High School Student Gov’t Candidate Sent Racist Texts to Himself to Create Controversy

Warner Todd Huston, Mr. Conservative, August 27, 213

Looking to cash in on “racism,” a black high school student that was running for a spot on the student government sent “racist” texts to himself trying to gin up controversy to assure an election victory.

Micah Onditi, 16, a black New Jersey high schooler was running to be the class president, but lost his election taking the VP slot. But later it emerged that the texts that had the whole school in an uproar were sent by the candidate himself using a phone app called TextMe.

Micah Onditi

Micah Onditi

For weeks starting at the end of May St. Peter’s Prep school of Jersey City was in turmoil over the supposedly racist texts. But an investigation by the police and the school found that the student lied about the whole affair.

“The entire Saint Peter’s Prep community is relieved that this extremely distressing incident has found closure, and we commend the various law enforcement officials for their diligent work on this case over the past months,” said school spokesman James Horan.

One of the falsified texts read: “We have NEVER and will NEVER have an n**gar to lead our school.” (Naturally the “n” word was spelled out in the text)


When the incident was first reported, the boy’s father was quick to tsk tsk whites.

“It is a predominantly white school and there may be a few sections of the school who are fearful of a new face trying to get in office,” the father then told the media.


Here is one report from when the incident first came to light…

Since these revelations, though, the teen has left the school.


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  • [Guest]

    >>>For weeks starting at the end of May St. Peter’s Prep school of Jersey City was in turmoil over the supposedly racist texts.

    Is there no limit to how many times some people will fall for this stuff?

    • No. Literally none, because liberals want to believe in this drivel.

      • gemjunior

        That’s the truth Michael. This is grist for their mill, they revel in it. They absolutely LOVE this, and it’s a dream come true to them. Then it’s almost always found out to be a hoax. Can’t even do that right , they’re always caught.

        • jambi19

          I have dozens, DOZENS! of colleagues and friends with degrees from elite universities telling themselves how intelligent they are that fall for this stuff every time. Even when the proof is shown to them they still don’t want to accept it. It is as if they don’t want to believe that their whole life from the fourth grade liberal art teacher to reading about Atticus Finch to the TVs they watch THEY WANT TO BELIEVE THE LIE BECAUSE THE LIE GIVES THEM MORAL CLOSURE! They believe that things that happen today can be explained by events decades and hundreds of years ago. They want to believe the hollywood movies because it gives them some fulfillment in their shallow lives. If this truly was the movie the matrix, I am rooting for the machines to seal the deal and wipe us out already.

          • me

            Well, thankfully the Boomer Marxists are dying out. There’s a new day dawning, and no matter how the non-goy media tries to suppress the truth, the truth will be told though the heavens fall.

  • At least there’s ONE group of white teens who now realize blacks will fake hate crimes. Good. I sure hope someone out there is keeping a tally.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Remember the name of this “youf”. He’s going to be a future community organizer.

      • NordicHeritage

        He’s def got a kenyan sounding name.

  • sbuffalonative

    He spelled n**gar wrong?

  • capnmorgan5150

    “Since these revelations, though, the teen has left the school.”

    Hopefully an all black school where his racist shenanigans won’t work.

    • me

      What a pathetic little loser! He probably felt ‘entitled’ to a position on the student government because he’s a Bantu. Glad it blew up in his nasty little face!

  • Puggg

    What’s so great or important about being a student body president, anyway? They have no real power, either over the other students that voted for them or in relation to their school and its staff, faculty and administrators.

    • Erasmus

      People who go into student government are the same clowns who also dream of “careers in public service,” a huge oxymoron if ever there were such a thing. God save us from whack-jobs who don’t think we could get along just fine without them.

      So this kid tried to gin up support by falsely playing the victim card? Seems he’s learned a lot from the folks back in Washington.

      I’ll bet recruiters from Oberlin are knocking on his parents’ door already.

      • I too have (and to a certain extent still have) “dreams of a career in public service.” Puggg is right; that’s why I didn’t bother with student council in high school, because there is no real money or power associated with those elected offices. All it means to be a student body President is that you’re a fairly popular member of a group of adolescents born at approximately the same time.

      • The only suprise here is that he quit the school instead of doubling-down by saying that he had been “raped” or that he had seen some knotted string and a misdrawn “swastika” somewhere.

