Cleveland Heights Cancels Coventry Street Fair Again, Citing Social Media Posts

John Caniglia, Cleveland, July 18, 2013

Citing chatter on social media that talked of violence, the city Thursday canceled this weekend’s Coventry street fair, marking the second year in a row the event has been dropped.

This year’s fair was to be celebrated more than two years after large groups of kids disrupted the event, angering residents and business owners who cherished the annual festivals that date to the 1970s.

The Coventry Village Family Arts Day was scheduled for 1 to 5 p.m. Sunday, with music, magicians, jugglers and art work. It was billed as a smaller version of the usual Coventry Street Arts Fairs, the decades-old festivals that drew tens of thousands of people.

Mayor Edward Kelley said the decision to cancel came after police monitored social media that contained messages posted about the event. Twitter messages said youth intended to start fights at the fair.

Kelley also cited incidents last weekend at a festival at Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church, the former St. Gregory the Great on South Green Road in South Euclid. Police were forced to use pepper spray to break up small skirmishes as youths left the festival.

“We came to the conclusion — and not just a snap judgment but based on days of planning and looking into things — that the event shouldn’t take place,” said Cleveland Heights Police Chief Jeffrey Robertson.


Last year, Presser’s group canceled the arts fair about six weeks before it was to happen, based on what took place June 26, 2011. That fair attracted thousands of families and residents from across the region and for much of the day it was considered one of the most successful fairs.

But about 5 p.m., teens rushed through the crowds, pushed people over and sparked fights. More than a dozen people were arrested.


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  • MBlanc46

    A city allows itself to be bullied by thugs. Disgraceful.

    • BlarneyMiller

      But to do something about it would be racist. It’s much better to be bullied and to cancel events white people enjoy than to be thought of as racist.

      • MBlanc46

        Enforcing the law is now racist. So we have to decide which is worse.

    • 1gravity

      The city is acquiescing in reality. The reality is that Janissaries from the local black community, enabled by inexpensive social media, will come in coordinated fashion to trash the city and maim its citizens.

      • MBlanc46

        And to knuckle under to their threats is both cowardly and self-defeating.

        • 1gravity

          In all due respect, if Nathan Bedford Forrest were in the room when you said that, he would disagree.

          • MBlanc46

            And that would be his right.

    • [Guest]

      The entire NATION is being bullied by thugs.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        There are some very nice blacks who work the local convenience store in my neighborhood. Owned by Whites who have found some very nice, responsible, decent Black folk.

        I go there almost every day. Have developed a sincerely friendly relationship with them. I like seeing them and interacting with them and would never want to see anything bad happen to them.
        Which is indeed one reason I support stand your ground laws. Were one of their co-racialists to ever get “typical” on them, I would want them to exercise their right to self defense and make their race one negro better.
        My fondness for certain individual blacks I know and have known, however, in no way affects my overall understanding of them as a whole, nor of the damage wrought on civilized society by too many of them.
        I believe there is a place for such Negros in a productive future, but I also believe our current system is in fact decreasing the numbers of such while encouraging the fecundity of the worst sort.
        I have great empathy for the Ruckus, though less than for my own people.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          That said I will never put the welfare of a Ruckus over that of one of my own, my own is a liblefty race traitor of course.
          Nor will I ever vote for a black. Left with no choice I will not vote for anyone.

        • [Guest]

          That strikes me as a generous approach. When it comes to blacks, though, I ran out of generosity a few years back. I no longer view them as individuals. I view them as they view themselves—as blacks. Just beneath the surface, that decent and responsible black is still black, and it takes very little for that veneer of decency and responsibility to rub off.

          • I view three as individuals. One of my neighbors is black and as sweet as a summer day. His son is well-behaved and shaping up to be a good guy. The third was a guy I met in the Denver County Jail. He was from Louisiana, and didn’t really have much of a plan in life. He knew his way around boats, so one afternoon when we were just sitting and talking and looking at the newspaper, I suggested we take a look at the classified ads for boats. He said they’re really expensive here in Colorado. In short order, I wrote him up a business plan. Now he buys boats down south – especially at DEA auctions – and sells them in Colorado, Arizona and Utah. He looked me up and took us out to dinner and gave me a big wad of cash. It was three thousand dollars. I got two old, cracked fillings replaced with proper crowns with that money. That’s a good man.

          • [Guest]

            I’ve heard of blacks like that but have yet to meet one.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            I’m from the South, with all that REALLY comes along with that.

