Posted on September 20, 2013

Unite Red October

Red October, September 20, 2013

On 10 October 2013 the people of South Africa will stage marches and gatherings across South Africa and the World to let everyone know that we have had ENOUGH!

No longer will we be silent about the oppression of the White South African Ethnic Minority! No longer will we silently endure the killing of our people on our farms and in our towns and cities!

We can no longer be silent about the brutal torture of the elderly and defenseless, the mothers, fathers and children of this minority group.

We are tired of corrupt governance, racist Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment and Affirmative Action, not only excluding white South Africans from the job market but also making it impossible for businesses and companies to make contributions to the thousands of white people living in squatter camps or our children in orphanages

We can no longer tolerate the destruction of our infrastructure, our filthy government hospitals, our pathetic educational system, dirty dams and rivers, uninhabitable parks and public areas, dangerous neighbourhoods and filthy streets and disintegrating road network! The list is endless and we say it’s ENOUGH!

We, as an Ethnic Minority, are also entitled to the protection of our rights as enshrined in our Constitution.

  • We have the right to be in charge of our own schools and to maintain the standard of Education that we are accustomed to in accordance with our culture.
  • We have the right to demand that the current government provides us with a safe environment in which to raise our children.
  • We have the right to feel safe in our homes and communities and it is the responsibility of this government to provide us with the protection we deserve.
  • Our children have the right to receive tertiary education for whatever career they choose to pursue and to not be excluded from entry to our universities through Racist policies.
  • This government has a responsibility to safeguard our borders and stop the influx of illegal immigrants that are not only depleting our tax resources, but are responsible for a large percentage of the crimes committed against the citizens of this country.
  • The Constitution also guarantees the right of a South African citizen to an expedient trial, protection against torture and inhumane treatment during incarceration and the premise that one is innocent until proven guilty. This does not seem to apply to our people.
  • The Constitution provides for the right to Self-determination for any group that should choose it. Several efforts to engage in talks regarding this, are being ignored by the current government.

These rights pertain to that of all minority groups and they will be joining us in a show of solidarity against the failure of the current regime to protect its citizens and provide them with a free, fair and safe country to live and prosper in.

People all over the World will release RED Balloons into the skies in protest against the inhumane Slaughter and Oppression of the White Ethnic Minority of South Africa, on October 10, 2013!

This needs to stop and can no longer be ignored!