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AR Staff, American Renaissance, October 28, 2013

Second NPI conference is held in Washington.

The National Policy Institute (NPI) held its second national conference in Washington, DC, on October 26, with a very interesting lineup of speakers. The meeting was held in the Ronald Reagan Center, a federally operated facility, which resisted all “anti-racist” threats to the conference.

The speakers were introduced by Richard Spencer, director of NPI, and the conference began with Piero San Giorgio, a Swiss author and survivalist. Mr. San Giorgio argued strongly that current population and consumption trends can lead only to economic and social collapse. We may have already reached “peak oil,” and in 15 or 20 years, the energy it takes to extract oil could be greater than the energy we can get from burning it. We are also running out of copper, zinc, bauxite, and other metals while we pollute, deforest, and overfish the planet.

Mr. San Giorgio predicted that what he calls “the religion of perpetual growth” will come to a crashing end as governments default on debt and nations go to war over resources. The result will be widespread poverty of a kind now found only in the worst parts of Africa.

Only organized groups will be available to survive this collapse, and the best organized groups for that purpose are criminal gangs, which are well armed and used to getting what they want by force. Those of us who do not want to be slaughtered by gangs will need what Mr. San Girogio calls a “sustainable autonomous base” with its own food supply, energy source, and armed defense. Mr. San Giorgio believes we should build such bases for ourselves but that no one will survive in isolation. We are social animals who need a tribe and social links. In the mean time, Mr. San Giorgio recommends getting out of debt, converting financial assets to gold, and learning how to lead the simpler, pre-industrial way of life that is coming.

Mr. San Giorgio elaborates on these themes in his book Survive–The Economic Collapse.

Piero San Giorgio

Piero San Giorgio

Sam Dickson spoke next on “America: the God that Failed.” Describing himself as a “racial communitarian,” he argued that America’s great failing has been an excess of individualism that has destroyed the organic ties of community. The British were already the most individualistic people of the Old World, and those who settled North America were the most individualistic of the British. Immigrants who followed, both through Ellis Island and later, have come to make money rather than to join a national community.

Americans glorify freedom and liberty, but the price has been so thorough a destruction of the racial and social bonds of community that we no longer live in a nation—those of us who imagine a better life are men without a country. And in some respects we are freer than our ancestors—we are free to fornicate,  marry across racial lines, divorce, abort our children, and even marry a person of the same sex—but these freedoms are granted by the state. Without strong communities we are powerless in the face of the state that grants—and withholds—what it takes to be freedoms.

Mr. Dickson argued that any nation based on foolish propositions such as the equality of all men and the idea of inalienable rights—he noted that rights are alienated all the time—cannot even pretend to be a nation. He sounded a warning to Americans: We must recognize our susceptibility to “freedom” and rediscover the importance of community. We must build a “reracinated” nation that is a true outgrowth of Europe rather than the formless “biomass” that now constitutes what is called the American people.

Richard Spencer and Sam Dickson

Richard Spencer and Sam Dickson

Mr. Dickson was followed by a panel discussion on breaking the mainstream’s grip on media. It was composed of Andy Nowicki of AlternativeRight.comJohn Morgan of Arktos Media, and Alex Kurtagic of the Wermod & Wermod Publishing Group. Mr. Nowicki described the current success of alternative media as “riding the crest of a wave” that makes it possible to spread dissident ideas to the entire world. He also noted the importance of supporting not only writers but artists who embody a new sensibility.

Mr. Morgan noted that although Arktos has been publishing only since 2010, it has produced some 60 books that he described as “alternatives to modernity.” Much of Arktos’ work has been to make available to English speakers important European works on politics, philosophy, and art that that have never been translated. Mr. Morgan noted that Arktos has been made possible only because of the latest technology—Internet, print on demand, Twitter, Facebook—and noted the delicious irony of fighting modernity with its own tools.

Mr. Kurtagic’s project is to produce beautiful, collectible versions of now-despised classics—what he calls “the dissident Penguin classics.” So far, he has produced beautiful annotated editions of Madison Grant’s best books and published a similar edition of Francis Yockey’s Imperium. At the same time, he strongly promotes new expressions of our traditional culture. To a questioner who doubted the wisdom of reviving bound books in the electronic age he replied that when the power goes out we will be glad to have paper.

Sam Dickson and William Regnery then spoke about how America has changed. Mr. Regnery, who grew up during the 1950s, said, “I regret that life in the ’50s is something my children, and grandchildren will not see.” He noted that there may have been precursors to the collapse in values of the 1960s, but that there was a community and even national coherence. He also described some of his adventures as a conservative activist but noted that the movement achieved virtually nothing in 40 years. “The conservative movement didn’t leave me,” he concluded. “I left the conservative movement.”

Mr. Dickson emphasized the same sense of community that he knew as a child, but also underscored how limited the sources of information then were. It was far harder than now to hear a dissident view of race or history, and a profusion of books, publishers, foundations, and Internet sites makes it much easier for independent-minded Americans to learn how badly their country has been led astray.

