While promoting her new movie, ‘The Butler,’ Oprah Winfrey compared the death of Trayvon Martin to the 1955 murder of 14-year-old Emmett Till, which helped ignite the civil rights movement.

‘Trayvon Martin, parallel to Emmett Till,’ Oprah told The Grio‘s Chris Witherspoon in a short clip of the interview that aired on MSNBC Monday. ‘Let me just tell you, in my mind, same thing.

‘But you can get stuck in that and not allow yourself to move forward and to see how far we’ve come.’

Till, from Chicago, was visiting relatives in Mississippi in August of 1955 when he spoke to a 21-year-old white woman, whom he was later accused of flirting with.

The woman’s husband and his half-brother went to the house where Till was staying and beat him, gouged out one of his eyes and shot him in the head.

The men then disposed of his body by throwing it in the Tallahatchie River weighted down by a cotton gin.

Three days after he was killed, Till’s body was recovered and his mother had an open casket funeral to display to the world the brutality that he endured.

The graphic images of Till’s mutilated body–and later, the acquittal of his murderers, Roy Bryant and J.W. Milam–provided a catalyst for the civil rights movement. Months after the aquittal, Bryant and Milam confessed to the killing.


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  • MerlinV

    White women have made big Oprah a multimillionaire and this is the thanks they get? They thought she was above race. My own wife used to be addicted to watching that fraud. Why, I have NO clue.

    • Vonhauer

      Winfrey lives in Chicago so she knows about the black-on-black daily murder rate yet this is what she focuses on. Like every other black, it’s all about race with them. Kept waiting in a Burger King line too long? There HAS to be a racial angle there somewhere! This is how they are, from the homeless guy downtown, to Oprah, to Obama. Its RACE, man.

      • itdoesnotmatter

        Victimology 101A

        Alarming is the fact that millions hang onto every word this uninformed, ignorant woman says, including my own sister.

        In reality, Winfrey is not that bright; listen to her lapses into ebonic speech. She says, “axe,” for ask. For that alone, I lower her IQ one standard deviation from normal.

      • MBlanc46

        She used to live in Chicago when her daily program was recorded. I believe that she now lives in Los Angeles. Good riddance.

    • Ed_NY

      I agree with your comment except that I believe Oprah is a billionaire with a “B”.

    • ncpride

      Not THIS White woman. I can honestly say I’ve never watched a single ‘show’ of hers that I can recall, not intentionally anyway. I wouldn’t give her the time of day.

    • sbuffalonative

      Oprah gained notoriety because of the show’s marketing strategy to give away gifts (some time cars) at her show.

      Women at home watched and dreamed of being in the audience and receiving a car or a basket of lotions and soaps from Oprah herself.

      Her ratings sky rocketed after she starting doing that. If her show didn’t pull that trick, the rating would have been much lowers.

      • IstvanIN

        Sort of like The Price is Right without the bouncing boobies!

        • me

          ‘The Price Is Right’ has a lot of bouncing boobies! Especially on the host….

          • IstvanIN

            LOL, I was thinking of the Bob Barker days when the female contestants would “come on down”! But the new host does give them some competition I suppose!

    • A Freespeechzone

      Make NO mistake, even with Oprah, FACTS DON’T MATTER; she will stick with her race before acknowledging the FACT that Trayvon Martin viciously attacked George Zimmerman because he thought he could ‘WhoopAss’ without protest.

      She agrees with the likes of Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson & the New Black Panther Party who also ignore FACTS and still want to punish (murder) Zimmerman for self defense against a violent black thug.

      The attitude of these anti-White racists will embolden more unprovoked attacks–the war is on.

      Be prepared. No Apologies.

      • Xerxes22

        If a Trayvon Martin type ever set foot on Queen Oprah’s property, her security people would beat him to a bloody pulp. They would then hand what was left of his worthless carcass over to the local police and that would be the end of it. There would not be one word about it in the news media.

        • You forgot the tazers, electric stun-guns and pepper spray. Only after that would the beating commence.

          • me

            Oh, the hypocrisy of the wealthy Bantu!

    • Funruffian

      Oprah was available to sedentary women who had nothing better to do than eat Bon-bons, clean and watch soap operas. But there are also two other elements that contributed to her success: she had some interesting guests. She played counter intuitive to Mr. Liberal egalitarian himself, Phil Donahue. Many people were put off by Donahue’s aggressive personality and his lack of cordiality. So, Oprah started off as a friendlier and more affable talk show personality. But as years went by she became more arrogant, uppity and started to show her true colors as a greedy, race-baiting entrepreneur.
      Oprah isn’t a mental giant by any means, and her discourse in chats and interviews reveals that.

    • Winston Merryweather

      Winfrey would have been a tow-truck driver without white women. She has revealed herself to be merely another race- obsessed black. Whites die daily at the hands of blacks but for her they don’t exist.

      • Sloppo

        Would you hire her to operate that kind of equipment?

    • me

      Orca Winfrey needs to keep her racist pie-hole shut.

  • The only way this county is ever going to be fixed is if the Dolby Theater is leveled on Oscar night.