            Having taught I also cannot forget a FEW truly stellar or at least undeniably decent blacks who followed rules, were genuinely polite and…

            Seemed to hold a profound contempt for their co-racialists. I especially remember one little fellow, dark as coal, not a Rhodes scholar perhaps, but well behaved, hard working… remember those doleful looks he’d quietly give me when negro idiocy and chaos erupted in the classroom. Little black Johnny had no more desire to be around that than any White and I hope he got out eventually.

            I say this, in contrast to the harsher tone I usually take because…

            I have to pause from time to time and reach out for a little perspective. The coming storm will require many of us to do or support things we were never raised to. It will require a hardening of heart and a certain grimness.

            That acknowledged I cannot allow myself to become the monster in order to slay the monster. At least I must so endeavor. Although I heartily detest the use of one’s decency against one, I cannot allow myself to lose my soul without a struggle, or at least a serious self questioning.
            I understand how the genetic Trojan horse works, how the Bantu uses the decency of others to multiply, corrupt, and destroy. I find it distastefully reminiscent of pathetic liblefty mea culpa duckspeak to even write this, especially considering my liblefty past from which I daily seek to distance myself and for which I feel no small degree of shame (shame being a far more efficacious form of self control than rank guilt).
            Just saying…I feel morally shaky when speaking unpleasant Truth regarding blacks when I think about those who have done right by me and who deserve no ill will from me, however few it may be. This is a part of what I consider my Whiteness and I’ll not let anyone take it from.
            That said, I’d cry no river if tomorrow every person in the country who were victimized by a violent criminal shot said criminal dead, which would result in a significant reduction in the negro population, leaving more little black Johnny’s to reproduce instead of Trayyvaughns. A week of this and blacks might be on the road to becoming as smart and law abiding as Whites, bypassing thousands of years of gradual evolution in the process.
            I guess what I’m saying is that if it devolves one day into civil war, I might not mind working with Little Black Johnny and Reverend Manning and Uncle Ruckus and such, nor would I feel morally comfortable treating them like Trey’vonn and his ilk.
            Regardless, my people and our survival are what matters to me these days. First and foremost. Were I not to question myself from time to time I would morally be no better than an 85- IQ White hating murderous “negro” and I am not one of those.
            Oh well, back to the barricades. Does everyone have enough ammo?

          • Romulus

            In my lifetime,I’ve met many of the kind of people that you describe and I remember them well. Over the last 4 1/2 decades things have “changed”!!! Whatever comes down the road, you’ll have to make to make a choice. Just prepare yourself mentally. It’s likely to be a very bumpy ride.

          • [Guest]

            I don’t doubt that among the black population there are a very few Little Black Johnnys. I will say, though, that I no longer have patience with the “He’s one of the good ones” viewpoint that is so common among white people who are desperate to avoid the truth about the black race. They presume that each black they encounter will be the exception to the rule and are shocked when that black proves to be as uncivilized, dysfunctional, and violent as the rest of the race.

            That’s why I say that the problem with blacks is that they’re black. Their dysfunction is not the result of white racism, absence of fathers from the family, high unemployment, drug use, lack of government programs and taxpayer dollars, or whatever. The problem is INBORN.

            >>>….I cannot allow myself to become the monster in order to slay the monster….

            I understand and agree. I don’t even like seeing some of the commentary by visitors here who advocate monstrous solutions to the problem. I believe the truth, though, is that the problem is so bad that there are no solutions but monstrous ones.

            Thank you for your thoughtful comments.

          • Romulus

            In the considerable amount of time that I’ve spent in and around Africans, I completely agree with your assessment. From Calif to Texas, from Florida to Maine, and from new York to the Midwest, they are all the same beneath the surface. Especially where they are the majority. DC is a jungle, literally, unto itself. Just like the “deceivers”, the tribe comes first!!! If I had to hazard a guess,
            <1/2 of 1% of their 46million are high brow enough to rise above. Even Colin Powell showed his true color. When it comes to he'll or high water, humans always show allegiance to their own village.

          • [Guest]

            I think that among the most lunatic fantasies that white people have concerning blacks is that just one more handout (another social program, another set-aside, another trillion dollars) will transform a race whose dysfunction is innate.

            White Americans are so far gone into racial fantasy that a whole lot of them will eagerly lick the dung off a black man’s boots in hopes of gaining his approval.

            As I mentioned above, the only solutions I see are monstrous.