Mr. Kurtagic then spoke on “The End of the World as We Know It.” He noted that there is a vogue of fiction about the collapse of civilization. Many people sense that our levels of consumption and indebtedness cannot be sustained, but he pointed out that sometimes collapse can be slow and that its beginnings may be recognizable only in retrospect. Our aim should not be to contribute to the fall but to build what may come after the fall.

Today, egalitarianism is the highest value of the West but we must reject it. Egalitarianism makes everything the same, thus destroying all traditions and archetypes. Most people cannot even imagine a moral critique of egalitarianism, but until this false god is destroyed nothing new can emerge.

Egalitarianism erases the difference between the deserving and undeserving, and in so doing establishes a huge government apparatus that creates privilege for the undeserving. Egalitarian movements have also killed millions of people in their self-righteous quest for power. Conservatives try to fight egalitarianism with statistics and measures of inequality but theirs is  only a half-hearted struggle that fails to reject the fundamental goal of homogenization and “social justice.”

Racialists seek to overthrow egalitarianism by asserting white identity  but no solution can be found by seeking only what is good for whites. Western man believes in universal values, and will accept only those concepts based on what is good for all races. It is the left that makes a fetish out of race and we should not fall into its trap. We should strive towards the sublime, towards uniqueness, towards nobility. Biology is not a sufficient foundation for morality, and if we value our own uniqueness we must value and support the uniqueness of others.

Alex Kurtagic

Alex Kurtagic

Roman Bernard is a French activist who spoke about how young racially conscious Europeans are fighting  dispossession. He said that for the first time, they feel deeply that all Europeans face the same challenges, and they see themselves as one people with a common destiny. They are not deceived by leftist media and, unlike European conservatives who just want to be left alone to enjoy their money, young identitarians want to take power so they can change the world.

Mr. Bernard pointed out that the old solution to immigration—white flight—is no longer possible. A man with a master’s degree waiting on tables cannot afford a house in the suburbs. As for solutions, it is too early to describe what form they will take. The awakening is too recent for its consequences to be predicted.  However, the cultural and intellectual battle has begun, and more young people will join the movement as they see it as the only way out from a series of catastrophic failures.

So far, the most high-profile identitarian acts in France have been street theatre: storming the headquarters of the socialist party, and occupying the mosque that was under construction at Poitiers, not far from the famous battle of 732. The traditional Right would never think of doing such things. It is not possible to know how or whether these new youth movements will move into politics, but it has a focus and energy that reflect a genuine break with the past.

Roman Bernard

Roman Bernard

Jack Donovan, author of The Way of Men, spoke on “Becoming the New Barbarians.” Like Mr. San Giorgio, he predicted an inevitable decline and a more constrained way of life, since we can count on our rulers to fail us. They will also continue trying to keep us emasculated and dependent on the state. Healthy men are forceful, even violent. The state uses such men to serve its own violent purposes but wants to turn them into women for any other purpose.

Those among us who know that men are not created equal, who hate a government that tries to regulate everything, who know men and women are different, who believe free men should be armed, and who find same-sex marriage absurd are now the new barbarians.

Just as we are rejected and hated by the state, we must reject the state. Politicians cannot solve our problems, and once we recognize that they are crazy or stupid or both, we should “relax and appreciate their crafty strategies.” “We should see them for what they are,” Mr. Donovan added. “Be mocking, carefree, and violent.” We should not worry about changing the state; that is for people who believe in and belong to the state.

We must draw clear lines to distinguish ourselves from others, and be “morally accountable only to the tribe.” Blacks do not even pretend to care about us, and we must recognize that we have interests different from theirs. We have a compulsion to be fair, but this compulsion is healthy only in a world in which others believe in fairness.

When the decline comes, those with a tribal identity will survive, and a tribe must be of real comrades, not a group of Facebook friends. Bands of brothers should take over neighborhoods or apartment complexes. A community of 125 people can work together to survive when the state collapses, and if we have community we can live meaningful lives even if we are condemned to be outsiders in our own homeland.

Jack Donovan

Jack Donovan

The next speaker was Tomislav Sunic, the Croatian philosopher and author of Against Democracy and Equality. In a speech called “Beyond Nationalism, or the Problem of Europe,” he warned of the limits of white racial consciousness. Although he rejects the idea of inevitable progress—“after every sunny day there is a rainy day”—he does not believe in the inevitability of collapse. Even if there is a large-scale collapse, we cannot be sure that it will give rise to a healthy consciousness of race.

Mr. Sunic noted that the civil wars whites have waged against each other have killed far more of us than non-whites ever could. Race has never been a unifier; the Germanic Gepids even joined Atilla against Europe in the 5th century. At the same time, most of the people demonstrating in favor of illegal immigrants in Europe are themselves white, and “our worst detractors are from the same gene pool as ourselves.” He went on to point out that “when the final breakdown occurs, the lines of demarcation will not be clear at all,” and that there will be plenty of whites fighting on the barricades against us.