    • me

      Nope. Hollywood itself needs to be leveled….

    • blight14

      Ha, that has been a lustful dream of mine for years……that would do more to improve our nation than any other single event……or at least it would be one of the top three things!!!!!

  • serious123

    Another case that proves you don’t have to be bright to be rich.

    • me

      Ruthless, cutthroat, phony, lying, conniving, dishonest, thieving, and pandering…..but not bright.
      “If you want to know what God thinks about money, just look at the people He gave it to.” -Dorothy Parker

      • Whitetrashgang

        That’s why jews run the world because back about 700 hundred years ago Europeans thought it was unclean to handle money and so let the jews do it. Can you think of a bigger mistake in history?

  • Easyrhino1

    Unless Till sucker punched, straddled and then went into a ground and pound mode on some guy then I think the comparison is hardly equivalent.

    • A Freespeechzone

      The FACTS don’t matter with these people—they ALWAYS stick with their race even when the facts show Martin was a thug and made a bad decision.

    • NorthernWind

      The only fact that matters in their mind is race. Till was Black, Martin was Black, both were killed (by a non-Black), therefore they are equivalent.

    • Sloppo

      Maybe Oprah knows something about Till that we don’t.

  • DLRisVH

    And what do the murders of Channon Christian, Chris Newsome, Eve Carson, Autumn Pasquqle, etc remind you of Oprah?

    • Easyrhino1

      Absolutely nothing!

    • Spartacus

      I doubt she’s ever even heard of any of them…

      • Erasmus

        Those kids were the wrong skin color, don’t you know?

        Someone needs to ask Orca what we call someone who sides with the criminal because they share the same skin color instead of his victim because they don’t.

        I’ll give you a hint, Orca, it begins with r and ends with t, and it’s what you and 90% of America’s black leaders, including the grifter in the Oval Office, are.

    • me

      Orca will NEVER do a program about Bantu crime. It’s not good for business….

      • DudeWheresMyCountry?

        A program? More like a three-week miniseries. I’m glad that more and more people see her as the racist hater she really is. Before she shilled for Obama in 2008 she had most everyone still fooled.

        • me

          A three week miniseries? How about the whole month of February miniseries? I wonder if it would be as popular as ‘Roots’. People still think that book is nonfiction….lol!

          • DudeWheresMyCountry?

            The only thing that could keep up with their actions would be a 24/7 news channel, could you imagine BCD, Bantu crime daily? At least they wouldn’t ever have to worry about a slow news day.

          • me

            If obummer had a tv channel…..

          • Erasmus

            Blacks hated the TV show “Cops” because at least 60% of the perps were “black and proud.”

            Picture it: Cop’s night in the ‘hood. “Hey, dat be uncle Benny! And ain’t dat Kyreesha and Shaquana workin’ dem streets dere!”

      • Erasmus

        It doesn’t matter.

        Everyone knows the truth, and, as in the former Soviet Union, by continuing to ignore the truth, Orca, Obama and the rest of America’s black leaders only undermine their own credibility.

  • Defiant White

    Rule #1 For Being A Negro In America: Self-dramatize our own importance at every opportunity so YT will feel even MORE guilty and increase the gibbsme.

    Rule #2: Blame everything on racism.

    Rule #3: When in doubt, see Rule #1.

  • Rhialto

    I am not a shrink, but I think that attitudes and behavior which would be paranoid in a White are normal for a Black.

    • Sick of it

      Can you blame them after looking at crime statistics?

  • Irishgirl

    Till’s mother “had an open casket funeral to display to the world the brutality that he endured.”

    What kind of mother would want to see, much less show the world, her mutilated child? (Rhetorical question) That is beyond sick.

    • KingKenton

      What kind of mother would want to see, much less show the world, her mutilated child? (Rhetorical question) That is beyond sick.

      Indeed, it would take someone who is very disturbed to do such a thing. Perhaps an alternative explanation is that she was approached by some organization which wanted to capitalize on Till’s death for political / social purposes, and convinced her it would be the right thing to do the aide the Civil Rights cause. Pure speculation of course, but it seems more rational than to imagine that Till’s mother did what she did of her own accord.

      Lastly, the whole open-casket ploy was entirely disingenuous. The state of Till’s grotesque appearance more likely was due to being submerged for three days in the Tallahatchie river, that by the injuries received from his killers.

      • The state of Till’s grotesque appearance more likely was due to being submerged for three days in the Tallahatchie river, that by the injuries received from his killers.

        Till suffered a severe beating before being shot. So it was probably a combination of both. But yes, people tend to forget that bodies dragged from the water tend not be very pretty…

        • KingKenton

          There is no way to know for sure, but if the account below is true, it makes me think tat Till’s beating couldn’t have been that severe.

          They drove back to Glendora, then north toward Swan Lake and crossed the “new bridge” over the Tallahatchie. At the east end of this bridge, they turned right, along a dirt road which parallels the river. After about two miles, they crossed the property of L.W. Boyce, passing near his house.

