Good Numbers at Birmingham Demo

English Defense League, July 29, 2013

As many as 4,000 EDL supporters took to the street on Saturday, July 20th to protest against radical Islam in Birmingham. A message was sent to Islamists in England’s second city that terrorism and Muslim expansionism will not be tolerated.


The day began with a gathering at Bar Risa on Broad Street for a pre-demo pint. Supporters gathered outside the bar showing their patriotism with English flags chanting “I’m English ‘till I die.” The owners of Bar Risa announced they would donate the profits from the gathering (around £1,500) to the Midlands Air Ambulance, a charity helicopter emergency medical service.

A short march along Broad Street brought supporters to Birmingham city centre where the main demonstration and speeches took place. The event was largely peaceful, although per standard operating procedure, police allowed the UAF (Unite Against Fascism) to gather within bottle-throwing distance of the EDL and a few objects were hurled in each direction.

As reported in the Birmingham Mail:

Masked men, some wearing bandanas over their faces and others with balaclavas rushed at riot police in an effort to get to the EDL demo… Officers in full protective anti-riot gear and wielding batons restrained themselves amid serious provocation by anarchist elements who had joined the Unite Against Fascism demo.


Despite this, scuffles with police were minor, with a total of 20 arrests being made. Assistant Chief Constable Sharon Rowe said of the demonstration, “…It is reassuring to see that both demonstrations have largely passed off without serious incident…Most people who came to Birmingham to go about their daily business in the shopping areas would have done so without having been greatly affected by the protests…”

Speeches were made by French counter-jihadist Yann Valerie, LGBT division member Tommy English, a former member of the British armed forces, as well as Kevin Carroll and Tommy Robinson. Tommy’s speech was exuberant, opening with a quote by UAF Vice Chairman Azid Ali stating that British soldiers were “legitimate targets” and Ali’s admission that he had once been a protégé of al Qaeda affiliate Abu Qatada. Tommy stated the reason for the demonstration was the problem of endemic extremism in Birmingham as exemplified by the six men arrested for planning to blow up the EDL demonstration in Dewsbury. The would-be bombers gave as the justification for their planned attack the fact that the Qur’an mandates blasphemy laws and that anyone who blasphemes Allah should be killed. Tommy also mentioned that not long ago 30,000 Muslims marched in Birmingham demanding such blasphemy laws.


Tommy said he had heard that several Nazis had slipped into the demonstration. For the umpteenth time, he reiterated the EDL’s policy toward Fascism and Nazism.

There’s a lady here today, a Caribbean lady, who’s flown here today from the British Virgin Islands…We have West Indian youth here today, we have Sikhs here today, and it is out of respect to every one of those communities that Nazis are the enemy. You will be treated as the enemy. And the fact that we’re four years in and you still haven’t got the message that you’re not welcome on the streets with the English Defence League is disgraceful.

For the record, these “Nazis” had earlier been unceremoniously drummed out of the demonstration.


While making a point about Michael Adebolajo misquoting the Qur’an after he killed Lee Rigby, chants of “Hero!” and “There’s only one Lee Rigby” rose from the crowd. Tommy stated this about British soldiers in harm’s way; “We have to remember it’s not 120 degrees. We’re not 6,000 miles from our families. And there’s zero chance we’re going to drive over a bomb today which is what our armed forces are putting up with every day. God bless every one of them.”

Other topics Tommy covered were the problem of Muslim grooming gangs in Birmingham, support for the EDL among British armed forces, and the fact that CCTV cameras put up by counterterrorism units in Sparkbrook and Alum Rock were taken down after pressure by the Muslim community.


Across police lines, a small group of about 200 members of the radical-left UAF were huddled. In pre-demo online heroics, the UAF had threatened to field thousands and block the EDL demonstration. Apparently their members were too busy to show up. Saturday is bath-day for many UAF members, after all. The dismal showing left many UAF members with looks of dejected disappointment. The only signs of life came from the dozen-or-so members of the ‘English Disco Lovers’, who introduced some 70’s funk into proceedings. We do hope they plan to turn up to more of our demonstrations – they’re far more fun than the likes of the UAF.