Mr. Sunic argued that Christianity is no longer central to the identity of the West. There are now more non-white than white Christians, and high-ranking church leaders tell us they see “the face of Jesus” among crowds of immigrants—even when they are Muslim or Hindu.

And yet biology alone cannot be our identity. “A generic white blank slate is meaningless if it is devoid of a racial soul.” Mr. Sunic called on whites to cherish their cultural and historical legacy because without that we are only a genotype.  “We must resuscitate our sense of the tragic as well as our racial identity,” he concluded, noting that the sense of the tragic is what drives Promethean struggle, even in the face of overwhelming odds.

The keynote speaker was Alain de Benoist, the prominent French philosopher and one of the founders the New Right, who spoke about the nature of identity. He pointed out that as soon as someone speaks of his identity, it is a sign his identity is under attack. People in traditional, rooted societies do not ask “Who am I?” or “Who are we?” By the time someone begins to ask these questions, his identity may have disappeared.

Identity has many dimensions: language, culture, ethnicity, sex, profession, etc. We choose those parts of our identity we think most important to us, but it is a mistake to believe that our identity depends only on ourselves. A man living alone would have no identity, because identity is shaped by relations with others. Our community participates in our identity.

It is also a mistake to define identity as something immutable. We never cease to be ourselves, but the elements of which identity is composed change throughout our lives.

Many people say that mass immigration threatens collective identity, and this problem cannot be denied. However, too many natives then define themselves in opposition to what they are not rather than setting forth a positive identity.

Modernity itself attacks the identity of both the immigrant and the native. “I say the biggest threat is the system that kills the people,” Mr. de Benoist noted, adding that “the imposition of an across-the-board homogenization eliminates diversity of language culture, etc.” He decried  global government and global markets that operate according to “the ideology of sameness.”

Mr. de Benoit also criticized capitalism because it seeks to reduce everything to a cost and a price, and to reduce all humans to interchangeable producers and consumers. Capitalism, noted Mr. de Benoist, has erased borders far more successfully than Communism ever did, and the global market leads to the global citizen. Capitalism has become a “total social fact” that seems to dominate and homogenize every aspect of our lives.

Modernity itself is the enemy of identity because it is rooted in the idea of progress, in which the past is nothing but a bundle of irrational superstitions. The future towards which modernity strives is one in which all men are individuals, seeking what is in their rational interests. Modernity has no place for the irrational or the collective, despite the fact that these are what give life meaning.

Mr. de Benoist concluded by saying that although globalization and Americanization are not synonymous, they are closely related. Only Americans believe that their system is the best in the world and that they have is a duty to export it. Of course, to the extent that this succeeds, it destroys all that is unique, different and valuable, just as it destroys identity. Ultimately, it destroys humanity because we cannot be human if we are all the same.

Alain de Benoist

Alain de Benoist and Tomislav Sunic

Before the conference speeches began, decorum was breached by an uninvited guest who shouted about “fu**ing racists” but the event was otherwise a success by any standard. Videos of the speeches should be available soon.

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  • hanfeedback

    Would have loved to have been there, Thanks for posting about other writings by the guests so that we can read up on their ideas.

  • JohnEngelman

    The effect of liberty to individuals is that they may do what they please: we ought to see what it will please them to do, before we risk congratulations.

    – Edmund Burke

  • Puggg

    I saw on some of the other websites that there were profa protesters there.

  • We need the Women.

    • bigone4u

      You can start with one of the women who sometimes comments here:

    • joesolargenius

      All of the White Pioneer Women were able to shoot and thus defend their family, that is one part of our heritage we need to keep!

    • Carney3

      You’re not going to get them with pictures hoisting scary-looking “assault rifles” like the AR-15 or with slogans like “foster racism”.

  • bigone4u

    Great summary. Love the idea that videos will be up soon, but I wish that the speakers would post written copies of their talks here. Some whites who live in rural areas rely on dial-up and can’t access videos. Myself, I get more from reading than from listening.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      I prefer written copies too. I have high-speed internet, but I find it much more enjoyable to read than to listen.

      This was a very good summary though!

  • Romulus

    I noticed the other evening that a fellow poster on Altright, has Co-opted my black void avatar. Kudos to you Sir. You have good taste.

    Excellent speeches. A deep undercurrent of awakening permeated the crowd.Unfortunately, I could not attend, busy as I am With the “rights” group which I am a member. Very close friends informed me of the rousing content.

    Upon finishing this article and speaking with fellows from the old beltway, I see many topics covered that we here have been discussing all year long. All who’ve followed my macro perspective including resource depletion and runaway population growth, would have appreciated the information.
    Perhaps, more will come to a greater understanding of the enormous challenges coming.

  • Spartacus

    “Mr. Dickson argued that any nation based on foolish propositions such as
    the equality of all men and the idea of inalienable rights—he noted
    that rights are alienated all the time—cannot even pretend to be a
    nation. He sounded a warning to Americans: We must recognize our
    susceptibility to “freedom” and rediscover the importance of community.
    We must build a “reracinated” nation that is a true outgrowth of Europe
    rather than the formless “biomass” that now constitutes what is called
    the American people.”


