Almost Half of US Births Covered by Medicaid

William Bigelow, Breitbart, September 8, 2013

According to researchers from the George Washington University (GWU) School of Public Health, in 2010, almost half of all births in the United States were paid for by Medicaid, and that rate is only going to go up. Medicaid was responsible for 48% of the 3.8 million births in 2010, an increase of 90,000 births from 2008, which was an 8% increase during that period.

Lead investigator Anne Markus, an associate professor of health policy at GWU, said, “As states expand coverage, low-income women of childbearing age will be able to obtain more continuous coverage before and between pregnancies. Now, for the first time, researchers will have a comprehensive baseline that will help them determine how increased access to services might change pregnancies and ultimately birth outcomes.”


In New York City in 2009, 76% of Hispanic births were covered by Medicaid, 70% of births in the black community were covered, and 31% of whites.

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  • Jesse James

    More clear proof that the government is taking wealth by forced taxation from American whites and using it to encourage non-whites to racially replace us. How do they think they will keep this leviathan state going when they have destroyed the white middle class that created the wealth of this nation?

    • Hal K

      As long as the nonwhite percentage of the population keeps increasing, and as long as wealth keeps flowing from whites to nonwhites, they are happy.

    • So CAL Snowman

      The obvious answer is that “they” intend to collapse the leviathan state when no more wool can be fleeced from ba ba White sheep.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      “They” have every intention of destroying this state, it is a planned collapse of the economy and destruction of the white race. When they time comes, those who have caused the destruction will depart for the Middle East. “They” have no intention of reaping what they’ve sown.

      • Whitetrashgang

        I would also think Asia, and start all over.

    • Stentorian_Commentator

      I wish I had the technological savvy to find and link another article, not sure where I read it, that many middle class whites have to fund their own obstetrics and delivery costs, and they run $40,000+ per baby. This is like the Muslim jizya tax on non-muslims. Whites face a huge cost to have kids, and then are taxed to pay for black/Hispanic kids. Makes you sick. I’d like to arrange my affairs to drop out of the tax system as much as possible, but I find myself pinned down at the moment behind enemy lines.

      • shmo123

        I don’t know where you’re getting those figures of 40k plus, but my research tells me you’re way off. An uncomplicated vaginal delivery runs somewhere around 9-10k, more if a c-section. Prenatal care about 2k, and misc. expenses another 1-2k.

        • Jesse James

          Maybe that $40k is the average cost of a child over their first 18 years, that is more realistic. It wouldn’t include college tuition, as that would be considerably more even at most state universities.

        • Stentorian_Commentator

          You might be right, although long story short, the initial bill for my kids was enough to buy a house, but I was covered by insurance, so the initial bill amount was just a funny money retail price claim (to me, one of the annoying aspects of ew-jay business behavior is that dishonest attempt to overprice from the start because they all haggle, and then they wonder why we call it “jewing you down”).

  • JohnEngelman

    Government funded abortions cost much less than the life time costs incurred by the illegitimate children of welfare mothers and violent street criminals.

    • borogirl54

      I agree with you on this. The problem is that the Republican pro lifers see abortions of blacks and Hispanics as a form of genocide. I see it as a means of lowering the crime rate. Want to reduce black on black crime, allow for taxpayer funded abortions and this will reduce that problem,

    • Frans

      I much prefer paying for abortions for useless pukes that shouldn’t be having babies they know they can’t support than supporting their worthless offspring forever….meaning from cradle to prison!

  • John Smith

    Every single day, 10,000 people (baby boomers) go on Social Security and Medicare – for the next 20 years.

    Throw in (how ever many 1000’s) go on Medicaid.


    I would have thought this country would have completely collapsed by now. I simply don’t know what is keeping us afloat.

    I see soooo much pain in our future

    • IstvanIN

      A giant mimeograph machine at the Fed.

      • Rhialto

        With some help from the generous Peoples Republic of China.

    • So CAL Snowman

      Well foreign wars of aggression to keep the petrodollar as the world’s reserve currency helps. You see oil is priced in American dollars on the international market. So when a country wants to buy oil it has to change its currency for american currency. This helps us to flood the world with worthless dollar bills as the world attempts to stay one step ahead of monetary inflation. Sometimes countries balk at our tyrannical insistence on trading oil in dollars (Iraq, Libya, Iran, Syria, etc.) and then people get bombed back into the stone age to learn their lesson.

      • Whitetrashgang

        Yes, without the US dollar being the world reserve currency it would be worth about 5 -10 cents if your lucky .Also there was a bank run a few years back on a asian country and it was found out it couldn’t back up its currency and western banks bailed it out otherwise the whole world economy would have melted down .Most money in real terms is worthless.

