Clearwater Police Announce Arrest in Jason Paul’s Murder

ABC Action News, August 29, 2013

Clearwater Police announced the arrest of 16-year-old Mychal King on Thursday.  He is accused in the January murder of Jason Taylor Paul, the city’s first homicide of 2013.

Police said King admitted to killing Paul for no reason other than he had a hard day with his family that night of January 6, and “just wanted to kill the first person he saw.”

Police say 22-year-old Jason Taylor Paul was stabbed multiple times while riding his bike home from work late.


King will be charged with 1st Degree Murder.  Detectives say he has a long criminal history and was already in jail on other charges.

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  • [Guest]

    *#_(&R~X blacks.

    >>>Police said King admitted to killing Paul for no reason other than he had a hard day with his family that night of January 6, and “just wanted to kill the first person he saw.”

    And if the first person he’d seen had been black, would there have been no reason? Would this act of savagery have been “random.”

    Oh, and stop referring to blacks by their first names in news reports. What are they, your friends?

    • Jesse_from_Sweden

      That’s the media for you, not reporting everything.

      The full quote is likely to be “just wanted to kill the first white he saw”.
      But we can’t be racist now, can we. So best to leave out racially charged words so noone thinks it might be a hate-crime.

      After all, we gotta save the racially charged things for actual hate-crimes. You know, crimes were the perp is white, those kinds of hate crimes.

      • Sloppo

        You are right about the quote. The propaganda networks certainly don’t mind editing people’s words to manipulate public opinion to promote their agendas. They like to tell partial truths with selective omissions.

  • MekongDelta69

    Oh good. I had a ‘hard day’ today and am ‘bored.’ Maybe I should visit Mychal King. (which, boys and girls, just happens to be MLK’s birth name, except his was spelled, ‘Michael’.)

  • Glickstein44

    I have a F’in Dream…

  • Puggg

    Correction: He wanted to kill the first WHITE person he saw. I’m sure he saw lots of other people before he killed the white man he actually did.

    • Spartacus

      Don’t expect the MSM to point that out… They’re too busy counting Trayvon’s Skittles…

  • Skip Wellington

    I’m not upset because a Caucasian was killed – I’m
    upset because this guy killed my crack dealer.

    Oh the humanity!

    • CharlesFinley

      You’ll feel differently when it hits a little closer to home, Skrote…Skip.

      • foundingstockcracker

        Luckily not much such pathos shows up on this site.

      • Skip Wellington

        I have a black-belt in sarcasm, and I admittedly went overboard.
        I also recognize that being murdered is tragic and making sport of it [even in character] can be offensive & I meant no disrespect to readers of AmRen.

        I offer my apologies.

  • Spartacus

    “just wanted to kill the first person he saw.”


    You mean the first White person. Filthy ape…

  • bubo

    Clearwater is considered a nice part of the Tampa/St. Pete area. Or it used to be anyway. Walking or riding while white continues to be a huge problem in what passes for “Merica.”

    • My mother, sister and I used to vacation at Clearwater Beach or Indian Rocks Beach. Of course, we flew Braniff Airlines down to Florida, so this somewhat dates these trips.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Doopty doo doo doo, dee dee dee…I’m just a white kid on the way home from bustin my hump to earn some money. Gee, if I keep working really hard, and get an education or something, maybe…


    Totally black for the kid, after a few horrifying moments. Why? Why? Dead.

    Diversity good!

    • Bill

      Yep! But not to worry. After all, the justice system will take up a collection (otherwise known as taxes) and spend lots and lots of money to assure each citizen, including Miycal, that the system works. So after all the rhetoric, “He bez a gud boy!”, “Mi-cal never had the sames oppotunite dat dat whitey sucka had. It not hiz faut!” etc., Mykal gets a few years with time off for good behavior – He gots Jesus. Feel better Jason Taylor Paul? Oops. Feel better mother of Jason Taylor Paul?

  • HJ11

    Notice how they try to hide the anti-White motive of this puke Black.

