Australia’s Opposition Pledges Tougher Asylum Laws as Election Race Heats Up

Rob Taylor, Reuters, August 15, 2013

Australia’s opposition, tipped to win next month’s election, promised on Friday to revive tough laws barring thousands of asylum seekers already in Australia from settling permanently in a pitch to voters concerned by immigration.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, whose conservatives lead Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s ruling Labor in surveys ahead of the September 7 ballot, said he would also block access to court appeals for up to 30,000 asylum seekers if they are refused as refugees.

“This is our country and we determine who comes here,” said Abbott in an echo of strongly nationalist border control sentiments championed by the country’s last conservative leader, John Howard, before Labor swept him from power in 2007.

Abbott’s conservatives and Rudd’s center-left government have been vying with each other to appear tough in promising to curb an influx of asylum seekers arriving by boat. Polls show immigration to be is a major issue for millions of voters.

Around 15,000 asylum seekers have arrived this year, prompting Rudd in July to announce a deal to send all boat arrivals to detention in Papua New Guinea for processing and eventual settlement there if they are found to be refugees.

Both sides are aware that swing seats in western Sydney, home to 2 million people, will be largely won or lost on issues of economic performance and border security.


Abbott has already promised to appoint a military commander to take charge of asylum issues in an operation dubbed “sovereign borders”. He said if he won power, the 30,000 asylum seekers in Australia would only receive temporary protection visas if they are found to be refugees. That would mean they could be sent to their home country in the future.


Abbott’s immigration spokesman, Scott Morrison, acknowledged the policy, criticized by the United Nations and human rights groups, could be challenged in the courts. Tougher immigration laws have already been subject to several legal setbacks.


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  • “Election Race”

    There’s your clue.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Nick Sarkozy says hi.

    • Triarius

      This isn’t the first time the politicians in OZ got real hard on immigration right before the election after years of open borders (Rudd). As Oil Can Harry said, they are taking a page out of Sarkozy’s playbook. This is starting to happen in the UK, and the US to a lesser extent.

  • Spartacus

    “This is our country and we determine who comes here…”


    And if he wins, he’ll suddenly be concerned about “human rights” and do nothing. That is, if he ever even speaks about it again. If you want change, vote for the Sniper Rifle Party .

    • Whirlwinder

      You may be right but Islam is swamping Australia and something needs to be done if that country is to maintain its sovereignty.

  • David Ashton

    What about “gay” refugees?

    • bigone4u

      Send them to Russia and let Putin take care of them.

      • David Ashton

        Not my decision, but the Australian politicians’.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Been considering writing a letter to Vlady asking him to consider accepting distressed Whites as refugees and asylum seekers. If the climate keeps heating up, some parts of Siberia might not be so bad. Kamchatka is sparsely populated. Bet White South Africans could make the adjustment and make the place shine.

        • Sick of it

          I wish we could settle those poor Afrikaners in the South. They’d probably like our climate and would be a welcome addition to our population.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Yeah no kidding. Sorry, though, only darkies need apply.

  • mike

    How can you tell a politician is lying? His lips are moving.

  • guest

    Unfortunately it’s very doubtful that anything will change for the better. When leaders of westernized nations speak of tougher immigration policies, nothing ever really gets done.

  • bigone4u

    What border? The place is an island, although a large one. Simple solution: Any ships entering Australian waters without permission will be sunk. Any stowaways on legitimate vessels will be shipped back to their homeland immediately.

    • Ngati Pakeha

      Trust me my friend the boat people are small fry. The biggest problem in this part of the world is the tens of thousands they let in “legally”. I don’t disagree with what your saying by the way.

  • borogirl54

    I like the way Australia is handling its boat people problem. From what I understand, new arrivals will be sent to Papua New Guinea and resettled there. They will never get the chance to resettle in Australia. This will prevent economic migrants from making the journey to Christmas Island or Indonesia.

  • This is a little dance that is played out six months before every election.
    Because shock horror, this is what the electorate wants.

    But once whomever is voted in, and they have the democratically elected mandate to lead the people for the next several years with little to no recourse, nothing will change.

    Plus ‘boat people’ are an easy target, last time I looked them up, we get about 10,000 a year, which granted is 10,000 too many, but meanwhile we get about 200,000 new legal (increasingly Asian) residents and another 200,000 (also predominately Asian) student visa’s issued every year, with the latter being exploited by our expensive schools (compared to what locals pay), accommodation and employers, at the expense of places that would have gone to our young native born locals (for smaller profits no doubt).