          About 1.5 miles southeast of the Boyce home is a lonely spot where Big Milam has hunted squirrels. The river bank is steep. The truck stopped 30 yards from the water.

          Big Milam ordered Bobo to pick up the fan.

          He staggered under its weight… carried it to the river bank. They stood silently… just hating one another.

          Milam: “Take off your clothes.”

          Slowly, Bobo pulled off his shoes, his socks. He stood up, unbuttoned his shirt, dropped his pants, his shorts.

          He stood there naked.

          It was Sunday morning, a little before 7.

          Milam: “You still as good as I am?”

          Bobo: “Yeah.”

          Milam: “You still ‘had’ white women?”

          Bobo: “Yeah.”

          That big .45 jumped in Big Milam’s hand. The youth turned to catch that big, expanding bullet at his right ear. He dropped.

          They barb-wired the gin fan to his neck, rolled him into 20 feet of water.

        • They don’t look good coming from warm, running water. The high oxygen content in running water helps microbes do their thing, and there are always fish and turtles, even when no crocodiles or alligators are present.

  • Till, from Chicago, was visiting relatives in Mississippi in August of
    1955 when he spoke to a 21-year-old white woman, whom he was later
    accused of flirting with.

    Personally, I take the violent reaction against him as a clue that it was more than just speaking to her, or flirting with her, or whistling to her. Not only do we have the relatively suppressed information that his father was court martialed and executed in Italy during WWII for having raped and murdered an Italian woman, we also know that his mother warned him over and over before letting him go to Mississippi to stay with his great uncle to ditch his arrogant cocky attitude.

    • Buck Roeser

      Till had plenty of time to escape. His great uncle tried to get him to leave town, but he refused. I have read accounts that his killers were surprised to find him at his great uncle’s house, having assumed that he had the smarts to quit town. Who knows what went on when he was first confronted–the whites may have told him to get out of town, to which he may have replied, “how you gonna make me, you creepy ass crackers?”

      • There’s another thing. What was the great attraction for Mamie Till to let her son leave town and spend time with her own old man great uncle? (I think Moes Wright was Mamie Till’s great-uncle, not Emmett’s. That would have made him Emmett’s great-great-uncle.) What was supposed to be the great attraction of the Mississippi Delta, at least for types like Emmett Till that, at least from what I can glean, was allergic to work?

        • HamletsGhost

          It’s common practice for single black women to send their obstreperous offspring down Dixie way not only to get to know their kinfolk, but also to keep them out of trouble on the mean streets of Northern cities. In Till’s case, it backfired badly.

    • Romulus

      Two Italian women,from what I understand.

    • Sick of it

      It should also be noted that it was 1955 and anyone messing with a married woman in 1955 may have ended up dead. Unless one lived in a freakshow like California.

      • me

        Yeah, but don’t confuse the issue with facts–it gives the ‘progressives’ a headache.

    • HamletsGhost

      IIRC, Till’s killers were offered $500 after the trial by the Saturday Evening Post to tell their version of events of that night. The trial was over, DOJ double-jeopardy was far into the future, and the men had no reasons to lie.

      According to them, Till had GROPED the white woman behind the store counter, putting his arm around her waist from behind and whispering something in her ear that so shocked her that she couldn’t repeat it to anyone.

      It appears that Till had bragged to his cousins that day that he had a white girlfriend up in Chicago and that he wasn’t afraid to talk to any white woman he wanted to. His cousins then dared him to go inside the local store and talk to the white woman inside. He took up the dare and quickly realized that Chicago street smarts were no match for a woman with a revolver. He ran out the store with his cousins back to his uncle’s house, while the woman told her husband what happened later that day.

      According to the magazine interview, they men accused of the murder weren’t planning to kill Till. They only wanted to “put the skeer in him” and send him running back to Chicago. But Till wasn’t reading from the same script. He was defiant throughout the night, refusing to apologize for anything and in the end ended up dead for his defiance.

      Even today, people still insist Till was killed for merely “whistling” at a white woman. Leave it to liberals to botch up what could have been a straight-up tale of murder. But they can’t help themselves from gilding the lilly.

      • According to the magazine interview, they men accused of the murder weren’t planning to kill Till. They only wanted to “put the skeer in him” and send him running back to Chicago. But Till wasn’t reading from the same script. He was defiant throughout the night, refusing to apologize for anything and in the end ended up dead for his defiance

        That sounds about right. I still have to shake my head at the whole “defiance” bit. How amazingly stupid do you have to be? Most people if kidnapped, beaten, menaced with a gun etc would be doing and saying anything they could to preserve their life. Instead this guy was apparently putting on a “tough guy” attitude. I can just hear it. “You White folks aint gona do sh– to me! Untie me and I’ll kick all you a–es!”. But after a lifetime of dealing with black street criminals face to face, I can’t say I’m suprised at all. Apparently some things have remained constant…..

      • Sloppo

        I tend to disagree with Oprah about just about everything, I also can see some similarities between this case and the one which involved George Zimmerman. Perhaps the most noteworthy similarity is the way the propaganda networks concealed the offensive actions of the deceased bantus.