    I’d like to know how many Blacks he passed before he found his White victim.

    Also, had the dead White guy had the consciousness of most of those who post here, he might now still be alive, because he wouldn’t have let the Black puke get close enough to stab him to death.

    • Erasmus

      Also, had the dead White guy had the consciousness of most of those who post here, he might now still be alive, because he wouldn’t have let the Black get close enough to stab him to death.

      This is why we all have to give our loved ones, especially the young naïve ones and the vulnerable ones, the “Derbyshire” talk.

      Better to give the talk, be thought by them a racist until your dying day but save their lives than not to give the talk and be thought by them an enlightened, progressive individual until they’re tragically “culturally enriched” like this poor kid.

  • Global Minority

    Is it just me or is the black on White murder rate exploding lately? How much longer can this go unaswered and hidden in the MSM?

    • CharlesFinley

      Exactly. Thank you.

    • Nick A Siggers

      There has not been a huge change over the last few years according to FBI crime reports. What has changed is the willingness of some media outlets to publicize the race of the offenders.

      Numbers with White on black homicide for comparison.
      Keep in mind that the FBI does not separate Hispanics out of the “White” number in this report.

      blax murdered 516 Whites, the reverse, Whites killing blax was 230.

      blax murdered 573 Whites, the reverse was 208.

      blax murdered 566 Whites, the reverse was 245.

      blax murdered 504 Whites, the reverse was 230.

      blax murdered 454 Whites, the reverse was 209.

      blax murdered 447 Whites, the reverse was 218.

      blax murdered 448 Whites, the reverse was 193.

      • Erasmus

        Given that they are minority, blacks are several times as likely to commit murder as whites.

        it was that fact that shocked me out of being a “progressive.” It was 1989. An article in The New Republic that was trying to prove that blacks didn’t commit the majority of the country’s murders showed data that proved that by 1989, blacks were only committing 49% of the country’s murders. My mind immediately leapt to the realization that if a small fraction of the country’s population was committing 49% of its murders, even then the likelihood of a black murdering someone was several times higher than that of a white or someone else committing murder.

        • Nick A Siggers

          Correct, blacks are around one fifth the population of Whites.

          According a 2007 CDC report, the black homicide rate was 23.1 per 100,000 and the White 2.7 homicide.
          The black rate was 8.5 times higher.
          If we factored out the 500 or so Whites murdered by blacks that year the White rate would be considerably lower.
          * I do believe this report calculated all homicides not just felonious homicides.


          *1976-2005 blacks were calculated to have commuted 52% of the murders in the US.

          • joesphx

            Also one stat that I have used many times and usually have both liberals and blacks deny is that of forcible rape. This from the document, “Criminal Victimization in the US, 2005” published by the DOJ:
            “In the 111,590 cases in which the victim of rape or sexual assault was white, 44.5 percent of the offenders were white, and 33.6 percent of the offenders were black. In the 36,620 cases in which the victim of rape or sexual assault was black, 100 percent of the offenders were black, and 0.0 percent of the offenders were white.”
            I have seen various attempts to hide, confuse and outright lie about these numbers. And when all else fails, just the presentation of the truth is awarded the title of racist. We still as a people refuse to believe we are being targeted and are unwitting parties to a civil war.

          • Nick A Siggers

            It is a shocking stat, but it has a weakness that can be attacked by a sharp opponent, 2005 was a very atypical year on the CVUS surveys.

            It is best to use the average of several years. It is still high enough to shock the unaware, and does not give the opposition any room to make accusations of using an outlier.

        • Nick A Siggers

          Found another stat, 1980 – 2008 blacks comprised 52.5% of homicide offenders.
          Although not the equivalent of saying blacks committed 52% of all homicides it is interestingly similar.

          Table 7 -bjs(dot)gov/content/pub/pdf/htus8008.pdf

      • Paul

        this doesn’t show true picture. How many whites killing blacks were in self-defense?

        • Nick A Siggers

          According to the FBI they do segregate justifiable homicide numbers. Even if they do not, the disparity is great enough to make the point.

