In South Texas, Some Blame Senate for Rush Across the Border

Lauren Fox, US News, July 5, 2013

If you ask almost anyone in south Texas whether the immigration debate in Washington is having an effect on their daily life, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone to tell you ‘no.’

In the last few years, the number of immigrants who are being caught crossing into the country illegally has spiked in Texas.

In the Rio Grande sector, the number of apprehensions from January to May 2012 was 60,585. By May of this year, U.S. Border Patrol has apprehended 93,922 immigrants.

From ranchers to police, most will say the mere discussion of a “path to citizenship” for the country’s 11 million immigrants who entered the country illegally has sparked a rapid influx of immigrants hoping to cross the border before the U.S. cracks down.

“It opens the flood gates, but you have now that people feel like there is a timeline, they have something to lose. We see more pursuits, more agent assaults more things that are going to cause and concern the safety of our units,” says Chris Cabrera, a U.S. Border Patrol officer and the vice-president of the National Border Patrol Council.

Citizens who have longed work to curb illegal immigration say they are seeing more action on the ground that they’ve seen in years.

“We are attracting even more people to come illegally,” says Jean Swan, a volunteer with a citizen patrol group Texas Border Volunteers. “They are talking about a ‘pathway to citizenship,’ so now people are flooding in for that.”


“None of these people who might cross now would be beneficiaries of what is being debated. There is a terrible irony to it all,” says Doris Meissner, a senior fellow and Director of the U.S. Immigration Policy Program at the Migration Policy Institute.

While the Senate bill specifically outlines immigrants’ need to be in the U.S. before 2011 to be eligible for the legalization process, experts say the details aren’t as well-advertised as the outcome of legalization itself.

“Whenever there is the hope of the program such as the one in the Senate, information gets out, misinformation gets out and people respond,” says Audrey Singer, a senior immigration fellow at the Brookings Institution. “People hear what they want to hear. They may like the idea. And the details? They will worry about them later.”


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  • Let’s see, PowerBall was $425 million on Wednesday and there was a rush to buy tickets.
    It was won, and on Thursday there was no rush to buy tickets.

    Amnesty is the immigration / White USA people’s money lottery.
    Get into the USA while the gettin’ is good.

    • BonusGift

      It’s Casablanca all over again: “I’m shocked, shocked” that illegals would respond to incentives to break the law and destroy the country, “shocked I say!” Sarc off.

    • Speaking of, people talk about greedy billionaires. But these are the same people who won’t play Powerball when the jackpot is $20 million, but will play it when it’s $400 million. 99.9999% of us are greedy.

      • I played, and I don’t play when it is $20MM.

  • I just saw Elysium and it made me shake my head over the money I had just wasted.

    In this science fiction tale, the third world people of overpopulated and polluted Earth are trying to reach the first world space station Elysium. If not for the space craft, certain scenes reminded me of the news footage we see of illegal aliens scurrying out of overcrowded trucks like cockroaches once they have crossed the border.

    However, Jodie Foster has no scruples about sending guided missiles out to blow these cram packed space ships out of the sky, killing little nonwhite kids who just want to get cured of terminal sickness.

    As usual, the minorities are noble, and the rich, clean cut looking evil people of Elysium are white. Even the white hero (Matt Damon), for some reason, the white guy in Los Angeles 2154, is little more than a common car thief on parole. It ends with people gaining access to Elysium’s state of the art equipment that can cure cancer and leukemia, and hereby making Earth even more crowded than it already is.

    I only went to see it because I thought it was a secret prequel to the Mass Effect video game series. I was wrong, dead wrong. If my theory had turned out to be true, Elysium would be a blockbuster. Instead, chalk it up as yet another lackluster effort in a summer full of substandard movies.

    The main villain of Elysium is a stereotype caricature of how all of the third world on Earth view middle or higher class white women over 50.