      • Luca

        Chicago…Hmm.. why does that name keep popping up whenever, belligerent blacks, lunatic lefties, crooked politicians and rampant crime are mentioned? Probably just a coincidence.

    • KingKenton

      Personally, I take the violent reaction against him as a clue that it was more than just speaking to her, or flirting with her, or whistling to her.

      Agreed. I remember reading an article several years ago which gave an account of the ‘Till’ incident that was very much at odds with the “officially” sanctioned version. Apparently Till, who was nearly 15, was very large for his age. More of a man than a boy. The account also detailed how Till wasn’t just whistling but was very aggressive in his behavior and grabbed Carolyn Bryant in a manner which would of brought sexual battery charges. In addition, after the initial attack on Mrs. Bryant, he came back at a later time and harassed her after she had left the store.
      I wish I could remember where I read this article. I tried searching for it tonight on the Web but to no avail. If someone knows of this article please post the link, or article.

      Just as we saw the media totally distort the facts and try to paint Trayvon Martin as an innocent little child, should we not be surprised to find that the facts have been misrepresented in the Till case?

      • Things that aren’t recent that might say anything other that the generally offered “truth” about a historical event are either disappearing from search results or being buried so far down in the search results that they will rarely/never be found.

      • IIRC he just turned 14. But black 14-year olds can be very young man like. Remember the “professional thief” wearing the wife beater shirt in New Orleans. The Merritt Landry case.

        • KingKenton

          Correct, my mistake. Born July 25, 1941 – Died August 28, 1955

      • Luca

        Read the testimony from the trial. Google: Emmet Till murder trial selected testimony UMKC school of law.

  • haroldcrews

    It’s my understanding that Till assaulted the woman by placing his hands on her hips.

    • Buck Roeser

      Depends on which version you read. The most common version has him looking at her, and then letting loose with a “wolf whistle.” This was a common signal at the time that a man intended to have sex with a woman, whether she was willing, or not. Even if Till could have claimed ignorance–although it’s silly to think that a whistle would not mean the same in MS as in Chicago–he had plenty of time to leave town, and was indeed warned to do so.

      • MBlanc46

        I’ve never heard that interpretation of the wolf whistle. It was, or at least was reputed to be, the standard response to an attractive woman passing (say) a construction site, where there was no expectation that any of the workers intended to rape her. I believe that you’ve been misinformed as to the meaning of the wolf whistle.

        • Buck Roeser

          It’s possible I’ve been misinformed. You may have misunderstood my post. When a construction worker does a “wolf whistle” at a passing female, he is certainly not merely making a statement that she is attractive. It’s a predatory signal. I probably used the word “intend” incorrectly–certainly a construction worker, in most cases, is not going to put down the nail gun and go rape the woman. There is, however, an implicit threat in the whistle, at least in many cases. Most women that I’ve witnessed don’t take particular joy in being whistled at in that fashion. I imagine that most white southerners would agree that there was an implicit threat heard in Till’s whistle, whether he intended to act upon it or not.

          • MBlanc46

            Predatory in the sense that all male sexuality is predatory, perhaps. Certainly, the WW is entirely politically incorrect these days, as even acknowledging that one notices a female’s sexual attractiveness is considered harassment. I was just a kid when the WW was still in fashion, so I really can’t say that I understand all the nuances of its use. There’s no doubt that if that is in fact what Till did, he had committed a serious breach of Southern racial etiquette. Another account I’ve seen has Till addressing the woman as “Baby”. Before today, I’ve not seen any accounts that claim that he touched her. Whatever the exact facts of the case are, Till certainly crossed the line that Southerners enforced between black males and white females. Whether the punishment fit the crime can be debated, but it seems clear to me that the sort of rough justice that was meted out to Till was one of the things that brought Jim Crow into such disrepute that it was eventually abolished, leaving us in the unfortunate circumstances in which we find ourselves today. But whatever the facts of the Till case, it has nothing to do with the Martin case.

          • Buck Roeser

            I agree with your analysis, fully. Especially that the Till case has nothing to do with the Martin case.

  • Spartacus

    “Oprah Winfrey compared the death of Trayvon Martin to the 1955 murder of 14-year-old Emmett Till”


    I agree – Two dark-skins that got what all dark-skins deserve .

    • I’m going to have to down vote that comment.
      I’m as pro-White as anyone here. But murder is unacceptable. The shooting of Trayvon Martin was 100% legitimate and I applaud Zimmerman for his ability to clear his holster and score an x-ring on his target despite having his assailant on top of him at the time. On the other hand even if you believe (as i do) that Emmett Till did more than “whistle at a White woman”, that does not justify murdering him. The law is the law after all.
      Moreover the implication that all “dark-skins” need to be killed, is simply unacceptable…and should be to anyone serious about our cause. I’m all for seperation, NOT for genocide. Genocide, after all, is what the anti-White creeps are pushing. We should be above that.

      • Ngati Pakeha

        Well said Boetie. I would add that a position like that gives our detractors something to turn potential converts away.