          • Romulus

            Yes, I believe you right. All the evidence supports your conclusion. If the leftist fantasy of utopia was attainable, there wouldn’t need to be massive restrictions in the West ,pushing ever further down the road to a totalitarian police state. The powerful wouldn’t be hoarding gold, no need for the giant seed banks in Canada and Svalsbard. DHS WOULDN’T be preparing for battle. No govt spying,drone programs, resource (oil) wars. Religious strife. Environmental calamity. Cities in rapid decay (degroit). Global demographic shifts. No, I think the hippies we’re wrong. You can’t save the whole world and try to elevate all humanity to first world status.They (the left commie/socialists) will probably try to regiment a die-back through attrition via healthcare. Implement draconian measures to slow resource depletion. Build only enough sustainable communities to ensure the top ends survival and prevent ww3. I think humanity is in for a rough ride. Check out the back issues of national geographics series on “the consequences of 7.2 billion people. The first six issues of 2009 or 2011, I believe. I have them at home not with me. We shall see.

  • [Guest]

    I’ve come to the conclusion that blacks and civilization are simply incompatible.

    • White Mom in WDC

      Blacks destroy civilization

      • [Guest]

        At one time I would have objected to such statements. Not any more.

    • 1gravity

      The usual riposte to this, after cries of racism, is that black failure in America is a legacy of the slavery experience, for which whites now must endlessly continue to make various kinds of reparations, e.g., sec 8, and affirmative action. The brutal fact is that black failure is a legacy of sub Saharan Africa, to which blacks generally continue to pledge cultural fealty. Anything else is “acting white.” Rush Limbaugh quoted Alistair Cooke recently to the effect that we will never overcome the legacy of slavery in this country, and I think this is why.

      • [Guest]

        That’s why, when people begin reciting the litany of excuses for black pathology, I always think, “No, the problem is that THEY’RE BLACK and are acting in accordance with their nature.”

        Is the problem education? Give them more schooling, and they’re still black. Is the problem poverty? Hand them more money, and they’re still black. Is the problem lack of advancement? Plug them into positions of authority, and they’re still black. Is the problem that they aren’t homeowners? Give them special mortgages, and they’re still black. Is the problem that they need a financial leg up for food, clothing, shelter, medical attention, and every other basic of life? Tax the productive people and turn trillions of dollars over to them, and they’re still black. Is the problem that people aren’t nice enough to them? Flatter them to high heaven all day every day, and they’re still black.

        I think we need to stop imagining that blacks can be anything other than black.

  • BlarneyMiller

    Today on Drudge there were articles that the L.A. Police were warning residents that they detected on social media planned flash mobs to hit L.A. today. From Cleveland to L.A. — same people, same problem.

  • Spartacus

    “We came to the conclusion — and not just a snap judgment but based on
    days of planning and looking into things — that the event shouldn’t take
    place,” said Cleveland Heights Police Chief Jeffrey Robertson.”


    Or you could just do your job and send armed officers there with instructions to shoot any dark-skin that chimps out.

    • 1gravity

      The resultant litigation would be endless. In any case, if there is any shooting to be done, we should be doing it ourselves, and the public is not now going to support that.

      • Spartacus

        Someone has to start shooting these things, it’s irrelevant who it is…

    • Big Blue 11

      The police are now afraid to confront the “youths” and took the easy way out. The thugs now rule over the chicken police who would rather hide in a hole, than do the job of protecting the people.

      • Those police work for departments that are afraid of being sued, and the officers themselves are afraid of going to federal prison on cockamamie “civil rights” charges, during which they would also lose their homes to forclosure and their wives to divorce.

        As much as I dislike police, they’re people with families and responsibilities.

  • The__Bobster

    This year’s fair was to be celebrated more than two years after large groups of kids disrupted the event, angering residents and business owners who cherished the annual festivals that date to the 1970s.

    Mayor Edward Kelley said the decision to cancel came after police monitored social media that contained messages posted about the event. Twitter messages said youth intended to start fights at the fair.

    But about 5 p.m., teens rushed through the crowds, pushed people over and sparked fights. More than a dozen people were arrested.

    Kids? Youth? Teens? Come on, we know what they’re talking about. No need to speak in code.

  • Paleoconn

    I imagine how a place named Cleveland Heights might have looked in 1960 before the great diversity visited it, leafy, tree-lined, peaceful, bucolic, and I get depressed.