    I was thinking the same thing. But why doesn’t he mention the creation of a new state?

    • Richard Spencer said at Traditional Britain:

      “Many traditionalists don’t like to think about race, but race certainly is thinking about them.”

      This needs to become a mantra.

      “If you don’t put race first, then those who do put race first will get the jump on you. Why give them the race advantage at the outset? Doesn’t Equality demand of you that you make your race just as important to yourself as they make their race to themselves?”

      “What do you mean race had nothing to do with it? They knew Heather, Channon, Eve, Lauren, Emily, Julie, Kim, and Colleen were White. If these unarmed victims’ Whiteness was important to the black murderers, shouldn’t your Whiteness be important to you?”

    • Carney3

      Calling for the overthrow of the US government in a building owned by the US government would take some chutzpah. Maybe Dickson is holding back just a bit. Or maybe he feels like the US government would just wither away if whites simply silently began transferring their loyalty, obedience, tax dollars, etc., to a new government, without any act of violence at all, rather like the end of the USSR. Not that I find either course of action remotely realistic or worthy of pursuit.

    • David Ashton

      Dacia Nova?

      • Spartacus

        Erm… He was talking about America. Why would Americans found a country named Dacia ?

        • David Ashton

          Thought your part of the world might eventually make one suitable “Zion” for “non-Zionists”. Erm, perhaps not.

          • Spartacus

            We have our own problems, I’m afraid . But we don’t need a “Zion”, we just need to wake up and get the fleas of our backs .

    • Brian

      It may be too early for that? Think about how the gay rights movement advanced: they didn’t try to pass legislation right away because they knew it would fail and the backlash would set their cause back further. Instead, they focused on modifying the culture, as celebrities emerged from the closet, favorable gay characters were seen in tv shows…a multi-pronged cultural assault, chipping away at the opposition. Then they moved in for the kill for legislation and court cases. I may not agree with the result, but the strategy is sound. We have a lot of work to do just to get white people to wake up and start understanding and acknowledging their own group interests, before we have a credible shot at something permanent.

  • Spartacus

    “Before the conference speeches began, decorum was breached by an uninvited guest who shouted about “fu**ing racists”


    Did anyone try to punch him in the face ? Just curious…

    • Nope. He was kindly led out of the room and escorted out of the building by the very professional and sensible security personnel.

      Besides, what would be the point of punching a man who’s already crying because he’s scared and confused?

      • Spartacus

        “We should see them for what they are,” Mr. Donovan added. “Be mocking,
        carefree, and violent.” We should not worry about changing the state;
        that is for people who believe in and belong to the state.”


        I figured they’d want to start the “be violent” part .

      • I, for one, am glad no harm came to Mr. Holder.

    • WR_the_realist

      I would have been far more effective if everyone else in the conference had pointed at him and laughed uproariously. The left thrives on its martyrs. It can’t survive ridicule.

  • Luca

    Virtually every problem in the history of world can be traced backed to overpopulation.

    Right now, the world obviously has too many hispanics, Muslims and Africans as these are the very people seeking to escape the countries of their origin due to overpopulation. In the past, those who overpopulated usually died out due to low IQ. They couldn’t see the handwriting on the wall of the disease, famine and wars they could not outrun.

    Overpopulation and low IQ’s are a deadly mix and that’s what politicians have been importing into the US and cultivating as voters for the last 50 years. And now they want to turn the faucet up full blast.

    Apparently, it’s not a question of “if” but a question of “when” the collapse is coming.

    The other question is, what are we going to do about it?

    What will shortly follow will either be the new “Renaissance” or the new “Dark Ages”.

    • JohnEngelman

      The only reason the Negro race is expanding is because we have reduced their death rate. If we had left them in Africa, and left them alone the Negro population would be much lower through inter tribal warfare and disease.

      • Luca

        You forgot famine. They sit upon some of the most fertile soil on earth and would rather eat bush meat than do the work necessary to grow corn. They sit in tent cities waiting for the Great White benefactors to drop in with tons of food.

        Whenever I see those TV ads with religious people begging for money for Africa, I tell my wife the only thing I would send them is condoms and birth control pills.

        All these relief agencies are only feeding the problem.

        • JohnEngelman

          Send the birth control pills. Condoms stop the spread of AIDS.

          • Brian

            I like your thinking here, but how many African women would use the BC pills every day without fail, I wonder?

          • gemjunior

            That is the major question with BCP even with young white girls to some degree – missing even one is not a good thing. So that seems to put your question in perspective. I think the only way is to tell them that the pill keeps evil spirits from stealing genitalia. Or that it’s guaranteed to keep bewitched goats in jail because that’s what they do with goats who are suspected to have been bewitched – put them in jail. They are very creative.

          • Brian

            With the goats, perhaps they’re trying to lower the percentage of criminals who are black men? On the other hand, a friend of mine used to have some goats and I thought they were just ornery, but I guess they could have been betwitched…

    • JohnEngelman

      Right now, the world obviously has too many hispanics, Muslims and Africans

      – Luca

      The least desirable races are unfortunately the most prolific.

