allowed past the censors.

        As I said, the Breitbart crew has been trying to take credit for exposing the Pigford scam. If you see any of their many articles on this case, be sure to post the link and set the record straight about who broke this story in 2001.

      • sbuffalonative

        Well, it seems some people can’t handle the truth. My post giving proper credit to American Renaissance seems to have been rejected for posting.

        If you see the Breitbart crew tooting their own horn, be sure to set the record straight about who first exposed this scam. Shove the truth down their throats.

        • Spartacus

          Lying bastards !

  • Jesse James

    Straight out criminal looting of the treasury and not one lawmaker or member of the executive branch is willing to call BS and investigate this scam. Yet they expect us to just keep paying more and more taxes?

    • me

      Yup. Our ‘government’ not only condones Negro criminality, it funds Negro criminality.

  • rowingfool

    He certainly knows how to talk to these morons. Pitching his tutorial to their level of understanding just like a church service with call and response. First base? Home plate? Pure monkey shines.

    Boy, those negroes certainly know how to have fun, laughing and carrying on, licking their lips just thinking about all the good sh*t coming their way. Listening to them took me back to my (integrated) school days and believe me, this is “schooling” for most black people. When they say they don’t respond to White curriculum and teaching style let this serve as an example of what they want and expect.

    At any rate, one thing I think we can all agree on is that these people have demonstrated that they are worthy of consideration for Advanced placement classes (as discussed above).

    God help us all.

    • Rhialto

      What I find racially different is Burrell’s blatently advocating criminal behavior. If I were telling people how to engage in criminal or punishable acts (not that I have or would), I would relate the information in a legal manner. In this Pigsty case, I would say that the Feds will rely on your honesty, and tell them to search their memory for something the dear departed may have said or useful things that were done by someone sometime somehow. If there were any problems, I would be available after the meeting for brief 1 on 1 consultations. In these meetings, I would say nothing illegal, but I might write or point to some suggestions that might be construed as not completely legal.

      • rowingfool

        Well, it’s a testimony to the strange state of affairs we currently find ourselves in that those “telling people how to engage in criminal or punishable acts” needn’t go to the trouble of concealing their base motives, their corrupt methods nor of “relat[ing] the information in a legal manner”. Evidently open fraud is not only permitted, it’s encouraged!

        What I personally find most discouraging about this is what some of you have been calling the “gibsmedat” mentality and others the sense of “entitlement”. These people, meaning those in the 12 minute video, seem to actually believe the fantastic delusion that Whites are given every thing for free and that the “system” is so corrupted that it rewards Whites simply for being White i.e. on the basis of skin color alone. And that those rewards are taken from the truly deserving, hard-working Black people in a zero-sum game. Therefore, any ruse to get “their own” is okay, “just payback”. It is hard to know where to go with this.

        All of us know how fiercely competitive the education and job markets are. We all know that nothing is given to us and that wealth and prestige have to be fought for with every personal resource we can muster. When I see or hear Black people exploited and deluded by charlatans such as the guy in the video, my hopes for understanding and cooperation between the races just deflates. Apparently the studies that show Blacks preferring the easy treat now to the better reward later reflect reality and this is why they are so easy to manipulate by their so-called leaders. The violence against Whites I can understand as the work of a sociopathic ten percent. But reveling in gaming the system? No different than rioting and looting. With no thought to the corrosive effects this will have on the viability of the system as a whole.

        Where do we go from here?

        • ms_anthro

          We stop expecting non-Whites to behave like Whites. There are exceptions, but the majority of them don’t think like us and will never act like us when given the choice to descend into outright savagery. We are not the same people and we can’t hold them to the same standards.

          Act accordingly.

  • Pigford: The biggest scam ever perpetrated.

    • Sick of it

      Socialism and Islam both top this one.

  • 1stworlder

    wish I would have bought KFC stock before payouts and sold it 2 weeks after.

    • Even better Chuck-E-Cheese, where a _-_ can be a _-_.

  • bigone4u

    I have a better way to track down those who got money. Just look for a new pink Cadillac parked in the driveway of a shack in an all black area.

    • That money will last less than a year, and then they will be looking for a new scam.

      • Alec Smart

        More like less than a month

  • Brian

    The way this ‘coach’ is advising how to commit fraud– it’s like he’s talking to children. The way he feels the need to elaborate, repeat and explain with simplistic metaphors is embarassing. For an audience of adults, this would take 1/10th the time.

  • Sorin, Lord of Innistrad

    Wow, what an eye-opener! And the author’s exhortation at the end was one of heartfelt desperation. I’m glad I live in a place where there are no animals like those “students” around me…and that I home-school.

    • Nathanwartooth

      Yeah it’s a great article.