  • Unfortunately, I see this as the “future” of many public festivals in the United States. From Independence Day fireworks displays to free concerts in public parks, we constantly read about shootings, stabbings and negro flash-mobbery. Eventually it’ll be happening in downtown Octoberfest celebrations and Saint Patrick’s Day parades.

    • Irishgirl

      It maddens me that our culture is being stolen from us, as it were, at gunpoint. To not be able to celebrate Independence Day is infuriating and more than a little ironic, but if they take St. Patrick’s Day from me, that will be the last straw!

      • Two of the three Death Row inmates in Colorado killed another black in a Denver park during a 2005 July 4 fireworks display and wounded a second black, a college graduate. The wounded guy recovered and was going to testify, so these two then gunned him and his black/Korean fiancee down in their car. The courts here really hate it when people kill witnesses. One of the two, Robert Ray has on his mugshot a defiant smirk I’d like to remove from his face with a baseball bat. The other, Sir Owens has a classic “deer in the headlights” look, like he never imagined that killing innocent folks has serious consequences.

        A Saint Patrick’s Day parade was cancelled after the Denver mayor – some greasero named Federico Pena – told the sodomy lobby they couldn’t lead the march in drag. I don’t remember when it became Saint Fag’s Day. That’s pretty much the state of public holiday celebrations here.

  • White Mom in WDC

    Ah black people! You forget ‘peeps’ that in order to have civil rights, you must act civil.

    No civility = no rights
    No civility = no freedom
    Civil Rights = the responsibility to engage with others with manners.

    Sorry Amren, but I am negroe fatigued

    • [Guest]

      I am too, White Mom.

  • JackKrak

    This is why we can’t have nice things.

  • odious liberal

    Water cannons, dogs and tasers are effective dialog tools when mediating with negroes.

    • You forgot Napoleon’s remedy for riots: “a whiff of grapeshot”.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Whenever I see their mobs rioting and ruining all I want is a machinegun, several belts of ammunition, and a good spot on the second floor of a nearby building.

        I don’t care how that sounds, it’s the truth and the only way to keep them from going there in the big pic. They respect nothing but force, and force of the most brutal kind. A showing of such or two might actually be a prime example of the kindness of cruelty.

        • Irishgirl

          The “kindness of cruelty” – well, the cruelty of kindness sure isn’t working.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            No it’s not. Only seems to encourage.

        • Why only one machinegun? A ZPU-4 would be much better.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Of course two laid out with proper intersecting fields of fire, preferably in an L shaped setup, sure, but my little mental 5 minute hate therapy sessions don’t usually get so elaborate.

            Hey Holder – not really thinking about doing it, guy. I don’t have a machine gun.

            But us Whites are thinking all the time. Must be evil, eh?

        • Dave6034

          My town is holding its annual Bushmeat Barbecue next Sunday, featuring monkey, chimp, bonobo, gorilla, and orangutan meat. If any blacks wish to disrupt the festivities, they are more than welcome!

  • Things white people can’t have in any area with a significant “youth” population:

    art fairs, church and street festivals, carnivals, and fireworks
    nice neighborhoods, safe streets and communities, and public transportation
    malls and shopping districts

  • hastings88

    Coventry is the hippie zone in the Cleveland area, with head shops and hippie boutiques. I wonder if it will ever dawn on those hippies that the leftist policies they support have made their own lives less pleasant.

    • It’ll never occur to them. They’ll blame us instead.

    • IstvanIN

      They’re too high to have a rational thought.

  • ViktorNN

    “But about 5 p.m., teens rushed through the crowds, pushed people over and sparked fights.”

    This reminds me of those stories you hear about packs of little monkeys in Asia and Africa charging into villages, terrorizing the villagers, and stealing some food before running back into the jungle.

  • Ella

    Cleveland had a massive White flight over the last 20 yrs. Yuppies tried to revitalized sections but there were too many shootings and fights. Even they left for safety. Cleveland Heights was a beautiful, upscale area. (And now?) Cleveland has always had Black violence–nothing new.

  • evilsandmich

    As pointed out elsewhere, this is one of those ‘trendy’ white neighborhoods in the middle of an ocean of blackness. This is also the same part of town where a couple of sistas got into an argument at an IHOP and ended up shooting and killing one of themselves with the gun of the armed guard that worked there.
    It was rather fun when the mob hit a few years ago to watch the mayor get tied up in knots because he didn’t want to crack down on the yooths (“They like art too, I’m sure they were just tooooo excited about it”) and but he wanted the pot of white money.

  • Most of them were Welsh.