      • David Ashton

        We can guess what Sparty would do.

        What do you recommend?

        • JohnEngelman

          I am in favor of ending Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). I am in favor of free abortion on demand.

          What I am in favor of doing with Arabs and African Negroes stops short of forcing them into gas chambers.

    • Neuday

      You must have the Dark Ages before you can have a Renaissance. What we’re witnessing is the light becoming dim. Some of us notice the dimming, others say that it was too bright anyway, while others deny any dimming at all. It will be dark soon.

      • Franklin_Ryckaert

        Some compare our decline with the decline of the Roman Empire, others with that of the Soviet Union. If the latter comparison is right then there is hope.

  • MekongDelta69

    “Sam Dickson and William Regnery then spoke about how America has changed. Mr. Regnery, who grew up during the 1950s, said, “I regret that life in the ’50s is something my children, and grandchildren will not see.” He noted that there may have been precursors to the collapse in values of the 1960s, but that there was a community and even national coherence.”

    Amen brother, amen…

    • David Ashton

      Same in England.

    • curri

      The masses had common sense in the 1950s, but at the elite level Blank Slatism went virtually unchallenged-except by Carleton Putnam and a few others. Also the culture was drenched in Freudianism and the Frankfurt School’s anti-Christian, anti-tradition “The Authoritarian Personality” was extremely influential in academia. So the groundwork for 1960s was well-laid in the 1950s.

      • MekongDelta69

        Exactly right. You’ve got it nailed…

      • David Ashton

        I was one lucky young man to read BOTH Adorno & Putnam (among others) and got increasingly interested in opposing marxism, political and “cultural”, and in racial biology while at university, thanks in small part to Gayre’s “Mankind Quarterly”. How many young students are likely to have a similar epiphany today? Some must suspect that they are being drenched in mush, and a few might be disposed to rebel against the old men and women who have deceived them – these are the people we need to pick up.

  • IstvanIN

    Societies need common rituals, religion, customs and a language to be truly successful and peaceful. Immigrants should be racially similar and be expected to assimilate into the majority population.

    I have said many times that universal suffrage is a disaster. As an example NJ is about to amend its constitution to have an automatic minimum wage increase every year based on the federal CPI. It will pass by at least a 50% margin.

    Religion provides us with a moral compass and common ritual and holidays that help bring us together.

    Though perhaps not needed in the US, monarchs and royal families provide a sense of continuity and tradition, as was well as non-political leadership. Just look at the crowds cheering on Queen Elizabeth during her jubilee, or the outpouring of grief during the funeral rights for King Norodom Sihanouk.

    Speaking a common language makes us a little less suspicious of each other.

    We have lost more than we can ever imagine.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Mr. San Giorgio predicted that what he calls “the religion of perpetual growth” will come to a crashing end as governments default on debt and nations go to war over resources. The result will be widespread poverty of a kind now found only in the worst parts of Africa.

    Too bad the conference had to open with a crackpot. His predictions remind me of those of Ravi Batra, an Indian (dot, not feather), in his book The Great Depression of 1990, and if there was a Great Depression then, I missed it. I’m afraid that if we’re waiting for an economic collapse to wake white people up, we’re going to have to wait a long time.

    • NYB

      Institutions cannot instantly collapse as long as people with a vested interest are working hard to maintain them – a Dark Age couldn’t begin suddenly if people are resisting it.

      During 1930’s America it was the values of whites which adapted to the changing reality of the Depression, and it was the German character which sustained the state during the hyper-inflation 1920’s. People still dressed up and greeted their neighbors. Although these economic events were short-lived, I believe as a rule the majority reluctantly give up what they’ve been conditioned to, carrying them through force of will because they know no alternative.

      A new form of economy would spring up in a void, and it would bear a resemblance to the old one people are familiar with. The real opportunities are in shaping the political and spiritual.

    • Brian

      My guess is within fifty years. Two generations of shrinking whites, burgeoning hispanics, and the resulting strain on the legions of gibsmedats…including Uncle Sam’s latest white-fracking method of Obamacare might do it.

    • Brian

      A person can be wrong without being a crackpot. Some resources on Earth or finite, and others ‘recharge’ slowly. The higher the population, generally speaking, the less there is to go around. There may be some limit to technological leverage– there has to be some limit to the caloric production of a hectare of cropland.

  • Anna Tree

    In my opinion Michael Crichton touch the subject of how morality, social norms etc influence and impact humanity and its existence:

    “Why do complex animals die out? Why don’t they adjust? Physically, they seem to have the capacity to survive. There appears to be no reason why they should die. And yet they do.

    “What I wish to propose is that complex animals become extinct not because of a change in their physical adaptation to their environment, but because of their behavior. I would suggest that the latest thinking ill chaos theory, or nonlinear dynamics, provides tantalizing hints to how this happens.