    • me

      Baby boomers caused this–I say we cut off their funding. They almost destroyed this country with their drug-induced and sick delusions. These spoiled children of post-war America never knew hardship or want. They seized the reins of political power by sheer numbers, and ushered in a century of corruption, ‘multicultural’ suicide, and the tearing down of the family. They almost destroyed everything their ancestors worked for, fought for, and laid their lives down for. Let them rot!

      • QuinnTheEskimo9

        You are quite correct about the destruction being done to this country but you have the wrong perpetrators. The baby boomers are the victims, not the instigators of this planned destruction.
        Baby boomers have NO political power in this country, nor do they control the government or media.

        • me

          Oh, really? Who marched with that charlatan MLK, and marched with the Bantu for ‘equality’? Who integrated with the Bantu, and started the idea of having sex with them? Or, sex with anyone and anything, and loved their orgies? Who ‘tuned in, turned on, and dropped out’? Who pushed for immigration and the rights of illegal immigrants with Cesar Chavez? Who pushed for the ‘Peace Corps’? Who voted for immigration reform in 1965? Who boycotted South Africa? Who started thinking that socialism and communism were ‘great ideas’? Who carried around Mao’s ‘little red book’? Who promoted the drug culture, the counterculture, and women’s liberation? Who attacked McCarthy and other conservatives for attacking Marxist Hollywood? Who promoted the ideas that ‘all cultures are equal’, ‘all religions are equal’, and ‘all countries are better’ than the USA? The Boomers have no political power NOW, because– you know why.

          • Whitetrashgang

            Yes all true but they were led by the tribe. Which does go to show how easily led most people are. In a way its always 1984 for most people which is good and bad for us.

          • Frans

            No, not all true. Do some research!

          • QuinnTheEskimo9

            It takes a LONG time before the brainwashing wears off, if it ever does. I think it’ll take a Ukrainian-style Holomodor (mass starvation) or being killed en masse before whites wake up. And even then, whites may not “get” who is doing this to them. Yes, the brainwashing runs deep.

          • Frans

            Those you mention are a small % of Baby Boomers! The government has been corrupt for over a century. You’re waaay off base. For example, Johnson began the all are equal crap–the ‘Great Society’–he wasn’t a Baby Boomer. Baby Boomers weren’t old enough in 1965 to vote for immigration reform. The mother of women’s lib is Gloria Steinem and she’s too old to be a Baby Boomer. You’re blaming the wrong generation. The oldest Baby Boomer was only 4 in 1950 when McCarthy was prominent. Do some research!!

          • QuinnTheEskimo9

            You are hopelessly naive and obviously out of your league.

            I’m going to try to help you here. I suggest you do some research before mouthing off –starting with The Culture of Critique. Read it from cover to cover. The white American population has been triangulated against by Jews who want nothing less than the genocide of Whites.

            These are the movements they used against white American culture:

            “All people have the same biological potential for accomplishment. and no culture is better than any other. As a result, we can easily mold people into ideal citizens (Boasian anthropology).”

            “We can create a classless society in which there will be no conflicts of interest and people will altruistically work for the common good (Marxism).”

            “We can create a society in which people will be in tune with their sexuality and free of neuroses, anti-Semitism, and “racism” (psychoanalysis).”

            “We can create a multicultural paradise in which different racial and ethnic groups will live in harmony and cooperation (the Frankfurt School of Social Research).”

            “We can easily transform other societies into democracies and should wage war to remake other societies in our image (neoconservatism).”

            Look closely at who backed and financed MLK, who fought in court for desegregation and school busing, who opened up the borders of the U.S. to the third world in 1965, who demands that we become multicultural and won’t tolerate any discussion of differences in IQ. Who control the media? The government? Look closely, do your research. Maybe then your eyes will be opened.

    • Whitetrashgang

      17 Trillion in debt, the USA has been broke for 30 years at least. Its just one big Ponzi scheme now.

  • Spartacus

    Immigration is awesome, isn’t it ? The immigrants are merely getting the services Americans wouldn’t get. BTW, why am I the only one pressing the “star” on articles here on Amren ? The one above where you write your text ?

    • IstvanIN

      What does the star do?

      • Spartacus

        Not sure. I think it shows how many people mark it as a “quality” article, but again, I’m not certain . Still, it probably matters to Amren, otherwise they wouldn’t put it there, so just press the damn thing.

        • FormerlyEdNY

          Every now and then I would hit on that star but I don’t think anybody really pays attention to it.