        • That too.
          It plays into the stereotype of race realists as monsters.

      • Spartacus

        You know, I always get angry when people confuse genocide with pest control, but seeing your username, and the flag you use as your avatar… It just makes me sad. Knowing what your people are going through every day, this very second,the horrors they endure, and not wanting to avenge their suffering… Seems unimaginable to me.

        • I’m all too aware of the South African genocide. And I’m all for effective self-defense by the victims and ruthless justice for those who commit these acts. Just because a crime previously occured does not give one lisense to also commit similar crimes,
          There is a difference between dispensing justice and the wholesale killing of those different than us. (which is what your original comment implies) The former is reasonable and understandable. The latter is the stuff of bad movie scripts.
          I’m sorry you disagree.

      • Frans

        I agree. Till may have been a piece of crap, but killing him was wrong. The fact that Oprah mentioned him, equating that situation to the Zimmerman case, is just an example of the fuzzy logic that blacks use against whites.

    • Ngati Pakeha

      I’m sure your heart is in the right place Spartacus.

  • Luca

    Actually, I’m surprised she didn’t compare him to Gandhi, and Mother Teresa.

  • sbuffalonative

    Two stories of racism from Oprah:


    Back in 2005, Oprah Winfrey, one of the world’s best-known celebrities, traveled to Paris. Like many well-to-do tourists, she made for Fauborg Saint-Honoré, a street famed for its exclusive stores. Winfrey stopped at a designer store just after it had closed its doors at 6.30pm. The star is reported to have asked the door staff whether she could pop in to make a purchase. The answer was a resounding no.


    While Winfrey may be one of the most recognizable faces on the planet, she apparently doesn’t have as big a fan base in Switzerland. Winfrey tells O’Dell that while in Zürich for Tina Turner’s wedding she left the hotel to go shopping by herself and was denied service when the clerk assumed that Winfrey wouldn’t be able to afford the bag she was asking to see.

    It reminds me of the black myth of white women clutching their bags when a black man gets on an elevator.

    • Puggg

      And Tina Turner just ditched her American citizenship for Swiss citizenship. For the love of everything, Switzerland, WHY?

      Since she’s a native St. Louisan, that made the local news here.

      • Ngati Pakeha

        Maybe it’s the chocolate, watches & cuckoo clocks Puggg. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the demographics of the country. I can’t imagine why one would want to live in a country where you are not going to get sucker punched every time you are at the local shopping mall.

      • Romulus

        White envy!! Now that the tribe has elevated them way beyond natural capacity(TV personalities, sports and music) they wish themselves European or at the very least to disinherit our people from their lands and civilization. If she was so effing proud of being a koko, why doesn’t she and all her Bantu brethren take their money and move back to the dark continent?!

        • Sick of it

          Because they aren’t that stupid, nor are they suicidal.

      • Sick of it

        They’ve been inviting African immigrants for years now.

    • saxonsun

      what makes you think it’s a myth?

  • MekongDelta69

    And although I’m not a Billionaire and I don’t have my ‘OWN’ Network and millions of brain-dead feminists didn’t make my show successful, I’d like to compare Oaf-Rah to the First (I’d say, ‘Lady,’ but I’d be way too generous – and I wouldn’t want to insult any real ladies.) They are both over-privileged, black racists.

    I ‘axe’ for your indulgence in allowing me this comparison, in spite of those two goons viewing me as a third-class citizen.

    • saxonsun

      Her female fans are not real feminists. Believe me. A true feminist knows the score.

  • Luca

    I just realized from this article that Oprah has a new movie out called “The Butler”.

    Yay!, that’s another 20-bucks I just saved.

    • MekongDelta69

      She wanted NoBama, of all losers, to have a cameo in that movie.

  • Whitetrashgang

    Remember kids almost all blacks think like this ,just have nothing to do with them if possible

  • Today is really undeserved-billionaire day on AR, between The Oprah and Zuck.

  • Stentorian_Commentator

    You mean the guys who killed Emmett Till were white hispanics? Oprah’s words are to me an Emmett-tic.

    • Irishgirl

      Emmett-tic: best pun of the day!

  • bigone4u

    You can always trust a fat, ugly black woman to say the usual junk that fat, ugly black women say. It doesn’t matter if her name is Oprah or Shaniqua. The race drivel is going to drool down her chin in torrents.

    • Oldcorporal

      Or Whoopi Goldberg. She gives the word “ugly” a whole new meaning.

      • bigone4u

        When I hear her name I think about her romance with white guy Ted Danson. Note that we don’t hear much about that loon anymore.

        • Sick of it

          Ted belongs to a certain unnamed group.

          • bigone4u

            OK, now I understand.

      • Whitetrashgang

        She proves man used to be apes, and also well isn’t that enough?

  • negrolocaust

    if i looked like her i would hate the world too

    • Whitetrashgang

      No you would swing from a tree and eat ants from a stick,and never pay your car loan.