    It suggests to us that behavior of complex animals can change very rapidly, and not always for the better. It suggests that behavior can cease to be responsive to the environment, and lead to decline and death. It suggests that animals may stop adapting. Is this what happened to the dinosaurs? Is this the true cause of their disappearance? We may never know. But it is no accident that human beings are so interested in dinosaur extinction. The decline of the dinosaurs allowed mammals – including us – to flourish. And that leads us to wonder whether the disappearance of the dinosaurs is going to be repeated, sooner or later, by us as well. Whether at the deepest level the fault lies not in blind fate-in some fiery meteor from the skies – but in our own behavior.

    We are adjusting, but is it for the better? I don’t think so. I think some cultures think only about the group, others think only about the individual. I think we had a good balance reached in the Western Civilization, but in the last few decades, we have broken the
    status quo and I think the delicate balance between the need for order and the imperative to change:
    (again Crichton, from the same book The Lost Word)

    “… complex systems [show] certain common behaviors. [… those seem] to arise from the spontaneous interaction of the components […] therefore called “self-organizing.”

    […] “two are particular interest to the study of evolution. One is adaptation. We see it everywhere. Corporations adapt to the marketplace, brain cells adapt to signal traffic, the immune system adapts to infection, animals adapt to their food supply. We have come to think that the ability to adapt is characteristic of complex systems – and may
    be one reason why evolution seems to lead toward more complex organisms.”

    […] “But even more important,” he said, “is the way complex systems seem to strike a balance between the need for order and the imperative to change. Complex systems tend to locate themselves at a place we call ‘the edge of chaos.’ We imagine the edge of chaos as a place where there is enough innovation to keep a living system vibrant, and enough stability to keep it from collapsing into anarchy. It is a zone of conflict and upheaval, where the old and the new are constantly at war. Finding the balance point must be a delicate matter – if a living system drifts too close, it risks falling over into incoherence and dissolution; but if the system moves too far away from the edge, it
    becomes rigid, frozen, totalitarian. Both conditions lead to extinction. Too much change is as destructive as too little. Only at the edge of chaos can complex systems flourish.”

    He paused. “And, by implication, extinction is the inevitable result of one or the other strategy – too much change, or too little.”

  • Carney3

    First, I’m glad a conference like this can be held, and has been held. I wish I’d been there.

    Second, I agree with only about half or so of what was said above.

    “Piero San Giorgio, a Swiss author and survivalist […] argued strongly that current population and consumption trends can lead only to economic and social collapse. ”

    Perhaps population trends could cause this, but then only because of quality, rather than quantity. The biggest problem with Malthusianism is that, despite its superficial plausibility, it keeps being refuted by actual events. Even as the world’s population grows rapidly, so has not only overall wealth, but per-capita wealth too. The portion of the world in severe poverty continues to decline, as does the proportion that is starving or malnourished. This is not just a blip but a long term trend that is accelerating as population size accelerates. If we were really running out of this or that resource, the market would signal that in the form of high prices. In reality, prices for all commodities, over the long run, continue to fall sharply. The famous bet between Malthusian Paul Ehrlich and anti-Malthusian Julian Simon illustrated this.

    What Malthusians don’t understand is that people are not mere alimentary canals, eating and excreting, but have minds and hands with which to think and do work, to add value to raw resources, to find new ways and uses for what was once dismissed as worthless.

    The only exception to this has been oil, and that’s because over 78% of world oil reserves lies within countries that are part of the OPEC cartel, which deliberately restricts production to cause artificial (NOT real) scarcity and artificially high prices in a huge, brutally regressive “tax” on the entire rest of the world, including us. But contrary to the panic-mongers, the way out is relatively easy, IF it is implemented: the proposed Open Fuel Standards Act. It would make compatibility with alcohol fuels a required standard feature like seat belts. Ethanol is well known and is made from sugary or starchy plant material withOUT harming the food supply (ethanol corn production has risen severalfold while production of food corn and other staple crops has risen as well). It can’t replace gasoline on its own but it’s doing a lot already and can do a lot more. The real game changer though is methanol with an M, which is made from natural gas, coal (both are not only abundant in the US but also CHEAP), and ANY biomass without exception, including crop residues (such as the cobs, stems, and leaves from ethanol corn farms), weeds (staggering tonnage of kudzu and water hyacinths need to be cleared annually), trash, even sewage. We’re not going to run out of that any time soon.

    • Oil Can Harry

      I agree, Mr. San Giorgio was the only speaker who failed to impress. He reminded me of the lame prophet-of-doom Gerald Celente.

      Now I have no doubt the US economy will collapse when whites become the minority and the US becomes one big Detroit; I just disagree with his environmental spiel about how we’re supposedly running out of oil, metals, fish, etc. The eco-wackos have been falsely predicting that we’ll soon reach peak oil since the ’60s.

      • Brian

        Do you disagree with the concept of peak oil or just the timing of it?

      • lessthantolerant

        When the lower races rule we will experience shortages of everything. Look at Africa and Mexico, the populous are like plagues.

    • David Ashton

      As I recall, one of Simon’s books gave examples of where population predictions had been proved wrong that included examples of predictions that had UNDER-estimated the statistics.