          • Spartacus

            Again, I don’t think it would be there if it wouldn’t serve some kind of purpose, hence why we should press it. I was just pointing it out because I don’t think many people noticed it. Heck, I’ve been here for months and I just saw it…

  • IstvanIN

    In NJ illegal aliens births are covered by Medicaid. And the newly minted “citizen” is entitled to one year of Medicaid coverage, no questions asked.

    • borogirl54

      This is nearly the case everywhere that illegal alien mothers are covered under Medicaid until the baby is delivered. Since the baby is considered a US citizen, it is eligible for the same benefits that citizens are.

      • IstvanIN

        And then one year of Medicaid during the infants first year of life, guaranteed, regardless of income. Then they can reapply for continuing coverage using self-attestation. No proof needed.

      • Ni123

        “illegal alien mothers are covered under Medicaid until the baby is delivered”

        Not exactly. They are covered for labor and delivery only ( though in some states it can be that they receive full coverage for prenatal care as well).

      • Sick of it

        That’s very irritating, since the baby is NOT an American citizen. Not that the courts follow the Constitution.

      • redfeathers

        You’re right, NYS’s prenatal care assistance program is available regardless of immigration status. Freebies like sonograms, lab tests, HIV testing, vitamins, etc. They get it all. Metrocards included.

    • Ni123

      You can go ahead and add to this “one year” another 18 (min). Those kids are fully covered until they turn 19 given their parent’s income is not above limit, and I assure you it never is.

      • IstvanIN

        And there is never a father in the home.

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        Even when their income really is over the limit, Hispanics are not at all afraid to lie on government documents about it, and no one ever checks eligibility.

        It’s especially easy if they work off the books and/or illegally.

        • Greg Thomas

          And especailly if the one “checking” the forms is a fellow La Raza.

        • Ni123

          “Hispanics are not at all afraid to lie on government documents about it”
          It’s not that nobody ever checks eligibility, it’s that the program itself has so many holes. Proof of income requirements are very, very loose, and workers’ hands are often tied. There are opportunities to make an effort and run an extra check, though. But mostly affirmative action DSS workers are not willing to make this extra step and extra check. Saving tax payers money is not on their agenda.

          Oh, and with Obamacare it all will get even worse. Those who are being denied now because it is possible to dig out some info that they are trying to hide, are going to be approved comes October. The system of checks and balances as lousy as it is now is about to vanish completely.

  • cecilhenry

    This is a parasitic relationship on the American white taxpayer.

    Pay for what YOU take.


    But you make sure you get up and go to work tomorrow and be productive to pay taxes….

    So it can be taken by someone else not in your interests or for what you want.

    Why waste time working….. get into the parasitic and exploitation game of fighting for re-distribution of others resources rather than creating your own.

    AS you work another sneaks across the border to claim something from you.

    Stop working…. get on the border—literally and metaphorically.

    • me

      I’ve been saying the same for some time now. Why work so hard, Whitey? You’re funding your own genocide. Better to form rural communities, like the Mennonites, and start cranking out babies, growing your own food, and homeschooling your kids. The hostility of the government towards their White ‘cash cows’ could not be more blatant. Why support the system that hates you? Why pay taxes to support a multitude of orcs and squat monsters that hate you and want to steal your country from you? Why support corporate Amerika, who’s only interest is the worship and acquisition of Mammon? Boycott, vote locally, and work as little as possible.

  • Rick Brooks

    Well, with half of all births to minorities is this suppose to surprise anyone? Diversity’s a strength! It’s making us stronger and stronger everyday!

  • WmarkW

    What’s the opposite of Darwinism?

    • Spartacus

      Marxism .

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    One more reason why whites cannot afford to have children because they are taxed to death in order to enable genocide against them. How? Quite easy when money they could have used to have their own children is being taken from them to enable hostile racial aliens to swamp us with their children who will as adults kill ours. In other words, births are being prevented among whites, and THAT constitutes genocide.

  • White Mom in WDC

    Great whites ( borrowed term from Nordic Caucusoid from SBPDL) I implore you to stop playing the rigged game set out to impoverish, subjugate, and enslave you while also killing our race. Stop being nice. Stop ‘doing the right thing’. Fight first with the purse strings…. Get your money out of the system. Do cash only business. Do business with only other whites. Then have kids. Don’t think, just do it. This is war.