After the failure of the counter-demonstration, the far-Left Socialist Workers Party put out a call for supporters to help swell the ranks of the UAF. UAF Joint Chairman Weyman Bennett, in a fit of desperation, was quoted as saying, “Today is a warning. The racist EDL can still mobilise big numbers. We cannot be complacent. We need UAF groups rooted in every town.”

The plea for reinforcements will likely fall on deaf ears, as even the far-Left begin to challenge the mindless and prejudiced assumption that EDL supporters are racist. Opposition to Islamic extremism is not racist, nor is it fascist. It is those who assume otherwise who are really guilty of prejudice


All told, the EDL demonstration was a success. It showed the government that the EDL is a force to be reckoned with, and showed Islamic radicals in Birmingham that the English people will not cower in fear of violent extremism. A lot of work is yet to be done in Birmingham. The plague of radicalism persists in neighbourhoods like Sparkbrook, Sparkhill and Alum Rock. The English Defence League is committed to countering this radicalism and we will be back.


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  • ricpic

    As usual Communists and Islamists don’t have to apologize for anything they say or do while EDL members have to tie themselves in knots protesting that “We’re not Nazis! We’re not Nazis!”

  • Puggg

    How do “Sikh” and “blacks and white unite” fit into English Defence League?

    • David Ashton

      They fit in with the Gays, the Israeli flag, the Beer Cans and attacks on the BNP.

      But they’re a catalyst in the political paralysis.

      • stewball

        Were there israeli flags there? Why were the cctv’s taken down at the request of the muslims?

        • David Ashton

          Maybe not on this occasion, but they have waved them in the past, and have been critiicized for this by Jews in Britain.

          • stewball


          • David Ashton

            A short answer to a “long” query. The “respectable” Jewish establishment, rightly or wrongly, sees the EDL as loutish and disorderly troublemakers and an embarrassment to Zionist proprieties. The Board of Deputies and other organizations have always maintained an actively “anti-racist”, “pro-immigration” and “multiculturalist” position, and prefer officially to seek “good” multi-faith relations with “moderate Muslims” in the UK. The Board also supported the government’s exclusion of Geller and Spencer who were down to speak at an EDL gathering.

            The EDL has (had?) some supporters and funds of Jewish “origin”, but is vigorously opposed by Jews who are strongly represented in leftist or liberal groups.

            You can get The Jewish Chronicle weekly on-line if you are interested in following its stance on white Gentile English patriotism, with Melanie Phillips an exception to its general line, though its present Editor is marginally better than his predecessor.

          • stewball

            I don’t think I want to read the J.C. as it’s referred to. I actually find it boring. When I do go to England I stay with my sister and I read it there. That’s quite enough till the next time if there is a next time. I only went last time as i had a free ticket and no
            expenses. I do love England and the English people. I never encountered any anti semitism even though I wear a Star of David
            Good for the jewish board of whatnot. Keeping their heads down?

          • David Ashton

            The Board likes to “lobby” the authorities discreetly while issuing pronouncements publicy. In presume your Star of David is not the Nazi size and shape!

          • stewball

            Goodness no. It was my grandfather’s. I was given it at age 15 and have rarely taken it off since then. As I said I never felt anti semitism oranti directed at me. ImmigfaImmigrants! You should see what’s going on here. First it was people who had managed to get out of Darfur. They crossed Sinai from Egypt to get here brought with payment by the beduin

          • stewball

            I’m sorry. Those that made it were greeted by soldiers and taken to eat and drink. But then they startedfflooding in from everywhere.NiNigeria. Another country whose name I have forgotten. They came in illegally somehow and taken up residence in South Tel Aviv. They have turned it into the biggest slum ever. Terrorize the old people who have been beaten up and are too scared to leave their flats. They’ve turned a synagogue into a drug den. Use the streets as a lavatory in plain view. Murder and rape. Take jobs for low pay which is more than they get at homeand zsend the money home. The police can do nothing. Are your immigrants as bad as this? Doubtful.