      “Anti-Malthusians” should not rule out contraception as an important factor in meeting the obvious problem of overpopulation in habitable space, and the limits of science in creating western living standards for the entire world. It is a constant problem of catch-up that never gets there.

      The migration of third-world unemployables to add to western unemployables is no advantage to science and technology.

    • Brian

      Second, I agree with only about half or so of what was said above.

      Better batting average than the NY Times has, though!

  • wilburnsprayberry

    “To a questioner who doubted the wisdom of reviving books in the electronic age…” — that questioner was me, but that’s not what I asked. I asked if they were giving any thought to the problem of the decline in book reading, and the opportunities for communicating our message offered by other media, such as radio (James Edwards, Matt Parrott, et al.) or video (youtube, etc.) The panel misunderstood my meaning to be opposition to what they were doing in publishing only books.

    In fact, there is a decline in reading among many people we should be trying to reach, including people with advanced degrees who never read a serious book. The types of media they do consume are dominated by our enemies, with only rare, and tiny, exceptions (podcasts, RAMZPAUL, the aforementioned radio shows).
    So…mark that down as one problem that didn’t get solved at the conference. 🙂

    Before I toddle off to bed, a few words about Piero San Griorgio, whose presentation has been belittled by some commenters here. I found his speech fascinating, if not totally persuasive, with a lot of practical advice about what individuals and groups can do to survive in the event of economic & societal collapse. At the very least it was serious food for thought. It was delivered with lots of informative, and often humorous slides – indeed Mr. Griorgio maintained a good humor & cheerful attitude throughout his speech, despite its doleful subject. Offstage, Mr. Griorgio was charming, modest, and friendly, and appeared delighted to be speaking to us. His photo does not do him justice: despite joking about his slight chubbiness, he looks more like a rugby player than an international businessman. Finally, he is a neophyte farmer and veteran shooting instructor, so he practices what he preaches.

    • Raymond

      “In fact, there is a decline in reading among many people we should be trying to reach, including people with advanced degrees who never read a serious book.”
      And this is a double problem because the decline of reading not only renders the audience closed to such books, but it also reinforces the prevelence of apathetic conformism.

  • “Those among us who know that men are not created equal, who hate a
    government that tries to regulate everything, who know men and women are
    different, who believe free men should be armed, and who find same-sex
    marriage absurd are now the new barbarians.” — J. Donovan

    Couldn’t have said it better.

  • David Ashton

    Same experience in Britain from my own grammar school education to what goes on in schools today (especially “history” lessons).

  • Jesse James

    Louis L’Amour wrote in his book “Education of a Wandering Man” ‘

    “I have read my books by many lights, hoarding their beauty, their wit or wisdom against the dark days when I would have no book, nor a place to read. I have known hunger of the belly kind many times over, but I have known a worse hunger: the need to know and to learn”

    I wasn’t born until 1964 but I have always had a good impression of those men who crisscrossed the nation hitching rides and catching trains, looking for work with a couple of old books in their kit bags.

  • Brian

    The public display also shows that we’re not hiding under rocks anymore…there is some upside to it.

  • JohnEngelman

    The view points expressed in the Second NPI conference seem like a right wing version of what Neil Erlich predicted in “The Population Bomb,” which was published in 1968. He predicted the mass starvation of humans in the near future by over population, and the depletion of natural sources.

    Because Neil Erlich was a liberal, he advocated government action to reduce population growth, and to conserve natural resources. The Second NPI conference seems to be advocating the formation of white militia groups.

    Neil Erlish’s grim predictions did not happen because the world’s birth rate declined with little government action, and because technological advances compensated for declines in natural resources.

    I doubt the future will be as grim as the Second NPI conference predicts. I do predict a decline in the gross incomes of Americans who are not intellectually gifted.

    I also predict a conflict between white nationalists and socialists, which I hope will be democratic and largely peaceful. The side that wins will be the side with the best leaders and the most compelling messages.

    • Jackryanvb

      “Neil Erlish’s grim predictions did not happen because the world’s birth rate declined with little government action, and because technological advances compensated for declines in natural resources.”

      Jack responds.

      Don’t really agree. Communist China enforced one child per family policies, that worked well, Chinese mass rural famines didn’t occur in later half of 20 th century. My sources indicate that Social East Germany had strict policies that third World socialist visiting East Germany weren’t allowed to have children.

      New York City government strongly discourages poor people from having children, many liberal New York groups credit NY’s abortion rights movement for lowering murder rate.

      This is one area where Libs, Leftists are way better that pro life Conservatives who frankly have no clue about the third world.

      • JohnEngelman

        During the last generation the birth rate in Latin America and Iran has declined significantly. It has declined more significantly in many European countries, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea.

  • Alfred the Great

    Good observation. I didn’t realize it until much later than you. Population growth and expansion does not mean real economic growth. For many years the government has meddled in our economy and caused false growth. Now we are reaping the rewards of a state-controlled economy. The situation in which we find ourselves is not the result of capitalism and free markets; we haven’t had that here for about 150 years. We have to be willing to accept economic slow downs and adjustments, which take time.