  • Oldcorporal

    There are too many idiots who think Oprah Winfrey hung the moon. It’s her, in part, that we have to “thank” for the Mulatto Messiah’s getting into the White House, as she jumped onto his bandwagon, big time, in 2008, just at the right moment for him and the right moment to sandbag Hillary Clinton, who had the nomination all but sewed up. Why didn’t a single reporter have the guts to say to Winfrey, “Now, Oprah, let’s be honest here: You’re supporting Barack Obama because he’s black, and YOU’RE black. That’s it in a nutshell. Isn’t it?” And then wait for her answer. I’d have just LOVED to be there to hear it — and to see the look on her “outraged” face.

  • shawnmer

    So how many “Emmett Tills” over the years does that make now? I’ve lost count.

  • Funruffian

    Orca can waddle her fat haunch to her local bank. She has enough money to spend on weaves and wigs for the next 50 generations.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Trayvon Martin is OLD NEWS — just like Okra “Millions of Blacks Lynched” Wimpy.

    Trayvon was a violent, POS wannabe thug with a future life of crime ahead of him. Hundreds of future crimes were prevented and millions of dollars of taxpayer money were saved in prison costs, insurance claims and court costs — plus any future thugs he might have spawned.

    Zimmerman is a National Hero, not Till or Trayvon.

    As for Emmett Till, who has been deified in school textbooks, the story we always hear is that he was murdered by two racist Whites for “ innocently whistling at a White woman.”

    According to the White woman in question, Carolyn Bryant:

    Till took her arm and said, ‘How about a date, baby?’ She broke free and he came behind the counter, put his hands on her hips and said, ‘What’s the matter, baby? Can’t you take it?’ He said things too obscene to repeat. He told her not to be afraid, that he had been with white women before.

    Just then, as she tells it, another colored fellow entered the store, took Till by the arm and led him out. Outside the store Till made another obscene remark. She went to her car to get her gun and they ran off.

    I’m pretty sure a 14-year old boy grabbing and then making obscene remarks to a married woman wouldn’t have been taken lightly in 1950s Mississippi no matter the race.

    Yet cases of black-on-White brutality and murder, such as the following, receive NO media attention, the victims weren’t deified by MSNBC or media celebrities, let alone remembered nationally. They will be featured in no textbooks, best-seller books, TV documentaries or movies. Because they are White victims of black crime.

    For God’s Sake, people, tell everyone you know and spread the word about black-on-White crime and the attendant media cover-up:

    Inside her apartment, the (black) monsters brutally beat the poor (White) woman in the head at least 40 times with a hammer, lead pipe and crow bar. Somehow, she was still clinging to life and breathing when they set the bedroom on fire around her before taking off.

    One of the killers freely admitted to police his hate for White people (Williams).

    In December 2012 , Anna Marie Galbraith came home at 8:11 pm to discover the dead bodies of her two little girls: Adiele six, and little Marley, only four years-old. The responding police soon found the murdered body of her 40 year-old husband Bobby in another room.

    In all probability, the father was killed first before the vile black SOB turned his bloody attention to them.


    • Irishgirl

      That picture of little Adiele and Marley broke my heart. Dammit, Bon, you made me cry!

      It’s because of these crushing realities that I so often seek escape through humor. That’s not going to work for me right now.

  • MBlanc46

    Oprah’s mind. I suspect that she far overestimates how many people give a bleep what’s in her mind. For those who do, they deserve what they get.

  • din_do_nuffins

    Some blacks are our best recruiters. Long live ookers and eekers- may the ook and eek even louder.

  • din_do_nuffins

    Shammity just showed a clip of three typical Diversities on a skool bus beating an innocent White boy nearly to death. He then deflected off the story to another about an endangered frog the FedGov is using to punish a White landowner.

    The FedGov is putting a designation of “critical habitat” on the frog’s breeding ground, and development incursions won’t be allowed.

    WHY! can’t the White community be designated an endangered species and our few remaining “too White” neighborhoods be “critical habitat” that are protected from Diversity Development?

    Answer: Because Whiteness no longer controls its own destiny- Diversity is our fate, horror, horror, horror.

  • So this compulsive over-eater who graduated an HBCU (Tennessee State) and made it as a talk show host now thinks she’s a jurist, hmmm? She’s been watching too many Hollywood movies featuring the usual numinous super-duper negro who Saves the Day.

    • Harumphty_Dumpty

      Well our President thinks he’s a jurist too!
      White GeNOcide Stalwarts

      • The current POTUS also appears to think he has been discriminated against, what with having to live with the unbearable climate, hideous scenery and disgusting food of Hawaii, followed by being forced to attend mediocre American universities like Harvard. After this, he was elected to the White House following an insufferably long single term as an Illinois senator.

        Only this poor man’s audacity of hope allowed him to overcome all of these formidable obstacles.

  • Harumphty_Dumpty

    Yeah that white on black violent crime just never stops, does it. Blacks next door to me in Oakland are afraid to go outside at night for fear that marauding Whites will shoot them. Lol!
    White GeNOcide Stalwarts

    • MikeofAges

      But I did live on Oakland myself. I left because I didn’t like the white people. Not a joke. The whole place was a hothouse of leftists and they were pretty spooky sometimes. Mute yet highly organized. There were even abortion cults — collectives of women who deliberately got pregnant, then performed “menstrual extractions” on each other following cervical examination they did themselves. The blacks, by contrast, were just a bunch of undereducated lower-middle class people.