        • A “rayciss” stoled his sail foam and smeared him (ala Tawana Brawley) in doo doo!

        • Erasmus

          In an odd way all this crazy behavior from the left really is very funny. Our era is going to be a satirist’s goldmine.

          • I’m only suprised that it isn’t already. I suspect too many of our best humorists are just yellow. Tawana Brawley and Crystal Magnum would have perfect comedy material. The illiterate Rachel Jeantel being told she was a “smart cookie” on television is also priceless.

      • MekongDelta69

        “…a huge oxymoron if ever there were such a thing.”

        I didn’t realize oxen were morons. I know some blacks are – but not oxen.

        Thanks – I always like learning new things.
        “The more you know…”
        : )

        • MekongDelta69

          (My above comment was sarcasm.)

          Does AmRen or Disqus have a ‘thing’ against a ‘smiley face’ or a ‘wink’? (because I get sick of saying “/sarc” over and over again.)

          I notice every time I put a ‘smiley face’ or ‘wink’, someone or something deletes it and then locks out the ‘Edit’ function.

          Is this something along the lines of the same reason why we can’t insert real URLs without having to insert the “[dot]” in the URL?

          • Disqus doesn’t, but we do. AR is not a chatroom for 13-year olds. Let’s avoid the juvenile emoticons and juvenile acronyms.

          • MekongDelta69

            I’ve posted thousands of comments all over the net – including an untold number on here since the beginning – and I’ve never been called a juvenile 13 y/o. But there’s a first for everything.

            I’ll just keep using “/sarc”.

          • That was for everyone, not for one person in particular.

          • MekongDelta69

            Then I have a suggestion to make things more clear for everyone:
            In the box above, where it says,
            “We welcome comments that add information or perspective, and we encourage polite debate. If you log in with a social media account, your comment should appear immediately. If you prefer to remain anonymous, you may comment as a guest, using a name and an e-mail address of convenience. Your comment will be moderated.”

            Why can’t you (or whomever) also spell out specific things we can and can’t say or can and can’t do.

            (e.g. along the lines of: “If you post a URL, your comment will be moderated. If you don’t want to wait for your comment to appear, please put “[dot]” in the place of any period in the URL.”)

            And: “Please do not use smiley face or wink icons.”

            And: “Please do not use the following words: [Insert words here]”

            etc., etc.

            This way, newcomers (or guys like me, who have been here since the beginning) won’t have to guess what the ‘rules of the road’ are on AmRen.

            How’s that sound?

          • Some things should be obvious and self-evident in the realm of civilized adult conversation. We don’t want to turn the commenting guidelines into a long wordy legal-style document.

          • ed

            You know what’s juvenile, boss; editing someones message because you didn’t like a smiley face.

      • NordicHeritage

        He’s a little Toure’ in training.

  • What a dumb n**gar.
    Predictable & hilarious.

  • MekongDelta69

    Wow – another black hoax. Who could believe something so “distressing” which had the whole school in an “uproar” and in “turmoil” could happen?!

    Why are weeny leftists always so damn ‘distressed’ over every little nothing which upsets their fragile world? These people couldn’t do three pushups without taking a yogurt and soy break. They are all so pathetic.

    We’ve devolved from the Marlboro Man to the emasculated Birkenstock Boy.

  • Spartacus

    I’m disappointed seeing so many hoaxes. I want to see some real racism against the dark-skins .

    • That’s the beauty of it; we don’t need to anymore.

      • Spartacus

        Yes you do. We all do…

        • Well, we want to. I deliberately bout a home in a nice area, back in 1996, the place pretty much devoid of them, and since I work out of the house, there isn’t much opportunity.

    • Andy

      We need people to accept the facts about race. We do not need people to send rude, misspelled texts to teenagers.

      • Spartacus

        I was thinking of something more… practical .

  • NeanderthalDNA

    “Since these revelations, though, the teen has left the school.”

    Comin’ to a school near you?

    • With luck, he’ll make himself into a laughing stock at the next one, as well.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        In the good old days that would be a “blue gum” you know what around here. .

  • Wasn’t there a Billy Idol song “Texting With Myself”?

    • me

      I think it was “Rebel Yell” that you’re thinking of….or, perhaps, “White Wedding”?

  • [Guest]

    Well, the tactic of ginning up support based on imagined racial grievances worked for Barack Hussein Obama. Why not for Micah Onditi?