  • lessthantolerant

    The Dark Ages are coming. Our desire to allow the lower races to expand and prosper at our expense will be humanities undoing.
    A economic collapse of America will be a great thing as open warfare will be required to survive.

  • William Allingham

    were literally wasting valuable resources to feed unskilled, little promising populations

    something like “population pollution” which is overwhelming our planet.

    you have a harvest and attend with all your resources just the sick and rotten plants at the expense of the healthy, beautiful ones. what will happen?

    • Anna Tree

      “you have a harvest and attend with all your resources just the sick and rotten plants at the expense of the healthy, beautiful ones. what will happen?”

      Thanks William, yet again a great allegory from you, I hope you don’t mind that I will add it to the following I often use about immigration, education and other issues:

      Yes, people with disadvantages or disabilities should be helped by society, but not to the detriment of the larger population that is ultimately going to be the ones who are going to provide for them. Now it is all about “having a right to this and a right to that” Everything has become a “right”. We have lost perspective of what is in the best interest of this society as a WHOLE and instead have become entirely focused on what is in OUR personal best interest and then turn that into “It is our RIGHT to have that”.

  • frederickdixon

    You are fortunate to live in a country which has almost unlimited good farm land, forest and water resources. You need to start removing yourselves far from the cities and building self contained, self sufficient communities which can exploit those advantages. Those communities can trade with one another to establish a network within which everything needed for a simple but sufficient life will be available. You can educate your children according to your own philosophy. You can establish your own currency for use within your network of communities. You should limit to the unavoidable minimum your contact with, and financial contributions to, government.
    In other words you should do what the Afrikaners of Orania are trying to do but you have far greater numbers and, potentially, far more abundant resources. Thus you will build a country within a country designed entirely to your own specifications and when, or if, the USA falls apart you will inherit the lot. And then you can extend your new all-white republic to the rest of the Anglosphere, including my own beloved England!

  • Brian

    ‘Peak Oil’ does not mean ‘running out of oil’, only that production can no longer keep up with demand, no matter what is done, and the price spikes dramatically. I have no idea when that day might arrive, but I do know God is not putting more oil in the ground.

  • Brian

    Whether anthropogenic climate change is occurring or will occur does not depend on how many liberals believe in it. The effects of it may be exaggerated for political reasons, and the solutions may be counterproductive or looney-tunes, but whether it is or is not occurring is a scientific matter, not one up for majority vote.

  • Brian

    Where do you get ‘he prefers men’?

  • JohnEngelman

    I meant to write Paul Erlich. Thank you for correcting me.

    The scientific evidence for man made global warming is almost as conclusive as the scientific evidence for innate individual and racial differences in IQ.

    • Defoe

      It’s Paul Ehrlich.

      And you are absolutely wrong about man-made global warming. I have many times in this venue pointed to contrarian scientific evidence to man-made global warming and, as usual, you refuse to learn.

      It is very, very far from settled science. To imply otherwise is to mislead people.

  • Defoe

    Well, even pipe smokers have good thoughts occasionally.

  • Brian

    There are people on both sides trying to shade or distort the data for political reasons. I have a scientific/engineering background (not in climate science, but enough to follow the math) and it does seem to me that ACC is happening…but like you said, it’s not in the category of the-earth-is-round. The question would still remain of what to do about it, and that’s where the libs fall flat– buying a Prius isn’t going to cut it, or worshipping the great earth mother Gaia. We’re not going to become intentionally pre-industrial. We may have to embark on some expensive geo-engineering schemes, and I would advocate ditching coal in favor of thorium nuclear plants. Well, if all the advanced nations collapse from economic/demographic strain, I suppose that would fix it too…

  • frederickdixon

    What’s to stop them? American history is replete with examples of groups setting off into the wilderness to live according to their own lights, indeed American history began with precisely such a move with the coming of the Pilgrim Fathers.
    I’m not suggesting a dramatic rebellion against present conditions, merely a quiet withdrawal into a network of rural communities which would – together – be able to satisfy most needs. If the disintegration of the USA occurs, the network will be in place as an alternative source of order. If it doesn’t occur, the network will provide a survival vehicle for white America.

  • Anna Tree

    Indeed there is Leith, with a population of 16, located 51 miles southwest of Bismarck, that is allegedly targeted by Craig Cobb as the site of a white
    supremacist community that would buy enough land to take over local
    government, but why not buying those ghost towns existing in the US and like Frederickdixon said, start communities: there is a Vietnamese businessman who just bought the empty town of Buford, Wyoming for $900,000, why can’t a few proud white families pool together and just do this? Or like orthodox Jews do, a few families start buying close to each others and little by little more move in and the neighborhood turns orthodox jew.
    First it could be people who can work from home from anywhere and then little by little all kind of professionals will be needed in that community.
    New settlers. Amrenists 😉

    The sooner the better.

  • nunyabidnessfoo

    lol why would those things make him unworthy of serious consideration?