      The East Bay, especially north Oakland and Berkeley, seemed like a whole society living off the federal budget. That Ron Dellums was quite a horse trader though. ‘I’ll give you a juicy defense contract if you give me a pile of grant money for the kooks in Berkeley and those community development scammers back in the ‘hood.”

      Not that Dellums that had anything against aircraft carriers, as long as they were home ported in his district. The lily-white (in the day) town of Alameda was in the Ninth, and he liked to keep his fences mended over there too.

  • me

    White Guilt.

  • me

    She don’t know nothin’ about birthin’ no babies…..

  • me

    Till was the first ‘original gangsta’, and had enough belligerent ‘swag’ to get himself killed. I don’t understand why Till didn’t leave town after he was warned about provoking the ire of the community, especially being a stranger there. I think that any Yankee ‘outsider’ behaving that way, of any color, would have gotten into a world of trouble…

  • gemjunior

    Emmett Till’s older brother or father was raping white women all over Europe during WWII, Montecassino in Italy was one site where the whole population of women was supposedly raped by black soldiers. They are savages wherever they go. It must run in the family. If the white men around Emmett hadn’t stopped him he’d have raped some white woman, which is ok with Oprah.

    • Major

      Are you sure about that? Blacks during WW2 weren’t in combat. With the exception of the Tuskegee airmen….they were in the kitchens or butlers. The army was still segregated.

      • Some of the M-10 and maybe M-18 tank destroyer units were black, as well as some artillery batteries, and I think black companies were put into line units during the German 1944 Ardennes Offensive, when the US army was desperate for warm bodies.

        • Luca

          Their general record of misbehaving when not in action and cowardice when in action are the stuff of bad legends.

          They resented fighting for “da man”, especially the draftees. The ones coming back from Nam had significant drug problems too (imagine that).

      • gemjunior

        I’m not particularly sure about it but I thought I heard it in a talk given by Dr. William Pierce. Maybe they got some of them to help with certain offensive attacks, knowing that attacking with violent frenzied mayhem is one of their prime specialties. And destroying is another of their fine and virtuous talents, as we know.

      • KingKenton

        But there were Blacks in rear echelons that provided support and would have followed after the combat units had done their job. As far as I know there were no Blacks that were ever officially assigned to any combat units. I’m sure however, that the Army probably (reluctantly), did assign some blacks to combat units under desperate / unusual circumstances.

  • Evette Coutier

    The good news is that Oprah the hut will never reproduce. No little baby thunder lizards to carry on in her footsteps. No matter how she cuts it she loses the genetic battle. All the tears for Travon, all her cries of racism, and all her fortune will not change the fact that when she died her lineage comes to an end. You go girl.

  • Chris Granzow XI

    I’m thoroughly convinced that all these black people who talk about “Emmett Till” have never heard or looked into what actually happened. Emmett (who was 6′ 0″ at a young age and who had learning disabilities) approached a small, petite, 4’10” Irish woman in her shop that her family owned. She was married, wearing a ring, and her 2 young children were present in the store. He bought a gum ball but grabbed her hand when she reached across the counter to get his quarter. He said something to the account of “I’m real good with white women etc.” They don’t tell you that his cousins challenged him to go into the store and get the white women in the first place. She looked at him shocked (she’s wearing a ring, her kids are in back, and everyone in this small town knows she’s married and that this is her family’s shop). She grabbed her hand away, screamed, and tried to run from behind the counter. Emmett cut her off, cornered her, put his hands around her waist and said something so sexual and vulgar that she claimed she could not even repeat it in front of the court. This time, she screamed louder, to the point that his cousins across the street heard her and rushed in to pull him away from her. At this point, she was horrified and ran to her car to get the gun underneath her front seat (her husband gave it to her because he worked nights and there had been crime in the small town). His cousins rushed him into a car, realizing the grave error he had made, and the driver took off. After the incident, word spread around town, and she purposefully didn’t tell her husband because she knew how he would react. But when he confronted her, then she spilled the beans. That’s what really happened. This synopsis is not even controversial; I saw a PBS special about it. The fact that blacks present a pervert feeling up a married white mother of two as “just whistling at a white woman” is extremely disingenuous. He got killed because he was an aggressive, lecherous pervert……not because he just whistled at a woman. Oprah doesn’t have a clue.

  • IKantunderstand

    Only a Black would be able to come up with this “comparison”. Seriously, what kind of screwed up thinking would ever consider these two cases in any way shape or form are alike? The answer: The so called thinking of Black people. I am not going to address the facts of the Emmett Till case, (it was more than flirting), but be that as it may, how in the hell is Till the same thing as Trayvon? There are no comparisons. NONE. The Black community is running out of White on Black crimes. They know that at this point in history, the majority of interracial crimes, is Black on White. Whoa, not fitting the narrative. All Whites in the United(for now) States of America are automatically considered to be guilty. And they have the nerve to talk about racial profiling? Really? Guess what? Every single solitary White person in this country has already been racially profiled as a racist. That’s right, the most egregious case of racial profiling conducted in this country has been against Whites.