  • IKantunderstand

    I support abortion on demand. As a matter of fact, I demand abortions for all women who can’t afford to have children. It infuriates me that elderly Whites will have health care withheld, despite the fact that not only did they pay taxes all their lives, but they lost loved ones and ancestors “defending” this country through wars over the years. This traitorous government wants to turn their back on these our White elders, descendants of the Whites who created this freaking country to provide money to illegal, sub par intelligent whores who have babies. Wow, way to invest money that will pay off in the long run. Whites for the most part, don’t have children they can’t afford. For the record, I am against providing any taxpayer dollars whatsoever to any woman of any color who chooses to have a baby she can’t afford. I can’t take it anymore. If you are a complete screw up because of poor decisions, because you are an addict, fat, lazy, alcoholic, whatever, you are given a pass. You are not only given a pass, you are given SSI benefits. WTF??? Meanwhile, White Christians, who work, take care of their families, are the butt of all the jokes in this country. Have any of them, ever, for one second, considered what this country would be like if all the White, Christian, taxpayers, who obey the laws, recycle, and volunteer for everything disappeared? Actually, they have. What a splendid police state they could impose. The colored masses would be too unintelligent to mount much of an opposition. What a paradise! What an utopia! No borders. No ethnic conflicts. No religion. (Yo Muslims, you think you will conquer the Earth? HaHa, you are are patsys as well). Elysium isn’t a just a movie, it’s a future documentary.

    • me

      The ones who built this country are long gone. The Baby Boomers that destroyed this country are the so-called ‘elderly’. They’re the ones that have been in power for the last fifty years.They’re your ‘Gang of 8’. They’re your Congressmen. They’re on your SCOTUS. They run the government. They run the pubic schools and colleges. They run the media. They run your ‘churches’. They make the laws.They’re in charge of the military. They run the police state. They run corporations that are globalist and anti-statist. They’ve always hated their country, their history, and their ancestors. They hate the family. They can rot, for all I care. They made this mess that we, and our children, will have to clean up.

      • Frans

        Some of what you say is true, me, but those you listed are a small % of the Baby Boomers (people born between 1946 & 1964.) There are far more Baby Boomers who are not making laws, not politicians, not ruining anything. We’re “regular citizens” who’ve worked hard all our lives and have earned a respectable income and lifestyle because of that hard work, and deserve everything we have, including Medicare and SS. We were forced by a corrupt government to pay into those programs, just as everyone does today. We earned college degrees when the requirements were rigorous and you had to actually do a lot of work for that degree. Many of us worked our way through college in the 60s and 70s—there were far fewer grants and freebies and loans than there are now. Many Baby Boomers were forced by a corrupt government to serve in Viet Nam and died doing so. Boys were drafted right out of high school if they didn’t go to college, or right out of college if they did. It wasn’t voluntary. Many Baby Boomers are highly intelligent innovators and trend setters—think Bill Gates, Steve Jobs just to name a few!! The destruction of the country began long ago—Johnson and his affirmative action programs, for instance. Woodrow Wilson & FDR and their wars. And all the wars since. Sure, a lot of the psycho politicians that are running things now are Baby Boomers, but the destruction didn’t begin with them. They’ve just continued tradition.

        • kjh64

          I disagree that the baby boom lasted into the 60’s. Nobody born in 1960 onwards is a Baby Boomer. They would have been too young to be a part of the 1960’s and 70’s turbulence and issues.

          • Frans

            You can disagree. But facts are facts. It really doesn’t matter if you agree or not. Baby Boomers were born between 1946 and 1964. Look it up. Yes, some of them would have been too young to be a part of the 60s and 70s issues!

  • Raydonn

    The esteemed Margaret Sanger TRIED to warn us, we failed to heed her wisdom. We’re paying for it dearly and it will only get worse.

  • Johnny Squire

    More proof that government charity corrupts normal human interactions and strips away the protection of the institutions of that stand between the individual and the state. The medical community is addicted to government welfare and will never oppose the disruption of their cash cow. This is how we got from the best health care in the world to the “pigs in the trough triage” of Medicare and Medicaid to the looming disaster of Obamacare.

  • John Smith

    Obviously, the national debt is going to climb so high the dollar crashes from all of this deficit spending. When that happens, there will be no money anymore for welfare. The rioting won’t change a thing. No money left, the dollar in shambles, the country in enormous debt, the rest of the world using another currency, etc… I wouldn’t be surprised if cannibalism results.

  • pcmustgo

    NYC has tons of Dominicans, who are like Puerto Ricans, but a shade darker. They hate Haitians. 75% of Dominicans are on some form of welfare. The other Latinos only trail slightly behind.

  • Greg S

    I quit giving to the Catholic Church. Just another fund raising arm of LaRaza.