          From the FBI:
          “Justifiable homicide — Certain willful killings must be reported as justifiable or excusable. In the UCR Program, justifiable homicide is defined as and limited to:

          The killing of a felon by a peace officer in the line of duty.
          The killing of a felon, during the commission of a felony, by a private citizen.
          Because these killings are determined through law enforcement investigation to be justifiable, they are tabulated separately from murder and nonnegligent manslaughter. Justifiable homicide information is included in this section and in Expanded Homicide Data Table 14, “Justifiable Homicide, by Weapon, Law Enforcement, 2005–2009” and Expanded Homicide Data Table 15, “Justifiable Homicide, by Weapon, Private Citizen, 2005–2009.”

      • Gertruden

        Are there stats gong back to the 60’s,70’s,80’s,90’s?

        • Nick A Siggers

          FBI Uniform crime reports began in 1930, I do not know if interracial homicide has been tracked since that time.

          I may take a look and see what I can find.

          • Gertruden

            Thanks Nick…it perks my interest how many Whites have been murdered by blacks since 1964 and compare that number with black on White murders between the years 1930-1964,the year civil rights legislation was passed.I am sure many more black on White murders have taken place between the years 1964 and the present then those Americans who died in Vietnam.

          • Nick A Siggers

            You’re welcome.
            I’m not sure b on w homicide numbers will reach VN deaths, but it is important to get the truth of black violence out.

    • foundingstockcracker

      GM, if you want to verify what Nick’s saying about Mestizos being counted as white, take a quick look at the Texas 10 most wanted list.

      • John Smith

        There are no crime stats for Mexicans.Thats why they are counted as White.


        Wow! That is just unbelievable, there is no way anyone could mistake most of those guys for actually being white. This whole business of lumping these people into the category of being white. Is a deliberate assault on the good name of law abiding white Americans. The Government is able to separate them from the white population when it comes to giving them special “minority” treatment and the affirmative action spoils. Yet, when it comes to raping, robbing, killing, and all the other horrific crap they do. Suddenly they’re just your average every day white guy. DISGUSTING!

        But thanks for the heads up. I’ll now know where to send people to see an in your face example of our Governments deliberate soiling of white America’s good name. Mestizos don’t consider themselves white, so why the hell should anyone else, especially our Government. DELIBERATE SOILING!!!

        • joesolargenius

          The answer to why they are calling the Hispanics whom commit horrible crimes as White is because the illegal alien criminals are starting to become the majority in County jails throughout America . This gives credibility to the argument that we need to secure the borders and stop out of control immigration, The socialist Democrats are depending on illegal immigration to help mexpand government which means more jobs for them and those of their ilk ! I hope you like the new word I used to explain increasing poverty in America , as in is your State being mexspanded today.

        • foundingstockcracker

          Most middle-easterners are also counted as white, like Egyptians. I forget exactly how this is.

        • NorthSea

          As Mark Twain said, “There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

  • Brian

    This is common with Blacks. Their whole pathology is about revenge, even if what happened to them was entirely their own fault. They don’t care who they let it out on, a perfect stranger will do. And if its a person of another race, so much the better. Blacks themselves have admitted this.

    There are numerous blacks in Prison because they killed strangers, neighbors, raped Children, even killed Animals for ‘revenge’ when they failed in a robbery, because their stolen credit card was rejected, they were told to behave, they were thrown out of a bar for their own behavior. There are even cases of Blacks attacking and killing the person who saved them from violent crime, their instant rage was so great.

  • Some Guy

    “Police say 22-year-old Jason Taylor Paul was stabbed multiple times while riding his bike home from work late.” Another hard working White man killed by the lowest form of scum in our society.

    “just wanted to kill the first WHITE person he saw.” There I fixed it.

  • sbuffalonative

    What’s in a name? Mychal (sic) King. Does anyone else remember the Jena 6 Mychal (sic) Bell?