    • Speaking of, I’m getting the feeling, at least from initial reviews, that the movie was getting an unnecessary bad rap from lamer cons. They’re all reading anti-capitalist pro-open borders interpretations into it. I happen to think that it could very well be an allegory about elitist hypocrisy on the part of pseudo-egalitarians, the “for me but not for thee” crowd. Sort of a Sci-Fi version of H.M.S. Pinafore. Did you get that sense at all? I won’t be able to see it until next weekend.

      • This the type of symbolism you will see throughout Elysium. Note what the sign in the background says.

        • Xerxes22

          They are just giving us a glimpse of what our country will look like after Congress passes the anmesty and open borders bill. The elites already have their little elysiums scattered around the country.

        • Romulus

          I respectfully disagree. It is the message/programming that is troublesome. Mass media is not just for entertainment.

        • Private_Eyescream

          Ah, if only John Hinkley Jr. shot Jodie Foster to impress Ronald Reagan. Think of how many awful movies that empty headed wench would not have ruined.

      • Romulus

        Yes. What also jumps out at me, is that so many villains aren’t just white but BLONDE. Jodi foster is not onto an uber liberal but also a gaysexual.

        • IstvanIN

          Is she uber liberal? You never really here much about her, good or bad. She seems to live a pretty quiet life, unlike so many celebrities like the Whoredashians.

          • Romulus

            Trust me on this one. If it looks like a duck,walks like a duck and quacks like a duck……!

          • Spartacus

            She’s a lesbian… What else can she be ?

    • kjh64

      “Even the white hero (Matt Damon), who for some reason, is the only white guy in Los Angeles 2154, is little more than a common car thief on parole”

      You don’t have to wait until 2154, there is likely just about one White guy in Los Angeles proper today.LOL

    • White Mom in WDC

      So true what you say about how diversity views older white women. Did these stupid turds ever bother to sit and think about using birth control? Yeah you are dirt poor when you have six kids by age 25. These women think white women are stuck up or uppity or can’t handle kids. No, many of us waited because kids are expensive. These mud people don’t get it.

    • Romulus

      I picked up on the meme, the instant that I saw the trailer. Your review is much more accurate than the J. York Times. The producers make this garbage alongside that other crap The Hunger Games(remake of the running man). It is the audience that they are targeting that is the key. When we couple the stupidity of the educational system with this generations knowledge coming entirely from tribe controlled Hollywood, it’s easy to see why so many are brain dead.

    • China_Rising

      Actually, I agree with the premise of the movie.

      3rd world brownskins destroy, pollute, and ravage Earth, while the higher races inhabit the utopia-like Elysium.

      Makes 100% sense.

  • Spartacus

    Land mines.

    • Hard to hide those on concrete and basketball courts.

      • Spartacus

        I meant on the border.

  • Ella

    Fake documents tend to go a long way for the US Govt/Big Business. We currently have a flood of immigrants among the few ageing Whites, at least for the Southwest. The US Govt. still offers carrots to the horse so they’ll keep on coming.

  • IstvanIN

    Reward bad behavior and you get more of it. It is a universal human trait.

    • WR_the_realist

      Indeed. Our government does little other than reward bad behavior.

  • WR_the_realist

    Even if the flow of illegal immigrants declined after the 2008 crash that wouldn’t reduce the number of illegal immigrants residing in the country unless more of them went home than came here. That seems unlikely to me.

    • evilsandmich

      Don’t they call that ‘dying less quickly’ or something like that?

  • mobilebay

    I’m sure you’ve all heard of the rush across the border. If you encounter a BP agent, you say the magic words – “I’m afraid of the drug cartels,” and you’re waved in. Four cities are listed as to where the new groups are headed and the one in Texas is MY city. If they already know this, the whole event has been planned. If it’s a criminal act, those from south of the border have it down pat!

  • John Smith

    It’s about time to change the saying on the Statue of Liberty to reflect the changes in these times. Let’s just do away with the political correctness and be accurate for once.

    “Give me your poorest performing, most violent, your drug cartels, your gangs, your unsocialized thieving masses yearning for welfare.”