    You know we’re screwed when both sides of the political spectrum are pro-immigration, just with slightly differing motives.

    Sorry if this comes across as overly cynical and maybe I should be accentuating the positive, but at the ripe old age of 40 I’ve seen the same trick rolled out too many times already.
    At this rate I’m going to be a uber alpha curmudgeon by age 60.

    • Sick of it

      It may not matter. In the U.S., people are pretty fed up with immigration, but the government does the complete opposite of what we want them to do.

    • Ngati Pakeha

      I’m five years older than you and live pretty close by. I’m already an über curmudgeon. Isn’t that student visa scam a rort?

      • It doesn’t take particularly sharp observational skills to see which way the Western world is heading, then to see that politically the Left wing are egalitarian idiots whose solutions are akin to throwing gas on a fire and I’m too poor for the political Right wing to do me any favors, with some sort of working middle class Right wing solution required that doesn’t even seem to politically exist, needed to save us.

        Then to be a White nationalist who is increasingly finding their fellow White people annoying (see reasons above). Then to even have your favorite escapisms stolen such as sports, Television, movies and video games with that same dull constant drum beat of ‘messages’.
        To the point where I find myself arguing more so with my wife about the merits vs pit falls of gay marriage and interracial unions, when I know that she’d normally not care if it wasn’t for her television viewing habits.

        Re the Asian study rout yeah there’s a two tier education system here now, one where a young Chinese prospective student drives up to school in a new sports car from their luxury apartment to pay for all four years of their degree up front to secure a place in a coveted course, all on daddy the Hong Kong industrialist’s dime.
        Over the hard working local who’ll end up in a Tafe course (Polytech to you or community college for the North Americans) as a poor substitute, while probably sitting next to some third worlder who communication issues.

        So yeah bah humbug to it all. Misanthropic is another word which is increasingly comes to mind in terms of self labeling.
        That aside I’ve got my own plans in play, nothing too dramatic, all based around raising my kids right, around nature, so I’m actually happier and less bitter than I probably sound in this post (in case you’re asking).

  • sbuffalonative

    Abbott’s conservatives and Rudd’s center-left government have been vying with each other to appear tough in promising to curb an influx of asylum seekers arriving by boat.

    The operative words are “to appear tough”.

    Words before an election are different from actions after the election.

    How many times can politicians get away with their bait-and-switch campaign promises?

    • borogirl54

      I have already read that the new policy has stopped the number of so called asylum seekers leaving Indonesia for Australia since they will be taken to Manus Island resettled in Papua New Guinea. There has to be a means to sort out the legitimate refugees from economic migrants that see Australia as a place just to go and make money.

      • Rex

        These sre not refugees. These people just don’t like to live in their own shity countries. Moreover, the refugees system was meant only for a few people; head of governments, members of opposing political parties at the top who were afraid of their lives and not meant for us to open our Countries to entire populations. We Whites created this monster. Why we have to care about strange people of the third world? Let them deal with their own problems. Hopefully that the military on all of our White Countries will come to rescue us because no matter what ther will not be any quick political solution. Either popular insurrection or military intervention. One of the two will have to entually happen and those who have allowed this massive third world invasion will have to be prosecuted to the maximum.

  • sbuffalonative

    In the US, our government assures us that illegal immigrants aren’t allowed to get social benefits. We all know they do.

    • borogirl54

      Illegal immigrants can get benefits in the name of the US citizen children. The only benefits that an illegal can get is state Medicaid for pregnancy which ends upon delivery of another anchor baby and kidney dialysis on an emergency basis.

      • IstvanIN

        The benefits on behalf of a “citizen” child can get pretty pricey to the white tax payers.

      • Ella

        According to a nurse where I delivered, 1/2 the babies born to women were to illegals (Mexicans mostly) except I was in a private hospital with required, health insurance coverage. There is NO difference between payer and non-payer system. We are so over-charged.

    • kjh64

      Yes, they do. They say that illegals can’t get benefits but at the same town, the welfare office is not allowed to check someone’s citizenship status as that is “discrimination”.

      • sbuffalonative

        A couple years ago, I went to the New York state welfare website.