          • David Ashton

            Hard to say, because most of our immigrants behave themselves. But we have imported drug traffic, gangsterism, terrorization of trapped pensioners, potential terrorists, squatting, police “sensitivity”, child abuse, and some street filth. Our multicultural society is perhaps more assortedly “multi-‘cultural'” than in the “national home of the Jews”.

            On another issue you raised, “Yuval Steinitz, Israel’s strategic affairs minister [said] ‘disguised anti-Semitism was more virulent in Britain than in any other major Western country'” (Daily Telegraph, May 31).

          • stewball

            I must say I’ve enjoyed it. Oh well. Au revour! And shalom.

          • Romulus

            Tsk,tsk, tsk. Reading your above dialogue with Mr. Ashton certainly explains your reply to my former one.

  • Jackryanvb

    God bless Tommy Robinson and the EDL.

  • curri

    The only difference is that 30 or 40 years younger on average than the Tea Party.

  • Spartacus

    “There’s a lady here today, a Caribbean lady, who’s flown here today from
    the British Virgin Islands…We have West Indian youth here today, we
    have Sikhs here today, and it is out of respect to every one of those
    communities that Nazis are the enemy. You will be treated as the enemy.
    And the fact that we’re four years in and you still haven’t got the
    message that you’re not welcome on the streets with the English Defence
    League is disgraceful.”


    Race-traitor scum ! People like you are more of a liability towards the Race and it’s nations than any dark-skin or jew ever will be !

  • NorthernWind

    The EDL is purely an anti-Islam organization. There are plenty of genuine nationalists among their members but let’s for forget that the top guys won’t let it become about race.

    Nonetheless this is a positive start towards reclaiming identity. You start with something easy, like Islam, but eventually many will graduate to true ethnic nationalism. The fact that they think that there are “Nazis” in the movement is proof of that.

  • Danimalius

    These aren’t our people.

    • Spartacus

      They’re filthy jew-slaves !

  • bigone4u

    Street theater is good exercise, but let’s hope that the muscle provided by votes measures up to what will be needed to control and eventually expel Muslims from the West.

  • RHG

    The reality is that the supposed “anti-fascists” are the real fascists who don’t like the idea of real English people trying to defend their country from invasion and opening more eyes to the real threats to their country. English people didn’t “steal” their land from an indegenous population, they are the indegenous population and they are not just watching as their land is stolen, they are watching as their government just hands it over.

  • Romulus

    Only morons that know nothing of their own history would consider blacks, sihks and homosexuals as part of traditional English society. I will give props for the sheer numbers that came out in support. Like the effing Congo bongos being imported to Scotland as if simply changing ones address makes boogs Scottish. Im hesitant to say, but Europe will not come together truly by anthropological bloodlines until their completely run over or if there’s an economic collapse.

    • stewball

      You do know that homosexuals are born that way as people with Downs Syndrome are?

      • saxonsun

        Just like “straights” are born as they are–they simply can’t help themselves. We need to take pity on them.

    • saxonsun

      Leave out “homosexuals” and you’re right.

      • Romulus

        You need to deprogram yourself and relearn about Victorian age England and earlier. The entire human genome has been mapped and a homosexual gene has NOT been found. Please provide evidence to the contrary and not some idiot of a singer’s feelings on the issue (gaga).