  • Luca

    By the time he gets out of prison, he probably won’t have to to mention he’s a convicted felon on his job application.

    Then he can get a job at Walmart dealing with the public.

    I hope he doesn’t have a bad day at work.

    • jane johnson

      He can work in Sporting Goods; they have bicycles AND knives.

  • JohnEngelman

    I hope the rest of Mychal’s life will be hard.

    • foundingstockcracker

      It will be when his brudahs in da joint get him on the down low.

    • Spartacus

      I’d settle for “short” .

  • MBlanc46

    This has become so routine that there’s really very little more to be said. We’ve said it all a thousand times.

  • ed

    If I could upvote you 10 times I would. I’m sick of white liberals and their phony black friends. I wonder what those liberal whites would think if they knew what their black friends think of them, or would do to them if they could.

    • me

      I’m not sick of them….I’m ENRAGED! Jason Taylor Paul, another victim of oh-so-random Bantu attack. Jason Taylor Paul, worth a million times more than that piece of excrement racist known as Mychal King.

  • Erasmus

    Another name to add to the list of people murdered in black on white crimes.

    Fannie Gumbinger, Delbert Belton, Christian Channon, Christopher Newson, Kristopher Kime, Autumn Pasquale, Michael Daniels, Jonathon Foster…all good, innocent people who had made or would have made contributions to society snuffed out by animals.

    Remember those names. Don’t remain silent the next time you hear someone wailing about St. Skittles.

  • Paul

    a commentor once posted here ‘If a black invades your personal space, fight like your life depends on it. It probably does’ I always remembered that.

  • bubo

    We have several unsolved murders of young white people in my city. One of whom was shot to death while walking down a street less than a mile from his home late one night. Nothing was taken from him so robbery was not the motive.

    I know it is blacks that did this. I’m convinced that they go out hunting for whites to murder.

  • William Krapek

    Wow. I used to live in Clearwater and I used to ride my bike home late from work. :-/

  • Sloppo

    This is the “progress” Obama speaks about. Before the “civil rights” movement, whites had the right to separate themselves from bantus, but now we’re more accessible.


    How much you want to bet that this poor kid riding his bike home from work wasn’t the first person he saw? More like the first white person he saw! ANIMALS!

  • joesolargenius

    This young man probably could not arm himself because his job forbids employees from bringing weapons to work, and he didn’t use a car for transportation where he would be able to keep it until off work.

    • ms_anthro

      He could still arm himself, and should have. We must stop obeying laws designed to ensure our destruction. Victim disarmament laws are just that.

  • Life must be just terrible when you’re 16 and have to listen to your parents.

  • Florida is flat and the evenings there are pleasant; ideal bicycle-commute country if you work late shift.

  • Galt

    I feel that it’s wrong to torment the guy after death like this.

    We are all capable of being “naturally selected” for since we are all pretty much in proximity to these murderous thugs by virtue of where we all live, which is in the United States.

    Can you justify saying that for everybody who gets murdered like this? We’d all get culled like this if we are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    To think, we are no longer safe in our communities lest we start arming ourselves and matching the ferocity and viciousness of the Bantu to ward them away.

    It may come to that, but it may not be in the vast majority of white people’s capability to act as such.

  • joesphx

    A relative of mine just moved out of Tampa to Clearwater because of the darkening nature of crime. It seems that Clearwater now has a problem too. I remember the Clearwater of the mid 1960s and don’t recall seeing any blacks.

  • stantonlore

    White people need to start arming themselves? Start? Chris Lane was not “First”. The last 30 years black on white crime has exploded, but we have not learned about it because the race of the perp, if black, was not revealed by the press, so only more notorious cases got national coverage. Thankfully enough race conscious people ARE reporting all the relevant descriptive facts that we have some idea of how often black on white crime (murder andsexual assault) happens. You are endangering your life and your family’s if you are not armed and prepared to shoot anyone who assaults you or another person. Being pro 2nd amendment means squat if you don’t carry when outside your home and have quick inside access any place in your home. It is not paranoia. Just being prepared.