        I filled out the form. At one point, it asked, ‘are you a legal citizen of the US?’ I checked ‘no’.

        It let me move on to complete the form.

        Now, I didn’t submit the form because I wasn’t looking to commit welfare fraud but I have to wonder if I had, would the application be rejected or accepted.

        I mean, as soon as I said I wasn’t a legal citizen, I would think the next page that should have popped up would be, ‘You stated that you were not a legal citizen. You are unable to receive benefits’.

        It’s likely that if you state you’re a non-citizen, there’s some kind of follow up. How many non-citizens that are ultimately approved is likely a closely guarded secret.

  • Hey GM, your anecdote reminds me of the details of the Centrelink discrepancy in payments between ‘immigrants’ and aged pensioners in Oz, that did the rounds on FB a while back (see below).
    The inference I get from this is that “new Australians” potential contribution is worth more than those who’ve already walked the hard yards, such as WW2 vets and the like.
    $52k a year is good money to me, then add free education, health care and translators provided for every point of your journey (at the providers cost).

    Then I can’t help but notice that the 7/7 & Boston bombers and the drummer Rugby be-header are all examples of the type of pay back we can expect from these ‘immigrants’ children for the harsh treatment their parents experienced.

  • IKantunderstand

    Crap. Let’s pray for Oz. I am hoping they can manage to stay majority White. Because I’m counting on doing a reverse ruby slipper gig, when things heat up in Kansas.

  • Ngati Pakeha

    I saw almost the same thing happen in Melbourne last year except it was a woman wearing a burqa. My brother, fresh back from a stint in Afghanistan, just ripped into her and the pharmacist’s assistant. It made my blood boil and I’m not even an Aussie (Kiwi).

    • sbuffalonative

      just ripped into … the pharmacist’s assistant

      While I understand and share your anger, as someone who as worked as a cashier, I have to tell people that cashiers and assistants have ZERO control over store or corporate policy.

      I was attacked by angry customers all the time for things I had no control over. I used to try to reason with them, ‘I’m only the cashier. I don’t set store policy’.

      If you ever are in such a situation, please don’t take it out on the assistants. Ask to talk to the manager. Ask for the contact to corporate headquarters.

      It’s pointless to berate a cashier. They’re only ‘following orders’. You have to contact the people who make the orders.

      • Ngati Pakeha

        Good call. I suppose I have always been lucky in that I don’t have to be nice to people that aren’t nice to me.

  • Antipodean WN

    Don’t expect much from Rudd. The man makes me sick, flaunting his muddy looking half-asiatic grand-daughter around in front of the governor general – his daughter married to a Chinese, his son married to a Muslim Malay.

    • IstvanIN

      Isn’t your Governor General white? If I recall both Canada (black/Haitian) and New Zealand (Indian/dot) have had “diverse” Governor Generals, when will you guys get with the program?

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Whilst Australia may one day gain from the guy’s adult aged children,
    Don’t count on that, croc…

    There must have been a time when you guys and most other Whites around the world thought we Yanks were pretty amazing folk worth emulating. Hey look, the Americans are treating their blacks like equals! Multiculti America. They must know what they’re doing – lets be like them!

    Problem being that the only diversity that ever strengthened us was White diversity and any success we ever achieved was IN SPITE OF our beloved darkies…

    Just pickin, bo. Proud southern “redneck” here. We like to laugh and joke and even got our own version of “strine”, lol…

    • kjh64

      “Whilst Australia may one day gain from the guy’s adult aged children,”

      The only gains for Australia will be that there will be a need for far more police officers, probation/parole officers, prison guards and welfare office and social workers because the increase in crime and social problems will be enormous if Australia keeps letting Blacks in. Take it from Americans(or South Africans) who have a lot more experience with these people. Also, the offspring are often much worse than the actual immigrants in terms of crime etc. .

  • Sick of it

    We can intimidate quite a few of them with looks alone. They are natural cowards. Others are too stupid to see raw fury staring them in the face.

  • kjh64

    “When the well dress tall African man in front of me handed over his prescription it was promptly filled. The shop assistant advised the man that it cost $32.20 he looked at her in surprised and said “but we don’t pay””

    Sounds a lot like the welfare offices here in the USA. First thing I noticed of the people applying for welfare(I was visiting a non-welfare office next door), they are ALL well-dressed. All were non-White and many only spoke Spanish. They also drove away in NICE cars. Why is it that “poor” people never look poor and are often better dressed and drive a nicer car than me???? I guess being on the dole has its’ benefits alright.