        • David Ashton

          I think a tiny minority are born with male or female homosexual tendencies mainly because of an unfortunately “wrong” hormone dosage in the womb. There are social and medical problems with much “gay” behavior, and a political problem because of the disproportionate and aggressive influence of this “community” in entertainment, the media and parties. The “race, gender, class” revolutionaries exploit the LGBTs as part of their attack on the traditional family and race perpetuation, though there some right-wing dissidents among them like David Starkey and one almost uniquely brilliant critic of alien immigration whom I prefer not to “out” here.

          • Romulus

            I would agree with the hormonal argument. There is no shortage of thalates,bpa,polymers,carcinogens, and other toxic chemicals in the environment. I will still maintain, however, that I care not what the cause of their affliction, which party adherence they claim, whether they pray or not,nor whatever else they take a position on. Every society that has embraced deviancy whether hetero or homo has crashed spectacularly over the course of human history. I will never, under any circumstances , lend my support to a cause that I know, beyond all doubt is both an abomination and evolutionary aberration.
            In California, it is now illegal to treat them by way of a cure. Many think themselves to be gay and have through intense counseling been cured. Some women could be given the right hormones in utero to ensure the proper gender identity. The problem is , they believe that there is nothing wrong with them. Instead, you have the society that we have now.
            Last Friday in the USA TODAY PAPER, campaign contributions will now be accepted from gay couples. Alluding to the fact that their is considerable wealth in their possession and that they’re being elected to govt in record numbers, obviates the reason for much leniency in my country. MONEY!!!. It was also the reason why the holy see made his comments about gays the other day. Americas Christian church is being assaulted and collapsing congregations numbers cannot provide the monetary inputs that float the catholic church, while 68% of south America is catholic. A wealth of souls to plunder. (No disrespect to catholics)
            Remember , the church went after the knights of the money temple in 13 Oct 1350 because gaysexuals infiltrated the order.
            Don’t believe the naysayers as to the above reference. If the church had approved of their rituals and conduct, even while collecting for the plate, there would have been no reason to go after them. Unless, of course we believe in the sangriel documents as described in Michael Baigents “Holy blood, Holy Grail”
            Pardon me for straying off topic.
            I’ll close for now.

          • stewball

            Actually the old testament has God ‘saying’ it is an abomination. But why do they bother you so much. They’re not after your body! and the brains and intelligence is there so why worry about what they do in bed? Homophobia is such a man thing.

          • stewball

            I would say and extended sexual abuse in both sexes. I do know that some are not born like that. I’m not THAT stupid. Anycase what about ancient rome and Greece when it wasthe norm for uupper class and women were for bearing children.

        • stewball

          Gaga? I don’t listen to her or anybody else unless I’m forced to .i.e in my daughter’s car.or son’s for that matter. So what did the lady say?.

  • the white nationalist/anti-immigration movement in europe is going much further than in america because over there the white nationalist/anti-immigration movement is not crippled by the conservative culture as it is over here.

    • The movement is stronger in Europe because European political cultures lend themselves to multiple political parties, and European nationalists aren’t white nationalists as much as they are ethnonationalists; helping their cause is that the countries they’re trying to save usually connote a given ethnicity. It has nothing to do with not “being crippled by lamestream conservatism.”

      • David Ashton

        They do work together sometimes and most are aware of a common “racial” identity. Some of them suffer considerable legal or media restrictions. On the other hand, others of them resort to counter-productive violent or abusive acts. Notice incidentally that a number of Breivik’s intended victims are going into Parliament to “prove” that his manifesto was “nationally” unacceptable.

  • rightrightright

    The EDL is not a political party like the BNP. It is a protest organisation. All nationalists may participate in the demonstrations.

    • Romulus

      Aahhh! Thanks for the distiction.

  • stewball

    @Romulus. I dont know to which message you are referring to. Please elaborate.

  • Danimalius

    And neo-conservatives promote wars that kill Muslims, but that doesn’t mean they are pro-white. What is truly dangerous is accepting alternatives to explicit white advocacy that reject our entire message. We must not invest hope into those that would openly reject us the moment they have a chance if it meant one ounce of short-term political gain.