  • White Mom in WDC

    Okay I watched Oprah. I also watched Springer, Maury, Donahue, Sally Jesse Raphael, Jenny Jones.

    Oprah is a sham. Never got the fascination. I guess to many white women out there she embodies the fat black cool girlfriend – therapist to whom they can talk. The ‘wise ole sistah’

    Overrated, overpaid, overweight from overeating

  • Allan477

    Emmett Till tried to rape a White woman; his father was executed for raping White women. Trayvon Martin boasted on line of being “Kracka Killa”. Yes, I can see the comparison.

  • Thor Bonham

    It’s very obvious that there is ANOTHER fool that doesn’t know the trayboon story ..

  • Thor Bonham

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, white women will be and are the down fall of this once great nation .. They are too easily manipulated into thinking animals are humans ..Therefore, they interbreed and most of them are bleeding heart libtards that like to stick it to their own kind ..

  • blight14

    Perhaps in a way she’s right, both broke the rules and paid the ultimate price…..

  • blight14

    Correct, note how seemingly ALL non-whites, if they get rich, etc. ONLY give back to their own…..whites are constantly demanded to give to everyone but non-whites only give to their own…..

  • MikeofAges

    Decades ago, I worked as a delivery driver in one the towns in Santa Clara County (i.e. Silicon Valley). Very few blacks living there. But some small number of single young black women lived there, I presume working for one of the tech companies in the area. They locked and secured their front doors to an extent that no one else did. Extra bolts. Chains. Whatever. It wasn’t to protect themselves against marauding nerds, I don’t think. Most likely, crazed ex-boyfriends of their own color. I sort of understand though. A girl who is tall, light and bright with a good job is quite a prize. You don’t get over that so easy maybe.

  • Whirlwinder

    O is a racist.

  • MikeofAges

    Interesting. Emmett Till always has been represented as an exuberant kid who just didn’t understand Southern folkways. Actually, if what has been said in these comments is true, he was mentally disturbed. By comparison, Trayvon Martin was just a juvenile delinquent with a violent streak, the type who might be redeemed by some strict discipline and well-designed intervention. In the bad old days, kids like him sometimes were put in the military. Now, the military doesn’t want them whatsoever.

  • Yale2001

    Give up. Oprah still cries racism with nearly every interview regarding race. If Oprah cries racism, there will NEVER be a black man or women that can be satisfied, no matter how much is given them. Focus back on our white population. This does not mean we should mistreat anyone, but it’s time America to take care of those that take care of themselves and their country. Stop all the time sucking/Energy sucking propaganda from the minorities. Get back to focusing on America and the mind-set that WAS making this country great.

  • Luca

    According to courtroom testimony and from her own mouth, she was not raped but grabbed and spoke to in a vulgar manner.

  • saxonsun

    Well, since it’s a “man’s world” one must wonder where they got it from.

  • Tarczan

    I’m surprised no one has commented on “The Dr. Phil Show’. This is an hour long show made by Oprah’s company. This is a daily entourage of disfunctional white people. It is obviously Oprah’s response to Cops and other shows of that ilk. Any sort of drug use, child abuse, or sexual abuse by whites to other whites is the norm. If there is a black person on the show, he is a married man (to a black woman) having an affair with a white woman. It is the most anti-white show I have ever seen. Dr. Phil is a complete fraud.

    • If I recall correctly, he isn’t even a Doctor.

      • Clinical psychology. When Oprah was sued over the ground beef remarks, Oprah’s lawyers hired him to help doll her up. From there, he was a weekly guest on Oprah’s show, and from there, his own show.

  • He had bragged to friends in Louisiana about how easy it was to rape white women in Chicago.

    They didn’t hurt him bad enough for me.

  • Rico

    There you have it, The Oprah is just another black racist. How dare she say something so irresponsible and unfair. Whether or not Zimmerman profiled T.M. as a possible criminal slinking in between residences within the community in a driving rain, suspicious on its face, doing so does not equate with a racial killing. She knows that but wants her “black cred” with “her people” as Holder might put it so she ran her mouth dishonestly. What a crud Oprah is, especially since much of White America made her into a billionairess!

  • Tacitus1

    What Oprah is really saying is that the Emmett Till murder was no worse than the Martin/Zimmerman case ? I didn’t know that. Thanks for the enlightenment there Oprah !

  • Che Joubert

    If you are a white person who does not espouse or practice racism why don’t you just go on liking yourself and stop trying to shut down discussions of race. The fact that there are brutal, violent whites doesn’t mean anyone is saying all whites are bad. Most whites hate racism, but that doesn’t change the basic racist origins of this country, nor will it change the haters and murderers out there who will use racist arguments to defend their crimes. Being white and not admitting this is like being male and not admitting a small number of men are violent and cruel to women.