  • The worst downside is that Australians are being demographically purged from their own country’s biggest and most important city.

    • Ella

      I can’t imagine trying to pay for all those refugees. We looked at Australia as a possible job transfer but the cost of living is very high, like 60-110% more expensive than most US cities. Americans who qualify to live there are usually educated, retired, married to locals and prosperous. It’s very tricky for Whites to relocate to other White countries, which somewhat discriminate against us and we have to offer something seriously to that country. I think Australia requires a person to buy a 250K house as one requirement for legal residency.

  • IstvanIN

    And I thought Portugal was bad for electing a President with a black wife. What have we become.

  • Antipodean WN

    Australia should have remained Anglo-Saxon-Celtic, even opening the door to wogs such as Greeks and Lebs was ill-considered – it led to the eventual abandonment of the great White Australia policy altogether.

  • Antipodean WN

    In the end all this wailing and gnashing of teeth over non-whites will get us nowhere.

    Until we name the tribe who is behind all this, and take appropriate action.

  • 1proactive2

    Here in America there are also many people who are “fed up” with immigration scams that reward illiterate, parasitic newcomers to the country. Still, there aren’t enough of these “fed up” people since a majority keeps voting in the same politicians every election cycle. This insanity is what the majority wants.

  • MBlanc46

    It’s difficult to imagine the leader (to the extent that there are American equivalents) of either of the US parties ever taking such a stand.

  • Antipodean WN

    The fact that minorities may tend towards the professions does not make them ‘good’ minorities – although of course they will be less crime prone and likely to be dole bludgers. What’s wrong with a balance —-we can’t all be doctors and engineers – some still need to be mechanics and shop-owners.

    What’s wrong with the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic race – from the butcher, the baker, the candle-stick maker, to the doctor and the rocket scientist?

    Do you remember the movie ‘Smiley’ – I watched it as a kid – that was what Australia use to be – and should still be – but it is no more. That was the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic culture. Not a wog or Asiatic in sight. Even those Asians who were refugees in WWII were sent home.

    We now have a PM whose children are miscegenating scum, and he is proud of it.

  • 1proactive2

    Great response. The multi-culti overseers are chaos junkies and control freaks that stifle dissent among the stable and responsible. People then have to “watch what they say” in conversation so as to not invoke hostile rebuke from social watchdogs.

    It is surprising how many people preface comments about race with “I’m not racist”, and it’s also sad as well as an indicator of tightening restrictions on freedom. Time to end that practice.

    Because of the multi-culti dictators in America, and the havoc they’ve wreaked, America is finally done. Stick a fork in it. Too many people are cowed by being labeled a racist as if some repressed childhood shame surfaces. Too bad there is only a minority of us here that will soldier on, and let our positions be known. I’m one of them.

  • Antipodean WN

    Old school or new school, Jerry Mateparae is a non-white all the same, miscegenating with a blonde white missus.

    ‘Conservative’ non-whites are perhaps even more dangerous than those who hate us openly.

  • Gilbert Jacobi

    Have you read any of the so-called “black codes” enacted by the states of the former Confederacy during the Reconstructon era? They prohibited blacks, under penalty of fine and imprisonment, from not only such notorious outrages as miscegenation, but even “acting disrespectfully, shouting, creating a disturbance, vagrancy,” etc. Obviously, our forebears knew with whom they were dealing much better than we do.

  • Gilbert Jacobi

    I spent just shy of five years in the “Lucky Country” during the ’70s. Sort of my walkabout period after my military service. There I had some of the most sublime and some of the most truly awful experiences of my life (all brought about by no one but me). Sadly, I can no longer communicate with the Aussie who became my best friend, and was best man at my wedding while he lived here in the States. We once were nearly as close as brothers, and it was a great loss to me as I became conservative and his liberalism became more hardened. He is a completely true-believing atheist and liberal, and thinks Australia has been improved by the immigrant surge. His daughter thinks Gillard was pushed out for being a woman, and let go a long standard-issue feminist rant on Daddy’s FB page, followed by the claim that she’s not, really not, a feminist! (Your opinion on Gillard will be greatly appreciated.) I am truly sorry for what has happened to your country, and I pray that you will not go the way of South Africa.