  • Global Minority

    So the police led invegastion showed that he lied. Now isn’t that filing a false police report from the student in the first place? Where are the charges and the bill from the police? Talk about wasting the police’s time.

    • sbuffalonative

      Yes, it’s odd these people never get charged with filing a false report. It must be a cosmic coincidence.

    • Ordinarily, it’s “misdemeanor false reporting” if the false report is about a misdemeanor that never actually happened. If the lies are about a felony, the charge is “felony obstruction of justice”.

      This case would be a misdemeanor, while Duke rape-hoaxer Crystal Magnum could – and should – have been charged with a felony. These cases are almost never charged, unless other elements of the hoax in question are also crimes, such as arson and insurance fraud.

  • Luca

    Dead give away guys, he doesn’t even know how to spell the N-word. The messaged word ended in …”gar” instead of …”ger”.

    I could have saved the police and taxpayers a lot of time and effort.

    Among other things, this sub-species is noted for it’s inability to speak correctly, spell correctly or tell the truth.

    • Erasmus

      By his last name I’m going to wager that he or his parents were fresh off the boat.

  • cecilhenry

    This is the SAME as any so called ‘hate crime’.

    Will it be punished and condemned as such?

    Don’t hold your breath, just start demanding it..

  • White Mom in WDC

    He is just emulating ‘the hustle’ he learned from Sharpton and Jesse.

    • Luca

      Well, if he was really paying attention to Jesse and Al, he’d have rubbed himself with dog feces, claimed he was raped, and that a noose and a burning cross appeared on his front lawn.

      I think he tried, but he got frustrated when he couldn’t tie a knot and then accidentally set himself on fire.

  • A Freespeechzone

    Obviously this clown couldn’t win the election based upon ‘the content of his character’ as was suggested by MLK.

    He proved he has no character or honor whatsoever….not surprised.

  • bubo

    “It is a predominantly white school and there may be a few sections of the school who are fearful of a new face trying to get in office,” the father then told the media.

    I’m sure the racist YT’s in the school were in a cold sweat that a black kid might be elected to that pantheon of power known as the student council. Yes, young Micah might have been, “the one” that would lead blacks to the promised land but alas he was destroyed by white racism much like the previous “one”, Michael Vick.

    • me

      I vomited a little at the blatant lie of the racist father’s statement to the ‘media’. If you can’t cut it because of your lack of intelligence, skill, character, etc. then blame it on the color of your–or someone else’s–skin. Bantus are the most racist, hate-filled group on the planet. If they don’t have other races to kick around and torture, they’ll create an enemy along tribal lines. Aaaaargh!


    Another black person getting caught red handed faking their own racial harassment in America’s schools. Imagine that! This stuff happens so often that these cases don’t surprise me one bit anymore. However, what I am surprised by. Is the fact that both the police and the school officials didn’t follow the typical Liberal mandate concerning these situations. You see, when black students are caught faking their own supposed racial harassment. The Liberal mandate demands that these officials behave as if they are totally dumb struck as to what could possibly motivate someone to fake their own racial harassment. For these police and school officials to come right out and say that he was trying to get sympathy by portraying himself as being a victim of white racism in order to help win his election. That’s the only real surprise here.

    Hmmm? Using fake claims of racism to better your chances of winning an election sounds a little familiar doesn’t it? Almost in an Obi-Wan-Obama / Trayvonish-Whosagana kind of way.

  • Faked racism is no different than trying to unjustly lynch someone.
    Either way, you are trying to ruin a life.

    • When the faked claims have an anonymous subject – as in this case – the attempt is a broader defamation of an entire group. When the subject(s) are named, as in the two infamous “rape” hoaxes, the attempt really is a lynching, especially when the media are encouraged to turn the matter into a circus of the sort they love so much.

    • me

      That’s why, regardless of age, we should have concrete and harsh punishment for claiming ‘hate crime’. This includes the people that aid and abet such behavior, like Al Sharpton. This is all done to vilify European Americans, and to get their perceived ‘entitlements’. Enough!

  • me

    He’s a Bantu, and as a Bantu, he’s entitled to whatever he wants, whenever he wants it. You should know that by now.

  • The ridiculous part was the reaction of others to the texts. The cops got involved? They wouldn’t have gotten involved if this happened to a White kid in a Black school.